• Black silicon: vastly more light-sensitive, good for solar cells etc

    Put this stuff on your “tech to watch” list along with magnetic batteries, liquid lenses, and all this stuff. This “black silicon” was ordinary until it was blasted by an incredibly high-powered laser. It’s kind of like a superhero origin story, only in this case he ends up covered in microscopic spikes that (I’m guessing) multiply the surface area exposable… Read More

  • Android's Login Is Cool, But Is It Secure?

    I’ve been hearing a lot about Google’s innovative login feature for the Android phone, but only saw it today for the first time (Loren Feldman, who recently did some video of one, sent a screenshot). Unlike other phones, which require a four digit number for unlocking, the Android simply puts nine dots arranged in a square on the touch screen, along with the words “draw… Read More

  • Shots of FF Mobile (Fennec) on WinMo, 88 on Acid3

    Looks nice! Despite hearing that FireFox Mobile would be tested first on Nokia’s cool little N810 internet tablet, here we have the first real shots of the thing and it’s on an unidentified Windows Mobile phone. Well then! I’m looking forward to using it; the concept demo looked pretty nice and these shots demonstrate that the Gecko engine has made the change intact. Will… Read More

  • Mystery port on the new MacBooks: Dock? Snack drawer? Band-aid?

    By now you must all have seen the Chinese MacBook body spy shots, generally agreed upon by the internets as being genuine. The shot above has generated a flurry of speculation as to what that little taped-up port could possibly be. Read More

  • Eyealike Sets Its Image Recognition Technology On A New Target: Advertising

    Eyealike, the startup that lets you use photo recognition to help find your ideal mate, is expanding to apply its image processing technology to a new market: advertising. The company says that the new system will allow businesses to place highly targeted advertising alongside photographs that appear on their site (which have long been difficult to monetize). For now the image recognition… Read More

  • MySpace Launches "My Ads" Self Serve Ad Platform: Is This Their Google Moment?

    MySpace launches their self serve ad platform, called My Ads, tonight, which was first talked about a year ago. Like Facebook’s similar product, it allows anyone to quickly create a targeted ad and serve it on MySpace. Unlike Facebook, which only allows text ads, MySpace is only allowing display ads for now (advertisers would like both, I imagine). Users can choose between a 728×90… Read More

  • OLO's iPhone-powered computer: a Redfly for Apple?

    OLO is showing a mysterious device on its website that appears to be an iPhone-powered subnotebook. There are no details to speak of, but there are two options: 1. All the guts are in the iPhone. This is the approach of the Redfly, which lets the mobile device do the thinking and it just extends your toolset. This limits costs but also functionality.
    2. The iPhone merely augments a full… Read More

  • High-tech bomb squads in Iraq and Afghanistan

    The methods for detonating bombs, IEDs, mortars, missiles, and so on have multiplied and become more technologically advanced; it follows, then, that a bomb squad should be a high-tech outfit prepared for any tech contingency. This is a very interesting and in-depth article about the lucky soldiers (Army and Navy) whose job it is to detect, disarm, and collect unexploded ordnance and… Read More

  • OpenOffice 3.0 is semi-out, get downloadin'

    If you guys haven’t tried out OpenOffice… well, it’s okay. No, it’s good, it’s just that they’re building an office suite to compete with people who have been “refining” their product for a couple decades now. Still, even in traditional office environments, word processors, spreadsheets and so on are giving way to either more specialized tools… Read More

  • Blu-Ray on the new MacBooks? What do you guys think?

    So we know for sure that we’re getting NVIDIA chipsets in our new MacBooks, and the “brick”-based unibody design is also pretty much a go. But there are still some rumbles about Blu-Ray drives. I’m not entirely convinced, but the more I think about it, the more it seems that Apple really doesn’t have a choice. Other high-end notebooks have started rocking… Read More

  • Live DVD chock full o’ free, high-quality Linux games

    Linux games. Curious? Why not download this live DVD to see what the hubbub’s all about? You’ll get 15 of the most popular Linux games – sports, real-time strategy, action, adventure – all with the convenience of a self-loading bootable DVD. Just download, burn, and boot. The DVD’s been made available by Linux-Gamers.net. [via Lifehacker] Read More

  • Rumor: iPhone 3G to be sold at Wal-Mart next month

    According to BGR, Wal-Mart may be carrying the iPhone 3G starting on November 15th. Also noteworthy is that it doesn’t look like the iPhone will be sold at Radio Shack, as previously rumored. Now, I’ve never purchased a cell phone from Wal-Mart before but here’s to hoping the activation process will be relatively hassle free, as I don’t remember ever seeing anybody in… Read More

  • The Prickly Prince From Microsoft Strikes Again

    Dare Obasanjo, a Microsoft employee and the son of a former President of Nigeria, doesn’t like it when people disagree with him. I found that out in 2007 when Obasanjo vandalized the TechCrunch Wikipedia page in response to a post we wrote that was mildly critical of Microsoft’s hiring of a blogger to edit certain Wikipedia entries relating to Open Office standards. His actions as… Read More

  • Review: Adrenaline Pool Online for iPhone/iPod Touch

    Looking for a good time-waster? Check out Adrenaline Pool Online for the iPhone/iPod Touch. It’s just $4.99, easy to pick up, and features online play. You can play four different games: 8-ball, 9-ball, Straight, and Snooker. Read More

  • CrunchDeals: 16GB Zune for $180.49

    Amazon.com is offering the black 16GB Zune for $180.49, which is almost $20 off. You’ll remember that these little Zunes feature direct-to-device downloads, FM radio song tagging, and wireless synchronization. Not bad for $180. Read More

  • Will Verizon's New Three-Cent Hike Kill SMS Services?

    On Friday, word got out that come November 1 Verizon Wireless plans to tack on an extra 3-cent charge for every SMS message sent by Web information services to any of its mobile subscribers. That hike will be on top of the 20 cents per message that Verizon subscribers already pay (even those with “unlimited” plans). Thus, in one fell swoop, Verizon is attempting to boost its… Read More

  • Brightcove 3 (Leaked ScreenShots)

    Brightcove, the Web video distribution platform used by media companies including Dow Jones, Warner Music, and the New York Times, is getting a massive makeover. Most people won’t see it, but its customers will. A new version of the Web-based software that they use to upload, manage, and distribute their videos is rolling out soon. It will be called Brightcove 3. (For more… Read More

  • MashLogic: Take Back The Web (By Getting Awesome Links)

    Bessemer Venture Partners is launching an incubated startup called MashLogic into private beta today, with the audacious promise of helping people “take back the web.” They say (and they’re not alone) that the web today is driven by page view economics and search engine optimization goals, which leads publishers to link to themselves too often. The result is a less than… Read More

  • Apple switching to NVIDIA chipset for sure – like we told you

    Looks like we’ve got confirmation (oh wait, we confirmed it a week ago) of what everyone’s been talking about; Apple is definitely giving the Intel chipset the boot and moving to an NVIDIA one. Hopefully this means not only more power but more battery life (hybrid SLI), more versatility (OpenCL and CUDA), and slightly smaller size (unified chipset architecture). I don’t… Read More

  • Robo Japan 2008! I really wish I was there

    Akihabara News has some great coverage of the Robo Japan show starting today in the land of the rising sun. How I should like to be among the robots as they dance jerkily and malfunction on stage! My voice would be hoarse from telling the presenters to “make them fight!” and my cheeks would be stained with tears of shame from when I got juked by an Asimo.
    [all images… Read More

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