• Vodafone Acquires Sweden's WayFinder For €24 Million

    The increasingly acquisitive Vodafone accounted the acquisition of Sweden’s WayFinder this morning in Europe for €24 Million. Last Spring they also acquired Danish mobile social network ZYB for €31.5 million. WayFinder develops mobile GPS-enabled location applications, including a GPS routing app called Wayfinder Navigator, a POI database called Wayfinder Earth, and an application… Read More

  • Another reason we can't wait for Snow Leopard

    Ah, a clean install of Mac OS 10.4. Loverly. Think I’ll just download the latest nightly Minefield build and… MOTHER OF GOD! Read More

  • LeWeb '08 Kicks Off; Watch The Free Live Streams Here

    The fifth annual LeWeb conference is just getting underway in Paris, France. The event, headed by Loic Le Meur, is Europe’s largest tech conference, bringing in over 1,600 attendees from 26 countries worldwide. The conference has partnered with Ustream and Swisscom to stream the event in its entirety free of charge. Below is the feed for the main event – feeds for the… Read More

  • Another victory for NVIDIA: EA adopts PhysX

    The video card business pendulum has had its swing into AMD territory, but bit by bit NVIDIA is making its comeback after an embarrassing early last generation. This time it’s not more frames per second, but favorable alliances which are gaining ground for the graphics giant: EA and 2K Games (creators of Bioshock) have both agreed to use NVIDIA’s PhysX technology to drive… Read More

  • Outlook Replacement? Unison Brings Ad-Supported Email To Small Businesses

    Free, ad-supported email is making its way into the enterprise and challenging the stranglehold that Micrososft and IBM still have with Outlook/Exchange and Lotus Notes.  Google is trying to push Gmail as an Outlook replacement, but many businesses don’t quite feel comfortable giving up their email servers just yet. An angel-backed startup called Unison Technologies is iaunching a beta… Read More

  • You know you're a nerd if you enter the Konami code to unlock your door

    This Arduino-based homebrew security solution takes the input from an NES controller (mounted, I suppose, anywhere you like) and passes it to a little string detector. If you enter the right sequence (Shoryuken!), it ejects or recalls a CD tray, which locks or unlocks the deadbolt respectively (reminds me of this great IT admin story). If you enter the wrong code (tatsumaki senpukyakuu) it… Read More

  • iPhone application developers struggling for profits (or presence)

    The number of iPhone applications recently reached 10,000, but these applications did not get there easily. Once a developer completes an app, its placement in the app store is subject to Apple’s unspecified review criteria. If it gets approved, chances of it being duplicated and made available for free are high. Read More

  • Something nasty in Apple's lappy juice?

    Just bought a shiny new MacBook? Ready to slap a 3rd party memory upgrade in it? Not so fast, sunshine. Turns out that some of the users on the Apple Support Discussion forums are finding out that the approved 3rd party memory upgrades are causing instability and lock-ups. Reports seem to indicate that only Apple brand RAM is working properly. Which is fine, if you are drinking the cider… Read More

  • Creative's Vado HD Pocket Cam now available

    Creative introduced today the Vado HD, the successor to the Vado released back in May. It captures video in 720p and is the only pocket video cam to feature HDMI connectivity and an included HDMI cable that provides 1080i output to an HDTV. It also comes with 8GB of built-in memory that can hold up to two hours of HD video. The Vado HD also features a 2-inch LCD screen and a built-in USB… Read More

  • Rogue for iPhone: nerdgasm

    If you’re a true game geek of this era, then you’ve played Rogue, one of the oldest, hardest, and deepest games available on any platform. If you’ve heard of it, that’s good, but you have to at least have given it a try to qualify as OG in my world. And now you have no excuse not to try it because Rogue has been ported to the iPhone (iTunes link). If you think… Read More

  • Nokia wants to help you be green

    I’ve been cogitating a lot about many of the little things I learned while at Nokia World 2008. The N97 is a neato device, but Nokia has a lot more going on that merits discussion. For example, we met with Kirsi Sormunen, head of environmental affairs at Nokia, and she had some very interesting things to say. Read More

  • Vista Ultimate (RED) available Dec 15th

    If you don’t want to buy a new Dell PC to get the Windows Vista Ultimate (RED) edition, you can pre-order the standalone operating system over at Amazon for $219.95.  If you’re a lucky college student like me, you can purchase the OS at a discount price of $64.95 at The Ultimate Steal.  The OS is expected to be released on December 15th but it looks like you can download it… Read More

  • Intel uses silicon photonics for faster data transfer over long distances

    Intel has developed a device, called the Avalance Photodetector (APD), that will boost optical communication speeds to get devices to communicate faster. The APD senses light pulses and amplifies output signals for faster data transfer over long distances. Researchers claim that this is a big advancement in the field of silicon photonics, where silicon is used to transfer light pulses for… Read More

  • Broadcom prepares to take over your home theater

    Broadcom announced today that they have entered a deal with Samsung to let them put their Blu-ray decoder chipset into their next generation players. The reason you care is that the Broadcom chipset will allow both reading and writing of media, and the possible inclusion of Netflix’s streaming video functionality at lower costs. Expect to see these bad boys sometime in Q1 of next year. Read More

  • MySpace Data Availability Now Has A Catchier Name And Two New Partners

    MySpace, in an all out war with Facebook over this year’s prize (socializing the web), is relaunching their Data Availability product today under a new name and announcing some snazzy new partners. Goodbye, Data Availability. Hello MySpaceID. Along with the renaming ceremony, MySpace is also announcing two new partners: Netvibes and Vodafone (the latter is an interesting mobile play… Read More

  • Sony Ericsson Walkman Xmini Phone coming to Japan

    The Japanese carrier KDDI has just announced the Sony Ericsson Walkman Xmini phone to be realeased in Japan at the end of December. It measures 44 x 75 x 18mm (when closed) and features a 1.8-inch LCD display with 4GB of built-in memory. The Xmini can hold up to 2,300 songs from EZ “Chaku Uta Full”, KDDI’s mobile music download service. When it’s closed, it looks… Read More

  • Apple to sell more music without DRM, tomorrow?

    Rumor has it that Apple will start selling DRM free content from Sony, Universal, and Warner starting December 9th. Apple has received much criticism in the past for their strict and rather dictatorial management of iTunes, however this could be a sign of things to come. So what do you think? Is Apple delivering an early Christmas present? Could we really be moving towards a more liberal… Read More

  • Review: IOGEAR 3-Port USB 2.0 Mobile Hub

    Short Version: It’s small, it’s inexpensive, and it pulls double duty as a three-port hub and mini-USB device charger all in one. Read More

  • Honda done with F1 Racing and reallocating funds to ECO car development

    There was a time when winning races on Sunday meant sales on Monday, but the general populous might have moved from that mentality as the race cars drifted farther from production models. Honda is the latest in a long line of car manufacturers to refocus into developing economic cars and withdrew from Formula One racing today – totally. Read More

  • Mobile to make 2012 Olympics more bloody exciting

    Looking to improve upon spectators’ experiences and interactions at the 2012 Summer Olympics in London, event organizers have joined forces with British Telecom to create a comprehensive mobile strategy for the Games. Possible applications include real-time scores, fan polls, news updates, and allowing customers to pay for items 10£ and under with their mobiles. But wait, that’s… Read More

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