• TC50 (Demo Pit): Ultimate Football Network Will Help You Manage Your Fantasy Football Leagues

    The Ultimate Football Network tries to harness the popularity of fantasy football and turn it into a worthwhile business. The only problem is that the company isn’t quite prepared to do that —yet. But it has a gameplan. As football season kicks into gear, millions of fantasy players from all over the United States are joining leagues and trying to find the right players each week. Read More

  • New iPhone App Will Make You A More-Informed Voter

    With the Presidential election right around the corner, a new iPhone app called Campaign from Gorloch Interactive tries to provide you with all the dirt on both candidates to make you a “more-informed” voter. The app is separated into three basic categories: news, polls, and candidates. Campaign collects the latest news from the campaign trail and claims it’s up-to-date… Read More

  • We have to ‘stay tuned’ for Skype on the iPhone

    Where in God’s name is Skype for the iPhone? The best Mr. Malik could get out of Skype CEO Josh Silverman was a “stayed tuned.” Great, thanks. Maybe while we’re waiting, while we’re staying tuned, one of them there indie developers creates an absolute hit of an iPhone VoIP app, leaving no reason for us to keep waiting for a Skype app. Then what, Skype? I do like… Read More

  • Panasonic Lumix DMC-G1: Smallest Micro Four Thirds camera yet

    Is the Panasonic Lumix DMC-G1 an SLR or a point-and-shoot? The truth is probably somewhere in the middle, as it often is. It’s actually Panasonic’s first Micro Four Thirds camera. (Four Thirds cameras let manufacturers create interoperable exchangeable lenses.) It’s also, as of this very moment, the smallest and lightest such camera. Knowing this industry, that record… Read More

  • Daily Crunch: This Fish Is Toast Edition

    PhoneSaber coming back to app store as Lightsaber Unleashed
    Internet-connected toaster burns news into bread
    Blue fish hand warmer mouse pad thing
    CTIA 08: The Round-up so far
    Mossberg explains the difference between Intel and AMD, sort of Read More

  • Bill Gates/Jerry Seinfeld Commercial #2: I Remain Confused

    I’m starting to feel bad for Microsoft PR, who’ve been tasked with defending these Microsoft ads featuring Bill Gates and Jerry Seinfeld. I just didn’t connect with the first ad, which barely mentioned Microsoft and didn’t do much to tell me why I should like their products in a competitive market. The second ad, which aired tonight, was more of the same. The setting is… Read More

  • DIY: Netflix origami

    Rained in this weekend ’cause of Ike? How ’bout grabbing one of those Netflix envelopes laying around and fold yourself some paper. Nothing says love like a handmade heart made out of recycled paper. Read More

  • Chex Quest artist goes back and finishes abandoned Chex Quest 3 beta

    Oh, maaaan! Chex Quest. The game that introduced the FPS genre to an entire generation of children who’s parents wouldn’t let them play Doom. It’s one of the only games that managed to be nearly entirely driven by product placement (of cereal, no less) while somehow not sucking. At some point, the creators of Chex Quest 1 and 2 began work on a third installment. Somewhere… Read More

  • Evan Williams Gives Day After Notes On TechCrunch50 Companies

    Twitter cofounder Evan Williams (pictured right, with Tim O’Reilly) will certainly be invited back as an expert panelist at next year’s TechCrunch50 conference. in addition to taking a half day to judge nine of the launching startups, he wrote a long blog post today with his “day after” notes, saying “I find most of the implications of a product or company, if… Read More

  • Big Fish Games Raises $83.3 Million For Casual Game Distribution

    Big Fish Games, an online portal for both online and downloadable computer games, has closed an $83.3 million funding round led by Balderton Capital, General Catalyst Partners, and Salmon River Capital. Big Fish Games was originally founded in 2002 as a game development studio, but gradually expanded its focus as it began distributing games created by other developers. The site now has… Read More

  • That Google Chrome Comic Book Is Up To $340 On Ebay (And We're Selling One Too)

    When Google launched their Chrome browser last week they introduced it via a comic book created by Scott McCloud. Only a few physical copies of the book were created (I’ve asked Google for the exact number). An electronic version was published by Google here It was a certainty that a few of the comic books would show up on eBay eventually. There are so few of them that an actual… Read More

  • CrunchDeals: Microsoft discounts Xbox 360 120GB HDD

    To match the recent price drop across the console line, Microsoft went ahead and slashed the price of the 120GB HDD down to $149 from $179. While I still think it’s way too expensive, you can have yourself an Elite-like rig for $348 instead of $399. Read More

  • Cuil's VP Product Bails Out A Month After Launch

    Louis Monier, Cuil’s VP Product, quietly resigned from the newly launched search engine last week, we’ve heard from a reliable source. This is a big blow to the troubled search engine – Monier was recruited away from Google a year ago, where he was working on advanced search products. Prior to Google he was the head of search at eBay and was the cofounder and CTO of AltaVista. Read More

  • New Family: Second Microsoft commercial with Bill and Jerry

    Microsoft’s second commercial just aired during Big Brother and I’ve gotta say this one is pretty hilarious. Check it after the jump and let us know what you think. Read More

  • Sony Ericsson will do anything to sell the Xperia X1

    In fact, they’ll even create a viral campaign based on a square-jawed man who can’t seem to remember where and who he is. I’m not quite sure what this has to do with a high-end phone that will probably spell the end of Sony Ericsson as a respected manufacturer of mid-range smartphones, but who are we to judge the instincts of highly paid marketing professionals tasked… Read More

  • CTIA 08: The Round-up so far

    Been too busy to keep up with our CTIA 08 coverage over at MobileCrunch? Don’t worry – we feel your pain. Here’s a quick and easy run-down of what’s happening out here in the land of Saint Francis: Hands on galleries of Velocity Mobile’s new handsets (103, 83, 301) Putting Slacker to work Hands on with RIM’s BlackBerry Pearl Flip 8220 Sprint HTC Touch… Read More

  • Hands on galleries of Velocity Mobile's new handsets (103, 83, 301)

    Velocity Mobile brought a trio of shiny new handsets to CTIA today, and we got to spend just a bit of time with all three: the 103, 83, and 301. In the flurry of crazy that is CTIA scheduling, I wasn’t able to spend enough time with’em to write a full hands on for each. Velocity hooked us up with a 103 to review, so we’ll have more to say about that one in just a few days. Read More

  • Uh oh – your iPhone keeps pics of everything you do

    So when you hit that home button, or, I imagine, change pages in Safari, it takes a quick snapshot of it so it can do a nice transition, flip it, zoom it, whatever. Then it deletes it. Yeah… the thing is, though, it doesn’t really delete it. It quick-deletes it without overwriting. And if someone has physical access to your phone and a few minutes to hack the firmware, they can… Read More

  • TC50: TrueCar May Keep Car Dealers More Honest

    TrueCar joins GoodGuide in helping consumers obtain more information about the products they buy – information that sellers don’t necessarily want them to have. In TrueCar’s case, that information is simple yet elusive: just how much you should pay for a new car. TrueCar aggregates data from a variety of (mostly unnamed) sources to determine how much money other people have… Read More

  • BearHug Camp is here

    Friday, September 12 at 9 am, BearHug Camp begins. The brainchild of Dave Winer, BearHug is based on a tactic Winer used to great effect in bootstrapping coincident work by Netscape and Winer into what we now know as RSS. Recently, we’ve seen the emergence of similar strategies in the so-called micro-blogging segment that has grown around Twitter. Enterprise micro-blogging service… Read More

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