• Daily Crunch: Vehicular Homicide Edition

    THQ builds real-life Warhammer Rhino tank for kicks
    Ponginator robot shoots ping pong balls at 170MPH, designed to ‘evoke dialogue’
    Tesla teases with Model S partly unveiled Read More

  • Y Combinator's AngelConf Teaches Would-Be Investors How To Get Started

    It’s no secret that Silicon Valley is teeming with wealthy tech veterans, many of whom are eager to try their hand at angel funding a few new startups. Unfortunately, the vast majority of them are put off by the logistics of figuring out exactly what they’re supposed to do (handing out money isn’t as easy as it sounds). In light of this, Paul Graham and the team at Y… Read More

  • CamSpace Brings Wii-Like Interactivity To Flash Gaming

    CamSpace, the innovative technology that allows gamers to use their computer cameras to play Wii-like games, has added support for Flash, making its platform accessible to a much broader range of developers (prior to today CamSpace was restricted to traditional .exe games). To get started, users will still have to download the CamSpace client here, which includes a few dozen games and will… Read More

  • Rumor: Panasonic to buy part of Leica?

    There’s nothing solid on this yet, but there are murmurs (from respectable, if not necessarily reliable sources) that Panasonic may be girding its loins to buy itself some Leica. Perhaps not all of it, perhaps just a little bit, but they’re definitely sniffing around. Given Leica’s skill with glass and Panasonic’s with consumer electronics, they might make a good team… Read More

  • Apple's finicky headphone jacks frustrate MacBook owners

    Depending on what sort of headphones you’ve got going into your MacBook, you may have encountered some trouble keeping the things plugged in. It seems that unibody MacBooks are a bit picky on just how far in the headphone jack has to be. What could be the problem? Planned obsolescence, perhaps? Or maybe something less sinister? Read More

  • Midway filing for Chapter 11

    Midway Games, famous for developing the Mortal Kombat franchise and other games, has filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection. They cite the onset of debt troubles as the cause. It doesn’t come as a surprise to the shareholders, really, but that doesn’t make it any less sad to see yet another…fatality of the market. Read More

  • Laugh all you want, but the Microsoft Store could be great

    So Microsoft is going to have themselves a little retail space. This is, of course, ripe for mockery, and I’m sure tomorrow will bring the fruits of photoshop contests from around the web. Will it be wall-to-wall Vista boxes? Will you have to sign a license agreement to get in? Will they avoid the color “BSOD blue”? All very funny questions, but the fact is that… Read More

  • Microsoft to open retail stores

    I guess it had to happen: Microsoft is opening retail stores with the help of some guy named Dave Porter who used to work for Wal-Mart. Super synergy. I can see it now: these stores will be the exact polar opposite of the Apple Store – brightly lit, overstocked, and oddly jarring (kind of like Windows – ZING!!!) No real information on these stores just yet, but Dave is going to… Read More

  • Google Pulls The Plug On Its Radio Ads; Retreats To What It Knows Best

    Google is pulling the plug on its Google Audio Ads and Adsense for Audio products, and is looking to sell off its Google Radio Automation software business. The moves come less than a month after the company decided to stop selling print ads, another experiment to expand beyond Web advertising that went nowhere. Google expects to lay off as many as 40 people as a result of exiting the… Read More

  • The FTC updates its privacy guidlines, for privacy

    Here’s one for you tin foil-wearing privacy advocates. (God bless you, but constantly being attuned to The Man watching your every move must be exhausting.) The Federal Trade Commission has set up a whole slew of new suggestions—not quite regulations, then—for Web sites in order to make their privacy policies more clear, and to regulate (without actually regulating) how… Read More

  • Steorn attempts to fleece us again with magic free energy

    The funniest thing about this whole Steorn/Orbo business is that my dad essentially built the same thing last year with a bike wheel, some paper clips, and some fridge magnets. This “revolution for energy production” is repeatedly pooh-poohed by the community, though they are denounced by Steorn as being closed-minded for being so. Really? Maybe they just see how incredibly… Read More

  • Review: Iomega Home Media Network Hard Drive

    Short Version: A good value for a NAS drive thanks to nice extras like a built-in print server, easy setup, and a straightforward interface. The Iomega Home Media Network Hard Drive would be right at home in a small office or a multi-user household. Read More

  • Ultrasone reveals exquisite Edition 8 ultra-high-end headphones

    Ultrasone, purveyors of fine German audio engineering, have one-upped themselves with the successor to their flagship special edition headset, the Edition 9.We reviewed those not too long ago, and we’ll be reviewing these shortly as well. The press release is an orgy of superlatives. Do your headphones use genuine Ethiopian sheepskin? Read More

  • Rules of Engagement: Users Are Spending More Time On MySpace

    We’ve dug a little deeper into today’s latest set of Comscore data. As we noted earlier today, Facebook continues to show tremendous growth, and may well catch up to MySpace in terms of U.S. unique visitors by 2010. But another interesting trend, and one that is important to advertisers, are the increases in engagement both networks have seen over the past year – a metric… Read More

  • The Queen has a new Web site, too bad it hardly works

    Can’t get enough of British Royalty for some reason? So much so that you’d not only visit their Web site, on the Internet, but you’d sift through old photos of the Queen of the Realm, through the years? Consider yourself the luckiest person(s) alive, for the Royal Family (is that a proper noun?) has re-launched its Internet Web site presence. YouTube videos, Google Maps… Read More

  • ARGUS-IS: Heli-mounted 1.8-gigapixel surveillance package

    Reaping the benefits of vastly improved imaging and analysis software, the Defense Department has put together a whopper of a situational awareness system. It’s mounted on a robotic helicopter, the Hummingbird, which can hover at high altitudes for a long period of time, providing coverage for an entire operation. The ARGUS-IS system itself is four arrays of 92 five-megapixel sensors… Read More

  • YouTube Hopes To Boost Revenue With Video Downloads

    YouTube took a step towards monetization by allowing partners to charge users for downloads. In this “test” initiative, selected YouTube partners can offer their video downloads for free or for a fee (determined by the partner) paid through Google Checkout. Most videos in the test are currently charging about $1 each. The partner can also decide how the downloadable video will… Read More

  • THQ builds real-life Warhammer Rhino tank for kicks

    I’ve seen some cockamamie promotions in my life, but building a damn tank? THQ, the developers behind Warhammer: Dawn of War II (which Peter is excited about), decided to do just that, for no particular reason — other than that it’s cool, I guess. Head on in for video of the thing crushing cars again and again (and again). Read More

  • Samsung goes green with the solar-powered Blue Earth

    Throwing down some sort of Captain Planet voodoo, Samsung has managed to take a bunch of plastic bottles and recycle them into the Blue Earth, a solar-powered touchscreen phone backed to the brim with eco-friendliness. Read More

  • Th!nk City Car reviewed Top Gear-style

    Oh man, I love me some Top Gear. The cinematography is great, the humour is British, and the cars are fast. The show does have a certain way of reviewing vehicles that sometimes borders on stupidity. Take the Tesla review, “an astonishing technical achievement…it’s just a shame that in the real world, it just doesn’t seem to work.” What, really? Anyway, these… Read More

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