• Uh oh, MacBook Air shipments being delayed 2-3 weeks

    If you recently (like in the last week) ordered the entry-level Nvidia-equipped MacBook Air then you probably got an e-mail stating that your pretentious little toy is being delayed. It appears they won’t begin shipping for 2-3 weeks if you choose to go with a 120GB SATA drive. But if you go with the 128GB SSD drive the shipping estimate speeds up to 3-5 days. Read More

  • USB floppy thumb drive

    Concept of a USB thumb drive shaped like a floppy disc. Smile. It’s nostalgic. Nosfut via likecool via OhGizmo Read More

  • New European IXV re-entry vehicle to traverse "l'espace"

    The European Space Agency has been working on a new re-entry vehicle, but unlike NASA is not interested in a reusable shuttle-like approach. They’re planning on having an “expendable” re-entry vehicle, and although they probably could have chosen their words better, it makes a lot of sense to have parts that can be completely expended during the unbelievably dangerous… Read More

  • CrunchGear Live Podcast

    You can chat with us during the show via AIM by pinging username “crunchtips” or call into the show at (646) 200-4163 should the mood strike you. Here’s the link for today’s show… [Podcast RSS Feed | Podcast in iTunes] Read More

  • Overclock your DS lite with this custom case

    One thing I’ve found when playing emulated NES, SNES, and GBA games is that many of them are incredibly long, and for no good reason. For example: Dragon Warrior. Great game. Unfortunately, the slow movement speed and slow battle dialogues make the game about twice as long as it should be. My solution? Run the emulator at 200% speed. I was looking forward to getting a DS and playing… Read More

  • Jailbreaking the G1: That sounds odd, right?

    A cabal of tinkers have managed to get root access on the G1 using telnetd. Now, whether or not that constitutes “jailbreaking” (which is an awkward word to use considering Android is supposed to be an open source operating system from the get-go) or something a little less dramatic is another matter. Or, to quote a Gizmodo commenter: This reminds me of the Spongebob episode… Read More

  • 8-megapixel camera phone throwdown: Pixon vs Innov8 vs Renoir vs C905

    With Sony Ericsson, LG, and Samsung all throwing 8-megapixel camera phones into the market within a few months of each other, we’ve been a bit disappointed at the lack of comparison sample photos available. The Samsung Pixon, Samsung Innov8, LG Renoir, and Sony Ericsson C905 all showboat their 8-megapixel shooter as the defining feature – so which is best? I’d been… Read More

  • CrunchDeals: 8GB iPod Touch with $50 iTunes card

    If you happen to live near a Meijer store – Illinois, Indiana, Kentucky, Ohio, and Michigan – and you’re looking for an iPod Touch, you can pick up the 8GB version for $229.99 which includes a free $50 iTunes gift card. There’s also some loose talk (according to FatWallet) that there’s a coupon floating around Meijer’s Sunday circular for 10% off any… Read More

  • CrunchDeals: BlackBerry Bold for Free

    I’ve never purchased a phone from an online retailer before, so I’m a bit skeptical of this screaming deal over at Letstalk, but if $300 is too steep a price to pay for the Bold (review) then you’d be out of your mind not to scoop this up. The starting price on Letstalk is $100 cheaper than AT&T and they’re even offering free shipping. Read More

  • Review: Kensington Media Sharing Cable

    Quick Version: Sometimes e-mailing files to yourself or dumping stuff onto a USB drive gets old. Kensington’s plug-and-play USB cable makes sharing files between two computers stupidly easy. If you’ve used a USB port before, you’re pretty much set. Read More

  • Doodle dee doo doo doo: Omega's Quantum of Solace Bond Commercial

    While Bond used to love him some Rolex, it’s all Omega for James these days. This is the latest Quantum of Solace commercial pieced together for Omega to showcase the Seamaster 007 wears in the film. Read More

  • Maxell Japan releases tubular iPod speaker system

    The world is truly a better place now that Maxell launched another iPod dock. The MXSP-1100 supports all dock-equipped iPods and iPhones with a speaker output of 2×4.2 watts. Not a lot of power, but the modern look might make up for the lackluster sound; maybe. Anyway, the speaker system will come in either black iron or mahogany brown when it drops on November 25, 2008 with a price… Read More

  • Royal Pingdom Says Our Load Times Suck, And So Do Those Of Most Other Big Blogs

    As blogs grow and try to cram more and more stuff on their homepage, load times are becoming a bigger problem. According to Royal Pingdom, 74 of the top 100 blogs have home pages crammed with so much stuff (more than 500 kilobytes) that anyone without broadband might be frustrated by the load times. TechCrunch falls into this category, as does the Huffington Post, Engadget, Gizmodo, Boing… Read More

  • You can meet Cliff Bleszinski at a Gears 2 launch event in So Cal

    Gamers in southern California! Be advised that you have the opportunity to meet Gears of War guy Cliff Bleszinski in person at the Gears 2 launch in Universal City. Be there at the GameStop (1000 Universal Studios Blvd.) tomorrow night from 9pm to midnight to “party.” Even cooler than meeting Mr. Bleszinski, in my opinion, is meeting John DiMagio, who’s the voice of Marcus Fenix. Read More

  • Review: GUNNAR Optiks Precision Computing Glasses

    Do you get computer eyestrain? Do you want to look like a bad imitation of Hunter S Thompson? Do you have $200 to spend? Then try the GUNNAR Optiks digital eyewear. These are supposed to reduce eyestrain by decreasing glare and improving overall image quality, but do they work? Read More

  • Berlin metro claims copyright over iPhone timetable application

    What’s more convenient than having an unfamiliar subway system’s map and timetable information right there on your iPhone? Oh, what’s that, Berlin? Such a convenience violates copyright? Excellent! There’s an application for the iPhone called Fahr-Info Berlin. It’s just as I described—a free app that contains the city’s subway (“metro”)… Read More

  • Brando retractable traffic cone

    http://blip.tv/scripts/flash/showplayer.swf?enablejs=true&file=http%3A//blip.tv/rss/flash/1441708&feedurl=http%3A//crunchgear.blip.tv/rss/&autostart=false&brandname=CrunchGear&brandlink=http%3A//crunchgear.blip.tv/ WTF Read More

  • NTT Docomo floods Japan with 22 new cell phones

    Japan’s biggest telco NTT DoCoMo today announced 4 new cell phone series (STYLE, PRIME, SMART and PRO ), which are part of the company’s fall/winter product line-up. Docomo will offer a total of 22 new handsets. As Japanese handset makers have recently vowed to internationalize more agressively, there is a good chance at least some of the new models will become available outside… Read More

  • This Week on the CrunchBoard

    This week on the CrunchBoard we want to welcome Mirego and Brilliant2 to the new services and sales directories on CrunchBoard. They are great ways to reach the start-up community. While you are checking out these new directories, make sure to look at the latest job listing on CrunchBoard. Click through to look at some of jobs posted in the past week: Read More

  • Apparently MP3s work across devices. Who knew?

    In a rather pointless campaign Britain’s music download retailers are going to market the fact that MP3s work across different devices. The Entertainment Retailers Association, the trade body behind the move, says their “MP3 100% compatible” initiative should also help consumers identify legal sites. Horse. Bolted. Gate. Shut. Read More

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