• The Archos 2 Vision doesn't look that great in person

    A product shot appeared a few days ago of the Archos 2 Vision. It looked nice. But the French site ArchosLounge.net recently got some face time with the upcoming PMP and, well, it doesn’t look that great anymore. The original press shot looked slick and smooth, but this hands-on shot makes it looks like a no-name Chinese player. It’s an Archos so it probably runs great, but I… Read More

  • Video: HTC Click previewed – Runs Donut, lacks Sense

    I do believe this is a first: not only has someone at Vietnamese mobile site Tinh Té managed to get their hands on an HTC Click before it’s even official, but it looks like they’ve had it for long enough to laser etch a bunch of crazy crap onto the back. Fortunately for us, they’re not just sitting around basking in the exclusive warmth of their unreleased phone. Instead… Read More

  • CrunchGear interviews up-and-coming inventor ‘East Side’ Dave McDonald from ‘The Ron and Fez Show’

    In our continued effort to bring you the best interviews with today’s top talent, I’m happy to present my recent conversion with “East Side” Dave McDonald. He’s an up-and-coming inventor who can be heard on “The Ron and Fez Show” every weekday, 11am to 3pm, on Sirius XM. He also occasionally co-hosts a show, “Special Delivery,” along… Read More

  • This steampunk flash drive makes the meme sexy again

    The steampunk movement is officially dead – except on Warehouse 13 – but this handmade flash drive is still eff’n cool. Apparently some of the gears even move when the flash drive is powered. The Russian maker used some old clock and electronic parts found at a “rag fair.” All I know is that it’s sweet and I want one. [ModNews.ru via English Russia]
    Read More

  • Munster inhales fumes of prophecy, foresees Apple TV TV

    Gene Munster of 1313 Mockingbird Lane and Piper Jaffray is positing that because the Apple TV isn’t doing so well that Apple will soon sell a TV with Apple TV features built-in, an idea so ludicrous that it caused me to spit out my Metamucil. Let’s look at his reasoning: the Apple TV is “losing ground” to other subscription services – I’d argue it’s… Read More

  • What Exactly Do 1.6 Billion Retweet Buttons Get You? About 6 Million Actual Retweets.

    If you look at the top right hand corner of any blog post on TechCrunch, you will see both the number of comments on it and the number of times it’s been retweeted (linked to and passed around on Twitter). Usually the retweet number is bigger than the number of comments because it is much easier to do. It counts as a vote for that post inasmuch as a passed link can be construed as a… Read More

  • 1.5 million Durabrand DVD players recalled because they can burn down your house!!!

    This is what you get. You knew there was a good reason why that Durabrand DVD player only cost $30 at Walmart when the rest averaged $80. It’s because they can catch on fire, burn down your house, and kill your cats according to a recall. So far there have been 12 cases of the players overheating with five of them catching on fire and causing property damage. Think of the cats! The… Read More

  • AT&T 3G should now suck less in San Francisco and New York

    Since the launch of the iPhone brought a few million data-devouring 3G users onto AT&T’s towers, dealing with 3G in any major city was just a wee bit more efficient than sending a carrier pigeon. Well, things ought to be a whole lot better in San Francisco and New York now: like they’ve been doing in other places over the past few weeks, AT&T has fired up their 850 Mhz… Read More

  • Audience: A New York Event Where Technology And Art Collide

    There is a cool new event in New York this November being organized by my friends Loren Feldman and Anton Mannering called Audience that I’ll be speaking at. It’s a lot different than any other tech event I’ve spoken at. The speakers (just a few have been announced so far) include tech people, artists and others: “Bringing together some of the most exceptional people in… Read More

  • Verizon BlackBerry Storm gets V CAST Video

    We’ll openly admit it: We haven’t touched Verizon’s V CAST video service in years. We tend to avoid most feature phones as if their outer casing is made of unstable explosives, and V CAST and smartphones don’t tend to mix – until now. Read More

  • Do one thing, and do it well: 40 years of UNIX

    Generally speaking, 40 is considered “over the hill” in human beings. I’m 35, and as I get closer and closer to the crest of that hill, I can tell you with some certainty that the best is yet to come. I think the same holds true for operating systems. UNIX turns 40 this month. That’s right: it was four decades ago that Dennis Ritchie and Ken Thompson worked in the… Read More

  • Rumor: T-Mobile Pulse (Huawei 8220) details revealed?

    Oh, Internet. You give it a little bit of information and a reason to dig, and some super sleuth will uncover all there is to know. Such is the case with the Huawei 8220 Android phone; once it was given a name and a carrier by the Wi-Fi Alliance’s filing for the “T-mobile Pulse”, the Android detectives were off. The latest bit of information they’ve uncovered comes from… Read More

  • Last call for the iSkin BlackBerry case giveaway

    Consider this a friendly reminder that if you have a BlackBerry Curve, Bold, or Storm, you have a good chance to win an iSkin case for your beloved phone. Just head over to the contest post, and drop us a comment with what BlackBerry you have. That’s it. Nice and easy. The contest ends on Monday, the 24th. Read More

  • Office.com Goes Live

    Microsoft recently became the new, proud owner of the attractive generic domain name Office.com after purchasing it from a U.S. entrepreneur for an undisclosed amount. Rather than reserving the name for its upcoming online suite of business software services, the domain name went live this morning with a forward to the Microsoft Office Online website. For reference, that website is designed… Read More

  • What Wolfram Alpha Really Did This Summer: Struck A Deal With Bing.

    Computer scientist Stephen Wolfram gave a report today listing what the team at Wolfram Alpha, his new search engine, did this summer. They added new knowledge domains and over 2 million lines of code, classified 54,233 bugs and suggestions, and generally fixed what doesn’t work. (“Close to half the time that Wolfram|Alpha doesn’t give a result, it’s . . . because… Read More

  • Late To The Game: Adobe Now Lets You Share Videos On Photoshop.com

    With online video hosting still in a rather embryonic phase, it’s only natural for Adobe Systems to lead innovation in the space by making it possible for users to upload and share motion pictures with friends and family online. Well, that would have been a good story lead five years ago, and then some. But please forgive my sarcasm for Adobe is lauding the new support for video on… Read More

  • Awesome Terminator 4 T-600 USB skull

    I don’t know what it is about Japan loving USB gadgets so much, but they just keep coming and coming. Today Thanko competitor Solid Alliance has announced a USB memory stick [JP] that’s designed like a T-600 Terminator skull from Terminator 4 – Salvation (they have a license). Read More

  • Flickr v. Free Speech. Where Is Their Courage?

    One thing I’ve learned over the years is this – screwing over your users while yelling “the lawyers made me do it!” rarely ends well. Particularly when the lawyers are just being lazy, and free speech rights are at stake. Flickr really stepped in it this time. And they’ve sparked a free speech and copyright fascism debate that is unlikely to cool down any time… Read More

  • Microsoft Stores Now Hiring. An Apple Store "Genius" Is A Microsoft Store "Retail Technical Advisor"

    Have you ever cured your Windows computer of the dreaded blue screen of death? Then Microsoft may want to hire you! Well, at least to work in their new Microsoft Stores. Yes, the software giant is now hiring for its first two stores in Scottsdale, AZ and Mission Viejo, CA. Here’s a rough outline of what they’re looking for: We’re looking for new store employees who love… Read More

  • Daily Crunch: Widescreen Edition

    Hooray for Guild Wars 2!
    Soderbergh goes off on TV movie aspect ratios
    The first Avatar trailer is here (update: American version) Read More

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