• Issuu Gets $5 Million Infusion, Adds Features And Premium Version

    Issuu just announced it has raised $5 million in a Series B investment from Sunstone Capital, which had already provided Series A funding to the amount of $1.25 million in early 2007. The Copenhagen, Denmark-based startup has also added a slew of new features to its existing product and launched a premium version for professional publishers. When we first came across Issuu, which turns… Read More

  • Dr. Martin Cooper: The father of the mobile phone weighs in on the state of the wireless industry

    I’ve just attended the keynote address given by Dr. Martin Cooper. Never heard of him? You know him indirectly, as he’s the inventor of something most everyone uses every day: the mobile phone. At the Embedded Systems Conference in Boston, Cooper presented an interesting look at the current state of the wireless industry, identifying a handful of problems and how he thinks they… Read More

  • London's Playfish raises $17m series B round

    London-based Playfish – which we speculated at one point was doing very well out of its social games on Facebook – has raised a whopping $17 million series B round led by Accel Partners and Index Ventures. This confirms the growing view that VCs will start to put more money into their strongest performing portfolio companies than into riskier early stage startups. Kevin Comolli… Read More

  • Microsoft Office Embraces The Browser (Thank You Google)

    Microsoft made a major announcement today – they will be offering “lightweight” versions of Office applications – Word, Excel, PowerPoint and OneNote – through the browser. Internet Explorer, Firefox and Safari will be supported. Users will be able to read and edit documents from the browser. We had guessed earlier this year that Microsoft would choose the… Read More

  • Blu-ray player upgrade process is killing the movie watching experience

    We tried to watch the Blu-ray version The Happening at the Deleon abode last night. That embarrassing admission aside, let me tell you what a complete pain in the neck it was to update the firmware on our player—which we needed to do to watch the movie—the Samsung P1400. It’s a good thing we don’t own any firearms here because I was fully prepared to go about back and… Read More

  • Hitachi tones down the Casio W63CA, announces it as W63H

    Just yesterday I was babbling about how impressed I was that they’d managed to squeeze WVGA (480×800) into a 3.1″ screen on the 8.1 megapixel Casio W63CA. Apparently, its got a (somewhat less sightly) twin. This morning, Hitachi announced the W63H which, as you could probably guess from the model number, is pretty dang similar. Well, as long as you ignore that the Hitachi… Read More

  • Mitsubishi LaserVue HDTV now available

    Mitsubishi’s LaserVue HDTVs have been in the making for a while but the critically acclaimed high-def set is now available at select specialty retailers. You still might need a second mortgage – good luck getting approved – to foot the $6,999 MSRP, but the TV apparently produces a Pioneer Elite comparable picture at 1/3 the power consumption. Plus, you can tell your… Read More

  • Reduce intra-brain pressure with amazing little nubbin

    If your Eustachian tubes often fill up with mucous, phlegm, and lose brain matter, you can now easily blow it out Read More

  • Blip.tv Figures Out How To Serve Ads In iTunes Videos

    For most people, watching Web video is predominantly a streamed experience on your computer. But an important and substantial portion of Web video is still downloaded to be watched later, or transferred to a different screen (usually an iPod, but sometimes a flat-screen TV). The problem with downloads is that they don’t fit neatly into the advertising model that rules most other… Read More

  • NuConomy Studio Leaves Private Beta, Aims To Redefine Web Analytics

    NuConomy has released a its Studio product today, a collection of free tools aimed to bring next-generation web analytics that move away from the traditional model based on page views. When it was still in private beta, we wrote that Nuconomy was approaching analytics in a new way to try, putting more meaning into the data that is thrown back at users, meaning that in many ways it will be… Read More

  • BlackBerry Bold margins appear to be huge

    According to iSuppli the BlackBerry Bold has a BOM of $169.41, which might lead you to believe that RIM’s margins for the device are huge when compared to the selling price here in the US. AT&T will be selling the device for $300 with a 2-year contract or for $550 without (I think). Best Buy has it up on their website now for $660 and CompUSA is selling it for $800. The most… Read More

  • A-list athletes prove Guitar Hero 4 is risky business

    Nothing makes me wanna buy Guitar Hero 4 now that I know Michael Phelps, A-Rod, Kobe, and Town Hawk find no fault in jamming on little plastic guitars. Read More

  • Wal-Mart's revamped online music store plays nicely with Mac, Linux

    Amazon MP3 and iTunes—the only two online music stores that really matter—have another competitor to worry about now that Wal-Mart has re-launched its own music store. The “new and improved” (joke: how can something be both “new” and “improved”?) store sells DRM-free MP3s, most of which are encoded at 256kbps; some are only 192 kbps. Individual… Read More

  • Wal-Mart shopping list: Steak seasoning, crappy garden hose, T-Mobile G1

    Got a grudge against your local T-Mobile spot keeping you from picking up your new G1? Come Wednesday, you’ll be able to get your Android fix at 550 Wal-Mart locations around the country. Not surprisingly, the company known for pulling discounts out of thin air has managed to lop some change off of the G1. While getting the handset direct from Big Magenta would cost you $179.99, Wal-Mart… Read More

  • Windows Embedded ‘Quebec’ to be based on Windows 7, not Vista

    Previously believed to be based on Windows Vista, it’s just been announced that forthcoming Windows Embedded platform code-named “Quebec” will actually be based on Windows 7. The announcement came from Microsoft General Manager Kevin Dallas in an industry address at the Embedded Systems Conference in Boston today (10/28). It’d previously been casually referred to as… Read More

  • Lenovo introduces Quick Start-powered S10e netbook for the eduction market

    Some suit in a Lenovo boardroom had a great idea that if the company slaps the letter ‘e’ onto the S10 netbook name, the world would be a better place. The S10e is therefore geared to the education crowd, touting the same exact specs of the original S10 netbook of an Intel 1.6GHz Atom processor, 4GB SSD or 160GB HDD, WiFi, Bluetooth, and a 10.1 LCD display, but now comes equipped… Read More

  • Prince of Persia video shoot: Come back with me/to 1985

    Prince of Persia Animation Reference 1985 from jordan mechner on Vimeo. Get out the tissues, gaming fans, because there won’t be a dry eye in your cubicle. What we see here is Jordan Mechner’s reference shots for the original… Read More

  • Microsoft announces ‘SPARKs Will Fly’ Windows Embedded developer competition with $15,000 prize

    Microsoft just announced a Windows Embedded developer competition here at the Embedded Systems Conference in Boston. It’s called the “SPARKs Will Fly” contest and will award a $15,000 cash prize to one lucky/brilliant Windows Embedded developer. It’s a push to get people to start (or keep) developing for Microsoft’s platform and it just may work, as the dev… Read More

  • Activision is working on DJ Hero

    Flickr’d Activision is hard at work at DJ Hero (may not be the final name), which, presumably, would bring the same sense of fun that Guitar Hero brings wannabe rock starts to wannabe DJs. (Never mind that we’re starting to see signs of Guitar Hero fatigue.) That’s what World Tour‘s project director, Brian Bright, told Joystiq. How would a DJ Hero game work? Well, it… Read More

  • Gene Simmons Axe guitar is a mitzvah

    Young Chiam is at it again. His new product, the Axe Guitar for Playstation looks just like his real axe bass and even has Gene’s face and autograph printed on the front. Double sets of buttons encourage schlepping all over the freboard and it is wireless and USB ready. Best of all it has a durable strum bar because if you don’t have a strum bar what do you have? Bupkus. Read More

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