• EA's Dead Space coming a week early

    EA announced today in the UK that Dead Space would be releasing a week earlier than expected. The console version will hit store shelves on the 24th while the PC version is still set for October 31. There’s some speculation over the US release as it’s been reported elsewhere that it’s going to be the 21st, but IGN has it listed on the 20th. Either way, it’s coming a… Read More

  • Valve announces dedicated servers for Left 4 Dead on 360

    Boy am I excited for L4D. I got to play it at E3 and it was fun as hell, and although I never trust console ports of PC FPSes, at least Valve is doing it right. Playing online will, if I read this correctly, always take place on a dedicated server, which means no more juggling connections to find out who’s the best host. DLC (new weapons, maps, and monsters) will be quicker to come than… Read More

  • Orinda says Sony PS3 infringes on their patent, sues, needs a kick to the balls, too

    Why is America so freakin’ sue-happy. The latest comes from Orinda Intellectual Properties USA as they claim that the Sony Playstation 3 infringes on patent #5,438,560. Said patent depicts the methods by which you record and reproduce information on an optical disc. Sounds absurd, right? What a bunch of jackasses. Seriously, they want a jury trial and the immediate injunction on… Read More

  • Congratulations to the winners of our caption contest!

    Your task was to come up with a caption for the above photo, which shows our intrepid editor John Biggs wearing one of his new shoes from Aussie Soles. Here are your winners, ladies and gentlemen. They’ll each take home an IPEVO POV webcam for their troubles. Winners, we’ll contact you via e-mail to arrange shipment. Read More

  • Is The iPhone Coming To China?

    A rumor is circulating that the iPhone may be finally making its way to China. The original source of the rumor is China Communications, which has cited a China Mobile insider as its source. According to the source, China Mobile will be offering the iPhone at a heavily subsidized discount in order to court the massive Chinese population, many of whom would have trouble affording an… Read More

  • Enhanced MPAII monitors from Samsung announced at IFA

    So what’s “Enhanced MPAII”? It’s a technology that was developed to reduce ghosting effects and reduced the MPRT from 27ms to 9ms (although, the spec sheet says 5ms, but they could be two different things). That applies to both the SyncMaster 2233HZ and SyncMaster 2243HZ, which both have resolutions of 1680×1050. Specs after the jump. Read More

  • Ok Someone At Google Is Just Messing With My Head

    A couple of days ago I posted an email that I received from Google letting me know that I wouldn’t be able to attend a Google/Vanity Fair party at the Democratic National Convention that I never knew about and didn’t ask to go to. Other people who also didn’t know about the party received the same email. Today I get another email, also from Google, inviting me to attend… Read More

  • Seeds Of A Social Network: Blogger Adds New "Following" Feature

    Blogger has announced a new “following” feature that enables members to list themselves as fans of other members’ blogs. By following a set of blogs, your username and avatar will not only show up among other followers in a MyBlogLog-like gadget that can be placed in the sidebars of these blogs. You can also view the latest posts from the blogs you follow in a special feed… Read More

  • Citizen Review: SteelSeries SIBERIA Full-Size Headset

    Today, reader PG reviews the SteelSeries SIBERIA Full-Size headset. Want to be a citizen reviewer? Post a review of one of your current gadgets on BFF and we may just send you something nice. The Siberia set was designed for both gaming and MP3 players. First thing you’ll notice is the clean high-quality open design. The headset is built using a minimal amount of materials supporting… Read More

  • Video: "Max Payne" trailer

    http://www.gametrailers.com/remote_wrap.php?umid=258567 Oddly reminiscent of “Constantine” and a few otherworldly titles that seem to have escaped my mind at the moment, but I can honestly say that I’m excited for this one. Dark and brooding with good looking dames and explosions. Sounds like a fantastic combo to me. Read More

  • DVDO EDGE upscales everything to 1080p just for you

    DVDO has a rich heritage of fine upscalers and the companies latest is hopefully isn’t different. The EDGE takes video via six HDMI 1.3a ports, two component, one composite, or S-Vid inputs and does some internal scaling wizardry, only to send the now 1080p image over two of HDMI 1.3a outputs. If you have scoffed at scalers in the past, these are the real deal my friend. I have spent… Read More

  • Penny Arcade Expo 2008: We're here!

    Good morning sunshines! It’s day one of PAX ’08, and Devin Coldewey and I are badged up and on the scene. Today’s looking to be a crazy day, with just about every big league name in the gaming industry making an appearance. Bungie, Harmonix, Microsoft, Sony, Nintendo, Rockstar, Valve, EA — the list goes on and on. Then it goes on some more. There’s the PAX… Read More

  • Papercraft CCTV camera

    Welcome to the police state! Please print out this handy mock CCTV camera, build it, and place it prominently in your bedroom in order to acclimate yourself to the 24/7 surveillance you will experience outside – and soon, inside – your domicile. Should you feel disconcerted or angry, this is natural. Now, more than ever, security means never having to say you’re sorry. Read More

  • Video: First of five Fallout 3 gameplay videos

    I haven’t even looked at this video yet, but it’s the first of five new gameplay videos just released by Bethesda. It’s dubbed “Escape.” Enjoy! Read More

  • Brett Ratner should be kicked in the balls for wanting to make a Guitar Hero movie

    The general public enjoys Guitar Hero, Brett. They don’t want you butchering another pop culture icon like you did with the last X-Men movie, douchebag. “I love ‘Guitar Hero’ and I think it’s a part of pop culture. I would love to do a ‘Guitar Hero’ movie, if Activision would ever let me. I’m trying to convince them, but why would you have a… Read More

  • GalleryPlayer: 2003 to 2008

    Well, would you look at that. GalleryPlayer has shut down.  GalleryPlayer® has ceased operations as of July 30, 2008. According to the founder’s bio, the company has accually been sold, but to who we don’t know. GalleryPlayer has had its content and technology deployed and distributed to customers by many world class partners including Google, Microsoft, Comcast, Panasonic… Read More

  • CrunchGear Live Podcast

    You can chat with us during the show via AIM by pinging username “crunchtips” or call into the show at (646) 200-4163 should the mood strike you. Here’s the link for today’s show… Read More

  • Time to kick that Wii Classic Controller to the curb, say hello to the Nyko Wing

    I’m actually in the midst of setting up John’s Wii in my living room and I have to say that the Classic Controller sucks a nut. It’s not very ergonomic and makes my hands hurt after a while. So I’ve got to say that the Nyko Wing looks pretty comfy and welcoming. Look at it! The Wing takes two AAA batteries and is said to last 30 hours. Also included with the Wing is… Read More

  • A virtual cornucopia of MSI notebooks announced

    MSI has a heaping handful of new notebooks set to be released at undetermined dates for undetermined prices. The important thing is that we have specs, right? Read More

  • Caught in the act: Panasonic's Vieracast, NeoPDP ‘slim’ HDTV

    My friends! IFA is beginning to take off, and I finally had a few minutes to grab some photos of some that Panasonic hotness I mentioned yesterday. Behold, Vieracast. Like I said, it’s sorta like Dashboard for Mac OS X. The screen is filled with a bunch of non-moving widgets that show the weather, stocks, etc. It’s not really a huge deal, but it’s something that many TV… Read More

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