• Hands-on: Novatel MiFi 2352 Hotspot for Telefónica

    We first saw the MiFi 2352 Mobile Hotspot’s CDMA brother back at CES; we loved it then, and we love it just as much in its GSM form. Novatel announced yesterday that Telefónica would be the first carrier to launch the MiFi sometime during this quarter, so we figured we’d stop by their suite to give it a spin. Read More

  • Nokia to preload Skype onto handsets beginning in Q3

    In a fairly huge win for VoIP fans everywhere, Skype and Nokia have just announced a partnership to preload Skype onto handsets beginning later this year. But they’re not just throwing the app onto the devices and calling it a day – the integration will run at least contact list deep. Once you’ve tied Skype contacts to their relative contacts in your address book, their… Read More

  • PocketWizard: remote flash trigger deeeluxe

    For photographers who work with sophisticated lighting setups (that would be not me, so excuse my ignorance), triggering several flashes or distant flashes can be a chore. The lighting world is mostly a mystery to me, but I can certainly understand that not only do you not always want the flash pointing directly at the subject, but sometimes you may want a couple, distant, at weird angles. Read More

  • Filtrbox Raises $1.4 Million, Launches Revamped Market Intelligence Tool

    Filtrbox, a startup for online brand monitoring and market intelligence that was part of the TechStars class of 2007, has announced that it closed a $1.4 million Series A funding round led by Flywheel Ventures and True Ventures at the end of last year. In conjunction with today’s funding announcement, the site is also launching an overhauled version of its main product,
    Filtrbox… Read More

  • Medpedia's Health Platform Could Be Just What The Doctor Ordered

    Medpedia Project, an initiative we wrote about during its private beta launch, has unveiled a public version of its trustworthy, fully transparent technology platform for the worldwide health community. Combining social networking with Web 2.0 health information, Medpedia’s website offers consumers a Wikipedia for health information, a LinkedIn network for health professionals, and a… Read More

  • Mobile CDN Offers First Official iPhone Streaming App

    This past weekend, Mobile CDN made a fairly significant move in the mobile world when it streamed footage of the NBA All-Star game live over mobile phones. Why? Mobile CDN launched the first live streaming application approved by Apple and that works over any wireless network Edge, 3G and WiFi phones. Until now, Apple hasn’t officially allowed iPhones to access streaming applications. So… Read More

  • LG & Intel's Brand Spankin New MID Platform

    LG and Intel announced that they are partnering to produce MIDs (mobile internet devices) based on Intel’s Moorestown hardware platform and Moblin OS. LG hopes to release internet devices with low power consumption. They are also tapping Ericsson to provide 3G capabilities for the devices. Read More

  • TI DLP outs 2nd gen Pico chipset

    DLP’s first Pico projector phone, Samsung Show aka W7900, is shipping this month in Korea, but DLP just revealed the second generation chipset today at MWC. Read More

  • TechStars Fills Void Left By Y Combinator With New Incubator In Boston

    Boulder, Colorado-based startup incubator TechStars has decided to open a second office in Boston where it will run a concurrent mentorship program starting this summer. The Boston program – which will probably be located in Cambridge – will accept the same number of companies (10) as the Boulder program, effectively doubling the number of TechStars companies admitted each year. Read More

  • MySpace Mobile to get a new look, Palm Pre and S60 support

    Design standards on the Web are constantly evolving, and the Mobile Web is no exception. We’re currently smack-dab in the middle of the Web App age, with users expecting their mobile browser-based services to provide a rich visual experience closer to that of a native application than the ultra lightweight (and generally ugly), text-centric pages of yesteryear. Looking to embrace… Read More

  • iSkoot's Kalaida Platform Makes Your Plain Phone Smarter

    iSkoot, the startup that specializes in creating software for the billions of mobile phones that aren’t smartphones, has released its new Kalaida Platform, allowing users to access their social networks, RSS feeds, and Email from their basic cell phones. The platform is the same one that powers iSkoot’s recently-released Notifier application available on AT&T’s Media… Read More

  • Asus Eee Top PC runs it some touchscreen Opera

    The Eee Top is a low-end PC with a big old touchscreen and, now, Opera. The Eee Top 1602 comes with Opera pre-installed and includes touchscreen-oriented features including gestures and a virtual keyboard. It also includes built-in widgets as well as something called “speed-dial,” basically a quick and easy way to find your favorite sites. Pretty exciting stuff, friends. Read More

  • Mr. Tux Goes to Washington

    A bunch of granola chewing hippies freedom loving technologists sent a letter to President Obama, encouraging him to consider open source software. Signed by representatives from Novell, Red Hat, Unisys, and a bunch of other open source solutions companies, the letter is well-written piece of advocacy. Of course, not everyone supports the initiative. Read More

  • Justin.tv Is Redirecting Porn Queries Into Cash (Update: Not Any More)

    In the down economy, startups are trying everything they can think of to keep a steady flow of revenue coming in. For popular live-streaming video site Justin.tv, it looks like one of these measures is to try to capitalize on its users’ frequent searches for porn: if you run queries for terms like “xxx” or “sex”, the site will automatically redirect you to a… Read More

  • Roundtripping to the Cloud

    Sunday I finally pulled the trigger on a move I’ve been contemplating for a very long time. If you’d asked me 5 or even 10 years ago whether I’d move back to Comcast for anything except virtual dominatrix sessions, I’d have made, and lost, a sizable bet. That’s what I did on Sunday, consolidated a lot of services round Comcast and its Triple Play suite of… Read More

  • First Street Fighter IV sales numbers, live streams all over the place

    It goes without saying that most of us here at CG are looking forward to Street Fighter IV‘s release tomorrow. The game has been available for a few days in Japan, and rough first-day sales numbers have trickled out. Between the two versions, Capcom has sold (remember, this is only for one day) 116,000 copies of the game. There’s reports that stores there are having trouble keeping… Read More

  • Audi employs holographic sales rep

    It’s not quite as exciting as you want it to be, but an Audi dealership in Sydney has added a hologram of sorts to its sales department. It’s not projected by a maintenance droid and it’s probably just a 2-minute loop, but it’s still kind of cool. Read More

  • Cherry red Xbox 360 coming soon?

    We heard the rumors, and now we see what appears to be the proof! A Resident Evil 5 bundle should be hitting the streets along with the game on March 5. It’s an Elite system and costs a daunting $400, but for the truly l33t, that’s not a problem. Read More

  • Review: iShoot for iPhone

    Among the millions of apps being released hourly in the App store, there truly are apps worth buying, and those that not worth wasting a glance at. iShoot ($2.99) is one of the best and brightest among its craptastic peers. One of many turn based tank fighting games, iShoot has proved its worthiness by sky rocketing into the #1 spot almost overnight, with his iShoot lite following close… Read More

  • Acer busts out its whole new "Tempo" smartphone line

    Last week we saw a couple phones drop from Acer, namely the DX650 (which is weird) and the X960 (which is generic). Well, they’ve expanded the lineup and now they’ve got a few more phones ready to hit the market. They all run WinMo 6.1 and with a little luck and legwork we’ll have hands-on with all of them soon. Read More

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