• T-Mobile announcing something in NYC on April 21st

    The details are all kinds of sparse, but T-Mobile is sending ’round e-mails to let everyone know to keep the 21st free. They’re going to be announcing something in NYC in just under 2 weeks – but what could it be? All sorts of things! It could be the grand unveiling long-awaited acknowledgment of the Sidekick 2009 – or might they be making the HTC Magic’s… Read More

  • Rumor(ish): LG Viewty II coming to UK's Orange in June

    Our first glimpse of the heretofore rumored LG Viewty II came last month at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona. Fast forward to today, and the folks over at Electricpig say they have reason to believe that LG is planning to launch its 8MP camphone Viewty II on UK’s Orange network sometime this June. To recap, the photo-centric LG device is expected to include an 8MP camera with… Read More

  • The free Crysis Wars trial starts tonight, here's what you need to do

    Like free games? I do! How about Crysis Wars, we first told you about a few days ago. The free period will run starting tonight and countine through next week. Either I’m not a big enough nerd (which isn’t likely) or the creators do not want people to actually play for free cause the registration process and download is a pain in the ass. So here is what you need to do in an… Read More

  • French National Assembly rejects anti-piracy law (for now)

    Another day, another twist in that proposed French anti-piracy law. While the French upper house, the Senate, approved the bill as it was presented earlier today, the lower house, the National Assembly, rejected it. Oh don’t worry, since the Government said it will present a revised edition of the bill that would remove the main clause that upset the National Assembly. Read More

  • Social media recruitment startup gets UK govt finance

    BraveNewTalent.com, one of the slew of social media enabled graduate recruitment sites to launch this year, has had £102k in finance from RBS under the government’s new Enterprise Finance Guarantee (EFG) scheme that encourages business growth and staff expansion. Like many social media takes on traditional approaches, BraveNewTalent.com flips the recruitment model, allowing graduate… Read More

  • Get fired? Virgin Mobile will eat your phone bill for 3 months

    It started with the car companies. “Get fired, and we’ll take on your car payments for a while.” they said. It’s the shining light in the darkness that is a slumping economy: when the wallets get lighter, the promotions get crazier. Looking to capture some of this crazy in a bottle and turn it into new customers, Virgin Mobile has adapted the concept for the mobile… Read More

  • Yahoo Japan plans to scan passersbys, put up personalized content on billboards

    In Japan, there is only one company in the web industry that really matters, and that company is Yahoo. It’s safe to say that for many Japanese people, Yahoo is basically the hub of the Internet. Yahoo is king even in the search engine segment, clearly beating Google Japan (according to Comscore Japan, the ratio stood at 51.2% to 39% last September). But that doesn’t seem to be… Read More

  • UK kid totally rips off US kid's 'I'm a PC' ad

    Lewis, you little bastard. You think we wouldn’t notice your ad here in the US? So our four-and-a-half-year-old Kylie takes a picture of her fish, Dorothy, auto-adjusts it, and e-mails it to a family member. And what do you do? You take a picture of your rabbit, auto-adjust it, and e-mail it to a member of your family. Very original, Lewis. Jerk. Read More

  • HTC Touch Diamond coming to Verizon tomorrow

    It’s not like we didn’t expect this to happen, but it sure took long enough. Starting tomorrow, Verizon will begin offering the HTC Touch Diamond in all black for a whopping $300 after a $70 MIR. · Brilliant 2.76-inch touch screen display for navigating Web pages on the built-in Opera browser · 3.2 megapixel autofocus camera · microSD™ card slot that… Read More

  • Digg Says Diggbar is NOT Evil, And Is Lifting Unique Visitors By 20 Percent

    In the debate over whether or not URL shorteners are evil, one service in particular has been singled out: Digg’s new Diggbar. The Diggbar is more than just a URL shortener, but that is one of its main features. Unlike other shorteners, however, which redirect people back to the original link being abbreviated (often for Tweeting purposes), the Diggbar directs traffic back to a… Read More

  • Ask Partners With Anchor Intelligence To Stop Fraudsters And Optimize Ad Serving

    The downturn in the economy is apparently leading more than the usual number of ambitious click-fraudsters to try their luck. And that’s causing ad networks to think a lot more about click fraud and the overall health of their networks, says Anchor Intelligence CEO Ken Miller. We first wrote about the company in late 2007 when they unveiled their click fraud product. The company has… Read More

  • Moxi HD DVR gets some tasty upgrades

    Digeo’s Moxi HD DVR, you know it as the other DVR that’s sort-of like TiVo, is getting a big software update that brings the sexy DVR up to speed with TiVo. Actually, these updates on paper make the Moxi box seem ahead of TiVo. Moxi’s calling card previously was a killer GUI and that hasn’t changed. Content on demand is being addressed this time around with PlayOn and… Read More

  • Win a Kindle 2 from thriller author Andrew Gross

    Do you like thrillers? You like Kindles? Well you’re in luck. The good folks at Harper Collins are offering a fully articulated Kindle 2 including a copy of Andrew Gross’ new book, Don’t Look Twice or one of 5 autographed copies of the book in handsome “paper” format. Read More

  • How to use bright clouds to reduce global warming

    <img src="http://www.crunchgear.com/wp-content/uploads/2009/04/happy_clouds.jpg&quot; Weather control has long been a favorite topic of movies and television shows, usually where some evil scientist hopes to control the weather for his own financial gain. See Sean Connery’s character in The Avengers for an example. Or StarGate SG1, or even old episodes of the G.I. Joe cartoon. Read More

  • A.i.R PROJECT: Bandai's new piece of art, gadget and light

    Bandai Japan announced the A.i.R PROJECT yesterday [JP], a mix between a piece of art, a gadget and an interior light of a very special kind. Designed by a Japanese “media artist” called Taro Suzuki, the device is basically marketed as a lifestyle product, which is highly unusual for a toy maker like Bandai. Read More

  • CrunchDeals: Sigma DP1 for $399

    Amazon has the Sigma DP1 on sale for $399, today only. The DP1 is unique in that it’s got an SLR-sized sensor stuffed in a point and shoot-sized body. Other features include 14-megapixel photos, a 2.5-inch LCD, JPEG and RAW image recording, and SD(HC)/MMC card compatibility. Read More

  • Hey Geithner, Get Your Grubby Hands Off The Venture Capital Industry

    The venture capital industry is up in arms about U.S. Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner’s plans to include venture firms in his plan to increase regulatory oversight over private investment vehicles of all stripes. In a strongly worded op-ed today, the Wall Street Journal lays out the argument against lumping in venture capital with hedge funds and the whole Madoff crew on Wall… Read More

  • ConvoTrack: A Simple And Useful Conversation Tracker Built On Top Of BackType

    Here’s a sweet little hack that brings all the chatter about any website or article from across various social services right into a browser sidebar, eliminating the need to visit another web page in order to track conversations. ConvoTrack is the name of the tool, and what it does is leverage the BackType API to enable anyone to see what’s being said about e.g. a TechCrunch article… Read More

  • Tweetmeme Re-launches, Guns To Be Top Twitter Aggregator

    The new version of Tweetmeme, effectively a Techmeme-like aggregator for links Tweeted on Twitter, has just gone live. Sites like this recently started appearing to help people track what is linked to most on Twitter, which is where the real value lies, not in conversations about someone’s lunch. But so far the results have been mixed. TwitLinks has not solved the the problem and… Read More

  • Is your MacBook on crack? Take it back

    The bottom casing cracking issue that some folks have been experiencing in their 13-inch white MacBooks is real and Apple is willing to replace your MacBook if it happens to you, so sayeth the latest Apple service bulletin. This is similar to the iPhone cracking syndrome that was eventually accepted as truth but don’t try to take your MacBook back if you dropped it out the window. Read More

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