• CrunchDeals: Sony BDP-S300 Blu-ray player and four movies for $142

    Amazon is getting rid of the older and non-BD-Live Sony BDP-S300 Blu-ray player and is throwing in four Blu-ray titles to start your collection. It sure seems like a nice deal for those looking to jump into the HD movie realm cheaply, but if you can spend a bit more coin, wait until Black Friday. You should be able to pick up a Profile 2.0 / BD-Live player for ’bout the same price sans… Read More

  • AT&T Fuze demo units make their way to AT&T retail spots

    Busting at the seams with excitement over the HTC Touch Pro AT&T Fuze? We can’t blame you – it’s a pretty little piece. Fortunately, it doesn’t look like you have too much longer to wait. Tucked inside the latest batch of shipments to AT&T corporate stores is a nice little treat: Fuze demo units. While this doesn’t necessarily mean a launch is looming… Read More

  • Lull: The baby light that turns on and off as the day goes by

    This is the Lull, a fancy children’s lamp that works in conjunction with the day/night cycle. That is, in the morning the lamp opens open not unlike a flower, shining light on your child’s face. Wake up. In the evening, the lamp closes and slowly dims, allowing your child to fall asleep while counting sheep or some such. Read More

  • Rare vacuum tube clock up on ebay

    There is something nostalgic, nerdy, and, dare I say, classy about this vacuum tube clock. Pedestrians might think that your retro clock is powered by bluish-green LEDs, but you and your nerdy friends will know that 16-segmented tubular vacuum fluorescent displays really produce the display. The ebay auction only has 10 hours left so if you have $152 to spare, you can own… Read More

  • Sony Ericsson announcing new stuff tomorrow, W705 expected

    Much like you can always expect new iPods in September, you can always expect new Sony Ericsson announcements in November. Right on schedule, Sony Ericsson is expected to make an announcement tomorrow. A few details from the announcement have already leaked out and, from what we know so far, this one’s looking to be all about the Walkman series. First up is the W705… Read More

  • FCC opens up white space spectrum

    Google must be pretty happy this morning. Not only because its preferred candidate is now president-elect, but because the Federal Communications Commission green-lighted the opening of the so-called white space spectrum. In short, when television stations move to digital next year a whole swath of spectrum is freed up—what to do with it? If you’re Google (or Motorola or any number… Read More

  • Meizu M8 to arrive just in time for you not to care during the holidays

    The Meizu M8, famous for essentially being a Chinese iPhone, will launch in China on November 30 and eventually trickle over to our shores for the holidays. The camera runs Windows Mobile and includes a 3-megapixel camera, FM radio, and EDGE. It will also have Wi-Fi in some areas and cost $348 and $421 in the 8GB and 16GB models, respectively. Read More

  • Blu-spec CD: Sony's new CD boasts high quality, is based upon Blu-ray technology

    Sony Music Entertainment Japan has used Blu-ray technology to develop an audio CD with higher sound quality, the Blu-spec CD [JP, PDF] . Sony says the Blu-spec CD (what a name) complies with the standard for conventional CDs, so nobody interested in the new technology has to buy special players. The company claims it uses a new kind of machines to produce the discs. Supposedly, master CDs of… Read More

  • OMG! iPhone keyboard! OMG!

    This hack adds a third-party mini-keyboard to the iPhone, effectively turning Cupertino’s darling into a Compaq iPaq circa 2001. Does the iPhone really need a keyboard, people? Read More

  • Elzo FlexScan 24-inch monitor has that there DisplayPort

    You’re looking at the Elzo FlexScan S2432W-H, a 24-inch monitor that comes out in Japan next month. Crazy, right? Maybe. The monitor is one of the first post-MacBook monitors to have a DisplayPort port. (Dell and HP released DisplayPort monitors earlier this year, mind you.) The WUXGA (that’s 1920×1200 pixels) resolution monitor will cost around $940, which is about $40 more… Read More

  • News Sites Attract Record Audience on Election Night

    On Election night everyone was glued to their screens. Not just their TV screens, but also their computer screens. Going to the major news sites, hitting refresh on the interactive electoral maps millions of times, and watching Obama and McCain give their final speeches of the campaign streamed live over the Web. According to Akamai, which is the content delivery network for most major… Read More

  • Nintendo sells-out DSi's first wave in Japan

    There is little doubt that Nintendo’s evolutionary DSi will be a hit and eager Japanese gamers snatched up the first round of units within a few days. Reportable, it took only two days for Nintendo to sell through 170,000 of the 200,000 available DSi’s with the remaining 30,000 held up in unclaimed pre-orders and back-up inventory. The company has prepped another 100,000 units… Read More

  • Video: CNN's 3D hologram looks sorta weird (but that's OK)

    As Señor Arrington alluded to, CNN rolled out its 3D hologram-thing during its election coverage last night. Thirty-five HD cameras are filming the reporter, Jessica Yellin, which then send the images back to producers in New York. The technology was developed by these guys. (CNN’s “Magic Wall,” if you’re interested, was developed by a company called Perceptive… Read More

  • Japanese university develops Ghost in the shell-like camouflage technology

    Tokyo-based Keio University has developed a cool optical camouflage system that can make a person invisible – almost, at least. The technology was showcased during the Digital Content Expo 2008 in Tokyo. All the person who wants to be “invisible” has to do is to wear a recursive reflective coat. The problem is just that the effect is only possible if the person in question… Read More

  • The Olympus E-30 gets a brief hands-on – existence still questioned

    The digicam gurus at dpreview.com got their hands on an Olympus E-30 DSLR and still didn’t reveal how the $1,500 prosumer cam will stand out from the crowd. Sure, it sports a new 12.3 megapixel Live MOS sensor, a new processing engine, and some in-camera software editing functions, but are those enough to sway potential buyers away from similar priced, but far superior, Canon 50D… Read More

  • Ad Spending At AOL Down 6 Percent

    Time Warner reported its third quarter results today and revealed that the AOL business isn’t doing too well but not as bad as some had expected (though it’s bound to get worse this quarter). Total revenues for Time Warner Cable remained flat compared to the same period in 2007 at $11.7 billion with earnings of 30 cents a share, while revenues for the AOL segment decreased 17%… Read More

  • Google Pulls The Plug On Yahoo Advertising Deal

    After vowing repeatedly to go through with its search advertising deal with Yahoo no matter what the Justice Department does, Google reversed course today and pulled the plug on the deal.
    Apparently, the recent revision of the deal’s terms to cap the amount of Yahoo’s revenues generated by Google at 25 percent was not enough to satisfy the Justice Department. And Google threw up… Read More

  • Sony updates the PS3 firmware to 2.52

    The PS3 firmware just got a teeny-tiny bump that improves the playback quality of some PS3 format software and also fixing a bug concerning text entry via the on-screen keyboard, USB keyboard, or Bluetooth keyboard. Notice a difference yet? Read More

  • Microsoft BizSpark Embraces Startups With Free Software, Services

    Microsoft is launching a new program called BizSpark to encourage startups to build on their stack this morning. Virtually everything a startup needs to build a web service (many of the tools and software compete with open source alternatives, such as MySQL) is being offered to startups for free for three years. The program, run by VP Strategic and Emerging Business Development Dan’l… Read More

  • Newt Gingrich: Kill Sarbanes-Oxley

    The Sarbanes-Oxley Act, enacted July 30, 2002, was a classic case of a knee-jerk government action that did lots of harm and very little good. The goal was to reform public company accounting rules to avoid future scandals like those that played out at Enron, Tyco, Adelphia, Peregrine Systems and WorldCom. But the practical effect was to kill the initial public offering market in the… Read More

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