• Sony Ericsson Xperia X1 to hit U.S. shelves on Black Friday for.. wait, how much?!

    At long last, Sony Ericsson has announced U.S availability of the Xperia X1. Because it’s definitely the best day to send people to the mall, they’ll be launching the handset on Black Friday (November 28th). With a Black Friday launch date, at least it’ll come in at a bargain price, right? Try $800 bucks. As of right now, the X1 is only planned to be up for sale as an… Read More

  • Touchscreen Samsung A867 Eternity leaks out

    Rumors have been swirling ’bout Samsung’s next touchscreen mobile phone and the details have emerged. While it isn’t an iPhone killer, the $99 price is rather sweet. You see, it has TV, GPS, 3MP camera, and auto-rotation for widescreen QWERTY keyboard. Overall, AT&T will not have any problem pushing the phone out of the door – unless the iPhone drops in price. Read More

  • Silverlite

    Google’s release of its Gmail Video service is noteworthy for several reasons. It is integrated into the Gmail console, adding voice and video services to the realtime console that is being built out around XMPP. It is remarkably easy to use; Dan Farber just called to test the service and I popped the window out and continued chatting with him while returning to this post. Several alerts… Read More

  • Eye-Fi wireless SD card gets bumped up to 4GB

    Everyone’s favorite wireless memory card is now available with four gigabytes of storage. The Eye-Fi Anniversary Edition has just been announced to commemorate one year of wireless photo slinging from the Mountain View, California-based company. The card is selling with an MSRP of $129.99 but Costco members can get it for $99 on Costco.com – not too bad for a 4GB SDHC card with… Read More

  • Get A Photorealistic Life-size Head Sculpture For $2,000

    The aptly named ThatsMyFace will take two photos of you head – one frontal and one profile, and a couple of hours late will have a full 3D model of your head. They’ll show you all kinds of fun stuff, like what you’ll look like at 60 or if you were a different race. They’ll also give you an “attractiveness rating” (I see Facebook App potential here). But by… Read More

  • Rumor: Windows Mobile 6.5 screenshot shenanigans

    With Windows Mobile 6.5 now pretty much a sure thing for 2009, the churn of the rumor mill is growing ever louder. Smartphone France has supposedly dug up some screenshots of the new operating system. As these shots will no doubt pop up week after week on forums around the intertubes until 6.5’s eventual release, we’ll go ahead and weigh in now: fake. Signs of Shenanigans: Start… Read More

  • BlacBerry 8900, which is a lot like the Bold, debuts in Germany

    Zee Germans get the first crack at the BlackBerry 8900, to which RIM has added the Curve moniker. It’s very similar to the BlackBerry Bold, but only has EDGE (instead of 3G). That, and its camera is one notch higher than the Cruve’s 2-megapixel one, coming in at 3.2 megapixels with flash. Fancy man. It’s scheduled to ship this month for €5 ($6.27) with a two-year contract. Read More

  • Black Friday CrunchDeals: Sam's Club Wii for $224 and it comes with a bunch of extras UPDATED

    Sam’s Club has a hella good Black Friday doorbuster item. For only $224, the discount warehouse is selling the Wii, two bonus Wiimotes, two bonus Nunchucks, Mario Super Sluggers, and King of Clubs Mini-Golf. Yeah, I know, good deal. You get all that for $25 less than a Wii alone. It might even be good enough to forgo post-turkey sleep and wait in line with soccer moms at 2:00am to… Read More

  • Meet Keiko, the newest (talking) robot for medical students

    Gifu University’s Graduate School of Medicine [JP] (located in central Japan) has developed a new “sick” robot, which is specifically geared towards medical students. Named Keiko (“practice” in Japanese), the robot is able to answer questions such as “How are you doing?”, i.e. by saying “I get tired easily lately”. The interactive… Read More

  • What's Happening in Europe? Check Out Happenr.

    If you are looking for something to do in Europe, check out Happenr, an events search engine that covers Germany, Ireland, Belgium, and the top 100 cities across the Continent. The site just launched after a year in development. It scours thousands of European tourism, town, and cultural sites to keep its events database up to date, and is available in English, German, and Dutch (events… Read More

  • Costco to sell the iPhone 3G for $149?

    A tech analyst is claiming that Costco is going to sell the Jesusphone for $149 starting in January. No other details were outlined so this statement is this will definitely be filed in the ‘Rumor’ category but even if the discount warehouse does drop the price by 50 bones, that alone would not justify cell phone end times. Read More

  • Yahoo Pop Launches To Show Hot Searches

    Yahoo’s top searches list and Google Trends are great if all you want is raw data on popular searches (possibly to figure out what content to create on your site). But Yahoo wants to do more with the data. Nicolas Scafuro, who leads the Yahoo Search Team for Latin America, says that his users want to know what’s popular, and they want to see it with pictures. They’ve… Read More

  • Got a web conference scheduled? Attend via your smartphone with PhoneTopp

    It’s 8 am, and you’ve got a WebEx meeting at 8:30. Unfortunately, the kids need to be at school by 8:15, and it’s a 40 minute roundtrip to drop them off. Your options? Either you’re going to be hopping from coffee shop to coffee shop looking for parking lot WiFi, or the kids are playing hooky through first period today. PhoneTopp, a startup out of San Jose, California… Read More

  • Nokia officially announces the E63

    Consider the E63 a more economical choice to the flagship E71 at 200 Euro. Seriously. Full list of specs after the jump, but I’ll save you trouble. The E63 features Wi-Fi, a 2-megapixel camera, and GPS. Again, it’s the baby brother to the E71 and comes in blue and red. Read More

  • What Recession? PriveCo Coughs Up $1 Million For Vibrators.com

    Privately-owned PriveCo, which specializes in retailing ’embarassing’ products online, has paid $1 million for the acquisition of the domain name vibrators.com. PriveCo began selling private things out of a spare bedroom on a website called ShopInPrivate.com back in 1998, and has steadily grown to an operation with 12 separate retail sites whose warehouse ships 1500+ packages… Read More

  • Pharos picks up two Velocity Mobile devices, announces Traveler 117 and 127

    Well, well, well. Looks like Velocity Mobile finally found someone to pick up their Windows Mobile devices. Today, Pharos introduced the Traveler 117 and Traveler 127 GPS smartphones. Each device hasn’t changed a whole lot since we first saw them at CTIA last year, but they’re now equipped with Pharos’s Smart Navigator software, which is specifically designed for Windows Mobile. Read More

  • BlackBerry Storm pricing and release date revealed? Take 2.

    The BlackBerry Storm is launching soon – hopefully – but the latest intel states that the Storm will thunder into VZW stores on November 24th, 2008 rather than the previously stated 17th. Plus, there will be a mail-in rebate dropping the end price to the ever-so-important $199 price point which should draw numerous iP3G comparison.  Verizon Stores are anticipating that this… Read More

  • Japanese company sells "green" external HDD

    Tokyo-based computer hardware maker Logitec [JP] (not to be confused with Logitech) today announced an external 1TB HDD [JP], which will go on sale in Japan at the end of next month. The LHD-ED1000U2L comes with a power saving feature that makes the HDD drive rotation stop if the user doesn’t access the device for one minute. Windows fans can adjust the time by themselves (the HDD also… Read More

  • Nokia Comes With (Illegal) Music In Vietnam?

    Vietnam’s Recording Association of Vietnam (RIAV) has reportedly filed a $3 million lawsuit against FPT Telecom and Nokia Vietnam for violating intellectual property rights. RIAV, which represents 60 music production companies throughout Vietnam, is suing both companies over allegations of copyright infringement of recorded music. Earlier this month, RIAV said that it was going to initiate… Read More

  • Accel India Venture Fund Closes $60 Million Seed And Early Stage Fund

    Accel India Venture Fund, which came out of Accel’s recent absorption of Indian VC firm Erasmic, as predicted has closed $60 million in a second round of funding new fund (the earlier round was fund had raised $12mn), according to Pluggdin. Accel believes that seed and early stage markets continue to be under served in India, attracting less than 5% of the total venture capital funds. Read More

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