• Skype iPhone App Downloaded One Million Times In First Two Days

    We knew it’d be a hit, but not that much of a hit. The official Skype iPhone application, announced earlier this week, hit the iTunes Store last Tuesday and since then it’s seen an astonishing one million downloads to the popular Apple devices, which is nothing short of amazing. That translates to approximately 6 downloads per second. In the blog post announcing the milestone… Read More

  • CTIA09 Video: Palm demos MotionApps' PalmOS emulator, Classic

    If you’ve got loads of 5 year old PalmOS applications laying around, fear not – they’ll run on the Pre. Well, sort of; they’ll run in MotionApps’ recently announced PalmOS emulator which, for most purposes, should be just as good. We stopped by Palm’s lounge this afternoon for a quick demo, and brought the whole thing back on video for your… Read More

  • Search Suggestions Come To Gmail

    Google just rolled out a search autocomplete feature for Gmail; If you turn on “Search Autocomplete” from the Labs tab under Gmail Settings, you’ll get suggestions in your search box while you are typing like you do in Google’s search box. The search feature is pretty easy to use and definitely helpful. If you are looking for a contact, you can just type a couple letters… Read More

  • "Radiforce" 56-inch monitor sports 3840×2160 resolution

    Now before you start freaking out about how awesome Starcraft 2 would look on this thing, please to remember that not only are there hardly any video cards that can output in 3840×2160, but even if you had one, it’d probably be running at about 5 frames per second. That’s pushing a lot of pixels. The enormous monitor is ostensibly for medical imaging, where huge high-res… Read More

  • Cylon precursor lives to help you discover new music

    Meet MuZoid. She’s a very clever bot created by some even cleverer people; she’s all about killing all humans helping you find more music to love, CDs to buy and gigs to attend, and she does it all through Twitter, naturally. Twitter users sending a tweet with the name of a band or artist to MuZoid receive a reply in less than 2.5 seconds with a link to a bespoke webpage containing… Read More

  • Internet traffic drops by 33 percent in Sweden after anti-piracy law passes

    That Swedish anti-piracy law just went into effect, and guess what happened. Overall Internet traffic dropped by a whopping 33 percent. And while authorities there don’t expect traffic to remain so long, they are confident that it’ll help change people’s habits. Read More

  • Yelp Focuses On Mobile, New And Improved iPhone App Coming Soon

    Local review sites like Yelp have irrevocably changed the way consumers find businesses in a particular area, and truly given power to the consumer in finding the best place to eat a meal, grab a drink, etc. And the potential of putting local reviews and listings on mobile devices is immense. Yelp’s existing iPhone app is less than a year old and it already accounts for 5% of… Read More

  • Wendy's asking you to "bid" on prizes

    This may seem a little off topic for CrunchGear, but once you see the prize list, you’ll understand why we’re talking about it. Hamburger hucksters Wendy’s is holding a contest of sorts, auctioning off a few different prizes each day. Read More

  • Technorati Lays Off Another 10 Percent Of Employees

    Blog search engine Technorati has laid off close to 10 percent of its staff, or 4 employees in its PR, engineering and general admin areas. The company’s CEO, Richard Jalichandra confirmed the layoffs. He says they were necessary for the company to continue on the path towards profitability. The reduction will leave the company with 37 employees. Technorati suffered an earlier round… Read More

  • The BlackBerry 9630 is shaping up nicely

    Praise Jebuz! The next-gen CDMA full keyboard Blackberry seems to be right on track according to a pre-release hands-on by CrackBerry. The model they sent through the paces came out fine, despite not being the final version meant for consumer’s hands. There were, of course, some bugs, but overall, the 9630 seems to be as good as CDMA users can get. Read More

  • Five Startups Take Flight At Web 2.0 Launchpad

    I’m at today’s Web2.0 LaunchPad, where five startups have been selected to present pitches in the keynote room of the Moscone Center. At this point the name ‘LaunchPad’ is a bit of a misnomer – companies don’t actually have to launch here to get accepted. Rather, it’s more of a place for companies to showthemselves in the public eye, in front of a… Read More

  • Nintendo DSi unboxing and hands-on

    First, apologies for not taking video, but I’m not in range of Wi-Fi, so I hope the picture gallery will suffice for now. I’ll be sure to take video of the DSi menu and all its little treasures later on today. I’ve been fortunate enough to have manhandled the DSi in Japan back in February and last month at GDC, but having my own to tinker with is something else. I can’t… Read More

  • Microsoft exec hints at Office for iPhone

    “Not yet—keep watching.” And thus, with those words, did Microsoft’s Steven Elop, who’s president of the Business Division, resurrect rumors of an iPhone version of Office. Hold onto your hats. Read More

  • Star Wars: These are the pool toys you're looking for

    If you think about it, Star Wars pool toys make perfect sense. A beach ball that looks like the Death Star? Of course. A Millenium Falcon innertube? Absolutely. Another beach ball that looks like R2D2? Sure, especially since it’s surrounded by cup holders. Read More

  • USA Today is unaware of Kindle 2.0

    A USA Today advertisement in today’s paper proves once and for all, the print media is slow to react and update by using a Kindle 1.0 instead of the new version. Can you believe it? Did none of the marketing gurus know that that Amazon announced the new and improved model almost two months ago? Doesn’t look like it. Full size image of the atrocity after the jump. Read More

  • CTIA09: Hands-on video of the LG GD900

    Hey, look! It’s the LG GD900 from Mobile World Congress, except not behind an inch of glass! We’re amazingly torn on this device; on one hand, it’s an exercise of vanity, with nearly every defining feature existing solely for show. I mean, come on – a clear touch keypad? Why? On the other hand, hot damn it’s pretty. It’s a fashion phone without a fashion… Read More

  • CrunchDeals: Upgrade program for old Slingbox owners

    The new Slingboxes can do some nifty things, including stream content to iPhones, but for some odd reason, the older boxes don’t possess the magic software to do so. Owners of the older boxes can buy into what might be greed on Sling’s part buy taking advantage of a $50 upgrade discount on new equipment. Read More

  • DiggBar Is Here. Go Shorten Those URLs

    Last month we wrote about the new Digg toolbar product called DiggBar. It launched today. If you want to try it out immediately, just add “digg.com/” before any URL at all (the image above is using the techcrunch domain). The toolbar is made for the new Twitter generation, which has a desperate need for very short URLs to fit in the tiny space allotted per message. Digg is going to… Read More

  • The Toyota Prius and Daihatsu Mira top Japan's official hit list of "green" cars

    Japan’s Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism (yes, it does really exist) has released a top ten list of the most fuel-efficient cars sold last year in Nippon. The result: Toyota’s Prius (pictured) is No. 1 in the standard and small-sized vehicle category whereas the Daihatsu Mira tops the light vehicle segment (vehicles with automatic transmissions only). Read More

  • Gary Vay•ner•chuk Turns His Internet Celebrity Into A Seven-Figure Book Deal

    Garyvee (aka Gary Vay•ner•chuk) is crushing it. The wine retailer-turned-video-blogger is cashing in his Internet fame for a seven-figure, 10-book deal with HarperStudio. That comes to at least $100,000 per book, which is decent for first-time an unproven author, but he is going to have to hustle to keep up the interest for ten books. His first one comes out in September, and is… Read More

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