• Apple Drops iPhone Developer NDA On Released Software

    Apple announced today that it has decided to drop the controversial iPhone developer non-disclosure agreement because it “created too much of a burden on developers, authors and others interested in helping further the iPhone’s success.” According to the company, in a statement released today, it “put the NDA in place because the iPhone OS includes many Apple inventions… Read More

  • CEATEC 2008: Toshiba presents the world's first 16 GB microSDHC memory card

    Toshiba is currently showcasing a  prototype of a 16-Gbyte microSDHC memory card at the CEATEC 2008, doubling the maximum capacity of currently available products. The company said it managed to squeeze a total of 16 8-Gbit NAND and one controller chip into the card. Reportedly, the NAND flash memory chips were cut down in thickness from 70μm to just 18μm. Via Tech-On Read More

  • Madness: Opie and Anthony on Sirius radios, Stern on XM radios

    Following the merger, XM content has made its way to Sirius-branded radios. This photo shows XM’s Opie and Anthony playing on a Sirius radio, on channel 197, and Howard Stern on an XM radio. Yeah, it’s weird. Read More

  • Microsoft Throws Prizes At You For Searching

    Microsoft is trying anything to get you to use Live Search. And now it’s time to add another to its attempts to try to pay you to use its service. Dubbed SearchPerks, Microsoft’s latest scheme gives users points when they use Live Search, which can be redeemed for prizes. Users who sign-up before the December 31 deadline, must agree to download a small program that tracks… Read More

  • Man turns on train tracks, causes accident because his GPS told him to

    Some fool in upstate New York followed his GPS’ directions a little too closely, right onto a pair of train tracks. And yes, the car was hit by a train. No one was hurt, though. The man, a Mr. Jose Silva of White Plains, turned onto the train tracks in Westchester because, you know, that’s what his GPS device told him to do. Again, he’s fine, and no one on the train was hurt. Read More

  • Apple stock still worth buying, says Citi and Goldman Sachs

    Yes, we’ll soon all be at each other’s throats fighting over cans of soup, but Apple? It’s fine, despite that drop earlier in the week. That’s what Citi and Goldman Sachs say, at least. Those two haven’t failed yet, so we’d do well to hang on their every word. Both Citi and Goldman Sachs kept a “buy” rating on Apple stock, despite the fact that… Read More

  • ZocDoc Adds Bezos, Benioff To $3 Million Series A Round

    Zocdoc, the health appointment scheduling startup that launched at TechCrunch 40, has announced that Marc Benioff and Jeff Bezos – two of Silicon Valley’s most prominent figures – have joined the $3 million Series A funding round it raised last month that was led by Khosla Ventures. ZocDoc allows users to book their doctor appointments online, even for same-day appointments. … Read More

  • Gigya Raises $11 Million For Two-Pronged Widget Strategy

    Gigya has raised $11 million in a Series C round led by DAG Ventures and joined by all existing investors, including Benchmark Capital, First Round Capital, and Mayfield Fund. The round brings the Israeli startup’s total funding to about $23.5M, an amount raised over the two plus years since its founding in summer 2006. The money will fuel two main widget services: Wildfire, which… Read More

  • Daily Crunch: In the Bunker Edition

    The Life Clock is not an appropriate retirement home timepiece
    Nintendo to reveal new old game: Contra? Kid Icarus? Blaster Master? Please tell me it’s Blaster Master
    SteelSeries reddens its headphone lineup
    10 gadgets to help you survive the coming economic apocalypse
    Penguin Ice mold makes penguins.. out of ice. Read More

  • Special Edition Gears Of War 2 themed Zune on the way [Update]

    You know, the world just can’t get enough dead bodies as shields. Microsoft knows this. To help satiate your dead bodies as shields desires, they’ve taken a bunch of 120 gig Zunes and done’m up with Gears of War 2 styling, not unlike the Halo 3 Zunes of yesteryear. They’ve laser blasted the game’s iconic “Crimson Omen” into the back of each Zune… Read More

  • Two new high quality Duke Nukem Forever screenshots released

    To help celebrate the XBLA release of Duke Nukem 3d and the 257th year of developing Duke Nukem Forever, 3d Realms tucked two hidden screenshots into the XBLA release which would be unlocked when the player fully completed the game. After a bunch of nasty camera-phone-screen-caps of the images made their way out over the weekend, 3d Realms released high quality official version of the… Read More

  • Nintendo-made pedometer trademark unearthed

    Combining trademark search engine ninjary with a bout of boredom, NeoGAF user “Shiggy” managed to dig up some documents detailing a conspicuously generic pedometer. What’s interesting about that? The document has Nintendo written all over it. Joystiq theorizes that it may be part of some sort of Wii Fit tie-in. Be it that this isn’t just some idea long since shelved… Read More

  • New AC/DC Rock Band details: Exclusivity, No online play, Song exporting

    The more I hear about the recently announced AD/DC Rock Band expansion, the less excited I am about it. After reading through the details unearthed by Variety today, my interest remains low. The New Details: Harmonix has exclusivity on AC/DC content indefinitely, after they’ve gone on the record as being against exclusive artist deals No character creation “There are some… Read More

  • Today on MobileCrunch

    Not reading MobileCrunch yet? Why the heck not? While a MobileCrunch post or two might make the jump over to CrunchGear each day, there’s a ton of good stuff each day that you’ll only see on that side of the fence. Here’s some stuff you may have missed on MobileCrunch today: Adobe working on Flash for iPhone, but the ball is in Apple’s court Samsung and Verizon… Read More

  • Windshield-mounted GPS units no longer outlawed in California

    [Pic Source: Marcin Wichary] Realizing that a little 6 inch obstruction on the windshield is probably a better solution than forcing people to take their eyes off the road, the State of California will once again allow windshield-mounted GPS units when the new year rolls through. Taking a break from solving economic crises and fighting crime, Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger put his penned blessing… Read More

  • Gnip 2.0 Launches, With A Business Model

    Gnip, the guys that are helping move data around from one social network to the next, launched v 2.0 of the service tonight. The new version of the service allows data consumers (services like Plaxo that take data from other services, like Twitter, Friendfeed, Digg, Delicious, etc.) to have data from requested users pushed to them. It’s no longer “Hey, TechCrunch just tweeted. Go… Read More

  • Penguin Ice mold makes penguins.. out of ice.

    I know, I know. The headline may be a bit repetitive. I just wanted to make sure that no one walked away from this story thinking that the Penguin Ice Box Buddy Ice Mold made kittens out of fire. Penguins out of ice, people. That’s it. I’ve never wanted something so useless so much. Look at that penguin. He’s too small to be an effective ice sculpture, but he’s too big… Read More

  • Adobe working on Flash for iPhone, but the ball is in Apple's court

    After a nearly endless stream of hearsay and rumors on the matter, Adobe has now gone on the record about Flash on the iPhone. During a presentation at the Flash on the Beach expo today in the UK, Adobe’s Senior Director of Engineering Paul Betlem mentioned that the Flash development team was actively working on a release for the iPhone, but due to the closed nature of the handset, the… Read More

  • Kind-of-wonky Nissan GT-R Transformer toys, transform and roll out!

    Toying with the fragile memories of our youth, Japanese toy maker Takara-Tomy is working on an alternative universe Transformers line of 1:32 toys called “Alternity”. In this crazy backwards universe, Optimus Prime (or Galaxy Convoy, as he’s known in Japan) masquerades as a Nissan GT-R rather than the oh-so-classic Big Rig we all know and love. As Autoblog points out, the new… Read More

  • StumbleUpon Set For Resurgence With Web Toolbar, Partner Program

    Recommendation engine StumbleUpon has been facing some tough times lately: earlier this month we reported that eBay was looking to sell the startup less than 18 months after acquiring it (the company refuses to comment). And its traffic has been showing signs of stagnation (though the number of registered users to steadily rise). But tonight, the site is launching a new feature that may… Read More

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