• Tokyo Game Show: Ninja Gaiden Sigma 2 for PS3 (gameplay video)

    Koei Tecmo has a giant at this year’s Tokyo Game Show, and their flagship title surely is Ninja Gaiden Sigma 2 for PS3. It was playable and looked pretty cool. The same is true for Quantum Theory by the way (another Koei Tecmo action game) whose early version was impressive graphics-wise (but pretty buggy unfortunately). Read More

  • Tokyo Game Show: Official (and gory) God of War III trailer

    Sony’s God of War III for PS3 is playable at the Tokyo Game Show 2009, looks great and will go on sale in Japan in March 2010. The upcoming God of War Collection for the PS 3 (American version) will include a playable God of War III demo by the way (but the one seen at E3 2009). Read More

  • Daily Crunch: Supper Time Edition

    DIY: 9 easy projects that can help you get your hack on
    This is how you transport a 510 ton object (slowly and with a giant land barge)
    Output video as ASCII art in VLC on this lazy Friday Read More

  • DIY: 9 easy projects that can help you get your hack on

    Voiding warranties is half of fun of owning gadgets. I mean, who doesn’t want to take something apart to see what makes it work? And besides, you’ve got that workbench in the garage and a couple tools lying around, why not do something with them? Read More

  • In-vehicle txting ban works, at least in California

    As we talked about the other day, sending text messages while driving is bad, okay? And in California it’s illegal. So do Americans listen? If you make it against the law to send text messages, will only outlaws text? Read More

  • Review: Alienware M17x gaming laptop

    Short Version: Billed by Alienware as “the most powerful laptop in the universe,” the M17x is simply an amazing piece of hardware. It combines the latest in hardware with an extremely high-quality finish to create a laptop that is incredibly fast and well-designed. Unfortunately, it also might be the most expensive laptop in the universe. Read More

  • TC50 DemoPit Startup AskYourTargetMarket Simplifies Market Research

    TC50 DemoPit company AskYourTargetMarket is hoping to simplify market research for businesses and solutions by offering a comprehensive platform where businesses can both create and deploy surveys. Since the site is in closed beta, AskYourTargetMarket has offered 500 invites for TechCrunch readers. Each invite comes with a free survey package for up to 50 respondents; enter the beta code… Read More

  • TechCrunch London – Event Wrap #TClondon

    TechCrunch Europe threw a dedicated startup pitch event yesterday in London and – if we do say so ourself – it was a great success. We plan to do more of these kinds of events and, as I pointed out at the time, we will NEVER charge startups to pitch. They are selected by editorial, on merit only. The winner of the pitch competition was FestBuzz (pictured). The other startups to… Read More

  • Layar wins mobile competition; jury says it has a 6 month window

    This year’s Vodafone Mobile Clicks competition was a battle between Dutch and UK startups with 3 finalists from either side of the Channel. The prize money was ramped up to €150,000 this year so it was all to play for in the fight between the cloggies and the rosbifs. The prize was awarded based on a combination of votes from the public, Mobile Monday members and an expert jury. The… Read More

  • Tokyo Game Show: Undead Knights for PSP (video)

    I took the chance at Koei Tecmo’s booth at the Tokyo Game Show and played Undead Knights on the PSP for a while. As the name suggests, the game is about zombies. And there are knights, lots of them, who you can turn into zombies and let them kill off enemies for you. Undead Knights is PSP-exclusive and will go on sale in Japan on October 15 (USA: September 29). Read More

  • CrunchDeals: Pre-owned Nintendo GameCube for $29.99

    Seriously, if your weekends are void of human contact and your nights are spent alone on Reddit, buy this GameCube. It’s $30. Then head over to eBay or Gamestop and snag some used games on the cheap too. My god, man, it’s only $29.99. For a GameCube! Buy it! Read More

  • Review: The Flipside Wallet 2.0

    Wallets are a very personal thing. Generally speaking, once you find one you like, you stick with that one until it wears out, and then spend weeks trying to find a replacement that’s the same style, only to realize that they don’t make them anymore, and you’re going to have to find something else. This was my dilemma, so when I was asked to review the Flipside Wallet, I was… Read More

  • Video: Resident Evil 5 played with the PS3 Motion Controller

    Sony laid out its motion controller plans the other day at the Tokyo Game Show and mentioned that Resident Evil 5 and LittleBigPlanet would be the first games to take advantage of the system. Well, freaks and geeks, wanna see some actually gameplay? ‘Course you do. Read More

  • Pandora: From Near-Death to Profitability in a Year

    I’ve always liked how outspoken Tim Westergren of Pandora is. He’s not one of those all-too-common founders who puffs up his chest and gives rationalizations for why everything is great even as user numbers are sliding or a competitor is stealing momentum. When his company is in trouble—which Pandora was for most of its life—he’ll tell you in excruciating detail… Read More

  • That's a sexy fake Hero you've got there, China

    Knockoffs are nothing new, but usually they run some weirdo OS that’s skinned to look like the original, as with the HiPhone. Not so in this case: since Android is freely available to install on any hardware whatever, the primary difference will be the hardware, which doesn’t look that bad. The Tiger G3 is obviously a Hero knockoff, but it’s got a front-facing camera and… Read More

  • Portable media players will have a mandatory volume limiter in Europe soon

    It’s expected that the European Commission will pass legislation that will require manufacturers to include a noise limiter on portable media players. This is being done, of course, because listening to said devices at extraordinarily loud volume levels is quite dangerous; up to 10 percent of users are in danger totally destroying their hearing by keeping the players on too loud. Read More

  • Google Hits Back At AT&T Over New Google Voice FCC Complaint

    Earlier today news broke that AT&T had filed a letter with the FCC asserting that Google is violating net neutrality principles with Google Voice by preventing users from calling certain numbers. Google has wasted no time in posting a response to its Public Policy Blog to defend itself against the accusations. For those who missed the initial letter: AT&T has long had to deal with… Read More

  • Measy Helps You Pick Gadgets With A Quiz (Private Beta Invites)

    Picking out the right gadget to buy is so difficult that an entire publishing industry (Cnet, Engagdet, CrunchGear, GDGT) has grown around helping people sort through the process. A new site in private beta called Measy is taking a different approach. You take a quiz answering questions about what you are looking for in a digital camera, flat-screen TV, or netbook, and it comes up with… Read More

  • Squidoo Backs Down On 'Brand Campaign' As Many Are 'Not so Happy' About It

    Squidoo founder and author Seth Godin has backed down on creating company pages by default as part of their new ‘Brands In Public’ service that launched a few days ago. The idea behind the new service is that brands are able to track feedback from customers on a public ‘lense’ (aka. a web page). Feedback is aggregated from multiple sources, but mostly twitter and mostly… Read More

  • Chinese iPhone pricing revealed: it's the exact opposite of ours

    China Unicom, the country’s second-largest carrier, will offer the iPhone starting in mid-October. And in pricing that is rather the opposite of the low upfront cost and high monthly pricing at AT&T, they’ll be selling the device almost at cost and pairing it with plans that make ours look positively extortionate. Prices will start around $300 for an 8GB iPhone 3G, which seems… Read More

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