• Verizon and Vodafone (Update: and Telus!) finally speak up about the Storm

    At long last, Verizon and Vodafone have officially acknowledged that they plan to offer the Storm in the coming weeks. Prepped to fit the needs of the enterprise user who may be tempted to sway from RIM, this much-coveted handset is the first touchscreen BlackBerry. With the 480×360 screen, 3.2 mp autofocus camera, Bluetooth 2.0, “ClickThrough” user selection for a… Read More

  • LP33.tv's Innovative Music Site Launches To The Public

    LP33.tv, the experimental music site that was once called myAWOL (but changed its name to avoid confusion with MyAOL), has launched to the public. The site will compete against a strong field of competitors like MySpace Music, but hopes to distinguish itself with a dedicated content production team and an innovative approach to signing new artists, as well as its experienced team of… Read More

  • Ten Years Later, Yahoo Finally Updates Its Calendar

    It’s literally been ten years since Yahoo updated its online calendar. And it’s been more than two years since Google launched its Web-based calendar. But tonight it will start rolling out a new drag-and-drop, Ajax calendar in a closed beta to Yahoo Mail users in the U.S., UK, India, Taiwan, and Brazil. You can sign up for it here. The new Yahoo Calendar doesn’t do much… Read More

  • Jimmy Wales: The New Wikia Search API "Is Like Facebook Apps For Search Results."

    Jimmy Wales is opening up the Wikia Search engine to anyone who wants their own data or application to show up in results. Called Wikia Intelligent Search Extensions (WISE), it lets developers create search results based on certain keywords or rules. Wales tells me: It is like Facebook Apps for search results. Wikia Search is launching the WISE framework with a bunch of partners: Digg… Read More

  • TOKYObay Robots for your office cubicle

    What we have here is a heavy, metal, red robot alarm clock. He/she/it sits amongst my other cubicle decorations: two Kid Robot Munny dolls, Wowwee Chatterbot (I like bulldogs), and skull Pez dispenser. You can choose from three models with varying colors. The one I have is $48. I like the squatty looking one. It’s an alarm clock robot with moving legs, arms and head. That is all. Read More

  • In mother Russia, fake iPhones are as empty as vodka bottles

    Curious what’s powering that inexpensive iPhone on Ebay shipping from Moscow? Hopefully, it isn’t what’s in this Russian iPhone clone. Nothing but a steel bar for weight and a little light that displays an Apple logo on the “screen.” It might impress the ladies, but what good is it if you can’t call ’em back it? Read More

  • Kevlar Pocket Square

    This thing isn’t specifically military grade but I suppose it could stop a slow-moving playing card flung at your chest. This cheeky little pocket square is called the “The Bullet-proof Handkerchief For the Promiscuous Idealist whom Lives in Elegant Danger” The 21st century ninja dandy bullet-proof handkerchief made of Kevlar is exclusively sold at Liborius. The store and… Read More

  • Samsung updates the BD-P1500 Blu-ray player to support BD Live

    Hot on the heels of Sony’s BD Live firmware updates comes Samsung’s BD-P1500 BD Live-capable firmware. All owners need to do is update the firmware via the players GUI or by downloading the update on Samsung’s website and then burning it onto a CD to enable BD Live. This update might signal a turning point in Blu-ray’s sales battle as it joins Sony’s BDP-350… Read More

  • Review: Fracture for Xbox 360 [UPDATE]

    This is the big thing in Lucas Arts’ Fracture and how it differentiates itself from traditional shooters. You’re constantly running around raising and lowering the terrain to kill your enemies, getting to places you can’t reach, and providing protection for yourself. It’s unlike anything I’ve ever seen and it sort of works. Update – Multiplayer will be… Read More

  • Razer introduces Lycosa keyboard variants: Mirror, Arctosa

    If you’ve been thinking about getting one of Razer’s excellent Lycosa keyboards, you now have a few more options if matte black isn’t your thing. To be honest, the original is more my style (the grippy, matte surface is nice) but if you’re more a fan of the high-gloss surface, they now have that as well. And if you’re trying to save a little scratch, you can now… Read More

  • Review: Samsung SC-MX20 digital memory camcorder

    At $249, the Samsung SC-MX20 falls delicately between cheap flash-based camcorders and more expensive hard drive-based camcorders. It strips down some features that may not be necessary in the first place – high definition video, still photos, etc. – but adds something that most less expensive flash camcorders don’t have: an optical zoom. A big optical zoom, too, at 34x. Read More

  • Smart Lighting brings it all back to 1999

    Boston University, home of the Fightin’ Aristocrats, is working on “Smart Lighting” that includes LED lights and a optical networking adapter. Each light works as its own access point and can mesh together for full in-home coverage. Instead of transmitted radio waves, the system pulses an LED to all an sundry, ensuring that outsiders can’t piggyback on your network… Read More

  • Still Searching For A Video Business Model, Google Introduces The YouTubevertorial

    It wasn’t so long ago that we wondered if YouTube would ever start to flex its marketing muscles. Now it is trying to squeeze more money out of the ads on its homepage and just today it introduced the YouTubevertorial. Starting with music and videogame partners, YouTube will begin inserting click-to-buy links below select videos. Right now, these affiliate links connect to iTunes… Read More

  • Can Facebook Help Keep Live Search Afloat?

    Facebook’s integration of Microsoft’s Live Search raises two main questions: first, how does Facebook stand to benefit? And second, how does Microsoft? To answer these questions, we must recognize that each company faces its own type of problem and, therefore, stands to benefit uniquely. Facebook and social networks in general still struggle to prove that they can monetize their… Read More

  • Replacement Apple iPhone 3G power adapter now shipping

    Reports are filtering in that iPhone 3G owners are receiving their replacement USB power adapters before the Apple-announced shipping date of October 10, 2008. The updated adapter look the same expect sport a green circle on the metal prongs side to differentiate from the recalled versions. Hopefully, this version’s metal prongs will not break off in outlets, causing obvious safety… Read More

  • Humor: Which One Is The Drug Dealer?

    Docstoc founder Jason Nazar sends in a humorous screen capture from Digg. Refresh this story titled “Living With A Drug Dealer As A College Roommate” enough times and you’ll see a house advertisement for upcoming Digg meetups. That ad, matched with the story, begs the question, which one is the drug dealer? Read More

  • Lexar unveils DDR3 memory with, get this, LEDs!

    Computer components bedazzled with LEDs seem to indicate speed in the same way that stickers on the back of rice-burners do. So with that fact in mind, the Lexar Crucial Ballistix Tracer DDR3 memories with LEDs highlighting the memories activities must be super fast. I kid, I kid as the PC3-10600 DDR3-1333MHz memory shouldn’t be sluggish by any means. The modules will be available in… Read More

  • Cute tilt-shift time-lapse video

    Beached from Keith Loutit on Vimeo. This cute video by Keith Loutit shows tilt-shifted beach scenes that make everyone look like mini-mes on a mission. The technique, which uses reduced depth of field tricks to make things look… Read More

  • Microsoft Surface SDK to be released at PDC

    Excellent. Microsoft will be doing the unveiling at the Professional Developer Conference at the end of the month, so it should get some good exposure. I got to watch a developer put together an app at Surface HQ a few months ago, and he convinced me that the library and SDK are such that fun and interesting apps can be made relatively easily, and taking advantage of the Surface’s… Read More

  • Quick Look: Samsung's Innov8 i8510 16GB cameraphone

    This thing runs Symbian, is unlocked, and has an 8-megapixel camera. Hokey smokes! Expect a full review next week as I put this thing through its paces. Read More

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