• New LED light bulb: Inexpensive, long lasting & environmentally friendly

    Thomas Edison patented the “long lasting filament” in 1880. In 2009, it’s fashionable to pretend to care about the environment. Are these two facts unrelated? Not really, no, because researchers at Cambridge University have developed a light bulb that uses light emitting diodes. These LED-based light bulbs not only, you know, brighten your day, but they’re also… Read More

  • Unboxing: Virgin Mobile Helio Ocean 2

    After months of rumors and undercover imagery, the Virgin Mobile Helio Ocean 2 is finally just weeks away from hitting the shelves. Don’t want to wait to experience the rush of cracking open the box? Fear not, my friends – we’ve got what you’re looking for. We’ve peeled it apart, piece by piece, and snapped images all along the way. Ready for the unboxing of the… Read More

  • Helio Ocean 2 coming February 12th

    After word got out that Britney Spears’ next tour would be sponsored by Virgin Mobile and the Helio Ocean 2, the estimated Ocean 2 launch date finally found it’s first deadline: March 3rd, the first day of the tour. We can now confirm that the Helio Ocean 2 will be coming over 3 weeks earlier, launching on Helio.com on February 12. Read More

  • Shoring Up The Online Advertising Biz

    The online advertising business is in for a rough patch, especially for display advertising. The signs are everywhere. Yahoo, the biggest publisher of display ads on the Web, reported a 2 percent decline in display ad revenues in the fourth quarter, and the New York Times is seeing even steeper declines. There is just way too much advertising inventory out there, and Websites are actually… Read More

  • Flirtomatic launches a beta in the US

    Flirtomatic, the UK’s mobile and online flirting service, is launching a mobile beta in the United States following good take-up in the UK and Germany. Mark Curtis, CEO, says its because they had “consistently high usage from the US via the web” so it makes sense to launch the mobile service over there as well. Flirtomatic now has 1.3m users and is now ‘on deck’… Read More

  • Nokia updates its classic candybar phone lineup

    Nokia made a name for itself with candybar style phones and the firm’s latest handsets follow that tradition. Expect two of these phones to hit carriers with low – or free – price tags while one, the 6700, will try to be sold with a price tag north of $300 Read More

  • Record labels pressure Spotify to restrict service

    Music streaming service Spotify is getting lots of plaudits from users lately for its ease of use and vast catalogue but that’s about to change. In a blog post yesterday the startup outlined how it will be removing a number of songs from its catalogue and adding country restrictions to some tracks, which may make them unplayable for many users. The changes are being made because… Read More

  • Grand HD cinema: The world's first USB to HDMI converter

    Tokyo-based electronics company Lancerlink [JP] and GRANDTEC ELECTRONIC from Taiwan have jointly developed the Grand HD Cinema, a USB to HDMI converter. According to GRANDTEC, it’s the world’s first device of its kind. Read More

  • Cool detachable motor home concept

    Christian Susana of Germany came up with this concept of a motor home with a detachable front car for tooling around on day trips, going to restaurants, and whatnot. Susana is calling it “Colim” for Colors of Life in Motion. Read More

  • Songsmith makes you calm, fitter, healthier and more productive

    While this could have been anything from Kid A, this is actually a version of “Creep” reworked by Microsoft Songsmith and the peppy beats could potentially completely cure the melancholy infused into countless proto-Goths by this moody yet charming band over the years. The strange thing is this: SongSmith actually brings out some of the original music here but the quality here is nill. Read More

  • Microsoft patents ‘periperhal management system’ for smartphones

    Microsoft has a patent floating around for “a universal smart interface and peripheral management system for portable devices such as mobile phones.” You’d dock your phone into this thing, which would connect to a keyboard, mouse, monitor, and just about anything else that could be plugged into it – even your TV. Read More

  • SocialMedia Raises $6 Million From IDG

    Social networking advertiser SocialMedia raised $6 million from IDG Ventures. Existing investor Charles River Ventures also participated. The company was shopping around for a larger investment of around $20 million with the investment bank Savian, but decided to take a smaller amount. At least, that is the story the company is going with. The company claims that it had $16 million in… Read More

  • Atlas Closes A Leaner But Meaner $283 Million Fund

    Atlas Venture has closed its eighth fund, which comes in at $283 million. The bad news is Fund VIII is smaller than Fund VII ($385 million) and comes in well below their original target of $400 million. But if there is a silver lining, it is that there are still VC houses out there raising any funds at all in this car crash of an economy. Plus the leaner, meaner fund will necessarily have to… Read More

  • Sony's 4th quarter net profit dropped 95 percent, 95 percent!!!

    Sony didn’t have a great fourth quarter of 2008 to say the least. The company saw profits vanish over 2007, recording only a 10.4 billion yen verses 200.2 billion yen. The cause? You and I didn’t buy what we were suppose too. Shame on you, btw. TVs were a big factor, but maybe with the Super Bowl quickly approaching, Sony will recover some of the lost profits. Still, Sony’s… Read More

  • Virgin Mobile to launch Ocean 2 on March 3?

    I was content with letting this press release slip into my trashcan but thought to give it a quick glance and I’m glad I did. Not because it has anything to do with Britney Spears, but the fact that Virgin Mobile dropped launch details surrounding Helio’s unreleased Ocean 2. VM is sponsoring Britney’s “Circus” tour which starts on March 3 with a private dress… Read More

  • Surprise! BlackBerry Storm costs more to build than the iPhone 3G

    It’s no secret that I loathe the BlackBerry Storm and for good reason. For my own sanity and to keep Marc M. at bay we won’t get into why, but as a lover of BlackBerrys I’m giving the Storm another shot, but I doubt my initial impressions will change regardless of the firmware upgrades. The touch-screen just hurts my thumbs. A clickable screen? Come on. I know you can do… Read More

  • Next-gen iPhone revealed deep in latest firmware?

    There is a slight chance that MacRumors stumbled across the first evidence of Apple’s next iPhone. It boils down to a previously unused product code – iPhone2,1 – which suddenly made an appearance in firmware 2.2.1. The current generation iPhone is notated with the product code, iPhone1,2 so they might be onto something. Plus, iPods have seen similar product code increases as… Read More

  • SoftBank rolls out nine new cell phones in Japan (photo gallery)

    Following KDDI, Japan’s No.3 telecommunications company SoftBank today also presented the new cell phone line-up for this spring. The company presented a total of nine models and will start selling the first handset of the line-up (the Panasonic 930P) from tomorrow. Read More

  • Pipl.com: People Search Engine So Good, It Will Scare Your Pants Off

    Google may be good at many things, but people search is not one of them. For that you’ll have to use a more specialized search engine. Spock and Wink (merged with Reunion.com) are the people-search destinations most TechCrunch readers could probably name off the top of their head. However, slowly but surely—and mostly, very quietly—a new player has been making serious headway… Read More

  • Popular Mechanics magazine shows the "Lost" love

    Well, to be fair, pretty much everybody loves “Lost”. I for one am happy that there’s some decent sci-fi on television that won’t be violated and then canceled because of a talking car. Popular Mechanics is expressing their love in their own particular way though. Read More

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