• The Death Of "Web 2.0"

    I’m not going to discuss the economic meltdown and its devastating effect on technology companies and internet startups in this post, but rather something that crossed my mind earlier this morning: “Web 2.0” seems to become more and more a void (and an avoided) term. Of course, that’s not necessarily a bad thing, but it is definitely apparent. So why do I say… Read More

  • Another iPhone app developer making some serious cash

    Ethan Nicholas, developer of a tank artillery game called iShoot, quit his day job the day his app rose to No. 1 in the App Store (it now sits at No. 7 as of this writing). I’d quit my day job too if I was making $37,000 in a single day from my app. Read More

  • Scientists map streams and rivers with lasers, make delightful poached trout

    Scientists are using a laser mapping system called lidar to map the run and topography of streams and rivers in order to help maintain fish populations. By looking at the actual bottom of streams by shooting it with lasers they can tell where fish might move next and where their spawning locations are. Lidar is also useful in standard topographic mapping and can capture the earth’s… Read More

  • Microsoft: Bounty on Conficker worm creator

    Microsoft has announced today that it is offering a reward of $250,000 to anyone who can provide information that can help arrest the creator of the Conficker worm. They stated that this worm is a criminal attack and that citizens from any country can receive the bounty. That’s a lot of cash, it might be worth it for the guy to turn himself in. Read More

  • There's a Fender on my table! No, there's a table on my Fender!

    If you’re a big shred head, why not totally show off your rockstar moves with this odd, $750 Fender-headstock coffee table complete with machineheads and enough power to tear up the Lindberg Air Force Base in Seattle and then some. Read More

  • MySpace Quietly Launches Site-Wide Image Search

    MySpace has introduced a new image search feature to its integrated search engine, allowing users to quickly search through photos shared by their friends and the MySpace community. While MySpace did not officially announce the new feature, the company has confirmed that it recently went live, and indexes around 3 billion of the site’s 7 billion photos. The addition reflects… Read More

  • Elevator Pitch Friday: Relenta Provides Economy Friendly CRM Solutions To Small Businesses

    This week’s elevator pitch comes from Relenta, a SaaS email-centric contact and task management platform. The pitch was concise and explained the product well but should have indicated more clearly how Relenta’s business model is viable (a.k.a. how they are going to make money). Relenta is an all-in-one email/customer relationship management/group calendar/mailing list… Read More

  • Military laptops for sale on the black market

    As the U.S. military gets more and more technical, more and more military laptops are finding their way onto the global black market. It’s not really surprising (well, maybe it is), but it’s possible to buy all sorts of military equipment on the black market. But it’s one thing to buy a rocket propelled grenade to use to shoot at someone; it’s another thing entirely to… Read More

  • A phone designed by tech journalists: sweet or meh?

    Wading through miles of devices gives tech journalists a unique outlook on what exactly everybody’s doing wrong, but it’s not always possible to take all that and turn it around into something that’s exactly right. TechCrunch is working on a simple, cheap tablet PC (with some success) because there’s nothing that fills that role right now. T3 felt the same way about… Read More

  • Hands-on with Dragon's upcoming eyewear line

    Spring is just around the corner and the sun is slowly poking its head out through the clouds here in NYC. I’ve been rocking polarized Electric Hi-Fis for the last couple years, but I think it’s time for a new set of shades for this year. I sat down with Dragon yesterday and they gave me a peek at some new shades for this coming year. If you’re a snowboarder or motocross… Read More

  • Square-Enix definitely taking over Eidos

    We heard rumors about it a couple months ago, and indeed it appears that Eidos will be bought by Square-Enix, for “32 pence a share in cash.” They’re paying in funny money! Well, no. They’re paying in yens. Read More

  • Homebrew Half-Life movie kicks ass

    It’s amazing what a little talent, a little gear and a lot of imagination can accomplish. The Purchase Brothers purportedly spent $500 to produce two episodes in a Half-Life movie series. This isn’t machinima, folks, but real human beings acting this stuff out. Very, very cool. Read More

  • YouTube Kills Our Video Download Tool

    For the last few years we’ve offered a very basic tool for downloading YouTube videos that allowed users to enter the URL of any video to immediately get a link to a downloadable file. The tool does exactly the same thing as dozens of other sites and plugins, which have emerged because YouTube has long refused to offer similar functionality through its own site. Now, in light of… Read More

  • Android pay apps to multiply, thrive in RC33

    Last week’s update to the T-Mobile G1, which included the handy voice search among other things, apparently also laid the foundation for the real pay app push, which should be starting right… about… I’m going to say Wednesday. T-Mo had this to say… Read More

  • Ladies, need help with Valentine's Day (or any day, really) gifts for us?

    Who’s to say girls know what to get their better halves for birthdays and holidays? I realize there are tons of sites that have tons of suggestions for gifts but my experience has been that they stink. Really bad. Now I’m not saying WishWrap is any better, but I must admit the selections are pretty good. Read More

  • Video: This is the God of War III trailer, and it looks good

    My initial, knee jerk reaction to the God of War III trailer was, “God of War III was fun when it was called God of War, in 2005.” Read More

  • IVP's Chaffee: Why I Invested In Twitter

    Why did Institutional Venture Partners and Benchmark Capital just plow $35 million into Twitter? I talked today with Todd Chaffee, the partner at IVP behind the deal, and asked him just that. His answer: Our model is to find the winners and market leaders that are going to grow at a disproportionate level. Twitter falls in that category. Twitter is bigger than a lot of people realize… Read More

  • The Resident Evil 5 racism debate continues, for some reason

    For reasons known only to God and his brother Jim—ooh, sacrilege—plenty of people are still calling Resident Evil 5 racist. The list now includes The Atlantic and Eurogamer; don’t forget N’Gai Croal brought this issue to everyone’s attention last year. Me? I’m sorry, but I have bills to pay, and I simply cannot be bothered to argue, in print or otherwise… Read More

  • Snowboard multi-tool includes "tobacco pipe"

    Hey, man. Is it your intention to do some exciting tricks on the slopes on your board this weekend and perhaps smoke some tobacco and drink some cola? Why not bring this handy multi-tool from Bakoda which includes a screwdriver, tape measure, and pipe. Read More

  • Cheesy last minute Valentine's Day gift

    OK, fellas, you know what tomorrow is and if you’re like me then you probably haven’t even thought about a gift for the lil lady yet. Luckily there’s always some gadget pusher out there with a worthwhile last minute gift idea. This time around it’s SmartParts and their 1.5-inch digital picture frame keychain. Read More

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