• Google Blog Search Takes Two Steps Forward, One Step Back

    Last fall Google launched a revamped version of its Blog Search, converting the site’s frontpage into a automated news portal similar to sites like Techmeme. It has its fair share of issues (for one, it’s subject to the same problems of automated grouping as Google News is), but it was a step in the right direction for the site. That said, it has been missing some key features. … Read More

  • Paparazzi beware! Flash purse stalks the stalkers

    This crazy purse concept is essentially an LED flash built-into a clutch purse. When it senses a flash it will send out a brighter flash to blind the camera – and, presumably, the cameraman – and prevent the picture from coming out. The result? A ghostly halo around the subject but no facial features. Read More

  • The Pirate Bay, well on its way to irrelevance at record speed

    Man alive is The Pirate Bay finished! Business Week has an interview with Hans Pandeya, the CEO of Global Gaming Factory, the company that’s set to buy The Pirate Bay for nearly $8 million (provided it can come up with the money). What’s mainly discussed it what type of business plan does this man have in store for The Pirate Bay. It’s safe to say that The Pirate Bay will be… Read More

  • FriendFeed Makes Its Search Results Real-Time Too

    Ever since its redesign a few months ago, FriendFeed has been one of the standard-bearers of the real-time web. That’s because while a lot of sites claim to be real-time, FriendFeed is one of the few that actually updates continuously as data comes in. Starting today, any search you do will also get that same real-time treatment. Enter any query into FriendFeed’s search box and… Read More

  • NSFW: Totally weird "Robo-Geisha" movie trailer

    First, let me say the movie “Robo-geisha” is for real (see the imdb entry). Second, I rarely use the word “weird” when I blog about Japanese stuff, but the trailer for this film is weird (and thankfully in English). And third, the trailer is NSFW and definitely not suitable for children. Read More

  • This is what happens when you spend time with your kids

    BlackBerrys are generally durable devices. I had a BlackBerry 7130e for almost three years until my son gave it a bath in a cup of ginger ale. This dad’s BlackBerry somehow survived a trip into a hot oven. It needed a new case afterwards, but it still works alright. Couple of weeks ago, like a good dad, I was baking with my 10 year old daughter. I couldn’t find my Blackberry… Read More

  • HTC Hero soars through the FCC

    Well, that’s a surprise. Rumors had pointed at Sprint to be the home of the Hero here in the states – but there it sits in the FCC database, packed to its big ol’ chin with AT&T-friendly 850/1900Mhz bands. [Via EngadgetMobile] Read More

  • Review: Wahl Lithium Ion All In One Trimmer

    Sometimes exotic dancers fall in love with clients. Likewise, sometimes bloggers buy the products they write about. This is one of those stories (blogging, not exotic dancing). Two weeks ago I wrote a post about Wahl’s lithium ion electric razor. Shortly after writing said post, I bought one. Read More

  • Google App Engine Stalled Out For About 6 Hours Today

    A little over two hours ago, a Google employee posted a note in this Google Groups thread indicating that Google App Engine was “seeing elevated Datastore latency and error-rates, as well as elevated serving error-rates.” He noted that the problem began around 6:30 AM Pacific time and that the team was looking into it. A few minutes later he updated that Google App Engine was… Read More

  • The Supertendo Portable SNES

    I would buy this portable SNES. It’s probably one of the cleanest portable retro gaming systems ever made. In fact, it sort of looks like something that Nintendo would have made in the 90’s as a competitor to the Game Gear. Read More

  • iPhone 4.0 could quite possibly not have "life event"-based notifications

    Welcome to the world of the future! In the future your iPhone will be able to tell you where you are and then adapt to those locations, turning things on and off (ringer, etc.), changing wallpaper (from Megan Fox to cute kittens in church), and from earth to space when you go on an intergalactic trip to free the citizens of Mars from the evil Cohaagen. Perhaps you ringtone could change to… Read More

  • Video: Sega Toys' new projector brings fireworks show to your living room

    Sega Toys Japan yesterday unveiled the Uchiagehanabi, a device that brings fireworks indoors. And it’s not only the visuals but also the corresponding sounds (shots, explosions etc.) you get in your very home. The device uses the wall or a ceiling as a backdrop for projecting fireworks patterns. Sega Toys says that some of the images are as wide as 1.5m, and users can even create remixes… Read More

  • And Yet More Proof Of Why AT&T Needs To Keep That iPhone Exclusivity

    An internal AT&T memo that was leaked today is full of very impressive number regarding the iPhone 3GS — numbers that once again show why AT&T’s exclusive contract with Apple to sell the iPhone in the U.S. is so important. The iPhone 3GS’s launch gave AT&T its best sales day at its retail stores — ever, its second largest traffic day at retails stores, the… Read More

  • Sonos CR200 controller coming soon

    Boy oh boy did I love reviewing the Sonos Bundle 150. The Sonos multi-room home audio solution is superb. One wart to the system was the controller: the scrollwheel was a little cumbersome for some actions, not to mention outrageously expensive as a stand-alone component. Looks like a new touch-screen controller is due out soon, though, which should remove one complaint from my review. Or you… Read More

  • comScore: Russians Spend More Time On Social Networks Than The Rest Of World

    comScore has aggregated some data based on its World Metrix audience measurement service and put together a study on social networking worldwide. Surprisingly, it appears that the Russians are more engaged with social networking than the rest of the planet (or the biggest slackers at the office, depends on how you look at it). The study found visitors in Russia to spend 6.6 hours and viewing… Read More

  • Twine Tries To Manage The Stream With New Coverflow-Like Design

    What is the best way to sift through a stream of information? The list view seems to be the most popular because it is information-dense and easy to scan, but it can be overwhelming. More visually appealing ways to manage data are needed. Twine, a site which lets you collect and subscribe to different interest feeds, just introduced a new way to wade through its streams. The new Flash… Read More

  • Video: Heinz Beanzawave in action

    Introduced last month in the UK, the Beanzawave is inching closer to a retail launch or is it? It appears that consumer demand isn’t quite high enough for Heinz to roll out the microwave just yet. I, for one, wouldn’t buy one because it’s too small. What about you? Read More

  • Video Trailer: Mac vs PC 2

    Remember the first Mac vs PC short film? You know, the one where the Mac and PC transformers into little robots and fight? Well, the sequel is coming and just like another film, it looks to be loaded with even more action and a weak storyline. But also like that other movie, we’ll probably watch it anyway. Read More

  • Psystar emerges from bankruptcy ready to sell a Core i7 Mac Pro clone

    And you thought that Apple finally drove the front running clone maker off of a cliff. Nope. Psystar successfully navigated the bankruptcy courts and is back at its old game of annoying Apple. The ongoing lawsuit is still in play, but bankruptcy no doubt allowed the company to shed some debt and reorganize under Chapter 11 guidelines. Now the company is back and just released a new Core i7 clone. Read More

  • Verizon succumbs to the pressure, offers BlackBerry Tour to everyone

    I think the image is pretty self explanatory. VZW via BGR Read More

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