• NYC buses’ digital ads will change depending on neighborhood

    Strapped for cash, the New York City Transit Authority will experiment with new digital ads on the sides of city buses. That’s borderline who cares material, but get this: the ads will change based on the bus’ location, which is tracked by GPS. Expect things like military recruitment ads on Queens busses and cars on that one bus that goes up and down Water Street. I have no… Read More

  • Gamer Grub gets a nerd stamp of approval

    When Gamer Grub launched, most of us looked upon the creation with a mix of astonishment and wonder, but the snack food recently earned the stamp of approval from USA’s WCG Gold Medal Halo 3 Team.  “We are proud to have Gamer Grub join the MoB Gaming Family. We snacked on Gamer Grub the entire weekend of E for All, and thought it was amazing,” said Joey… Read More

  • MySpace for Android goes live but where's the music?

    Android’s first handset, the G1, will be hitting the market tomorrow and with it comes a slew of useful and useless apps. One of those useless apps happens to be from MySpace. Being the first major social network to do so means nothing when it brings nothing to the table. It’s essentially a mirror image of the iPhone app, but it’s nowhere near as fast when loading your inbox… Read More

  • Pro Evolution Soccer 2009 stops FIFA's reign at the top

    A heads-up to my fellow football fans. There’s a reason why Pro Evolution Soccer 2009 knocked FIFA 09 off its “fucking perch” in the UK this past week: it’s a better game, bar none. Granted, it’s still absurd that Konami hasn’t ponied up for all the Premier League licenses and all that, but what are you gonna do? Authentic logos don’t a good game make… Read More

  • Kyocera joins the Android-powered handset club

    Love it or hate it, it’s pretty safe to assume that just about all of the big boys in the handset world are tinkering with the idea of bringing an Android device to the market (Well, except for Sony Ericsson. Or Apple.) Joining the confirmed list today is Kyocera, with an announcement that they are working with software optimization house Wind River to adapt Android to their… Read More

  • Review: Proporta Gadget Bag

    http://www.viddler.com/player/c3bc2eba/ The Proporta Gadget Bag is a handy way to store all the stuff that comes with your gadget lifestyle: batteries, battery chargers, media sticks, cables, etc.  The Transformer-like nature of this bag means you can take the right-sized compartment for the trip to the coffee shop, or assemble the whole thing to organize your gear for a longer junket. … Read More

  • iList Debuts Social Classifieds Across Facebook, Twitter, FriendFeed, And Pownce

    The road to a better Craigslist is littered with the bodies of startups that could never make it past the first few mile markers. But iList, which launched today out of stealth mode, thinks it can defy the odds by making classified listings more social. The service includes a standalone site, but every listing can be cross-posted to Facebook, Twitter, FriendFeed, Pownce, and even… Read More

  • DroboApps: exactly what it sounds like

    So you got yourself a Drobo. It’s great, right? But, you think, I’ve got this little robot storing things for me. It reorganizes my data, it does intelligent backup. Why can’t we teach it a few new tricks? They’re way ahead of you over at Drobo HQ, where they’re launching DroboApps, a collection of applications that run on Drobo which have been cooked up by… Read More

  • CrunchDeals: Guitar Hero II bundle for $39.99

    For anyone out there who hasn’t played Guitar Hero yet (is there anyone?), now’s your chance to see what all the fuss is about on the cheap. Well, now’s not your chance but tomorrow will be. For one day only, from 6am to 6pm Pacific time, you can get the Guitar Hero II Xbox 360 bundle for $39.99 directly from Red Octane – the company that makes the game. Read More

  • Samsung announces the Epix for AT&T

    The BlackJack series was a turning point for Samsung and solidified their place in the smartphone market among the major players until RIM got all fussy about the name and today they announced the Epix, which is basically the BJ III. Stilll rocking Windows Mobile 6.1 the Epix ditches that obnoxious scroll wheel for an optical mouse. A handful of us at CG have seen it and it works quite well. Read More

  • AOL Sheds Yourminis Personalized Startpage

    Eight months after acquiring San Diego-based startup Goowy, AOL has decided to shutter its Yourminis personalized homepage. Notice that the two-year old Flash-based service would be shut down entirely on October 27th went out to users today in an email. It encourages them to export their OPML files and content for migration over to myAOL, iGoogle, or Netvibes: Read More

  • Asus: Expect touchscreen Eee PCs early next year; Windows 7 Eee PCs soon after

    The Asus Eee PC turned one year old the other day—people danced in the streets! Fun aside, the mag did get a chance to interview the company’s CEO, Jerry Sheen (that’s not him, by the way, just some random guy), to get his thoughts on the Eee PC, its future, etc. The biggest news here is that Sheen admitted that a touchscreen Eee PC should be available by early 2009. Exactly… Read More

  • Seiko ad from the 80s confuses, instills fear in rock stars

    Seiko and Casio brought over the first wave of quartz analog watches, essentially destroying an entrenched industry almost overnight – it’s almost impossible to find a more familiar happenstance to compare this too as computers didn’t replace typewriters for years. That said, Seiko sure could put out some freakish ads. “We need to associate ourselves with… Read More

  • Toshiba Qosmio announces X305-Q708 notebook powered by quad-core Intel Core 2 Extreme CPU

    Just when you thought that the sun had set on using the word “extreme” for everything, here comes a verbal solar flare to light it all right back up. Buzzwords aside, it’s almost certain that the Toshiba Qosmio X305-Q708 is exponentially more powerful than whatever computer you’re using at this very moment. It should be, too, with an MSRP of just under $4,200 (my first… Read More

  • Contest: Beg and plead, ladies

    CrunchGear, I’m afraid, wants to steal your honey like it stole your bike. To that end, we’re encouraging you to submit a snap of your sig. other/sister/mom/grandma/the woman in marketing/yourself if you are one of CrunchGear’s 2 female readers (Hi, Mom!) pleading for a new cellphone. Which cellphone you ask, and how can I get in on this action? Read on. Read More

  • Toshiba Portege A605 now available, based on R500

    Every time I write something about the line of Toshiba Portégé notebooks, I keep picturing my middle school French teacher up at the board for five minutes tapping various versions of the letter E with slanted lines on top and making us all say, “L’accent aigu… l’accent grave… l’accent aigu… l’accent grave…” Those of you who took French may… Read More

  • Wherein rumors of the HTC Touch HD Pro begin

    HTC Touch Diamond followed by the HTC Touch Pro; HTC Touch HD followed by the HTC Touch HD Pro? Could be. The mockup here shows what the device could look like—the same HTC Touch HD we’ve all know and love, maybe, with a QWERTY keyboard tacked on. Again, this rumor mainly came about because of the “Device, Device Pro” progression we’ve seen for other HTC products. Read More

  • Right before launch, Google strips down the App Market for a bit of polish

    Yesterday morning, a sizable chunk of the T-Mobile G1 pre-orders showed up prior to their expected arrival date of October 22nd. Filled with new-toy glee, the new Android users tore their boxes open, poked and prodded at the screen.. but something was wrong. Reviews said something about there being 50+ applications already available in the Android App Market. Even immediately after the device… Read More

  • Vizio introduces coffee house themed flat-panel HDTVs

    Silver TVs are out, black TVs are everywhere, and so Vizio is breaking the mold with its JAVA-colored Evolution line of LCD TVs. These two sets are based on the VO lineup and adds the different color bezel option along with slightly upgrading some specs. The 37-inch VOF370F ups the brightness to 500 cd/m2 and the contrast ratio to 1300:1 from the previous generations 450 cd/m2 and 1100:1… Read More

  • Netflix has 500,000 Blu-ray subscribers (out of 8.7 million)

    Netflix has convinced some 500,000 people to subscribe to its Blu-ray rental service. Netflix is all “Look how well we did!” because it charges a $1 premium to be able to rent Blu-ray discs. The question was, would it be able to convince people to pay a premium (even though $1 is hardly a premium, I think) in order to rent the high-def discs? Well… Keep in mind that Netflix… Read More

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