• Details on the Sidekick 2009's camera revealed

    Details and specs on the Sidekick 2009 are slowly emerging and today we’ve got some info on the camera. It’s getting a bump up to 3.2-megapixels for a max resolution of 2038×1536. Danger and Sharp (assuming they’ll manufacture the 2009) have finally included a flash. Direct uploading to MySpace, Photobucket (What about Flickr?) and YouTube have been enabled and video… Read More

  • NVIDIA-based iMacs coming soon?

    MacRumors has some info pointing to a 20- and 24-inch iMacs with NVIDIA graphics. While anyone with a printer could make these exciting marketing materials you see before you, another Swedish reseller had a weird page describing an unusual configuration as well, so there’s some hope that the update will come sooner or later. Read More

  • Should Capcom reboot Resident Evil starting with Resident Evil 6?

    The Milkman delivers! 1UP’s just-launched, comprehensive Resident Evil 5 section includes a note from the site’s editor, one James Mielke, that caught our eye: “In what is destined to be the first genuinely epic game of 2009, Resident Evil 5 is practically guaranteed to be the last of its kind, with the game’s producer, Jun Takeuchi, assuring us that a reboot is in… Read More

  • CrunchDeals: Dell holding 4-hour laptop sale today

    Any time a company holds a sale for a limited time, you MUST buy something. And what’s more limited than four hours? Three hours, sure, but a three-hour sale would be insane. Insane! Read More

  • CrunchDeals: 10% off Incipio iPhone cases

    I had never heard of Incipio but they have quite a few cool-looking cases for the iPhone and a few other devices including the Curve 8900. They’re offering 10% for customers right now, so check it out. UPDATE – So this time the coupon code works. Read More

  • We are proud to report our readers won flashlights

    Erik and Leigh are now the proud owners of Spotlight Flashlights. There’s more stuff lying around my office where that came from, so don’t get discouraged! Read More

  • Plasma: She is dying

    Plasma TVs are quickly becoming an extinct breed. There was once a time when plasma was the only large flat screen option available but not anymore. LCD has seemingly taken over most of plasma’s territory and currently there are only three plasma manufacturers still out there. It’s sad cause plasma TVs can and do produce a better picture than LCDs. (flame away in the comments, I )… Read More

  • Hot Sony PSP news

    Maybe the little guy isn’t dead. Heh. Straight from the Destination PlayStation conference comes word that Little Big Planet, Assassin’s Creed and a flavor of MotorStorm dubbed Arctic Edge (coming to the PS2 in the fall) are coming later this year for the PSP. Two new bundles will hit with a lilac colored Hannah Montana edition that includes a dancing and rhythm game along with a… Read More

  • Add a second drive to your MacBook/MBP

    You don’t need that old SuperDrive, do you? Just pop it out of your MB or MBP and pop in this OptiBay hard drive for unibody laptops. You can use the system as a pair of separate drives or as a RAID drive. The upgrade uses SATA and comes in 250GB, 320GB, and 500GB versions. Read More

  • Will 11.6-inch LCDs hit the netbook sweet spot?

    The Goldilocks zone for netbook screen sizes might just be 11.6 inches. Those panels, which we’ll see later this year, will offer the portability that’s been the promise of netbooks all along while at the same time offering a usable resolution at 1366×768 instead of the short and stocky 1024×600 that’s plagued just about every netbook model available today. The… Read More

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