• New iPhone/iPod battery pack and chargers from Kensington

    Kensington announced the immediate availability for some new battery packs and chargers for use with either the iPhone 3G or the iPod. Also a couple of versions of a charger for use in the car are now on sale. First off, there are two new versions of the battery pack and charger. The Mini version costs 50 bucks and gives you three hours of talk time, 30 hours of music playback, or six hours… Read More

  • Image Metrics Emily Project brings photo-realism to facial animation

    Facial animation made big news at SIGGRAPH earlier this month, with Image Metrics showing off their Emily Project. The process is not motion capture, so it requires no markers or special cameras. The actor simply acts and then software analyzes the images to create the animation. Since this is achieved at the pixel level, the animation looks surprisingly realistic. Image Metrics is the… Read More

  • Collaboration web apps to beat the Credit Crunch

    With the promise of a credit crunch fast approaching, people are starting to tighten their belts. The tech industry can often be one of the first to experience budget cuts and project cancellations but with distributed teams able to work together it doesn’t have to be this way. None of the new collaborations applications cost a fortune and most are free to try/use. The following is a… Read More

  • Portal broken down, squished into a megabyte

    If you’re like our own Peter Ha, you are hopelessly outdated and are only now getting into Portal, and it is beating your ass. And by your ass, I mean your mind. Well, if you’re curious about the way those portals work, check out this illuminating little article at Gamasutra. There, they demystify the way the portals work (game physics and programming-wise, anyway) and there is even… Read More

  • The Olympus FE-Series turn frowns upside down

    Everyone loves a good looking point-and-shoot camera, so that’s why Olympus is releasing two new cameras to the FE-Series. The new cameras pack a lot of power in a slim metal body. Each of them feature 8.0 megapixels, image stabilization, face detection, help guilds, backlit LCD, and a rechargeable battery. On top of all that you will also be able to perches the cameras in red, blue… Read More

  • Epson upgrades projector line with MovieMate 55

    Epson today expanded on their MovieMate line with the MovieMate 55. Glancing over the specs, I can’t say it’s a marked improvement over the last one, but I don’t care; I still want one. So the new one you’re looking at up there not only has a brighter light, but it is also a hundred bucks cheaper. Which makes this sweet combo projector even sweeter. Available in… Read More

  • Solar necktie isn't exactly chic

    Solar-powering clothing accessories isn’t exactly a new idea. I have seen solar charger bags, a purse (or two), but we are stoked to have finally found something to wear when sporting the solar briefcase: a necktie! Who cares if it’s going to repel ladies like Peter Ha, my Blackberry is always going to be charged. Oh yeah.  via Wired Read More

  • SteelSeries goes pink to please the ladies

    If you’re a lady (and I think that you are), you may already be concerned about the understated, black-white-and-grey color scheme of SteelSeries’ line of gear. Well, you’re in luck: they’ve updated their line of gaming headsets to include a nice shade of pink, about the color of strawberry ice cream. Now you can scream “girl!” and “gamer!”… Read More

  • Running through WoW on treadmills

      Why, oh why, did these lady deprived dudes, not only create the system to physically run in World of Warcraft, but then film themselves for all of us to make fun of them. Why?  via Gizmodo Read More

  • Dell Studio XPS notebooks slated for November?

    According NotebookReview poster Jayson, Dell will revamp the XPS line to Studio XPS with two new notebooks set for a supposed November launch. Wait. Take a look at the above slide and then take a look at the first two slides for the XPS 13 and XPS 16. Notice something? If they’re real then the both will come equipped with the latest Intel procs, hybrid SLI graphics cards, WiMAX/UWB… Read More

  • The WB Rises From Ashes As Competitor To Hulu

    Warner Brothers has resurrected its defunct WB television network as TheWB.com, a hub for its television shows that launches tomorrow. While a number of networks have offered ad-supported streaming shows for some time, TheWB.com is significantly more feature-rich than its competitors, offering an advanced search engine and allowing users to mashup selected clips from each show. Read More

  • Video: Developers nerd out over Spore: Civilization Stage

    The Spore coverage doesn’t stop for Team CG, no, sir. I’m trying to wrap my brain around this game, but I’m currently pre-occupied by Team Fortress 2 and Portal. What’s the big deal? It’s like The Sims with little creatures, right? Heh. Read More

  • Rumor: Halo 4 being developed by Gearbox, launch title for Xbox 720 [Update]

    The OXM claims to have the inside scoop that Gearbox is working on Halo 4 that will supposedly launch alongside the next-gen Xbox, says Joystiq. If that’s the case then we won’t see it till 2012, according to Lazard Capital Markets. Gearbox head honcho Randy Pitchford was pretty adamant back in February that their new project is going to be big and that, he himself, will direct… Read More

  • ProofHQ makes artwork proofing collaborative

    So there have been many attempts to make it easier to collaborate over projects. You’ve got apps that will put yellow stickies onto web pages (like Fleck) and lots of collaboration apps from the likes of Basecamp, Huddle, Sosius and Ximdesk. There is Conceptshare, Octopz, Cozimo, and Thinkature but fe have concentrated on the single core use for many companies, which is just proofing… Read More

  • QuickBooks goes mobile for iPhone and BlackBerry

    BlackBerry and iPhone users are getting a mobile version of Quickbooks. The new app from Intuit allows users to view real-time financial data. Beyond compulsively checking credit card and account balances, biz owners can also browse vendor, customer and employee date. Expanded features also include some basic accounting allowing users to track income and expenses. With all these features… Read More

  • Aerogel: Glass that is 99.8% air gets put through the paces

    The world’s lightest known solid, Aerogel, weighs only three times as much as air. As air, mind you. You could practically breathe the stuff, but you wouldn’t want to because, basically it’s glass. Really, really, fluffy glass. It has been used by NASA as insulation for the Mars Pathfinder Rover. Not only is it a great insulator, but it is also made from silicon dioxide, so… Read More

  • Muxtape reborn, unofficially, as OpenTape

    The RIAA shut down Muxtape but that doesn’t mean its memory won’t linger on the hearts of those who must share their love of the Hold Steady with the world. Enter OpenTape, an open source package that essentially recreates the Muxtape experience on a personal level. You simply download the application, unpack it on your web server, and then upload songs. It took me about two minutes… Read More

  • Games Convention heading to North America?

    GC had a stellar showing at Leipzig this year with a record number of visitors and countries reporting. Their next stop is Singapore for round 2 of GC Asia and CEO Wolfgang is looking at North America to continue the expansion of GC. But, will GC invade the United States of America in 2009 even though E3 is slated for another run? I hope so. Or maybe they’ll pick Canada. Read More

  • Psystar files a countersuit against Apple

    Psystar is suing Apple under the Sherman Antitrust Act saying that the EULA is a form of illicit tying and restrains trade. Psystar’s attorneys are calling Apple’s allegations of Psystar’s copyright infringement “misinformed and mischaracterized.” Psystar argues that its OpenComputer product is shipped with a fully licensed, unmodified copy of Mac OS X, and that… Read More

  • Ultra-thin OLEDs on the way

    It seems that one of the limiting factors in miniaturizing OLED screens is the substrate. This isn’t surprising, considering the OLEDs themselves are microscopically thin, but I’m kind of surprised they haven’t moved on from glass substrates already since the benefits are so manifest. I guess cost must have been an issue, or else maybe there just was never a friendship like… Read More

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