• FriendFeed's Latest API Spreads Real-Time Goodness

    FriendFeed is launching version 2 of their API for beta testing today, adding a plethora of new features for developers to work with. We’ve written in the past that FriendFeed has long been in the driver’s seat for experimentation for social media and today’s announcement reinforces that thought. With the new version of FriendFeed’s API, developers can replicate that… Read More

  • Universal Remote Control debuts the MX-5000 touchscreen remote

    URC has thrown down the gauntlet and let loose the sexy MX-5000 universal remote. Look at that thing. It’s stunning, but the looks are only half the equation as this is the first remote on the market with a haptic feedback touchscreen. The company apparently has been working on the technology for a few years. Essentially the MX-5000 is the same thing as the MX-6000 except in a candy bar… Read More

  • Review: HTC Hero

    There is a fairly standard montage in the canon of bad 80s movies. It involves the protagonist(s) working hard to build/do/invent something to beat the stuck up and dismissive antagonists. See, for example, Summer Rental, a John Candy vehicle in which Candy and crew convert a seafood restaurant that was originally a boat back into a boat in order to win a big, rich boat race against snobs. Read More

  • BlackBerry Desktop Software for OS X coming in September (!!!!!)

    RIM has been blasted for years about not have a native OS X BlackBerry application but that should stop in September when BlackBerry Desktop Software will be released. The program will do just about everything BlackBerry addicts expect with syncing of iTunes playlists, calenders, contacts, notes, tasks, along with adding and removing software. Plus, the app will be able to backup and… Read More

  • The Web Is Shooting For The Moon With Apollo 11 Tributes

    Just in case you haven’t read anything on the web yet today, it is the 40th anniversary of the Apollo 11 spacecraft landing on the Moon. Neil Armstrong’s “One small step for man, one giant leap for mankind,” seems to reverberate as much today as it did back in 1969. And there are no shortage of tributes on the web to prove it. The most elaborate may be Google adding… Read More

  • Lexar rolls out fastest Crucial SSDs to date, the M225

    SSDs are still mad expensive, but Lexar has just announced a wicked fast line of Crucial SSDs, M225. Available in 64GB, 128GB, and 256GB, the 2.5-inch drives boast 250MB/sec read speeds and 200MB/sec write speeds (256GB model). All three drives sport a SATA 2.0 interface and a five-year warranty. Snag one now for $170 (64GB), $330 (128GB) or $600 (256GB). Crucial Read More

  • What is the HTC "Mega" Series?

    Dang, Wi-Fi alliance. You guys should be bloggers. First you accidentally out the Samsung Behold 2, and now you’ve spilled the beans on something called the HTC “MEGA” series. So, what do we know about this “MEGA” product? A whole lot of nothing, really. It looks like the certification has since been changed to read “PB74 Series”, so we’re… Read More

  • Wonga: How the Net Should Kill the Finance Industry

    What’s awesome about the Internet is how it breaks up monopolistic markets where middlemen unfairly gobble up outsized fees, leaving us little choice but to keep paying them. It’s happened with software, it’s happened with music, and it’s happening now with media. But there are a few sectors of our economy that have stayed mostly undisrupted—one of them is… Read More

  • Windows Mobile 6.5 gets some last minute polish

    While it shouldn’t be too much longer before Windows Mobile 6.5 makes its long awaited debut, it looks like folks over in Redmond aren’t quite done with it. PocketNow spotted a new build of Windows Mobile 6.5 floating around the internets, and gave it the customary video runthrough. It’s all polish at this point, though there’s at least one change we’re quite happy… Read More

  • RIAA chief spokesman: ‘DRM is dead, isn't it?’

    The chief spokesman for the RIAA, one Jonathan Lamy, has gone on record to say what any normal, not-on-the-RIAA-payroll person has been saying for some time now: “DRM is dead, isn’t it?” Yes. Yes it it. Read More

  • The iPhone: Helping you find medical marijuana since 2009

    I’d still rather eat glass than use an iPhone, let alone buy one, but this app at least made me laugh. It’s called Cannabis, and helps you locate the nearest (100 percent legal) medical marijuana location in 13 states (plus Europe), as supplied by the iMedicalCannabis.org. Read More

  • Spammers Running Wild In Latest MySpace Phishing Attack

    In the last 24 hours there has been a sudden surge in the amount of spam being sent and received by MySpace users, suggesting that the site has fallen prey to a security exploit that grants spammers access to accounts. Many users are logging in to find that they’ve commented on their friend’s status updates with spammy messages inviting them to “make $$ this summer”. Read More

  • Kingston outs the first 256GB flash drive

    First off, you can’t afford this flash drive. But even if you can, you shouldn’t buy it. I mean, today, it will cost you $900, but we all know next year it will be $90, if not less. So take a good look at the Kingston DataTraveler 300 and drift off into a dream of what the future holds for SSDs and flash drives. Read More

  • T-Mobile pushes out Android update, CRC1

    So I’ve had my G1 for a few days now and I’ve been patiently waiting for it to update from 1.1 to Cupcake and it finally did yesterday. Over the last few days T-Mobile has been pushing out an update to Cupcake, CRC1. There doesn’t seem to be any discernible differences (from a lay person’s standpoint) between this build and CRB43, but I’m no Android expert. A… Read More

  • Prezi Gains VC Funding And Jack Dorsey As An Advisor

    I was genuinely amazed when I first saw a demo of Prezi at the most recent The Next Web conference, and wrote that it was simply the coolest online presentation tool I’d ever seen. I still stand by that statement, and I’m apparently not the only one impressed with what the Hungarian company is doing. The startup just secured an undisclosed amount in Series A financing from… Read More

  • iWise Is "Twitter For Dead People."

    At first glance, iWise is “Twitter for dead people,” says founder and CEO Edo Segal. You can find nuggets of wisdom from famous people about anything—love, change, happiness, truth. Then you can follow those people in your own “Wisdom Tree,” which is a feed of quotes from the people you follow. In my Wisdom Tree, for instance, I’m following Benjamin… Read More

  • Gateway aims low with the LT2000 netbook

    Yeah, there isn’t much to see here. The new Gateway LT2000 netbook is basicly the same netbook that has been making the rounds over the last two years. There isn’t a single thing to set this netbook apart from the rest of the crowd besides the somewhat attractive color scheme and the Gateway branding. In fact, you probably already know the hardware specs.[PSGallery=8xkdkw5s5m] Read More

  • Apple and RIM continue quest for cell phone domination, earn 35% of industry's profits

    Although they only ship 3% of cell phones worldwide, Apple and Research-In-Motion are cleaning up in the profits department. According to a recent report by Deutsche Bank analyst Brian Modoff (via WSJ), Apple and RIM account for 35% of the global cell phone industry’s profits. This comes on the heels of tremendous year-over-year growth for the smart phone market, which doesn’t… Read More

  • Videos: The 40th anniversary of the Moon landing edition

    It was exactly 40 years ago today that Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin first walked on the Moon. We’ve gathered a collection of videos and new reports that tell the story as well today as they did those years ago. Enjoy. Read More

  • T-Mobile drops minor Android update, Build # CRC1

    So I’ve had my G1 for a few days now and I’ve been patiently waiting for it to update from 1.1 to Cupcake and it finally did yesterday. Over the last few days T-Mobile has been pushing out an update to Cupcake, CRC1. There doesn’t seem to be any discernible differences (from a lay person’s standpoint) between this build and CRB43, but I’m no Android expert. A… Read More

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