• Linux on iPhone: Whoa!

    iPhone Linux Demonstration Video from planetbeing on Vimeo. After reverse engineering the original kernel, some hackers have gotten their own version of Linux to run on the iPhone, proving that the first gen iPhone will live on as a hacker… Read More

  • Joost Launches A Broken iPhone App

    Joost launched their iPhone application on the App Store this evening, giving users access to 46,000 Joost videos, including major television shows and films. The iPhone has a built in YouTube application already, giving them a serious head start when it comes to video on the iPhone. But archrival Hulu doesn’t yet – giving Joost a little room to maneuver for now. I’m sure… Read More

  • Protip: Wear these cufflinks to ensure there’s no second date

    Nothing says “well dressed man” like fine cufflinks. On the other hand, nothing says “I have no desire to date” like these cufflinks. Available from Etsy, everyone’s favorite peddler of homemade haute couture, these clay Mario Mushrooms come in your choice of a pair of green or red. Or hell, mix the two if you want. You’re the master of your… Read More

  • CabEasy Looks To Pair Off Strangers For Half-Priced Taxi Fares

    With the economy as turbulent as it is, most people are trying to save a few bucks whatever way they can. CabEasy, a 1-man startup that launched earlier this month, is looking to help people save some cash on their Taxi rides. The site allows people to post a public listing of their upcoming taxi travel plans, and pair up with someone else who is traveling a similar route to split the… Read More

  • Cool tech: object-based interactions within video

    http://vimeo.com/moogaloop.swf?clip_id=2345579&server=vimeo.com&show_title=0&show_byline=0&show_portrait=0&color=00ADEF&fullscreen=1 This video demonstrates some techniques UW and Adobe are working on for deep analysis, object recognition, and embedding of metadata within video. It looks really interesting, and although at the moment it all looks a bit academic… Read More

  • Black Friday fatality: Wal-Mart staffer trampled in Long Island

    [image credit: Farriella for the NY Daily News]
    I was hoping we’d make it through this Black Friday without one of these incidents, but unfortunately it’s happened again: If you haven’t heard already, a worker at a Long Island Wal-Mart was crushed underneath the feet of hundreds of shoppers while trying to hold back the crowd. Shopping events are notoriously dangerous in… Read More

  • Capcom releases soundtrack to new Street Fighter game for free

    Although I like to flatter myself that my personal blog has the top Google result for “nes mp3 themes” and related searches, it’s folks like VGMusic and OC Remix that have the selection and newer tracks that gamers crave (if they crave game themes at all). Case in point: Capcom didn’t come to me when they wanted to freely distribute the soundtrack for the new (and from… Read More

  • Good, weird times in new Street View

    I’ve been cruising around my neighborhood in the updated Street View today and have already found a few interesting items. For instance, as you see above, the stretch of northbound I-5 above Eastlake is now a terrifying corridor of colorful static. I haven’t driven that stretch in a few weeks so I guess it’s possible, but I should have noticed it when I was out there at the… Read More

  • Rumor: New Xbox 360 mobo to get 256MB flash memory

    Image credit: Moddage
    Images of Jasper, the new (manufactured Oct 23) Xbox 360 mobo, show some neat features that haven’t been announced or confirmed by Microsoft. Among them are the run of the mill 150W power supply (lower power consumption means lower power bills for you, natch), a GPU with a  smaller footprint, and 256MB of internal storage via a flash chip. Read More

  • Interesting reading: Snipers, rifles, and current ballistics research

    The Reg has an uncharacteristically long article up today concerning the history of snipers and their equipment. The tools of the trade have been changing since the first long-range rifles were truly deployed in WWII, and sniping has increased in effectiveness and importance as technology has made weapons more lethal and reduced the size of engagement parties. Counter-Strike and Call of… Read More

  • Set Your Phones a'Jingling With Free Calls From Santa

    The holiday season is officially in full swing, and Santa is prepping for his big night by offering phone calls to anyone who may need a little extra motivation to stay good through the end of the year (or who would just love to hear from the big man himself). To request a call, visit ChristmasDialer.com, where you’ll be able to choose from three possible voice greetings that can be… Read More

  • Google updates Street View – let the games begin anew!

    Google has rolled out an update to Google Maps, and has expanded Street View to include many new locations including my home town of Seattle! That makes it exciting to me, and obviously it’s exciting for everyone else on the internet because now there are miles and miles of new streets to investigate for hilarity, strange occurrences, and of course yourself. I’ve already scoured… Read More

  • Contest Reminder: Win a Peek!

    Target sure loves CrunchGear and we love them for throwing down two Peek e-mail devices (review) for us to giveaway. Now don’t go scoffing about just because it’s not some hotsy-totsy-hotdoggin-showboatin gadget. Not everyone has access to e-mail on their phone and chances are you know some of them. Here’s your chance to hook them up for the upcoming holidays or feel free… Read More

  • Live Cashback Having A Bad Black Friday

    Microsoft lined up some great deals for Live Cashback users today. But users are reporting that the site has been down much of the morning, and more than half of my attempts to connect are timing out. Given the high volume of ecommerce sales that take place today, that’s not good. It’s also not so great for Microsoft’s expanding cloud computing efforts. If Microsoft… Read More

  • Apple LED Cinema Display now shipping

    The fancy LED Apple display is shipping now. Right now it only works when connected to a MacBook or MacBook Pro or MacBook Air as a result of it using the new mini DisplayPort interface. Ars has one of those “unboxing” deals that the kids love so much these days, alongside its first impressions of the device. Apple wants $899 for the display, which is just shy of Absolutely Insane… Read More

  • Newegg.com Black Friday deals: 4GB Corsair RAM for $20

    As promised, Newegg.com has pulled out many of the stops to deliver unto you several Black Friday deals. No, I take that back. They’re not just deals, but ULTRA-SECRET deals. So ultra-secret, in fact, that I’m posting them here for y’all to see. Highlights include: • 4GB (2x2GB) of Corsair DDR 2 800 RAM for $49.9919.99 with rebate! That’s hot. • 19-inch… Read More

  • Icahn Picks Up More Yahoo Shares On The Cheap

    Carl Icahn bought up another 6.8 million shares of Yahoo earlier this week, bringing his total holdings to 75.6 million shares (just north of 5 percent). He paid just under $10 a share, or about a third of what he paid last May when he started building the bulk of his position. Of course, now he controls three seats on Yahoo’s board, including the one he occupies. So he is… Read More

  • My iPhone is a Mac, my Android is a PC

    I’ve been using an Android G1 phone for more than a month now on a daily basis, but I still haven’t given up my iPhone. The more I use them both, the more that I realize my iPhone is a Mac and my Android is a PC. That is not necessarily a bad thing—except for when my Android crashes (which is a lot). Okay, it does not actually crash so much as it freezes up, forcing me to… Read More

  • Black Friday reports? Send them to tips@crunchgear.com

    From here We received our first Black Friday report this morning from Florida where Best Buy was doing business as usual. Our spy went to the store at 4am and found no crowds or pushing. In a considerably sadder situation, a worker at a Long Island Wal-Mart was crushed and a woman miscarried. Holy crap, right? That said, tell us what you saw today in your travels. Email us at tips@cg or drop… Read More

  • Princeton Japan intros a massive 5TB NAS

    Princeton Japan has a NAS for you torrent freaks. The DN-503AH-PDC (wow) ships with 5TB storage capacity that support RAID 0/1/5/6 configurations. All the standard NAS features are present, including 10/1000 Ethernet and hot-swappable HDDs. The NAS has a December Japanese launch slated but hopefully U.S. downloaders will get a chance to fill it as well. Read More

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