• Kongregate Teaches Its Users How to Make Flash Games

    The content for most user generated content sites is pretty easy to make. Just shoot a photo for Flickr or record a video for YouTube. But when it comes to the user generated games on Kongregate, you’ll need to acquire some basic programming skills before contributing anything. Instead of relying on its users to go out and buy O’Reilly books on Flash development, the… Read More

  • Will A Volume Cap Make The Yahoo/Google Deal Work?

    The WSJ is reporting that Google and Yahoo are negotiating with the Justice Department to remove their objections to the search deal the two companies signed in June but haven’t yet implemented. The fact everyone’s negotiating isn’t news, but some of the details are. Concessions reportedly being discussed include “capping the volume of Google ads Yahoo would use… Read More

  • BillShrink Grows By $8 Million With Plans To Expand To New Markets

    BillShrink, a startup that aims to help users save money across a variety of vertical markets, has closed an $8 million Series B funding round led by Trinity Ventures and Bessemer Venture Partners. The round brings BillShrink’s total funding to around $9 million, after a $1 million Series A round last year. As part of the deal Trinity’s Gus Tai will join BillShrink’s board… Read More

  • Mint Leaves Beta, Brings A Bunch Of New Features With It

    Mint, the personal finance startup that won last year’s TechCrunch 40, has launched a host of new features including investment tracking, 401k managment, and more flexible budget sheets. CEO Aaron Patzer says that the new features finally make Mint a one-stop place to get an overview on your entire financial portfolio, and will drop the site’s ‘Beta’ label accordingly. Read More

  • Daily Crunch: Send Your Entry Today! Edition

    Web-enabled deodorant dock uploads usage patterns
    LaCie big boxin’ it with the 5Big RAID NAS
    The giant glowing envelope means you’ve got mail
    NetTansorWeb: Meet Bandai’s awesome blogging robot
    Sega Toys Japan introduces mini jukebox for home use
    Pumpkin carving contest pre-announcement Read More

  • Review: Dead Space for Xbox 360

    My first hands-on with this action/horror shooter from EA Redwood Shores was at E3 where Devin and I were both dumbfounded by what we saw. I couldn’t stop talking about it for hours and Devin eventually told me to STFU. It was dark, gruesome and I had to have it, which is why I attempted to ‘accidentally’ walk away with a build during E3. The graphics and gameplay alone had… Read More

  • Pure Digital teams up with CafePress to offer free custom Flip Mino camcorder designs

    Pure Digital, the company behind the insanely popular series of easy to use “Flip” digital camcorders, is about to get even more insanely popular – especially with the customization crowd. Starting today, you’ll now be able to choose from hundreds of professional designs for the $179.99 Flip Mino camcorder. If none of the available designs are to your liking, you can… Read More

  • Some dude's hopping mad 'bout the new Knight Rider series

    Who seriously thought that the Knight Rider remake was going to be good? I mean, come on; NBC is doing it? Maybe, just maybe, if FX, HBO, or Showtime was producing the remake, it would of had a chance. But if you are currently watching the show and don’t like what you see, you might enjoy this guys good ‘ol fashion blogging rant. Note to all would be producers of TV and movies remakes. Read More

  • Memories Of Gizmodogate: CES Names Engadget As Official Blog Partner

    The Consumer Electronics Association, which runs the CES conference each year in Las Vegas, has never had an offical blog partner. But they do now, and it’s AOL’s Engadget: “The Consumer Electronics Association (CEA) selected Engadget as the Official Blog Partner of the 2009 International CES to be held January 8-11, 2009 in Las Vegas, Nevada,” AOL says in a press… Read More

  • Bush doctrine for piracy: More laws! And a czar!

    Really, though — who doesn’t like czars? Although the czars of today are a far cry from their imperial namesakes, they are still in positions of great power and presumed authority. I can’t imagine that, more than a decade into the ongoing controversy, this Intellectual Property Czar position has been created for anything other than the abuse of media lobbyists. After all… Read More

  • Stealth Semantic Startup Raises $8.5 Million, Won't Tell Us Anything

    I had a phone call late last week with a semantic startup called Siri that was spun out of SRI International (the birthplace of the computer mouse and the LCD screen, among many other important technologies). Most startups are willing to talk about their products “off the record” but this one wouldn’t divulge much beyond the fact that they’ve raised $8.5 million in Series… Read More

  • Brightcove Is Already Streaming "Several Hundred Million" Videos A Month. Now Comes Brightcove 3.

    A couple days ago, we posted some leaked screenshots of Brightcove 3, the completely gutted and rebuilt Web video platform from Brightcove that is launching on Tuesday. I was able to catch up with Brightcove CEO Jeremy Allaire, who gave me an update on the company and took me through all the changes in the service. Brightcove is a Web video publishing platform that has raised $91 million… Read More

  • 11 More Sites Plan to Add Meebo Community IM

    Meebo has disclosed that 11 more sites have committed themselves to integrating Community IM, its forthcoming out-of-the-box service that adds Facebook Chat-like instant messaging capabilities to the bottom of any website. The newest enlistements include Bleacher Report, Dhingana, Fanpop, GlobalGrind, IBeatYou, OrangeShark, PerfSpot, UGAME.net, Yaari, Zinch, and Zorpia. These join a set of… Read More

  • Pumpkin carving contest pre-announcement

    Just wanted to give everyone a heads-up on an upcoming contest that might require a little pre-planning on your part. In the spirit of Halloween we are going to host a pumpkin carving contest for a couple of awesome prizes. With the holiday quickly approaching, we didn’t want you carve your pumpkin before hearing about the contest. The prizes will be announced in the coming days, but… Read More

  • Video: Mario 64 beaten with zero stars in 5m30s

    Yes, yes, it’s a Tool-Assisted Speedrun. It’s a whole different thing from regular speed runs, although those can be pretty spectacular too (Portal single-segment in 13m06s, Super Metroid in 32m). The Super Mario 64 time attacks are getting to the ridiculously optimized state that until this point few games attain in the scene — Mega Man and the Sonic games are getting close. Read More

  • xkcd on DRM

    Well said. Read More

  • Casio claims a fingerprint inside camera, voids warranty

    I understand that companies like Casio are dealing with large volumes and must enforce a certain level of scrutiny when it comes to returns, or face enormous costs from unnecessary replacements. But this is ridiculous. Like the laptop with “liquid inside keyboard,” Casio’s complaint is completely ridiculous and completely transparent. You can see the technician going down… Read More

  • Bill Gates on the financial crisis

    Billy doesn’t have a pleasant outlook on the United States financial future saying at a Harvard Business School speaking event that we will experience a ‘significant recession’ and 9% unemployment sometime in the future. Higher personal and governmental debt are contributing to the U.S. economic slowdown, Gates said today in comments at Harvard Business School in Boston. Read More

  • 2008's Black Friday to have $99 GPS units and $149 Blu-ray players

    Ah, Black Friday. After working at Circuit City from 2000 to 2006, I don’t care how good the deals are, I’m sleeping in that day. This year is shaping up nicely though if the $99 GPS and $149 Blu-ray player rumors are true. Reportable, the GPS units are going to be top tier units from Garmin, TomTom, or Magellan and the Blu-ray player should be the Samsung BDP-1500. Still, I… Read More

  • Make your own cotton candy! Out of Mambas!

    http://vimeo.com/moogaloop.swf?clip_id=607349&server=vimeo.com&show_title=1&show_byline=1&show_portrait=0&color=&fullscreen=1 Oh, it’s darling! How can you not want one of these? It turns hard candy (mm, sour apple Jolly Ranchers) into cotton candy — a direct violation of the 2nd law of thermodynamics! I’m not sure Mambas qualify… Read More

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