• TopFans.com Adds Another Way To Worship Celebrities Online

    Pop culture’s obsession with celebrities is evolving along with technology. Ashton Kutcher reached 1 million Twitter followers and Oprah is now part of the Twitterati. And there is never enough news or information about celebrities to satiate the thirst of fans; they want more and more insight into celebrities’ lives, especially online. The startup that created Zivity, the… Read More

  • Stoke Nabs $15 Million For Mobile Broadband Network Technology

    Mobile broadband network developer Stoke has received $15 million in Series D funding from Reliance Technology Ventures Limited, Sequoia Capital, Kleiner Perkins Caufield & Byers, and Japanese networking company Net One Systems, bringing the telecom network startup’s total funding to $65 million. Stoke raised $20 million in Series C funding in 2007 (led by DAG Ventures), $19.8… Read More

  • SmartTrack Neo: Bootleg multi-touch input device for your Windows PC

    Hey there, multi-touch! With this, the SmartTrack Neo [JP], you can add multi-touch capability to your PC. A hot $50 for this life saver. Read More

  • Report: Apple consolidating AV cables for the next iPhone

    It could be a good time to pick some iPod AV cables as Apple has told retailers to start clearancing them out. Why you ask? Well, silly, ’cause there is a new iPhone coming! That’s why. We hear that the upcoming AV cables combine both composite, and component into one cable, which will allow for both SD and HDTV hook up without buying two sets of cables. Does this mean Apple has… Read More

  • Should publishers even bother with ‘mature’ video games on the Nintendo DS?

    Do mature-themed video games have any place on the Nintendo DS? Not to say whether or not they should be allowed, obviously, but whether or not it makes any sense for a publisher to release a game for the system, given its reputation as a “kiddie” platform. Case in point: Grand Theft Auto: Chinatown Wars, which sold only 82,000 copies in March. (It was released on March 18, so it… Read More

  • LG Viewty Smart GC900 now intentionally official

    After making an unintended early debut on the LG Germany’s blog last week, the LG Viewty II – which, by the way, has been redubbed the LG Viewty Smart – is officially official. Not much about a cell phone can change in a week’s time, so everything’s dot-for-dot with what we saw leak out last week. It’s still got an 8 megapixel camera, WiFi, 7.2mbps HSDPA… Read More

  • Orgel Spa: Hear music in your bathtub, feel extreme relaxation

    Sega Toys in Japan is selling a waterproof “music ball” that helps you relax while you take a bath. Dubbed Orgel Spa [JP], the small device (8cm in diameter and 6cm high) is part of the company’s toy series that’s geared towards grown-ups and further includes the Homestar Planetarium, for example. Read More

  • Nepal Telecom bringing cell service to Mt. Everest

    If you’re one of the few hundred people that attempt to climb Mt. Everest each year: don’t sweat it, you’ll still be able to text your peeps from the top. Nepal Telecoms, a telecoms company which has a lock on some 60% of the Nepalese cell phone market, has announced that they’ll be taking signal all the way to the top by way of satellite antennas. Climbers have always… Read More

  • Windows 7 Starter Edition headed for a netbook near you

    Of the many flavors of Windows 7, due out this summer, the Starter Edition has received perhaps the most flack. It’s limited to running only three applications at a time, something most computer users find absolutely ludicrous. Microsoft isn’t targeting Starter Edition for your everyday desktop PC, though: they’re targeting it at netbooks. Read More

  • Another shot of the unknown Pentax DSLR

    What you see on the left-hand side is a very clear shot of the unknown Pentax DSLR next to its current brethren. Other models aside, you can clearly see that the flash module, shutter release and what appears to be a mic hole on top of the flash. Other than that, I don’t notice anything different, but I’d like close up on that dial. Hmm… Read More

  • Microsoft confirms "Game of the Year" Xbox 360 bundle [Update]

    Starting in May, a new Xbox 360 bundle will hit retail shelves dubbed the “Game of the Year” (or is it “Games of the Year”?) bundle. With such a moniker, we’d assume it’ll be an annual type of thing, but we’ll wait to see how this one does. This limited edition bundle comes with Halo 3, Fable II and an Elite Xbox 360 (120GB) for just $400. Read More

  • Fox News And MySpace Launch uReport (Not To Be Confused With CNN’s iReport)

    FOX News and MySpace are partnering to launch Fox’s citizen journalism social media platform on MySpace, called uReport. MySpace members can share citizen produced content with the MySpace community, as well as have the chance to be featured on FOX News. FOX News and MySpace are both owned by News Corp. FOX News uReport, which is nearly identical to CNN’s citizen journalism… Read More

  • Rumor: Apple has a netbook coming and Foxconn might build it

    There have been around 1,736 (give or take) Apple netbook rumors in the last year. The latest rumor to add to that count comes from Digitimes and is a little lite on details, Foxconn Electronics (Hon Hai Precision Industry) is in the running to land orders for a netbook from Apple, according to a Chinese-language Commercial Times report citing sources from the component supply chain. Could be… Read More

  • Angelina Jolie loves her Palm Pre

    Know who doesn’t have a Palm Pre? Me. Or you, most likely. Know who does? Angelina Jolie. Presumably one of many celebrities currently touting Palm’s not-so-secret weapon, Jolie was recently spotted on the set of an upcoming flick with a Pre in tow. When the LA Examiner asked her about it, she “went on about it for about two minutes.” The goods? She likes the… Read More

  • Video Review: Mode RCC-1075 all-in-one recycling center

    The Mode All-In-One Premium Recycling Center is a recycling solution designed to help ease the burden of recycling. With 13 gallons of total capacity divided into a 5 gallon paper bin and an 8 gallon bin for glass, plastic, and metal, the RCC-1000 makes it easy to separate your recyclables. It also includes a unique compaction system, a nifty system to track how much you’ve recycled, and… Read More

  • Bob Dylan Spurns iTunes, Gives Amazon Exclusive Video Single From Next Album

    No, that is not a picture of Bob Dylan making out with Jeff Bezos in the back seat of a car on the cover of Dylan’s next album, Together Through Life, but it might as well be. Dylan is giving Amazon a big wet, sloppy kiss by giving it the exclusive video for the first single from the album, “Beyond Here Lies Nuthin.” The video features some great old photo of Brooklyn by… Read More

  • Four new Apple commercials, PC fanboys ready flame comments

    Microsoft is right in the middle of its Laptop Hunter campaign, but Apple’s got something for Gates & Co. with four more Mac vs PC ad spots. You know the subject too, PCs crash, have tons of legalese, and get viruses. The only ad that’s actually positive and points out novel Mac features is the one about iPhoto and its new Faces features. Watch all four after the jump. Read More

  • Japan to flood outer space with 100 mini satellites

    Japan wants to become a new force in space. The country is currently planning to launch a swarm of up to 100 mini-satellites, each costing between $3 million and $4 million. Sized at around 50cm, the cubicle-shaped satellites are supposedly not bigger than school backpacks. The 50kg-satellites will be used to track natural disasters, the weather and traffic jams. This initiative is part of… Read More

  • Oracle Wants To Be The Apple Of The Enterprise, But It Just Became IBM

    Larry Ellison has always wanted to be the Steve Jobs of the enterprise. With this morning’s announcement that Oracle will buy Sun Microsystems for $7.4 billion, he took a big step towards making Oracle more of a soup-to-nuts provider of enterprise technology. With Sun, he will now be able to build and package together everything from chips and servers to operating systems, Java… Read More

  • BlueStripe Scores $8 Million For Virtualization Software

    BlueStripe Software, a company that sells application service management software, secured a $8 million in Series B funding from Valhalla Partners and Trinity Ventures. The company secured $5 million in Series A funding in 2007 from Trinity Ventures. BlueStripe says it will use the funding to expand business operations, create new products and further sales and marketing efforts. Founded in… Read More

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