• Apple blocks MailWrangler application for no good reason

    Good news, iPhone developers! If your application is vaguely similar in function to Apple’s own offerings, it might not ever see the light of day — even if it provides useful functionality that Apple’s application doesn’t. Over the weekend, developer Angelo DiNardi told the tale of his would-be App Store application, MailWrangler, via his blog. By embedding Webkit… Read More

  • Letseat.at Makes It Easy For Restaurants to Serve Up Their Own Websites

    Sometimes the same old restaurants get old and you want to find something new. It’s easy to do some research in big cities with the help of CitySearch and Yelp, and even easier to find websites for larger restaurants like The Cheesecake Factory to help you figure out if the food selection is what you’re looking for. But what about those smaller, family-owned restaurants that get… Read More

  • Verizon announces month-to-month service plans

    Just a day late of the rumored date, Verizon has announced month-to-month, contract free service plans. If you’re willing to pay full price for a phone or can bring your own handset to the table, you’re free to bail out at the end of each monthly billing period without paying any sort of early termination fee. All of Verizon’s voice and data plans are available… Read More

  • Want a faster-than-Google Chrome Web browser? Try the nightly WebKit builds

    Are you a Mac user with Google Chrome envy? You really shouldn’t be, especially now that the latest builds of WebKit use a ridiculously fast Javascript engine called SquirrelFish Extreme. The new engine, conveniently shortened to SFE, is actually faster than Chrome Javascript engine, V8. (It’s actually faster than the version of V8 currently floating around SVN, which is faster… Read More

  • UTStarcom Knick: It's like a Sidekick that makes your neck hurt

    We only know a few things about the newly found Sidekick-lookin’ UTStarcom Knick: It appears to be heading to AT&T, and unless they get a handle on rotating that screen when the QWERTY keyboard is slid out, you might be heading to the chiropractor after using one. At first it seemed like a mistake in the promo shot, but even in the live shot Engadget dug up, a chunk of the on-screen… Read More

  • The Pirate Bay Is Getting Into Streaming?

    The Pirate Bay, the world’s largest BitTorrent tracker (and one of the most hated), may be getting into streaming, a tipster told us. The Pirate Bay, which has 3 million users and is closing in on 15 million peers, first mentioned the possibility of a streaming service back in May, but little was heard about it until a cryptic birthday wish to Brokep was posted on the service’s… Read More

  • DRM: Movies bought from PS3 online service can only be re-downloaded once

    Did you know that movies purchased from the PS3’s video service can only be re-downloaded once, and that’s only with the assistance of Sony? Oh, it’s true. It’s damn true. (Get it?) An Ars Technica reader deleted a movie from his PS3’s hard drive in order to free up some space. When he went to re-downloaded the movie, he discovered that he couldn’t. A phone… Read More

  • Palin e-mail hacker traced to University of Tennessee dorm

    The very fabric of our democracy came under attack last week when a hacker broke into Republican vice-presidential nominee Sarah Palin’s e-mail account. Federal investigators have since been involved, and are closing in on a possible culprit, a college student at the University of Tennessee. Investigators have tracked an IP address to student housing at The Commons in Knoxville, part of… Read More

  • Socialmedian Launches New 'Replize' Feature to Help Communication

    Just off its first major upgrade, socialmedian, a service that lets users find and share news from within their social networks, announced today that it’s offering a new feature called “replize,” which enables sociamedian users to interact with each other using @username short codes, much like Twitter. But according to the company, its @username functionality is one of the… Read More

  • SanDisk's slotMusic: microSD cards preloaded with music

    SanDisk and the RIAA sure do hope y’all aren’t “finished” with physical media-based music playback. If you are, then this whole slotMusic venture will end up being a waste of everyone’s time. SlotMusic, actually written slotMusic, is the name of Sandisk’s new line of music-filled microSD cards. The thinking behind slotMusic is that consumers, what with… Read More

  • Music On microSD: I Can't Believe The Labels Fell For This

    Forget buying an album on a USB stick, SanDisk just convinced the big labels to release (DRM free, thankfully) music on a 1 GB 15mm x 11mm x 1mm microSD card. And then they convinced Best Buy and Walmart to sell these things. Check out slotMusic for more. I wish wish wish I could see the power point presentation SanDisk used to pitch everyone on the idea. The New York Times says a source puts… Read More

  • CrunchGear Week in Review: A Light Ride Edition

    Do not ride a bike down 8 Mile with Joyrider LEDs; you will die
    Hammacher Schlemmer selling WowWee Rovio under the totally uncool name of Anywhere Home Sentry
    Never lose your car, or harvested deer, again thanks to the Bushnell BackTrack
    “Grapefruit” 360-degree video camera – wonderful or terrifying?
    DIY Lazertag game Read More

  • First hands-on with the Pentax K2000, K-m DSLR

    There it is, sports fans, the K2000 aka K-m. It’s a small, lightweight true entry-level DSLR from Pentax. A lot of folks over at dpreview and other forums weren’t so sure the K2000 was small enough or lightweight enough, but I can tell you that it’s significantly smaller and lighter (20.8 ounces) than the K200D (24.3 ounces). The controls are well placed and the camera can… Read More

  • Pentax announces DA* 60-250mm f/4 ED[IF] SDM, DA* 55mm f/1.4 SDM, AF160FC Ring Flash, DA 15mm f/4 ED AL Limited lens and 1.4X Rear Converter SDM at Photokina

    Also announced at Photokina from Pentax are the following lenses, flash and other trinkets: DA* 60-250mm f/4 ED[IF] SDM, DA* 55mm f/1.4 SDM, AF160FC Ring Flash, DA 15mm f/4 ED AL Limited lens and 1.4X Rear Converter SDM. The * lenses are dust and water resistant and also come with extra-low dispersion (ED) optical elements. They’ve also been treated with Pentax’s original… Read More

  • Pentax announces entry-level DSLR, K2000 aka K-m at Photokina

    The K-m was “leaked” several days ago and today at Photokina, Pentax officially announced the K-m aka K2000 (here in the US) DSLR. Most of the specs that were “leaked” are spot on and nothing much differs from the official announcement. What the leaks failed to mention was the bump in ISO to 3200, but a weaker AF with five points as opposed to the 11 you’ll find… Read More

  • Palingate? – Agents Swoop On A Tennessee College Dorm Linked To Palin Hacker's IP Address

    Hack into – and then publish – the email account of a major politician, especially one under Secret Service protection and currently running for Vice President, and you had better cover your tracks. Well. WBIR is among those reporting that FBI agents broke into a party at the Fort Sanders apartment of University of Tennessee student David Kernell early Sunday morning. A Department… Read More

  • Forget eBay. Use Swaptree.

    We’ve been covering Boston-based Swaptree since mid 2006. The company, which is creating a network of users who swap books, CDs, DVDs and video games, just raised a third round of financing – $3.3 million from Safeguard Scientifics. The total raised over three rounds is now $5.6 million. To create a trade the company finds up to four users who have and want items that form a match. Read More

  • LongJump Challenges Force.com With New Developer Suite

    When Salesforce rolled out its software development platform, Force.com, last year, we called it a “game ender” for several other startups helping people create and deploy applications as web services. Among these was LongJump, which has enabled businesses and individuals to create web applications using visual tools since early summer 2007. Today, LongJump strikes back at Force.com… Read More

  • TechCrunchTalk video – Investment Perspectives

    Video from the live video stream of TechCrunchTalk, a series of four panel discussions focusing on start-ups and the investment climate in the UK and Europe, recorded in London on 18 September, 3pm and 6pm GMT: Read More

  • TechCrunchTalk video – European Perspectives Part I

    Video from the live video stream of TechCrunchTalk, a series of four panel discussions focusing on start-ups and the investment climate in the UK and Europe, recorded in London on 18 September, 3pm and 6pm GMT: Read More

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