• Review: SteelSeries World of Warcraft MMO Gaming Mouse

    The thing about reviewing mice is that you’re actually looking at two separate entities. Yes, you’re looking at the mouse itself, the hardware, but you’re also simultaneously taking into account the software that powers it, the drivers. A mouse without adequate drivers might as well not exist. Read More

  • Abit leaving the mobo business; I mourn

    The motherboard humming away in my nice Tempest case right now is an Abit IP35 Pro, and unfortunately it will be the last Abit motherboard I ever bought. Because respected enthusiast hardware maker Abit is riding off into the sunset. Read More

  • Smule Shares Its Awesome Audio Technology To Bring Cigarettes To Your iPhone

    Smule, the company behind innovative applications like the Sonic Lighter and Ocarina, is easily one of my favorite developers on the App Store. The company has developed a suite of advanced technologies revolving around audio information, which allows it to share music on a global scale and (in the case of an app launching today) to use audio to relay information between two nearby cell… Read More

  • Review: i360 Sport Infused Headband

    Want to listen to your iPod? Don’t care about your iPod getting wet or sweaty? Then stuff your iPod into this headband and run around like the magical iPod unicorn you are. Read More

  • Video Greeting Card from Skype fails to stop the environmental madness. Oh well, it was worth a try

    If you really are dumb enough to send real cardboard Christmas cards (I’m still trying to convince my family not to), then shame on you. Bad! Meanwhile for the rest of us, try a video card with Skype. You pick a card, record your own greeting and send it. There’s a Facebook app and there’s also a standalone Skype version which lets you send messages to people who don’t… Read More

  • Welcome to the new CrunchGear

    You’ll notice that we’ve changed things up a little over here at CG central. The new design allows us to feature more posts during the day and ensure you don’t have to lose your place on the site. All of the extraneous scripts have been sloughed off like the skin of a snake and I think the new design makes things easier and funnerer to read. What do you guys think? Drop us a… Read More

  • Elevator Pitch Friday: MakeFive

    This week’s Elevator Pitch comes from MakeFive, a Vancouver, B-based startup that revolves around making top-five lists. The concept is simple: you make a list of anything you want—the worst typefaces of all time, the best tech sites, or things to do after the economy collapses—and vote up the items you think should make it to the top five. (Click through to watch the pitch). Read More

  • This fancy render envisions a non-terrible Mighty Mouse made out of aluminum

    No one uses Apple’s Mighty Mouse because it’s a giant heap of hot, liquidy garbage. This render, whipped up by the MacBlogz folks, shows one direction Apple could take to remedy the problem. Read More

  • Make VoIP calls using only a web browser

    A couple days ago we received a press release for a new service named CallingAmerica, which permits you to make free VoIP calls to U.S. phone numbers using only your web browser. Offered free of charge, users are required to look at advertisements for about 10 seconds before calls are connected (AdBlock Plus worked just fine to suppress the ads, by the way). Read More

  • Rumor: T-Mobile G2 coming January 26 of '09?

    If this one turns out true, it looks like T-Mobile’s followup to the G1 might be on the shelves as early as next month. Note the emphasis on “might” there – while there’s nothing red flagging it as false, we’re taking this one with the finest grain of salt we have to spare. Be it that the specs pan out, the G2 should be a pretty substantial step up from the G1. Read More

  • Yes, we're experiencing technical difficulties right now

    Hey, guys! As you may have noticed, our site is, for all intents and purposes, broken right now, so bear with us while we yell at the worker bees to fix the server. I suggested we host the entire domain on my modded Xbox1, which would dramatically improve uptime. So, uh, hang in there! If you’re on the east coast, go play in the snow, or load up iSnow on your iPhone or something. Read More

  • The RIAA will stop its policy of filing lawsuits every 2 seconds (but now it's working with your ISP)

    The RIAA has decided to stop filing pointless lawsuits against John and Jane Doe for alleged copyright infringement. Rather, the bullying cartel will work with ISPs to get you kids to stop downloading Fallout Boy, the All American Rejects and other self-described popular music. Read More

  • Pandora Hits 20 Million Registered Users (Via Twitter)

    Just in via Twitter: Pandora has registered its 20 millionth user. The three-year old music streaming service is trying to hold its own despite tough economics and recent layoffs. Its music-recommendation engine pumps out personalized radio stations over the Web, and its iPhone app remains one the top free apps on iTunes (currently No. 21). Read More

  • Whole house surge protection explained, debunked

    It’s well known that electrical surges can damage computers and AV equipment, but there are so many myths about ’em. One of the latest snake oil-type devices are so-called ‘whole house surge protectors’ but while they sound like a great idea, the vast majority of electrical surges aren’t caused by external issues that these costly systems address. Read More

  • Japan's robot of the year 2008 is…

    …. Takara Tomy’s Omnibot 17μ i-SOBOT. And America, you can buy it. The winner of the annual Robot Award [JP] organized by Japan’s Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry (METI) was announced yesterday. The i-SOBOT (strange name) is the world’s smallest humanoid that’s aimed at a mass market. The Japanese government praised its low price of around $350 (in Nippon… Read More

  • Review: Philips DC910 Docking Entertainment System

    Short Version: The Philips DC910 is great-sounding system for playing music from your iPod, a USB thumb drive, an SD card, FM radio, or up to two external sources — all for under $150. Read More

  • Issuu Really Wants to Kill The Document Download

    One thing that I find increasingly anachronistic on the Web is the stubborn persistence of the PDF download. I really don’t need to download more junk onto my computer, especially if it is only something I am going to look at once or twice. Every document should just be viewable (and searchable) on the Web. That is why I am a big fan of services like Issuu, Docstoc, and Scribd that… Read More

  • Samsung prepping Android smartphone for Sprint & T-Mobile Q2 launch

    Word is that Samsung is planning on launching its first Android-powered sometime in the second quarter of ’09 on both Sprint and T-Mobile. Read More

  • Meebo Passes IMs Between MySpace And Facebook

    MySpace and Facebook may be frenemies forever, but now they have a new mutual friend that will pass notes between them. Meebo, the Web-based IM service, now supports IM accounts from both social networks. That means you can enter your Facebook and MySpace account IDs into Meebo and the chat with friends from both social networks in one IM box. The integration will work on Meebo.com itself… Read More

  • HTC Touch HD with US 3G Support? Not so fast.

    Earlier this morning, a wave of excitement broke out amongst HTC Touch HD hopefuls here in the US after some eagle-eye spotted 850 / 1900 MHz UMTS (AT&T’s 3G frequencies) bands in the not-for-public-consumption service manual. This, of course, went against October’s announcement that no such version was in the works, leading some to believe that HTC had silently changed… Read More

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