• Facebook Grew Twice As Fast As Twitter In July

    If it wasn’t bad enough that Facebook bought FriendFeed on Monday and turned on real-time search to better compete against Twitter in the Stream Wars, and is playing around with a lite version that resembles Twitter even more, now Twitter really has something to worry about. Facebook is growing faster than Twitter in the U.S., even though it is more than four times larger. In the month… Read More

  • New Limited Edition Marc Ecko Star Wars hoodies and jackets

    The Star Wars March Ecko hoodies are pretty legondary now. They are an icon of hip Star Wars nerds and guess what? There are now six new models to choose from and the old ones are still on sale. Yeah, they are still expensive. The new models start out at $98.00 and the coolest one – the X Wing Pilot Hoodie – costs $150, but come on, you have to admit that they are eff’n… Read More

  • Street Fighter IV Real Voice is the coolest cell phone strap ever (video)

    I’ve seen countless straps in my many years in cell phone-crazy Japan, but this one beats them all. The so-called “Street Fighter IV Real Voice” is essentially a mini joystick that plays the voice samples that follow a number of special moves in the game. All sounds from the major attacks Chun Li, Ken, Ryu and Dhalsim can pull off are there – provided you’re… Read More

  • EVERYONE! Steve Jobs is driving to work now!

    Oh man, I wonder how much this will improve Apple’s stock? I mean, the main man must be doing fine if he’s driving to work now. Oh and the liver transplant gives him a free pass for parking in a handicap spot too. There’s another pic at Nicholas Brown’s Flickr page if you really need more evidence. [via gearfuse] Read More

  • Boxee Watches $6 Million More In Funding Stream In

    Boxee, the media center software startup, has won a lot of fans with its open approach to streaming content. And as a result it has won some more money, to the tune of a $6 million second round, led by Boston’s General Catalyst Partners. The new money will be used for growth: Both expanding the team and expanding the service’s reach in the market, we’re told. But why now? Read More

  • Another Positive Sign For The App Store: Proof Of A PR Team

    Apple’s App Store policies have been under fire for months now. It looks like tensions are starting to thaw following a couple of emails from Apple Senior VP Phil Schiller to some vocal bloggers. But it seemed a bit odd that it was Schiller doing this after months of basically nothing on the issues from Apple’s PR team. But today brings a good sign: There is an App Store PR team… Read More

  • Finnish social gaming start-up everyplay emerges from "stealth", releases Facebook game

    Arctic Startup reports that Finnish social gaming start-up everyplay has exited stealth mode and released a Facebook game called Kamu World. A “Kamu” (Finnish for “buddy”) is a little monster you can wander around the virtual world with, accumulating experience points called “sparks”. Interacting with the world makes changes to it that other users can see. Read More

  • Palm goes after Pre skin for Android

    Lets say you just finished hacking and cracking your myTouch 3G through the just unveiled rooting process. With the myTouch lagging behind some other in the looks department, your first quest is to retheme it. You’d heard about a Palm Pre skin, which decks Android out with Pre-esque visuals from top to bottom. Partly out of spite and partly out of genuine curiosity, you set out to… Read More

  • Drink-on: Newcastle Brown Ale DraughtKeg

    Mini kegs like the Newcastle Brown Ale have been available for a few years now. But now, after years of waiting in anticipation and jealousy, you can finally get one with good beer. Read More

  • iGoogle Releases Social Gadgets

    iGoogle, a personalized homepage that competes with My Yahoo, My MSN, My AOL, Netvibes and others, will release 19 new in-house and third party iGoogle widgets today that add new social and sharing features to users of the service. An overview of the service is in the video below, and a tour of some of the features and gadgets is here. We saw some early tests of social gadgets from Google… Read More

  • Razer teases StarCraft fans with new mouse, keyboard and headset

    Remember that StarCraft Zerg messaging bag from yesterday? Yeah, that it’s only a teaser of what’s coming from Razer. Gamers can expect a new mouse, keyboard and headset themed after their favorite RTS. Read More

  • Spotify's latest hook-up: Absolute Radio and ShortList magazine

    Another day, another bit of news from hot property of the moment, Spotify. Today it’s the announcement that Spotify has struck deals with Absolute Radio and ShortList Magazine to launch what the marketing bods call an “integrated marketing campaign”. Ads will send listeners to a microsite hosted by Absolute, where they’ll be asked to create a Spotify playlist… Read More

  • The Flash Drive Lock: a solution looking for a problem

    Marketed as great for civil servants, the Flash Drive Lock is a combination lock for your flash drives. Yes, you read that correctly: you place this thing over your flash drive and lock it! Now your precious data will be safe from thieves, hackers, and the TSA. No longer do you need to live in fear of losing personal data from a stolen or misplaced flash drive. Read More

  • myTouch 3G gets rooted

    After a few false starts and a handful of hoaxes, the T-Mobile myTouch 3G has been rooted. For those a bit behind the times on their lingo, “rooting” an Android phone is similar to the concept of “jailbreaking” an iPhone, in that it gives you full access and control of your system files. This allows you to retheme the device, run applications that otherwise… Read More

  • Food for thought from Fred Destin

    Fred Destin, possibly the quintessential European VC (a Belgian living in Switzerland but traveling Europe looking for startups), has a must-read post on his blog about “the funding drought”. Here are a few highlights (quite a few, actually, since it’s so good): Don’t believe the hype. Yes, it’s a nice environment to be starting the winners of tomorrow and… Read More

  • That Coming IPO Boom? Think More OpenTable Than Google

    As Erick pointed out yesterday, IPO registrations are up. But even if all of these companies go out, does this mean VCs are out of the no liquidity woods? Hardly. Sure everyone brings up LinkedIn and Facebook as the potentially huge homerun IPOs in the wings, but a lot of the companies queuing up look more like OpenTable. The reservation Web site deserves props for making it out in a… Read More

  • Can Silobreaker make money selling widgets?

    Silobreaker “finds and reads the news like a person does”. It’s part news aggregator, part search engine and part contextual relevancy algorithm, aiming to present news in a helpful and intuitive format that brings out the connections between different stories. Confused? Take a look at the site before you read on. Silobreaker pulls content – videos, headlines, quotes… Read More

  • The HTC Touch Pro 2 is now available at T-Mobile. Too bad it's $349.

    We’ve heard real good things about the HTC Touch Pro 2. The 3.6-inch WVGA screen is good, the slide-out keyboard is apparently awesome and HTC once again shipped a great skin for Winmo 6.1. It’s just too bad that at $349, it’s the most expensive handset available at T-Mobile just like we feared. Read More

  • Video: The Onion discovers new Google ‘opt-out’ feature: Move to a secluded village!

    We start the day off with a video, because they’re fun and so, so easy to embed. It’s from The Onion, and it pokes fun at folks who think Google is out to get them. Read More

  • The Logitech Wireless Desktop treats your fingers to a new key design

    If the Logitech blog post about the new Logitech Wireless Desktop MK 700 is to be believed, the company has come up with a new type of key design. The Logitech Incurve keys apparently “cradle your fingers for greater comfort.” I’m all for keyboard innovation, but I think my standard white, full-size Apple keyboard also has concave keys. Read More

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