• dukaUS Launches Free Conference Calling, Realizes It Won't Make Money

    Jaduka, a communications company that effectively creates an API for telephone-based services, has a launched a new conference call service called dukaUS that’s easy to use and totally free. To initiate a call, you need to create an account (name, Email address, and phone number, but no billing information). After entering up to six phone numbers, the site will automatically dial each… Read More

  • European Union checking to see if wireless carriers are blocking VoIP

    The executive branch of the European Union is investigating whether wireless carriers there are illegally blocking VoIP calls from being carried over their networks. You know you can’t use Skype-like applications over 3G using your iPhone? If the Commission gets its way, that practice would end, one would assume. It’s like this: the European Commission doesn’t like it… Read More

  • Samsung Saga aka i770 hitting retailers 12/1, but you can get it this Friday

    According to a screen grab posted by VZW E over on HF the Samsung i770 that was supposed to ship last quarter will go on sale this Friday. That’s all, folks. Read More

  • Luxury headphones (in this environment): V-Moda's Vibe II

    What a terrible time to release “luxury headphones,” but such is V-Moda’s luck. Its Vibe II headphones are one of those noise isolating deals—that is, the headphones block out external sound (using a fancy silicone that the company calls Bass Level Isolating Soft Silicone, or BLISS) but don’t cancel out noise, if that makes any sense. They’ll only be… Read More

  • There's more Dell Studio (PRODUCT) RED laptops out there

    Dell now has more (PRODUCT) RED-branded laptops for you to choose from. New today are the Dell Studio 15 and Studio 17—go ahead and guess how large their displays are. The laptops can be configured with artwork from one of three artists whom I’ve never heard of—Joseph Amedokpo, Siobhan Gunning and Bruce Mau—which probably means they’re fantastic. (My knowledge of… Read More

  • uberVu To Clean Up The Blog/Twitter/FriendFeed Conversation Mess

    London based uberVU is about to launch a discussion-tracking product that will aggregate comments, Twitters, FriendFeed comments, trackbacks and other information about any URL (like a blog post) on the Internet. There’s real demand for this. Any given blog post, for example, may have lots of comments and trackbacks (links from other blogs discussing the post). But the conversation can… Read More

  • Audiovox announces the ARW51, AR5100 and Advent Quick Connect

    Tonight in Manhattan at the gala that is CES Unveiled, Audiovox announced three new products to solve your iPod docking, wireless speaker and in-car entertainment needs. The AR5100 is a shiny blade-like docking station with sensitive touch controls, component-video out, “horn-loaded tweeters, a ported enclosure, and premium audio crossovers.” It will be available next month for $200. Read More

  • Birdhouse peeping tom video kit

    Boy Scouts, it’s time to upgrade your birdhouses with a little camera kit. The Handykam system comes in either a wired or wireless version and gives you a birds-eye (I’m so damn funny) view of the birdhouses action via the ceiling mount. The cam shoots at 420 resolution and even sports an infrared mode if you really care about birds that much. The system starts at $110 for the… Read More

  • Sigma buys out sensor maker Foveon

    Sigma has been using Foveon sensors in its cameras for a couple years now, although some questioned the efficacy of said sensor in their ambitious but disappointing DP1. (Good explanation of the Foveon sensor here). Apparently, though, Sigma is confident enough in the technology that they’re willing to buy Foveon lock, stock, and barrel. Maybe they know something we don’t. What… Read More

  • Left 4 Dead demo now free 4 all

    I actually pre-ordered the game last night so I could get me some L4D demo, but now that’s no longer necessary. Fire up Steam and download all 3.2GB (!!!) of it, it’s super fun. Play it on Advanced and get your buns handed to you. I played a few rounds last night and when you lose, you feel like it’s your fault for not working together enough (or shooting each other a lot). Read More

  • Vote For Your Favorite FBFund Apps, Help Them Win Some Cash

    Facebook is in the final stages of selecting five winners of $225,000 FBfund grants and has just put up a Facebook application that lets members vote for their favorite apps out of the 25 finalists. (See my earlier post for details). There is a video for each app, and you can vote once per day. I took a quick look at the applicants, and the ones that get my vote are BottleRocket (wine… Read More

  • Video: The DIY SNES digital clock

    Here’s another “because you can” mod. It’s an SNES turned into a digital clock, perfect for showing off your tinkering skills. A video of it in action? Why not? Read More

  • Good news and bad news for Circuit City

    Circuit City has a lot to be thankful for this Thankgiving after a $1.1 billion dollar loan from Bank of America. That amount should cover operating expenses and take care of inventory concerns over the holiday season. In addition to yesterdays bankruptcy, Circuit City owes HP and Samsung, among the rest of the debt, over $2.3 billion – $119 million to HP and $117 million to… Read More

  • Community-designed VDC Mimobot Series now available

    Now this is something I’d like to see the bigger tech co.’s latch onto. Last year Mimoco started the Vimobot Design Contest by releasing oversized blank vinyl toys for artists and fans to use as a blank canvas to showcase their skills. The hundreds of designs submitted were eventually wittled down to 20 and then six by Mimobot forum members and now the six winning designs are… Read More

  • Loopt Hires Allen & Co. For Financing Or Sale

    Loopt is in the news today. In addition to getting a nice surge in iPhone downloads after being featured in an Apple TV commercial, we’ve heard that they’ve hired investment bank Allen & Co. to represent them in a sale or financing transaction. A sale in this economic environment is extremely unlikely, so we’re guessing they’re looking to add to the $13.3… Read More

  • MadeIT Can't Make It In Invites, Switches To Online Ticketing

    MadeIT, a San Francisco-based startup we profiled over a year ago, is leaving the crowded space of event planning and invitation applications and entering the equally-crowded space of online ticketing service providers. CEO Stephen Weir told me that the reason for the new direction is simply an economical one. More specifically, he stated that he took a good look at the balance sheet earlier… Read More

  • Review: SanDisk Sansa Clip

    Quick Version: Starting at under $40, the Sansa Clip from SanDisk makes an excellent wearable MP3 player if you’re looking for something small that still has plenty of features. Read More

  • Tread: bags and cases made from recycled tires

    Tire rubber certainly is a “supermaterial.” Although I feel it’s more suited to resisting wear and providing grip to F1 cars, it’s also tough, waterproof, and flexible when correctly manipulated. Tread has a lot of faith in the stuff, and has been repurposing South American waste tires to make all sorts of laptop bags, camera cases, and cell phone pouches. The prices… Read More

  • Loopt Jumps Ahead Of Facebook And MySpace On iPhone. Told You.

    Facebook and MySpace have great mobile apps. At least, they’re great if you’re satisfied with a subset of the features you get on their normal websites. But they don’t yet take advantage of location/presence features on the iPhone and other platforms. We said this summer that they ignore location at their peril, and we still believe it. Loopt, one of a handful of… Read More

  • Circuit City liquidation fail party

    There have been reports that the Circuit City liquidation sales rely on false pretenses and incompetent liquidators. Example: this 5% off tag for what appears to be an HP 12.1 inch laptop. Nice, huh? Anyone else got some tasty pics for us? Read More

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