• HTC Lancaster: AT&T's first Android device already in trouble?

    Why does this not surprise me? Remember the whole fiasco with the BlackBerry Bold? Looks like AT&T is shafting HTC and its first Android device, the Lancaster. According to the Digi Times, the launch of Lancaster could either be delayed or canceled because it hasn’t passed AT&T’s validation process. It was supposed to launch earlier this month, but that obviously… Read More

  • Twitter Outcasts: @Home, @Jobs, @Tos And @Privacy

    Looking for the Twitter homepage? You can head on over to Twitter.com/home. Interested in learning more about the company’s terms of service or privacy policy? There’s Twitter.com/tos and Twitter.com/privacy for you. Interested in taking a job at Twitter HQ? Zoom over to Twitter.com/jobs. Just make sure you use nothing but lowercase characters when you type in those URLs, because… Read More

  • CX2: Ricoh unveils digital camera with 10.7 optical zoom

    Ricoh in Japan today unveiled the CX2 [find the press release in English below], an update to the CX1 that went on sale in March this year. And they upgraded quite a lot of the main specs. You still get a 9.29MP CMOS sensor, but the burst rate at maximum resolution is at 5fps now (up from 4) and Ricoh also improved the optical zoom from 7.1 to 10.7. Read More

  • SEO.com Jumps Into Web Design Business With Graphics.net Acquisition

    Online marketing and search engine optimization firm SEO.com is expanding its services to include web design / development with the acquisition of Graphics.net, as announced yesterday for an undisclosed amount. Michael Benson from Graphics.net will join SEO.com as the vice president of Web development. The acquisition of Maryland-based Graphics.net by SEO.com makes sense, because the latter… Read More

  • Kidlandia Is Bringing Its Personalized Fantasy Maps To A Pottery Barn Kids Near You

    Regular TechCrunch readers may remember Kidlandia, the awesome site that lets you create your own personalized fantasy maps for your kids. Choose one of Kidlandia’s pre-designed map layouts, and you can customize it with various mythical characters, your child’s name, and whatever else suits your fancy. Thing is, it can be tough for kid-friendly companies like this to really… Read More

  • Posterous Finally Has An iPhone App, Could Have Been Way Better

    We’re big fans (and users) of übersimple microblogging service Posterous here at TechCrunch, and I’ve been eagerly awaiting the day that the young upstart would finally come out with an iPhone app. Frankly, needing to go to the camera roll on my iPhone and e-mailing in pictures I wanted to post on my Posterous blog every time had become a little tedious. Now Posterous co-founder… Read More

  • Daily Crunch: Shoestring Diet Edition

    Step-by-step kitchen timer helps terrible chefs suck less
    British steam-powered car poised to break speed record
    Back to School: Wide World of Ramen Read More

  • Like Electronic Music? You'll Love Mugasha

    There’s no shortage of websites that enable you to tune into electronic music streams (Digitally Imported leaps to mind), but that doesn’t mean there’s no way to better the offering. Just take a look at Play.fm for example, which we covered favorably earlier this year when they launched their public beta. A new serious contender that is making its debut today is Mugasha… Read More

  • Infinita.tv makes sure you stay on top of Japan's mobile tech scene

    Everyone pretty much agrees that Japan boasts the most advanced mobile infrastructure in the world. After all, this is the country with 100 million 3G subscribers, 120 new handsets every year, the first mobile phone featuring a decent web browser (in 1999) etc. etc. But it’s pretty hard to keep up with what’s going in Japan’s super-vibrant mobile world if you don’t… Read More

  • Bethesda month(s) away from announcing new 2010 IP

    Pete Hines, VP of Marketing and PR for Bethesda, quietly whispered that we should expect a little something “in the next month or so”, reports MTV. It’s something that hasn’t been announced! No, MTV, it’s not a “Where’s Waldo” title because Ubisoft is working on that right now. Read More

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