• Sony launching Playstation Home (Beta) tomorrow for all

    http://www.viddler.com/simple_on_site/17671819 It’s been nearly two years, but the time is coming, friends. The folks at the Playstation blog announced that starting tomorrow Sony would be rolling out Home to everyone in an open Beta. Director of Playstation Home Jack Buser encourages those who haven’t been privy to Home to snuggle up to the veterans to get tips on how to… Read More

  • Albatron Tee PC approved by FCC

    Although the name doesn’t seem too creative, the specs are promising. This tablet features a 7-inch 800×480 touch screen, and VGA or 1.3-megapixel camera, runs Windows CE and comes with a dock that has USB, power and audio ports and built-in speakers. It also has Bluetooth, Wi-Fi and a 10.8W/hr battery. Unlike netbooks that feature faster processors from Intel or VIA and a minimum… Read More

  • Bose Patent infringement litigation settled

    Bose recently announced that it has settled with Phitek Corporation who allegedly infringed on patents that protect its active noise-cancelling technology. Phitek has agreed to make changes to the headphones that it has been manufacturing for Creative Labs and Audio-Technica. Read More

  • Le Web Has A Room With A Viewdle – Startup Winners Picked

    Le Web, a key event for Europe’s traveling circus of startup communities, ran a pitch competition alongside the main track again this year. It attracted 30 companies from Europe, and a few from the US, across a wide range of sectors and this year was handled by Europe-wide early-stage investor SeedCamp. So the winner of the event was Viewdle, which won the “Gold”, followed… Read More

  • First full-length Dragonball trailer is out and it looks terrible

    Following Terminator Salvation, Japan got another trailer for a widely anticipated movie today first. It’s the trailer for the live-action Dragonball movie, which has been recently renamed to Dragonball Evolution (I have no idea why). If the movie looks like the two minutes that can be seen in the trailer, we are in for a total catastrophe. Read More

  • Photty = cool key holder + mini photo frame from Japan

    Japan-based Kairen [JP] is selling a key holder that doubles as a mini photo frame, which is 1.5 inches in size and features a 128×128 resolution. The so-called Photty [JP] is available in pink and white, comes with 16MB of memory and can be connected to PCs via USB. Kairen says the Photty can store about 143 pictures in JPEG, BMP and GIF format. Read More

  • Enormous 10 cell 1300mAh battery for eee pc 901 spotted

    Hey look at the ugly beast! It will give your eee PC 10-14 hours of uptime. This guy got it from ebay for 90$. [via jkkmobile] Read More

  • Google Search Wiki To Soon Include An Off Button. Thank You, Marissa.

    Hallelujah. Google Search Wiki will soon have an off button. I spoke with Google’s Vice President of Search Product and User Experience Marissa Mayer this afternoon at the Le Web conference in Paris, France. Among the topics we discussed: Google Chrome (it’s coming out of beta) and Google’s new social and wiki features. I’ve been fairly negative on Google Search Wiki. Read More

  • Forbes.com Uses Xignite Plug & Play to Bypass NASDAQ Headache

    This morning Forbes.com announced that a five-year old company called Xignite provides their real-time stock market quotes via easily integrated widgets. Whether or not you’re interested in the financial market data industry, this is a case study in how cloud-based information services save costs and deployment time, even as they force raw information to become a commodity. Google, CNBC… Read More

  • Vuzix iWear AV320XL and AV310 widescreen

    I’ve always wanted to try one of these. The new models are priced between the expensive 920’s and the cheap 230. I don’t really see the difference in these models. Maybe they for different purpose. The widescreen model features a 52″ screen and real cinema experience while the 320XL gives you a 44″ screen and is cheaper. Click here for more. Read More

  • Icephone details emerge

    New details about this crazy machine. It has an ice button to send an emergency signal and it runs Windows Mobile 6. The rumors were that one of the three platforms of this phone is for GPS navigation. Now the news say that it’s for gaming. On the website they call it “The phone for life” and “The medical phone” the same time. Oh, and you can choose the colour… Read More

  • Japan gets Terminator: Salvation full-length trailer first

    http://blip.tv/play/gcRm38dBj75H Sony Pictures today released the first full-length trailer (1:55 minutes) for Terminator Salvation, the fourth installment in the Terminator series. The trailer is subtitled in Japanese and the movie looks odd without Arnold Schwarzenegger. Update:
    Apple (exclusively) has the American version online now as well. Read More

  • Hands-on with the Netgear EVA9000 Digital Entertainer Elite

    Looking to get a bit of a headstart on the madness that is CES, Netgear invited a handful or two of media members to a pre-CES showing tonight in San Francisco. While they asked us to keep hush about a few of the items they had on display until January 8th rolls around, they gave us the go ahead to blab away about the EVA9000 Digital Entertainer Elite media streaming box – so blab we shall. Read More

  • Google To Take Chrome Out Of Beta

    Google vice president Marissa Mayer announced Google Chrome is coming out of beta in an interview with Michael Arrington at Le Web 08. The Google’s open source browser has a number of eager customers, including OEMs who can’t offer the browser until it is in full release. Chrome’s Windows client has been in beta since its roll out 3 months ago, and with the new move will… Read More

  • Daily Crunch: Ballet Edition

    Thanko sells USB-powered and teddy bear-shaped gloves
    The White Fruit Radio looks nice (too bad radio is dead)
    Video: Warcarting, wardriving on a budget
    Using “six degrees of separation” could lessen network congestion
    Mini-Review: Acme Made camera case Read More

  • Bebo Social Inbox Launches

    Log in to the AOL-owned Bebo social network this morning and you’ll see a whole new home page. Like AOL.com, they’ve integrated direct access to AOL, Yahoo and Gmail email accounts, as well as a feed reader. They’ve also fully integrated the Social Thing activity tracker (AOL acquired Social Thing in August 2008), and are adding content that you may like based on a new… Read More

  • Moore's law not in danger just yet

    The hard science behind your processor may not be interesting to you now, but if Intel were to say “Sorry, it’s physically impossible to go any faster,” you’d get real interested real fast. Or not. At any rate, it shouldn’t be a problem yet, as even the major quantum-physical barrier posed by the move (still far distant) from 22nm to 16nm appears to be… Read More

  • Skip The Virtual Shots: Give Real Lets You Send Your Friends Some Actual Booze

    Virtual gifts are fun, but for the most part they’re a novelty – not something I’d ever actually give to a good friend in honor of a birthday or accomplishment. Give Real, a new startup launching today in public beta, is looking to help friends send each other something a little more enjoyable. The site allows friends to send each other what amounts to a drink tab up to… Read More

  • New gaming keyboard from Logitech: the G13

    I was just thinking it was about time for Logitech to drop some new gaming gear on us. Maybe they were just waiting for the billionth mouse fanfare to die down. Now, I hope you weren’t expecting a regular-style keyboard, because I kind of was, and now I’m a little… not disappointed, but weirded out. It’s a freaky, cool-looking device, and Logitech’s standards… Read More

  • Amazon EC2 Now Available In Europe

    We learned something today: Amazon EC2 wasn’t available in Europe up until today. That’s news to us, because we thought it already was. Amazon Web Services just released a statement announcing that European developers and businesses can now run their Amazon EC2 instances locally. With today’s launch, European developers and businesses with European customers can take advantage… Read More

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