• MySpace Adds A Bottom IM Bar, Like That Other Social Network

    I hate the bottom toolbar on Facebook. I simply never remember it’s there for things like applications and quick access to photos. But it is fairly useful as a place to store your IM buddy list so it’s mostly out of sight but still open. And that’s exactly what MySpace is now using it for. Starting today, users across the social networking site in English speaking… Read More

  • John Battelle Starts Searching For His Replacement At FM Publishing

    Federated Media Publishing is looking for a new leader. In a blog post today, founder John Battelle says after four years he is conducting an executive search to find somebody to “take it to the next level.” The blog advertising network is trying to branch out into something called “conversational marketing,” which it is also trying at the same time to invent. … Read More

  • Please do not carry this Star Trek Tricorder replica in public

    It’s probably best to playact with this Star Trek Tricorder in the privacy of your own home. Please do yourself a favor and if you must spend $49.99 on this, keep it on a shelf somewhere and only play with the working sound effects and lights when no one is around. Sound good? Read More

  • Random House shuts down Kindle text-to-speech for their titles

    And so it begins: Random House has switched off Kindle Text-to-speech by default, angering educators and advocates for the blind in the process. Forty titles have been shut down including books by Stephen King and Toni Morrison. Interestingly, Random House can start this process even after you’ve purchased the book on the Kindle, essentially shutting off functionality on products… Read More

  • Next Tony Hawk game to feature skateboard controller

    Oh goodie, another video game peripheral. This time it’s an oversized balance board for Tony Hawk: Ride. This one will apparently be available on all three major consoles, though. Read More

  • Yes, the HTC Magic supports Microsoft Exchange

    There’s really no need to complicate this. The HTC Magic, now in the hands of a number of lucky ducks, supports Microsoft Exchange right out of the box. Google says Android, which powers the HTC Magic, doesn’t support Microsoft Exchange without third-party applications. Conclusion: HTC included an Exchange application on the phone. Why do we need to be all, “Hey, Google, can… Read More

  • Laptop Hunters: "Lauren" is back with her mom

    After the jump you can find the latest Laptop Hunters ad in the famous series of video advertisements Microsoft is putting out there to make people proud of being a PC again (and at the same time attack pricing for Macs). The latest ad features pre-law student Lauren and her mom, Sue, and these are the things they are looking for primarily in a laptop: speed, portability and battery life. They… Read More

  • Mini aircrafts: The Honeybee series gets two new models

    Japanese toy maker CCP is selling two wireless, remote-controlled mini model aircrafts that are part of the company’s so-called HoneyBee series of palm-size flying aircrafts. The Skyvehicle [JP] is designed to look like a helicopter but features three wheels so it can move while being on the ground as well. Read More

  • This Touch Pro battery heated up a little too much

    Wow. Lets just say that if this story is true, it might not be a good idea to store a spare HTC Touch Pro battery in a back jeans pocket. Allegedly this man did just that, and the the battery heated up a bit over specification. Enough so that it burned his jeans. Wow. I walked into my house early this week to the smell of burning. I couldn’t find where it was coming from. Last night as I… Read More

  • Blacksocks.com: An infinite supply of black socks

    Thank the maker that we live in an age when we can order anything online and have it delivered right to our door. Even better, subscription services free us from the tedium of having to remember to actually go buy stuff. Today, friends, I’m pleased to let you know that the magic of Internet shopping and the convenience of subscription services have merged together for the benefit of… Read More

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