• Yahoo Quietly Pulls The Plug On Geocities

    Not with a bang, but with a whimper. Yahoo! is unceremoniously closing GeoCities, one of the original web-hosting services acquired by Yahoo! in 1999 for $2.87 billion. (Fun venture fact: Fred Wilson’s Flatiron Partners was an investor). In a message on Yahoo!’s help site, the company said that it would be shuttering Geocities, a free web-hosting service, later this year and will… Read More

  • Google Product Search now plays friendly with iPhone and Android

    Oh Froogle, how far you’ve come. As they’ve been doing with products throughout their services suite, Google announced this morning that they’ve revamped the Google Product Search page for iPhone and Android. Read More

  • Pentax K7D quasi-confirmed for May 21, specs and images 'leaked'

    We’ve been tracking the purported new Pentax DSLR for a couple weeks now and sometime last night in Europe an official looking flyer was discovered for the new K from Pentax. We can’t really tell anything based on the image, but it’s definitely a new body and it’s coming on May 21. Supposed specs for the ‘K7D’ are as follows: Read More

  • DIY: SNES cartridge USB hub

    Got a bunch of SNES games stuffed in a box somewhere at your ‘rents house? Yeah, I do. Turn ’em into a rad USB hub with the help of this instructable. Actually, you don’t need the instructable. Here is how you do it. Read More

  • MySpace Local Now Open To The Public

    It may be in the process of hiring a new CEO, but the MySpace machine keeps on rolling. Last month we got our first look at MySpace Local, the joint project between Citysearch and MySpace that combines the popular social network with Citysearch’s extensive database of business listings. The new property has quietly launched the public, and you can check it out here. While MySpace… Read More

  • Husqvarna robotic mower will text you problems, twitter rants about you

    Maintaining a good lawn is a full time job. Husqvarna has a robotic partner that might be able to give homeowners some more free time. First off, the Automower 260 ACX will automatically cut grass, but will also text the owner if there are issues. (the Twitter part was just a joke btw) This way, you don’t have to babysit the robot and go about watching the Detroit Tigers crush the… Read More

  • Android Catches Up To Palm In Mobile Ad Market Share. IPhone Still Blows It Away.

    Android is making steady gains in mobile ad market share, accounting for 6 percent of all mobile ad requests measured by AdMob in its latest March metrics. That puts it neck and neck with the Palm OS, compared to a 5 percent /7 percent share split in favor of Palm just one month before.. Windows Mobile Devices also saw a share decline from 13 percent to 11 percent, while Blackberry’s… Read More

  • Toshiba Mini NB200 netbook to invade the Europe

    Another day, another netbook. This time around is the 10.1-inch Toshiba Mini NB200, which seems like it could be a high-end or even professional netbook if there is such a thing. An 1.6GHz N270 or 1.66GHz N280 Intel Atom is at the core and Intel 945GSE provides the graphics juice. Those commonplace specs alone do not bump this notebook up in our book, but the integrated 3g modem and… Read More

  • China Blocks Micro-Messaging Site Plurk. Is Twitter Next?

    As micro-messaging spreads overseas, the threat of censorship looms in certain parts of the world. Yesterday Plurk, a micro-messaging service that competes with Twitter, discovered that it is being blocked in China. According to Plurk’s lead developer Amir Salihefendic, “We at Plurk still don’t know why we are banned and we did not get any warnings from the Chinese… Read More

  • YouTube Starts Rolling Out Video Download Program For Partners

    YouTube is trying to find more ways to monetize the popular web service, and recently started a test project with selected partners who were invited to start offering video downloads to interested viewers (they subsequently killed our own download tool, presumably because they want to minimize the risk of losing money on unauthorized download apps). Now it seems the Google-owned online… Read More

  • Samsung Trance announced by Verizon

    Announced minutes ago was the Trance from Samsung that hits Verizon stores tomorrow for a $50 after a $50 MIR. The most exciting feature about this phone is the Bang & Olufsen ICEpower amp, which means audio quality should be decent. Along with that are 1GB of internal storage, a 1.3-megapixel camera with NightShot (what’s that?), stereo Bluetooth, voice commands, and that’s… Read More

  • TC/CG Meet-up: Helsinki on April 28?

    I’ll be in Helsinki next week and I’d like to plan a very informal meet-up on Tuesday, April 28 at about 7pm. All those Finns in favor, please email me at john@crunchgear.com with the subject line “RSVP HELSINKI.” I don’t have any idea where we could meet – suggestions are welcome – but this would be dinner, drinks, and, potentially, a big, pasty… Read More

  • Yowza: Not Baby Matt Parkman has an iPhone app

    Why wasn’t I notified about this? Right around tax time, CG’s favorite TV host Cali Lewis interviewed Greg Grunberg, the brain hurting guy from Heroes. Although last Monday’s Gollum/Sylar episode was kind of a lump, I always enjoy Greg’s brain things and the Hiro/Ando/Matt Parkman baby thing was fun. Best off all, Grunberg is a full-bore geek with his own Twitter… Read More

  • Traser Ladyline has pink Tritium vials

    Pink tritium illumination; now there’s something you don’t see every day A 44mm lady’s watch, water resistant to 100m, with tritium illumination. Pink tritium illumination. Words fail me. And in a brilliant (one might say ‘glowing’) example of things that can be done whether or not they should be done, Traser is attempting to enter the lady’s watch… Read More

  • Machine à Ecrire le Temps: French for "You have too much money"

    Every year at Basel, the big watch show in Switzerland, companies trot out their latest R&D projects along with a plethora of new watches. The watches are what sell but the R&D products are what get the press. Take this lump of gears from Jaquet Droz, for example. At its core, this is a minute repeater redesigned to write numbers on a piece of paper instead of chime the current… Read More

  • Daily Crunch: Swim Team Edition

    AquaPulse measures underwater heart rate
    Review: Mountain Dew Throwback [Update]
    Too Late watches: Oddly endearing Read More

  • The State Of The iPhone Is Strong — Very Strong

    Of the major companies that announced their earnings yesterday, two of them, AT&T and Apple, beat Wall Street estimates largely thanks to a single product: The iPhone. We’re approaching the two year birthday of the device, and it still remains one of the hottest items out there. Ladies and gentleman, the state of the iPhone is strong. Yes, Apple actually sold fewer iPhones this… Read More

  • RubyOnRails.org Domain Derailed By Hacker? (Updated: It Was Just Parked)

    Oops, something went wrong. Looks like a hacker somehow got hold of the domain name RubyOnRails.org and slapped a page filled with ads on it. It looks the former owners are aware of the issue and have already started the process to get the domain name back, so this doesn’t appear to be a simple case of forgetting to renew the domain. (Update: as others have pointed out, it probably is… Read More

  • AquaPulse measures underwater heart rate

    The FINIS AquaPulse was announced yesterday, filling a technology gap that I frankly had no idea existed. It makes sense however, that swimmers would have a need to measure their heart rate just like a runner or other type of athlete would. Of course, the issue would be communicating that information to the swimmer, to let them know exactly how high their pulse rate is during training. FINIS… Read More

  • Token Earth Day Post: Frito-Lay announces biodegradable snack bags

    Frito-Lay announced today that starting in 2010, all of their multigrain SunChips will be packaged in biodegradable bags made out of plant based materials. This is brilliant. I can only hope that they start doing this with all of their products. Read More

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