• Can you solve the Coding Machine's encrypted haiku?

    This is the Coding Machine. It looks a lot like the old Enigma machine, doesn’t it? The designer, Tatjana van Vark, who wins today’s Most Dutch Name Award, won’t reveal its secret—how to solve decrypt messages and whatnot—until someone solves an encrypted haiku. Read More

  • Attention: The DustBuster is 30 years old this year

    That’s right: many of us have been alive as long as the Black & Decker DustBuster vacuum, a cleaner that I remember fondly from my ill-spent youth. Remember the first models? The tan color scheme? The incessant whirring? The sad majesty of the dying DustBuster as its battery slowly drained over a pile of Cheerios or sawdust? Say what you want about Dyson and his ilk: the DustBuster… Read More

  • Apple Is Indeed Talking About Opening iPhone Background Tasks

    As great as the iPhone is, it has one glaring weakness: The inability to run third-party applications in the background. That badly cripples certain types of apps, such as those that do instant messaging, music streaming and location-based services. Apple’s Push Notification system coming with the iPhone 3.0 software will help slightly, but it will not be a complete solution. And… Read More

  • Now Twitter gets a guy arrested in Guatemala

    It would appear that Twitter, aside from helping to spread panic about Swine Flu, is creating all sorts of issues in countries which are probably still coming to terms with the impact of social media – and there are plenty of them these days, let’s face it. Now a Guatemalan Twitter user has been arrested and accused of causing “Financial Panic”, because he… Read More

  • Panasonic lost $3.95 billion last year

    Sony wasn’t the only major CE manufacturer to lose a bunch of cash last year. Panasonic did too. Except Panny’s loss was to the tune of $3.95 billion, which is slightly more than Sony’s $1.03 billion write-down. Panasonic (JP:6752) said the result reflected the impact of the stronger yen, collapsing demand and persistent price-deflation in electronics goods. There you have it. Read More

  • Android goes to the hospital

    A pack of medical applications was just released for Android, and it set me a-thinkin’. Although our phones are far from tricorders at this point (but getting closer), Android has a bit more of a versatile position. A powerful smartphone OS and (possibly) a passable netbook or tablet one, it seems like it may be a really good fit for embedded systems. I don’t even want to think… Read More

  • FBI Adds Facebook, YouTube, Twitter Profiles. MySpace Completely Dissed

    The FBI is willing to do just about anything when it comes to tracking down bad guys. They did the widgets thing last year. And today they announced that they’ve “set up shop in several social media websites.” They’ve now got profiles on Facebook, Twitter and YouTube profiles are highlighted. They even have billboards up in Second Life. But nothing is mentioned… Read More

  • Punch-Out!! up for pre-order at $40

    Looks like Punch-Out!! is up for pre-order on Amazon for only $40, plus free shipping. The game will be released next Monday, the 18th. Read More

  • CrunchDeals: Nokia N810 for $199

    Nokia’s N810 Internet Tablet gets a bit of a price drop over at Buy.com. You can pick one up for $199 with free shipping. Since the N810 is Linux-based, you can do ANYTHING with it. ANYTHING. Read More

  • Time Makes A List Of Tech Failures, Microsoft Makes It Twice

    Time Magazine recently published a list (completed by 24/7 Wall St.) of the “Top Ten Biggest Tech Failures Of The Past Decade.” Microsoft Vista, Microsoft Zune, Gateway, YouTube and the Segway all made the list. Time said that 24/7 Wall St. evaluated both start-ups and products that were “widely recognized,” had international availability and were available to anyone. Read More

  • Energy consumption will triple by 2030 if electronics' efficiency doesn't increase

    Yes, your refrigerator, washer, and dryer may be Energy Star certified, but any good you’re doing is offset by your DVD player, TV and computer. That’s the simplified version of a new International Energy Agency report that says white goods—refrigerator, washing machines, etc.—are a lot more energy efficient than they used to be, but that consumer… Read More

  • Forget X10, use Bitwise Controls for your home automation projects

    I had a few X10 products back in the day, but never got beyond turning my lava lamp on through a web page. Unlike my buddy Rich who was interviewed in the New York Times for his home automation efforts. Things have come a long way in low- to mid-range automation technology, so put away your childish X10 products and graduate into something from Bitwise Controls. Read More

  • Yuuguu to add screen-sharing with Skype calls to its service

    Yuuguu, the remote desktop / screen-sharing collaboration service which integrates all the main instant messaging platforms is to complete the pack by adding Skype. It officially launches next Tuesday. That obviously means that as well as chatting via IM during screen sharing you can make free and low cost VOIP calls to your interlocutor. However, there is a drawback as Skype-based… Read More

  • CrunchDeals: Big Sale at NY and Chicago Nokia Flagship Stores

    If you live in New York or Chicago and are lookin’ to save some ducats on a Nokia device, this weekend is the time to buy. We just got word that from Saturday, May 16th at 10:00 AM to Sunday, May 17th at 6:00 PM, the Flagship stores are holding a big ol’ discount bonanza. What’s on sale: $100 bucks off the E75, bringing it down to $429 20% off all other devices, as long… Read More

  • Rumor: New iPhone design and colors

    Ahh spring. A young man’s fancy turns to love, the flowers start to bloom, my allergies make me swell up and want to die, and fake iPhone renderings start to show up on the web. Read More

  • Major breakthrough for RFID? NEC cuts production costs by more than 90%

    The Nikkei, a major Japanese business publication, is reporting that NEC is planning to sell RFID tag readers/writers, which are priced less than 10% compared to existing products. The company seems to have made major advancements “in the field of semiconductor research”, resulting in the drastic price cut. Read More

  • Spira4u: Car made of foam goes fast, far, and floats

    Instead of relying on superhuman strength via a panic-induced rush of adrenaline to be able to lift your car off the ground, why not just buy a car that only weighs 300 pounds to begin with? The “Spira4u” is such a car, made mostly (90%) of six-inch foam and with a top speed of 70 miles per hour. Oh, and it gets 100 miles to the gallon. Read More

  • VIP E-Commerce Service Geelbe Raises $1 Million Round, Eyes Latin-American Expansion

    We don’t often write about Latin-American startups (in fact, if you’re familiar with that market, send us more tips please), but here’s an interesting one. Argentina-based Geelbe, a private e-commerce website, has just raised a second round of funding worth $1 million, led by D’Épée Investments. The company is actively looking to expand its VIP shopping operations… Read More

  • Fennec (Firefox Mobile) Alpha 1 For Windows Mobile Goes Live

    After the slightly shaky launch of their ultra-early milestone one release, Mozilla is back with more Fennec (otherwise known as “Firefox Mobile”) goodness. This morning, the company began distributing Alpha 1 of Fennec for Windows Mobile. As with all Alphas, this release is by no means intended for every day use by the general public, but it gives us a sneak peak at what’s… Read More

  • According To Twitter, Prop 8 Was Overturned Before It Existed

    There’s an interesting trending topic on Twitter right now: Prop 8. Thousands of people are retweeting that the California ballot measure which restricted same-sex marriage has been overturned. The only problem? It hasn’t been. What’s happening is that everyone is retweeting the message with a link to an article in the LA Times saying that the gay marriage ban has been… Read More

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