• CityVoter Captures $2.6 Million In Series B Funding

    Cityvoter.com, a user-generated city guide that competes with services like AOL’s City Guide, and countless others, announced that it closed $2.6 million in Series B funding. The round was led by Allen & Company and Dace Ventures and Curt Viebranz, former CEO of Tacoda, as well as Bradley Wechsler, co-CEO of IMAX, joined the company’s advisory board. CityVoter features… Read More

  • Sony outs the Wireless, DVD and Input BRAVIA Link modules

    Sony is aiming to bring back simplicity to its Bravia flat-panel TVs with Link Modules. These devices hook to the back of Bravia LCDs and add different functionally to the set, but allows the owner to use the same remote and menu system. These add-ons will be priced will with the 1080i Wireless Link (DMX-WL1) going for $800, the DVD Module (DMX-DVD) for $200, and Input module (DMX-SW1) that… Read More

  • The new 32GB SanDisk Extreme III CompactFlash card goes great with DSLR HD video

    You are going to need a big, fast CompactFlash card now that high-def video is the norm for higher-end DSLR cameras and SanDisk has your back. The flash memory firm just announced its 32GB drive that can hold an hour and a half of 1080p HD video or a whole bunch of RAW photos. Plus, the card boosts 30 MB/s read write speeds which, the company says will transfer the whole 32GB card in under… Read More

  • Smartparts intros the gigantic SP3200WF 32-inch, WiFi-enabled digital picture frame

    Either you hate ’em or you love ’em, but digital picture frames in all their unnaturally LCD bright glory are here to stay. Smartparts latest is this massive 32-inch model that is sure to draw attention – and power – as your family pics are fed through a WiFi connection – or the standard flash memory ports of SD, MS, and Compact Flash. The 1366×768, 16:9… Read More

  • Confirmed: Amazon MP3 on the T-Mobile G1: 89 cents per song

    That mobile Amazon music store rumor? Totally true. Yeah, so Amazon just confirmed the existence of a mobile music store for Android-based cellphones. It’s essentially a pint sized version of Amazon MP3, and it comes pre-loaded on the G1. You’ll have 6 million DRM-free songs to choose from, from all four of the big record labels. The catch? You can only download MP3s over a… Read More

  • Video released demonstrating Google-powered Android apps

    Just in time to ride the tide of excitement from today’s G1 announcement, Google has released a video detailing all of the “google goodies that come preloaded” on the handset: Search, Maps, Gmail, Contacts, Calendar, and IM (Google Talk), with a strong emphasis on the over-the-air sync functionality. I can’t imagine what the “erick.the.cyclist@gmail.com”… Read More

  • G-day: Other September 23rds in history

    The G1 makes its not-hyped-at-all debut in a few hours, which got some of us, that is, me, thinking: what else happened on this glorious date, September 23? I know the Heavens themselves are scheduled to open any minute now, but surely other important things happened on this date? 1780: Some British guy was arrested, exposing Benedict Arnold for the traitor he was. No G1 for him, that… Read More

  • The Sony 11-inch Vaio TT laptops get official

    Details of the Sony TT lineup have been seeping onto the Interwebs for the last few days, but ultra-mobile laptops are finally official from Sony. There aren’t many surprises after the spec sheet was found yesterday, but the addition of a 256 GB SSD (128×2 RAID) and Sprint EV-DO mobile broadband options are more than welcome additions. Plus, all these goodies come in a laptop… Read More

  • Google Earth shows us just how bad polar ice melt really is

    The National Snow and Ice Center, a division of Proctor & Gamble, has uploaded Google Earth-compatible KML files that make it plain as day to see polar ice cap melting over the past several years. If you don’t have Google Earth installed, there’s a Quicktime movie that gives you the gist of what’s going on. We’re all doomed, essentially. Or something. I… Read More

  • Fast exit – UK's Kindo acquired by Israel's MyHeritage

    UK based, Kindo.com a family tree service, has been acquired by the Israeli based MyHeritage, which was recently funded by Accel and Index Ventures. The size of the deal was not disclosed, but it’s a fast exit for Kindo which only launched last year. Although Kindo says on their blog that the buy-out took place because “we share the same vision and values”, I think it is also… Read More

  • Reverie by Vincent Laforet, a Canon 5D HD commercial

    We’ve been teased with screenshots and a camera phone video, but here is Vincent Laforet’s high-def commercial shot on a preproduction Canon EOS 5D Mark II and the HD picture is stunning. Read More

  • Adobe officially announces Creative Suite 4: Photoshop to be GPU accelerated

    Oh boy, some non-Android news for you. My guess is that it’ll be wall-to-wall Android in a few hours, so smoke ’em if you got ’em. That is to say, if you have no interest in Android—impossible!—may I suggest you break out the stamp collection, maybe watch Ferris Bueller’s Day Off for the 900th time? Anyhow, the next version of Adobe Photoshop, CS4, which… Read More

  • T-Mobile Android G1 Launch Liveblog: It's Got A Compass!

    Live from New York, it’s G1 day. Pop through for images and our liveblog. Speaking are Andy Rubin (Senior director of mobile platforms, Google), Cole Brodman (CTO, T-Mobile USA), Christopher Schlaffer (group product and innovation officer, Deutsche Telekom), and Peter Chou (CEO HTC). John Biggs and Erick Schonfeld are double liveblogging this (using ScribbleLive). Read More

  • Beet.tv Gives You Even More to Enjoy From TechCrunch50

    Beet.tv, a media company that specializes in providing videos for business-oriented individuals, was busy at TechCrunch50 this past month. The company recorded videos with over 30 companies and has posted them to its site for the world to see. Want to find out what Me-trics had to say after it got off stage? Interested in a one-on-one discussion with Yammer about how the company works? You… Read More

  • Sigma unveils new compact camera, the DP2

    Sigma Japan today unveiled the Sigma DP2 [JP], the successor model to the DP1, which was released earlier this year and received lukewarm reviews. As of now, there is no word of the new camera on Sigma’s American web site. The Sigma DP2 features a 3-layer 14 megapixel Foveon X3 sensor (2,652×1,768) with an updated True (“Three-layer Responsive Ultimate Engine”) image… Read More

  • A rumor: Amazon to have mobile music, movie store for Android

    Another day, another movie and music store. This time, though, it’s for Android-based phones; today is Android Day, in case you forgot. Right, so it looks like Amazon has struck a deal with Google to launch a mobile version of its online music and movie store for Android-based cellphones. That’s the hot rumor right now, at least. It seems—get this—that a G1 made the… Read More

  • Honda's new multi-view camera system makes driving safer

    Honda in Japan announced they will equip their new Odyssey models (which go on sale in Japan next month) with a new multi-view camera system that displays images on the vehicles’ navigation system to enhance safety. The system consists of a total of four wide-angle CCD cameras that are installed in the front and rear of the cars and on the right and left door mirrors. Drivers will… Read More

  • Tokyo gets new battery stations for electric cars

    It seems electric cars are slowly but surely gaining a foothold in everyday life, at least in Japan. Last week, local tech powerhouse TEPCO (Tokyo Electric Power Corp.) installed a total of nine charging stations for this kind of vehicles in Tokyo. The launch marks the first time that owners of electric cars can charge their vehicles in battery stations located in basement parking lots where… Read More

  • A Lifeline For Ooma – $16 million More In Funding

    Silicon Valley VoIP startup Ooma, which launched Fourteen months ago, was having a wee bit of trouble these last few months. They lost some key executives and were steadily burning through their $26 million in funding (hardware can be expensive, we hear). If rumors were correct, they were taking short term convertible debt financing from existing investors to keep the doors open. Things… Read More

  • Daily Crunch: NSFW Games Edition

    Mouse Review Week contest: one day left!
    New mirror Rubiks cube to stump another generation
    Laser pointers finally do something useful
    Boob-powered mouse and mouse pad
    Toshiba showcases super-small projector Read More

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