• T-Mobile G1 to get the Cupcake update in April

    With the HTC Magic launching in April, we probably could have guessed that the Cupcake update would be ready to ship to the G1 at the same time. But now we don’t need to guess – a T-Mobile rep has gone and confirmed it. Read More

  • How Vista Changed Everything

    Microsoft Vista is a polarizing operating system: folks either love it or hate it. I have yet to meet someone that said “Meh. I can take it or leave it.” I’m not a Microsoft apologist, so it’s easy for me to focus on all of Vista’s many shortcomings; but the reality is that Microsoft did get some stuff right. And like any successful company, they’re… Read More

  • Hothead Technology bringing RFID tags onto the football field to save lives

    Sometimes passion and adrenaline gets in the way of recognizing early signs of heatstroke, but maybe this system developed in partnership between Hothead Technologies and Kennesaw State University can help. The system embeds a RFID tag with integrated thermal thermometer and a transmitter into a football helmet to broadcast stats to a handheld PDA up to 500 meters away which trainers would use… Read More

  • Google Also Likes To Use FriendFeed For R&D, Reader Gets Conversations

    It looks like Facebook isn’t the only site to draw inspiration from FriendFeed. Google Reader has just launched a new feature that gives users the ability to comment on items that have been shared by their friends, allowing them to hold conversations focusing on each individual story. In other words, it does almost exactly the same thing as FriendFeed (at least for stories shared… Read More

  • iSkoot opens their live update platform to handset OEMs

    Last month TechCrunch wrote about Kalaida, iSkoot‘s software platform purposed for connecting standard feature phones to social sites and other online content in a way not unlike that of a smartphone. This evening, iSkoot has announced that they are expanding their offerings to include KalaidaLIVE, the always-on connectivity solution that allows their Notifier application to receive… Read More

  • Recap: CrunchGear Live Podcast

    In case you missed it live, here’s what happened on today’s podcast. We talked about the following wildly entertaining topics: New iPod Shuffle The downfall of commercial radio The LG Cooky Rumors of a touchscreen Apple netbook John and Nicholas going to SXSW Removing stuff from Windows 7 A photo of a guy in a bathtub with a cat sitting in front of said bathtub LISTEN: Show Link… Read More

  • Bogen Imaging offering free lighting webinar this Friday

    This Friday the 13th, Spooky!, Bogen Imaging will be hosting a free lighting webinar with Will Crocket. “The Language of One Light: Roundtable with Will Crockett” will run from 2PM to 3PM EDT and will cover the following topics: Read More

  • The Digital Divisions Are Dead At Big Media

    Big Media’s love affair with the Internet ebbs and flows with the markets. When they see money pouring into Web startups, they feel threatened and rush to do the same. They ramp up their digital divisions, which usually are no more than venture arms, and hope to strike it rich. When the markets are down, as they are now, their attention drifts elsewhere—exactly at the time when… Read More

  • Web App Directory Go2Web20 Gets a Major Upgrade

    If you like to research web apps, one of the original directories of Web 20 apps just got a whole lot better. Go2Web20 just launched a major redesign in beta. It is an information aggregator for Websites and apps, collecting data from as many open sources as possible, akin to what you find at Quarkbase and the more recently launched Dataopedia. Except that GoWeb20 is much more social. It… Read More

  • Just how does Apple's VoiceOver work?

    Apple is really promoting VoiceOver, a new feature found in the just-announced iPod Shuffle. As you may already know, when VoiceOver is activated, the iPod “says” the name of the currently playing song or playlist. So, when I hit the song I want to hear—this week, that’d probably be “Hardcore Girls (Don Rimini Remix)” by The Count and Sinden—the… Read More


    “Have you turned it off and back on?” is Roy’s stock response on The IT Crowd. It’s funny because it’s true. If you’ve worked any IT support gigs, chances are you’ve developed your own repertoire of catchphrases and statements to succinctly distill your years of professional experience into a simple soundbite that can be understood by mere mortals. Read More

  • Rumor: New Canon Rebel slated for March 25 (but will it have a jog wheel?)

    Gather ’round the water cooler, provided your place of business still has a water cooler (get it, recession joke), for there’s a hot new Canon rumor flying about. It seems Canon may be readying the new Rebel, the EOS Rebel 500D, for a March 25 announcement. It may have a jog wheel, which would make it the first Rebel to do so. Read More

  • The seven steps to jailbreak your iPod touch 2G

    The Dev Team has released a seven step process to jailbreak the 2.2.1 iPod touch firmware. Sure, it’s not packaged up in a nice and pretty app, but the steps don’t look to hard. Just follow ’em to the letter and hopefully – *fingers-crossed* – you will be able to run jailbroken apps. Read More

  • Facebook's Real-Time Homepage Goes Live Today

    Today Facebook is rolling out the update to user homepages that brings a new look, enhanced filter system, and most importantly, realtime updating. Real-time updates are Facebook’s response to Twitter, which has been able to thrive on offering users immediate updates from their friends and favorite celebrities (Facebook’s original News Feed took hours to update). The new design… Read More

  • Review: VIA ARTiGO A2000 Barebone Storage Server

    Quick Version: Much more functional than a NAS hard drive but not as expensive or large as most home server boxes, the VIA ARTiGO A2000 threads the needle between performance and price. And it looks good, to boot. Read More

  • Video: Vibrating chair makes you feel the music

    This chair researched at Ryerson University will make you feel the music. It has vibrating coils that will stimulate your senses in various ways depending on the music. Check out the video. Read More

  • Klipsch announces two "recession-proof" in-ears, the Image S4 & S2

    Recession-proof is the new buzz term amongst CE manufacturers, children. Klipsch, who’s known to make some decent ‘ware, has just announced two “recession-proof” in-ears, the Image S4 and S2. All in-ears boast some sort of noise dampening solution and the majority of them do a fair job of blocking out noise, but that’s dependent on the tips that come with them. Read More

  • Is your AT&T Wi-Fi working at Starbucks? [UPDATE]

    Reader Michael writes: I could not log onto my Starbucks ATT WiFi account today. I called ATT and they said it’s part of the Starbucks issue that they are tying to resolve as quickly as possible. And that it’s not a technical issue but rather a business issue that is the reason for the denial of access. Read More

  • Nokia e71x gets pictured again – this time from behind!

    We were just starting to think that AT&T’s version of the e71, otherwise known as the e71x, had been canned. I mean, it’s been right around 5 months since it was last seen floating around, and it seemed like it was in good shape at the time. Can you really blame us for worrying? Fortunately, it seems the device is alive and kickin’ – or at least, the guy who… Read More

  • Tasteless joke lists child for sale on Xbox Live

    How dumb are people? Someone at the weekend put a phony ad on Xbox Live. Advertising what, exactly? Oh, you know, just someone’s child. Yup, a Florida woman’s child was listed as “for sale” by a couple of knuckleheads (presumably this is at least a two-man job: one guy to come up with the idea, and the other to convince him to carry it out). They even included the… Read More

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