• Happy Thanksgiving!

    The CG boys are taking a well-earned break tomorrow but thank you for another great year of CrunchGear. We wake up for you guys, whether it seems like it or not, and we could have made it through without your diligent visits to our little kingdom of jollity and mirth. Have a great Turkey day and we’ll see you on Friday. Read More

  • my6sense: Pioneering "Digital Intuition" (500 Alpha Invites)

    With the growing amount of information that is flowing into our lives, there is also a growing need for tools that help focus our attention on what should be the most relevant information for us. my6sense is developing artificial intelligence that does just that—it separates the signal from the noise and helps users shift their attention to the content they care about most. my6sense… Read More

  • First impression of Super Street Fighter II Turbo HD Remix: Thumbs up

    The game Super Street Fighter II Turbo: HD Remix is now available on Xbox Live Arcade (and PSN) for 1,200 Microsoft points. I bought it this morning and promptly realized two things: one, it’s tremendous and two, I’m rubbish at Street Fighter nowadays. I played about halfway through Arcade mode before finally giving up—like I said, rubbish—but that was enough to ensure… Read More

  • Seagate's Rap Video Is Addictively Bad

    Just in time to get you in that purchasing mood for Black Friday comes a Seagate-sponsored video from the Sniper Twins (above) that looks like something from SNL. Called “Computer Friends” [Stack the Memory], two white rappers sing about the need to upgrade their computers. It’s so bad you can’t stop watching it. And the music is catchy too. 1.5 terabytes,
    stack… Read More

  • Plush scorpion will sting you repeatedly with love

    Twitchie Scorpion from make magazine on Vimeo. Get thee to the Makery and build yourself a Twitchie robot scorpion with plush casing. The robot itself is actually called Twitchie. It’s a DIY robot kit with everything you need to make… Read More

  • First Hand Accounts Of Terrorist Attacks In India On Twitter, Flickr

    Forget CNN, which so far has few details of the ongoing attacks in Mumbai, India that have left at least 80 dead (Update: they’re starting to catch up now). People are giving first hand reports of what they’re seeing directly on Twitter. Flickr is another important information resources – images are here. Twitter isn’t the place for solid facts yet – the situation… Read More

  • Everyone's a Metacritic: Why aggregating game reviews is absurd

    Apparently these few lines have turned the world upside down: Go to Metacritic, which is destroying the video game industry, by the way, and check out the Tomb Raider: Underworld’s metascore. Right now it’s 78. That’s not good enough, apparently. Which is to say that I dislike the practice of aggregating review scores, be it on Metacritic, Game Rankings, Rotten Tomatoes, etc. Read More

  • The BlackBerry Storm has issues – at least six of them, in fact

    With hype comes scrutiny. Build consumer interest in a device up to that which Verizon has built the BlackBerry Storm, and you’re bound to hear the complaints. The Storm has been on the shelves for less than a week, and forums around the web are already littered with word of reproach. A list of the issues that RIM has recognized as software flaws has been passed out to Verizon employees… Read More

  • As Holiday Sales Look Grim, Amazon and eBay Are On A Collision Course

    With economic recession in the air and layoffs everywhere, the outlook for online retail sales looks grim this holiday season. So far in November, online sales are 4 percent less than last year. Online retailers Amazon and eBay will be fighting for every last Christmas dollar. The two look more and more alike these days, as eBay seeks growth beyond the mom-and-pop auction sellers that… Read More

  • Contest: Get you some e-mail, win a Peek!

    Target sure loves CrunchGear and we love them for throwing down two Peek e-mail devices (review) for us to giveaway. Now don’t go scoffing about just because it’s not some hotsy-totsy-hotdoggin-showboatin gadget. Not everyone has access to e-mail on their phone and chances are you know some of them. Here’s your chance to hook them up for the upcoming holidays or feel free… Read More

  • Why Microsoft should make the ZunePhone

    The Zune phone rumor is rearing its nasty Steve Ballmer head again thanks to a CNBC report talking about a device codenamed, “Pink.” Instead of simply dismissing this old rumor again, it might have some truth to it as the mobile world has changed significantly since the last time a ZunePhone rumor circulated. The iPhone is the U.S.’s best selling mobile phone of all… Read More

  • Review: De Profundis

    Quick Version: Mail-based role-playing for those who love the sound of many-tentacled hellbeasts in the darkness. Read More

  • TechCrunch's New Search Engine: Powered by Yahoo BOSS

    About a week ago we soft-launched a new search engine for TechCrunch, the first to be built and deployed using Yahoo’s new BOSS Custom technology (otherwise known as “BOSS vertical lens”, as Yahoo called it in its announcement today). The new TechCrunch Search is considerably more powerful than WordPress’s default search capabilities. For one, you can now search across… Read More

  • Pixel Qi developing tech for longer mobile battery life

    While the world is still waiting for the $75 laptop, the same company is working on a raising cell phone and notebook battery life to 20-40 hours. We’re not dogging Pixel Qi for trying to develop killer tech, but all it seems the start-up is good at is writing press releases at this time. As for the laptop battery life, it’s extended due to a new screen technology that reduces… Read More

  • The Canon 5D Mark II stars in another movie

    PDNPulse found Vincent Laforets latest short flick shot with Canon’s latest HD camera. Again, the visuals are stunning and remember that this was captured on a DSLR, not a “true” video camera. Click the image above to watch the video. It’s a perfect marriage of style, artistry, and great glass. Read More

  • The Leipzig: An analog synth in a digital world

    This cool looking synth, call the Leipzig is completely analog all the way out to the MIDI out, creating odd noises using only the technology your dad would have used in his college band. You can tweak all of the sounds with the built-in knobs and slider and the keyboard lets you ad Moog-ification to almost any song. Read More

  • Shaun White contest winners!

    Sorry about the delay, folks. I’m in Korea this week and find myself with zero Wi-Fi access. Strange considering this is one of the most wired (‘wired’ being the operative word here) countries in the world. Anyway, without further ado the winners of the Target Limited Edition Shaun White Snowboarding for Xbox 360 winners are… Read More

  • Are you doorbusting this Black Friday?

    Most agree that this years Black Friday so-called deals kind of.. well.. suck. Sure, there are a few Blu-ray players around the $150 mark and Wal-Mart has an old Magnavox for $128. Every retailer has a $99 GPS along with a wide selection of cheap flash memory, but those are not worth sleep deprivation alone. Best Buy is trying to pawn off a 50-inch 720p plasma and Circuit City’s… Read More

  • SEC Outlines Its Reasoning For Shutting Down P2P Lender Prosper

    Last month, peer-to-peer lender Prosper stopped all new lending on its site because of scrutiny by the SEC. Prosper agreed to register under the Securities Act, a process which can take months. Yesterday, the SEC issued its formal cease-and-desist letter (embedded below or download PDF), outlining its reasoning for characterizing Prosper as a seller of investment, something prosper had… Read More

  • Japan chooses 2008's best robots (photo gallery)

    Last year’s Grand Prize winning robot There should be no doubt that Japan is the world’s leading nation when it comes to the production and promotion of robots of all kinds. Each year, Nippon’s Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry (METI) chooses a handful of robots it thinks are especially cool and gives them the so-called Robot Award [JP]. The ministry yesterday announced… Read More

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