• LG Arena gets official at MWC

    As if we didn’t already know. LG officially took the wraps off the Arena today at MWC. It’s being touted as a multimedia device with an “exhilarating audio and video experience” coupled with LG’s ‘intuitive’ 3D S-Class UI. The Arena features a 3-inch WVGA touchscreen, 8GB of internal storage (expandable to 40GB), a 5-megapixel (AF/MF), a 1000mAh… Read More

  • Clarizen: Project Management for Non-Project Managers (Free 1 yr. Subscriptions!)

    Many professionals I know are not project managers by profession and yet most at some point or another have had the dubious pleasure of battling it out with a project management (PM) application—MS Project typically the nightmare of choice. It begins with lofty ideals of planning and running an organized project (for once). Yet what usually happens is that they end-up managing the… Read More

  • Happy Monday CrunchDeals: Dell Mini 9 for $199, cheap monitors and more

    Yama hama, great deals abound on this fine Monday morning. Case in point, the Dell Mini 9 netbook for $199 after $50 instant savings. Sure it’s only got a 4GB SSD and 512MB of RAM but deals like this help to push netbook prices down into gotta-buy-it territory. More CrunchDeals after the jump… Read More

  • Palm releases official webOS programming resource

    Itchin’ to develop for Palm’s webOS? Well, you’re in luck, friend. Today at MWC, Palm and O’Reilly Media announced that the first chapter in “Palm webOS: Developing Applications in JavaScript Using the Palm Mojo(TM) Framework” is available for all and it’s free. It includes info on the app model, framework and how to use the Mojo SDK. Palm’s VP… Read More

  • The Simpsons goes HD, gets a flat screen

    We knew this day was coming and boy was it great to watch the Simpsons in all their high definition glory last night. In case you missed it though, the new title theme is after the break. It’s worth two minutes of your time. Read More

  • New device from Sharp lets you track solar power generation via the web

    It seems Japan is all about solar power lately. On April 1, Sharp Japan will release the JH-RWL1 [JP], an Internet-enabled device that allows households to monitor the performance of their solar power generation systems remotely. Read More

  • A Peer-to-Peer Plaxo: Glynx Launches P2P Identity Management

    Glynx, not to be confused with the recently released Ginx, is taking a peer-to-peer approach to identity management and in the process promises to help its users take back control of their online identities. After downloading the Glynx software to either a PC or a Mac, you have a Plaxo-like contact manager for online contacts, email addresses and phone numbers, except there is no central… Read More

  • Nokia's 8 megapixel N86 gets caught on camera

    BAM! We had just hit the publish button detailing the N86’s early debut in some press materials when this little gem hit our tips line. Apparently, the 8-megapixel N86 did debut today – just not at Mobile World Congress, and with barely any fanfare. Read More

  • Oops! Nokia leaks their own phone in their own press materials

    We hear about loose-lipped employees leaking stuff all the time around these parts. Less frequently, but still pretty often, companies that have partnered together on a project will unintentionally leak the related products prior to announcement. Least common of all, however, is the treasured occasion in which a company leaks their own product. Such is the case with the 8-megapixel Nokia… Read More

  • iPhone card counting app comes under Las Vegas scrutiny

    So apparently card counting isn’t illegal per se in Nevada. The use of card counting machines, however, is (and is a felony at that), which is why this iPhone app named Card Counter is now in the news. Las Vegas casino owners, and their well wishers, have been tipped off to the app’s existence, which makes winning blackjack easier. Read More

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