• International Prince of Persia trailer with new scenes

    We showed you the American trailer for the upcoming Prince of Persia movie yesterday, and today Walt Disney Pictures released a new version for international audiences. This new cut is in English, totally different from the US trailer and shows a handful of new scenes from the movie. Read More

  • Nasty Gmail Bug Erroneously Marks Unread E-mails As Read

    I haven’t noticed this myself today, but it appears at least a subset of Gmail users are inadvertently drawing closer to an inbox with zero unread e-mails thanks to a nasty bug that marks messages as read even before the user opens them. Former TechCrunch writer Ouriel Ohayon was one of the first to signal the bug on Twitter – with many of his followers echoing the phenomenon… Read More

  • The next step for Twitter Lists — Entire countries

    [Ireland] Social media consultants Simplyzesty started using Twitter Lists to list blogs. However, a brainwave has lead them to take Twitter Lists to their logical conclusion: creating lists of Twitter users in entire countries. They’ve launched a Twitter list for the UK and the list of users in Ireland is currently going crazy. They call it “crowdsourcing populations”. Who… Read More

  • ThoughtWorks Studios Rolls Out New Version Of Mingle, Integrates With Google Wave

    ThoughtWorks Studios, a software development startup, is launching a new version of its project management tool, Mingle, and is rolling out integration with Google Wave. Mingle has been upgraded to feature a communications platform within the application, called “Murmurs.” A mix of an IM and Twitter-like microblogging format, Murmurs allows anyone involved in a software project to… Read More

  • Snack-Sized News Video Site Newsy.com Recruits Traditional Media Vets

    I wasn’t joking when I wrote Newsy has one of the best iPhone apps for news consumption on the go. But the startup is more than just about mobile applications: it’s on a mission to build a solid news destination site that collects and analyzes perspectives from multiple sources and wraps these views into snack-sized videos. The company has now recruited Pam Maples as VP of Editorial… Read More

  • Daily Crunch: Dog + Blob Edition

    The perfect room: a bed, TV, and an Xbox 360
    New spongy material instantly hardens on exposure to magnetism
    Choken Bako: Cute Japanese piggy bank Read More

  • Alex eBook Reader unveiled

    The e-book seems to be the next big thing as we roll into the end of 2009. What with the Kindle 2, the nook, and others coming on the scene, it’s interesting to watch what’s coming next. For example: the Alex eBook Reader. It’s running Android, and has an absolutely insane frame rate (for an e-book reader). Read More

  • HTC launches the HD2 in Europe and Asia, reconfirms stateside availability in early 2010

    Seeing as HTC’s CEO Peter Chou sorta slipped up and mentioned this back in October, it’s not exactly, you know, news news – but just in case you were a little bit shaky on the dates, HTC has gone ahead and confirmed that the 1 Ghz, WinMo 6.5-powered HTC HD2 will be coming to the United States “with a major US carrier in early 2010. ” Note that they specifically say… Read More

  • Waveboard Puts Google Wave iPhone Application Up For Sale

    We already knew Waveboard was bringing Google Wave to both the desktop and the iPhone with two dedicated clients, but you’ll be interested to know the iPhone app is now live on the App Store and available for less than a buck (iTunes link). As you can tell from the short demo video below, the app does exactly what you think it does: it displays ‘waves’ and lets you search… Read More

  • New Zelda game to have better sword fights, MotionPlus

    While it’s a little bit early to be busting out the green outfits to cosplay while you wait in line at midnight, there is some information trickling out about the new Zelda game. In particular, Miyamoto is talking about gameplay. MotionPlus, anyone? Read More

  • Amazon Turns On The Twitter Pump To Fuel Referral Fees

    Tonight, Amazon sent an email to members of Amazon Associates letting them know about a new feature: Twitter integration. Basically, when you’re logged into your Associate account, you’ll see a new “Share on Twitter” button on your Site Stripe (a management toolbar along the top of the page). As you’d expect, clicking this button will prepare a tweet complete with… Read More

  • Tragedy Of The Social Gaming Commons: A Blueprint For Change

    In an efficient ad marketplace, the top keyword usually goes to whoever can spend the most money on it, normalized for conversion. Who can afford to spend the most money? Unfortunately, it’s not always the company with the best product, service, or price; under pure laissez faire advertising, it can be the company that tricks, lies, and steals more pennies out of each customer than… Read More

  • Pirate keyboard has only one letter (guess which one)

    ARRRRR! CTRL-ALT-BELAY! [via Walyou and Gearfuse] Read More

  • Dual-screen OLPC design binned; get ready for the OLPC tablet

    The One Laptop Per Child project has seen mixed success. With competition from similar, but more familiar-looking items from Intel and others, the OLPC found itself suddenly competing in a market it had no intention of entering. But they’re out there, they’ve had some serious orders, and despite some other speed bumps, has certainly lent a hand in increasing computer literacy in… Read More

  • New Motorola Droid commercial drops

    If this latest commercial is any indication, the Motorola Droid is going to be air dropped from stealth fighter planes into random locations where people have no idea what it is. Read More

  • Swedish government promises superfast broadband to all

    [Sweden] The Swedish government is following in the footsteps of the Finns (well almost), as their IT-ministry is now promising that 90 percent of all Swedish homes will have access to a 100 mbit/s broadband connection before 2020. According to Swedish IT-minister Åsa Torstensson it isn’t possible to function in the information society of today without a fast internet connection. You… Read More

  • CrunchDeals: Pre-order L4D2, get a cool hat for TF2

    Let me translate that for those of you out there that aren’t “down with the lingo”. Pre-order Left 4 Dead 2, get Bill’s beret (from the original L4D) in Team Fortress 2. That’s it. That’s the deal. Well, you’ll save 10% on LFD2 because it’s a pre-order, but the only extra schwag you get is a cool hat in TF2. Read More

  • Secret copyright treaty is the most annoying thing you'll read all year

    A great African American civil rights activist one said, “I’m sick and tired of being sick and tired.” That’s how I feel about copyright these days. You’ve got these entrenched business interests who seemingly have their favorite congressmen on speed-dial, and then you have people who, God forbid, would like to see these businesses embrace new, practical… Read More

  • The Next Step For Twitter Lists — Entire Populations

    [Ireland] Social media consultants Simplyzesty started using Twitter Lists to list blogs. However, a brainwave has lead them to take Twitter Lists to their logical conclusion: creating lists of Twitter users in entire countries. They’ve launched a Twitter list for the UK and the list of users in Ireland is currently going crazy. They call it “crowdsourcing populations”. Who… Read More

  • Skype Deal Is Turning Into A Bit Of A Cirque Du Freak

    In our October 8 post on the state of the Skype sale and litigation, we ended with a prediction: “The likely outcome of all of this remains the same – Joltid will get a stake of some size in Skype. But given the players involved, anything could still happen.” If GigaOm and the NYTimes are right, that’s exactly what’s happening. Even the “anything could… Read More

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