• The Growing Complexity Of Facebook Is Confusing Your Mom

    Facebook has a thing for moms. The last two times I’ve attended a Facebook event – both the unveiling of its redesign and its announcement of Connect on the iPhone – Facebook employees emphasized how excited they were about the fact that their mothers had recently joined the social network. The milestone is a symbolic one, indicating that Facebook is expanding beyond… Read More

  • Sportingo folds its hand to get acquired by TixDaq

    Rumours had started swirling that Sportingo – the user-generated sports site which is part of a network of two others – was in trouble about a month ago. But nothing much surfaced until today’s announcement that it has now been acquired by TixDaq, a ticket price comparison site. The sale price was is undisclosed, but I doubt it was very high. Sportingo and sister sites… Read More

  • New Samsung displays practically eliminate the bezel

    I can’t be the only one who thinks this is totally awesome. With a multi-monitor setup, the bezel is the biggest obstacle to feeling your desktop is one long, continuous space. And on TVs, it’s often the least aesthetically pleasing part of the TV: a logo, buttons, a weird color that draws attention away from the image. Samsung’s new displays all but remove the bezel, and… Read More

  • How much is that RAM in the window?

    ExtremeTech, using an advanced scientific method called “math”, has reduced the price of RAM down to the cost-per-megabyte level, revealing some interesting information. According to their crack squad of investigators, “DDR3-1600 kits triple channel kits offer a lower cost-per-gigabyte than dual-channel kits.” But wait before you rush off to stuff triple channel kits… Read More

  • Behind The A.P.'s Plan To Become The Web's News Cop

    With its news syndication business under direct attack by the growing abundance of other news sources on the Internet, the Associated Press announced today that it will begin to police the Web and “develop a system to track content distributed online to determine if it is being legally used.” The A.P., it appears, wants to become the RIAA of the flailing newspaper… Read More

  • Motorola still working on Moto MOVR

    Motorola has been talking about making a USB device capable of moving your video and other media via WiFI and bluetooth since last year, and they are continuing to talk about it. They aren’t talking about when it will be released or how much it will cost, but they are talking about what it’ll do. Read More

  • Super cheap fisheye camera

    There seems to be a group of photographers out there that enjoy using something other then the most advanced DSLR or large format camera. And by other, I mean almost the complete opposite. These are the kind of people who buy the cheapest cameras they can find, just to see what kind of images they can create. The Demekin pocket fisheye camera is designed for them. Read More

  • Is Web 2.0 Abandoning the UGC Ship?

    Does anyone remember that show Project Greenlight? It came out of LivePlanet, the 1999-era dot com started by Ben Affleck, Chris Moore and Matt Damon that aimed to use the Web to transform traditional entertainment. It was user generated content before we had an over-used buzz-phrase for it. The premise of the show was that would-be writers and directors would submit their work via the Web and… Read More

  • Private Shopping Clubs Combine Discounts With Luxury (We Have One Kings Lane Coupons)

    Thanks to a surge of consumers looking for deals in the recessionary economy, private online sample sales, which offer highly discounted merchandise from luxury retailers looking to unload excess inventory, is becoming a fast-growing business. BuyVIP, a European private online shopping club with more than 3.5 million members, just secured $14.9 million in Series A funding from Kennet… Read More

  • Assassin's Creed 2 teaser goes live, head scratching ensues

    It’s unclear what will happen in Ubisoft’s sequel to AssCreed, but there’s a teaser trailer that launched today and I’m perplexed by it. What does da Vinci’s Vitruvian Man have to do with all this? Is it Subject Sixteen? We’ll find out soon. Read More

  • Earn Some D'oh: MySpace Wants You To Make Your Own Simpsons Couch Gag

    Nearly anyone who has watched TV in the last twenty years is familiar with The Simpson’s intro, which always features a different brief segment at the end as the family rushes to sit together on their couch. Even after 436 episodes it’s a gag that still hasn’t gotten old. Today The Simpsons is teaming with MySpace to launch a contest that invites users to create their… Read More

  • Headphone roundup this week

    Hey, folks! Are you in the mood for a new pair of headphones? You’re in luck, because there’s a new crop out there and they run all the way from affordable to luxury. We’re going to be reviewing a gaggle of ’em this week. We’ll be starting off with one of the new school of surround headphones, the Tritton AX Pro. Then over the next couple days you’ll see… Read More

  • There will be a Silent Hill 1 remake for the Wii this fall

    Here’s the latest proof that the entertainment industry is creatively bankrupt. Konami has confirmed that it will remake—or, rather, “re-imagine”—the original Silent Hill. The guys who developed Silent Hill: Origins will be responsible for the game. It’ll come out for the Wii, PS2 (?!) and PSP this fall. Oh, boy. Read More

  • Japan to start embracing the Segway?

    There are some exceptions, but usually any vehicle that comes from America has a hard time in Japan. Just ask Ford or General Motors. Normally, the Japanese just love their own brands. But now Segway’s Japanese subsidiary [JP] achieved an agreement with the city of Yokohama, which might pave the way for a lot more Segways in the world’s second biggest economy. Read More

  • PlayStation 3 outsells Wii in Japan

    According to EnterBrain, Sony outsold both the Xbox 360 and Wii in Japan last month thanks to two key titles from Sega and Capcom. Rua Ga Gotoku 3 aka Yakuza and Resident Evil 5 finished first and second in software sales which led to increased overall hardware sales for the PlayStation 3. To be exact – Sony sold 146,948 PS3s compared to 99,335 Wiis and 43,172 Xbox 360s. Read More

  • Are URL Shorteners A Necessary Evil, Or Just Evil?

    One of the most viral activities on the Web is sharing links. It is fast and easy, and a good way to communicate ideas. What started out as something people did via e-mail and bookmark-sharing services like Delicious, is now moving to Facebook, Twitter, and other social broadcasting services. It is just so much more efficient to share a link once with all your friends and followers than to… Read More

  • Messenger bag converts into a chair, leaves no room for your laptop

    Oh my, this had the potential to be the most thoughtful messenger bag ever. Upon closer inspection, though, it’s basically just a chair that folds into the shape of a messenger bag, not an actual messenger bag with, say, a padded laptop compartment and room for other stuff. Read More

  • Test Drive: 2010 Ford Fusion Hybrid

    Note: This is the auto that Ford gave to us to drive across country. In all we drove more than 3,200 miles from Dearborn, MI to San Francisco, CA. It was one heck of a test drive and we gave away some sweet road trip gear along the way. Missed those? Final contest here and here. The 2010 Ford Fusion Hybrid is the latest to join a growing crop of hybrids that doesn’t look like a… Read More

  • Howard Stern chooses the BlackBerry Bold over the Palm Pre (for now)

    Oh my God, call the president! Howard Stern, who was given a private, sneak peak of the Palm Pre, has instead decided to go with the BlackBerry Bold. (As if the man can only afford one phone, or won’t decide to buy a Pre when it comes out, whenever that is.) He broke the news today. Read More

  • Rumor: BlackBerry Storm 2 coming in September, has WiFi

    Outside of the iPhone and the G1, very few phones fuel the forum flamewars like the BlackBerry Storm. As the first touchscreen BlackBerry, it was bound to have some haters. Whether you’ve been enamored since day one or a zealous skeptic since the beginning, the phone has one fault that is undeniably unfortunate: no WiFi. There’s nothing that can be done on the WiFi front for… Read More

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