• RRoD: the t-shirt

    The Xbox 360’s achievement model has been incredibly successful, but there is one that no one wants to get. It’s also the easiest. The dreaded RRoD! Now you can display your achievement with pride. Read More

  • Google provides peek at Android marketplace, doesn't spill release date

    Google trickled out some screenshots from the upcoming refresh to the Android marketplace today. They are responding to complaints that the experience is unwieldy to users, and adding subcategories and regional options. While we know that this will be version 1.6 of the marketplace, there’s no word on exactly when it’s going to be released. See the video after the jump. Read More

  • Video: LG's AMOLED display is mighty thin – miiiighty thin

    1.7mm. Well! I remember when I was impressed by a third of an inch — a comparably girthy 8mm. These LG TVs use AMOLED technology, which pretty much is the business except for cost and size limitations right now. Keep in mind that the guts of the TV aren’t contained in that thin part — but the fact that it can stand alone means that the CPU and such can all be hidden or… Read More

  • Are Chevy Volt buyers idiots? Audi's American president thinks so.

    The Chevy Volt is “a car for idiots.” Really? Dem be fightin words, Johan de Nysschen. Read More

  • Limited edition PAX Razer Moray+ headphones

    Oh boy, more limited edition PAX gear! These don’t differ in any serious way from the normal Moray+ headphones (which I’ve been neglecting and will review shortly), which is to say they’re a solid pair of in-ears with a built-in mic for on-the-go gaming. Plus, the PAX branding makes them awesomer. We gave away a PAX-edition Death Adder last year, and I get the feeling… Read More

  • Hexagon.cc: Now it's BitTorrent's turn to go ‘social’

    Social this, social that. Looks like everything is being socialized these days—but not the American health care system, zing!—so it only makes sense for someone to try to socialize BitTorrent. It doesn’t hurt when that “someone” is the people behind IsoHunt, who just launched Read More

  • Rejoice Mac-Berry users, Blackberry desktop manager coming to OS X

    It’s finally happened. After months, nay years of waiting, the Blackberry desktop manager is finally coming out for OS X. It’s currently in beta, but it says version 1.0.0, so it is coming — although the current version appears to have leaked. Read More

  • First Video Footage Of The New Android Market

    Good news for Android developers: Google has just posted a video of the upcoming refresh for its Android Market, the online store that allows users to download new software to their Android phones. And the changes are very promising. According to the understated Android blog post, developers will be able to include screenshots, promotional icons, and descriptions for their applications. The… Read More

  • Dazzboard partners with MySites to offer unlimited cloud storage

    News reaches us of a marriage in Finland. Linkotec, the company behind Dazzboard, an “open iTunes” that works with pretty much any media player, just announced a partnership with social cloud storage provider MySites. Both companies are based in Helsinki. The deal gives Dazzboard users access to the MySites cloud where they can store and share an unlimited amount of data. Users… Read More

  • Brighten up your day (or salad) with a homemade 1UP Power Up!

    Generally speaking, the preferred method for procuring a 1UP Power Up is collecting 100 golden Mario coins to smash your fist into a giant question mark block. BUT, if you’re really in need of a quick (and less painful) pick-me-up, grab yourself a shiny new radish, a paring knife, and maybe a Sharpie (for the eyes?!). Follow the visual instructions above and…voila! 1UP! Power Up! Read More

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