• Videos: Probably Fake Apple Tablet In Action. But Awesome.

    Simply by Apple’s law of averages, the likelihood that the following two videos are real, is very small. If someone was able to sneak out one video of the Apple Tablet in action, it’d be a miracle, but two? Now you’re just tempting fate. Still, that isn’t stopping Brian Lam of Gizmodo from wondering if there could be something to these (even though his colleague disagrees). Read More

  • CheddarGetter Wants To Get Your Startup Some Cheddar (Invites)

    Say you’re a startup, and say your plan is to make money (crazy I know), but maybe you don’t have the infrastructure in place to accept payments for whatever your business model is. There are plenty of solutions out there to do this for you, but CheddarGetter, which itself is a startup, wants to be the easiest and most affordable one. The idea is to have a service with an… Read More

  • Social Mobile Games Are Hot. $3 Million Hot

    Seattle-based Z2Live, a new mobile social gaming platform, is announcing a second round of financing tomorrow – $3 million from Madrona Venture Group (also Seattle based), topping off the $1 million they raised from Madrona last year. Paul Goodrich from Madrona is on the company’s board of directors. The company describes itself as “the first mobile multiplayer game… Read More

  • How excited are you about District 9?

    District 9 sounds like it’s going to be great. We’ve gotten lots of sleepers in the past few years – think Taken and Children of Men – and this sounds like another amazing action/sci-fi film with lots of brains. The reviews are great and the movie, based on the short film you see here, has a fascinating premise: aliens land in Africa and suffer under intergalactic… Read More

  • A solid 17" laptop for $350 – and that ain't a typo

    Take your piggy bank. Now, smash it open — what have you? $350 plus change? And you need a laptop? Well, come right over here, sir. Yes, welcome to Wal-Mart. We’re going to… no, not a netbook. Sir, do you want to watch your Boston Public on a 10-inch screen? I thought not. Right over here, with the regular laptops, all the way to the left. Yes, it has a 17″ screen and… Read More

  • It Begins: Celebrities Start Whoring Themselves As Virtual Gifts On Facebook

    It was only a matter of time. Over two years after its virtual goods marketplace opened, Facebook has cast away its innocence and started to sell virtual gifts emblazoned with celebrity faces and paraphernalia. Leading the charge is worldwide music star Britney Spears, who now has six gifts prominently appearing in the marketplace. Britney’s set of gifts was designed in collaboration… Read More

  • Hacking the Sony Reader

    The Register has a nice piece on hacking the Sony Reader, allowing you to install all sorts of goodies onto the Linux-powered e-reader. I’ve never been a big fan for the Sony Reader but clearly hackers prefer this device over the closed Kindle. Read More

  • 23andMe Agrees To Pay For Tweets If You #BlameDrewsCancer

    A couple months ago, we wrote about the site Blame Drew’s Cancer, which was hoping to utilize the Twitter phenomenon, and specifically the hashtagging of tweets, to raise both money and awareness for cancer. It has already garnered the support of Lance Armstrong’s LIVESTRONG foundation, and now it has a new big-time player aboard to sponsor some tweets: 23andMe. The genetic… Read More

  • CrunchDeals: $10 off any ThinkGeek order over $30

    Now’s your chance to get that caffeine molecule shirt you’ve been looking at… and a sweet Airzooka for baby! Just use coupon code “HACKSURVEY09” at ThinkGeek and it’ll take $10 off any total over $30. It’s for their Awesomeversary. There’s really not much else to say. ACK-shully, you also get this t-shirt free with the order. [via Dealnews] Read More

  • Dell Inspiron Zino HD: a baby Dell HTPC

    We know practically nothing about this machine, but from the two spy photos we can see, it looks interesting. Based on its ports and such, we can make some educated guesses — but it’s still a mystery device officially. Read More

  • Google Reader Unleashes A Gaggle Of Nice Social And Feed Management Updates

    A few days ago, I sent out a tweet wondering how long it would be until Google Reader added a tweet button to the bottom of each feed item. My guess was that it would be very soon. I was quite right. Today, the Google Reader team has unveiled a bunch of new updates to the product, including, yes, the ability to easily tweet any item. But that’s hardly all this update contains. You can… Read More

  • One… MILLION HTC Magics

    Good news for HTC! The Magic, also known as the MyTouch 3G, has sold a million units, according to Digitimes. I never really liked the look of this thing, but I’m sure it’s a solid phone. Arrington seems to like it, anyway. I like my G1, but don’t think I wasn’t tempted by the Magic’s increased internal storage and sleeker form factor. I just love me some… Read More

  • Help Key: Why 120Hz looks "weird"

    I’ve been testing an HD projector here at the house and, in its initial, out-of-the-box setting we found that the picture was ridiculously “sharp.” The picture, I suppose, looked like an old Dr. Who episode where the action on screen is smoother than the background, creating a jarring disparity when watching movies with lots of movement. It’s sometimes called the… Read More

  • YouTube Places New Emphasis On Search With Homepage Tweaks

    As the most popular video portal in the world, it comes as little surprise that YouTube is also effectively the second most popular search engine, coming after only Google in overall search queries. With that in mind, it’s a bit surprising that the site hasn’t done a better job at featuring this ridiculously popular functionality — instead of placing the search box at the… Read More

  • OS X Snow Leopard May Beat Apple's Timetable. On The Prowl In Just Two Weeks?

    There’s been talk the past couple of days that the latest developer build of OS X Snow Leopard, 10A432, has been designated the “Golden Master” version, meaning it’s ready for prime time. Multiple sources are now stating it is. So now the question is: When will it be released? Amazon put Snow Leopard up for pre-order a few weeks ago with the following note… Read More

  • FanSnap Raises Another $5.2 Million For Its 'Kayak For Event Tickets'

    FanSnap, the startup that we’ve likened to a Kayak for event ticket searches, has closed a $5.2 million funding round led by Highland Capital Partners. As part of the deal, Richard de Silva of Highland will be joining the company’s board of directors. The new round brings FanSnap’s total funding to over $15.7 million, after a $10 million Series A round from General… Read More

  • E3 Trophy avatar props start hitting inboxes

    When Microsoft announced at E3 that you’d soon be able to buy, earn, and win props for your Xbox Live Avatar, they also disclosed that there was a terminal tucked away somewhere in their booth where you could sign yourself up for an exclusive E3 trophy. It wasn’t really “hidden” per se, but it was absurdly hard to find. It took me 4 passes and a few stops at the front… Read More


    OK IT’S TIME FOR BRANDO TIME AGAIN! Good friend give you a clock! Don’t think it’s a pinhole camera with remote! Don’t! You will be a fool to think so! Don’t worry! Need to make sure no one blackmails your car shop! Press the button and record video! It is a tire clock that looks like a tire and is a camera! 12FPS! $69. Read More

  • Yelp iPhone V.3 Hits The AppStore – Find Local Deals

    Yelp keeps rolling out new iPhone apps with compelling features. In April they released version 2 and added the ability for users to leave reviews on local businesses, a much needed feature since people want to chronicle their experiences as they happen. Version 3, which should be available soon, adds more useful features. The one that really stands out is “Sales And Offers Near… Read More

  • Author of Ripped, Greg Kot, says the music industry only has itself to blame for piracy

    Son of a gun-diddily-un. Just as I’m about to leave the house to fix my uncle’s broken computer—doesn’t it suck being “the computer guy” in the family?—I come across this great interview. It’s from The Sound of Young America, a public radio program based in L.A., and is with the music critic of the Chicago Tribune, Greg Kot. It’s… Read More

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