• CrunchBoard Jobs: Bed & Breakfast Software Engineer, CTO, Program Manager, Web Architect

    Want to work as the software engineer for BedandBreakfast.com? Or a healthcare CTO? Or as a Software Development Engineer for the Windows Live Social Network? Jobs are available in Seattle, New York, Austin, San Francisco, or Mountain View, CA. (Here at TechCrunch, we’re looking for a Rails Developer.) Some other jobs currently on CrunchBoard: Read More

  • Worst Microsoft Video Promo Ever, Take 2. Just Cover Up The Mac With Stickers.

    Earlier this month, Microsoft Research released Songsmith, a song-making app that works only on Windows. To promote the app it released what might very well be the worst promo video ever, featuring a girl singing in front of her laptop about how great Songsmith is. Besides just being painful to watch (see for yourself below), the laptop she is using to show her Dad how to use Songsmith is a Mac! Read More

  • What should Sony do with the PSP?

    It seems Sony is asking gamers what they think of the PSP, which means Sony has no idea what it wants the PSP to be. Do you use it for gaming exclusively, or do you also use it as a media player? Do you exclusively use it as a media player? Will you please buy 10 PSPs and five games per system so we don’t close a bunch of divisions? And so on. Read More

  • SGN's iBowl Adds Full Online Support

    SGN has just released the latest update to its smash-hit iPhone game iBowl, which closed out 2008 as the 4th most popular game on the App Store. The version incorporates network support, allowing users to see what their friends online have just bowled, and adds another dimension to an already-great game. We’re big fans of the Wii-like series of iPhone games to come from SGN. The… Read More

  • 2K head: Wii market flooded with crappy titles

    It’s not that this is some major revelation or anything — I think at this point we’re all pretty clear on the average quality of games for the Wii — but to hear it spoken so matter-of-factly by the Global President of 2K Games means it’s more than an unspoken truth, it’s… well, a spoken one. Christoph Hartmann of 2K had this to say in a recent intervew: Read More

  • MySpace Building Stealth Webmail Product

    MySpace is building a fully functional webmail product, we’ve learned from sources with knowledge of the product. MySpace mail will compete with services like Hotmail, Yahoo Mail, Gmail and AOL Mail, and will on launch be the third largest webmail provider in the world. All MySpace users will be assigned an email address of [username]@myspace.com. The product is still in development, and… Read More

  • Citizen CrunchDeal: 1TB hard drive + Vista Ultimate for $229

    One of our favorite CG readers, Steve Jabs sent in this CrunchDeal he found at Tiger Direct. You get a one-terabyte Seagate Barracuda hard drive plus a full-blown copy of Windows Vista Ultimate (OEM) for $229 plus $2.99 shipping after $100 instant savings. Read More

  • BOSS Developer Fuses Yahoo News With Twitter To Create TweetNews

    Vik Singh of Yahoo’s BOSS team has just launched a new search engine called TweetNews that mashes up Yahoo News stories with some of the hottest topics on Twitter. The result is a news engine that is significantly more timely than common news aggregators like Google News and Yahoo’s standard news site. In his blog post describing the new release, Singh explains that sorting Yahoo… Read More

  • Silicone ‘Acoustibuds’ adapters claim to improve your cheap headphones

    Sometimes all it takes is a simple idea. These “Acoustibuds,” for example, turn your crap-ass MP3 player headphones into a sort of noise-canceling, won’t-fall-out headset for $13. You apparently just slip them on in place of the standard foam covers and you’re set. Read More

  • Plane Crashes In Hudson. First Pictures On Flickr, Tumblr, TwitPic

    A U.S. Airways plane leaving New York City crashed in the Hudson River a few hours ago, possibly due to a bird striking the engine. Rescue operations are under way. Apparently all passengers are safely off the plane now. But I’ll tell you one thing: it’s freezing in New York City today. I can only imagine what it must have been like on the water. Pictures of the plane floating… Read More

  • Windows 7 will kill desktop Linux?

    I still haven’t tried the Windows 7 beta, but everywhere I look I see more and more people speaking very positively about it. Truth be told, I’m less and less interested in operating systems: the overwhelming majority of things I use my computers for are done through my web browser, so the OS is becoming less and less relevant to me. I use Ubuntu, but according to some Windows 7… Read More

  • BrightRoll Data Shows Video Ad Rates Came Down 25 Percent In The Fourth Quarter

    Some new data from video ad network BrightRoll suggests that Web video advertising is suffering along with every other category BrightRoll places video ads on top media and professional broadcast TV sites rather than user-generated video. In other words, this is the inventory that all the advertisers want, but there supposedly isn’t enough of it. Yet 50 percent of this… Read More

  • Heyzap Vies To Become A 'YouTube For Flash Games'

    There are countless Flash games on the web, but weeding through them to find the one you’re looking for can be a challenge. Heyzap the first company out of Y Combinator‘s latest batch of startups, is looking to offer users a comprehensive database of the web’s best games, along with the ability to embed those games wherever they’d like. In short, they’re looking… Read More

  • Is Enterprise RSS Dead? Newsgator CEO: "Who cares?"

    Enterprise RSS promised to be far more than just Google Reader on steroids. It allows groups to keep abreast of private updates using push technology without cluttering up e-mail. Similarly, I use SM2 everyday to monitor news about CrunchBase. Currently I get a daily e-mail, but it’d be nice if I could subscribe to a password-protected RSS feed. On Monday, Marshall Kirkpatrick… Read More

  • Android-based ‘camera hat’ for remote tech support

    Make a hat out of a G1, write some custom code, and you’ve got yourself a pretty ingenious tech support tool. DIYer Dan O’Sullivan did just that in order to help his mom out with her technology questions. Read More

  • Bitstream BOLT mobile browser goes into private beta – we've got invites

    Bitstream has just launched into private beta with their free WebKit-based mobile browser, BOLT, which they’re claiming is the fastest J2ME browser of the lot. They’re only letting a few hundred people into the beta at a time, and we just got the first lot of 500 invites. Looking to put it through the paces with the likes of Opera Mini? Read on to find out how to get beta access. Read More

  • How many times have you read ‘What's next for Apple?’ today?

    How many dreadful articles about Steve Jobs have you read today? I’ve lost count. News outlets from sea to shining sea have asked the hard questions, made the tough demands. What’s best is that they all say the same thing, over and over again. So this looks at a small sample out the thousands of words written in the past day. Read More

  • Apple The Religion. Steve Jobs The Man.

    If there’s one thing we can all take away from Steve Jobs stepping down temporarily from Apple, it’s this: People love Apple like no other brand, and they are rightfully scared that an Apple without Steve Jobs is not really Apple at all. (we also know that CNBC’s Jim Goldman got pwnd, but that’s another story). How sick is Steve Jobs? His message is ominous… Read More

  • ED-E robot for edumacation

    This 17 servo robot is specially designed to teach kids about robotics and programming. To make ED-E move you select a few motions on a computer and upload the file to the toy. He then acts out the actions you see on screen. Read More

  • CrunchDeals: HTC Fuze for $149.99

    The HTC Fuze is on sale for a namby-pamby $149.99 with two-year contract. That’s a good deal for a device that had previously cost twice as much. Read More

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