• Move Networks acquires Inuk Networks and its cool Web TV platform

    Inuk Networks, the UK-based startup IP TV and triple-play service service, has been acquired by Move Networks, one of the leading IPTV providers in the US. Inuk’s platform has lots of potential for targeted advertising and converged, especially as it has a PC/Mac multi-room solution. Details of the deal were undisclosed. Move Networks allows broadcasters like ABC, FOX, The CW… Read More

  • Apple WWDC rumors: MacBook speed bumps, pro application upgrades (but where's the netbook?)

    As Apple’s WWDC gets ever closer the rumors begin to hot up. Today’s drivel: the MacBook and MacBook Pro may see slight upgrades there. Apple may throw in built-in 3G support, along with the usual speed bumps; it may also make the battery more difficult to remove, in the interest of aesthetics. Read More

  • Macs Now Play Nice With Photosynth's Nifty 3D Photo Albums

    Photosynth, Microsoft’s impressive photo viewing project that stiches together images to create pseudo-3D worlds, got a major upgrade last week. The app has ditched Direct 3D (which only works on Windows) in favor of Silverlight, Microsoft’s cross-platform viewer, which means that Photosynth is now Mac friendly. So if you’re on a Mac and have only been able to look longingly… Read More

  • Leaked: LG enV3 VX9200 to have a 3 Megapixel camera

    There’s nothing really inherently exciting about a shot of the back of a phone. To be honest, there’s not really anything about the LG enV3 that gets us excited But if you look real close at the picture above (obtained by PhoneArena), you’ll see one previously unleaked gem. See it yet? Directly to the left of the camera lens: “3.0 Mega”. Unless that’s… Read More

  • The EagleTec USB Nano flash drive: it doesn't get much smaller

    Will you look at that. That’s one tiny flash drive. The EagleTec USB Nano takes small to a whole new, and welcomed, level. No longer are we going to be subject to large appendages sticking out of our laptop’s side. Oh now, now that this drive is out from EagleTec, chances are we’ll see ’em from other manufacturers too. But really, the EagleTec one seems good ‘nough. Read More

  • Soonr Updates Its Offering. Brings Up The "Netbook" Buzzword.

    In this day and age, with technology, no one works alone — that’s how Soonr sees it. And it’s a key part of the company’s offering: collaboration. Another is portability, and with the launch of the 3.0 version of its software, Soonr is expanding in both of those areas. And this update comes complete with an attempt to leverage two of the hottest things out there: the… Read More

  • NetBase Offers Powerful Semantic Indexing Platform That Reads The Web

    Regular search engines such as Google and Yahoo use statistics to make sense of the Web. They count links, keywords, and other items on a page to determine its rank in search results. Semantic search engines try to actually understand the meaning of the words found on the Web and other documents to bring back the most relevant results to a query. Microsoft bought Powerset for $100 million… Read More

  • LogLogic Acquires Exaprotect To Expand IT Security Management Service

    LogLogic, a security and log management firm that helps companies sort though log data in their IT systems, has acquired security management company, Exaprotect, for an undisclosed amount. Exaprotect’s software monitors and manages companies’ IT security threats and breaches. LogLogic, a Sequoia and SAP Ventures-backed private company, offers companies a suite of software products… Read More

  • Twitter OAuth "Temporarily Disabled", Developers Left Hanging

    Twitter, you need to do a better job at communicating with the developer ecosystem that has been formed around your API for the past couple of years. At least, that’s the message the developers themselves seem to be sending out to the startup at an increasing rate. Jesse Stay from SocialToo wrote something about this earlier today on his blog, criticizing the startup over a change it made… Read More

  • Taking Advantage Of The DOJ Settlement, Redfin Lists More Data: Tiptoes Into New York

    The real estate slump is still dragging the economy down, but real estate sites that can help people save money or cut down the time it takes to find a decent home are still hanging on. Today, regional online brokerage Redfin is expanding into parts of New York for the first time, including Westchester, Long Island, and Queens (Manhattan and Brooklyn still remain beyond its reach). And in… Read More

  • ClusterShot Aims To Become Another iStockphoto Rival

    There’s another online marketplace for buying and selling stock photographs in town, and its name is ClusterShot. Don’t look for it to bring any major innovations in the space, of which Getty Images-owned iStockphoto is arguably the dominant force, but feel free to check it out if you agree that there it needs a bit more competition (also check out our earlier review of… Read More

  • Daily Crunch: Rock On Mars Edition

    Mars Rovers, Roomba and the Terminator enter the Robot Hall of Fame
    Silicon Imaging 3D digital cinema rig strapped to a flying man’s head
    Cute netbook sleeves from be.ez for your cute netbook Read More

  • Battlestar fan? Look to Zune Marketplace for your Caprica needs

    If you’re a big BSG buff, and I know you are, you’re probably looking forward to seeing the prequel Caprica, if you haven’t done so already. The first episode was shown at the Arclight in LA (I saw Alien there, it was freaky), and now you can get that episode on DVD. Or, if you’re a real fan, you can head on over to the Zune Marketplace and get the episode plus the… Read More

  • MOXI HD shocker: No AVI or MKV support

    Somehow in the hoopla that surrounded the latest Moxi HD press release, I failed to notice that the recently added DLNA media streaming capabilities does not support AVI or MKV files. This is huge. Suddenly I’m looking at this sexy DVR like it has chlamydia. I don’t want anything to do with it. The lack of AVI or MKV support makes the DVR kind of useless in my house. Sure… Read More

  • Core MySpace Executive Team "Definitely Out." Expect Announcement Soon.

    An update to my post earlier today that News Corp., under new CEO of Digital Media Jonathan Miller, is looking to replace MySpace CEO and cofounder Chris DeWolfe. We’ve confirmed that things are actually moving much faster than we first understood, and that a decision has already been made to terminate Chris DeWolfe’s employment with MySpace. We’ve also been told that the… Read More

  • Social Profiling

    Facebook, MySpace, LinkedIn, Yahoo and now Google. What do these have in common? If you’re reading this blog, you probably have a profile on all of them. And those are just the obvious ones, you probably have a bunch of other profiles on a series of other networks too. The situation has become untenable. Imagine if you wanted to update one piece of information on all of them — like… Read More

  • A billion App Store downloads, whenever Apple says so

    It seems that if you set your clock forward to Friday the 24th, Apple’s homepage shows that the billionth app has been sold! Huzzah! Of course, that implies that Apple is pulling one over on us and will declare the billionth app sold whenever it feels the time is right. Hmm, how about Friday, guys? I just tried and it works. Not sure why I did that. I like BBG’s assessment of… Read More

  • Taser sues Second Life over fake in-game Tasers

    Ah, Taser. The Monster Cable of personal defense. Although the word “taser” has become so common as to be an improper noun like frisbee, kleenex, or google, the company still vociferously defends its trademark. I guess you can’t really blame them there, but suing Linden Labs because some Second Life player made a BDSM suit with a “built-in crotch taser”? How petty. Read More

  • NES purse is a purse with an NES, obviously

    I’ve taken to carrying around a bottle of whiskey and an SNES in a bag wherever I go because hey, instant party! But this might be an even better solution — at least, if I were the purse-carrying kind of guy. The battery-powered unit is actually a little console-on-a-chip, and it can be used for other stuff too… as long as you only need to type A’s and B’s. Read More

  • Mars Rovers, Roomba and the Terminator enter the Robot Hall of Fame

    I think congratulations are in order! The official Robot Hall of Fame is inducting several new members into its illustrious ranks. Along with Spirit, Opportunity, Roomba, and the original Terminator, the terrifying Da Vinci surgical bot and Huey, Dewey and Louie, some old-school droids from Silent Running will number themselves among the elite. The announcement by Carnegie Mellon… Read More

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