• Daily Crunch: Plank Walker Edition

    I Love TwistTogether Shelves
    Nintendo’s 2009 lineup: not exactly riveting
    LEGO employees hand out tiny versions of themselves as business cards Read More

  • MicroPlaza Is a Link-Catcher For Twitter (100 Invites)

    It used to be that if a link was worth sharing, people would bookmark it for all to see on del.icio.us. Now, they just Twitter it (with a shortened URL). Wouldn’t it be nice to be able to separate out all the Tweets with links in them, and sort them by time or popularity? That is what MicroPlaza does in a nutshell. MicroPlaza is still in a very limited private beta, but I have 100… Read More

  • Web 2.0 Expo Europe 2009 Cancelled

    A message on the German O’Reilly community blog indicates that the Web 2.0 Expo Europe, an annual event held in Berlin, Germany, has been suspended for this year in the face of the worst economic downturn in decades. (translated version here) The event, co-produced by O’Reilly Media and TechWeb, had been running for only two years. Web 2.0 Expo Europe was widely known as an… Read More

  • Facebook Pages Redesign Coming

    Facebook launched Facebook Ads in November 2007 to give brands and businesses a way to create a presence on Facebook and interact with users. Starting next week, says a source with knowledge of the new product, those pages will be substantially redesigned. Today there are countless pages (example) that highlight brands. These pages are free to set up, and the Facebook sales team then… Read More

  • Hack an iPhone, win 10 grand at Pwn2Own

    Pwn2Own, a sort of Gray Hat extravaganza, is going to be cracking browsers and phones for the third year in a row this March. It’ll go from the 18th to the 20th and thousands of dollars in prizes. Many will enter, few will pwn. Read More

  • MSI's sleek X320 and X340 to hit in April

    We fawned all over it when it was revealed, corrupted it with our pawing hands at CES, and marvelled at its recently-revealed big brothers. And now the X320 and X340 have specs and release dates. More hinkfo after the bizump. Read More

  • Sony Reader: Ian Fleming Edition

    Although I don’t get the feeling that Ian Fleming would have been a big e-book fan (he was a paperback kind of guy), that doesn’t mean it wouldn’t be awesome to have a 007-themed Sony Reader. Unfortunately the Reader itself is standard issue — but the cover for it is embossed leather, and the Reader comes with two free Bond books. Read More

  • AirScape whole house fan is an ultra-quiet cheaper, greener alternative to A/C

    As the economy worsens and our wallets slim, an AirScape whole house fan sounds like a simple way to go green and save some money. While traditional whole house fans are noisy and power-hungry, the AirScape fans are ultra-quiet and energy-efficient. Payback on the AirScape is much faster than solar. Also, reducing electricity use means reducing CO2 emissions, so you’re reducing your… Read More

  • New Adobe AIR Marketplace

    From blogs.adobe.com Adobe AIR Marketplace is a central resource that allows developers to make their applications available to millions of potential users and makes it easy for consumers to find them. Read More

  • The Onion asks: Are video games preparing our kids properly for the apocalypse?

    Don’t pretend this hasn’t been on your minds, parents. You bought the kids Fallout 3, Gears of War 2, and the like, but are you making sure they’re getting the proper lessons they need from these games? The Onion presents a few valuable viewpoints on this subject. Read More

  • I Love TwistTogether Shelves

    You remember these guys, right?! Of course you do. I wrote about their TwistTogether lamp back in ’07. Anyway, now they have a TwistTogether shelving system that consists of two lamps and three shelves. It comes in candy or chocolate and retails for $110. This would make a really cool gift. Want one so bad now. Read More

  • Video: If you say your phone is bulletproof, you better mean it

    Sonim’s XP1 is supposed to be virtually indestructable, and although it’s put up with quite a lot of hammer blows, Sonim felt they could confidently state that the thing could take a 22-caliber bullet. Well! What did they think was going to happen when they make a claim like that? Read More

  • Video: Here's the first trailer of Grand Theft Auto: Chinatown Wars

    Yes, that’s Ghostface rapping in this, the first official trailer of Grand Theft Auto: Chinatown Wars. Like all good trailers, there’s minimal actual gameplay shown, but worry not! Rockstar has also launched the game’s official site today, and there’s more footage of actual, true-to-life gameplay for your to view. Read More

  • JPG Magazine Has Been Acquired, Lives Anew

    JPG Magazine, the innovative photography magazine that was composed of user-submitted photographs and shut down last month, has been revived. The magazine’s assets have been acquired by a group of investors who will also continue to employ some of the magazine’s staff, we’ve confirmed with a source with knowledge of the deal. JPG launched in late 2006 with the novel idea… Read More

  • Nintendo's 2009 lineup: not exactly riveting

    The frequent criticisms of the Wii are, unfortunately, very apt today. The accusations of fluff games and kids games find their targets easily here, yet Nintendo seems optimistic as ever. With the sole exception of Punch-Out (itself the subject of other criticisms – franchise milking), the highlights of the 2009 lineup are looking mighty unexciting. Let’s see here…… Read More

  • Ning Launches Rich, Persistent Chat Feature

    Tonight Ning will introduce new chat functionality, giving Ning network administrators the oft-requested ability to integrate a rich chat environment similar to the one launched on Facebook last April. Ning’s new chat system is Flash-based, presenting users with a persistent chat bar along the bottom of their screens as they browse through a Ning network. Users have the option of… Read More

  • LEGO employees hand out tiny versions of themselves as business cards

    Apparently if you work at LEGO, you get a miniaturized LEGO person of yourself with your contact info on the (your) back. When someone asks for your business card, you hand them the figure. That is, how you say, outstanding. Never mind the gigantic bulge of LEGO figures in everyone’s pockets and the incessant noise that must fill every hallway at LEGO headquarters when people walk… Read More

  • New, slim Acer Aspire One spied

    The successor to Acer’s popular and well-reviewed Aspire One netbook is appearing on the net today in the form of some hands-on photos and specs from German site NetbookNews.de. To be honest, the specs aren’t exactly inspiring, but it looks like they are simply polishing the previous Aspire One and not trying to make a whole new class here. Read More

  • Startup news roundup

    • PutPlace.com spotted that HP-Upline is getting out of the consumer backup business and closing down the Upline service. They are putting together a discount plan for HP-Upline users, but in the meantime you can use the invitation code “joe” to get started with a free plan for three months. Something to do with founder Joe Drumgoole perhaps… • Comedian David Mitchell is… Read More

  • d3o Labs inks deal with British Ministry of Defense

    Motorcycle and ski enthusiasts, among others, have known about d3o’s polymer compound for years and it actually saved my brother’s limbs from a nasty motorcycle accident last year. I first saw this material in the summer of 2007 at Spyder’s SIA booth. Well, the British Army has finally wised up and contracted d3o Labs to line their 20-year-old Mark 6A helmets with the… Read More

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