• Contest Reminder: Livescribe smartpen

    Don’t forget about the Livescribe smartpen giveaway that ends tomorrow. Check the original post on how to win. Good Luck! Read More

  • Last day to win a Peek!

    Target sure loves CrunchGear and we love them for throwing down two Peek e-mail devices (review) for us to giveaway. Now don’t go scoffing about just because it’s not some hotsy-totsy-hotdoggin-showboatin gadget. Not everyone has access to e-mail on their phone and chances are you know some of them. Here’s your chance to hook them up for the upcoming holidays or feel free… Read More

  • UK startups start their cull: Trutap reduced to skeleton

    Trutap, a leading UK mobile startup which made the TechCrunch 40 list in 2007, is letting go almost 80% of its 30 staff after failing to hit its window for a second round of funding. A skeleton staff will keep the social apps Java application for mobiles available prior to a sale or new investment, only a month after its re-launch. The startup was orphaned after its first investor Tudor… Read More

  • Crunchvision is CrunchBase on a map. Are you on it?

    When CrunchBase, our free database of startup and people information, released an API we started to observe some really interesting applications being built on it. But one of the most interesting could just be Crunchvision which puts on a map the startups indexed in CrunchBase. This service was created in a couple of days by Mapeed, a French startup which provides tools for creating and… Read More

  • The Huffington Post Raises $25 Million from Oak Investment Partners

    We already knew The Huffington Post was looking for capital, but it turns out to be a little more than the $15 million the Times of London projected earlier. Kara Swisher says the political uber-blog network has in fact raised $25 million from Oak Investment Partners and will announce the news later this morning. This third round brings the total amount of funding raised to a whopping $37 million. Read More

  • Gears fans rejoice: someone has mated a real rifle to a real chainsaw

    No nerf Lancer here. No concept gun, no foam rubber. Just an AR-15 with a chainsaw bayonet. I’m not sure what else to put here; more words would only subtract from the sublime beauty of this “firearm mounted anti-zombie device.” Although: I’ve just bought a copy of World War Z and I’m thinking they could have used a few of these things in the first stand at… Read More

  • CrunchGear Week in Review: Post-Thanksgiving Breakfast Edition

    Protip: Wear these cufflinks to ensure there’s no second date
    Harion: Japanese company sells $168,000 glass speaker set
    Way beyond Bed and Bath: the Jerky Gun
    Tic Tac Toast might generate family interaction
    Be on the lookout for Banjo-Kazooie and Street Fighter HD Remix this week
    Contest Reminder: Win a Peek! Read More

  • ArenaFest Aims To Bring Social Networking, Unsigned Bands (And Lacrosse!) To Live Events

    Next summer, you and all your so-called friends from Facebook and MySpace will be able to finally meet in a giant arena, where you ill be able to play dating games, compete against each other in Guitar Hero or Lacrosse, listen to live bands, or check out the modeling contest. The event will be called ArenaFest, and will eventually be held at 50 major sports arenas around the country. Next… Read More

  • Songbeat Makes Searching For Music Online Really Simple

    There’s a new version of Songbeat, a simple but powerful desktop application for discovering music online, and I like it. When it was first released earlier this year, the client only enabled you to search for music online using Seeqpod, but the updated version lets you search more engines at once and also lets you easily play, export and download songs. The music industry will be… Read More

  • Holiday Online Retail Traffic: Walmart And Amazon Duked It Out

    According to Hitwise, U.S. visit numbers across all tracked retail categories declined for Thanksgiving Day and Black Friday 2008, with the exception of online-only shopping websites. Among the top 500 Retail sites, Walmart was the top visited on Thanksgiving Day, but Amazon.com took over as top visited Retail site on Black Friday. Overall, the numbers showed an expected but sharp decline… Read More

  • Nikon makes the D3X official

    Nikon finally took the wraps off the D3X tonight and everything we’ve been hearing about it are true. The full frame DSLR from Nikon features a 24.5-megapixel CMOS sensor and ability to capture five frames per second. Start-up time is pretty quick at 0.12 seconds with a shutter release time lag of 0.04 seconds. And the optional GPS is pretty cool for geotagging. Newly developed Nikon… Read More

  • Power.com: For Social Networking Power Users

    Chances are you use at least two major social networks – 49 million people, for example, visited both MySpace and Facebook in October 2008 (Comscore, worldwide). Nearly 7 million people in the UK use both Bebo and Facebook. A lot of people maintain very different friend lists on LinkedIn than MySpace or Facebook. Etc. And when you add in niche social sites like YouTube, Flickr, etc. Read More

  • The Times Gets Pwnd

    We were doubtful last night when the story first broke. There were just too many oddities to The Times’ tale about a complicated Yahoo/Microsoft search arrangement that would guarantee billions to Yahoo in exchange for a ten year search deal. We’ve checked with our sources – all of them – and we can’t verify a single fact in the story. The first part of the… Read More

  • Biggest Battle Yet For Social Networks: You, Your Identity And Your Data On The Open Web

    Today’s the day that Facebook makes their big press push for their Facebook Connect service, which was first announced last May. The NY Times has a story giving a broad overview of Connect as well as competing services from MySpace (Data Availability) and Google (Friend Connect). All three services are platforms for third party sites (Digg, Twitter, Citisearch, CBS, whatever) to let… Read More

  • Calacanis Rips NY Times' Stross Over Tesla Editorial

    I’m with you on this one Jason. Randall Stross’ article (it’s really an editorial, but not marked as such) rips into Tesla as “not much more than a functioning concept car” and suggests it would be foolish of the government to grant it a loan under a 2007 Federal loan program designed specifically to encourage development of vehicles that conserve fuel. Read More

  • Dear Amazon, here’s how to sell even more Kindles

    Love it or hate it, Amazon.com’s Kindle e-book reader is selling well — in fact, even at $359 there currently aren’t any in stock. So Amazon certainly doesn’t need any advice from me about how to sell more Kindles, but I have some ideas about how the company could make the device more attractive to casual readers like me. The basic idea would be to make the Kindle… Read More

  • CrunchDeals: Good Walmart video game two-for deals

    Walmart has some pretty good video game deals going on right now. Available games are limited to certain titles, some better than others. For instance, there are 63 Wii titles to choose from but only 21 Xbox 360 titles. Games for the PS3 are nowhere to be found but there are two available PS2 bundles. Here are the available packages: Read More

  • If gamers ruled the world?

    Wow. That’s pretty much the only word that can describe Tom Armitage’s “If Games Ran The World.” Its thesis is that, in the next few years, people who grew up playing video games will become world leaders. People who have played all the big games from every generation—Pac-Man, the first EA Sports games, Resident Evil, MMOs, fighting games, etc. Real… Read More

  • No more embarrassment: Non-nude body scanner to undergo tests this week in Germany

    Last week’s attacks in India have reminded us all of the keen danger that terrorism poses. But one tool that was to be employed at airports to combat terrorism, those body scanners that sometimes reveal a person’s, well, person, came under criticism. Fighting terror (inasmuch as you can fight it) is great and all, but should people literally be exposed in the process? The Germans… Read More

  • MyQuire Gets Acquired, Won't Tell Us By Whom

    The company behind MyQuire, a simple but pretty powerful online application that lets individuals and team members work on projects in a social network-like environment, has been recently acquired. That’s about all we know. We got in touch with CEO Michael Dawson but he declined to comment or share any details because the buyer apparently requested full confidentiality on the deal. A… Read More

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