• TC/CG Meet-up: Important Helsinki Update

    I’ll be in Helsinki next week and I’d like to plan a very informal meet-up on Tuesday, April 28 at 8pm. All those attending, please email me at john@crunchgear.com with the subject line “RSVP HELSINKI.” NOTE – The new start time is now 8pm. We’ve decided to have the meet-up at A21 on Annankatu 21 [Google Map]. PLEASE RSVP ASAP so I can offer them a head… Read More

  • Have Kindle, Will Travel — And Stay Up-To-Date Thanks To Offbeat Guides

    I used to think the Kindle was stupid. Then I bought one and realized I was wrong. It’s still way too expensive, but it’s great at what it does. And what it does keeps on expanding. Now, it takes a step into the up-to-date travel guide market, with a partnership with the customizable travel guide service, Offbeat Guides. Starting tomorrow, you’ll be able to find 500 of… Read More

  • AOL Launches Online "News Magazine" PoliticsDaily

    AOL is adding a twist to old-fashioned political journalism with the launch of its new political news and blog site, PoliticsDaily.com. The site, which will primarily focus on in-depth political commentary as opposed to breaking news, will only provide original content, from long-form analysis to blog posts on issues in the U.S. political landscape. Led by former New York Times Washington… Read More

  • Apple May Hear Verizon Now

    At the risk of repeating myself for the millionth time, in many peoples’ minds, the Achilles’ heel of the iPhone is the network it’s on in the US: AT&T. Since the day it was announced as being exclusive to that provider, people have been wondering one thing: How long until it’s on Verizon? Rumors have surfaced time and again about the possibility, but today… Read More

  • Pleo creator Ugobe files for bankruptcy

    The first real casualty of the economic crisis has emerged, and it’s a lovable robotic dinosaur. Decreased demand for expensive toys has left Pleo’s creator, Ugobe, wallowing in debt. As a last ditch effort to remain solvent, they’re going to try to auction off the rights to Pleo, but there’s no guarantee that the poor critter will ever be made again. Pleo has always been… Read More

  • Facebook To Let Others Play In Its Stream

    Seeing the explosion in growth of Twitter right now, it’s pretty clear that the hot trend on the web is to have a service which acts as a central hub for information, and allows third-party sites and services to built on top of it. For most of its life, Facebook has been almost the exact opposite, insisting that developers work from within its walls to keep much of the data — and… Read More

  • Facebook drops other shoe tomorrow?

    The Wall Street Journal is reporting Facebook will open up most if not all of their user-contributed data to developers at a developer event tomorrow. This has been long expected and will likely trigger a wave of third-party integration of Facebook streams with other popular feeds, most notably that of Twitter. Should players such as Seesmic Desktop and FriendFeed roll out an integrated… Read More

  • Flip Ultra HD unboxed and toyed with

    Flip, makers of the Mino line of portable digital camcorders, have released the slightly less portable, but more capable Ultra HD. It’s chunkier than the Mino and has enough built-in storage that it can record a total of 2 hours of footage — the MinoHD records an hour of 720p to 4GB, so it’s a fair bet that the Ultra HD has 8GB inside. There aren’t any real specs… Read More

  • That $100 Android netbook will be $250

    Remember that cool-looking little Android netbook-tablet we reported last week? Well, at the time, the only thing that seemed fishy about it was the price, and lo and behold that part has now changed. The $100 price point quoted was the wildest speculation, apparently, and the real cost will be a much more believable $250. Read More

  • Apple loses patent suit, will have to pay $19M

    We hear of so many frivolous and petty lawsuits against (and from) Apple, it’s a bit weird to see one actually connect like this. A serious technical suit filed in 2007 alleged that Apple willfully violated a patent owned by Opti Inc. Apple did it’s darnedest, but in the end got their buns handed to them. Read More

  • Al Gore Defends His Right To Invest In Green: "Congresswoman, You Don't Know Me."

    On Friday, during a Congressional hearing on the Obama Administration’s proposal for a cap-and-trade system to curb greenhouse gases, Al Gore had to defend his honor. Marsha Blackburn, the Republican Congresswoman from Gore’s home state of Tennessee, questioned his motivations behind supporting the proposal because of his investments in green startups through his role at… Read More

  • Swine Flu Spreads Panic Over The Web

    Earlier today, the U.S. declared a public health emergency over the Swine Flu, after confirming 20 cases of the flu spreading to humans in New York, Ohio, Kansas, Texas and California. More than 80 people have died in Mexico from the disease, which has potentially spread to other countries, including Canada and France. Although Federal officials are urging Americans not to panic about the… Read More

  • Here Comes Twitter Spam And How To Fight It

    A spam-less Twitter feed might just be too good to be true. Spam is becoming an increasing problem on Twitter and something has to be done to separate the wheat from the chaff. Spammers are using Twitter as a tool by replying to your @username, which then causes the Tweets to show up in your timeline. There isn’t really a way to filter Twitter spam directly from a Twitter client. But… Read More

  • The Sorry State Of Online Privacy

    The Cloud is looming large, offering us ways to store and share our data in ways that were never before possible. We can effortlessly share our documents and photos with our families and friends, while maintaining control over their spread using powerful granular privacy controls. But it’s quickly becoming clear that the cloud isn’t ready for us. Because the services we rely on… Read More

  • @GeeknRolla – Our After-party band, Enamel – the next Franz Ferdinand?

    A big thanks for making Geek ‘n Rolla a memorable event also needs to go to Enamel, a new indie band that stepped in at the last minute to add somespice to our after-party at Cafe de Paris. Although they describe themselves at being influenced by The Police, David Bowie and Duran Duran, personally I’d describe them as “more accessible Franz Ferdinand”. Tim Dickinson… Read More

  • @GeeknRolla – Launching your Startup in The Cloud by Joe Drumgoole

    Joe Drumgoole, CTO and co-founder of PutPlace, (@jdrumgoole) has now uploading the slides from his ‘speed speech’ at Geek ‘n Rolla, title “Launching your Startup on a cloud computing infrastructure”. The main take-away? Watch the per transaction costs in cloud computing. Benjamin Ellis wrote on Business Tech Feed: Read More

  • Fix the Kindle 2's light text display

    If you can’t read your Kindle 2 because it’s too light, fear not. This thread shows you how to add darker, non-aliased fonts to your 16-shades-of-gray beauty. All the hack does is replace the standard fonts with new, darker fonts but many are complaining so this might be just the thing for a lazy Sunday afternoon. Read More

  • Oklahoma City Tea Party protestor arrested for threatening bloodbath on Twitter

    An Oklahoma City man named Daniel Knight Hayden, 52, posted threats against the government on Twitter under the name CitizenQuasar including the suggestion that he would kill police if they approached his home. The FBI has arrested him around April 15 in response to the threats, including a final tweet describing himself as “locked and loaded” and ready to “see what… Read More

  • Google Earth Helps Solve A Plane Crash Mystery

    The idea behind Google Earth has always been a powerful one: It allows users to explore places that they either can’t or won’t go. But with its vast amount of maps and topographical data, it also is a very powerful tool for combing the Earth — and that can be very useful when you’re searching for something. Which is exactly how it helped a grieving family find a plane… Read More

  • Awesome handheld NES with wireless controllers and Zapper

    For the retro gaming fans out there, these clone systems are making a lot of dreams come true. The FC3 system, for example, plays NES, SNES, and Genesis games, for only like $60. And this sweet portable NES, which uses actual NES cartridges, has the added bonus of wireless controllers and a Zapper as accessories. Of course it’s got a TV-out; you’d look pretty silly aiming a light… Read More

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