• Sidekick LX 2009 is probably the 'Blade' and probably real

    Ed at HipTop3 is claiming that the LX 2009 that broke cover in an online survey is legit and that it’s the ‘Blade’ everyone but me has known about. One of his readers sent in this screen cap of the LX 2009 to update the previous image that looked to have been taken with a Sidekick. Looks good to me, but I’m not sure I can leave my BlackBerry for the Sidekick. Read More

  • Travelzoo Buys Fly.com Domain For A Lofty $1.8 Million

    Travelzoo, a publicly traded travel site launched in 1998, has annouced that it purchased the domain “Fly.com” for $1.8 million. According to Travelzoo’s announcement, Fly.com will be the home of “a new information web site to be launched in Feburary”. A visit to the site itself offers a slightly less vague description: “Fly.com will launch a new… Read More

  • MySpace CEO DeWolfe Jabs Back At Yahoo's Bartz (Video)

    We heard that some MySpace insiders weren’t exactly pleased when new Yahoo CEO Carol Bartz made a subtle jab at MySpace during the Yahoo earnings call earlier this week. When asked if Yahoo would start to focus on the younger demographic, Bartz responded “So one thing I would say, I want to make sure that we serve the demographic that we have now very, very well. Also what I would… Read More

  • Fancy scooter design, now with a place to put your stuff

    It’s pretty obvious that our fascination with crazy designs and fancy renders has recently returned. Today’s example, a scooter—oh how European—that solves the problem of, “Gee, where do I stash my bread and cheese?” Why, in the large space underneath the seat, silly! Read More

  • BBC suckered by some crazy fake cellphone

    An unknown company that makes “jet parts” in England, IA Technology, is pretending to release some vaporware cellphone that accepts only voice input and, through the magic of “Internet portals” will make calls and send texts without typing. The phone itself, as it appears in this BBC footage, is just a plastic mock-up that the anchor uses as if it were the real thing. Read More

  • Cassette wallets

    As we enter the final year of the aughts, we need something new to show off how retro we can be. Duct tape wallets are so 2008. Hello Kitty is tired. How about something really ironic. Like a cassette tape wallet! Read More

  • UK wants broadband everywhere by 2012

    Digital Britain. Broadband everywhere. You’re going down with a billion in the bank. All popular phrases coming out of the UK today, some of which the Government is working toward making a reality. Up first, making broadband as ubiquitous as television. Oh, and eliminating music piracy. Like that’ll ever happen. Read More

  • T-Mobile Exec: More "G series" phones on the way

    We really could have guessed as much at this point, but T-Mobile’s Senior Vice President of Engineering Neville Ray has put it on the record that G1 followups are on the way in 2009: As the year progresses there will be a significant number of HSPA-capable smart phones. We will be launching more G series phones and other products. We’ve heard from at least one source at HTC that… Read More

  • Hublot Big Bang King Power: As my 3-year-old son would say, this is "unasseptiple"

    When Hublot first launched the Big Bang I was totally down with the watch. It had a unique style and size as well as a nice pedigree and cost about $15K, not horrible for a watch of this caliber. Now they’re just getting greedy. The King Power is just a fat watch with a weird, all-black face that almost renders it useless. This model has a ceramic bracelet, which is unusual, and is… Read More

  • $10 laptop coming from India on February 3rd, or so they say

    While companies have been toiling away at breaking the sub-$100 notebook price point for ages now, an Indian company is ready to show off a notebook that costs – ready? – only $10. Actually, right now, it would cost $20 but mass production should drive it down they say. The notebook apparently still comes equipped with 2GB of memory, WiFi, Ethernet, and expendable memory. No word… Read More

  • CrunchDeals: Dell Mini 9 Netbook $177 (btw, it's a refurb)

    Jump on the netbook bandwagon on the cheap side with this Dell Mini 9 refurbished netbook. It’s the low end Ubuntu model with only a 1.6GHz Atom, 512MB of RAM, and 4GB SSD but it’s only $179. Because it’s right from Dell, however, buyers still get a 1 year warranty and 24/7 tech support. Just use coupon code $C$TXXP1CT3BLC (via) to bring the advertised price of $209 down to a… Read More

  • FlyCast for Android hits the market

    When FlyCast announced during CES that an Android port of their streaming radio application was on the way, hopeful listeners were left waiting with little more than a passive “Coming Soon.” Well, wait no longer – just a day over 3 weeks after the announcement, the beta release of FlyCast for Android is now available in the Android Market. Of course, that beta flag means… Read More

  • Japan's NTT DoCoMo saying goodbye to 2G in 2012

    Saying goodbye to that “special someone” is never an easy thing to do, especially after many years have passed.  But, when the time comes, it’s best just to try and move on. Take today’s NTT DoCoMo announcement that it will be shutting down its 2G cellular network by March 31, 2012, for example. By the end of 2008, only 12% of its users were still rocking second-gen… Read More

  • This is what the Xbox 360's NXE used to look like

    We learned, not too long after the NXE‘s release last fall, that it had gone through several iterations before Microsoft, “There, that’s it!” Grid/plane, a design studio that helped Microsoft develop the NXE, has released a few screenshots of an early version of the NXE, some of which I’ve put here. Read More

  • Zazzle Lays Off 15%, Corporate Office Hit Hard

    Zazzle, the online shop that lets you order custom-decorated clothing, mugs, and a variety of other items, has laid off nearly 40% 25% of its corporate staff and 15% of the overall company, which includes workers in its manufacturing factory. The corporate office was hit hard, with over 30 28 of 110 employees cut, primarily in business development, marketing, and engineering. Cuts were also… Read More

  • YouTube's Chad Hurley: "We Have The Largest Library of HD Video On The Internet."

    It is early days for HD video on the Web, but already we are starting to see jostling for position in this nascent part of the Web video market. Less than two months after YouTube started streaming high-definition videos in a major way, CEO Chad Hurley is now claiming bragging rights as the biggest HD video site on the Web. At a panel today at Davos, he said: We feel we have the largest… Read More

  • Zumbafone: The secret phone from the land of Zumba Lumba

    Don’t worry – besides the bits in the headline, absolutely nothing about this story is weird. Okay, I lied. It’s all kind of weird. The BBC is running a piece on something called the “Zumbafone” by IA Technology. Never heard of’em? That’s because you haven’t been studying your “military ejector seat electronics” manufacturers well enough. Read More

  • Tesla scraps Model S manufacturing facility plans

    Bad news for treehugging gearheads this morning. Tesla had originally planned on opening a new facility in San Jose to build the Model S electric sports sedan, but the financing fell through. (Welcome to America, Tesla) So as it stands now, the company is going to redirect a $450 million government loan that was originally going to help build the facility into the general budget which will… Read More

  • Start your day violently with the Smash Clock

    There are many, many crazy alarm clocks available, all designed to rouse you from the sweet embrace of the sandman. Some make you run around the room chasing some rolling or flying component, some make you assemble puzzle pieces, and some just plain annoy the hell out of you. I can’t wait until the Smash Clock comes to market, so that we can finally beat the crap out of an alarm clock. Read More

  • Hack turns off Windows UAC forever and ever

    Attention morons who didn’t like UAC in Windows Vista, that thing that turns everything off whenever you make a change to Windows and asks for your password, Long Zheng would like to have a word with you. Because of a change in Windows 7, you can basically write a script that turns the function off completely, thereby creating gaping security holes similar to those found in every… Read More

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