• A Bunch Of Hot Spammers Had The Day Off Of Work LOL.

    Around noon Pacific time today, a small meme broke out on the Internet. At nearly the exact same time, over a dozen Twitter accounts all tweeted out the message “Oh i had the day off work lol. thats why im home.” All were sent out from what appear to be the Twitter accounts of cute girls. Why? Because they’re all automated spam accounts set up by some lame online dating… Read More

  • Zazzle Goes To The Dogs, Expands Business Abroad

    Zazzle, the site that lets you custom-design and sell everything from T-shirts and sneakers to postage stamps and skateboards, is launching localized sites and offerings in Australia and Canada. The company has also expanded its existing UK site, which was launched in late 2008, to the greater European market by accepting payments in Euros. And for pet-friendly users, Zazzle has unveiled a line… Read More

  • Time-lapse astrophotography of the Milky Way

    Time-lapse photography is very cool to do, but fairly difficult. It requires a lot of patience, and the willingness to spend hours with your camera pointed at one subject without knowing whether or not your photos will turn out until it’s all said and done. Astrophotography is an easier form of time-lapse (at least in my opinion) but it still takes a lot of patience and time. Read More

  • CrunchBase Data Rocks. Too Bad The Q1 Numbers Suck. Our Report

    We’re all glad Q1 is behind us. Silicon Valley and the start-up ecosystem certainly was not immune to the general economic malaise. The TechCrunch sweet spot, early-stage start-ups, was particularly hurt. The number of start-ups getting started was down 65% vs Q1 2008. We saw just 184 new start-ups formed, down from 546 in 1Q 2008. Start-Ups Founded: January 2008 – March 2009

    Source… Read More

  • Exclusive Leaked Screenshot Of Nokia's Maemo Harmattan

    After we broke the news this morning that Nokia was cracking away at a phone-friendly and potentially ad-supported version of their Internet tablet OS, Maemo, we figured we might be able to swing a screenshot. Sure enough, our boy Sirm came through. With that, we present the world’s first ever look at the mobile OS Nokia tentatively plans on launching around the end of 2010: Maemo Harmattan. Read More

  • Science: CHOP research muscles out AIDS

    Researchers at the Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia, who have been researching AIDS for almost a decade, have come up with a novel new way to fight the immunovirus. Traditional vaccines didn’t seem to be working, so Dr. Philip Johnson, chief scientific officer at Children’s Hospital, shifted gears, and used muscles to deliver a gene in order to create a protein that… Read More

  • Microsoft patents magic wand

    Microsoft has very wisely patented a magic wand, a patent that will come in handy if and when wizards emerge from Agartha and attempt to take over the world. Oh they’ll be within their legal rights to try to push us all around, but they won’t be able to use their magic wands. The wizards, not Microsoft. Microsoft can push us around all they want. Read More

  • Fox Television Tries To Crowdsource Cartoons Through Aniboom

    Fox Television, the proud home of The Simpsons and Family Guy, is looking for another cartoon franchise to add to its roster. But rather than searching in Hollywood, it is crowdsourcing cartoon ideas on the Web. In a contest hosted on animation site Aniboom, professional and amateur animators alike will be able to submit a two- to four-minute animated video online for a chance at cash prizes… Read More

  • Nightglow Offers Tabbed Browsing For The iPhone, But It's A Resource Hog

    Over the past few years, tabs have become one of those must-have features in a web browser. The mobile web is a bit different obviously, because the screen is so small, but some mobile browsers like mobile Safari give you the option to have multiple windows in which to browse. But let’s be honest, multiple windows are a pain, we want tabs. And with Nightglow, a new browser for the… Read More

  • Leaked: RunKeeper To Get A New Logo, Website Overhaul

    We only just opened the MobileCrunch Tips Line, and the stories are already pouring in. Keep’em coming, guys. According to a source close to the matter, popular iPhone fitness app RunKeeper will soon be seeing a rebranding and website overhaul. We’ve obtained a screenshot showing most of the major changes, all of which seem to be visual at this point – but if nothing else… Read More

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