• EVERYONE! There is a new Nikon coming! Spy Shots!!!

    OMG. It seems that the rest of the internet has finally caught wind of the upcoming Nikon DSLR and is currently climaxing over some spy shots of said camera. The supposed spy shots do not reveal much of the D60’s successor (perhaps called the D5000) we haven’t covered over the last few months with the exception of what appears to be a movable, and perhaps live, LCD screen. That is… Read More

  • New FriendFeed: Simpler, Faster, Better (Maybe Too Fast)

    FriendFeed cofounder Paul Bucheit was recently asked what it was like to be the R&D department for Facebook. His response was appropriately humble, but you can’t help but wonder how long it will be before Facebook, Twitter and FriendFeed all start to look pretty much identical as the services simply copy the best features from their competitors. One thing is for sure, though… Read More

  • Revolution Money Raises Another $42 Million For Alternative Payment Service Nobody Is Using

    Steve Case’s startup Revolution Money announced a series C funding today of $42 million led by Goldman Sachs. Case and other existing investors (Citigroup, Morgan Stanley, former AOL vice chairman Ted Leonsis, former Charles Schwab CEO David Pottruck, and JP Morgan vie chairman David Golden). That is on top of $50 million the company raised is September, 2007. The company is using… Read More

  • When Startups monetize! Babbel starts first paid services

    Babbel – the language learning site competing with the likes of Mango Languages, LiveMocha and LingQ among others – has been free for a year now. However, it releases its first premium product tomorrow in the first sign of a business model. Their single payment for a language course differs from the subscription models of other sites, as it’s formed with the idea to make… Read More

  • Amazon No Longer Allows Associates To Bring In Traffic Via Paid Search

    Amazon has decided to make some changes to its Associates program, no longer allowing third parties to bid on keywords that would send visitors straight to Amazon websites where they’d earn a referral fee for each purchase. The change only applies to the Associates programs in North America, and the company is referring Associates based outside the U.S. and Canada to check their… Read More

  • Specs of three upcoming BlackBerrys leak out

    Well, well. What do we have here? It seems that we might have specs of some upcoming RIM BlackBerrys: Onyx, Driftwood, and Magnum. Don’t get too excited as release info and pricing haven’t been released, but these specs are enough to drool over for a bit anyway. Read More

  • Birth of a meme: Goldeneye Dance

    Mark my words, friends: this is this summer’s meme. We’ll be watching these videos for a few months then in about August, Beyonce will come out with a video featuring her and three dancers flailing around wildly to a Flamenco beat. Read More

  • Nokia N97 gets some quality time with the FCC

    The talented shutterbugs at the FCC recently got their hands on a sexy Nokia N97 ahead of the phones US release. Not only did the government suits photograph a previously unannounced color scheme, but also published all the details about the phone. We kind of already know most about the phone after spying it at Nokia World ’08 last December. Really, all we wanna know about is… Read More

  • PragueCrunch II is GO!

    This Saturday marks our second annual PragueCrunch to be held at the magnificent Hergetova Cihelna (try the veal!) on April 11 at 2pm. The program will be fairly off-the-cuff this weekend and I encourage those who’d like to speak for about 5 minutes during the event to drop me a line ASAP (john@crunchgear.com). We’ll also have a job hunt portion to the event with colored name tags… Read More

  • IBM not buying Sun or "Here doesn't come the sun"

    Oh noes! IBM withdrew its $7 billion bid to buy Sun Microsystems. The company has no other offers outstanding, which may mean that the well-known and well-loved Unix server supplier will have to go it alone in an uncertain economy. One interesting point, from NYT: The Sun board did not reject the offer outright, but wanted certain guarantees that the I.B.M. side considered… Read More

  • C64 in a laptop case: Benheck has outdone himself

    Mr. Benheck has done it again. He dumped a fully-working Commodore 64 inside a laptop case that looks like it came out of a copy of Byte magazine circa 1989. He began by shaving down all the extraneous ports and inputs and even pulled off the power supply, making something that was 15″x10.5″. He then stuff it in with a 15″ LCD screen and then stuffed in a real C64… Read More

  • Glam Media Lands A $10 Million Round, Its Fifth in 5 Years

    Distributed media network Glam Media has raised $10 million more, this time specifically for its Japanese and German operations, reports PaidContent. The fifth round of funding in as many years of existence comes from Japanese VC Mizuho Venture Capital and several local advertising / media companies, but also includes a separate investment round for its German joint-venture from partner… Read More

  • Review: Pacemaker DJ gadget

    Everybody wants to be a DJ. Ever since the first iPod, DJ’s have been waiting for the ability to mix from a handheld. Jobs, in all his wisdom, never saw fit to allow tempo changes so that tracks could be seamlessly mixed. There have been a couple of interesting attempts, including two notable mixers from Numark, but nothing as portable as an iPod. Enter the Pacemaker from Tonium. Read More

  • North Korea successfully launches satellite into Pacific Ocean

    Great success! North Korea has successfully launched a satellite into a near earth orbit and it is now circling the earth at about 1 mile below sea level. That’s right: North Korea’s Taepodong-2, the much-feared long-range missile that had even the Obama camp worried, broke up over Japan at about 11:37am and then fell into the water at 11:48am on Sunday. The launch is described as… Read More

  • PragueCrunch II Is GO!

    This Saturday marks our second annual PragueCrunch to be held at the magnificent Hergetova Cihelna (try the veal!) on April 11 at 2pm. The program will be fairly off-the-cuff this weekend and I encourage those who’d like to speak for about 5 minutes during the event to drop me a line ASAP (john@crunchgear.com). We’ll also have a job hunt portion to the event with colored name tags… Read More

  • CrunchGear Week in Review: Green Hill Edition

    Pirates versus Ninjas mobile for baby’s crib
    Sonic the Hedgehog meets Unreal Tournament in side-scrolling shooter
    April Fools’ Tauntaun sleeping bag might become an actual product Read More

  • Great Visualization: Web Trends Map 4 (Final Beta)

    This is likely going to spread like wildfire, and it isn’t even finished yet: Information Architects has released the final beta for the fourth iteration of its awesome Web Trends Map series. This is a great visualization of current Internet trends, and how companies and individuals fit into it. The picture that’s embedded above doesn’t do it justice in any way, so be sure… Read More

  • T-Mo's full 2009 line-up leaked

    For those of you in high school, be prepared to get your mind blown. The Sidekick 2009 is coming May 13, the Wing II is coming on July 22nd and the HTC Snap is coming July 1. A few other models are rolling out of T-Mo this summer, but those are some of the greats. The folks at have found the full summer line-up including a prepaid Nokia 1661. Boring feature phones aside, I’m actually… Read More

  • Facebook Completes Rollout Of Haystack To Stem Losses From Massive Photo Uploads

    One nugget of information Facebook leaked out to press last week during the Gideon Yu fiasco: the company has been EBITDA profitable for five quarters, but doesn’t expect to generate positive cash flow until 2010. Why the discrepancy? There’s only one answer to that – Facebook is paying out big dollars for something that must be depreciated over time. If they could just… Read More

  • Only the Beginning

    On Friday the FriendFeed founders Bret Taylor and Paul Buchheit debuted a radical redesign of the product for about 15 journalists, technologists, and Robert Scoble. We were asked not to discuss the details until Monday morning at 9AM Pacific. I’ve been playing with the beta for the last few hours and have already come to several conclusions about what this means for the social media… Read More

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