• CrunchBoard Jobs of the Week

    This week’s first TechCrunch Europe Job of the Week is for a UI software developer for Centre for Applied Research in Educational Technologies (CARET). The second is for a Senior Developer at Gigjunkie.net. Remember, it costs only £20 to post *any* kind of advert on the CrunchBoard related to your startup/business, whether it be jobs, searches for office space or requests for new… Read More

  • Thousands Of MySpace Sex Offender Refugees Found On Facebook

    MySpace is in the spotlight today because it revealed that 90,000 registered sex offenders have been kicked off its site in the past two years. But where did all of those sex offenders go? Some evidence suggests that a portion of them are now on Facebook. John Cardillo is a former New York City police officer and the CEO of Sentinel, a security technology firm based in Miami which helps… Read More

  • Oops! LinkedIn Goes Down, Can't Get Up

    LinkedIn may be profitable and growing fast, but something seems to be going very wrong with the business social networking service today. The service has been going up and down all day over here in Europe, and has now been displaying an ‘Oops’ page for the past 55 minutes (4:30 PM CET). Update: it’s back up, downtime lasted exactly one hour. Update 2: and it’s back… Read More

  • Citing Progress, MySpace Says 90,000 Sex Offenders Blocked From Site

    Update: Some of these sex offenders are showing up on Facebook. Responding to a subpoena from Connecticut Attorney General Richard Blumenthal, MySpace today is handing over the names of 90,000 registered sex offenders who have been identified and blocked from the social networking site over the past two years. Kicking sex offenders off the site has been a big priority for MySpace. A year ago… Read More

  • Kabooza Gets $840,000 To Jumpstart Yet Another Online Backup Service

    I’m seriously doubtful if there’s room for yet another one, but Kabooza is a relatively new online backup service which just raised 7 million Sweden Kronor or $840,000 in seed funding from Swedish VC firm Aggregate Media, reports ArcticStartup. Kabooza’s main selling point is that it’s “really simple”, which is basically the selling point for the dozens… Read More

  • Mixpo Raises $4 Million More For Video Advertising Tech

    Seattle-based online video advertising technology company Mixpo has raised $4 million more from previous investors Madrona Venture Group, Growthworks and Yaletown Venture Partners, bringing the total of capital invested in the company to a healthy $10.5 million. What Mixpo is doing is pretty smart: they’re signing deals with local media publishers like Comcast, NBC’s local media… Read More

  • Daily Crunch: Romper Room Edition

    The Suima crib is the world’s first fully automatic baby bed
    Pocket Shark! Pocket Shark!
    Start saving up for this glass pool table Read More

  • Plugg for that deadline

    If you’re a European startup then note that registration for the Plugg Start-ups Rally, which is free to enter, closes Wednesday 4 February at midnight (CET). Any European early-stage company with a maximum of only one round of institutional funding can sign up for the competition by entering details about their team, concept and business model on this dedicated mini-site. Get your… Read More

  • Nikon's new point-and-shoots aren't breaking any molds, but hey

    Okay Nikon, so you’ve got a touchscreen on your budget camera now. Do you want a cookie? Oh, you want sales. I’m sorry, I can’t bake that. But I can report on your new point-and-shoots. Let’s go with that. Nikon is very proud of their new touchscreen camera, and I’m sure it’s very nice, dear. But others have been doing it for longer, and it’s probably… Read More

  • A pair of Nikon superzooms arrives in style

    Somewhere, somebody wished upon a star, and tonight that wish was granted. Nikon has updated its lineup of non-SLR digitals, and they’re looking… Nikon-y. No big surprises but if you’re in the market, you should certainly take a close look at the features and price points. Let’s look at the big fish first. Read More

  • SugarCRM's John Roberts on the Open Cloud

    SugarCRM has gone from 3 developers, 154 members, and 396 downloads of its open source customer relationship management software in June 2004 to 40 engineers, 450,000 users, 5.2 million downloads, and the key metric: 55,000 active systems. As co-founder and CEO John Roberts delivered the opening keynote at the SugurCon 2009 developer conference in San Francisco, he showed the growth in a series… Read More

  • Review: Virgin Mobile Helio Ocean 2

    Since the day the original Helio Ocean hit the shelves, rumors were abound that a followup was in the works. 2 years have since passed, countless rumors and leaks have come and gone, and the company that birthed the original has since been acquired – but it’s finally here. Has the wait been worth it? Read More

  • World-Renowned Scientists Team With Google And NASA To Launch Singularity University

    NASA, Google, and some of the foremost authorities in science and technology have teamed up to create a new school, dubbed Singularity University, that is looking to solve “humanity’s grand challenges”. The university is named after the idea of the singularity – an extremely rapid period of technological progress. And damn if it doesn’t sound like the coolest… Read More

  • Rumor or typo? Radeon 5870 X2 surfaces, dives

    A Dutch retailer briefly lists a “Radeon 5870 X2,” along with specs — conspiracy? Coincidence? Sham? Legit? Or just a typo? Well, check out the specs and then… you be the judge. Read More

  • FairShare Helps Bloggers Track Their Content Across The Web; Grab An Invite Here

    FairShare, a new site launching today in private beta, is looking to help bloggers keep track of their content online. The free service allows users to specify what kind of Creative Commons distribution license they’ve previously assigned to their material, and uses a vast index of the web to see where their content has been distributed and how it has been used. TechCrunch readers can… Read More

  • "Phantom" laptop has Intel Core i7 inside

    Eurocom, a computer maker I haven’t heard of but is obviously bucking for more attention, has decided they can’t wait for late 2009 when Intel is planning on bringing their Nehalem-based processors to a laptop-friendly format. Instead, Eurocom just letting the desktop versions come as they are, and building the laptop around that. Because really, what is a laptop but a desktop that… Read More

  • Health Care Social Network Enurgi Acquired By Univita Health

    Enurgi, a social network that connects caregivers to patients, is being acquired by Univita Health, a health care services platform that promotes independent aging through home care and support, for an undisclosed amount. Enurgi brings to the table a valuable database of 1.5 million caregivers and an established social network of care recipients and caregivers. Univita will most probably add… Read More

  • Video: Robot plays Pong

    This robot uses a standard off the shelf webcam for eyes and solenoids for fingers to play pong. It also has the menacing look of a one-eyed tentacle monster. Read More

  • Techfluff.TV – features Paul Birch, co-founder Bebo

    This week Paul Birch co-Founder, Bebo.com, (yes, he’s Michael Birch’s brother) gives his thoughts on the rumoured sale of Bebo by AOL, and answers viewer questions; Hermione goes Dutch, and the escalator pitch has a “twist”. TechCrunch UK is a media sponsor of Techfluff.TV Read More

  • Xbox 360 HDMI audio fix coming tonight

    The widely known and highly aggravating HDMI audio conundrum will be getting a patch tonight at 2AM PST. It’s being rolled out worldwide so don’t freak out if you’re not immediately prompted when signing into Live. Read More

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