• US Airways steals kid’s Xbox, he sues, airline says it’s not liable for stolen electronics

    While I’m sure it’s super fun to stuff your gaming console in your carry-on luggage so it doesn’t get stolen, it’s not all that practical. Yale University student Jesse Maiman found that out the hard way when his Xbox 360 disappeared from his checked luggage on a US Airways flight. Read More

  • Lionsgate exec says Wii to stream content this year

    We’ve been having a rousing discussion in the CG chatroom about whether or not the Wii, in its current incarnation, could handle HD streaming. As is, you can’t officially watch DVDs on it, but like most things these days, it’s been hacked to playback DVDs. Nintendo says it needs more than a firmware update, but the guts of the Wii are powerful enough to do so with a… Read More

  • New VIA VX855 chipset promises 1080p playback in a tiny, power-sipping package

    The bane of small form factor PCs and netbooks so far has been the inability to play HD video without blowing a gasket. VIA hopes to change all that with the VX855, a media system processor (MSP) that “offers full hardware acceleration of the widest variety of leading video standards including H.264, MPEG-2/4, DivX and WMV9, allowing smooth playback of high bit-rate 1080p HD… Read More

  • Asus merging EEE PC and netbook divisions: Who's next?

    First, the “news”: Digitimes is reporting that Asustek is considering a merger of their PC and notebook – really netbook – divisions. This means the two divisions will work as one cohesive unit which means lots of people will probably get fired. Fair enough. Now what does this mean in the macro sense? Since the early 2000s, PC and laptop hardware has been converging. Read More

  • Homebrew software will unlock the full iPhone Bluetooth stack

    Rumor has it that a new homebrew app will soon open the full Bluetooth stack on the iPhone 3G, allowing for full and proper Bluetooth support including wireless keyboard connectivity and stereo Bluetooth. The app is called iBluetooth and it’s currently available on the Cydia store. Read More

  • How Much Is A Suggested Slot On Twitter Worth? Jason Calacanis Offers $250,000.

    When newbies sign up to Twitter now, they are presented with a list of 100 suggested users to start following. Simply being on that list can boost your followers well above 100,000. Several people and organizations on the list (such as Al Gore, Lance Armstrong, Kevin Rose, the New York Times, and CNN) now have more than 250,000 followers each. Many of the most popular Twitter users are on… Read More

  • CrunchDeals: Dell Mini 9 with XP, 8GB SSD, free two-day shipping for $279

    Dell has an okay deal on an XP-powered Mini 9 system at $279 with free two-day shipping. It’s the Alpine White version, too, which is normally a $30 upgrade. All in all, you get $80 worth of instant savings plus the free shipping. Read More

  • Scosche releases iPod Shuffle headphones, Apple's earbud hegemony broken

    The day is here, my friends, to stand up and be counted as men who will not bow down to Cupertino’s white earbud fascism. Scosche – did I spell that right? – just came out with earbuds for the iPod Shuffle with the little in-line button built-in. Bare-breasted Mother Liberty has given us the teat of freedom to suckle on on this day, friends, so drink deep and long from… Read More

  • Robot teacher calls roll, scolds kids

    Meet Saya, a robot “teacher” in Japan. She can express the six emotions most commonly displayed by human teachers: surprise, fear, disgust, anger, happiness, and sadness. She can call out the students’ names, offer a polite “Thank you”, and admonish the pupils to be quiet. Saya’s developer, Hiroshi Kobayashi, a Tokyo University of Science professor… Read More

  • Brother rolls out A4-sized e-document reader

    Amazon’s Kindle isn’t available in Japan and nobody over here bought the Sony Reader (Sony stopped sales over here already). Japanese people love reading (and even writing) stuff on their mobile phones too much. But now Brother is trying to at least get business people interested in a document reader, their SV-100B the company introduced today [JP]. Read More

  • Sonyyyy will allllwaaaays looooove Bluuuuuu

    Sony’s gaming division has built their games platform on Blu-ray disks and by God and by Jaysus they’re not going to turn back now. Said Sony PS3 Marketing Manager Kim Nguyen: “That would pretty much destroy the PS3’s backbone, our games were built on Blu-ray.” Kim told us. “Quote that: Blu-ray will always be part of PS3.” Read More

  • Google Voice takes over where GrandCentral left off

    GrandCentral, a phone management service that first launched in 2006 and was acquired by Google for $50+ million in 2007, hasn’t been in the news much lately. Other than a few good natured jabs at their marketing gimmicks and coverage of outages, that is. Get ready for that to change as the service prepares for a public launch under a new product name: Google Voice. The 21 month… Read More

  • Exclusive: Slides from Sprint/Palm Webinar, plus a live blog

    The Sprint/Palm Pre Webinar is starting in 20 minutes. We were able to dig up all of the slides from the presentation while we were waiting – and as far as we can tell, there isn’t much new stuff to be seen. We’ll keep dig through the slides – let us know if you spot anything exciting. Live blog after the jump. [PSGallery=19gaanm2ef] Read More

  • Dell unveils the Studio One 19 all-in-one desktop

    The new Dell Studio One is, well, sex defined. There is no doubt where the designers got the inspiration but they surpassed anything out of Cupertino with this all-in-one. The computer will be available in a bevy of colors when it launches later this month in Japan and in the US sometime in the Spring. Read More

  • CrunchDeals: 1TB external drive for $95

    Data hoarders unite! Buy.com has a 1TB Verbatim USB hard drive for $94.99 with free shipping, today only. The drive itself is a 7200 RPM affair and the package includes BounceBack Express software for automated archival of all your important and/or sexy files. Verbatim USB Desktop Hard Drive [Buy.com] Read More

  • 3Scale's API Outsourcing Service Now Out Of Beta

    Barcelona-based 3Scale Networks is launching its API management service today at the Plugg conference (which is run by TechCrunch editor Robin Wauters). With every Web startup releasing their own APIs as a matter of course these days, 3Scale offers a startups who don’t want to deal with all the hassles of managing their own APIs their own enterprise Web service that does it for… Read More

  • Fact: Sprint to launch LG Rumor2 on March 15

    Sprint announced today that LG’s second-gen. Rumor – Rumor2 – will be available via Sprint.com (and by phone, what?) as of March 15, with a retail debut following on April 19. Read More

  • Kalorik wine cooler keeps vino at optimal drinking temperature

    If you’re into wine, as some people are prone to be, perhaps you have some sort of fancy refrigerator or even an entire cellar where you keep all your bottles of Boone’s (that’s the best kind of wine, right?). Oh, interesting. Boone’s is actually “currently malt-based rather than wine-based due to changes in tax laws,” according to Wikipedia. How… Read More

  • Amazon Web Services Rolls Out New Pricing Model For EC2

    Amazon has changed the pricing model of its cloud computing platform, Amazon Web Services, creating what’s called “Reserved Instances” for its EC2 Product. Reserved instances basically lower the price of the service and guarantees storage capacity in exchange for a commitment to use EC2 for a year or more. Amazon says that its new pricing model lowers cloud computing costs… Read More

  • Google Friend Connect Now Allows Deeper Integration with APIs

    Google Friend Connect Is trying to catch up with Facebook Connect, and just now released its first set of APIs, which will let developers integrate Google Friend Connect more deeply into their sites and applications. Google Friend Connect offers a single sign-on service as well as several data portability features. The new APIs will allow site owners to use both JavaScript and REST APIs to… Read More

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