• More Samsung P3 PMP pics

    The upcoming haptic touchscreen-equipped Samsung YP-P3 broke cover the other day and a bunch of live pics show the PMP in all its glory. My first reaction was of curious wonder but now that the whole thing is revealed I could take it or leave it; probably the later of the two. But maybe it tickles your fancy though. Read More

  • Sun Puts Tech Layoffs Over 20,000 So Far This Month (Oodle and Rearden Also Join Our Tracker)

    Since the last time we gave an update at the beginning of the month there have been 20,171 layoffs at tech and media companies added to our Layoff Tracker. That brings the total to 58,709 tech layoffs over the past two and a half months. One previously unreported layoff we have been able to confirm is 10 people at classifieds search engine Oodle, which occurred last week and represents a… Read More

  • GMail, news, traffic all on the iGala digital picture frames

    The latest frames from iGala utlize WiFi and Microsoft’s FrameIt service for some spiffy features. The connection associates the frame with Windows Live, Flick, and Gmail in a unique twist. No, you can’t check your email here but rather the frame can get its own email address so people can simple email that address photos to have them show up on the frame. Neat. Plus, the… Read More

  • Dell small biz 16:9 widescreen Vostro starts at $379

    Hey now, here’s something you don’t see every day. It’s a true 16:9 display in a business notebook for way, way cheap. Dell’s Vostro A860 line starts at under $400 (that’s after instant savings – it’s normally $448) and features a 15.6-inch display with a 1366 x 768 resolution. The notebook weighs in at 5.4 pounds, too, which isn’t bad for a unit… Read More

  • American Airlines introduces mobile boarding passes

    Though nearly the entire pre-flight process has been tweaked to make use of modern technologies, one outdated aspect still lingers: the tickets. Every single time I fly, I find myself checking the location where I put my tickets once every 3-4 minutes. Are they still there? Did I remember to zip up after I last checked? When I pulled my hand out, did the ticket sneak out? I’ve never lost… Read More

  • Radio Shack doesn't understand the Xbox 360

    So yeah, this picture isn’t possible. Any Xbox 360 owner knows that you cannot sit the console on the HDD side. It won’t sit up and sometimes will produce a horrible, game ruining, scratching noise because it’s upside down! Oh, Radio Shack. When will you return to your random electronic parts origin and leave the low profit margin gaming stuff to the big… Read More

  • Gilded Age: $5,000 Belgian headphones sound ‘crystal clear’

    Wow, a pair of £3,500 ($5,150) headphones. All of a sudden, headphones from the likes of Ultimate Ears and Shure don’t seem expensive at all. What makes this pair so expensive? It’s made from 18 karat gold and has 118 diamonds sprinkled all over. (Again, diamonds are evil.) Also, the headphones are Belgian, created by “top jeweler” Casa Gi. That adds a few quid to… Read More

  • Public Art: Finally, a solution to unsightly utility boxes

    Hats off to Joshua Callaghan of Los Angeles for coming up with a way to not only hide those utility boxes you see all over your neighborhood, but to also turn each one into something of a conversation piece. Callaghan calls it “public art” after answering a call from the city of Los Angeles to somehow disguise the boxes. More photos after the jump… Read More

  • Netflix to go Blu-ray exclusive and discontinue HD DVD on December 15th

    The Format War is done; it has been for a while. Netflix officially stopped buying new HD DVDs back in February ’08 and starting on December 15th, the company will no longer be shipping ’em out either marking Blu-ray’s exclusive reign. Any HD DVDs remaining in subscriber’s queues will simply be replaced with standard DVDs. No word on what Netflix is doing with the soon… Read More

  • Right on time, U.S. Cellular gets the Delve

    Jeez – With the Eternity for AT&T, the Saga and the Renown for Verizon, and now the Delve for U.S. Cellular, Samsung’s shipping crew must have had one hell of a week. When we first heard that this phone was on its way to U.S. Cellular, we expected it to launch in the middle of November. Sure enough, we’re one day from the dead middle of the month, and here it is. Read More

  • (Terrible) Video: Wherein several young ladies profess their love for the ‘CrackBerry’

    Fair warning, but you’ll be seeing this video everywhere today. That’s what happens when the economy tanks, everyone loses their mind. It’s entitled “CRACKBERRY LOVE” (all caps = classy) and was added to YouTube about two months ago. It’s 100 percent camp, but not in the fun “bam, pow, boom!” Batman sense. No, it’s camp in the “oh… Read More

  • The saddest iPhone story in the world

    Glenn Derene wrote a rant about the problem with modern technology – it is virtually irreparable when broken. The best Apple can do, apparently, is just send broken iPods back for recycling, so complex are their miniscule innards. Derene writes: The problem began almost imperceptibly several months ago. I found myself pushing my first generation iPhone’s “home” button… Read More

  • AT&T launches Samsung Eternity, makes us want the Omnia

    It’s not quite the Samsung Omnia that folks are eagerly awaiting for, but it’s a step or two in that direction. Launched this morning for AT&T, the Samsung Eternity sports a 3.2″ touchscreen, haptic feedback for a dash of vibration with every touch, an accelerometer, a 3.0 megapixel camera, and all that good ol’ 3G connectivity. While it may look the same up front… Read More

  • Google to release speech-to-search iPhone app

    Voice recognition has always seemed like the holy grail of technology and now Google is throwing their skills into the technology. Starting sometime today, iPhone users can download a free app that allows them to speak a destination or question and within seconds, receive an answer. The app works by recording your voice, uploading it to a Google Server via the data connection, crunching the… Read More

  • Verizon launches Samsung Saga, Samsung Renown

    Bam! Right off the bat, this morning brings not one, but two new Samsung phones to Verizon. First up is the WinMo 6.1 powered Samsung Saga, pictured on right. For 200 bucks and a 2-year contract, you’ll walk away with a QWERTY keyboard, 2.2″ touchscreen, optical mouse, and support for Stereo bluetooth. They’ve also packed in WiFi (802.11b/g), quad-band radio, and a… Read More

  • Potential non-event of the morning: Zune as an Xbox 360 hard drive?

    Microsoft, it seems, is relegating the Zune to storage duty. A survey in the Zune newsletter mentions something about using the Zune hard drive for extra Xbox hard drive storage, something that is currently impossible. I originally thought they meant that they were asking about using the Zune to play music through the Xbox but the second question mentions that usage scenario. This might be a… Read More

  • OTAS' e-blue PEQUENO 2.4GHz wireless mouse is very, very small

    Japanese computer hardware maker OTAS today announced the lightest and smallest wireless mouse available on the Japanese market [JP]. Measuring just 38x68x28mm, the so-called e-blue PEQUENO weighs 35 grams. The 2.4GHz mouse features three different resolutions (400dpi,800dpi and 1600dp) and a battery lifespan of 21 hours. It’s compatible with USB 1.1 and 2.0 and runs under Windows… Read More

  • Burninate food with a Jacob's Ladder

    Old ways of cooking are so inefficient: you sit in the kitchen next to a hot thing and put round things on the hot thing. Then you move the food around on the round things to make them hot. Then you take the food off and put it onto other round things. Why not just zap the food with a six-foot Jacob’s Ladder? Read More

  • Kami Kami Sensor: Japanese company sells bite counter for kids

    At first sight, it may look strange but Tokyo-based Nitto Kagaku’s Kami Kami sensor [JP], a device tailor-made for children counting the number of bites they make while eating food, actually seems to have a right to exist. Parents can control whether their kids chew their food properly through the sensor, which tries to motivate the little ones by making sounds after every 30 and… Read More

  • Walmart Wants It Both Ways. We Say No.

    The CrunchGear guys seem to cause more than their fair share of problems, and I’m always left cleaning up the mess. Today it’s Walmart who insist that the Black Friday circular posted on CrunchGear showing a $224 Wii package be taken down. First of all, it’s too late, it’s already everywhere. Second, Walmart claims both that the ad is copyrighted and otherwise… Read More

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