• Netlog launching language translation for developers

    Following its name change and $6.8m financing round last April, the European social networking site Netlog had already stated an intention to release a developer platform with support for custom APIs. In fact, it plans to become a bit of a European evangelist for OpenSocial. That means developers can use a common set of programming interfaces on sites including Google, Orkut, MySpace, Yahoo! Read More

  • Google Answers Its Antitrust Critics, Sort Of.

    With an antitrust investigation brewing over its advertising deal with Yahoo, Google is going on the offensive in trying to answer its critics and push the deal through. CEO Eric Schmidt told reporters yesterday that all the scrutiny is being orchestrated by Microsoft and that Google plans on going ahead with the deal anyway. Last week, Google’s chief economist Hal Varian gutted a… Read More

  • Yahoo And Rhapsody Team Up For Full Song Playback In Search Results

    Searching for music is one thing, but have you ever wanted to search for an artist and play their songs without needing to visit other sites? If so, Yahoo and Rhapsody have launched a new service that will let you do just that. Staring today, users who search for an artist on Yahoo Search will be able to play the artist’s songs in the search results, thanks to a shortcut sitting at the… Read More

  • Speculate! Could Guitar Hero offer some sort of song subscription model?

    So here’s a juicy little tidbit concerning Guitar Hero. The CEO of Activision Publishing, Mike Griffith, said yesterday at an analysts’ pow-wow that the company is considering different ways of cranking more money out of the plastic guitar game. Big surprise there, of course. Quoth the CEO: Looking even further out, we’re exploring new models, like an annual pass… Read More

  • Boxedup wins angel investment

    This week seems to be seeing a run of investments in startups, despite the doom-laden economic climate. boxedup, a UK-based internet shopping tool, has completed a first round of angel investment from Toby Smallpiece, founder of UK SEO Webgravity and IBNet, both of which he has exited from. He joins the board with co-founders, Chris Osborne and Jeremy Baines, also co-founder of web agency… Read More

  • Antec ‘Skeleton’ open-air PC case

    You guys! Look at this thing! It’s the Skeleton, a PC case from Antec unlike any other PC case you’ve ever seen before. At first glance, I mistook it for a little Weber grill. ROFL! It’s not available yet – coming soon, though – and there’s no pricing information, but here are some quick stats to prime your pump. Four drive bays – two external… Read More

  • $269 MVBD-2510 Blu-ray player coming from Memorex

    Who cares if the first Memorex Blu-ray player lacks the latest key feature? The MVBD-2510 might not be a Profile 2.0 player, and therefore not able to do BD-Live, but the MSRP is $269. At that price, can’t you see retailers slapping a sale sticker on it and selling it for even less on Black Friday or closer to Christmas? Besides, it still has all the standard Blu-ray goodies like… Read More

  • Released Sony Bravia SDK means widgets are coming

    Who hasn’t sat in front of their HDTV thinking about wonderful little apps that could float on top of live TV all widget-like: weather, RSS feeds, webcams, sports scores, anything. Now Sony has released the SDK for its Japanese Bravia TVs with the hope that developers will create such apps. Samsung high-end LCDs have had a similar functionality but Sony is taking it to another… Read More

  • MobileCrunch Giveaway: Kingston 8GB microSDHC Mobility kits

    Being the nice chaps they are, Kingston has dropped off a box of 8GB microSDHC kits for our lovely readers. Each kit contains an 8GB Kingston microSDHC card and adapters for SD, miniSD, and USB. We’ve got 5 to give away, and will be giving one away every 3 days until we run dry. So how do you win? Comment. For every story you comment on during each window of 3 days, you’re entered… Read More

  • Present.ly Takes On TC50 Winner Yammer

    At the Web 2.0 Expo in New York City this week, a new service called Present.ly launched, which takes aim at Yammer by allowing businesses to quickly create a microblog tool that lets employees send short updates to each other in a manner that’s practically identical to Twitter. Yammer, the TechCrunch50 victor, performs the same basic functions as Present.ly, but the latter adds a few… Read More

  • Toshiba lets loose DVR-equipped Regza LCDs


    WTF is up with her smile? File these in the “Crap we can’t get here in the States” drawer. Toshiba’s latest DVR-sport’n LCDs were just announced and because of the included HDD, the stars above state we will not likely see a US counterpart. The ZH7000 series LCD ranges in size from a 42-, 46-, and 52-inch with all of them displaying 1080p at 3,000:1 contrast… Read More

  • Man dumps plastic girlfriend in the woods, is now in trouble for violating the Waste Avoidance and Management Law

    This is the story of a 60-year old unemployed man who lived in the beautiful city of Izu in central Japan. One day in August, he decided to radically break up with his “girlfriend”, actually a life-sized sex doll he lived together with for years, by dumping her in the woods near his home. About two weeks later, the “body” was discovered by two hikers who panicked and… Read More

  • Life with PlayStation goes live: News, weather, fancy graphics right from your PS3

    http://www.viddler.com/player/79436b90/ Life with PlayStation is now available for your PS3. The service, which can be downloaded by selecting the Folding@Home icon in the PS3’s XMB, lets gamers view real-time news, weather and relating info right from their TV. Visually it’s quite impressive, as the above video shows. Sony’s touting it as something you turn on in the… Read More

  • AT&T's October product sheet leaked, BlackBerry Bold slips to November?

    Interested in knowing what AT&T is up to for the next month or so? BGR managed to nab a product sheet that hit the desks just yesterday, listing the tentative dates for AT&T launches and discontinuations until the end of October. Now you can convince all your friends that you’re an amazing psychic! (Or, you know, just a huge geek.) While most of it is good news, the big upset is… Read More

  • Searchme Launches Visual Search Engine For Mobile Devices

    Searchme is starting to focus much of its time in the mobile space. Last week, it said it will launch an iPhone app and today it announced that it has launched a visual search engine for mobile devices that can be accessed by surfing to the company’s mobile page. Searchme’s visual search engine delivers results as a browsable list of “pages,” which are actually images… Read More

  • HDW-650: Sony Japan sells new HD camcorder for professionals

    Sony’s HDW-790, a camcorder for professional use (list price: $60,000), gets an update, at least in Japan [JP]. Yesterday, the company started selling the HDW-650 in this country, for a list price of $58,000 and a retail price of $46,000. The camcorder features three 2/3-inch Power HAD FX CCDs, a 14-bit AD converter, a signal to noise ratio of up to 59dB, F12 sensitivity at 50Hz, a… Read More

  • Samsung brings the Beat with two new music phones

    Samsung pushed out two new music phones this morning. Continuing the name-followed-by-superscript branding idea that began with the Soulb, they’ve dubbed the new handsets Beatb and Beats. Much of the spec sheet is shared between the two models: tri-band GSM, 3.5 mm jacks, microSD support, stereo bluetooth, and FM radio. Both handsets use Samsung’s Digital Natural Sound engine with… Read More

  • Live From London: TechCrunchTalk Live Video Stream

    This is the live video stream from TechCrunchTalk, a series of four panel discussions focusing on start-ups and the investment climate in the UK and the wider European scene, hosted by TechCrunch UK & Ireland: http://www.ustream.tv/flash/live/297248Live streaming video by Ustream Read More

  • Onkyo Japan to release inexpensive, Sotec-branded notebook

    Onkyo yesterday announced in Japan [JP] that it will enter the market for low-priced notebooks, starting with a Sotec machine, which is priced at about $570. The so-called DC101 minimum PC will be released in this country October 3. The notebook features a 10.1-inch display (backlighted, resolution: 1024×600), 1GB of memory, a 120GB hard disk, an Atom N270 CPU (1.60GHz), a 1.3 megapixel… Read More

  • Beacon Is Baaaaack!

    Tom Kincaid, a top platform developer and blogger mentioned in the Facebook Developer Forums last night that Beacon seems to be rearing its ugly head once again. (Update: And although Facebook’s Beacon platform was never actually removed from the service and the feature is not new, partners had backed off from it, which gave the perception to some that it was dead. Since then, Facebook… Read More

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