• Ozzie, Muglia, and Srivastava on Windows Azure: Video

    Ray Ozzie, Bob Muglia, and Amitabh Srivastava participated in an informal blogger roundtable this afternoon at Microsoft’s Professional Developer conference. Although the morning keynote focused on Windows Azure’s infrastructure, Ozzie delved briefly into some of tomorrow’s announcements, implying that there might be surprises in the area of Office applications deployed on top… Read More

  • UK Music aims to protect British music industry (but not from itself)

    There’s a new sheriff in town. Here, the town is the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland and the sheriff is UK Music, a group charged with stamping out piracy and promoting the interests of musicians and records labels. (Especially record labels.) The special thing about UK Music is that it’s a slurry of already-existing such groups: guys like the British… Read More

  • Startups show their wares at Web2Expo Europe

    The TechWeb/O’Reilly Web 2 Expo Europe event in Berlin last week saw some Silicon Valley stallwarts come together with Europe’s Web 2.0 crowd. They were joined by a bunch of startups all trying to get some exposure to a swathe of VCs who flew in to work the halls and walk disinterestedly passed the Expo booths. This year the event was much better located and in a hugely better… Read More

  • Homebrew Channel updated to work on new Wii firmware

    The Homebrew Channel, which broke when Nintendo upgraded on October 23, is working again and has improved memory card support and SDHC support built in. I haven’t been following the soft Wii hacks recently – my unit is chipped – but it’s nice to know the bad/good guys are one step ahead of Mario when it comes to firmware security. You can download the firmware here and… Read More

  • HearWhere Lets You Discover Live Music In Your Neighborhood

    Bootstrapped by Pete Field and based out of Whistler, B.C., Canada, HearWhere is a search engine for live music which was launched in May 2008 but has managed to stay largely under the radar. The live-performance search engine claims to list over one million music shows. The service tells you who is playing nearby, but also plays the associated music, and subsequently links to the… Read More

  • San Francisco's PowerReviews Reduces Burn Rate By 30% (Updated)

    San Francisco based PowerReviews, which has raised over $21 million in venture financing, has let 30% of staff go, say multiple sources. Among those that left is VP Marketing Jay Shaffer. The company let retailers include Amazon-like product review features into their websites, for free. PowerReviews then aggregates reviews from their client retailers on their own customer-facing site… Read More

  • New REDs coming Nov 13th: "No one has any idea how incredible this announcement will be"

    Call it hype or call it confidence, but RED has lived up to the hype and they’ve got a lot to be confident about. Here’s what RED Head Jim Jannard said in a recent Reduser forum post: “We will announce the new Scarlet and Epic programs on Thursday Nov. 13th. I want to say that no one has any idea how incredible this announcement will be. Call this hype… please. I am… Read More

  • MatchMine Throws In The Towel

    Massachusetts based MatchMine, which raised $10 million a year ago, has shut down operations. The company created media recommendations that categorizes and analyzes your media likes and dislikes in order to serve you content that is more to your taste. In a blog post today CEO Michael Troiano talks about the shutdown, and encourages others to hire the team, but he gives few details about… Read More

  • The New Yorker profiles Gears of War's Cliff Bleszinski, Epic Games

    If any of you have the time to read a 6,000 word article, then you may want to head over to the New Yorker, which just published a bafflingly long profile of Cliff Blenszinski—the former CliffyB—and Epic Games. It’s one of the rare times you’ll see something as “low” as video games appear in the magazine. However, for those of you who don’t have the… Read More

  • Windows 7: PDC 2008 Preview

    This week is Microsoft’s Professional Developers Conference, at which they’ll be discussing , among other things, Windows 7 and distributing an Alpha for developers to play around with. There’s a nice, long summary of most of the news regarding Windows 7 here, but if you’re following it at all, only a few things will be new. For instance, there’s a session on… Read More

  • Victor makes last VHS player

    And now, the end is near;
    And so I face the final rewind.
    My friend, I’ll say it clear,
    I’ll state my case, so please do be kind. I’ve lived a life that’s full.
    I’ve played copies of Lynch’s Lost Highway;
    And more, much more than this,
    I did it my way. Read More

  • Amazon's WindowShop Offers A Sleek Interface For The Online Megastore

    Today Amazon has launched a new storefront called WindowShop, which presents some of the store’s newest and most popular movies, books, and video games in a way that makes browsing the online megastore actually fun. Each product is displayed as a tile on a large grid, which users can pan across until they find something they’re interested in. The site seems geared towards shoppers… Read More

  • Helium Raises $17 Million, Lays Off 30 Percent of Employees

    The bomb-shelter mentality among startups is now so severe that even companies raising money are announcing layoffs in response to diminished economic prospects. Boston-based Helium just closed a $17 million series A financing about ten days ago, and then cut 30 percent of the organization (18 people) last week. CEO Mark Ranalli tells me: We expect a deterioration of overall ad rates, and… Read More

  • DIY: Batman mask out of duct tape

    A wise man once said that anything could be fixed with a roll of duct tape and 6-pack of beer. Well, I added the last part but the first thing about the duct tape is more than true. In fact, duct tape aficionados can now hone their craft by making a Batman mask mostly out of the silver tape. Just don’t wear it out in public; you will look like a douche. Read More

  • Mac virus discovered, will kill you, annoy you with chiming music

    This is a cute little from BeamEcho, a Toronto-based Apple retailer. While they could have turned down the damn background music a bit, it was actually kind of funny. Read More

  • Judy's Book Under New Management, Back From the Dead

    Seattle-based user-generated review site Judy’s Book is back from the dead. You read that correctly – while other startups are biting the dust, previously-deadpooled Judy’s Book is back online and under new ownership. The site was originally launched in July 2005 and was shut down in 2007 after burning through $10.5 million in capital. New investors David Niu, Geoff Entress… Read More

  • Windows Live Adds Support For OpenID, Calls It De Facto Login Standard

    Login standard OpenID has gotten a huge boost today from Microsoft, as the company has announced that users will soon be able to login to any OpenID site using their Windows Live IDs. With over 400 million Windows Live accounts (many of which see frequent use on the Live’s Mail and Messenger services), the announcement is a massive win for OpenID. And Microsoft isn’t just… Read More

  • Peace and quiet: UK train operator to block cellphone calls

    A commuter rail company in the UK will install cellphone signal-blocking film on train windows in order to keep the peace. The film, which was developed in America, prevents cellphone signal from entering (and leaving) the train. With no signal getting through, people won’t be able to talk, loudly or otherwise, on their cellphones. While some people may be all, “this infringes on… Read More

  • Microsoft Windows Azure Cloud OS platform announced

    Microsoft just made its first cloud OS, dubbed Azure, officially official. The system allows developers and hobbyist alike to collaborate together on a flexible and interoperable application platform. Applications created within can run from the cloud or even enhance non-cloud based applications with the hive-like features.  Azure reduces the need for up-front technology purchases, and… Read More

  • Australian perpetual motion machine: Don't call it a comeback

    And we’re off! Sky News offers a calm, intelligent look at an amazing power generating device that uses magnetic attraction and repulsion to run a motor infinitely with very little power input. The story is quite convoluted and nothing is independently confirmed, but expect this to hit your house “next year” for about “$5,000.” Note the charming young anchor at… Read More

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