• Help me, Wolf Blitzer, you're our only hope

    CNN is cool. In addition to the huge touchscreen “Magic Wall” (which was originally military technology), CNN’s Wolf Blitzer gets to play with Holograms today during their coverage of the presidential elections. CNN’s Jessica Yellin is the guinea pig, appearing virtually with Blitzer. Read more… Read More

  • Get your combination NES-SNES-Genesis right here

    I saw one of these things at PAX. It’s a great idea; after all, the actual hardware involved has become extremely small. You can fit an NES into a cartridge if you want to. So it makes sense to stick all the circuitry in a box, add some cartridge interfaces, make some ambiguous controllers, and sell it as a super-console. The one I saw was NES and Genesis, like this one, but there’s… Read More

  • FCC Gives Verizon the Final Greenlight Needed to Buy Alltel

    It’s been nearly five months since Verizon announced their plans to buy out Alltel, but they’ve finally leaped the last hurdle. Just minutes ago, the FCC signed off on the $28.1 billion dollar deal (Verizon is paying $5.9 billion, and assuming $22.2 billion of Alltel’s debt.), clearing the way for its finalization. The FCC’s stamp of approval doesn’t come… Read More

  • February: Street Fighter IV (in Japan, at least)

    Street Fighter IV will come out in Japan in February. Capcom said as much earlier today at an event over there—“over there” being Japan and “Capcom” being the fine gents who developed the game. No, we don’t know exactly what date it comes out, nor do we know the North American release date. An animated (“anime”) movie is slated to appear with… Read More

  • Realtime goes primetime

    Friendfeed’s march toward realtime functionality is already seeing some switching from focus on Identi.ca as the service most likely to dent Twitter’s rule of the micromessagesphere. One star developer, Dustin Sallings is now moving forward with a new XMPP service even as Gnip announces it’s abandoning XMPP services because of problems with servers consuming its often… Read More

  • Nothing yells 'Geek' more than a Silver Surfer hanging in your living room

    There are nerds and then there is the guy that’s under the impression having a Silver Surfer hanging is socially acceptable. That being said, the 50-inch Pioneer display, Control4 system, and complete recording studio equipment is more than enough to counter the geekdom and recover the guys street cred. The Silver Surfer in question came via eBay and was previously a prop promoting… Read More

  • AT&T to implement bandwidth caps: Starts at 20GB per month

    Looks like AT&T is on its way to implementing Time Warner-style bandwidth caps. Residents of Reno, Nev. will be the guinea pigs this time around, with AT&T looking to impose a 20GB per month bandwidth limit for its lowest tier of broadband service; bandwidth limits increase as you move up AT&T’s service pyramid. The limit tops out at 150GB per month when using the… Read More

  • This is why we don't keep sensitive government information on USB keys in our pockets

    Really, who puts secure login codes for a government agency website on an unencrypted USB key? This is approaching a CSI level of computardation. Although it didn’t result in the breach of, say, the UK’s secret UFO files (that would have been a coup), it has potentially exposed the tax, ticket, and financial records of some twelve million UK residents — not to mention the… Read More

  • Forget The Magic Wall. CNN Now Has Holograms

    CNN is cool. In addition to the huge touchscreen “Magic Wall” (which was originally military technology), CNN’s Wolf Blitzer gets to play with Holograms today during their coverage of the presidential elections. CNN’s Jessica Yellin is the guinea pig, appearing virtually with Blitzer. I have no idea why Yellin doesn’t just go to the studio instead of being… Read More

  • Review: Medis 24/7 Power Pack fuel cell charger

    Short Version: The Medis 24/7 Power Pack makes for a good, easy-to-use emergency charging kit to keep in the car or for use anywhere without access to conventional power. At $30 to $50, it’s relatively inexpensive as long as you use it sparingly. Read More

  • Careful With Those Avatars, You May Get A Shakedown Letter

    If you are going to use someone else’s artwork for your avatar, stay clear of Takashi Murakami’s stuff or you may be receiving a shakedown letter asking you for $500. A member of a poker site called twoplustwo named Mephisto uses one of Murakami’s images (And Then, And Then And Then And Then And Then Blue version) as his 80×70 pixel avatar on the site’s forum. Read More

  • FCC clears the Xohm/ClearWire merger

    Jeez – busy enough day, FCC? Hot on the tails of the “white space” decision and approving Verizon’s buyout of Alltel, the FCC has cleared the merger of Sprint’s Xohm WiMax service with ClearWire – no doubt coming as a disappoint for some other carriers. To recap the details announced back in May, Sprint will own 51% of the new company, which will take on… Read More

  • Netflix to stop selling DVDs

    Know that little button that pops up that lets you buy DVDs on Netflix. It’s going away. They’ll probably sell all their old DVDs to wholesalers and save on the cost of shipping unwanted DVDs at a significant discount. Read More

  • CNN to use 3D holograms as part of its election coverage tonight

    In addition to listening to Ron and Fez tonight, you may want to check out CNN even if Fox News is your preferred network. Why is that? Oh, just the fact that they’ll be using 3D holograms to talk to people “in-studio.” It’s just like Star Wars, the movie series that passed its sell-by date some time ago. Says USA Today, the mouthpiece of America’s third grade… Read More

  • Sound & Vision lists the top 7 HD shows – Do you agree?

    Sound & Vision has a list of what they feel are the top high definition shows this fall. CSI: Miami Pushing Daisies The Mentalist Heros True Blood The Office Dexter While I don’t disagree with first two, Dexter (best show on TV, btw) and True Blood should be higher on the list. Plus SNL, Stargate: Atlantis, and ER all better looking than The Office. Great show, but there… Read More

  • Apple's loss of iPod chief points to interesting new direction

    As we well know, Tony Fadell, the former exec in charge of Apple’s iPod division, has stepped down for personal reasons and Apple has hired Mark Papermaster, the PowerPC chip guru in IBM’s hardware business. We’ve been discussing the move and there are a few reasons for choosing someone from IBM to lead what is, in reality, an entertainment division. First, iPods are now… Read More

  • Google's Election-Day Victory: FCC Approves Unlicensed Use Of "White Spaces" Spectrum

    Google and other tech companies won a big battle in Washington today. In an Election Day meeting, the FCC approved the unlicensed use of “white spaces” spectrum newly freed up as a result of TV broadcasters going from analog to digital broadcasts. Google has long been leading the lobbying effort to turn this spectrum into a sort of WiFi 2.0. Telecom companies and sports… Read More

  • Celebrating Ocarina of Time with on-sale ocarinas

    Who didn’t enjoy Ocarina of Time back in the day? Running around Hyrule on Epona, playing the ocarina… Oh, hey, speaking of ocarina! This company, the St. Louis Ocarina Store, is honoring the game’s 10th anniversary by reminding you that, you know, it sells ocarinas that look just like the Ocarina of Time. On sale, no less. The granddaddy ocarina, the 12 Hole Tenor and… Read More

  • OpenTech, Apple clone makers, now selling themselves on eBay

    Good news! You can now buy OpenTech’s website, good2beopen.com (!!!) and assets for $52,000. But if you’re sneaky, you can start bidding at about $35,000 and rock out when the bidding ends in seven days. Looks like no one decided to bite in August when they tried to sell themselves the first time. As you know Open Tech has been up for sale on the Open Tech Site. (good2beopen.com)… Read More

  • Teen Bloggerpreneur Jessica Mah's $500 Startup: InternshipIN

    Teen blogger/entrepreneur Jessica Mah has a new startup that cost her $500 to launch. It is an internship job board called InternshipIN aimed at college students who want a dedicated instead of having to trawl through the major job boards. Mah, who operated her own Web hosting startup in high school, is now 18 and a junior at Berkeley. She started InternshipIN with two other students. It… Read More

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