• New Yahoo Home Page Tomorrow. Here's What It Looks Like

    Remember that new Yahoo home page we previewed waaaay back in September 2008? Tomorrow it will go live for many U.S. users, and it will eventually roll out to everyone who uses Yahoo around the world. France, India and the UK are next up after the U.S. The final version looks a little more like one of the test pages we caught in the wild in March, without the dark background coloring on the… Read More

  • The 40th anniversary Fisher Space pen

    What a great way to celebrate the 40th anniversary of the Moon landing by owning an $800 pen. The Fisher Space pen is of course legendary for it’s ability to write in space, but this one packs a little something special. The top of the pen features a bit of thermal insulation used on the Columbia Command Module that’s engraved with a picture of the Moon landing. That’s… Read More

  • People Are Using Google Reader "Likes," But Some Hate It. And It's Flawed.

    As we expected, the new “like” functionality in Google Reader seems like it’s seeing some good usage. Certainly, given that “likes” are fully public, we’re seeing much more social activity on feed items than previously with Google Reader’s “share” or “share with note” functionality. And that’s good. In a world of… Read More

  • Microsoft Office Online: Free as in puppies

    So Microsoft is once again playing catch-up to compete in spaces in which others are already succeeding: online business productivity suites. Google and Zoho are doing well here, and have a well-established base. Microsoft, in its constant quest to be the only software provider on the planet, is taking Office online, too. But as usual, they’re making a right mess of things. Read More

  • Review: T-Mobile Dash 3G

    The short version: A solid, compact WinMo smartphone that’s capable of a lot, but can’t really compete with the others on the market. The Dash 3g is the successor to the Dash (obviously), which was a good phone back in the day, though limited by Windows Mobile as many phones are. The Dash 3G has its strengths, and shares some of its predecessor’s weaknesses, but more… Read More

  • Barnes & Noble launches its own e-book store, and you can read 'em on your iPhone or PC

    Well look at that, Barnes & Noble is getting into the e-book game. Right now, there’s no stand-alone reader to go along with the company’s just-launched e-book store, but it’s not big deal; odds are you already have the reader. (A reader, created by Plastic Logic, is scheduled to go on sale early next year.) The store, which has “700,000 titles” on its… Read More

  • Universal to release first Blu-ray iPhone app with Fast & Furious

    Universal Studios announced today that they would be releasing the first iPhone app to control Blu-ray features in upcoming Blu-ray releases starting with the two-disc Special Edition release of “Fast & Furious” on July 28. iPhone and iPod Touch owners will be able to control certain features over their local Wi-Fi network and in the instance of Fast & Furious, they’ll… Read More

  • Where the Wild Things Are videogame dropping in October

    Yet another movie licensed videogame was announced today by Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment and it’s one that I hope doesn’t suck. Side note: I popped in Terminator Salvation (also from WBIE) yesterday for the first time and I couldn’t stand to play it for more than five minutes. It was horrible. And it had so much potential. Anyway, Amaze Entertainment is on board… Read More

  • Card.ly Lets You Create Cool Online Business Cards In A Matter Of Minutes

    Have a personal domain name but not sure whether you should have it redirect to your blog, Facebook profile, LinkedIn or Twitter account? Lacking the time or skills to set up a web presence of your own where you can point to all of them at will? Card.ly is here to save the day. Inspired by the look of the personal web page of interface designer Tim Van Damme, the team over at Harkness Labs set… Read More

  • Sponsor TechCrunch Europe events and join the players energising Europe

    As you have probably gathered, over the last 6 moths or so TechCrunch Europe has been running a fairly intense events programme across Europe. With our own, curated panel discussion and startup pitch competitions we hit Barcelona, Paris, Stockholm, Berlin and Helsinki. Every event attracted between 150 to 300+ people and each one was live video streamed, usually putting at least as many… Read More

  • Toshiba announces a trio of Digital Media Frames, we go hands-on

    At an event today in NYC at Rockefeller Center, Toshiba unveiled their new line of Digital Media Frames. Toshiba has partnered up with FrameChannel to bring live content to an otherwise static digital photo frame. With over 1000 free channels, the Toshiba Digital Media Frames can stream live traffic updates, weather, Flickr streams, Facebook updates, New York Times headlines, etc. all on an 8… Read More

  • What is Sprint planning for August 6?

    I’m not sure, but we’ll find out on August 6 at 8AM ET when Dan Hesse reveals Sprint’s green initiative plans and other “several important announcements” in NYC. Read More

  • Panic! A new Linux exploit in the wild

    A new “exploit” has been revealed for Linux systems running kernel 2.6.30 and I put that in quotes for several reasons. First, those versions of the kernel haven’t been rolled out to the stable releases of any major Linux distribution. So systems running the latest kernel from their distribution aren’t at risk. Second, the proof-of-concept exploit code… Read More

  • Zoom releases portable video recorder

    The Q3 is the latest recorder from Zoom, makers of fine audio recorders. It takes 640×480 resolution video with excellent audio and can record up to 16 hours on an SDHC cards. It takes two AA batteries and will be available for $249. Read More

  • Special edition Street Fighter IV arcade sticks at San Diego Comic Con

    To celebrate the awesomeness that is the San Diego Comic Con, which makes the New York Comic Con look like single-A baseball, Mad Catz will be handing out special edition Street Fighter IV arcade sticks to attendees. Well, “handing out,” for a price. It’s$179.99, so it’s not like you’re getting a Comic Con discount. Read More

  • Sing About Bing For A Chance To Win $500. You Know You Want To.

    Microsoft is doing a lot of things right with Bing, the new search engine it debuted in late May. For one, the engine works quite well, including a number of subtle features like video previews that Google doesn’t have (yes, some of the improvements were introduced in Live Search, but that doesn’t mean they aren’t cool). Perhaps more important, the company is doing a good… Read More

  • BlackBerry Desktop Software for OS X coming in September (!!!!!)

    RIM has been blasted for years about not have a native OS X BlackBerry application but that should stop in September when BlackBerry Desktop Software will be released. The program will do just about everything BlackBerry addicts expect with syncing of iTunes playlists, calenders, contacts, notes, tasks, along with adding and removing software. Plus, the app will be able to backup and… Read More

  • MySpace Gets Some Love From The Former Kings Of Grunge

    Alright, I’ll admit upfront that I’m a little biased here. Pearl Jam was my favorite band growing up and retains a place in my heart. I like them so much, that they got me to visit the new social networking whipping boy, MySpace, today. Why? Because the band’s new single, “The Fixer” premiered exclusively on MySpace Music. Now, I know Pearl Jam was one of the… Read More

  • Launch Wars: Twitcam Beats CamTweet To Live Video Tweets

    Ten days ago at our Real Time Stream CrunchUp, Justin.tv demonstrated a new beta product they are working on called CamTweet. It lets you launch a live video broadcast using your computer Webcam, Tweet it out to your followers on Twitter with a link to help gather an audience, and then keep the viral Tweets going by letting the audience sign into a chat box with their Twitter accounts so… Read More

  • There's a fancy Wi-Fi room now at the New York Public Library

    Ever find yourself wandering around Manhattan with nothing but a netbook in your backpack? Who doesn’t, right? Well, if that’s the case, get thee to the New York Public Library. It seems there’s a new Wi-Fi room that’s the bee’s knees. Read More

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