• Nvidia's wee netbook will be called the Firefly

    Nvidia is shopping around a design prototype running their Tegra ARM processor, a chip powerful enough to run Wind CE and power a wee keyboard and screen. Tegra was supposed to change the way we thought about smartphones a few months ago but the chipset never took off. Sadly, this doesn’t seem like it will make any headway either. Read More

  • CrunchDeals: Wal-Mart going really cheap with the laptops this weekend

    Just in case you need a cheap computer Wal-Mart has got your back. They’re working with HP to sell a Compaq Presario for $298 and a number of laptops that are well under the $400 range. The laptop will have 3GB of ram, 160GB hard drive, and will include Vista. Why all of this information is showing up in a Reuters article is beyond me. Read More

  • ChaCha Never Lets Me Down, Even When They Let Me Down. They Raise $4 Million More

    Human powered search startup ChaCha has been good for so many chuckles over the last few years. One of their investors called them as disruptive as Google, for example. Another time we posted their answer to a question about what time a show in Seattle opened its doors (trust me, you’ll love the answer, which I have also embedded in this post). We’ve just generally picked on… Read More

  • A Tomb Raider Xbox case mod, yours for $11,000

    So you say you REALLY like Lara Croft, and Tomb Raider Legends really is your favorite game of all time. Here’s a way to let your short-shorts flag fly, with a custom bedazzler job containing over 43,000 crystals attached to the case. Read More

  • Comic-Con: Win a Bayonetta Xbox 360 from Sega!

    Attention Nerds- Sega and PlatinumGames are giving away one superduperkickass Bayonetta themed Xbox 360 tomorrow. Look at it! You want it! There are two ways of getting yourself into the party to win the one-of-a-kind 360. – Dress Like a Sega Character and attend one of our cosplay events. We should have at least two tickets to give out per meet up, so come prepared with expert knowledge… Read More

  • Hey You Get Off of My Cloud

    Sandwiched neatly between the RealTime is God and RealTime Who Needs It crowds is a new group that embraces both positions while moving forward rapidly. These folks include Brett Slatkin of the PubSubHubub effort and Dave Winer of rssCloud.org. Slatkin and fellow conspirator Brad Fitzpatrick demoed the PSHBB architecture at the RealTime Stream Crunchup, and Winer quickly jumped in with his… Read More

  • Sony prepping touchscreen Vaios for Windows 7

    Looks like the work Microsoft has put into making Windows 7 touch-friendly is paying off. Sony (and doubtless many others) are looking forward to offering touch-based designs. A Sony VP of what-have-you has confirmed that they will be offering Windows 7-based laptops with touchscreens. That’s good news for everybody — except those of us who can’t afford the entire Vaio lineup. Read More

  • Twitter Unveils A Live-Updating Search Widget

    Twitter Search is great. Unfortunately, unlike FriendFeed’s search, it doesn’t update live in real-time. Sure, for some searches, that would be annoying. But it’d be nice to at least have the option to watch a stream of incoming tweets without having to hit the refresh button. And Twitter has just unveiled a way to do that, with a new widget. The widget, found here, allows you… Read More

  • Stop being so naive about the Apple-Foxconn suicide

    First, we all need to shut up because we don’t know the facts. When (if) more is revealed, then we can talk about it with confidence, anything less is sensationalism — not that we’re any strangers to that. But argument from ignorance is an insult to everyone involved. Second, we need to shut up because it has nothing to do with Apple, or Foxconn for that matter. It has to… Read More

  • Google Voice Gives Out Free Business Cards, Makes Switching Numbers Slightly Less Irritating

    Over the last few weeks, Google Voice has finally begun sending out invites to the throngs of people who have signed up since the service stopped accepting new users in 2007, following its acquisition. But now that all of these people are beginning to experience the wonders of Google Voice, they’re also running into its biggest roadblock: in order to be effective, you need everyone to… Read More

  • Maingear unveils the EX-L 18 gaming notebook beast

    Maingear has thrown everything possible into its latest gaming notebook. This massive machine boosts an 18.4-inch screen, three 3.5-inch SATA or SSD drives, and all the ports that you would expect on a $2,999 rig. But that’s not why it’s impressive. Oh no, this bad boy is packing some serious power. Read More

  • iPhone security "broken" – business users take note

    An Apple expert and hacker has shown that the iPhone, in all its various forms and moltings, is child’s play to compromise. This comes despite assurances from Apple regarding the 3GS’s encryption feature. Bad news for businesspeople of the 21st century, who have glommed onto the iPhone and its service halo like no other device. The wonder-phone has certainly changed the way… Read More

  • Star Wars watch collection coming this holiday season

    Here comes yet another product line from the unholy union between design Marc Ecko, and Star Wars. I have to be honest however, and admit that I think these watches look pretty cool and.. I might actually have to buy one. At least one. At least the Boba Fett one. Read More

  • Twitter Launches "Twitter 101", Step One Of The Business Plan

    The first step of Twitter’s business plan is something called “Twitter 101,” which the company plans to launch either tonight or tomorrow, co-founder Biz Stone revealed at the Fortune Brainstorm Conference in Pasadena this evening. [Update below: The site is now live] While Stone only gave a brief overview of what it would entail, as the name implies, it sounds like it… Read More

  • Apple fixes up Logic Studio to make me sound less like a tone-deaf yodeler

    I’ve never really used Apple’s high-end audio or video software – I’ve tried Logic Express and found it to be a little too overwhelming – but there are plenty of folks out there who will be lining up for the new version that just dropped. It costs $499 and includes a number of cool features that have piqued my interest. CNET has a nice rundown of the new version. Read More

  • Biz Stone Talks Twitter At Fortune Brainstorm

    Twitter’s Biz Stone takes the stage at Fortune Brainstorm in Pasadena to talk with Fortune’s Adam Lashinsky. The session, called “Changing The World In 140 Characters Or Less” begins shortly, I’ll be live blogging it. My real time notes follow. I can say with certainty that the Twitter hacking incident will be brought up as part of this conversation. My… Read More

  • Google Latitude Comes To The iPhone. No, It Doesn't Run In The Background.

    Google has finally gotten around to launching its location-based network, Latitude on the iPhone. The service, which has been around for months on the web and Android, BlackBerry, Symbian and Windows Mobile devices may finally be ready to take off now that it’s on the hottest smartphone on the market. But there’s a problem — and it’s a big one. Latitude, like all… Read More

  • Y Combinator's Mixpanel Takes Stat Tracking Beyond Google Analytics

    One of the most key steps to building a succesful startup is figuring out what works — and what doesn’t. To do this, many companies rely on things like A/B testing to figure out which workflows and designs work best. But there are some things that are a bit trickier to measure, like exactly which features your users are taking advantage of, and how they’re using them. … Read More

  • There's a man trekking around Tokyo taking pictures of film cameras

    In a city as big and vibrant as Tokyo, you can expect to find anything, but I have to say that old-school film cameras would be pretty low on my list. The future-freak nature of the city would lead me to suspect that you wouldn’t even find a regular digital camera, since everyone has autofocus 8MP cameras and xenon flashes on their keitai. But on the other hand, it’s a city and… Read More

  • Project Fair Bid Raises $4.5 Million For Stealth Auction Platform

    Project Fair Bid, a stealth startup that is creating a Swoopo-like Auction platform, has raised $4.5 million in funding, according to a SEC filing. The funding was raised from the Mayfield Fund, First Round Capital, and Foundation Capital, with Raj Kapoor, Charles Moldow and Josh Kopelman joining the board of directors. Details on Project Fair Bid are limited but we hear the startup hopes… Read More

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