• Tron Guy is a PC

    I could have done without the ‘behind the scenes’ type photos of Jay Maynard and his junk, but his impression of everyone’s initial reaction to his costume makes up for it. What a nerd. :) The description from the YouTube page is as follows: Without the networks and communities created by the PC, the world might never have even heard of the “Tron Guy” or… Read More

  • SearchMe's Visual Search For the iPhone Finally Launches

    Sequoia-backed visual search engine SearchMe finally got approval on their iPhone application – it appears to have been sitting at Apple waiting for approval for over two months. Well, it was worth the wait. Like Google’s voice recognition app, it’s a much better search experience than the default Google search built into the iPhone browser. The app gives you a visual preview… Read More

  • South Korea's new soldiers look a little Starcraft-y; I wonder why

    CNET has decided that South Korea’s next-generation battle gear makes soldiers look Halo-esque. A very 21st-century assessment! But as Yahtzee has pointed out time after time, space marines are perhaps the most ubiquitous character in video game history, and even if you don’t want to go as far back as Space Hulk, you still have to give credit where credit’s due. And in… Read More

  • Mobspin: Get A Little Help From Your Friends Without Seeming Needy

    For years, people have been turning to the web to ask perfect strangers for advice. But while largely anoymized services like Yahoo Answers have proven to be hugely popular, there’s something to be said for getting advice from people you actually know. Last month we wrote about Aardvark, a social search engine in private beta built by The Mechanical Zoo that distributes your… Read More

  • Tesla Wants A Piece Of The Hypothetical Auto Bailout Fund

    The big three automakers are clamoring for a piece of the hypothetical $25 billion auto-bailout fund. And newcomer Tesla wants a piece of that too, apparently. The startup auto-maker has requested $400 million in low or no-interest loans to fund two upcoming projects (likely their new $70k electric sedan and a low priced third car). Tesla has raised nearly $200 million in capital since… Read More

  • Ocarina Surges To Top Paid iPhone App Position

    Ocarina, the second iPhone application from Silicon Valley based Smule, has surged to the top spot on the iPhone App store just a little over a week after launching (you can download it here for $.99). Why? Just like Smule’s first application, a social virtual lighter (yeah, I know), People are fascinated by interacting with others. With the lighter it was competing geographically for… Read More

  • ScanFast for Her: TSA-friendly laptops, for the ladies in the house

    These fancy, $100 bags are part of the ScanFast for Her Collection, Mobile Edge’s line of lady-minded laptop bags. (I guess generic, dark-colored bags are too aggressive and masculine for women. Wait, what?) As with other Mobile Edge bags, these are Transportation Security Administration’s Checkpoint Friendly. That means, theoretically, that you’re not required to remove… Read More

  • Microsoft Zune prices dropping just in time for the holidays

    Microsoft introduced the third generation Zune two months ago and rolled out the 3.1 update today, but electronista has just confirmed that the Zune is dropping in price. How much you ask? The 4GB is getting the biggest drop and will end up with a new MSRP of $99 while the 8GB will now sell for $139. The large-ish 16GB flavor is dropping by $20 to $179. All these prices should go into… Read More

  • Panasonic making a bid for Sanyo – but why?

    Panasonic is looking to lay out more than $5 billion to take a controlling stake in Sanyo. What does the consumer tech giant see in the smaller, less successful company? Diversification. Panasonic has had great success in consumer tech but has no division for solar tech and only a limited stake in electric vehicle batteries. For Sanyo it’s vice versa — they’re each the… Read More

  • Peek e-mail device adds text messaging and more

    Good news for Peek owners, as the previously e-mail-only service has been upgraded to handle text messaging with the greatest of ease. You’ll simply need to enter your Peek-less friends’ ten digit cell phone numbers (you have those all memorized, right?) into the TO: field of an e-mail message and they’ll receive whatever you type in the body as a text message. Messages sent… Read More

  • Review: Call of Duty: World at War (Xbox 360)

    Quick Version: Whether you’re new to the Call of Duty series of first-person shooters or you’ve played some or all of the past versions, you’ll likely find World at War to be a compelling and powerful addition to your library of games. Read More

  • Zune 3.1 update now available

    The latest Zune update isn’t anything ground breaking but it does bring some updates to the Zune Social feature and a hand full of free games. Plus, the Zune PC software is a bit more stable after after the update. Simple jump into the PC software and click, “Check for updates.” Don’t forget, even the old Zunes can be updated to receive all the latest goodies. Read More

  • Mark Cuban Can't Help Himself, He's Going To Fight The SEC In Public

    When the SEC charges someone with insider trading or any other crime, most lawyers will advise them that the best course of action is usually to keep their mouth shut and fight it in court. But some people just can’t help themselves. Martha Stewart, for instance, tried to fight her insider trading case in the court of public opinion, and it didn’t do her much good. Now… Read More

  • MythTV to get a fresh coat of paint with GUI updates

    MythTV is incredibly popular DVR alternative and the next update will roll-out new interface changes. The new software update gives developers dramatic more control over the GUI and should bring spectacular new effects including animations and OpenGL support. Every spot of the GUI should receive immediate updates and eventually more themes should appear utilizing the back-end. Read More

  • Don't be like that kid who played World of Warcraft for 24 hours in a row, please

    Americans had a saying in the 1840s: “54-40 or fight!” It referred to the Oregon Country-Canada border dispute we had with the British. Americans, feeling that their nation deserved to be a continental nation, were willing to go to war against the British, again, in order secure a few more swaths of land, and all the gold and glory that goes along with that. I have a similar… Read More

  • Manage Your API Infrastructure With 3scale Networks

    Barcelona-based 3scale Networks has just announced on its blog that it made the switch from private to public beta for its API infrastructure management system, which enables Web API providers to set up and manage developer and client relationships for their Web Services, monitor usage and enable payments. 3scale features an online marketplace where resources are provided for developers who… Read More

  • Awful concept: Samsung Scroll

    Ah, concept products. You are the court jesters of the tech kingdom. Where else can every trend and UI rule be bucked — in both good ways and bad? This concept computer called the Samsung Scroll (does Samsung know about this?) is a complete disaster. It is a device that you can use to browse the net, chat with friends, IM, email, write or draw. It works with most updated servers so that… Read More

  • The other MMO: The Lord of the Rings Online: Mines of Moria is now available

    Quick note, amigos. The Lord of the Rings Online: Mines of Moria, the MMO’s first expansion pack, comes out today. We already discussed some of the game’s finer points, so get in while you can. Unless, of course, you’re currently in the hospital because you’ve overdosed on too much Death Knighting. Read More

  • "i-Ball" 360-degree military camera is fired from a grenade launcher

    Let’s just get something out of the way here. Putting an “i” in front of a word to make it “technological” got old around 2002. I-Ball is a dumb-sounding name in the first place, not to mention that it’s a bit sexually charged. Why not something cool, like a Horus or Eyetron? I understand “i-Ball” is kind of a pun but it’s a poor… Read More

  • Crosstown Traffic: Adobe and Microsoft trading spaces

    It seemed almost like the Good Old Days when everyone waited on Microsoft to show their cards before doing anything. While Adobe took over Moscone West in San Francisco for its MAX developer conference, Microsoft launched its Microsoft Online Services operation at the St. Regis 3 blocks away before an audience of press, analysts, bloggers, and most importantly, business partners. As one Adobe… Read More

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