• Mozilla Fights Back With New Firefox Benchmarks

    The dust hasn’t even settled on Chrome’s release and already Mozilla is feeling the pressure. The company today released a series of benchmarks showing Firefox 3.1 will be faster than anything Google can muster with Chrome. Chrome is running V8, an open source Javascript engine, which Google claims, is faster than anything currently offered on the Web. And based on our tests… Read More

  • Nokia N96 now shipping: Who *doesn't* want one, really?

    The Nokia N96 is now shipping, for the before-subsidy (if you find any) price of 550 Euros, or about $794. An $800 cellphone? I guess that’s why Nokia is wisely calling it a “multimedia computer.” To be fair, just looking at the specs sorta makes me say, “iPhone, what’s that?” Built-in 5-megapixel camera and 16GB memory (expandable to 24GB with microSD… Read More

  • Jingle Networks Launches Voice Ad Network

    A few months ago, we wrote about Jingle Networks’ intention to start a voice ad network that would see companies that receive a high-volume of calls place ads during caller wait time. And according to the company, that service has launched today. Known for its 1-800-FREE-411 service, Jingle Networks’ voice ad network will allow any company with high call volume to insert audio… Read More

  • Japanese Kuma teddy bear phone comforts sick kids

    (video from DigInfo, Tokyo) Japan’s No. 4 cell phone carrier Willcom recently presented a very special kind of handset at the Good Design Expo 2008 in Tokyo (that ended last week). The company actually put one of their cell phones into a stuffed bear (handmade), which functions as a simplified handset: Each of the teddy’s legs and arms serves as a speed dial. It’s enough… Read More

  • iPhone Data Outage in the Northeast

    Are you feeling it? We’ve seen reports of just data and we’re waiting to hear back from AT&T. CrunchGear’s Peter Ha is not getting any data over 3G or EDGE while I am. Who knows. Quoth AT&T: “We are aware of the reports, and we are looking into it.” Read More

  • Buffer.me Brings Cool Design to YouTube Videos

    Designed and conceptualized by just one person, Buffer.me is the epitome of what can happen when a talented designer tries to do something to improve an experience that seems less appealing by the day. Buffer.me uses the YouTube API to populate the site with videos, but it totally changes the way you view them. As the company’s founder explained, Buffer.me aims at “giving the user… Read More

  • Miyamoto, other tech folk make Vanity Fair's New Establishment list

    Photo from Wired Vanity Fair, the fanciest trashy magazine there is, has publishedwhat is calls “The New Establishment,” a list of 100 of the top movers and shakers across all industries. It’s essentially a “who’s hot now” list, but since it’s Vanity Fair, all the Manhattan media types will be fawning over the ranking. Drudge has the full list in… Read More

  • Well then, Kevin Rose was right about that Apple event: What else is he right about? [Update]

    Oh, that Kevin Rose. Seems he was right about that whole September 9 Apple event thing, so now we’re a little more confident about his other predictions. Remember, iTunes 8 is supposed to be a true-to-life point release, and not nearly a bug fix or anything. Juciy rumors circulating the likes of Twitter and Tumblr (follow me if you want to be extra bored throughout the day!) suggest… Read More

  • MAPme Widget Tries to Best Google Maps

    MAPme announced today that it has released a Google Maps widget that will let users perform tasks that they are already capable of performing with the run-of-the-mill Google Maps application, but will let them embed the flash app as a widget anywhere they can edit HTML, which should make frustrated Google Maps users happy. According to the company, the MAPme widget is a pure flash object that… Read More

  • Space Invaders keyboard is purely for nostalgia

    This is, simply, a Space Invaders keyboard. Well, for copyright reasons it’s called ElectroJoe’s Bendiboard Retroboarde (you need to register just to see it for some dumb reason), but you get the idea. The keyboard shares the same layout as the MacBook, and while the actual characters are a little difficult to discern, you’re obviosuly just paying for the gimmick. And if… Read More

  • Can the iPhone Beat Symbian OS?

    Symbian on Tuesday released its second quarter financial data. The Nokia-owned company said that it bested last year’s sales mark with 19.6 million units sold. That may seem high, but over the past six months, 159 different Symbian OS-based mobile devices hit store shelves, compared to just a handful from RIM and one from Apple. The most glaring element of Symbian’s release was… Read More

  • BlackBerry 8320 on AT&T by end of September

    The BlackBerry 8320 will be available on AT&T later this month. It’s being marketed as the “Global BlackBerry plus Wi-Fi,” so traveling CrackBerry (get it?) addicts would do well to look into this one. Unlike the T-Mobile version, AT&T’s comes in a sapphire blue color that looks a little better than that center-of-the-earth crimson T-Mo is pushing. Same old… Read More

  • Six Degrees of Separation Is Now Three

    A study from O2 has found that strangers are more connected to each other than they ever have been. According to the study, the average person is now connected by just three degrees within a shared “interest” instead of six. In fact, it found that people are usually a part of three main networks: family, friendship, and work. Read More

  • Daily Crunch: Toys in the Basement Edition

    DIY toy train rails: It’s probably worth a try
    Back to School: Cameras
    Unsolvable subwoofer inspired by Rubik’s cube
    IFA 2008: Moving Beyond The Mouse
    Grundig offers a ball o’ music Read More

  • Lehman: Google Chrome Can Catch Up To Firefox In Two Years

    Does Google’s new Chrome browser matter? Some people think it does. One of them is Lehman Brothers analyst Douglas Anmuth. In a note sent out on Tuesday, he predicted that Chrome would soon catch up to Firefox in market share: With Firefox having gained approximately 20% percent market share over the past 4 years, we believe Google Chrome could gain 15-20% share within 2 years. Read More

  • MySpace looks to mobile to take the fight back to Facebook

    MySpace clearly intends to use the mobile as a way to stem Facebook’s growth in Europe. It’s just launched a new localised MySpace Mobile page across all EU countries, http://m.myspace.com. In particular, in the UK it’s worked with Vodafone, launching a customised page on Vodafone live! back in June and now enhancing it to the point where users can update status, see… Read More

  • Google Chrome Not So Lively

    People (well, us) are starting to put a list together of Google products that don’t play nicely with Chrome, their new Windows-only browser. First up is Google Analytics, which doesn’t track Chrome usage separately from Firefox (why Firefox?) for now, even though other services made the change immediately. Since Chrome is a two-year project and shouldn’t have been a surprise… Read More

  • Google Chrome Press Event: The Video

    Google has posted their official video of the Chrome press event we live blogged earlier today. I still prefer the comic book version, but if you want to see the official presentation, there it is. Larry Page steps on stage for the last two minutes. Read More

  • Want On The Digg Home Page? That'll Be $1,200.

    InvespBlog has published what it claims is an interview with a top Digg user – someone who has a 34% success ratio in getting submitted stories to the home page of Digg. The Digg user isn’t named – he or she says “I have a reputation to withhold” (we know what they meant). In the interview the user talks a little about how he’s able to get stories to the… Read More

  • Toshiba projector small, light and closed caption-capable

    Today Toshiba announced the TLP-X100U projector. Slim and lightweight, it weighs in at 4 pounds while measuring less than 3 inches high. The affordable portable has a MSRP of $839. For that price you get a couple of cool features, most notably the ability to view closed captioning. Perfect for throwing movies on the wall at noisy bars or parties. It also incorporates Toshiba’s… Read More

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