• BMW turning to NASA to help improve efficiency

    BMW is out to improve its vehicles efficiencies and has turned to NASA for help. The car company plans on equipping thermoelectric generators on upcoming models to power secondary systems and therefore improving gasoline economy. Now, this update to BMW’s Efficient Dynamics isn’t a huge leap forward, but rather an evolutionary step towards the space age. Some satellites employ… Read More

  • Latitude E6400 XFR from Dell is rugged and thick

    Are you in the army? Or maybe you like to check your mail under a lavina. Dells E6400 XFR will endure harsh environments, such as drop tests, sea fog, temperature extremes, thermal shock and explosive environments. Read More

  • DIY photobooth

    Maker Jeremy put together a cool photobooth hack using a Ricoh camera, a few flashbulbs, and a black and white TV to frame the photos. The entire thing was made of salvaged parts and it’s portable so you can carry it around with you to events. Very, very cool. One more photo apres jump. Read More

  • Why does America's broadband stink on ice?

    How fast is your broadband Internet connection? (Do you even have a broadband Internet connection?) A quick trip to Speedtest.net shows that I’m on a 13mbps/1.7mbps connection. That’s not bad, but in places like Japan, where you can buy a 150 mbps for $60 per month, little kids playing Quake would laugh at my puny connection speed. See, in other parts of the world, for any number… Read More

  • Fantasy Sports Game Developer RotoHog Secures $2 million In Funding

    Fantasy sports site RotoHog secured $2 million in Series B funding from by VC funds Mission Ventures and DFJ Dragon. Founded in 2006, RotoHog operates and develops custom branded fantasy sports games for clients such the NBA.com, LG Electronics, GoDaddy.com, Pro Football Weekly, and Turner Digital, among others. RotoHog previously received $1.8 million in seed and angel funding from Allen… Read More

  • Symantec, what's PIFTS? Please don't delete this! (Updated)

    I have no idea what is going on, but my buddy Mike just sent this to me and I’m hoping to spread the word. Sometime yesterday he received a Norton Program Alert saying, “PIFTS is attempting to access the Internet.” Being the nerd that he is, he did an nslookup on the IP and it came back to SwapDrive, which is a Symantec owned company. He then posted on the Norton/Symantec… Read More

  • CrunchDeals: 14.1-inch photo frame for $99

    Buy.com has a gigantic digital photo frame for just $99 – way, way down from the $299 list price. It’s the Westinghouse DPF-1411 and it features a 1200×800 resolution, two USB ports, 128MB of built-in memory, and compatibility with JPEG, AVI, MPEG-1, and MPEG-4 files. Read More

  • Are you still using Safari 4?

    I just noticed that even after a week I haven’t given up on Safari or even considered going back to Firefox. How has your experience compared? One thing I really enjoy right now is the ability to pull tabs out of the line-up but I could only really like it after I moved the damn tabs under browser bar and off the top. Safari is definitely faster on my Air which has horrible Internet… Read More

  • Ooh, Teaser For Harper's Globe Looks Spooky

    Miles Beckett and Greg Goodfried of EQAL, the producers of Web video hits Loneygirl15 and Kate Modern, have just released a trailer for Harper’s Globe, their latest online show in partnership with CBS. The Website will feature its own original side story to accompany Harper’s Island, a new show that will debut on CBS proper in April. Apparently, everyone dies by the end of… Read More

  • PSA: Maytag recalling fire-starting fridges

    The refrigerator was once considered a gadget, you know. So, here’s the deal, kids. Maytag is recalling approximately 1.6 million fridges that were sold between January 2001 and January 2004. Why? Well, 16 cases have already been reported ranging from smoke damage to major “OH MY GOD MY KITCHEN IS ON FIRE” damage. It’s being caused by “an electrical failure in… Read More

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