• Last.fm Founders Call It Quits

    Last.fm founders Felix Miller, Richard Jones, and Martin Stiksel are leaving the music service they founded in 2002 and sold to CBS for $280 million in 2007. In a notice on the site’s blog, Miller writes about the company’s humble beginnings and its journey to CBS, as well as its continued growth since the acquisition: After two years running Last.fm within CBS we feel the time… Read More

  • What is this iPhone 3G S/AT&T upgrade pricing brouhaha really about?

    There has been plenty of ink spilled over the 3G S upgrade (“Now faster with oleoresistant skin!”) and it’s abundantly clear what folks are trying to do here. Early adopters have always chafed at having to pay outrageous fees for upgrades inside of a contract period. Be it the latest RAZR a few years ago or the latest iPhone today, the same obsessives who are ranting about… Read More

  • Ready for the Pre's SDK? Not unless you know the Konami Code.

    If you have a Palm Pre, try this: at the home screen, type “upupdowndownleftrightleftrightbastart“. Yep, it’s true – punching in the Konami code allows you access to the Pre’s Development Mode. Once it’s activated on the Pre, connecting it to a PC that has the Mojo SDK installed and running would allow you test work-in-progress apps on live hardware. Read More

  • Now robots can prepare your sushi and pancakes

    As the world’s leading country in robotics, Japan is producing one robot after the other. Some of them are funny and some of them are for serious purposes. I assume the so-called “Chef Robot”, made for handling Nippon’s national dish sushi, is somewhere in the middle of the spectrum. Read More

  • First look at Mickey Rourke as Whiplash in 'Iron Man 2'

    In Jon Favreau’s upcoming sequel to Iron Man, Mickey Rourke will be going head to head with Robert Downey Jr. as Whiplash aka Ivan Vanko. The Russian “has constructed his own version of a suit,” says Favreau. It’s unclear whether or not Whiplash will be the same character as he is in the comics (Justin Hammer’s weapons designer), but Favreau likes to mix things up… Read More

  • Are You Rich Enough To Buy Wealth.com?

    Considering the economic crisis and the associated losses of wealth experienced by many of the richest individuals on the planet, it may not be the best of times to auction off a domain name like Wealth.com. On the other hand, that might be exactly the reason why TheInternetCompany suddenly felt the need to do so, and I’m sure it doesn’t hurt that many people are now… Read More

  • Eye-Fi announces the Eye-Fi Pro (Ad Hoc support!) and Selective Transfer

    I think I speak for every camera nerd out there when I say, Hallelujah!!! It’s about damn time Eye-Fi released an Ad Hoc enabled SDHC card. Live blogging will now be 100x easier. The 4GB Eye-Fi Pro now supports RAW files on top of pre-existing support for JPEG and video files. Geotagging and Hotspot access are available on the Pro model as well. The Eye-Fi Pro is available now on Amazon… Read More

  • BillShrink: iPhone 3G S vs Palm Pre vs T-Mobile G1

    As always, BillShrink breaks it all down for us. Anyone want to guess how much cheaper the Pre is compared to the upcoming 3G S? Hit the jump to find out. Read More

  • Verizon's EXILIM hits stores, but it'll cost you.

    It’s been spotted a few times before, but Verizon has chosen today to officially push their new EXILIM phone out the door. Technically dubbed the C721, Casio has managed to pack quite a bit into their latest swiveller: the 5.1 megapixel camera is prime among them, and hopefully it lives up to the EXILIM pedigree. We’re talking flash, auto focus, 3x optical zoom and video… Read More

  • Scripps Networks Interactive Seeking Buyer For Comparison Service uSwitch

    Scripps Networks Interactive is actively shopping around uSwitch, a UK-focused online price comparison and switching service for home services and personal finance products, which it acquired back in 2006 for a lofty $366 million in net cash. Scripps Networks Interactive, itself spun out off E.W. Scripps back in October 2007, has engaged investment banking firm Allen & Company to assist in… Read More

  • The Motorola Rival A455 is now available – that is, if anyone wants it

    Looking for a basic QWERTY slider? Well, there are about a million and a half candidates, but Verizon now has the latest: the Motorola Rival A455. We got a sneak peak at this guy a while ago in a spy shot, and it doesn’t seem anything has changed. Read More

  • Aurora Feint To Roll Out OpenFeint 2.0, A Social Gaming Platform For The iPhone

    Aurora Feint started out as a puzzle game developer for the iPhone platform but has since evolved into the maker of a comprehensive social gaming platform dubbed OpenFeint that continues to attract independent iPhone game developers to join its rapidly growing community. Tomorrow, the startup is set to announce the roll-out of the second iteration of the platform, conveniently baptized… Read More

  • Palm Pre coming to Verizon in January?

    According to the WSJ, Verizon Wireless will begin stocking store shelves with the Palm Pre in January of 2010. That is all. Read More

  • Juniper Research: Cheap Phones Are Big Business

    A new report from Juniper Research forecasts that by 2014, annual sales of low-budget mobile devices will rise to north of 700 million units, up 22% from this year. The report goes into the various schemes that have been implemented to help ‘connect the unconnected’, or the estimated 3 billion people on the planet that do not own mobile phones. Apparently, the key to be able to… Read More

  • Daily Crunch: Beach Bums Edition

    Beach Cocoon: A little bit of WTF after lunch
    Exclusive: MoGo Talk Bluetooth headset for iPhone folds down to 5mm thin — we’re giving 50 away, plus a 30% discount
    Japan finishes its enormous Gundam statue Read More

  • Kiva Brings Microlending Home To U.S. Entrepreneurs In Need

    The financial crisis has made a lasting impact on small businesses around the world and here at home in the United States. With the credit crunch creating a virtual standstill of lending, small businesses in the U.S. are facing an uphill battle to find funds, especially if their financial history isn’t stellar. Kiva.org, one of the web’s most interesting innovators in the… Read More

  • Live Video From Berlin: TechCrunch Berlin Meetup

    TechCrunch Europe is holding an afternoon of presentations, panels and pitches exploring the German tech scene today, from 3pm (Berlin time) onwards. Here you’ll find the live video stream provided by Sevenload and we’re holding it at the office of Zanox. Thanks also to Gründerszene, Dwight Cribb Personalberatung and Seedcamp for their support. See below for our schedule. Update… Read More

  • Google Translator Kit: Automated Translation Meets Crowdsourcing

    Only a handful of blogs picked up on Google’s fresh Translator Toolkit, which the company launched yesterday by means of a blog post, but this new service really deserves a second look, if only because Wikimedia apparently sees the tool as something that could “change the way Wikipedia grows in other languages”. You can read an extensive review of the product over at… Read More

  • GeeksOnAPlane: Learnings From Tokyo

    Over the last two and a half days – the short window of time within which the GeeksOnAPlane group has been staying in Tokyo – I’ve attended two industry events (Tokyo 2.0 and Startonomics Japan) and talked with those who live or do business here about how web technology in Japan differs from that in the US. And while this is enough time to gain only a superficial amount… Read More

  • Video: David Fincher's iPhone 3G S TV commercial

    Apple has hired David Fincher, director of movies such as Fight Club, Zodiac or The Curious Case of Benjamin Button, to direct a TV commercial for the iPhone 3G S. The 30-second spot is supposed to push the phone’s video recording feature. Fight Club cinematographer Jeff Cronenweth took over the camera work for the commercial, which was released today. Commercial after the jump. Read More

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