• Facebook for BlackBerry v1.5 now available

    Here it is, folks, at long last. Its been over a month and a half since details of Facebook v1.5 for BlackBerry spilled all over the place, but it’s now available for anyone and everyone with a compatible ‘Berry. Beyond the standard bug fixes and performance tweaks, the biggest updates are all focused around integration: Facebook messages can now be routed through your standard… Read More

  • News Corp. Exploring MySpace CEO Options (Updated)

    MySpace CEO Chris DeWolfe has been with the company since its August 2003 launch, seeing it through a 2005 $580 million sale to News Corp. and growing revenue to something approaching a billion dollars a year. 130 million people around the world visit MySpace every month, making it one of the largest sites on the Internet. And now it may be time for him to step down. He and co-founder Tom… Read More

  • Cute netbook sleeves from be.ez for your cute netbook

    Oh, those poor little netbooks. All budget materials and questionable build quality. And they don’t fit into normal laptop sleeves — they jangle around in there like crazy and probably get crumbs all in ’em. So what you want is a little extra sleeve like these from be.ez, which are made specifically with netbooks in mind, which is to say they’re small. Read More

  • @Geeknrolla: Finding a business angel is like finding an invisible man – Nick from Fav.or.it

    Send me an Angel – Funding and How to Handle Angels Nick says: Finding an angel is like finding an invisible man – they don’t tend to broadcast their presence but they network to find likely opportunities, and they also know each other. They’ll group together by region so they can do larger investments as well. There are plenty of companies out there who say they can… Read More

  • Carol Bartz Still Looking For Wow, Drops F-Word During First Quarter Earnings Call.

    After spending a lot of time speaking with Yahoo employees, partners, and customers, new CEO Carol Bartz has come to realize the importance of giving consumers a “Wow experience,” she told investors in the first quarter conference call. But they have yet to experience that from owning the stock. Yahoo reported a 13 percent decline in revenues for the first quarter of 2009 to… Read More

  • Tiger Woods 10 will be bundled with Wii MotionPlus

    What’s the best way to encourage the adoption of strange video game accessory? Right, bundle it with a popular video game, like Nintendo did with the Rumble Pak and Star Fox 64 nearly 12 years ago. (God, 12 years!) Now EA is helping to ensure that the Wii MotionPlus isn’t a huge bust by shipping it with Tiger Woods PGA Tour 10. The game comes out this summer, but no North… Read More

  • Amazon Jumps Into The HD Stream As Well. Doesn't Really Make A Splash.

    With all of the online video services now offering much of the same (sometimes lousy) content, the new differentiating factor seems to be high definition quality. Microsoft has been there for a while (with videos over Xbox Live), as has Apple (over the Apple TV), and now Amazon is joining the gang. The new HD option for Amazon Video On Demand is available starting today for some 500 movies… Read More

  • @Geeknrolla: How not to be an American idiot – a primer from Hubdub

    American Idiot – Launching Your Startup In the US – when you’re actually in Scotland LesleyEccles, co-founder of  Hubdub, a news prediction game drops the 411 on how to successfully launch a startup in a region  you don’t actually live in. The site launched in November last year and got about 500k web users, mentioned across about 100 media outlets, considered to be… Read More

  • Slightly better shots of the Toshiba TG02 and TG03 emerge

    We got a glimpse at some itty bitty fun-sized shots of the Toshiba TG02 and TG03 back when word of them first leaked. A week later, the embiggened versions of the same shots have emerged, and they’re looking.. well, about the same. Just bigger! Toshiba has obviously found some comfort in this design, with all 3 models being essentially the same thing: a 1Ghz Snapdragon CPU with varying… Read More

  • App Store still not at a billion downloads, should be soon though

    Just in case you have lived under a rock for the last year, the Apple’s App Store is kind of a big thing. So big, that there have been just under 1 billion apps downloaded from the store. Apple announced a couple of weeks ago this milestone was about to be passed and announced a contest – as did we – that involved giving away a $10,000 iTunes Gift Card, along with a ton of… Read More

  • Google Analytics API Now In Public Beta, Desktop Reporting Takes Stats Offline

    Moments ago, Google released the public beta version of the Google Analytics API after running a private beta program with hundreds of developers for about a year. When Google announced a great deal of updates to Google Analytics last October, the company already said the API was ‘coming soon’, but obviously it took them another 6 months to effectively start rolling out. With… Read More

  • @Geeknrolla: The secret of focus is to speak to other startups – Ian from Songkick

    Ian Hogarth, co-founder and CEO of music startup Songkick.com reckons the best way for a startup to focus on what they do best is to find third party tech tools to do the non-core heavy lifting. To this end, he’s started a wiki collection of startup tools, contributed by Songkick, Playfire, TinyCoupon, Habit Industries, Poll Everywhere, GroupSpaces and Huddle. “One of the most… Read More

  • Dell updates Studio 15 notebook, now includes LED backlit screen

    Dell’s Studio notebook line is getting another update, but this time it’s more than a simple spec bump. The 15.6-inch display is getting updated to 1366 x 768 resolution along with LED backlighting. Not too bad for a series that starts out at $649. Along with the new screen, the series does get a significant hardware update. Read More

  • Mystery Pentax DSLR revealed as K7D?

    The Pentax Forums have been buzzing since the first images of the purported next gen Pentax DSLR surfaced last week. It was widely speculated to be the K30D, but it appears that Pentax has confirmed it to be the K7D according to Austrian site fotografie. What strikes me as odd is that I know Pentax is veering away from the “D” nomenclature, which is quite evident with the K2000/K-m. Read More

  • Google Profiles Finally Have A (Big) Purpose: Appearing In Google Search Results

    After over a year of sitting in relative obscurity, Google Profiles are finally getting their due. Beginning today Google search queries for names will now feature a section dedicated to Google Profile results at the bottom of every page. These profiles allow people to fill out their basic information, like current employer and links to various web presences, without having to maintain a… Read More

  • @Geeknrolla: Designing good user experience starts with picking your audience

    Leisa Reichelt, freelance user experience consultant, talking about what startups most often get wrong about UX and what they should do about it. Step 1: Find your audience.
    It’s amazing how few startups actually know who their audience is. There is no such thing as ‘the general public. Step 2: Know your audience
    This is the step that a lot of companies just seem to ignore. Once… Read More

  • Sample footage from the T-Mobile 3G Sidekick LX

    After we snagged some info on the video capabilities of the new Sidekick LX yesterday we couldn’t help but ask for more info. And we sure got it. After the jump is sample video taken from the Sidekick LX as well as the startup screen, which was taken from a different device (which apparently refused to focus). We also have a few other hands-on shots and a sample image taken with the new LX. Read More

  • DLC alert: Fallout 3: Broken Steel for PC, Xbox 360 on May 5

    Yet anotherFallout 3 DLC is coming our way. Available on May 5 for the PC and Xbox 360, Broken Steel takes place on Andrews Air Force Base, just outside the DC Wasteland proper. The level cap is being raised to 30, and there’ll be more guns, perks, enemies, etc. About what you’d expect, in other words. Read More

  • @Geeknrolla: Just a girl – how do we get more women into the tech sector?

    Balancing Tech Culture: Getting more women involved in tech startups A panel discussion featuring Cate Sevilla, founding editor at BitchBuzz
    Sophie Cox, co-founder of Worldeka.com
    Zuzanna Pasierbinska-Wilson, head of marketing communications at Huddle.net
    Leisa Reichelt, User experience consultant at Disambiguity
    Nacera Benfedda, director of product, Viadeo Video: LIVE BLOG: Cate asks… Read More

  • Should Ad Networks Pay Publishers For Stolen Content? The Fair Syndication Consortium Thinks So.

    As newspapers and other publishers watch their revenues diminish, one common refrain among them is that maybe they should somehow go after Google or Yahoo for aiding and abetting the destruction of their businesses and sometimes the wholesale theft of their content. We’ve seen how the Associated Press wants to handle this: by aggressively going after anyone who even borrows a headline. Read More

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