• Interesting reading: Snipers, rifles, and current ballistics research

    The Reg has an uncharacteristically long article up today concerning the history of snipers and their equipment. The tools of the trade have been changing since the first long-range rifles were truly deployed in WWII, and sniping has increased in effectiveness and importance as technology has made weapons more lethal and reduced the size of engagement parties. Counter-Strike and Call of… Read More

  • Set Your Phones a'Jingling With Free Calls From Santa

    The holiday season is officially in full swing, and Santa is prepping for his big night by offering phone calls to anyone who may need a little extra motivation to stay good through the end of the year (or who would just love to hear from the big man himself). To request a call, visit ChristmasDialer.com, where you’ll be able to choose from three possible voice greetings that can be… Read More

  • Google updates Street View – let the games begin anew!

    Google has rolled out an update to Google Maps, and has expanded Street View to include many new locations including my home town of Seattle! That makes it exciting to me, and obviously it’s exciting for everyone else on the internet because now there are miles and miles of new streets to investigate for hilarity, strange occurrences, and of course yourself. I’ve already scoured… Read More

  • Contest Reminder: Win a Peek!

    Target sure loves CrunchGear and we love them for throwing down two Peek e-mail devices (review) for us to giveaway. Now don’t go scoffing about just because it’s not some hotsy-totsy-hotdoggin-showboatin gadget. Not everyone has access to e-mail on their phone and chances are you know some of them. Here’s your chance to hook them up for the upcoming holidays or feel free… Read More

  • Live Cashback Having A Bad Black Friday

    Microsoft lined up some great deals for Live Cashback users today. But users are reporting that the site has been down much of the morning, and more than half of my attempts to connect are timing out. Given the high volume of ecommerce sales that take place today, that’s not good. It’s also not so great for Microsoft’s expanding cloud computing efforts. If Microsoft… Read More

  • Apple LED Cinema Display now shipping

    The fancy LED Apple display is shipping now. Right now it only works when connected to a MacBook or MacBook Pro or MacBook Air as a result of it using the new mini DisplayPort interface. Ars has one of those “unboxing” deals that the kids love so much these days, alongside its first impressions of the device. Apple wants $899 for the display, which is just shy of Absolutely Insane… Read More

  • Newegg.com Black Friday deals: 4GB Corsair RAM for $20

    As promised, Newegg.com has pulled out many of the stops to deliver unto you several Black Friday deals. No, I take that back. They’re not just deals, but ULTRA-SECRET deals. So ultra-secret, in fact, that I’m posting them here for y’all to see. Highlights include: • 4GB (2x2GB) of Corsair DDR 2 800 RAM for $49.9919.99 with rebate! That’s hot. • 19-inch… Read More

  • Icahn Picks Up More Yahoo Shares On The Cheap

    Carl Icahn bought up another 6.8 million shares of Yahoo earlier this week, bringing his total holdings to 75.6 million shares (just north of 5 percent). He paid just under $10 a share, or about a third of what he paid last May when he started building the bulk of his position. Of course, now he controls three seats on Yahoo’s board, including the one he occupies. So he is… Read More

  • My iPhone is a Mac, my Android is a PC

    I’ve been using an Android G1 phone for more than a month now on a daily basis, but I still haven’t given up my iPhone. The more I use them both, the more that I realize my iPhone is a Mac and my Android is a PC. That is not necessarily a bad thing—except for when my Android crashes (which is a lot). Okay, it does not actually crash so much as it freezes up, forcing me to… Read More

  • Black Friday reports? Send them to tips@crunchgear.com

    From here We received our first Black Friday report this morning from Florida where Best Buy was doing business as usual. Our spy went to the store at 4am and found no crowds or pushing. In a considerably sadder situation, a worker at a Long Island Wal-Mart was crushed and a woman miscarried. Holy crap, right? That said, tell us what you saw today in your travels. Email us at tips@cg or drop… Read More

  • Princeton Japan intros a massive 5TB NAS

    Princeton Japan has a NAS for you torrent freaks. The DN-503AH-PDC (wow) ships with 5TB storage capacity that support RAID 0/1/5/6 configurations. All the standard NAS features are present, including 10/1000 Ethernet and hot-swappable HDDs. The NAS has a December Japanese launch slated but hopefully U.S. downloaders will get a chance to fill it as well. Read More

  • Get Notified When Your Favorite Website Is Not Down Anymore

    A fan of extremely simple, straight-forward web services? Then you probably know about funny pet-projects like DownForEveryoneOrJustMe or IsTwitterDown (variations apply). Here’s another one for your bookmarking pleasure that won’t make you go back to the website every time: NotifyMeWhenItsUp lets you enter any website or service and sends you an e-mail notification when… Read More

  • Finally, µTorrent releases a Mac version

    Right on time for Thanksgiving day, µTorrent – client of choice for many BitTorrent users – has released a Mac version in beta, after a rudimentary alpha release was leaked a couple of months ago (on a BitTorrent tracker, at that). The lightweight µTorrent client for Windows was first publicly released in September 2005, and was acquired by BitTorrent in 2006, who continued… Read More

  • Nikon breaks the D3x's cover

    There once was a time that companies could keep upcoming products under wraps until they were announced in traditional press releases and product catalogs; remember those days? Then the Internet came around and everyone lost company loyalty with spy shots and product leaks, but maybe Nikon actually went back to the ‘ol days with the Nikon D3x. Read More

  • CrunchDeals: $230 off Debaufre CSAR watches

    The longer we’ve had the Debaufre Aircraft-8 the more I’m convinced that these guys have finally gotten things right. For about the same price as a higher-end quartz you can get an ETA or Unitas mechanical watch with some nice styling. I’m still not happy with the B&R and Rolex knock offs on there, but it’s fairly common practice to create “homages”… Read More

  • Pioneer announces the BDR-S03J 8x Blu-ray burner; still a while away

    In case Sony’s 8x Blu-ray recorder isn’t for you, Pioneer is soon to have its own super-fast Blu-ray PC burner. The BDR-03J can author Blu-ray media at 8x speeds, DVD-R at 16x and CD-Rs at 32x; not that you’re burning the later that much anymore. The serial-ATA optical drive is dropping in Japan sometime in January, but will hopefully hitch a ride ‘cross the Pacific… Read More

  • Don't forget about Cyber Monday!

    Black Friday gets all the press but Cyber Monday might have just as good deals this year. The Monday after Thanksgiving was dubbed Cyber Monday a few years ago retailers started offering Black Friday-ish deals following the big shopping weekend. According to Shopzila 84 percent of online retailers plan on having a promotion this year so expect some good deals from retailers like Newegg, Buy… Read More

  • CrunchDeals: Get almost $300 off Apple gear

    Get thee to the Applery – or MacMall, MacConnection, or, better yet, Amazon – for some great deals on MacBooks, MB Pros, and iMacs. The Mac Pro, for example, is going for $284 off list at Amazon, making it about $2,500. Read More

  • Harion: Japanese company sells $168,000 glass speaker set

    Tokyo-based glassware manufacturer Hario (which means “the king of glass”) today unveiled a newly developed set of glass speakers that costs 16 million yen (US$168,000). The so-called Harion speakers are made of heat-resistant material and took three years and eight months to design and produce. It took 23 subcontractors to create the hand-made set. The company claims it’s… Read More

  • Nokia gives up Japan (almost), will possibly focus more on China and India

    Nokia, the world’s leading mobile phone maker, announced it would stop selling and marketing its handsets in Japan because the market share remained flat over too many years (hovering at around 1% vs. around 38% worldwide). One of Nokia’s vice presidents said: “In the current global economic climate, we have concluded that the continuation of our investment in… Read More

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