• Exactly 2,676 people were offended by animated sex in GTA: San Andreas

    The NYT piece goes into great detail with quotes from random lawyers across the country and mostly just filler, but what you need to know is that only 2,676 angry citizens out of the eight plus million that purchased the game filed a complaint headed up by Seth R. Lesser and a few other lawyers. Lesser and his pack of wolves are seeking $1.3 million in compensation for their time and efforts… Read More

  • rPath Raises $10M Series C Round To Further Build Out Cloud Platform

    The cloud-computing and virtualization provider rPath today announced that they have closed a $10M Series C round of investment. The round was lead by existing investors General Catalyst, North Bridge and Wakefield Group. rPath provides applications that allow vendors to provide consistant images and application instances across multiple virtualization platforms and multiple cloud… Read More

  • BioShock’s lead programmer talks about the failures behind making the hit game

    At this year’s Paris GDC Chris Kline, the lead programmer at 2K who worked on BioShock, talks about how the game should have failed. As we all know the game didn’t fail, but Chris goes on to explain that the mistakes and corrections made along the way are the reason the game turned out so well in the end. Read More

  • Corsair shows some love for the Mac Pro with 800MHz 4GB DIMM RAM kit

    Earlier in the year Corsair launched the low-latency RAM geared specifically for the Penryn-based MacBook and MacBook Pro, which I currently have on my MBP, and now they’re kicking out some kits for the Mac Pro. The new Mac Memory kits buffer at 800MHz and work alongside the MP-specific heat sinks and whatever else to unleash the beast that is your Mac Pro. A 4GB DIMM kit retails for… Read More

  • New York intern wanted

    We are looking for a college student intern for the HOT HOT New York summer. Responsibilities include making Peter Ha his noodles, reviewing gear, attending events and meetings, and posting. Act now. Email john @ crunchgear.com with a story from CG written in your own style and a description of your skills and experience. Read More

  • HIS iClear: Six capacitors and a dream

    In the realm of high-end audio it’s fairly common to find “power smoothers” and “wave shapers” in among the high-end devices, culminating in $10,000 wooden knobs. Is gaming getting in on the snake oil act? The HIS iClear Card does video card noise reduction. How? Who knows, because it’s not directly connected to the video card and instead hangs out in a PCIe… Read More

  • Send Us Your iPhone App Demo Video

    The launch of Apple’s iPhone App Store is just around the corner – developers are saying their best guess is July 7, just before the release of the iPhone 3G on July 11. Apple is putting a lot of pressure on application developers not to demo their apps until the App Store is live, so there is going to be a ton of press on the launch day talking about new applications. We have… Read More

  • First iPhone 3G side-by-side

    Don’t they look lovely together, cuddled up like that. As we can see the physical changes are fairly distinct – for one, you don’t have the bottom plastic condom from the old iPhone. Otherwise, you’re basically looking at the same hardware in a nicer package. What we won’t do for love… iLounge writes: The 0.48” depth is thicker than the touch… Read More

  • The state of mobile OS openness

    Open operating systems, for most folks, means that the operating system is essentially free. The average computer user knows that Linux is free, as in beer, while Windows costs money. The case is the same for mobile OSes although, until very recently, the idea of purposely using an open OS has been a fairly nebulous concept. To be clear open mobile OSes have been around for years, starting… Read More

  • SproutCore: The New Javascript Rich Internet Platform

    Steve Gillmor and I met with Peter and Charles of SproutCore, the open source javascript framework for web application development. The platform has recently attracted a lot of attention as it was revealed that it powered the Apple Mobile Me web application demos from this years WWDC… Read More

  • Tokyo Toy Show coverage, part 3 (final): The coolest electronic toys on video

    The following videos I shot show some of the coolest electronic stuff (not including robots) I have come across at this year’s Tokyo Toy Show. Takara Tomy’s Aero Spider was especially impressive. The same company didn’t allow me to shoot a video of their awesome QFOs (mini UFOs attacking Tokyo). Sorry, but the pictures must do. More videos below… Read More

  • Is Google Ad Planner Getting Its Data From The Google Toolbar?

    The recent launch of Google Trends for Websites was just a dress rehearsal. The real product that it is based on is Google Ad Planner, which the company announced today. Google Ad Planner is built for ad buyers who want to decide where to place their ads. It provides general traffic and demographic information for Websites, including gender, age, education, and household income. One… Read More

  • Hoodeo Tries To Match You With Your Ideal Neighborhood

    Given the rise of real estate sites like Trulia and Redfin, it’s clear that the internet has become a primary resource for prospective home shoppers. But what should people do when they don’t know what city to live in, much less which home? Hoodeo, a new website that launched today, is looking to match people with their ideal neighborhoods. The site uses a brief questionnaire… Read More

  • Ricoh introduces new 12-megapixel digital camera

    Today Ricoh announced [JP] a new digital camera that goes on sale in Japan on July 4th. The GX200, the successor to the GX100 released last year, will set you back $740 in case you need the tilting VF-1 electronic viewfinder and $560 if not. The camera comes with the following features: – 12-megapixel 1/1.7-inch CCD
    – 25mm thick body
    – 24-72mm zoom lens
    – 2.7-inch HVGA… Read More

  • CrunchDeals: Scary-ass robotic Elvis for $59.99

    Remember this thing? It used to cost adoring Elvis fans upwards of $350! Now even fence-sitters and hangers-on can get the WowWee Alive Singing Elvis robot for $59.99 with free shipping. This shoulders-up Elvis robot features a few main dispositions: Alive (taking care of business) mode, where Elvis watches your every move and “makes the occasional famous Elvis remark,” Song… Read More

  • Twitter Announces Their Funding, Calls Itself A Communication Utility

    Twitter has officially announced their third round of funding that we wrote about last month – new investors Spark Capital and Bezos Expeditions come on board. Spark partner Bijan Sabet has joined the Twitter board of directors. In the post, Twitter cofounder Biz Stone also talks about their aspirations to become a communications utility, and not to worry about the business model too… Read More

  • Smilebox's Media Presentation Tool Now For Macs

    Make a Smilebox postcard Smilebox released its desktop media client for Mac users today. The Flash-based tool can be used to compile digital slideshows, postcards, scrapbooks, and other arrangements for sharing photos and videos with friends and family. Playing with Smilebox is a bit like browsing the greeting card aisle at your local supermarket. The template designs are either tasteful… Read More

  • 3K Razorbook 400 Mini-Notebook quick look

    Got a chance to play with the 3K RazorBook, a tiny, Linux-powered laptop with teeny touchpad and keyboard. While this is little more than a mini-Internet device, it looks like it might be quite useful and, at $299, cheap experience. What do you guys want me to test during my review? Read More

  • American Airlines testing in-flight Wi-Fi tomorrow

    Hey, here’s a happy surprise for anyone who may happen to be flying from New York (JFK) and Los Angeles on American Airlines tomorrow. The company will be conducting “a dress rehearsal” of in-flight Wi-Fi service, called GoGo, provided by Aircell. American has a fleet of 15 767-200 airplanes that have the Wi-Fi connections installed and ready to go, so assuming the flight… Read More

  • Rumor: Dyson working on a stand alone air purifier

    http://video.google.com/googleplayer.swf?docid=-28441174614961743&hl=en&fs=true This is all based on conjecture, but I did ask a few of the engineers if they were working on an air purifier and they neither confirmed nor denied the claim. It only makes sense considering the fact that the Airblade actually sucks in the surrounding air and purifies 99.9 percent of it before spewing… Read More

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