• NASA to bring down the ISS in 2016

    Question: What do you do with a 654,000 pound space station with no budget past 2015? Read More

  • Nike unveils the new Nike+ SportBand

    Available starting July 15th is the brand spankin’ new Nike+ SportBand. The $59 watch-like device will be available in grey with pink, dark with yellow and black with red. The SportBand gives vitals, like calories burned, distance, pace and time. Oh, the new improvements include a white background screen to make the numbers pop and a “welded seal to improve water… Read More

  • Japan wants 32,000 schools to go solar by 2020

    Solar energy remains a hot topic (no pun intended) in Japan. As part of a huge economic stimulus plan, the government plans to convert all of the country’s 32,000 public elementary and middle schools to solar power by 2020. The aim: reduction of CO2 emissions and cutting long-term energy costs. Read More

  • BlackBerry App World launching in 10 new markets later this month

    Attention European BlackBerry Owners- Later this month the following 10 countries will be able to enjoy the awesomeness that is RIM’s BlackBerry App World. Cheers to you, Italy, France, Spain, Germany, Ireland, Austria, Luxemburg, Portugal, the Netherlands and Belgium. For everyone else, RIM promises that new categories are on the way. Read More

  • Nokia Mako becomes Nokia Surge, launches on AT&T next week

    Here’s the Nokia timeline so far: 1987: Nokia releases the Mobira Cityman 900, one of the world’s first handheld cell phones 1994: Nokia releases the 2100 series, which is the first to feature their signature ringtone. The song is forever burned into our brains. 2003: Nokia releases the Nokia 1100 and sells 200 million units, making it one of the best selling handsets of all… Read More

  • Video: Windows 95 on the iPhone

    Behold! The tiniest installation of Windows 95 ever! By using the Bochs emulator and an image of Win95 some techno-happy folks have gotten Windows 95 to run in tiny little windows on the iPhone screen. This is more “cute and fun” rather than “useful in any way” but it’s nice to know you can pull it off. via Nowhereelse Read More

  • Video: Is this the PS3 Slim? Is it really already on sale?

    There’s no way of knowing whether this shady video taken in the Philippines is of the real PS3 Slim, but GameTrailers is claiming it to be legit. The PS3 logo looks pretty bad, too. I call BS. Anyone know enough Tagalog and currently in the Philippines? Read More

  • Rumor: Amazon Wants To Rent Netflix And Never Return It

    Well here’s a hot little rumor. Netflix stock has surged today on news that it may be acquired by Amazon. The stock is currently up over 7% in trading today, at an 11-week high. Sources seem pretty thin, based seemingly on stock analysis from places like WhatsTrading.com. And neither company is commenting. But the idea is a hot one. Both Amazon and Netflix are in the midst of a full-on… Read More

  • RIM Launching A BlackBerry Social Network For Venting Tomorrow

    Perhaps you’ve noticed that apps aren’t exactly flying off the virtual shelves in BlackBerry’s App World store, like they are in Apple’s App Store. The store is hard to navigate and there’s confusion about several of the apps, are the main complaints we’re hearing (along with memory issues). And RIM hopes to alleviate some of those problems with the launch… Read More

  • Gmail Labs Adds Verified Accounts Key To Prevent Phishing

    Here’s the latest invention from the Gmail labs team: a verified accounts key to help distinguish spam from a legit email. Last year, Gmail started filtering spam from fake eBay and PayPal emails, requiring actual verification from the source that their email is being sent from ebay.com. Anything that can’t be verified is rejected. Not many people were aware of this feature, says… Read More

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