• Quick Hit Signs NFL Star, Raises $8 Million For Rich Flash-Based Football Game

    Play Hard Sports has spent the last 9 months developing a rich new Flash-based football game that puts generic Flash games to shame, featuring detailed graphics, intricate gameplay, and persistent stats. Today the company announced that it has signed Bill Cowher, a famed NFL coach best known for coaching the Steelers to a Super Bowl win, to provide color commentary for the game. To mark… Read More

  • Wooo-branded 3D mobile looks like the business

    I suppose it was only a matter of time. This handset, which will almost certainly never see our fair shores, sports a 3.1-inch 3D screen — 3D capable, to be precise, since I doubt there’s any 3D content ready to go, even in Japan (and certainly not Captain EO). Read More

  • OLPC's XO-2 to be open source hardware

    Good news from the One Laptop Per Child program: the successor to the ambitious, but ultimately outmatched XO laptop will be open source hardware. Hopefully that will encourage adoption, imitation, and customization, leading the XO-2 to be hopefully more of a success than the XO. Read More

  • Sick travelers will soon get booted from the airport, train station, Greyhound station, etc.

    Airports are riddled with germs and sickly folk that have no business being in public, right? In most instances you can get away from them, but if they’re on your flight, the risk of getting sick increases ten fold. Or something like that. If Belgium’s Biorics’ latest project gets off the ground then we may never have to worry about flying with sick people ever again. Read More

  • Meebo Community IM (Finally) Prepares To Open The Floodgates

    Meebo’s Community IM, which effectively offers websites a Facebook Chat-like messaging platform “in a box”, looks like it’s finally ready for the masses. The product was first unveiled last July, and has announced partnerships with over a dozen sites including Sugar Publishing, AddictingGames, and myYearbook. But until now it has been rolled out slowly, and is… Read More

  • Video Review: FyreTV

    FyreTV is a set top box that streams on-demand video (perhaps not the kind of video you’re thinking of) for $9.95 per month. The box itself is free and the monthly fee gets you 100 credits good for between 50 and 100 minutes of video (the kind of video only grown-ups should watch). Read More

  • Tenga's "Egg": discrete male marital aid

    This little object, made by Tenga (and not sold by Muji) is almost certainly not what you think it is. Of course, if you were thinking “self-contained disposable vagina-like environment,” then I beg your pardon. Because that’s exactly what it is. Read More

  • Atlas closes $283m fund – less than hoped, but good for early stage

    Atlas Venture has closed its eighth fund (Fund VIII), which comes in at $283 million. The bad news is it’s smaller than Fund VII ($385 million) and comes in well below their original target off $400 million. The good news is that it’s amazing that there are still VC houses out there raising any funds at all in this car crash of an economy. And more importantly for startups they will… Read More

  • Nintendo unexpectedly lowers profit forecast by 33 percent

    In a move that has shocked investors and industry analysts, Nintendo has adjusted its expected net down from ¥345bn to ¥230bn, a drop of more than a billion dollars. Do they know something we don’t? Read More

  • Not Funny: MyToons Implodes Amidst Serious Drama

    Some companies go out with a whisper, others with a bang. In the case of online animation community MyToons, we’d call it the latter. Not only do we know the startup has laid off its entire staff except for the founders (which equals 20 to 27 people depending on who you ask) because the lead investor refused to pony up more cash, but we’re also hearing stories from multiple sources… Read More

  • Greystripe Hits 140 Million Mobile "AdverGame" Downloads

    Mobile game ad network Greystripe has hit 140 million ad-supported game downloads thanks to iPhone users. In the fourth quarter of 2008 alone, it supported 30 million downloads. All of these ad-supported and Greystripe says that over 50 percent of ad impressions are from iPhone games. The ads themselves have game-like characteristics designed to increase teh chances of consumers clicking… Read More

  • Review: Canon G10

    I’m not a big fan of point and shoot cameras so when I saw the Canon G9 favorably compared to a Leica (AS IF!) I just had to get my hands on the G10. The 14-megapixel, $485 G10 is a beefy point and shoot clad in mostly black, military grade plastic and metal. It is truly a beast. But how does it handle? Not bad at all. Read More

  • DIY: Build your own 400 megapixel camera

    Part of the fun of the DIY community, is that they find new ways to use old technology. Take for example a flatbed scanner. While once these were considered fairly important, and almost everyone had one, that’s not really the case now. Now take an 8×10 view camera. Still fairly prevalent among professional photographers, they use film – and we all know now that digital is… Read More

  • CrunchBoard Jobs: TechCrunch Remote Intern, Director of Marketing, VP Mobile Ad Sales, CTO

    Update: TechCrunch is looking for 4 remote interns–5+ hours per week. While this week saw fewer new jobs on CrunchBoard, companies are still adding jobs in New York, Silicon Valley, Boston, Philadelphia, and telecommute. (Here at TechCrunch, we’re looking for a Rails Developer.) New jobs on CrunchBoard: Software Engineer
    Yelp – San Francisco, CA Vice President Online… Read More

  • Google Earth used in Swiss marijuana bust

    Google Earth, now used to combat the scourge of marijuana. Police in Switzerland used the map software to help find some 1.2 tons worth of the substance. And that’s not all! Read More

  • Nokia releases "Curse of Silence" removal application

    Image by Katie Tegtmeyer As many of us were still sleeping off our New Years celebrations back in early January, a team of security experts found a nasty little bug tucked away into S60 handsets. Dubbed the “Curse of Silence”, SMS capabilities on a wide array of Nokia devices could be disabled by sending a series of specially formatted texts. Were you unlucky enough to be… Read More

  • Record Label Pressure Crashes Spotify's Party

    Music streaming startup Spotify is getting lots of plaudits from users lately for its ease of use and vast catalogue. But it seems the record labels don’t like it that way. In a blog post the startup outlines how it will be removing a number of songs from its catalogue and adding country restrictions to some tracks, which may make them unplayable for many users. The changes are being… Read More

  • Those crazy face masks Japanese wear in public? They work

    While this post is actually just an excuse to show you this great picture – high stockings, cellphones, and vaguely menacing medical gear are so underrated – it’s now been proven that facemasks can and do prevent the spread of flu. Unfortunately, you have to wear them almost constantly, which is probably not so much fun. Read More

  • Acer planning a 10-inch Aspire One netbook with Linux & a SSD

    Acer went all official on the 10-inch Aspire One a few days ago, but that model is loaded with XP Home. It seems however that a Linux flavor with a 16GB SSD is in the works of the same model and might be loaded with the same distro of Linux as the original 8.9-inch Aspire One. Read More

  • Russian PM Putin punks Michael Dell at Davos re: Russian IT

    Oh it’s on! It seems Russian Prime Minister Putin got into a huge fight with Michael Dell yesterday at the Davos World Economic Forum, which is where world leaders plan their screwing over of the little guy while eating like princes. (So I hear.) Right, so Putin gave a speech talking about lots of stuff, including the current state of technology in Russia. Then Michael Dell opened his… Read More

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