• Sony discounts PS3 dev kit, hopes it will boost development

    It’s a known fact that the PS3 is a developer’s nightmare but Sony is hoping that a price cut to all existing dev kits will increase development. The original Reference Tool models DECR-1000A and DECR-1000 received price cuts along with new features to the PS3 Debugging Station. In the US, a new Reference Tool model, DECR-1400A, was introduced for $2000 and will go for €1,700… Read More

  • Watch predicts when bad things are going to happen

    I’m not sure if this was supposed to be ironic or if it’s serious, but Borgeaud watches have created something rather interesting. It’s an analog watch that contains the “Rahu complication”. Read More

  • Atlanta Gets Its Own Y Combinator In Shotput Ventures

    Silicon Valley has Y Combinator. Boulder, Colorado (and now Boston) has TechStars. Boston also as of today has Start@Spark. Washington, D.C. has LaunchBox Digital. Philadelphia has DreamIT Ventures. And now Atlanta is joining the seed incubator movement with Shotput Ventures. Started by a group of Atlanta tech entrepreneurs who want to attract and keep startup talent in the Southeast… Read More

  • BlackBerry Media Sync updated with Windows Media Player support

    Research in Motion has released an update for its BlackBerry Media Sync app this afternoon. The new version adds Windows Media Player support (PC only) to accompany its existing iTunes syncing tool. If you’ve already got Media Sync installed on your BlackBerry, you should have received a notification that an upgrade is available. Otherwise, you can grab Media Sync for free over at… Read More

  • Microsoft's new Xbox 360 dev kit is gorgeous

    Isn’t it gorgeous? Microsoft introduced a new dev kit at GDC and it’s ditched the old cream and grey color scheme for a more aesthetically pleasing getup that comes in black and blue or black and grey. Hit the jump for more images. Read More

  • Nintendo GDC keynote recap

    Sorry about the delay, folks, but you didn’t miss much from Nintendo’s keynote this morning at GDC and we managed to get you the most important news as it was happening anyways. So here’s a quick recap of a few facts that you might find interesting. We’ll have video of a few tasty treats as quickly as the press room’s Wi-Fi lets us upload to YouTube. Read More

  • Teaser for new Zelda: Spirit Tracks for DS

    Heads up, people. Nintendo is dropping another Zelda on us, and it looks a bit different than usual. Last I checked, Link didn’t have a pet train to ride around, nor did he even exist in an age capable of supporting steam technology. But hey, I’m willing to roll with it. Head on through for some video. Got some real grain to it. Read More

  • They now try to produce hydrogen with leftover food

    Japan-based beer company Sapporo Breweries Ltd. announced yesterday [JP] that it and Brazil’s state-run oil firm Petroleo Brasileiro (better known as Petrobras) will produce hydrogen gas using nothing but sugar cane and leftover farm products. Production of the biohydrogen is scheduled to begin in September this year. Read More

  • AT&T is the first ISP to cooperate with RIAA's new ‘spot the copyright infringer’ scheme

    The RIAA received some rare “good press” a few months ago when it announced that it would no longer go after individual file sharers. But then, approximately 27 seconds later, we began hating it again when it emerged that, instead of going after individual file shares, it would work with ISPs to weed out file sharers. A distinction without meaning, I say. Anyhow, AT&T is the… Read More

  • Pet Airways: Forget Cargo, Your Pet Needs To Fly First Class

    Flying your pets isn’t fun. A few airlines allow small pets on airplanes if they fit under the seat. But most of the time they’re stuck in the cargo hold and come with the rest of the baggage. The one time I flew my dog Laguna she arrived in Seattle shaking and covered in her own feces. Must have been a blast for her. If you are rich enough you can bring them on your own private jet. Read More

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