• New Bond girl's death reminiscent of an oldie

    Spoiler Alert! Jill Masterson’s death in “Goldfinger” was an iconic image that all Bond fans remember and new Bond Girl Gemma Arterton’s death in the upcoming 007 movie “Quantum of Solace” draws inspiration from the classic with a different twist. She said: ‘I couldn’t move. I couldn’t see, I couldn’t breathe or hear because it went in… Read More

  • Video: First look at the HP HDX 16 notebook

    Here’s a quick look at HP’s HDX 16 notebook. The Blu-ray notebook sports a HD 16-inch widescreen and tons of touch controls. We’ll have a full review shortly. Read More

  • RED trademarking "Red 3D" RE lenses, projectors, eyeglasses, etc

    Could this be part of the change that Jannard mentioned when he revealed the Epic and Scarlet were getting rebooted? A ScarletUser forum post by one Joseph says: …within the last 24 hours, Red has registered the trademark “Red 3D” with the description of:
    Cameras, camera lenses, projectors, eyeglasses and software, all for use in the recording and playback of 3D images. A… Read More

  • MySpace Music Streamed Its Billionth Song "A Few Days" After Launch

    It took iTunes nearly three years to get to 1 billion song downloads. MySpace Music streamed a billion songs in just a few days after it launched on September 25. And while this isn’t a fair comparison (songs on MySpace are free to stream; on iTunes users were paying $0.99 each), it’s an incredible milestone. What MySpace won’t say for some reason is what the billionth song… Read More

  • Bad Karma At contentSutra. Site Sputters After Being Bought By The Guardian.

    Only three months after the British newspaper publisher The Guardian Group bought Rafat Ali’s ContentNext Media and his collection of blogs for a reported $30 million, one of those blogs is sputtering badly. The blog in question is contentSutra, the Indian counterpart to its bigger and better known brother, paidContent (both cover the business of digital media). Until recently… Read More

  • Someone unboxed the BlackBerry Flip

    Another lazy Sunday? I sure hope so, now that you can spend part of it looking at pics of the latest unboxing to hit/bore the Internet, that of the BlackBerry Pearl Flip 8220. As for the phone itself, BGR hates on it pretty thoroughly, going so far as to call the display the “worst [one] we’ve seen on a BlackBerry since… well, a long time.” Is this what it sounds like… Read More

  • Mac Brick? Apple's fancy new manufacturing process that could revolutionize the industry

    Big rumor this weekend, which makes you wonder why it emerged during the weekend and not the workweek. Be that as it may… Apple is looking to construct, or already has, its own ultra modern manufacturing facility. A fancy factory, in English. Names being thrown around include Brick, MacBrick, or variations thereof. The facility would make use of, among other high-tech innovations, laser… Read More

  • French Inspirational Stores inspires VCs for 10m Euros series B funding

    Did someone declare that startups would have a hard time raising money? Not for some of them. Paris Based Inspirational Stores will announce tomorrow a 10 million euros series B lead by Atlas Ventures and OTC asset Management. Inspirational Stores offers famous high-end brands without online retail activity a full turn-key solution to give them a second life on the web starting from web… Read More

  • Bitwine Acquired By Monster Venture Partners

    Bitwine, a service launched in late 2006 that lets people ask questions to experts for a fee. Originally the service was tethered to Skype; more recently it began letting users connect to experts via Skype, other VoIP service, or normal phone lines. Experts can charge their clients either by the minute or a simple flat fee. Clients pay by PayPal and the money gets sent to experts as soon as… Read More

  • If Sales Of Halloween Masks Could Predict The Election, Obama Would Be President

    Everyone has their favorite way to predict who will win the Presidential election. Amazon likes to keep track of Halloween mask sales. Supporters of either candidate can buy rubber masks of each to wear for Halloween. So far, 57 percent of the masks Amazon has sold have been Obama masks, versus 43 percent for McCain masks. The weird thing is that is right around the same number that McCain… Read More

  • The Crunchie: It's Not Just An Award, It's A Weapon

    When we commissioned the statuettes for the Crunchies Awards last year, we hoped to create something a little more memorable than the typical plastic tombstone. We opted for a plastic monkey holding a bone aloft instead. While it does have a certain menacing quality to it, we never expected anyone to turn it into weapon. But now you can find “The Crunchie” in the online game Duels. Read More

  • Congress Finally Gets Why The Google Deal Is So Bad

    Congress is finally understanding the reality of the Yahoo-Google search deal, and what it means for the state of search competition in general. It’s not about price fixing advertising rates, it’s about neutering the second place market participant. As I wrote on September 27, the current deal between Yahoo and Google will inevitably lead to the decline of Yahoo’s core… Read More

  • GoldMail Brings Media-Rich Presentations To Email

    When it comes to communication, efficiency is everything. Voicemail is giving way to text based messages like SMS and Email, which are more easily sorted and can be quickly skimmed. But while basic text may be enough to convey simple ideas, it often falls short with when trying to pitch a startup, or offer a business proposal. GoldMail has built a platform that allows users to send… Read More

  • Selling the Downturn: Schwartz and the Silver Lining

    As the slowdown begins to tickle the Internet economy, voices from unlikely places are grappling with the “opportunity” the possible worldwide depression presents for the tech industry. Steve Ballmer is on a barnstorming tour about Microsoft’s move into what he temporarily calls the Windows Cloud OS> IBM is busy opening 13 cloud computing centers around the world. And… Read More

  • New Xbox Experience Games Store revealed

    Microsoft has not divulged the exact date for the launch of the New Xbox Experience, but the folks over at the Gamerscore blog have slowly shown us bits and pieces over the last few weeks. This time around, they’re giving us a peak into the new Games Store. The gist of it seems that every game you look at will show every bit of pertinent downloadable content in one place, so you… Read More

  • Build Your Sportfolio Of Athletes At OneSeason

    Forget the stock market, it’s falling apart. Invest your money in OneSeason instead, a newly launched San Francisco-based startup that lets you invest real money in professional athletes. Alex Rodriguez is a steal at $7.00 per share ($17.6 million total value). I just bought one share of Kobe Bryant for $7.48 (he’s valued at $77.6 million). The company was founded by CEO Mike Sroka… Read More

  • Gears of War 2 manual leaked

    Real or fake? via Ripten Read More

  • Mario's Mistake

    ROFL. You may or may not have seen this, but I just came across it and thought it was worth sharing. via Geekadelphia Read More

  • The Boy Wonder getting his own CW series, "The Graysons"

    Variety is reporting that Dick Grayson aka Robin will soon land on the CW in the same vein as “Smallville” with most of the producers from the Superman show and McG on board. A pilot has been ordered says insiders at the CW. The show dubbed “The Graysons” will take place in modern times following young Dick “DJ” Grayson through the trials and tribulations… Read More

  • Virgin Galactic turns down $1 million offer to make porno in space

    What won’t the porn industry think of? Virgin Galactic president Will Whitehorn wouldn’t disclose who the studio is, but said the offer “was $1 million, up front, for a sex-in-space movie. That was money we had to refuse, I’m afraid.” Other than the logistical issues of making a porno in five-minutes, I doubt VG is bummed about losing $1 million. They already have… Read More

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