• CrunchDeals: AMEX rewards programs giving away Pentax, Nikon and Sony DSLR camera goodies

    I don’t understand the equivalent of these AMEX points to real money, but if you’re looking to upgrade from your crummy point and shoot and you have some extra points then now is the time. I’d suggest going with either Pentax over the Nikon D60 because the feature set on both kick the crap out of the Nikon. The K10D may be older, but it’s prime choice of the bunch. Read More

  • And the WickedLasers winner is…

    To recap, I ran a giveaway in my WickedLasers Elite review asking for folks to tell me how they’d use the laser. The response was tremendous and now we have a winner. Read More

  • $21 Million For Mr. China

    Liam Casey, a Cork, Ireland-born entrepreneur, traveled to Taipei in 1996 on a whim to attend an electronics trade show. Within a year he had started his own supply chain manufacturing company in Shenzhen, China called PCH International (PCH stands for Pacific Coast Highway, a famous highway in Southern California where he lived for a while in the 90s). Jump to 2007. PCH International rode… Read More

  • DropSend sold – but how easy is it to flip a web app these days?

    I’m a little late to this, but it is worth noting that events guru Ryan Carson – co-founder of the Carsonified conference and training company which does the rocking FOWA – recently sold his web app DropSend, some two years after putting it on the block. The buyer is Webminds who, I understand, picked the app up for an undisclosed amount, though I gather it was in the low… Read More

  • Rumor: BlackBerry Bold will never, ever come to T-Mobile or is it?[Update]

    If this is true then I’m going to kick someone’s ass. BBNews has word from a “high-level insider” that the Bold will never make its way to T-Mobile. Instead, T-Mo will focus on that craptacular looking clamshell Pearl 8220, which will supposedly support 6-way calling. I find no solace in knowing the Curve II will be hitting landing in November. None at all. I guess… Read More

  • BeeJiveIM hits the iPhone App Store, rocks your face off

    If you’re a devoted IM’er and have owned a BlackBerry or a pre-App-Store iPhone, you probably know of BeeJive – or at least know it by its previous name, Jivetalk. Their BlackBerry IM solution is generally considered the best IM offering on the platform, and the BeeJive iPhone Web App nailed out a solid instant messaging solution long before full blown third party… Read More

  • BlackBerry Javelin aka 8900 aka York is now the BlackBerry Curve II, coming to T-Mobile

    The BlackBery Javelin, the one that went for over $17k on Ebay, will, at some point, officially change names to the Curve II, says TmoNews via CrackBerry. While it’s not 3G, the Curve II does have a handful of under-the-hood improvements like a 3.2-megapixel AF camera, which will be housed in glass, Wi-Fi and GPS and a few other goodies. BBNews is also reporting that the Curve II… Read More

  • The Dark Knight Blu-ray disc gets a release date

    The Dark Knight was this summer’s hottest movie – after Swing Vote that is – and the Blu-ray release finally gets a launch date. The title is slated for a day and date release of the standard DVD of December 9 and will be Warner’s first BD Live disc. There wasn’t any word on what the BD Live content will be, but the two disc set will be loaded with extras that… Read More

  • Vista lies, damn lies, and lies

    I sadly missed this story last week but it bears further inspection. Charlie “The Animal” White wrote a piece “fact-checking” the claims that Vista is buggy, slow, and a big hassle. While I cannot agree that Vista is a sub par offering from Microsoft, I can unequivocally state that it’s good enough for the average user and no matter how much we whine and cry… Read More

  • Best Buy reveals launch date for BlackBerry Bold

    After the Android announcement, I think I’m back to the “eh” mentality as far as the BBB goes. I’ll still get one, but the enthusiasm I once had for the RIM device has slowly diminished to nothing more than a “I guess it’s still cool even though it’s launched in India and Japan, but it’s nowhere to be seen in the US” sort of deal. Read More

  • Virgin Galactic White Knight Two mothership flight delayed

    When Virgin unveiled the White Knight Two in late July we were told that test flights would begin in September, but that doesn’t appear to be true since it’s the 29th and President of Virgin Galactic Will Whitehorn basically says they’re delayed. But he does reassure us that test flights will happen this year and possibly within weeks. “There have been various taxi… Read More

  • Analyst: Google Maps Reigns Supreme

    Cowen & Co., an industry analyst firm that specializes in covering Web services, released a statement today discussing its findings on the success of online mapping solutions. To no one’s surprise, the analyst found that Google Maps is the de facto leader in the space, while its rivals, Yahoo Maps, MapQuest, and Live Search Maps have slipped well behind Google. According to the… Read More

  • Sprint (finally) launches Xohm aka WiMAX network in Baltimore

    It’s real, ladies and germs. Sprint’s much anticipated and often thought vaporware service has finally gone live in Baltimore. The WiMAX service dubbed Xohm is 4G and boasts download speeds of 2-4 Mbps. Samsung is offering a Xohm-branded Express air card for $60 and ZyXEL has a Xohm modem for $80, which are both available starting today online or at select independent Baltimore… Read More

  • New pics of the upcoming Verizon BlackBerry Storm

    The BlackBerry Storm launch is almost here and we finally get a peek at the hardware. We can only think that these are production models and if the images are accurate, Verizon has a hot, new handheld coming real soon. That is if the touchscreen and OS work well. Read More

  • Sprint's XOHM WiMax service goes live in Baltimore

    Turns out the September launch date rang true after all. Sprint announced this morning that their next-generation wireless data network, XOHM, has been launched in Baltimore. For $25-$30 a month or $10 a day, customers can ride the 2-4 Mbps waves without any need for a contract. Folks around the Baltimore area can nab XOHM-ready Samsung air cards for $60 bucks, a ZyXEL XOHM Modem for $80, or… Read More

  • Toshiba rolls out firmware updates for its HD DVD players – seriously

    The format war may be done and even though Blu-ray won, that doesn’t mean Toshiba is going to leave its early adopters stranded with unsupported devices and so, just released firmware 4.0 for its HD DVD players. It seems the update affects every Toshiba HD DVD player and owners will want to download this update via the built-in Ethernet port for improved disc playback, along with… Read More

  • Rumor: Samsung Delve heading to U.S. Cellular

    According to the wee bit of branding atop this leaked shot, Samsung’s got a new toy in the works for U.S. Cellular customers. Purportedly dubbed the “Delve”, the early specs outline a 2 megapixel camera, Samsung’s widget-tastic TouchWiz UI, Stereo Bluetooth, and a 3.0″ touchscreen. As BGR points out, it’s lookin’ to be the pretty-little-offspring of… Read More

  • Latest iPhone rumor: EVDO/CDMA model coming in 2009

    Apple’s quest for total handheld domination is limited by AT&T and so swirling rumors about a CDMA iPhone has to have some truth to them. It isn’t like Apple to be tied down to one distribution channel like the current iPhone, but that’s the way the cell phone biz works here in the States. According to a 9to5Mac Verizon insider, we could see a CDMA iPhone as early as… Read More

  • iRiver SPINN up for pre-order, shipping on October 3

    We’ve been waiting for the sexy iRiver SPINN for months and finally the gorgeous PMP is shipping Friday. The 8GB flavor carries a $289.99 price while the smaller, but still attractive, 4GB option is going for $249. If you wanna one of the first units, head over to iRiver’s website and place a pre-order.  [Thanks for the tip, Ron] Read More

  • Samsung officially unveils the 8 megapixel Pixon

    After a surprise early appearance on a UK retailer’s site and a last minute name change, Samsung has officially pulled back the curtains on the 8 megapixel Pixon(briefly known around the tubes as the Bresson). In the quickly filling arena of 8 megapixel handsets, the Pixon oughtta be able to put up a fight – it’s rockin’ Quad-Band GSM/GPRS/EDGE, HSDPA, an 8… Read More

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