• Slumber party! Stardoll merges with a sleepy Piczo

    Piczo, the long-lost Myspace for teens, today merges with Stardoll, the online entertainment destination for young women, and Stardoll’s other property, Paperdollheaven.com. However, it’s probably closer to a takeover than a merger as Piczo’s primarily UK user-base has been dwindling. The three sites will now make up the Stardoll Network, reaching a total of 20 million users… Read More

  • Joel Johnson reviews 30-year Canadian Club

    I consider Joel my blogging mentor and when he says this whisky is good, believe him. He drinks a lot. I’m in Eugene now, and I’ve started sipping from this bottle of Canadian Club 30-Year Reserve. It’s noon and the sun is starting to shine. The dog sleeps on his bed in a parallelogram of sunlight. I need to get to my point before I blow through the rest of this day—and… Read More

  • Photochaining: Spread the photo love

    Photochaining is the latest fad to sweep the nation – and other nations – and it’s really easy and fun. You buy a cheap memory card, put it in your camera, take some pictures with it, and then “name” the card and leave a note telling someone else to take a picture and leave it somewhere else. The results are then posted to Photochaining.com and world peace ensues. Read More

  • Moviewedge: Commence kicking yourself

    Why didn’t you think of this? This is such a good idea! It’s a little bean bag that holds up your iPod or iPod touch or phone or whatever and it only costs $9.95. What’s that? You were busying getting a Doctorate in Particle Physics for the past few years? And you got the Nobel Peace Prize? That’s supposed to impress me? These dudes invented the Moviewedge! Read More

  • Acer thinking about an App Store, maybe an App Boutique?

    Acer, a company whose proud tradition of smartphone engineering has wrought nothing you can particularly remember right now, is planning its own App Store, an odd prospect considering most of its smartphones run Windows Mobile. Read More

  • Video Review: Onion Goggles

    It must be pretty cool to be a professional inventor. Chris Hawker, the guy who runs Trident Design in Columbus, OH, is a professional inventor and has brought us the Power Squid and the Thirsty Light. He’s also responsible for Onion Goggles, which I review in this brief video. Read More

  • ZoomInfo Scores Deal With Microsoft To Integrate Search Into CRM

    ZoomInfo, a popular business information search engine used to find information about industries, companies and people is partnering with Microsoft to integrate its search engine into Microsoft‘s Dynamic CRM platform. ZoomInfo’s search engine has proven to be a useful tool to incorporate into CRMs because its research capabilities help identify new sales leads, expand data on… Read More

  • Eric Schmidt Tells Charlie Rose Google Is "Unlikely" To Buy Twitter And Wants To Turn Phones Into TVs

    It must be Google Week on Charlie Rose. Thursday, Rose interviewed product chief Marissa Mayer, and last night he had an hour-long conversation with CEO Eric Schmidt (embedded here, with a full transcript below). The wide-ranging interview touches upon everything from Google’s origins and how it fell upon its advertising business model by accident to how search and other technologies… Read More

  • More Bad News For Online Music Fans: Economy Kills Fabchannel

    Amsterdam-based online concert destination site Fabchannel is calling it quits after 9 years of digital goodness, blaming the poor state of the economy as a whole and the crisis in the online music and advertising industries in particular. This is the official press release: FABCHANNEL STOPS ITS ACTIVITIES Online concert channel Fabchannel.com ceases its activities as of today, due to bad… Read More

  • Twitter To Start Serving Local News To Users?

    Germany’s Der Spiegel published an interview with Twitter CEO Evan Williams yesterday on its website, and Williams had a couple of interesting things to say. You can find a poorly Google-translated version of the interview here, which features Williams answering the usual, boring questions ‘professional’ journalists tend to ask about the micro-sharing service (the reporter… Read More

  • Google Privacy Blunder Shares Your Docs Without Permission

    In a privacy error that underscores some of the biggest problems surrounding cloud-based services, Google has sent a notice to a number of users of its Document and Spreadsheets products stating that it may have inadvertently shared some of their documents with contacts who were never granted access to them. According to the notice, this sharing was limited to people “with whom you, or… Read More

  • Siftables: another way to make kids smarter than us

    MIT graduate student David Merrill was inspired by building blocks to design computerized blocks called Siftables. They are interactive computers each the size of a cookie and can sense each other and their motion. Make sure to check out the video after the jump. Read More

  • Swan Island Networks Wants To Put Governments In The Cloud

    Swan Island Networks provides flexible, high-trust cloud computing platforms catered for security-conscious enterprises and government entities. Cloud computing is all the rage among big businesses but government entities, whether they be local, state or federal, have been more reluctant to jump on the bandwagon (or should we say, cloud). Charles Jennings, CEO of Swan Island Networks, said… Read More

  • Elevator Pitch Friday: Valu Valu Uses A Scientific Pricing Model To Sell Games

    This week’s elevator pitch comes from Valu Valu, an online marketplace of video games whose prices are based on dynamic scientific pricing, creating the optimal price for both the seller and the buyer. The pitch was concise and outlined the service the the site is delivering well didn’t tell us how Valu Valu will make money. After doing a little bit of research, we discovered that… Read More

  • CrunchDeals: Sapphire Radeon 4870 512MB, $150 shipped

    It wasn’t so very long ago that the 4870 was the king of the hill. They offer it all the way up to 2GB right now, but 512MB should suit anybody shopping in the mid range. And $150 (with the $15 mail-in rebate) is an absolutely excellent price for this card. If I weren’t completely broke right now, I’d buy one myself. Maybe one of you guys could buy two and I’ll pay… Read More

  • Making antique computer hardware sing

    Making a musical found-sound collage is hardly rare (The Books are kings of it), but when it’s all noises from ancient PCs in the UK’s National Museum of Computing, it becomes our business. Musician Pixelh8 was inspired by these humongous machines and the variety of noises they make, and is putting on a series of shows with the music he’s put together from them. Read More

  • DIY worm composting

    Looking for a way to compost your organic waste? All you need is a bunch of worms and a plastic storage tub with a lid. How big the tub needs to be and how many worms you need depends on how much food waste you want to process per week. To give you an idea, a pound of worms can process half a pound of waste per day. Read More

  • Interview: Contrast – the guys behind Qwitter who have global ambitions

    You may not have heard of Contrast, but if you are on Twitter – and a lot of people are these days – you may well have heard of Qwitter, the little app that ignited controversy when it allowed you to see when someone unfollowed you on Twitter. Queue a heated debate on its contribution to the collapse of civilisation as we know it. But there is a lot more up the sleeve of the… Read More

  • Some Indie Facebook Developers Pulling In Over $700,000 A Month

    The mass media may be enamored of the rags-to-riches stories of developers on Apple’s App Store, but it isn’t the only game in town for indie developers to strike it rich. We’ve gotten word from SocialMedia, a popular ad platform for social network applications, that one of the company’s clients pulled in over $700,000 in advertising revenues from their Facebook apps… Read More

  • PlayOn moves to rule the streaming content roost, adds Amazon VoD and Revision3 content

    If you haven’t heard about PlayOn, MediaMall’s PC-to-console video streaming software, you will soon. Moving to become a major player in the streaming content world, PlayOn has grabbed some major wins lately, and it doesn’t look like they’re planning on slowing down. In a software update hitting today, PlayOn has added streaming support for Amazon’s Video on… Read More

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