• Index Ventures closes new early-stage €350m Euro fund

    London-based VC Index Ventures has closed its new early-stage 350 million Euro venture fund. The fund follows its 2007 fund of the same size which saw it back Netlog (a European MySpace), OpenX, Viagogo, MyHeritage, Playfish and a number of other high profile startups. It also raised a $400 million late stage fund last year, and is known for exits including Skype and MySQL. Index remains… Read More

  • Second full-length Terminator Salvation trailer

    A second trailer for the fourth part in the Terminator series, Terminator Salvation, has appeared online and it looks pretty decent. This trailer is a tad longer than the first one and features a lot of new footage from the movie. There is a possible spiler at the end so watch this with caution. Read More

  • The Daily Show: "My Stalker Just Grunted On My Twitter"

    One sure sign that your product is entering mainstream consciousness is when Jon Stewart makes fun of it on The Daily Show. That happened to Twitter last night. I’m sure most of you have already seen the Twitter segment, but in case you haven’t, it is embedded above. Jon Stewart plays the frustrated old man shaking his fist at useless new technology, while reporter Samantha Bee… Read More

  • Apple Updates Just About Everything

    Apple just updated just about every little thing they could today including adding a $2,400 24-inch iMac and a faster MacBook Pro. Remember that new Mac Mini with 5 USB ports? It’s real. Other highlights include: Read More

  • Apple Store is down

    Please standby. Word on the street is Apple will be refreshing the iMac, Mac Minis, Mac Pro, TIme Capsule and Airport Extreme. Read More

  • Doodle launches API for group events service

    Doodle is a free web app which helps you find suitable dates for group events, like an appointment, a conference call etc. It’s been around for a while as a hacker project, but after growing has now turned into a real startup. The proposition has always been simple: create a poll for a suitable meeting time and let people fill in the blanks about when they are available. It’s a an… Read More

  • Socialtext Adds Twitter-like "Signals" And a Desktop AIR App

    In yet another sign that this will be the year of the activity stream, Socialtext is adding a Twitter-like message stream to its enterprise wiki/workspace service, The new feature is called Socialtext Signals, and it appears both as a widget in the Socialtext dashboard and as a standalone desktop app built on Adobe AIR. Socialtext Signals is essentially an enterprise version of Twitter, much… Read More

  • Roku now supports Amazon's Video On Demand

    Good news for those of you with the well-liked Roku player. As we heard was going to happen, and then we heard was in testing, the little thing can now access the many videos on Amazon’s VOD service. Not too much else to say — I don’t have one, so I can’t test it out. Anybody care to let us know how it works? It should be live as of this posting. Read More

  • Investor Deadpools Jooce. Not Sure They're Aware.

    Funny how we receive tips sometimes. Yesterday we covered the latest Startup2Startup meetup, and a certain ChrisATSo33t commented on the story pointing to the latest quarterly report (PDF) of Luxembourg-based VC firm Mangrove Capital Partners in which they state that Paris-based portfolio company Jooce would be “closing its doors” during the month of February. We’ve now… Read More

  • Sequoia Pumps More Funding Into Search Marketing Startup Kenshoo

    Israel-based search engine marketing (SEM) automator Kenshoo has received another capital injection from its existing backers Sequoia Capital and Arts Alliance. As with the Series A round, this second round of funding remained undisclosed, although our contact person at the company ensures it that this was an “up-round” financing and that the valuation was “50% higher than… Read More

  • Daily Crunch: Snuggied Crusader Edition

    Japanese company sells parent and kid security robot pair
    Batman full-zip hoodie with eye holes
    Meet pyuuun, your new palm-sized sidekick robot Read More

  • Oodle on Facebook Is Live

    As TechCrunch reported back in December, Oodle is taking over Facebook classifieds. The new service launches Wednesday and will be rolled out to Facebook users over the next sixty days. I’ve been bearish overall on companies that require local network affects, and usually classifieds fits in that bucket. As good a job as Craigslist has done it only monetizes about 1% of its users… Read More

  • New Kodak Easyshare superzoom looks solid

    There is no shortage of point-and-shoots on the market, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t give Kodak’s latest a look. It’s called the Z915 (memorable, I know), and looks, well, like a camera. I mean, it doesn’t look like a DSLR, and it doesn’t look like a little metal lozenge — it looks for all the world like a regular consumer film camera from the 90s. Read More

  • Wrappz decorates your laptops, iPods, and game consoles

    As a college student, I’ve seen all sorts of junk on laptop cases, from fraternity stickers and sports team logos to presidential candidates and cause-related stickers. London-based Wrappz has tapped into this market providing covers for laptops, iPods, and game consoles. Read More

  • Ultimate desktop: 4 CPUs, 9 fans, 16,000 dollars

    In one of those “what if” situations, Seattle PC company Puget Systems (of Windows 7 deal fame) recently shared information with Tom’s Hardware about how they went about building the ultimate desktop machine. Puget showed them their latest, a quad-Opteron powered monster with 32 gigs of RAM and custom water cooling. I can’t even imagine how much noise this thing would… Read More

  • Sony's refreshes its EX headphone line

    Sony has updated its primary line of headphones, starting with the EX-33LP and EX-35LP at the rather suspicious price of $20, and moving on up to the EX-300 and EX-500LP at $80 and $130, respectively. Note that all but the EX-300 have “LP” in their names, which seems to signify nothing at all. I must say that I’ve had my eyes opened by Klipsch as to the possibilities of… Read More

  • Index Closes a New 350M. Euro Venture Fund

    London-based investing hotshot Index Ventures has just announced a new early-stage €350 million venture fund. To hear partner Bernard Dalle tell it, raising the fund was a breeze, with all existing limited partners re-upping their investments. He further said that good startups in London are having no problems raising venture capital and deal flow was just as strong. Really? Well, I guess… Read More

  • Sony's new portable printers are just what you didn't ask for

    As if it weren’t enough that we have useless features on our point-and-shoots, now we have to have them on our printers as well. First of all, the idea of taking my photos, editing and adjusting them, doing red-eye reduction and so on in-camera, then printing them out on the spot is so ridiculous that I can’t even convince myself that it’s done by anyone on this green Earth. Read More

  • Doodle launches API to unleash group events apps

    Doodle is a free web app which helps you find suitable dates for group events, like a conference call, by creating a poll for a suitable meeting time and lettting people fill in their availability. It’s an idea which works very well, and is easily messed up. London-based ikordo closed last year through lack of funding and a complex interface. However, Doodle, which grew from a hacker… Read More

  • Sony Bravia W-Series includes networking features

    Sony just pushed out a new series of TVs, the W, with 1080p resolution and Yahoo! widgets, Amazon Video On Demand, and other networked TV features. They’ll come in 52-, 46-, and 40-inch models and include 4 HDMI ports. Read More

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