• SEC Greenlights Prosper; P2P Lending Resumes In 14 States, More Coming

    Good news for P2P lending and trading platform Prosper as it concludes its 9-month hiatus during which it was not allowed to continue its loan operations in the United States. The Securities and Exchange Commission is now greenlighting Prosper to facilitate peer-to-peer lending in 14 states with more on the way, borrowing nearly nationwide. Prosper is now the first and thus only Internet… Read More

  • Daily Crunch: Small Mailman Edition

    “Bowlingual”: Portable dog language translator (video)
    AcceleGlove: a Power Glove that actually works
    Nike unveils the new Nike+ SportBand Read More

  • Index Puts $17 million Into… Fast Food?

    Who needs web apps and crazy things like Twitter when you can invest in an online ordering system for fast food outlets? That’s what’s just happened to Just-Eat, possibly the leading European aggregator site for ordering fast food online. It’s closed its first institutional financing, with Index Ventures leading the large $17 million (£10.5 million) round. Venrex… Read More

  • Financial Times Tweets That It Now Has An iPhone App. Yup, It's Pink.

    International business newspaper and website Financial Times, founded in 1888, is now part of the iPhone app club with the release of a free application on the iTunes App Store (iTunes link). The move comes after most of its competitors released applications for the platform back in 1891 (ok not really, but long ago anyway). Remarkably, FT announced the release of the application using its… Read More

  • Silverlight Office

    I know Robert Scoble thinks Office is still not dead, but his excitement about the Office 2010 tech preview should be taken with a large grain of salt. Of course, it was fun to be treated to an old-media style press barnstorm of the flogosphere, and the bells and whistles — poof, don’t need Photoshop, nor iMovie neither, and how about those browser features, cool — certainly… Read More

  • TuneWiki: From #1 App On Cydia To Legit Apps For iPhone, Android And BlackBerry

    There are loads of music applications for the iPhone and iPod Touch, which is hardly surprising considering the history of the iPod device and the deep integration of the portable devices with iTunes. Up until now, the most downloaded application for jailbroken iPhones on Cydia was also a music-related one: TuneWiki, an app that brings music streaming, a lyrics database and music videos… Read More

  • I'll have that to go – Index puts £10.5m into fast food ordering

    Who needs web apps and crazy things like Twitter when you can invest in an online ordering system for fast food outlets? That’s what’s just happened to Just-Eat, possibly the leading European aggregator site for ordering fast food online. It’s closed its first institutional financing, with Index Ventures leading the large £10.5 million round. Venrex Investment Management… Read More

  • Fonera+ gets upgraded to 2.0, adds built-in torrent download and upload services, other goodies

    As you recall Fon makes wireless routers for sharing. You install the Fon node in your house, share it with others, and then are given access to other Fonera routers around the world. It’s sort of a viral Wi-Fi community. Now, however, the Fonera is incredibly more interesting. The device can now access web services without the aid of a computer, allowing you to download torrents and… Read More

  • Free night vision goggles with 1 (one) purchase of Modern Warfare 2 "Prestige Edition"

    Infinity Ward has spoiled the hopes of Modern Warfare fanbois everywhere by doing their own pre-release unboxing of the special editions of Modern Warfare 2. A little weird having an unboxing for a game not coming out for another three months, but it’s worth it to see what’s in there. Sure, you got your special metal game case, your fun art book that you’ll read so many… Read More

  • Google Loses Engineering Director Who Once Caused Steve Ballmer To Melt Down

    After nearly 5 years with the company, Engineering Director Mark Lucovsky is leaving Google for a role with VMware, we’ve learned. Lucovsky has been an integral part of Google’s APIs, including the all-important Search APIs. Before Google, Lucovsky worked at DEC and then Microsoft for 16 years, eventually gaining the title of “Distinguished Engineer.” He had been… Read More

  • Twitter Back on Track In June With 20 Million U.S. Visitors

    Twitter may not be for teens, but plenty of other people are flocking to the service. After taking a breather in May, when U.S. unique visitor growth almost screeched to a halt, Twitter picked up the pace again in June. According to comScore, in June Twitter.com attracted 20.1 million unique visitors in the U.S., up 14 percent from May. The resumption of growth isn’t of the… Read More

  • Video: Live action Super Mario Bros. on India's Got Talent

    I don’t know if this is more talent or imagination, but it’s fun to watch either way. Read More

  • A Workaround For The Gmail Push Workaround

    Since we wrote the story last week about GPush, the iPhone app that delivers Gmail messages through iPhone Push Notifications, we’ve gotten numerous emails with the same question: Where can I get it? Unfortunately, as I said in the post, it looks like Apple is dragging its feet in accepting the app. So today, we bring news of a potential workaround. Yes, a workaround for a… Read More

  • Got a chipped ID? Hope you like sharing your private information

    I don’t buy into a lot of cyber-scares, but having my vital statistics accessible to anybody who feels like snatching it out of the air is definitely something I’d like to avoid. It’s not a new threat, but it seems that RFID-enhanced IDs are fast becoming the standard instead of a high-tech option. And since the security surrounding them is laughable to any serious hacker… Read More

  • Myst is coming to PSN & PSP next week, do we care?

    So the original Myst game is being re-released on the PSN, and the PSP in the coming weeks. The real question however, is can a game that was revolutionary and groundbreaking back in 1991 still draw an audience today? Read More

  • CrunchDeals: Ikaruga for $5 on XBLA

    This week’s deal on Xbox LIVE is Ikaruga, one of the best and most sophisticated shooters ever made. If you’re a Gold member, you can get it for 400 points, equivalent to five American dollars. If you’ve never played what some consider Treasure’s masterpiece, check out the skill-play videos on YouTube. I could beat the game, but barely — there are people doing… Read More

  • AcceleGlove: a Power Glove that actually works

    We all remember the Power Glove as basically a broken promise. Well, here’s your chance to have that grip-control fantasy fulfilled: the AcceleGlove is a control interface that senses your fingers’ positions via accelerometers and uses them to control, say, that oversized Armatron they’ve got there in the video. Remember Armatron? Read More

  • Cougars, Yuppies, And Sugar Daddies, Oh My! Ex-Googlers Working On Local Startup TownMe

    Ever wanted to see where your city’s highest concentration of frisky, mature Cougars was located? How about a list of locations in town that offer free meals when it’s your birthday? Two ex-Googlers have quietly launched a site called TownMe that’s looking to answer these questions and more. In fact, the site is aiming to become a comprehensive guide to pretty much… Read More

  • Golfers Mug combines coffee and putting

    Ah the Golfers Mug: such a simple idea. Drink your coffee and then lay the mug on the floor flat-side down for a little putting practice before you tackle the day ahead. Read More

  • USA Today Launches Headline Aggregator Newsdeck

    USA Today has launched Newsdeck, a site that aggregates the top news stories from the paper’s site. Each topic of news has an individual widget on the site with links to news stories. Currently the site features stories on 8 different topics, including “News,” “Money,” “Life,” and more. Each widget allows you to auto scroll down with your mouse for… Read More

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