• Video: World Builder

    Maybe it’s the beer talking, but this video is frackin rad. What a guy won’t do for the girl he loves. Makes we want to barf. This video was shot in a day, but went through two years of post production. Kudos to Bruce Branit. Read More

  • Western Digital announces 8 TB ShareSpace systems

    Western Digital today announced that its ShareSpace high-speed network storage systems are now available with 8 TB of capacity and are DLNA Certified for media streaming. Click on for features and pricing. Read More

  • TechCrunch Pitch! at FOWA Dublin

    I’ll keep this short. If you’d like to pitch your startup at the Future of Web Apps day-long event in Dublin this week, then get in touch with me via email. Just send a paragraph about your startup (how it’s funded, team, competitors, revenue/business model and any links). Don’t make it too long-winded. Pitches on the day will be 120 seconds long. Your startup or web… Read More

  • Video: Zorbeez pitted against Sham-Wow

    G4TV’s Attack of the Show has a new segment where they test As Seen On TV products. Kind of like our own Doug Aamoth, but without his signature class and style. Anyway, first up is Billy Mays’ Zorbeez vs Sham-Wow super absorbent towels. The clip is five minutes and sort of disgusting, but they do declare a winner at the end. Read More

  • Dashboard May Not Be Just Another CRM

    Startup Lead Log recently launched CRM product, Dashboard, that is hoping to differentiate itself from the millions of other CRMs in the enterprise space through simplicity. Dashboard is an easy-to-use, simple web service that is targeted towards small businesses looking to turn sales leads into deals. There’s no doubt that Dashboard keeps it basic with its options. There are four… Read More

  • Facebook Connect + Facebook Ads = A Social Ad Network

    The push to ramp up revenues is clearly on at Facebook. If Mark Zuckerberg wants to prove Facebook’s valuation (something he won’t budge on for new investors), he is going to have to start showing some serious revenues. That means figuring out how to make social advertising pay. At Davos, Facebook COO Sheryl Sandberg told us to expect to see “the evolution of the… Read More

  • Foolography Nikon add-ons geotag with ease

    If you’re one of the unlucky ones who happens to not have an embedded GPS unit in your Nikon DSLR, these little gadgets may be for you. Foolography’s simple accessories add GPS positioning to your photos with what appears to be a minimum of fuss. Read More

  • Phishing Attack Takes Down iStockPhoto

    Twitter is abuzz with news that iStockPhoto, a photo store that was acquired by Getty Images in 2006, has been hit with a phishing attack. All users who have logged into the site today are being instructed to change their passwords (presumably because they have been compromised) and the site’s homepage has been taken down. While the site is currently inaccessible, Sean Locke writes that… Read More

  • New RED pics and renders

    The always-active forums over at Reduser.net have coughed up another batch of RED camera setups over the last week or so, so of course we had to share them with you. The silver color is a tryout thing, but the shipped components will likely be black. There’s a lot of discussion and it’s difficult to tell what’s new, but you can see that as promised, the range of configurations… Read More

  • YouTube Holds A Casting Call To Educate Its Users

    In the last year, YouTube has introduced a slew of new features, including deep linking, improved analytics, and a new API. But aside from a few very obvious additions, like the bump up to HD, most people have no idea that many of these features exist. YouTube is looking to change that. The site is launching a new Adopt A Feature campaign, inviting users to create videos showing off some of… Read More

  • TinkOmatic Makes Deal and Job Hunting More Organized (500 Invites)

    In this economy, everyone is looking for a good deal. Startup TinkOmatic (currently in private beta) allows deal-hunting consumers to search and track classifieds or auction sites for multiple items at once, all in one location. Tracking classifieds on Craigslist or deals on Ebay can be overwhelming and tedious to consumers and TinkOmatic is hoping to provide an easier way to view these… Read More

  • WTF is happening to Blockbuster? Bankruptcy? [Update]

    Blockbuster Inc’s (BBI) stock is down a whopping 77% on the day and trading around $.22. It seems that the company has hired a bankruptcy firm to explore the possibility of a reorganization. Update: Turns out Blockbuster isn’t filing for bankruptcy after all. Damn rumor mill. Read More

  • Apple's $1000 RAM upgrade for iMacs better come with free diamonds

    You might not have noticed this, but if you go to upgrade your RAM to 8GB in your new iMac, you’re going to be paying a pretty penny. Now, it should be noted that 4GB DIMMS are very expensive already, so it’s certainly not all Apple markup. It seems a bit strange that they’d even offer it in a consumer system like this. Sure, if you can afford a new Mac Pro you can afford… Read More

  • Rob Williams of Dolphin Music dies in Alps skiing accident

    Rob Williams, co-founder of one of the UK’s leading online companies Dolphin Music, died in a skiing accident yesterday evening while on holiday in the Swiss Alps. Mr Williams, 29, had been part of a group break for UK entrepreneurs in the ski resort of Verbier. He became separated from his group during very harsh weather conditions. His family and work colleagues have now been… Read More

  • Custom Master Chief-to-Warthog transformer

    Hoo boy, here’s a robot in disguise. Also, it’s more than meets the eye. It’s a custom-built Master Chief action figure that transforms into a Warthog. The item is up for bid on eBay and will probably reach astronomical levels. It should, though, because it’s pretty cool. Read More

  • Facebook 1.5 for BlackBerry is on the way

    It’s been 17 long months since the Facebook application launched for BlackBerry, and not much has changed since. A stability update here, bug fix there – but that’s about it. The BoyGeniusReport got their hands on the upcoming 1.5 release of the BlackBerry application, and it’s bringing a few new features to the table. Nothing earth-shatteringly huge and… Read More

  • Three MySpace Execs Departing To Start New Company (Leaked Memo)

    This just breaking: Three executives at MySpace are leaving the company to form their own startup, led by COO Amit Kapur (pictured here). He will be joined by senior VP of technology Jim Benedetto and and senior VP of product strategy Steve Pearman. They have internally announced their departures, we have been able to confirm with the company. MySpace is well into its monetization phase, and… Read More

  • Google Code Lab Is Like High School For APIs

    Google has launched Google Code Labs, a central place where developers can find links to the early-stage Google products. With over 60 Google APIs already available on Google Code (Google’s general code site), the company is using the Code Labs group to engage the greater developer community in the early-stage product and API ideation process. Google Code Labs will also include its… Read More

  • Eee Keyboard priced and dated, somewhat

    Remember the awesome Eee keyboard we were the first in the world to touch and play with? Well, it wasn’t just a pie-in-the-sky concept; they told me then that they were planning on getting it out in mid-2009, and it looks like they’re on track to do that. The keyboard itself appears to have changed somewhat since CES; it no longer has the MacBook style black-on-aluminum look… Read More

  • This Year's Global Technology Symposium Takes On The Turbulent Economy

    Later this month Stanford University will host the sixth annual Global Technology Symposium, which will bring together a collection of esteemed investors, entrepreneurs, politicians, educators, and business executives to discuss the changes affecting the world’s economic situation. This year’s event runs from Thursday, March 26, 2009 – Friday, March 27, 2009, and will… Read More

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