• Myst is coming to PSN & PSP next week, do we care?

    So the original Myst game is being re-released on the PSN, and the PSP in the coming weeks. The real question however, is can a game that was revolutionary and groundbreaking back in 1991 still draw an audience today? Read More

  • CrunchDeals: Ikaruga for $5 on XBLA

    This week’s deal on Xbox LIVE is Ikaruga, one of the best and most sophisticated shooters ever made. If you’re a Gold member, you can get it for 400 points, equivalent to five American dollars. If you’ve never played what some consider Treasure’s masterpiece, check out the skill-play videos on YouTube. I could beat the game, but barely — there are people doing… Read More

  • AcceleGlove: a Power Glove that actually works

    We all remember the Power Glove as basically a broken promise. Well, here’s your chance to have that grip-control fantasy fulfilled: the AcceleGlove is a control interface that senses your fingers’ positions via accelerometers and uses them to control, say, that oversized Armatron they’ve got there in the video. Remember Armatron? Read More

  • Cougars, Yuppies, And Sugar Daddies, Oh My! Ex-Googlers Working On Local Startup TownMe

    Ever wanted to see where your city’s highest concentration of frisky, mature Cougars was located? How about a list of locations in town that offer free meals when it’s your birthday? Two ex-Googlers have quietly launched a site called TownMe that’s looking to answer these questions and more. In fact, the site is aiming to become a comprehensive guide to pretty much… Read More

  • Golfers Mug combines coffee and putting

    Ah the Golfers Mug: such a simple idea. Drink your coffee and then lay the mug on the floor flat-side down for a little putting practice before you tackle the day ahead. Read More

  • USA Today Launches Headline Aggregator Newsdeck

    USA Today has launched Newsdeck, a site that aggregates the top news stories from the paper’s site. Each topic of news has an individual widget on the site with links to news stories. Currently the site features stories on 8 different topics, including “News,” “Money,” “Life,” and more. Each widget allows you to auto scroll down with your mouse for… Read More

  • NYTimes Tech Editor Reads TechCrunch Every Morning For Story Ideas

    Wow. I am so glad I flew down to Seattle last Thursday on the eve of our all day Real Time event and August Capital party. I got a great story on Redfin turning profitable and saw some unlaunched Animoto video products. But by far the sweetest moment was a brief comment by the New York Times’ Technology Editor Damon Darlin, who sat on the panel with me. Darlin and I exchanged blows… Read More

  • The Original Ecto-1 Ghostbusters Car is on eBay

    Oh my. You want this car. Just think how rad it would be to have this as your wedding limo. Or prom ride. No, no, your hearse! The uses are endless for this movie legend. As of writing, the bidding is at $40k but it will probably fetch a bit more before it ends today. After Herby, the Batmobile, and the Delorean there isn’t a bigger movie car than the Ecto-1.[PSGallery=8ipxt2bfwx]
    Read More

  • Summer's Pre

    EXT. Sunset Beach. Mother and Daughter walking. Daughter: Mom, did you ever have that not so fresh feeling? Down there?
    Mom: Sure, honey. We all do.
    Daughter: What do you do about it?
    Mom: Well, I keep a Pre handy.
    Daughter: A Pre?
    Mom: It’s the latest feminine hygiene product from Palm. It fits where other phones won’t. Read More

  • Review: Speck GPS Flyer travel case

    The 9.25- by 4- by 7-inch Speck GPS Flyer is a small-ish travel case meant for storing and displaying most standard-sized GPS systems thanks to a thoughtful pop-up outer compartment with a built-in protective device holder. The inside of the bag features more than enough room for accessories, cables, manuals, and mounting apparatuses. And with an MSRP of $40 and a street price of around $30… Read More

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