• Here's a Microsoft Surface unboxing video

    Wanna see a Microsoft Surface unboxing? Click through to watch one lucky guy unwrap the $13,500 gadget. These touchscreen tables still fascinate us. Could the Surface be the ultimate gadget? Yeah, probably. Read More

  • MSN Picks WetPaint To Add A Fresh Coat To Its Entertainment Pages

    MSN had a bit of a problem. It had the popular entertainment area of its service, where movies, musical acts, and other things in pop culture have pages filled with content for fans. But the problem was that paying people to populate these sites with content was expensive. And since it’s the fans that want to see it, why not let them help out to build the site? That’s why MSN is… Read More

  • Conductor Raises $10 Million For SEO Management And Optimization Technology

    Conductor, a New York-based provider of SEO measurement and optimization solutions, has raised a Series B round of funding to the tune of $10 million, led by Matrix Partners and joined by FirstMark Capital, who led the startup’s Series A financing. Conductor markets technology which aims to empower online marketers and interactive agencies to gather reliable data on their SEO efforts… Read More

  • Balloon Russian Roulette: What fun!

    Low bleachers covered in red velvet are set in a semi-circle
    facing a small stage. The stage is lit with a single,
    blindingly bright spotlight and is furnished with a table and
    two velvet-covered chairs. Two CONTESTANTS, both of them
    VIETNAMESE, sit opposite one another. Between them, lying on
    the table, is a revolver. Both CONTESTANTS are dressed in
    tuxedos. Both wear red numbers on their… Read More

  • Afterglow, a laser drawing system for presentations, now available

    Afterglow is a presentation system that allows you to draw and point on a projector screen using a laser pointer and a PC. First announced way back in 2007, the system is now available online for $1980. The product can be used a a pointer on the screen to control the mouse or as a virtual “pen” to draw lines and arrows on presentations. Larger implementations would allow for… Read More

  • P2P Lending Marketplace Prosper Gets Off The Bench, Debuts Open Market Initiative

    Prosper, the people-to-people lending service that launched way back in May 2006, has found itself on a rocky road so far. Last October, Prosper suspended new lending in order to register with the Securities and Exchange Commission to create a secondary marketplace for the loans on its site (the SEC wanted to evaluate whether the company should register as a securities broker, as evidenced… Read More

  • The Helsinki Meet-up: The Aftermath

    I’m pleased to report that no one dressed up in coveralls and hats at the TC/CG Helsinki meet-up at A21. The turnout was fantastic – about 100 or so folks at 8pm on a Tuesday – and everyone either worked for Nokia, contracted for Nokia, or sold their children into servitude in Nokia’s diamond mines in the heart of Northern Troll country. Special thanks to F-Secure… Read More

  • SugarCRM Deploys Budget Friendly CRM Sugar Express on the Sugar Open Cloud

    SugarCRM, a provider of commercial open source CRM software, has launched Sugar Express, a low-cost, on-demand CRM that runs on SugarCRM’s global on-demand computing platform – the Sugar Open Cloud. Like Sugar CRM’s other products, Sugar Express delivers sales, marketing and support features, complete with Sugar Plug-Ins for Microsoft Office and access to SugarCRM… Read More

  • IMShopping Is A Human Powered Product Search Engine For Twitter

    IMshopping has launched a human-powered shopping search site and Twitter shopping service designed to help consumers find niche products on the web. It’s sort of like a shopping 411 service, which human guides on call respond to product questions and provide personalized recommendations for users about what product best suits their needs. IMShopping tries to simulate the experience of… Read More

  • IAC Buys UrbanSpoon Based On Good Recommendations

    UrbanSpoon, a restaurant recommendation service, started out with a simple plan. It was three former Jobster employees, Ethan Lowry, Adam Doppelt and Patrick O’Donnel who set out to see if they could build a company in today’s world without needing any traditional outside investments. Today, they can safely say they succeeded — big time. IAC, the Internet giant, has just… Read More

  • Kickstarter Launches Another Social Fundraising Platform

    Andy Baio, blogger on Waxy.org and co-founder of Upcoming (acquired by Yahoo back in October 2005), yesterday evening announced the release of Kickstarter. This is an online platform that enables just about anyone to raise funding from interested individuals. Basically, Kickstarter took what Sellaband is all about and applied it to a wider variety of projects, i.e. not only to discover and… Read More

  • Daily Crunch: Out of the Frying Pan Edition

    This super-mobile hand trackball might save you a lot of space
    EcoSmart fireplace burns ethanol instead of gas or wood
    BART hack: install swings in the aisles Read More

  • Analysis: How Far Do Projects Launched At Startup Weekends Travel? (Not Very Far)

    Over the years, we’ve covered a number of startups, or rather projects, that were born out of the so-called Startup Weekends. Basically, these are regional community events where developers, designers and business people come together on a given weekend, decide to pursue the creation of one or more fresh web application(s) or service(s) and subsequently cook them up in a very brief period… Read More

  • Touchscreen slider "PSP Go!" confirmed for this fall?

    PSP 2 rumors have been coming and going for quite a while now, but now it’s being claimed that internal sources are confirming a lot of the features we’ve all been hoping for. The PSP Go! name, in addition to breaking up sentences worldwide, reflects Sony’s recent Go! effort to provide video on demand and other mobile services. So what’s the new PSP got and what… Read More

  • A GeoCities Tribute by TechCrunch readers

    Last week we heard that silver-age internet legend GeoCities would be closing down forever. Although that’s no great loss in itself, it’s a bit like finding out the really crappy pizza place you used to go to when you were a kid is being demolished. If you could just have one more greasy, poorly seasoned slice to remember what it was like… Well, in GeoCities’ case, you can. Read More

  • AOL Homepage Looks Different, Real Different. The "A" Is For Agnostic.

    While AOL was officially launching its Socialthing for Websites initiative this morning, it was also quietly making some changes to the design of its homepage. There are some new themes, Twitter integration, a prominent RSS tab up top, and all the information and news modules are now collapsible. There are also a few new AOL content featured along teh left-hand column, such as Paw Nation… Read More

  • 14 brand new Palm Pre webOS emulator screenshots leak out

    As more and more people are getting their hands on the Pre, it looks like a few more developers have been given access to the SDK emulator. Well, either that or someone who has had access for a while got a little antsy and finally caved to leaking a ton of emulator screenshots. Read More

  • TellMe Rolls Out Better Speech Recognition And An Almost-Sexy New Voice Called Zira

    TellMe, which Microsoft bought two years ago, is rolling out an upgrade to its call center automation software which should improve its speech recognition rates. It is also adding Global Crossing as partner for reselling its VoiP carrier service, along with AT&T and Verizon. TellMe handles 2.5 billion calls a year for customers such as American Airlines and ETrade, all on-demand. Even… Read More

  • Most effective infomercial of all time

    This hip-hop (or shall I say hip-chop) remix of the Slap Chop infomercial is outstanding. The autotune makes it sound like a legitimate piece of pop music. Of course, they did it to MLK too, but this is far less offensive (and more delicious). Read More

  • Goat-leg prosthetic is creepy, yet functional

    Conceptual artist and sculptor Kim Graham has created one of the creepiest prosthetics ever. Inspired by horses and other digitigrades, Ms. Graham built what is essentially a pair of stilts fashioned to resemble legs. The video shows two different views of the legs, one as plain metal, and one with fur covering, obviously intended to make your satyr fantasies come true. Read More

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