• Wherein we speculate why the BlackBerry Storm doesn't have Wi-Fi

    Why is it that the BlackBerry Storm doesn’t have Wi-Fi? If you believe BoyGenius—and how could you not!—it’s because Verizon Wireless doesn’t want it to have Wi-Fi. That’s a fine conspiracy theory, yes, but consider the following: • Name one CDMA BlackBerry with built-in Wi-Fi. You can’t. • Doesn’t VZW require you to have a BlackBerry… Read More

  • Sprint changes mind, decides to hold onto Nextel iDEN

    I’d imagine things are a bit awkward at the Sprint/Nextel camp today. After spending the last few months fielding offers for Nextel, Sprint has announced that they’ve decided to hang on to it. Not only are they no longer planning on offloading it, but they’re also reupping their commitment to the iDEN network by promising all around improvements. Beyond expanding the iDEN… Read More

  • PSP-3000 screen issue discovered

    The PSP-3000 screen has earned both criticism and praise. It’s brighter, crisper but has interlacing issues that display horizontal lines when viewed closely. When the PSP screen is viewed extremely closely though, say under a 40x microscope, the issue’s source is apparent. The new screen has lays out the pixels horizontally, verses the old… Read More

  • Australia looking to become Internet censor (just like China)

    Australia looks set to join China as a state-mandated Internet censor. The measure is primarily aimed at combating online child pornography, but an open-ended statement from the government’s communications minister sounds ominous: …we are talking about mandatory blocking, where possible, of illegal material. “Where possible”? That seems pretty capricious. The… Read More

  • Halloween CrunchDeals: The complete Addams Family DVD collection

    In case you didn’t know, today is Halloween and Amazon is celebrating the holiday with the complete Addams Family series for $26.99 shipped. You get 9 discs, a total of 1638 minutes of Addams family bliss for that price. To bad the collection isn’t available on Blu-ray though. Read More

  • Contest Reminder: Six Penguin United 4X Quad Charge Station for Wii up for grabs

    Enter now for your chance to win a Penguin United Quad charger for the Wii. Contest details and a review of the PU charging station can be found here. E-mail your entries to contest at crunchgear dot com or you will not be qualified to win. Read More

  • Want a $200 Eee PC? You only have to wait till next year

    Asus plans to release a $200 Eee PC sometime in 2009, according to Jerry Shen, the company’s president. That’s on top of the company’s plans to release a touchscreen Eee PC in 2009. Might we be looking at, finally, the year of the netbook? One can only dream. While I’m quick to discount netbooks as hallow attempts to bilk you good people out of your money, thereby… Read More

  • Safety Commission recalls 35,000 Sony batteries

    Just a heads up that there are a handful of potentially dangerous laptop batteries floating around out there. These ones are made by Sony but are found in certain models of HP, Toshiba, and Dell notebooks. The HP notebooks are the most at risk with about 32,000 affected batteries. According to the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission, “There have been 19 reports of the batteries… Read More

  • Yahoo Does Something Right: Leapfrogs To No. 2 Spot In Web Video

    The latest video market share figures for September from Nielsen Online’s VideoCensus have been leaked to Beet.TV, and they show a huge 56 percent jump from Yahoo to 264 million videos streamed during the month. Yahoo’s share still pales next to YouTube’s 5.3 billion streams. But it pumped out 95 million more streams than in August, when Yahoo was trailing Fox (i.e. Read More

  • Skyfire browser now open to Canadians

    A quick recap for those who haven’t been following the mobile browser scene for a while: Skyfire, currently available for Windows Mobile 5/6 and S60, is the only mobile browser supporting full Adobe Flash, Microsoft Silverlight, Quicktime, and other processor intensive multimedia formats. It pulls this off where others fail through a bit of proxy voodoo; rather than forcing your handset… Read More

  • Wii blows by Nintendo 64 in total sales

    On the game console superhighway, if there is such a thing, the Nintendo Wii just blasted past the Nintendo 64, stuck its left arm out the driver’s side window, and rigidly shot its index finger into the air to let the N64 know that the Wii, in fact, is now number one. Well, not number one, but it passed the Nintendo 64 in lifetime sales. To date, Nintendo has sold almost 35 million… Read More

  • French TV station implements world's first Dolby Digital Plus HD Terrestrial broadcast

    A high-def picture is nothing without high-quality audio and a French TV station is the world’s first to broadcast a Dolby Digital Plus track over a terrestrial signal. The Dolby system is ideal for limited bandwidth applications like terrestrial broadcasts, as the original Dolby Digital bitstreams are maintained and can still be decoded. The French TV station, TNT, is broadcasting… Read More

  • MTV bleeps out file-sharing sites? Probably

    http://media.mtvnservices.com/mgid:uma:video:mtvmusic.com:108884 Weird Al Yankovic |MTV Music I can’t figure this out. This video, from MTV’s video site, has been bleeped by MTV in an effort to hide file sharing system names in Weird Al Yankovic “Don’t Download This Song.” The original lyrics: Once in a while maybe you will feel the urge
    To break… Read More

  • Apple blocking Opera for iPhone

    The Bits blog is running a small profile of Opera right now. For the most part it’s fairly boring: Opera is a bit player (we know) that is making inroads in the mobile space with Opera Mini (again, we know). Here’s something you may not know: Apple is blocking Opera from releasing the iPhone version of Opera Mini. So claims Opera’s CEO, Jon Stephenson von Tetzchner. While that… Read More

  • Review: Bandai's Mugen Pop Pop

    As my brother said, “this is an tendinitis nightmare” or something like that. It’s quite addicting but it takes a bit of effort to actually get the fake bubbles to pop. I don’t see little kids over the age of 8 having the finger strength to play with this for very long. The texture of the bubbles is surprisingly similar to that of bubble wrap, though. And who… Read More

  • Is Apple a bunch of liars or damn liars?

    The ever-sassy Adrian Kingsley-Hughes is pointing out that Apple is essentially lying like Satan lied to man about the cancer-causing potency of high-fructose corn syrup. In “Bean Counter,” for example, Apple suggests that Microsoft spends more on advertising than on “fixing Vista.” Adrian tells the honest truth: For each $1 of sales Apple spends: – 1.9… Read More

  • My Humps: Check out this nine cell netbook battery!

    Holy crap, you could drive a truck under that thing. That’s a nine cell battery for the MSI Wind netbook, which is available on Ebay’s UK site according to a post in the MsiWind.net forums. The item ships from China for a grand total of around £70 – roughly $115 in US dollars. Owners of this gigantic lump are reporting over 6.5 hours of battery life. When I tested the… Read More

  • Marantz keeps the CD rock'n with the new M-CR502 mini audio system

    There is something sexy about the Marantz M-CR502 mini audio system. It could be the sleek, executive feel. Or that the amp outputs 25Wx4 channels or 50Wx2 channels with a THD of .10% and a frequency response of 5Hz-20kH. Or it could be that it supports CD playback even though I don’t know the last time I even held a music CD but also sports a USB port for MP3 playback. Read More

  • New regular feature: "Send me an Angel"

    Given that we are now in a major economic down-cycle (to put it mildly), raising money for a startup is likely to get a lot harder. But the broad consensus I am picking up on is that private seed investors will become more important for early stage startups. Why? Because if your are an individual with a pot of cash, you are not going to look to the stock market to bring you high returns any more. Read More

  • Google Tweaks AdWords To Reward "Quality" (And Juice Revenues)

    There is nothing like a downturn to force a company focus on the bottom line, even a company like Google whose bottom line is still growing at a healthy pace. Continuing its recent efforts to juice advertising revenues wherever it can, Google is changing the way ads are placed on its search results pages. One of the two biggest determinants of where an ad ranks compared to other ads on the… Read More

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