• BREAKING: Palm reveals new 'Post' smartphone, still working on Pre

    In an unprecedented move, Palm has revealed its heretofore ultra-secret WebOS-based smartphone – the Palm Post – at CTIA 2009. While the mobile world has been patiently waiting for the Pre since it was first teased back in January, Palm has apparently been hard at work on the (clandestine) Post as well. Read More

  • QuickPlay to stream popular TV shows to your BlackBerry

    Toronto-based Quickplay is set to stream full length TV shows from networks, including CBS, MTV, and NBC. The PrimeTime2Go package will be offered for $7.99/month and will only stream over Wi-Fi to the Bold and 8900. Sorry, Storm owners, but Verizon hates you and crippled Wi-Fi, so you won’t be getting 30 Rock, Heroes, How I Met Your Mother, Rob Dyrdek’s Fantasy Factory or… Read More

  • Top Paid App in BlackBerry App World: PhoneyFart

    And the most downloaded app at the moment is Shazam. Mankind is doomed. Read More

  • It's… a beating heart made of Sony products

    Not sure what to make of this. FX company Artem have taken it upon themselves (likely with a little cash incentive from Sony) to create an object out of Sony products that… beats. It doesn’t really look like a heart, though, does it? And it’s related to soccer how? Read More

  • Android tether app yanked by T-Mo

    I just saw this app the other day, and now — it’s gone! How shocking! It looks like “Wifi tether for root users” was in violation of T-Mobile’s terms of service, and Google has shown its cards by removing it. No one really thought the Android Marketplace was going to be a Wild West of G1 apps, but it’s a little disappointing to see just how locked-down… Read More

  • Review: BlackBerry App World [Update 2]

    RIM co-CEO Mike Lazaridis is slated to take the stage later today in Las Vegas at the CTIA show and all eyes will be focused on RIM’s answer to Apple’s App Store. While we wished that RIM had held off on the launch of BlackBerry App World until Lazaridis’ little talk, there’s nothing that could have prevented this announcement from hitting at midnight. So, ladies and… Read More

  • Hitachi executive indicted on TFT-LCD price fixing scandal

    Ruh roh. Hitachi exec Sakae Someya along with other unnamed conspirators have just been charged in the global price fixing LCD scandal that rocked the tech world. OK, it didn’t really rock the tech world, but it was a pretty big deal and I’m sure Dell wasn’t too happy about it. Read More

  • Guest Post: Hack an AfterParty – An Exercise in Entrepreneurship

    This guest post is written by Larry Chiang, a co-founder of Duck9 who also regularly blogs for for BusinessWeek. In this post, he discusses some of the pros of organizing events as a means to increase your own exposure and make connections. My party mentor, Susan Roane, the author of ‘How to Work a Room‘, once told me, “Larry, there are two types of people in this world… Read More

  • Square-Enix "Security Token" for ultra-paranoid MMO players coming April 7

    Imagine you’re a serious Final Fantasy XI player. You might be afraid of someone stealing your store of Phoenix Down, or maybe that Coral Sword you’ve worked so hard for. You might be wanting to take steps to protect your investment. Luckily, SquEnix has you sorted out. It may be a bit overkill, but their new “security token” is probably as secure as you’re going… Read More

  • Hewlett-Packard Making Its Mark In The Cloud With HP Cloud Assure

    Hewlett-Packard has made its mark in the cloud computing space with today’s rollout of HP Cloud Assure, a new SaaS designed to help businesses adopt cloud-based services in a secure platform. HP Cloud Assure is made up of a suite of the company’s software, including HP Application Security Center, HP Performance Center and HP Business Availability Center. HP will also provide… Read More

  • EA releases DRM removal tool

    Unless you’re like me and buy all your EA games via Steam, you’ve got some serious DRM. And once you uninstalled the game, you’ve still got DRM. While EA has released a few game specific tools for removing said DRM, they haven’t exactly made it easy have they? Well good news – EA released a tool today that will help you manage the DRM from any game… Read More

  • Google Adsense Says Goodbye To Video Units Feature

    Google AdSense is eliminating its video units feature, which allows publishers to show YouTube content and video ads on their pages. Google says that by the end of April, the feature will be fully eliminated for existing AdSense clients and that new clients of the revenue sharing ad program will no longer be given the option to place video ads on their pages through the program. Publishers… Read More

  • Snowblind Map Pack now available for Gears of War 2

    BODIES AS SHIELDS!!! I haven’t typed out that phrase in a long while. Chances are you probably already downloaded the Snowblind Map Pack for Gears of War 2 but if you didn’t then this is your reminder. It’s available now for 800 MS points. You can also earn an extra 250 Achievement points. Hit the jump for a Snowblind trailer and further details on the new achievements. Read More

  • There's more than one way to skin a Firefox

    TechCrunch reported on the Mozilla Labs Personas work, allowing you to theme your Firefox web browser. I share Robin’s opinion that Mozilla should maybe, just maybe, focus on making Firefox a kick ass web browser, and leave the doodads and geegaws for other folks. Enter Brand Thunder, a company in Columbus, OH looking to “offer companies a compelling, patent-pending solution… Read More

  • CTIA09: Samsung Mondi, a huge WiMAX slider

    Samsung just unleashed the powerhouse that is the Mondi. This massive handset comes packing with speedy WiMAX support in a big daddy slider form factor. Winmo 6.1 powers the device and it seems that Samsung has big hopes for the huge device as it’s got just about everything possible in a mobile computing platform. Check it: MS Office, WiFi, BT 2.1, GPS with preloaded maps, 4 GB of… Read More

  • HP testing Android on netbooks

    This is completely off topic, but earlier today I was wondering if Google would eventually turn into Skynet. In case you’re wondering, I just got hooked on the Terminator television series. Anyway, the WSJ is reporting that HP is currently testing out Google’s Android platform for a possible netbook. They haven’t committed to an Android-based netbook, but HP’s… Read More

  • Samsung's Spring line roundup: mp3, Blu-ray players, and TVs galore

    Samsung is rolling out some new products this spring, and they want you to know all about it. We’ll be looking at three basic product lines: their mp3 players, Blu-ray players, and LED-backlit televisions. We saw some of these back at CES, but now they’re priced and coming out at a store near you. Lots of info after the hump. Read More

  • Samsung officially unveils the Instinct s30 for Sprint

    Sprint and Samsung have just taken the wraps off the Instinct s30 aka Mini Instinct at CTIA. It launches on Sprint April 19th in two colors – Cobalt Metal or Touch of Copper. The s30 doesn’t deviate too much from the original Instinct, but developers can now jump on the s30 with open access to core Java APIs like, Multimedia, Messaging, Bluetooth, Contacts/Calendar and File Access. Read More

  • Video: Yahoo!'s Connected TV clutters your HDTV with widgets, but we're OK with that

    First announced at CES, Yahoo!’s widget engine, Connected TV, is now shipping with the Samsung 7000 series LED HDTV, which starts at $2500. The 7000 series Samsung LED HDTVs can either be wired into your home network or connected through a wireless router that costs an extra $80 from Samsung. The widgets essentially let you surf the Web while you’re catching up on some boob tube. Read More

  • Android tether app yanked by T-Mo

    I just saw this app the other day, and now — it’s gone! How shocking! It looks like “Wifi tether for root users” was in violation of T-Mobile’s terms of service, and Google has shown its cards by removing it. No one really thought the Android Marketplace was going to be a Wild West of G1 apps, but it’s a little disappointing to see just how locked-down… Read More

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