• First app to stream live video from a BlackBerry surfaces

    There are a bunch of live video streaming apps for mobiles now: Qik, Flixwagon, Kyte and more. But till now the BlackBerry has been the unloved guy in the grey sit, sitting in the corner, unable to join the party. Qik is on Symbian S60, Windows Mobile and jailbroken iPhones. The others tend to be Symbian apps. But now the business guys can join the fun as UK-startup Next2Friends now has an… Read More

  • Review: Dyson DC25 vacuum

    Oh. My. Gawd. I love this Dyson vacuum. It works so damn well and looks great doing it. Some people aren’t going to like this analogy, but it reminds me of the first time I used my PowerMac G4: it simply works and feels like it’s going to last forever. I’m not the one that vacuums in my house so with the hope of not sounding misogynistic, I handed the Dyson over to my wife… Read More

  • Now we can speculate about the imminent arrival of Killer Instinct 3

    Blame Rare for starting anew the age-old Killer Instinct 3 rumors. This time around, several Killer Instinct characters (well, their names) can be found in the recently released Viva Piñata Trouble in Paradise. B.Orchid, Uncle Tusk and Fulgore can been seen scampering around well-kempt gardens. The Piñatas appear only after scanning in vision cards, of which Maxconsole has a photo. My guess… Read More

  • Microsoft Puts Weight Behind Open Source Projects With Web Platform Installer

    Microsoft isn’t exactly known for championing open source projects. So it’s rather surprising (in a good way) to see the company release something called the Microsoft Web Platform Installer, which makes it possible to batch install a set of open source projects on Windows Vista or Server 2008. Read More

  • Molecular storage – possible but not bloody likely

    The recent black silicon hubbub was interesting because it provided a concrete improvement over current technology, capable of being implemented with known materials and by known processes. This idea of molecular storage — as opposed to magnetic, or quantum, or what have you — is interesting because of its ambition. Its premise is that molecule-sized switches could increase… Read More

  • Firefox Mobile not in the works for Android or iPhone

    In an interview with Irish tech site Silicon Republic, Christian Sejersen, mobile director of engineering for Mozilla, has stated something which may crush the hopes and dreams of many: Firefox Mobile is not headed to the iPhone or the Android platform anytime in the foreseeable future. The first part isn’t too surprising; it has been said by other members of the Mozilla team that it was… Read More

  • Video: This Star Wars voice-changing helmet sure is something

    The UK Sun, famous for its Page 3 smut, has named the $35 Star Wars Clone Trooper Voice Changer Helmet as this year’s top tech toy. (Parents: Get one now before the holiday shopping season kicks in.) By toy, we really do mean toy, as in a child’s plaything, and not toy in the 60-inch plasma sense. The helmet changes the wearer’s voice to that of a Storm Trooper, as you… Read More

  • Watch out, your cellphone could be giving you a rash

    He’s upset for other reasons Do you suffer from “mobile phone dermatitis”? It’s a rash that develops on your ears and cheeks that’s the result of prolonged cellphone use. It’s not a huge deal, but it exists, and doctors have been advised to keep it in mind when they see patients with otherwise unexplainable rashes. What causes the dermatitis? Try nickel. Read More

  • Qik ported to J2ME, no longer limited to smartphones and PDAs

    http://www.qik.com/swfs/qik_player.swf In a rather monumental move in the mobile livecasting battle, Qik has announced that they are the first to have ported their streaming application to the J2ME platform. Why is this important? It opens the doors to feature phones – that is, handsets that wouldn’t fit under the smartphone/PDA umbrella While the application will still have to… Read More

  • Tagtext secures £1m from NorthStar Equity Investors

    It’s so interesting how many social networks, struggling to monetise what they do while trying to scale (Facebook natch) almost always miss virtual goods and digital gifting as a model (an exception to this rule is Flirtomatic). So I guess if they won’t do it other will do it for them. Thus, it’s interesting to see that London-based TagText Tagtext has secured £1 million… Read More

  • Poll: Reality TV or niche-specific social networks?

    Announcing FederalContractor.us, a social network for federal contractors. Yes, you read that correctly. You know, when reality TV started getting really big, many thought that it’d only be a matter of time before people started realizing that they were watching the same premise over and over and over again. However, it seems that there’s no end in sight for reality TV. Every… Read More

  • Goodbye Web 2.0, hello credit-crunch vouchers?

    Following the sale of Welovelocal.com to GCap, the guys over at Econversions.co.uk – who use the revenues from their affiliate marketing company to spin out startups – have created far more credit-crunch oriented startup. Vouchercodes.co.uk is designed to “help people save money shopping online by bringing together the best deals, discounts and money saving voucher codes for… Read More

  • CEO Change At Twitter: Ev Williams Back At The Helm

    We knew something was up. Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey (pictured left) has stepped down, and co-founder Evan Williams moves from the Chairman role to CEO. Williams talks about the change in a blog post: “While the board of directors and the company have nothing but praise for where Jack has taken us, we also agree that the best way forward is for Jack to step into the role Chairman, and for… Read More

  • Tweeter Audio/Video to close its doors?

    Circuit City isn’t the only brick and mortor retailer stuggling as Tweeter might soon be shutting down. The retailer’s CEO was replaced by a restructuring firm exec and sent out a nice little letter to all the employees. “in light of the current extreme economic conditions and the company’s recent performance,” and that the move “is in the best interest of… Read More

  • HD TV shows from all four major networks on iTunes

    Fire up iTunes and you’ll find, for the first time, TV shows from the four major networks (ABC, CBS, NBC and Fox) in HD. It’s still $2.99 per HD episode, and that includes a standard-def version of the TV show for your iPhone or iPod. HD shows now include hits like Lost, CSI, 30 Rock and The Office. But we all know The Shield is the best show on TV now, so whatever. Read More

  • Liveblogging Google Third Quarter Conference Call

    Google just released third quarter earnings. It reported revenues of $5.4 billion (about $4 billion after traffic acquisition costs are taken out, which is what Wall Street looks at) and profits of $1.3 billion. The $4 billion in revenues is right around what investors were expecting, and non-GAAP net income of $4.92 a share was well above the $4.79 consensus. Better control over costs… Read More

  • HTC Touch HD hitting European shores come November 6th

    Oh, HTC Touch HD. Regardless of your Windows Mobile core and the fact that we’ll never see you state side, I still love you. I’m pretty sure our gadget geek cohorts in Europe will as well, so we’ve got a bit of good news for them: according to Unwired View, Europeans will be able to nab one of these lovely little beasts as soon as November 6th. This 3.8 inch screen… Read More

  • For Wii: Guitar Hero III guitar works just fine in Rock Band 2

    Harmonix just confirmed on its message board that Wii Guitar Hero III controllers will work just fine on Rock Band 2, which is due to be released on November 18. Note that the opposite—using Rock Band 2 guitars in Guitar Hero—isn’t confirmed. via Wii Fanboy Read More

  • Windows Vista SP2 might come before Windows 7

    Windows 7 might be on its way sometime soon, but Vista should get SP2 before the new OS drops. According to some ZDnet sources, Redmond is aiming to update Vista first so it will be interesting to see if any new Windows 7 features come with it. Details should drop from Microsoft about the upcoming service pack within the coming months but there isn’t any firm release date as of yet. Read More

  • Build Your Own 3D Movie Clips In A Flash With Xtranormal

    Try out Xtranormal, a 3D movie building startup that launched last week, and there’s a good chance you won’t get any work done for the rest of the afternoon. As Ouriel Ohayon reported on TechCrunch France last night, the site allows users to quickly build their own 3D video clips out of a variety of models and backdrops using an intuitive drag and drop interface. To begin creating… Read More

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