• Cliqset Debuts Second Iteration Of Social Identity Platform, Raises $1.5 Million

    Jacksonville, Florida-based Cliqset is launching the second beta version of its online identity platform today with some nifty new features, and is also announcing that it has raised $1.5 million in financing from a single angel investor. Cliqset is not exactly an easy concept to explain, but here goes. Essentially, the platform aims to stitch together the social web by allowing users and… Read More

  • Hitachi to produce mini LCDs with world's highest resolution

    FED and SED are practically dead, Plasmas never really took off and OLED are still too expensive to produce. Now Hitachi Displays wants to change this by dramatically improving the good old LCDs, at least for mobile devices (even for these, OLED are far from being a regularly used). Read More

  • TRV$DJAM Charges Nothing But A Tweet For New Mixtape

    Here’s a cool way for music artists to reward their biggest fans and get some Viral Marketing® in return: drummer Travis Barker and turntablist DJ-AM (aka Adam Goldstein) are offering their just-released second mixtape, “Fix Your Face Vol. 2 – Coachella ’09”, up for free download in exchange for a mere Twitter message. The duo, conventiently made up of two… Read More

  • Apparently Bing Is Something Of A Hit

    Thursday may not have been Microsoft Bing Day, but today sure is. Microsoft quietly launched their new search engine without fanfare and sans parade. Last week everyone got to see the demo video and a few of us were actually able to access Bing for our reviews. Most everyone, though, just had to wait to actually try the service. Initial reader comments tended towards the negative on… Read More

  • Seatwave Scores $17 Million In Fourth Funding Round

    Seatwave, the UK-based upstart behind the eponymous marketplace for secondary tickets, has landed $17 million in Series D funding led by Accel Partners with Atlas Venture, Mangrove Capital Partners, Fidelity Ventures and Adinvest joining the round, writes Atlas partner Fred Destin on his blog. Recently named Europe’s fastest growing digital media company by investment bank GP… Read More

  • Edocr Aims To Be A DocStoc For Corporates – Is That Enough?

    Edocr, a smaller competitor to other document sharing startups like DocStoc and Scribd, re-launches today with new features and an API, after a long time off-radar. Eschewing the publisher focus of Issuu, or the broad business focus of DocStoc, the boot-strapped Edocr focuses on corporates and organisations. So for instance, companies can upload all their public-facing documents, whether they… Read More

  • CrunchGear Week in Review: A Mighty Duel Edition

    BBQ Sword: Swashbuckling meets Deliciousness and has a baby named Fun
    Mega Man 2.5D: Holy wow
    Video Review: Bleep Labs Thingamagoop Read More

  • Badda-Bing Indeed.

    This is just too good. One of the features of Microsoft’s just launched Bing search engine is that it auto-plays videos in results when you hover over them. Naturally, the first thing a number of people, like Loic Le Meur, did was search for “sex” or “porn.” The results are majestic — if you’re a teenager looking for a way around porn filters on… Read More

  • MashLogic Launches, Adds High Powered Angels To Investor List

    MashLogic, a browser tool that gives users contextual information about content on websites (since publisher-driven links often don’t do the job), is coming out of beta this morning. And they’re announcing a second seed round of financing – $500,000 from high profile investors SoftTech VC, Scott Kurnit (About.com founder), Reid Hoffman (LinkedIn founder) and Gil Penchina… Read More

  • Go Bing Yourself, Right Now

    It doesn’t have quite the same ring to it as go Google yourself, but now you can go Bing yourself. (Then again, Google took a few years to become a verb.). Bing, Microsoft’s latest effort to compete in search, is now live on a “preview” site. The key thing to pay attention to is the guided search assistance on the left and the different experiences for the travel… Read More

  • Real-Time Twitter Search, Hold The "Real-Time"

    Many believe the greatest potential of Twitter lies in its ability to perform real-time searches of various keywords. So when that functionality is delayed by some 3 hours, as it is right now, and has been throughout much of the night, with no explanation, you can imagine that users are going to get a little annoyed. Go ahead, search for anything right now — a good example is for the… Read More

  • E3 2009 coverage starts tomorrow

    Time sure does fly. It’s been a whole year since Devin and I popped our E3 cherries and we find ourselves back in LA for what is expected to be a return to glory for the Electronic Entertainment Expo. Not much going on today except for a few parties, but I did pass the convention center on my way to the hotel and noticed that Ubisoft and Sony dropped crazy money on signage. Read More

  • Square/new Roomba coming sooner than later?

    Could a new Roomba be hitting the streets? Tipster Kason Jinkaid writes: Not sure if this excites you, but I heard from a Costco salesperson
    that they’re getting new Roombas “soon”, though that could mean
    months. They aren’t stocking the ones they’ve been carrying (model
    550). Also Woot just sold off a bunch for 535s for ~$100 less than
    what they usually sell… Read More

  • Video: Refractor telescope from 1934 still in use at Philadelphia's Franklin Institute

    Derrick Pitts, lead astronomer at Philadelphia’s Franklin Institute, talks about the telescope used in the Bloom Observatory. The 10-inch refractor telescope has been around since 1934, and was built by Carl Zeiss Jena and shipped over from Germany. Read More

  • Video: Inside The Google Holodeck

    At this past week’s Google I/O event in San Francisco, Google brought a contraption it calls the “Holodeck,” for event-goers to experience. Basically, it’s a near-360 degree way to view Google Street View in fast motion, high definition video. Danny Sullivan posted a bunch of pictures of the thing earlier in the week. Unfortunately, Google only allows it to show the area… Read More

  • Last.fm Brags About Uptime, Overheats, Goes Offline

    Music service Last.fm, which was bragging about server uptime a week and a half ago, shuts its doors for the afternoon, claiming “datacenter temperature issues beyond our control” required them to go offline. The outage began around 12:30 pm PST, so we’re at two hours and counting. Updates are on their Twitter account. Read More

  • CrunchDeals: 19-inch Dell LCD for $89

    Dell’s got a $60 price break on its 19-inch S1909WX LCD monitor, which brings it to $89 with free shipping. The monitor has a 1440×900 resolution, DVI and VGA inputs, 1000:1 contrast ratio, 300 cd/m2 brightness, and 5ms response time. Read More

  • Republican PR Director Calls Facebook's Randi Zuckerberg "totally full of sh*t"

    One thing I love about Facebook spokesperson Randi Zuckerberg – she says exactly what she thinks, and she isn’t afraid to use the power of Facebook to back up her opinions. Mean bar bouncers can lose their Facebook pages (this was later retracted but remains funny). Meanwhile, Holocaust deniers are given a pass. Now she’s taking on the Republican party, and the Republican… Read More

  • Shots of the new iPhone’s interface surface

    The world woke this morning to the sight of some of screens from the iPhone 3.0 firmware, proving that we must remain vigilant every single day until WWDC next week. Perhaps tomorrow we’ll see images of the iPhone’s biomimetic skin? Read More

  • Security is lax in Spanish metro areas

    A screen in a public bicycle lending site in Zamora, Spain was hacked to display porn for hours and hours, resulting in loads of Iberian titters and even more Iberian… well. Read More

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