• Clerk Dogs Takes a Curated Approach To Movie Recommendations

    It’s hard for computers to give good recommendations for movies or music. That is why the recommendation systems that tend to work on the Web include a human or social element (see eMusic). ClerkDogs is trying to do that for movie recommendations. Its database includes about 5,000 movies, all categorized by film buffs, including some former video store clerks. For each movie… Read More

  • Firefox 3.1 beta 2 is here

    In case you missed this, now you can download the second beta, which has some new features like private browsing and TraceMonkey engine. This engine is not really new since it has been included in the past versions – it is on by default now. Wow. Optimized Gecko engine. Come on.  For a complete list of super new awesome features and download, click here.
    Read More

  • Holux 005 GPS Tracker knows if you have crossed a line

    This watch tracks your position and sends text to your girlfriend so she knows if you are in trouble. It has a 96×96 monochrome screen, mini USB, supports TCP/IP and it’s waterproof. Fully charged it will operate for 60 hours. Your mom will like this watch because it has Geofence, a virtual fence that if you cross the 005 will know, send text and beep. It also has a button for… Read More

  • Producteev Launches Group Task Management App At LeWeb (500 Invites)

    Imagine Netvibes for group project management and you get a sense of Producteev, a bootsrapped startup that launches at the LeWeb conference today. The first 500 people to request a code here will receive invites. I got a demo of the service last week from founder Ilan Abehassera. Producteev starts with a grid of blank boxes on a Web page. Each box represents a different project to which you… Read More

  • Appcelerator Raises $4.1 Million for Open Source RIA Platform

    Mountain View-based startup Appcelerator has raised $4.1 million in a Series A round led by Storm Ventures. The money will go primarily towards the development of an open source competitor to Adobe AIR, which enables web developers to create applications that look and function more like desktop programs. The first version of Appcelerator’s RIA platform, dubbed Titanium, is being… Read More

  • Daily Crunch: Chill Mat Edition

    Review: IOGEAR 3-Port USB 2.0 Mobile Hub
    Review: Targus Chill Mat
    HP and ASU create flexible, “unbreakable” displays
    Compulsory Savings: Tetris and Breakout piggy banks
    Bacarobo 2008: Japan chooses the dumbest robots of the year Read More

  • Zemanta Launches Public API To Fuel Content Suggestion Engine Adoption

    Zemanta, the Slovenian startup that won the first Seedcamp competition (and subsequently funding from Union Square Ventures, Eden Ventures and The Accelerator Group), has just launched a public semantic API here at the Le Web conference in Paris, as well as a front side SDK. Zemanta is basically a platform that aims to help online content producers find related content from across the web… Read More

  • MySpace to launch MySpace Toolbar on Wednesday

    MySpace is making a number of announcements today. In addition to MySpaceID, the company will be announcing the launch of MySpace Toolbar for Internet Explorer and Firefox. For now only Windows users will be able to run MySpace Toolbar – a Mac version is promised soon. The toolbar will effectivey let MySpace users stay logged in constantly, whether they are on the site or not. Read More

  • Is it Goodbye eBay France, or just au revoir?

    This week I’m at the Le Web conference in Paris, which will hopefully come up with a few ideas about how tech/companies are going to weather the absolute Tsunami of Pain (closures, cost-cuttings, redundancies etc) which is currently crashing on our doorstep and coming back for more next year. But meanwhile, a few people are taking it all on the chin, as are the staff of eBay France… Read More

  • At long last, Skyfire browser gets VGA support

    When we wrote about the not-quite-official soft launch of Skyfire v0.85 a few weeks back, one little morsel slipped through the cracks. While we properly noted that registration requirements had been removed from the mobile browser, the newfound support for folks in the UK, and an “experts only” download link which essentially freed Skyfire of its geographical limits, one newly… Read More

  • Vodafone Acquires Sweden's WayFinder For €24 Million

    The increasingly acquisitive Vodafone accounted the acquisition of Sweden’s WayFinder this morning in Europe for €24 Million. Last Spring they also acquired Danish mobile social network ZYB for €31.5 million. WayFinder develops mobile GPS-enabled location applications, including a GPS routing app called Wayfinder Navigator, a POI database called Wayfinder Earth, and an application… Read More

  • Another reason we can't wait for Snow Leopard

    Ah, a clean install of Mac OS 10.4. Loverly. Think I’ll just download the latest nightly Minefield build and… MOTHER OF GOD! Read More

  • LeWeb '08 Kicks Off; Watch The Free Live Streams Here

    The fifth annual LeWeb conference is just getting underway in Paris, France. The event, headed by Loic Le Meur, is Europe’s largest tech conference, bringing in over 1,600 attendees from 26 countries worldwide. The conference has partnered with Ustream and Swisscom to stream the event in its entirety free of charge. Below is the feed for the main event – feeds for the… Read More

  • Another victory for NVIDIA: EA adopts PhysX

    The video card business pendulum has had its swing into AMD territory, but bit by bit NVIDIA is making its comeback after an embarrassing early last generation. This time it’s not more frames per second, but favorable alliances which are gaining ground for the graphics giant: EA and 2K Games (creators of Bioshock) have both agreed to use NVIDIA’s PhysX technology to drive… Read More

  • Outlook Replacement? Unison Brings Ad-Supported Email To Small Businesses

    Free, ad-supported email is making its way into the enterprise and challenging the stranglehold that Micrososft and IBM still have with Outlook/Exchange and Lotus Notes.  Google is trying to push Gmail as an Outlook replacement, but many businesses don’t quite feel comfortable giving up their email servers just yet. An angel-backed startup called Unison Technologies is iaunching a beta… Read More

  • You know you're a nerd if you enter the Konami code to unlock your door

    This Arduino-based homebrew security solution takes the input from an NES controller (mounted, I suppose, anywhere you like) and passes it to a little string detector. If you enter the right sequence (Shoryuken!), it ejects or recalls a CD tray, which locks or unlocks the deadbolt respectively (reminds me of this great IT admin story). If you enter the wrong code (tatsumaki senpukyakuu) it… Read More

  • iPhone application developers struggling for profits (or presence)

    The number of iPhone applications recently reached 10,000, but these applications did not get there easily. Once a developer completes an app, its placement in the app store is subject to Apple’s unspecified review criteria. If it gets approved, chances of it being duplicated and made available for free are high. Read More

  • Something nasty in Apple's lappy juice?

    Just bought a shiny new MacBook? Ready to slap a 3rd party memory upgrade in it? Not so fast, sunshine. Turns out that some of the users on the Apple Support Discussion forums are finding out that the approved 3rd party memory upgrades are causing instability and lock-ups. Reports seem to indicate that only Apple brand RAM is working properly. Which is fine, if you are drinking the cider… Read More

  • Creative's Vado HD Pocket Cam now available

    Creative introduced today the Vado HD, the successor to the Vado released back in May. It captures video in 720p and is the only pocket video cam to feature HDMI connectivity and an included HDMI cable that provides 1080i output to an HDTV. It also comes with 8GB of built-in memory that can hold up to two hours of HD video. The Vado HD also features a 2-inch LCD screen and a built-in USB… Read More

  • Rogue for iPhone: nerdgasm

    If you’re a true game geek of this era, then you’ve played Rogue, one of the oldest, hardest, and deepest games available on any platform. If you’ve heard of it, that’s good, but you have to at least have given it a try to qualify as OG in my world. And now you have no excuse not to try it because Rogue has been ported to the iPhone (iTunes link). If you think… Read More

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