• HP Picks Up LeftHand Networks For $360 Million to Boost Storage And Virtualization

    HP on Wednesday announced that it will acquire LeftHand Networks, a company focusing on iSCSI SAN technology, for $360 million in an attempt to bolster its virtualization services for the enterprise. HP believes that the LeftHand acquisition will help it attract more midsized organizations that are trying desperately to keep storage costs down as their needs continue to climb. The acquisition… Read More

  • Want A Free Pass To All TechCrunch Events For A Year? Fund A DonorsChoose Classroom Project

    The economy might be about to tank, but why should the children have to suffer? If you are going to give to charity this year (and you should, every one of you), we highly recommend giving to DonorsChoose. Each donation funds a classroom project or equipment for teachers who too often have to fund supplies out of their own meager paychecks. This year we are once again participating in… Read More

  • Kevin Mitnick detained after trip to Colombia

    Kevin Mitnick, the infamous hacker who basically gave script-kiddies the power to lord over dumb journalists and law enforcement folks, was detained after a trip to Bogota where he gave a talk to reporters from El Tiempo. When he landed in Atlanta, customs officials pulled him out of line and searched his bags where they found: Read More

  • Fresh BD-Live content now available for Transformers, now with more awesomeness

    If you’re lucky enough to own a PS3 or a Blu-ray player with Profile 2.0 and you own Transformers then you’re in luck, friend. Dreamworks has let loose a video for BD-Live dubbed “Robot Ninjas”, which is the battle scene between Barricade and Bumblebee. According to HDD, the video was pulled together from “video diary footage and animatics culled by the… Read More

  • SE C905 release date found

    Great news for those Brits looking forward to the Sony Ericsson C905 cell phone and all the photo-centric features like GPS geo-tagging, Xenon flash, and face recognition as it should breach the UK’s shores sometime early this October. Still no word on pricing or other regions availability, but if the Internet tends to be a leaky place so that info should drip sometime soon. Read More

  • God is dead: Brett "King of Asshats" Ratner to direct God of War movie

    Previous Asshat moments. via Destructoid via EW Read More

  • Rumor: "D500" to replace Nikon D300 in early 2009

    Not a lot of details on this one yet, but it makes some sense. Succeeding the D300 at around the $2000 level, the rumored D500 should sport 15.1 megapixels, weather sealing, video mode (24fps and manual controls, thank god), 1.5x FOV crop and of course live view. There’s no reason to believe this is true, really, except that it sounds about right. It’s a bit above my pay scale… Read More

  • ViewSonic rolls out three lightweight DLP projectors

    If you’re a teacher or a business suit type and like to bore students and colleagues with boring video or presentations then ViewSonic has three DLP projectors for you. The 62 series all have 2x5W speakers, RGB, composite and S-Video inputs on top of the closed captioning functionality. Like whoa. With a native resolution of 1024×768 and 2000:1 contrast ratio with brightnesses of… Read More

  • Got An iPhone? Join The TechCrunch Loopt Mobile Social Network And Never Be Lonely Again

    Here at TechCrunch we’re big believers in mobile social networks. In February I wrote about how the iPhone is the perfect ecosystem to have it’s own social network (awesome device and software, location aware, elitist users). And in April I showed a teaser of an upcoming social network from Loopt that did everything I had asked for: iPhone only to start, location aware so that… Read More

  • CrunchDeals: Pogo stylus half off (today only)

    Back in December of 2007, I brought you news of the Pogo stylus for the iPhone and iPod Touch. I remarked that the initial price of $25 sounded a bit expensive for an aluminum stick and that a stylus sort of defeats the purpose of the iPhone/iPod Touch. Some of you agreed with me and some of you made a good point that the Pogo would work well in the wintertime (assuming you don’t buy… Read More

  • CrunchDeals: Decked-out HP desktop for $649.99

    If you’re still into desktop PCs, have I got a deal for you. You can get an HP Pavilion m9400t with 4GB of RAM, a 320GB hard drive, and a Blu-ray drive for $649.99, which includes free shipping. Here’s what to do: Hit this link right here to go to HP’s shopping site. Click on the "Customize & Buy” link next to “Base configuration." Change the… Read More

  • Nintendo holding press conference tomorrow, revealing new DS?

    MCV out of the UK and Bloomberg are both reporting that Nintendo President Saturo Iwata will announce a new DS along with Wii accessories at a press conference in Japan tomorrow. But don’t expect a price cut says Takashi Oka, a senior analyst at CSK Institute for Sustainability: “Nintendo has no need to cut the Wii’s price,” said Takashi Oka, a senior analyst at… Read More

  • You Are Gonna Vote, Right?

    There is a rampantly liberal underlying message to this video (“if you care about sick people getting health care, you have to vote”), but the message is a good one. If you want to complain about the government the least you can do is take the time to vote for whoever you dislike the least. So whether you’re a whiny liberal, a warmongering conservative or, like me, a… Read More

  • Western Digital ships fastest, coolest, ecoist, most badassist 3.5-inch HDD

    Western Digital’s Caviar Green desktop hard drives have hit gen 2 and the eco-friendly drives are still the most quiet, power efficient and coolest drives on the market. Based on a 333GB/platter, the new drives have 32MB of cache and are available in sizes ranging from 500GB to 1TB. These are some fancy features of the Caviar Green drives in case you’re… Read More

  • ‘Rock Band 2’ free DLC tracks registration now open

    If you’re like me, you opened Rock Band 2, rushed to the site to enter your registration code to get 20 free downloadable tracks, and were told to come back later. Well now is later. Being able to download 20 free tracks is still “coming soon,” but at least you can get your e-mail addresses registered and commence the process of waiting patiently. Rock Band 2… Read More

  • Rumors help drive down prices of Nikon DSLRs

    Endless and incessant rumors regarding Nikon’s next move make the world go ’round; they also help lower the price of the company’s existing line of cameras. For example, you can now grab a D40X with an 18-135mm lens for around $819. Times being what they are and all, that’s still a fair amount of money, but it’s a lot cheaper than the $1,000 you once would… Read More

  • Treo Pro, Pearl Flip 8220, T-Mobile G1 show up in Best Buy's inventory system

    Thanks to an especially sneaky Best Buy employee with access to the company’s retail stock system and a liking for the Boy Genius Report, we now know when to expect a few new handsets to arrive in the land of the blue polo. The only new non-smartphone making an appearance is the 5 megapixel Sony Ericsson C902, which actually managed to sneak in sans fanfare over the weekend. On the… Read More

  • New Nintendo console by 2011? Called ‘Wii HD’?

    WhatTheyPlay.com is reporting that we might see a new next-gen Nintendo console by 2011 and that it might be named Wii HD. Better get in line now so you can get your hands on one by 2014. Try to at least get a raincheck for Wii Fit HD, too. Apparently Nintendo’s been showing some presentations to developers and publishers and the consensus is that the shift between the current Wii and… Read More

  • SoundCloud Streamlines Music Sharing For Industry Professionals

    Transferring large files on the web has always been a hassle, especially when you need to do it frequently. One field especially prone to this problem is the music industry – artists often collaborate with eachother by sending rough versions of tracks, but have to rely on clunky services like YouSendIt or FTP servers. SoundCloud, a German startup that launches on October 10, is looking… Read More

  • HP's 13.3-inch HD dv3500t notebook outed

    Starting out at $999.99, because that one cent makes a big difference, the 13.3-inch HP dv3500t notebook packs an Intel C2D (four to choose from: T5800 2.0GHz; P7350 2.0GHz; P8400 2.26GHz; T9400 2.53GHz), Nvidia GeForce 9300M GS graphics card, up to a 400GB HDD (smallest being 160GB) and a handful of other customizable features. You can also get the HD screen with LED backlighting. Not too… Read More

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