• Flip UltraHD and UltraSD officially announced

    It’s a little late to be announcing anything, since the things are already at Best Buy, but I guess Flip had better at least acknowledge that the Flip UltraHD and SD exist. We guessed that it was 720p and had 8GB of built-in storage when we saw the leaked pictures, and that’s pretty much what the news is. The price is lower than we expected, though, so that’s good news for… Read More

  • Zynga Pushing Nine Figures In Revenues Thanks To Micro-Transactions

    Zynga, the online gaming publisher, is making a ton of money. Just how much? Well, earlier reports put revenue at something around $50 million, but some new numbers obtained by Sarah Lacy suggests that it’s closer to $100 million. And clearly, it’s accelerating. We’re hearing that the run rate for 2009 may even be well above that. So in case it wasn’t already clear… Read More

  • HP launches a lower price Windows Home Server, the MediaSmart LX195

    HP is really taking the Windows Home Server thing seriously, eh? The company first launched WHS systems over a year and a half ago and we are already on the second generation. This time around though, HP is launching the MediaSmart LX195, which comes in at a lower price, but does sacrifice a bit to get there. That’s fine with me though. Leaked info about this server appeared a few weeks… Read More

  • Latest Transformers 2 trailer

    Oh man. The picture quality on this video is crap, but it still rocks. The story goes that this video was shot by a dedicated fan today at the trailer’s premiere and we hear many Bothans died to bring us this information. Seriously, watch it. Read More

  • Swine Flu: The New Startup Monetization Plan

    Over the last few days, the TechCrunch tips box has been flooded with pitches from companies looking to capitalize on ‘Swine Flu’, the potentially pandemic disease that is currently freaking out a significant portion of Earth’s inhabitants. Now that everyone is stressing about it, what better time to make a buck, right? First, there’s Flu Shirts, an online T-Shirt… Read More

  • Inspired By A Pile Of Crap, Gmail Adds More Emoticons

    You’ve likely already seen it, but it’s still a little unbelievable to me that Gmail included feces as one of its emoticons. If you haven’t seen it, go ahead, check it out, it’s there (the very last one on the bottom row). And now, we’re getting more emoticons — a whole hell of a lot more. A new feature in Gmail Labs, Extra Emoji, adds dozens of these… Read More

  • Crazy heatsink for your CPU creates a vortex, possibly

    If what I’m getting out of the dubious Google translation of this page is correct, this freaky component is a heatsink for your CPU. But it’s so big, and the fan is… also so big! It looks like cool air is pulled in through the vents on the bottom of the four-barreled aluminum “T-Shooter” and blown out the top by a full-size fan constantly sucking air out of… Read More

  • Forget The Pre, Palm's Got A Second Device Coming Out This Year. We're Calling It The Mini-Pre

    I came across some very interesting news today. I was mostly minding my own business, hammering away at our various sources in the hardware industry and trying to dig up some sort of information on exactly when the Palm Pre (pictured right) might be launching, and how many of them will be available. Rumors are flying about both of those issues over the last couple of days. And then, wham! A… Read More

  • Wall Street 2.0: The Twitter Script

    Not much is known about the the upcoming movie of Wall Street 2 other than it will once again team up actor Michael Douglas as Gordon Gekko and director Oliver Stone. When 1938 Media’s Loren Feldman heard the news this morning, he decided to come up with his own script—on Twitter. Over the course of more than twenty Tweets, starting with this one, he roughed out the basic plot… Read More

  • Can a pizza box be a gadget?

    If a pizza box transforms into four plates and a smaller box for leftovers, I say that qualifies as a gadget. This thing looks a lot more practical than that cardboard PC we saw a while back. If this becomes a standard (and why wouldn’t it?), these guys stand to make a lot of money — like the guy who invented the little “table” that keeps the cheese from hitting the roof… Read More

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