• SpringSource Picks Up Cloud Foundry, Announces New Cloud Platform

    SpringSource, a developer of Java application infrastructure and management software, today announced the acquisition of Cloud Foundry, a Java platform-as-a-service provider. The announcement comes just nine days after SpringSource was itself acquired by VMWare. The move reflects SpringSource’s ongoing efforts to facilitate the deployment of Java applications in the cloud. … Read More

  • You're Doing It Wrong Part 348: Complete And Utter PR FAIL

    So this morning a pretty standard email pitch came into my inbox. It wasn’t my cup of tea, so I ignored it. But then someone responded to it, and I saw that response. Uh, oh, I knew immediately where this was going. Sure enough, minutes later dozens of others were responding, most saying something along the lines of “take me off of this list” — of course, whether… Read More

  • VoxSciences – is this the Spinvox story that should have played out?

    It translates your voices mails into text messages for a clear monthly price and even has an API. And they are quite happy to admit that, yes, sometimes your voicemail gets typed in by a person at a call centre. Amid the hoo-ha swirling around Spinvox at the moment, UK startup VoxSciences is just getting on with business. CEO Ken Blackman told me that the company is – unlike the… Read More

  • Stupid invention: the self-playing harmonica

    The aptly named Stupid Inventions brings us a fun little diversion: the self-playing harmonica. Using nothing more than an inkjet printer, a vacvuum cleaner, and a harmonica, you can create a modern day Nickelodeon! Except, of course, it’s a harmonica, and not a piano. But still! Click on through to watch a video of this musical marvel in action. Read More

  • Palm Eos scheduled to ship in October, says Chinese newspaper

    What do analysts know about hardware? Nothing, if the Commercial Times’ report about the Palm Eos shipping in October turns out to be true. However, Rozwadowski wasn’t completely wrong because Compal will begin shipping CDMA versions of the Eos in Q1 of 2010, but the GSM version is still scheduled for this year. Monthly orders for the Eos, which features a 2.6-inch multi-touch… Read More

  • Crunchdeal: Energizer Hardcase Flashlight

    Move fast! Woot has a deal on the Energizer Hard Case flashlight. It’s a pretty cool bit of kit, with white, red, blue, and IR LED’s, providing pretty much any type of light you’d want. Best part, Woot is selling it for $20 plus shipping. I already got mine, I suggest you hurry since the best price I was able to find was $60. Read More

  • New bendable silicon semiconductor chip may pave the way for fancier gadgets

    Major Japanese chemical company Teijin, in cooperation with California-based NanoGram, has developed a technology that makes it possible to produce bendable silicon semiconductor chips. This method could make it easier to manufacture curved solar panels, for example, that could be installed on uneven walls (the explanation for the picture: Teijin isn’t offering any pictures at this… Read More

  • The free Win7 RC train ride ends tomorrow

    Hey, guys. If you haven’t downloaded the Windows 7 RC yet, you better do it soon. The free offer expires on August 20, 2009 – tomorrow. Sure, it’s not free forever as this release will turn off by itself every two hours starting March 1, 2010, but it’s a hell of a lot better than Vista. I have been running it as my main OS on two systems since it was released and… Read More

  • Google Continues To Feed The PubSubHubbub. Google Alerts Now In Real-Time.

    When PubSubHubbub launched at our Real-Time Stream CrunchUp event last month, pretty much everyone in the audience immediately recognized it as a very cool thing. Basically, it takes any feed and significantly speeds up the time it takes to be found by various sources using new hubs that specifically gather that information. But the biggest fan of it may be the company that employs the two… Read More

  • PS3 Slim: Too little, too late, or dy-no-mite!

    Watching the news come in yesterday about the PS3 Slim, I said to myself, “Man, this is great for Sony, especially if we’re still in 2006.” Harsh, perhaps, but the sentiment is spot-on: had Sony released the PS3, Slim or otherwise, at $299 back in the autumn of 2006, we could well have seen an effortless transition between the PS3 and PS3. As it turned out, three years… Read More

  • Nokia Rover/N900 gets caught on camera, preview coming soon. [UPDATED]

    There it is, folks, in what appears to be final form: the Nokia N900, otherwise known as the Rover or RX-51 – and boy, does it look gorgeous. We broke the news of the N900 back in May, and the final hardware appears to match inch-for-inch with the concept image we drew up at the time. Eldar Murtazin of Mobile-Review has been trickling out screenshots of the N900’s operating… Read More

  • iTunes 9 to support Facebook social playlists, third-party devices?

    The authenticity of these screenshots is questionable, but we wouldn’t really be doing our jobs if we didn’t share them with you. So, what does iTunes 9 have to do with Facebook? According to the screenshots shared by BGR, the next iteration of iTunes will allow users to share playlists via Facebook. And then there’s something about third-party hardware support. It’s… Read More

  • The PS3 Slim vertical stand will cost $25

    Okay, who is surprised by this pricing? Anyone? Probably not. Official add-ons have been overpriced for decades and the vertical stand for the PS3 Slim is no different. All this means is that shortly after the launch, 3rd party companies will out their own version that will cost $10 to $15. Or you can just lay it flat for free. Read More

  • MySpace Confirms iLike Acquisition. Conference Call Livenotes

    As expected, MySpace has confirmed that it bought iLike. It is not disclosing financial terms, but our information is that it was around $20 million. During the conference call, Van Natta stressed the importance of music, open content distribution, and talent as the main drivers behind the deal. He also put to rest misinformed speculation that there was any delay in the deal due to tax issues… Read More

  • Google Doubles Its Cartographers As Maps Continues To Go Wiki-Style

    As an online free mapping service, Google Maps is a great product. But it’s lacking in certain parts of the world. And rather than pay people to go get information about those places, Google has smartly been using a service called Map Maker, which lets locals and people knowledgeable about the area edit it themselves. And this week, Google has added a couple important areas to the… Read More

  • Google Upgrades Enterprise Search

    Google’s Enterprise Search offerings have steadily grown in both strength and innovation over the past few years. As we reported in June, Google now counts 25,000 enterprise search customers, up from last year’s 20,000 customers. Over half of customers use Google’s search appliance and the rest use its hosted site search and other enterprise products. Most recently… Read More

  • Thank you, Canon, for dropping out of the megapixel race

    The average mom and pop have judged digital cameras by megapixels alone since the beginning of time. Most people think that more megapixels means a better picture. A lot of the time brand, lens, or sensor type doesn’t factor into the buying decision and why should they? Manufacturers have long catered to this mentality by outing cameras that constantly have more megapixels than others. Read More

  • A peek under the hood of a netbook

    One might think that netbooks and similar ultracompact laptops have all manner of specialized, custom made pieces and parts in order to cram all that functionality into such a small frame. One would be wrong: netbooks are chock full of a surprising number of fairly generic components. For a nice visual breakdown of what, exactly, goes into a generic netbook, take a gander at this netbook… Read More

  • MySpace CEO To Make A Big Announcement Shortly. We're Betting It's About iLike

    MySpace just sent out an advisory that it will be holding a press conference shortly at 11:45 PT. CEO Owen Van Natta will be making an announcement (which , incidentally, will be his first public statement since taking over last April). Could this be the official announcement that MySpace is buying iLike, the acquisition that got away from Facebook and Amazon? That’s our guess. … Read More

  • RIM working on full Flash and Silverlight for BlackBerry?

    According to the Boy Genius Report, RIM is crackin’ away at integrating full Flash and Silverlight support into their browser. Yeah, we’re going to go ahead and file this one under “Don’t hold your breath”, with plans to dust it off and start getting excited in a year or so. We’re not saying we doubt BG’s sources; when it comes to BlackBerry, Boy… Read More

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