• Cheat Sheet For GOOG's Second Quarter Earnings Later This Week

    Google is scheduled to announce second quarter earnings on Thursday afternoon, and Citi analyst Mark Mahaney just sent out the handy cheat sheet above showing consensus estimates, as well as his own. The Street is looking for $4.05 billion in net revenues, Mahaney is predicting $3.97 billion. Anything above $4.05 billion would be viewed as positive, and anything below Mahaney’s… Read More

  • MPAA will hound isoHunt founder till the End of Days

    You wouldn’t want to be isoHunt founder Gary Fung these days. He’s currently facing an MPAA lawsuit that could well result in fines in the millions of dollars. (TorrentSpy was ordered to cough up $100 million last year.) And even if Mr. Fung doesn’t have that kind of money, and he doesn’t, the MPAA is prepared to pursue any judgment “for the rest of his… Read More

  • 3,700 Tweets And 480,000 Characters Later, There Will Be An Original Novel On Twitter

    Who says 140 characters isn’t enough to say something constructive? Matt Stewart is writing an entire novel that way. Yes, Stewart is publishing his entire 480,000 character book at 130 characters at a time (to leave room for hashtags and links) on Twitter. To be clear, the book, called The French Revolution (being released today, appropriately on Bastille Day), is already written. Read More

  • Caveat Emptor: iBidcondo Auctions Off Real Estate At Massive Discounts, But There's A Catch

    In the down economy, the housing market has taken a turn for the worst, with landlords struggling to fill apartments and developers having trouble offloading new properties. iBidCondo is a new site launching this summer that’s looking to help: the site offers an auction system that gives property owners an alternative method to sell their real estate (and make a profit doing it), while… Read More

  • DIY cup holder laptop tray costs about $30

    If you’ve ever priced laptop mounts for your car, you’ll have undoubtedly realized that they’re expensive. Luckily, you can build your own for about $30 using some PVC pipe, plywood, and velcro. It certainly doesn’t look safe to use while the car’s in motion but if you need to use your laptop in your car while parked, this project might fit the bill. Read More

  • EGG Mouse mini: Japanese company sells extra-compact PC mouse

    There are quite a few mini PC mice coming out of Japan, but today Tokyo-based Elecom announced a model, which doesn’t seem very ergonomic to me. The so-called EGG mouse mini [JP] is the smaller version of a mouse Elecom rolled out last year (the – you guessed it – EGG mouse, which you can also see on the picture on the left). Read More

  • Bored With FriendFeed? Shut The Duck Up. (By Shooting It)

    No matter what you think of FriendFeed (killer app or a waste of time), you have to admit this is just kind of awesome. The site has just released a new theme today called “Duck Hunt.” That in and of itself would just be kind of cute, but pointless. Except that this theme is interactive. Yes, ducks float by you in the background (and over FriendFeed elements) and you shoot at them… Read More

  • SightMax brings live chat customer service to the iPhone

    On the road? Want to check your website’s traffic? Better yet, answer live chat requests from your online customers? Now you can. SmartMax, a company that provides online live chat and monitoring support for businesses, recently introduced an app for the iPhone that will allow you to do just that: iMaximo SightMax Live Chat. We tested the app this week, and were extremely impressed with… Read More

  • Sony releases two new Walkmens

    So the first one is the Walkman E. Pretty hot. LCD screen, video playback, two-tone design. No pricing or storage sizing. Whatever. Just 9.3mm thin and available in black and red, the super-compact WALKMAN® E Series slips easily into a pocket or bag. Despite its small size, it’s packed with serious features to enhance enjoyment of your personal media collection.
    The generously-sized… Read More

  • HTC WinMo phones could allow hackers to infect you via Bluetooth

    While this will never happen to you ever, if you own an HTC running WinMo 6 or 6.1 you could get hacked if you accept Bluetooth connections from an untrusted source. Also if you accept Bluetooth connections from an untrusted source you deserve to be hacked. The exploit uses the Bluetooth OBEX FTP service to crack into your filesystem and traverse directories, allowing your copy of… Read More

  • Samsung SGH-T939 is the Behold 2, might run Android

    Samsung really must hate all these regulation groups. First, BluetoothSIG spills the beans on the Armani 2. Just hours later, the Wi-Fi Alliance has slipped out some details of a previously unannounced Samsung SGH-T939. We wouldn’t have much to go off of with just the model number — fortunately for us, they went ahead and included the product name; behold, it’s the Behold 2. Read More

  • CBS latest to join Comcast OnDemand Online lineup

    Well, I don’t think it’s a streach anymore to say that Comcast’s latest venture into online video is a off to a good start. CBS is the latest network to join the impressive lineup which also includes HBO and Cinemax as of yesterday. This netwoks is a big step for Comcast On Demand Online as CBS is the only major network not available on the free to everyone site, Hulu. Read More

  • Have a college degree, 250 Twitter followers and a blog? Then you can be a senior manager at Best Buy!

    Well, could have been a senior manager—the job seems to have already been filled. Still, let’s talk about it. Best Buy recently posted a job ad on its Web site looking for someone who would be “he primary lead for the Best Buy’s mobile, social, and video marketing and media efforts to drive in-store and online sales, create sustainable word-of-mouth evangelists, and… Read More

  • How We Know Chrome OS Will Be A Hit: Steve Ballmer Doesn't Think So

    There are a lot of questions out there about Google’s new Chrome OS. Since little is actually known about it, the most interesting questions right now tend to be about Google’s overall strategy in making a new OS. And if such a strategy will actually work. We tend to think it will, and that belief got a huge boost in the arm today as Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer has finally come out… Read More

  • Corporate Blogging Through the Ages – Skype then and now

    [In her final post from the Travelling Geeks tour to London, Ayelet Noff talks to Scoble and Skype – Ed] My fellow Traveling Geeks companion, Robert Scoble (aka the Scobleizer) and Peter Parks from Skype were interviewed by Renee Blodgett who is the CEO of Magic Sauce Media, Co-founder of The Traveling Geeks and Founder and Producer of We Blog the World. We set up shop on the streets… Read More

  • Samsung outs the SL720 & SL502: 720p-shooting, 12.2 MP digicams

    Samsung has some budget digital cameras for ya. The pair packs the same 12.2 MP sensor along with 5x optical zoom. What sets them apart however is that the PL70 is equipped with a 28mm wide angle lens where the PF55 has a standard 35mm lens. Plus the PL70 has digital and optical image stabilization instead of the PL55’s digital stabilization. And if that wasn’t enough, the SL720… Read More

  • Google Calendar Adds Labs and Opens Up An API

    Google Calendar now has its own Labs. Long one of the most popular features of Gmail, at least among the early adopter crowd, Labs is the tab in Settings where users can find and turn on experimental new features. Google Calendar Labs is launching with six features: Background Image (now you can change it) Attach a Document (to an event) World Clock (see what time it is for the person you… Read More

  • Samsung rolls out HMX-U10 full HD pocket camcorder, two upscaling camcorders

    Samsung’s rolling out some new camcorders today: The full HD Flip-like HMX-U10 and the SMX-K40 and SMX-K45 cameras that record at 720×480 resolution and then upscale the footage for playback on an HDTV using an HDMI cable. Read More

  • Leaked: T-Mobile Samsung T559 Comeback Specs

    Man, these leakers are cutting it close. The T559 Comeback is purportedly launching tomorrow, but it took up until yesterday for the information to really start pouring out – not that we’re complaining. Yesterday morning gave us product shots, but now we’ve got some specs to roll with. Read More

  • Logitech launches lotsa low-priced, loud speakers

    Logitech has released four new systems with “360-degree sound,” an improvement to their desktop speakers that makes them “sound great.” Unlike standard PC speakers that use forward-firing drivers, the four new Logitech multimedia speaker systems feature 360-Degree Sound, or omnidirectional acoustics, which creates a substantially wider sweet spot – an… Read More

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