• AT&T launches the LG Incite

    While I try to avoid comparing every touchscreen phone to the iPhone, it’s a bit challenging when they throw them on the same carrier for the exact same price. Coming in at $199 on a two-year contract with AT&T (after $100 dollar rebate), it was all of about a half second before the first “ZOHNOES iPHONE CLONE!!!” remarks started pouring in. So, what does it bring to… Read More

  • Velocity Micro and CyberPower join the Intel Core i7 extravaganza

    With Dell, Alienware, and Gateway already party’n their cores out, Velocity Micro and CyberPower are joining the festivities too. Velocity Micro’s Edge, Raptor, ProMagix and Vector model lines are all gaining a Core i7 option starting with the Core-920 for $1,699, and continuing up to the stratosphere with the Core-940, and Core-965 Extreme. The CyberPower offering, dubbed… Read More

  • Limited-edition netbook is just like every other netbook except that there are only 30 of them

    Here’s a netbook. It’s called the Prime Note Cartina UM and only 30 of them will be available in all of Japan. What’s so special about this netbook? Well, it’s got some sort of Linux operating system, an 8.9-inch screen, an Intel Atom 270 chip, 120GB hard drive, 1GB of RAM, and it weighs 2.4 pounds. So basically, it’s the same as just about every other netbook… Read More

  • Hide a Gameboy inside a Ti-83 calculator

    Tired of playing Drug Wars or a Mario remake on your ‘ol Ti-83 calculator? Just transplant a Gameboy inside a Ti-83 carcass and no one will be the wiser. All it takes is a little cutting and soldering to mod the screen and map the keypad but after that, your Kirby game’n will be hidden from curious eyes. MarkBowers.org via MAKE Read More

  • Yang To His Critics: "I Will Always Bleed Purple"

    Jerry Yang just put up a blog post on his reasons for stepping down as CEO of Yahoo. In it, he highlights the successes of the past 18 months. Yahoo is now “rewired,” the new ad platform has been launched “that we think will transform how ads are bought and sold online,” and Yahoo remains “first or second in more than 20 product categories.” And he ends… Read More

  • How the French treat their technology

    I’m at my friends Sophie and Gille’s house outside of Paris and I’ve seen, firsthand, how the French treat fine technology. Witness the Mattell Armor Battle you see before you. This classic 1978 handheld game is currently propping a door open to their spare bedroom, a situation that I find alarming and/or disconcerting. If this is how they treat the stewardship of classic… Read More

  • Nerdy Gamers contest has a winner!

    It’s over! Thanks for all your entries, I saw a lot of games I haven’t thought of in years — who geeks out on Night Trap?! I wouldn’t presume to guage the true nerdiness of, say, a Final Fantasy VII fan vs. a WoW fan, so I used Random.org to get me a nice random number and… congratulations, Austin! You should already have received an email — this post is… Read More

  • HN-PP150: Sharp Japan releases Aquos photo player / printer with HDMI port

    Sharp Japan today announced the HN-PP150 [JP], a combination of photo player and printer that will be released in Nippon under the Aquos brand January 28 next year (price: $250). It’s sized at 234.5×205×89mm.
    The DLNA-compliant HN-PP150 can print pictures taken with mobile phones or digital cameras in JPEG format (thermal wax transfer, 300×300ppi). Users can choose between… Read More

  • As LED Cinema Display approaches, Apple discontinues old display

    The 24-inch Apple LED Cinema Display should be out any day now—Apple lists “November” as its release date—but at what cost? Well, at the cost of the 23-inch Cinema Display, which has been discontinued. Note that that 20- and 30-inch models are still on sale at Apple’s Web site, so all is not lost for those of you who detest glossy displays. (The new LED display… Read More

  • Thingiverse: A repository for DIY schematics

    Recently-launched Thingiverse.com is billed as “a place to share digital designs that can be made into real, physical objects” and contains various files (mostly vector graphics, schematics, etc.) for things as simple as a gravity-defying belt hook, the somewhat more involved (but still pretty easy) DIY laptop stand seen above, or the complicated-looking stepper motor circuit diagram. Read More

  • iPhone turned numeric keypad with Numberkey app

    Having a dedicated numeric keypad can be a lifesaver occasionally, and while a dedicated pad with real keys is the best, a little application can turn the iPhone or iPod Touch into an impromptu one as well. The Numberkey is only $1.99 and utilizes WiFi (really? no Bluetooth) for the 18-keypad connectivity. Four skins (after the jump) come with the app so you can match up your new… Read More

  • VideoEgg Extends Its Ad Network To the iPhone, Disses AdMob

    Those free iPhone apps will soon be filled with ads. VideoEgg is the latest ad network to extend its ads to the iPhone. The company is known for its video and social-app ads that entice people to click on them to open up a Flash window filled with videos, maps, or apps that let consumers learn more about a brand. VideoEgg only charges if a consumer engages with the ad. It is taking the… Read More

  • Why Mirror's Edge is so good: You're in the game and you're vomiting

    Clive “The Animal” Thompson wrote an interesting analysis of Mirror’s Edge. The game is essentially a parkour simulator that gives the illusion that you, inside your character, are actually running, jumping, and rolling over things in the real world. Read More

  • Funai claims major leap in LCD display technology

    Outdated? Funai Electric Advanced Applied Technology Research Institute, a wholly owned subsidiary of Japanese electronics company Funai (Sylvania, Symphonic, Emerson) has developed a reflective display that, unlike existing reflective LCDs, doesn’t need a backlight. The company claims their display uses 0.16MW of electricity per square centimeter, which translates back to just 1% of… Read More

  • CrunchDeals: 3.5-inch digital photo frame for $22.99

    Here’s a good stocking stuffer. Buy.com has the Nextar N3-505 3.5-inch digital photo frame for $22.99 with free shipping. The frame has a 320×240 resolution with 8MB of built-in memory, which can be expanded via SD, MMC, and memory stick cards. Nextar N3-505 – 3.5" Digital Photo Frame [Buy.com] Read More

  • Netflix Now Streams Movies To The Xbox 360

    Adding to the options of streaming movies to your PC, Mac, or TiVo, Netflix now streams 12,000 movies to the Xbox360. That includes 300 HD movies. Xbox watchers have been waiting for this since last July. Add the Netflix streams with the Xbox 360’s Live Party feature and you can watch a movie with your friends remotely. Read More

  • Send Your Gnome Into Space Day

    I had no idea that this was even an achievement but apparently there is a garden gnome that appears at the beginning of Half-Life 2: Episode 2 that you can potentially carry throughout the game and put into the rocket at the end. To do this requires the patience of Job and a maddening predilection towards completism. Tom Francis completed the game in gnome mode and his comments and screenshots… Read More

  • Cute USB gadget alarm: Heart-shaped cup warmer and Stitch-shaped humidifier released

    Just in time for Christmas, two new cute USB gadgets have been released today in Japan and the best thing is you can order both online even if you live outside Nippon. First, a company called Runat announced it started selling a USB humidifier [JP] that is shaped like the Disney cartoon character Stitch. The little guy (184x130x165mm) is suitable for small rooms and offices. You can pre-order… Read More

  • Boxee Raises $4 Million For Socially-Networked Media Center

    Boxee, maker of a social media center software platform for HDTVs and laptops, has secured $4 million in first round funding from Spark Capital and Union Square Ventures. The two firms each accounted for exactly 50% of the investment. Boxee is bringing us a step closer to a real social TV experience. The app gives your computer (Mac, Windows or Linux) or AppleTV a TV-like interface where you… Read More

  • Xbox Experience now available to preview participants

    Looks like the NXE is out for those who signed up for a preview account and Netflix has confirmed that there will be 300 HD titles in the new streaming system. Looks like Christmas came early! Instead of adding another 10,000 people to the preview program like we did last week, we’ve decided to do something a little different: everyone who successfully applied to the preview program… Read More

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