• Next iPhone to have built-in video editing? One fanboy thinks so.

    It’s an accepted fact that we’re only a few weeks or months away from the next iPhone. But we really don’t know anything about the next Jesusphone past pure speculation. A BusinessWeek report probably doesn’t know anything we don’t, but does point out valid reasons why the next iPhone will make video shooting a breeze. Read More

  • Tweetmeme lets hoax ‘Zombie Swine Flu’ BBC story go-unchecked

    Tweetmeme is adding to the panic about Swine Flu by letting a hoax link, which is flagged on the site as a genuine BBC News story, go unchecked. The link on the Tweetmeme Twitter aggregator appears with the headline “BBC NEWS | Europe | EU quarantines London in swine flu panic”. The link goes to a site with the address http://bouncewith.me.uk/europe/8027043.htm but it looks… Read More

  • RIM rumor: VZW-bound BlackBerry Niagara, Apex to debut next week

    Two bits of BlackBerry news/rumor for you to digest. One, it looks like RIM will officially unveil the niagara at its Wireless Enterprise Symposium next week in beautiful Orlando. The niagara, you’ll recall, is supposedly the greatest BlackBerry in the history of the world: a 3G world phone that’ll be available on Verizon Wireless. (Expect it to be available within the month… Read More

  • Online Recipe Search Engine Food.com Is The Kayak.com For Recipes

    Finding the perfect recipe for a dish can be an arduous and time-consuming task, especially if you want to do a search of multiple recipe sites like Epicurious, Gourmet, and the Food Network for the recipe that best fits your needs. Scripps Network, parent company of the Food Network, has soft launched the beta version of its vast recipe search site Food.com in an effort to solve the problem… Read More

  • Review: Kodak Z980

    I’ve been avoiding this moment for a month. Before I left for Europe, Kodak sent me their latest ultra-zoom camera, the Z980, and I’ve been carrying it for over 30 days and through five countries. I’ve taken about two hundred photographs and I’ve gotten to know this thing fairly well. My initial conclusion? I’m going to say this just to get it over with: I miss… Read More

  • Fixya Adds Product Recommendations, And Why VC's Are Hot For It

    Ask your average Israeli venture capitalist to name a few companies they’re keeping tabs on and Fixya usually makes the short list—so do Benchmark’s Conduit and Sequoia’s Kenshoo. If you haven’t heard of Fixya, the concept is real simple: It’s a post-sale tech support site. On the one side you have users who ask product support questions, and on the other… Read More

  • New Hulu Spot: 'The Leary Mission'

    Hulu has just released the latest in its series of star-studded ads, this time featuring Dennis Leary in a spot called ‘The Leary Mission’. He plays an alien trying to turn humans’ brains to mush by watching TV online. In the ad he gives the following instructions: “Now I need you to take your stubby little human fingers and hit this button on Hulu. Then you can… Read More

  • Analyst: Palm Pre, she is dying

    Collins Stewart analyst Ashok Kumar (not this guy) is claiming that the Palm Pre will be a dud and that shortages, manufacturing problems, and Sprint’s relative suckitude as a carrier will push the $199 smartphone straight to the bottom. While I welcome this bracing opinion of everyone’s darling, it seems Kumar has some sort of bone to pick and is bringing up concerns you could… Read More

  • Free Windows 7 for a year

    A new Windows 7 release candidate, to be available on May 5, will be free with no strings attached until June 2010, making the new OS available for one whole year for free. Updates and improvements will be included. Why? Goodwill: However, Curran believes that Windows 7 has already lifted much of the negativity that surrounded its predecessor. “The positive energy and momentum is quite a… Read More

  • Did You Know? (TM) You can use your G1 as a metal detector?

    It’s true! The built-in compass can be used as a metal detector, allowing you to detect keys that are very close to the phone. Is this particularly useful? Probably not, but now you can rub your phone against people like a stud finder and perhaps make new friends when you search for their “keys.” Some folks at HDblog.it shot some video of the app in action. Worth a… Read More

  • Sennheiser Summer Job try-outs: Worth a shot

    Hey, college kids and other people who want to spend time with “six boys and six girls,” Sennheiser has a job for you. They’re currently running try-outs for two pairs of street teams who will travel the U.S. and Canada this summer to talk about Sennheiser products. If you’re extroverted, poor, and willing to put headphones on strangers. Here’s the description. N.B. Read More

  • Daily Crunch: 2009 H1N1 Flu Edition

    Cute, handmade iOwl cord manager
    Aquawall Wandaquarium is the fish tank of slow death
    Cool face masks for these swine flu times Read More

  • Fujitsu is in bad shape, posts $1.1 billion net loss

    Fujitsu is having some serious problems. The company today announced in Tokyo (press release in English) it swung into a net loss of a whopping $1.1 billion in net loss in the fiscal year that ended March 31. Sales fell 12% to $46 billion in the same time frame. Read More

  • Review: Star Trek the movie

    In one word: Amazing. J.J. Abrams did a phenomenal job that appeals to both new and old fans of the sci-fi series. You will not be disappointed. I have a man crush on James Tiberius Kirk. Read More

  • iRise Helps Enterprises "Test Drive" Business Applications Before Deployment

    iRise is a software company that lets companies “visualize” models and prototype business applications before they are built so businesses can test drive the software. The ability to visualize business applications before they are officially deployed (or a single line of code is written) lets enterprises test drive apps, then quickly and cost-efficiently correct any… Read More

  • Cute, handmade iOwl cord manager

    Finally, a DIY project that seems fairly simple to do: take a piece of wood, cut several holes in it, and make it look like an owl. Then wrap your portable MP3 player earbuds around it. Isn’t it cute?! Read More

  • New Laptop Hunters ad: Sheila spends two grand on another HP

    HP wins again with the latest Laptop Hunters episode. Is it just me, or are they doing some really creative editing with the dialogue? It’s like NPR interview editing on steroids. As for her choice, I personally would go with a Mac at that price (not so much at $1000 or $1500), or at least go with a more interesting PC. It’s widescreen and it has a good processor and video card? Read More

  • Bioware to dilute Mass Effect franchise with iPhone games

    Although the original Mass Effect was promoted as a go-anywhere, do-anything exploration game, it was in fact merely a varnish of exploration layered over an admittedly good action RPG. That makes the jump to the iPhone as a pure action game much less of a shock than, say, KOTOR would have been. The iPhone may even be a good platform for this sort of thing, but if they ever hope to deliver on… Read More

  • Fanboys Unite: Apple Profiles Twitter

    By far the two companies I’ve written about the most recently are Apple and Twitter. This is to the delight of some people, and the absolute horror of others. And now I’ve got something that will really whip up the fanboys and enrage the haters: Me writing about Apple writing about Twitter. Yes, Apple has a new business profile of the micro-messaging service that it put up today on… Read More

  • Aquawall Wandaquarium is the fish tank of slow death

    The generally therapeutic impact of aquariums is well known, but many people don’t the like the hassle or the size of a real fishtank. Aquawall has tried to to get around this by creating the Wandaquarium — a wall-mountable display intended to provide the interior decorator with a maintenance-free aquascape. Read More

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