• Fox is recasting Futurama!

    I am blind with fury. Fox is about to fuck up again. I can’t believe this is happening. Casting calls have been put out for everyone on Futurama! E-mail the casting director and tell him how much of an asshole he is, FUTURAMA@SCOTTMULLERCASTING.COM. As excited as I was about the return of Futurama, FOX has once again ruined that experience by their callous actions. According to no less… Read More

  • PlayStation Eye software will be able to detect gender of players

    Sony held a bit of a rah-rah song-and-dance event in the UK yesterday that revealed a few more details about the company’s motion controller. It was absolute mustard. Chief among them: software for the new camera, the PlayStation Eye, will be able to “detect gender and even the age of the face, separate facial features such as the nose, eyes and ears, and even detect whether… Read More

  • UK Entrepreneurs: Get Your Funding While You Still Can

    You think you have it bad, Mr.-Silicon-Valley-entrepreneur-trolling-Sand-Hilll-Road-for-cash? Try life on the other side of the pond. Out of 39 firms that were active investors in British start-ups over the last five years, only thirteen venture firms have £5 million or more left in their coffers to invest, according to NESTA, the UK agency that advocates for start-ups and also sponsored… Read More

  • Scribblenauts for the DS gets dated for the UK

    http://www.insidegamer.nl/video/jwplayer.swf What the hell, WB? I want Scribblenauts and I want it now! Eurogamer has confirmed with Warner Bros. that the superawesomekickassdopetastic puzzle game will be released in the UK on September 25. Check out my hands-on here. Video courtesy of GamesGuide. Read More

  • CrunchDeals: Xbox 360 Pro for $250, refurb Elite for $230

    Dell is currently offering a brand new Xbox 360 Pro (60GB) for $250, which is $50 cheaper than it normally goes for. Geeks.com has refurbed 360 Elites for $230 with a 90-day warranty Xbox 360 Elite System w/120GB HDD, HDMI Port, Wireless Controller & Headset [Geeks]
    Xbox 360 Pro 60GB [Dell] Read More

  • Bose SoundLink is like their iPod dock with out the dock part

    Bose just launched a computer-based speaker system that plugs into the back of your PC and streams music wirelessly to a single SoundLink speaker. As a fan of their SoundDock I’d say it’s pretty cool but $549 for this thing is a bit much in anyone’s book. The SoundLink simply shows up as a USB speaker and you route all the audio through it to the remote part. The device… Read More

  • Apple presents the Lisa

    Wait, there was Internet back in the 1980s? Read More

  • Amazon, Why Don't You Come In Our Houses And Burn Our Books Too?

    So plenty has already been said about this, but we’re going to weigh in too because it’s just so ridiculous. Amazon began remotely deleting books from Kindles this morning. Illegal books? Nope. Perfectly legal versions of George Orwell’s “1984” and “Animal Farm”, purchased through Amazon. Why? Well, apparently the publisher changed their minds about… Read More

  • Verizon intros the 2-in-1 Novatel Wireless PC770

    So your personal notebook has an ExpressCard slot, but your work-issued notebook is older and therefore equipped with a PCMIA slot. Oh noes. What’s a person suppose to do? Well, you could opt for a USB wireless modem, or…get the Novatel Wireless PC770 that bats for both teams! Plus, it works with both Windows and OS X. The aircard will hit VZW stores on August 2 with a 2-year… Read More

  • Crazy Eddie was really insane, but not in a good way

    Giz has some great videos from Crazy Eddie, the guy who went nuts in New York and New England back in the 70s and 80s, selling home appliances and CE to a trendy and naive audience. Read More

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