• DropCam: Another fire-and-forget camera system

    Welcome to the era of completely computer-less webcams. We tried the Avaak Vue a few weeks ago with mixed results but this new system, called Dropcam, looks more useful for homes and small businesses. The kit allows for multiple cameras to be connected to the Internet via wired Ethernet or WiFi. You simply set it up, plug it in, and start streaming. The system records video at 320×240… Read More

  • Happy Birthday, Devin

    Right now Devin is probably doing Everclear shots and dancing the Macarena with an old woman in a pantsuit because it’s his birthday! That’s right, our own Devin Coldewey just turned 18 and he’s legal, ladies. If you see him tonight buy him a Fuzzy Nipple on CrunchGear. Read More

  • Japan gets 11 new cell phones: KDDI's full winter line-up (photo gallery)

    Japan’s second biggest mobile phone carrier KDDI au showed their new cell phones [JP] for this winter. The first of the eleven models will be available in Japan as early as this month. Complete line-up after the jump. Read More

  • The Flurry Alarm Clock is a luddite's Chumby

    You know the Chumby, right? It’s that bedside clock/alarm/radio/YouTube & Flickr open source thingamabob. It’s hella cool, but it’s also kind of complicated for the non-techy and requires WiFi to work. I say blah to that! Really the only extra info you need to know in the morning besides the time is the weather anyway. That’s where the Flurry Alarm Clock from… Read More

  • Apple Gets A Little More Serious About Using Twitter

    While the various forms of social media are becoming increasingly important to brands, Apple is one company that hasn’t exactly rushed to get involved. Sure, they have a few accounts here and there, but they’re not exactly Google, with their 500 Twitter accounts (okay, it’s really more like 50). But they could be slowly warming up to the idea. Back in March, the company… Read More

  • Mega Man Drum Kit = Awesome

    What are you doing reading the text?! Look at the picture! It’s a frakkin’ Mega Man drum kit! Those rings light up and everything! This thing is almost as cool as those Star Wars guitars back in 2002. [VIDEO]
    Read More

  • The New Twitter Hole That Probably Isn't

    Earlier this evening the LA Times Tech Blog ran a post claming that Google has unrestricted access to Twitter’s protected tweets, or, as the Times put it, the “key to the city”. And you can apparently search those tweets with a not-too-difficult advanced Google search. As supporting evidence, the post includes snippits of supposedly protected tweets from Bill… Read More

  • Android Avalanche: A Complete List Of The Android Phones So Far

    Google CEO Eric Schmidt stated emphatically during Google’s most recent earnings call that “Android adoption is about to explode.” We agree – despite developer hiccups, Android is about to have its moment in the sun. An avalanche of new devices are hitting worldwide markets, and some of them are serious contenders. Our bet is that the upcoming Motorola Droid will be… Read More

  • "This is OnStar, how can I assist your high-speed pursuit?"

    If you bought a 2009 model GM car, you may have had the option to add a certain OnStar service. You may or may not have felt it necessary to drop the extra cash on something you may use very infrequently, but at least one car owner is happy they took the plunge. A carjacker with a shotgun took over a Mr. Jose Ruiz’s Tahoe and zoomed off, though he was shortly being pursued by… Read More

  • Dell updates the Adamo Desire

    With the Adamo XPS getting all the play recently, Dell quietly updated the Desire model with a slight performance boost. The original model, apparently named Desire, now rocks a 2.1GHz Core 2 Duo SL9600 CPU, 4GB of DDR3 RAM, 256GB SSD, and of course, Windows 7 Home Premium. Chances are Dell was sitting on this update until it could ship Windows 7 with it. Read More

  • Robot arms demonstrate their physical aptitude again, this time with Fanta

    It’s not enough that they make ramen, juggle, and play catch — now robot arms need to play with their food? This robot arm on the right is teasing the one on the left. Want a Fanta? You can’t have one! Your feeble manipulator navigates this six-pack in vain. Read More

  • IBM Upgrades Software To Manage Data Centers And Virtualization

    IBM is enhancing its VMControl software for managing data centers to give enterprise users a single point of control across multiple types of IT systems and virtualization technologies. Combined with IBM’s Tivoli software, VMControl allows for combinations of physical and virtual IBM servers to be managed as a single entity, called “system pooling.” IBM says this approach… Read More

  • Jive Raises $12 Million For Social Enterprise Software

    Jive, the maker of a all-in-one social enterprise software, has raised $12 million in Series B funding from Sequoia Capital. Jive previously raised $15 million in Series A funding from Sequoia in August of 2007. Modeled to offer Facebook-like features to enterprises, Jive combines computing with social collaboration. Its suite of applications help businesses collaborate on a variety of… Read More

  • Children's Miracle Network has announced the three winning hospitals of the Gameroom Giveaway

    Microsoft did a good thing when it teamed up with the Children’s Miracle Network to give three hospitals Xbox 360 game rooms. I still think it would be great if they gave the fourth place hospital a gameroom too, but I think I already covered that. Anyway, the three winning hospitals have finally been announced after the voting ended on Saturday night. Read More

  • The Barnes & Noble Nook reader to be revealed and available tomorrow for $259

    That’s no fun. Barnes & Noble was probably expecting to get all the attention tomorrow with its fancy-pants press conference, but the Wall Street Journal had to go ruin all the fun by letting the Nook ebook reader out of the bag today. Yeah, that’s the name. Nook. Read More

  • Kosmix Acquires Cruxlux, The Online Version Of 'Six Degrees Of Kevin Bacon'

    Kosmix, the reference engine that dynamically generates comprehensive topic pages as soon as you search for them, has just acquired a small startup called Cruxlux. Cruxlux has spent the last two years building an engine that can take any two people, places, or things and tell you how they’re related. Terms of the deals were not disclosed, other than that that it was in both cash… Read More

  • Cool IT shows off liquid cooling kit for AMD

    Water cooling is where it’s at, currently. Any gamer will tell you that keeping your PC cool is critical for making sure you computer runs smoothly and effectively. The issue is, it’s a pain in the butt to set up. It looks like Cool IT intends to help us with that problem. Read More

  • Apple: the rest of you are still catching up to the first iPhone

    During Apple’s Q4 earnings call today, a question was asked about how Apple viewed its increased competition for the iPhone in the coming holiday season. In particular, it was asked how Apple views all the new Android phones coming out. Apple COO Tim Cook made Apple’s stance very clear: They’re still catching up with the first iPhone. Yes, Apple views the smartphone market… Read More

  • It's a netbook! It's an e-reader! It's the enTourage eDGe!

    Reading e-books on a netbook is a nuisance, right? But e-readers are a pain because they’re a single-function device, which means your man-bag gets filled with yet-another-specialty-gadget. Behold the enTourage eDGe: “the world’s first dualbook, combining the functions of an e-reader, netbook, notepad, and audio/video recorder and player in one.” Read More

  • Video: Dungeons and Dragons on the Microsoft Surface

    One more quick video before I head out the door and battle the dumb crowds in dumb New York City. It’s Microsoft Surface, yes, but one where you play Dungeons and Dragons. Now, I’ve never played Dungeons and Dragons so I really have no idea what this guy is talking about, but I can appreciate the tech behind it. Read More

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