• Review: T-Mobile webConnect USB laptop stick

    Let’s just cut to the chase, folks. T-Mobile’s first USB dongle is a welcome addition to the big magenta, but it has its flaws. However, as a long time T-Mobile customer I’m just happy to have a broadband dongle at all. My speed tests in the Bay Area (CA) were quite good both in San Francisco and around the Bay. I was averaging between 700 and 800kbps down and around 300kbps… Read More

  • Video: Shop! Windows! Phone! Your Windows phone!

    WinMo 6.5’s Marketplace, basically a Microsoft App Store, is getting lots of ink this week at CTIA. 1800PocketPC has some interesting news including the addition of a 24-hour “return period,” carrier-based billing, and carrier specific stores. Read More

  • Facebook Sure Does Have Trouble Keeping Execs

    Facebook will soon have its third chief financial officer in less than two years, the company announced today via a leak to the Wall Street Journal. Gideon Yu, the man who came back from Dubai empty handed, is out. The hunt for his successor is starting now. Facebook says this is about getting a CFO with public company experience (“We have retained Spencer Stuart to lead our search for a… Read More

  • Ohio man drinks 15 beers, gets DUI for driving away on bar stool

    A man near Columbus, Ohio got charged with drunk driving after he crashed a lawnmower with a bar stool attached to it. Kyle Wygle told police officers that he drank 15 beers and that his motorized bar stool had a top speed of 38 miles per hour. He was taken to a nearby hospital for minor injuries and has pleaded not guilty to the charge of driving while intoxicated. Read More

  • More Layoffs Hit hi5

    We’ve confirmed that hi5, the third largest social network in the world, is laying off employees today. hi5’s VP of Marketing, Mike Trigg, wouldn’t say how many employees were being let go but we’ve received multiple independent tips that the social network laid off 50% of its staff. Previous to this round of layoffs, hi5 employed around 100 people. Trigg said the… Read More

  • Networks In Motion To Launch First GPS App For BlackBerry App World

    In news that seems to indicate that Blackberry’s App World is indeed launching tomorrow, we’ve learned that Networks In Motion (NIM) will be releasing a GPS application for the BlackBerry on Wednesday, which would make it the first (or at least, tied for first) GPS app available on the new storefront. NIM has built a number of applications and services for its partners… Read More

  • AT&T data cards can remotely disable subsidized netbooks for nonpayment

    New Ericsson-brand mobile 3G data modules apparently have something called a “kill pill” that’s capable of disabling a computer remotely in the instance that a customer doesn’t pay his or her bill or cancels a credit card used to pay on-contract monthly charges. Read More

  • Confirmed: Facebook Loses CFO Gideon Yu

    Facebook is losing its CFO Gideon Yu. The Wall Street Journal broke the news earlier today, and speculated that the reason could be that Facebook might want to make an early bid for an IPO and wants a CFO with public company experience (which is complete nonsense). Yu was previously the CFO of YouTube. At Facebook, he was key to raising money from Microsoft at the famous $15 billion… Read More

  • Howard Stern is getting a Palm Pre before everyone else

    A “shock jock” by the name of Howard Stern is getting a Palm Pre before you will. Before us, even. Palm is going to give Sirius’ $500 million man an in-person hands-on, before whisking the phone away, back to Palm’s lair. Read More

  • Sprint launches the Sanyo SCP-2700, relaunches the Lotus in red

    If you’re lookin’ for a barebones QWERTY candybar on the cheap, Sprint and Sanyo have a handset you should see. Well, they will in May. We’re not quite sure why they announcing this one a whole month early, but Sprint and Sanyo have let it be known that the SCP-2700 will be hitting the shelves (exclusively at Sprint) come May 10th. For a cent shy of $30 dollars, a… Read More

  • Mozilla Weave Now Lets You Sync Your Mobile Browser Too

    Today, Mozilla Labs released the 0.3 version of Weave, its project that syncs multiple browsers in the cloud. Weave lets users sync their bookmarks, tabs, passwords, and histories in the cloud across Firefox browsers on different computers. With today’s release, you can also sync with Fennec, Firefox’s mobile browser, which unfortunately right now only works on one kind of phone… Read More

  • Video of MSI's MacBook Air-like X340

    German-language site NewGadgets.de got a hands-on with a preproduction X-Slim X340 from MSI (see our previous coverage here) and, although I don’t understand more than a few words of German, the video leaves some of the following impressions: Read More

  • Sharp's future: More LCD TVs and solar panels

    It looks like Sharp is seeing its (near) future in LCD TVs and solar panels. The company tomorrow sets up Sharp Display Products Corporation (SDP), a subsidiary based in Osaka. In addition, Toshiba will be partnering with Sharp to step up production of solar panels. The picture shows a solar-powered LCD TV Sharp showcased in July last year. Read More

  • HP 2140 to ship with high res display starting April 1

    When it came to light that Dell was offering their Mini 10 with a HD display, I immediately thought about the HP 2140. It was supposed to ship with a high res display back in mid-February, but never did. And Dell’s Mini 10 wouldn’t be shipping with the 1366×768 display for another two weeks so I pinged HP to see what the deal was. Maybe there was a delay or quality issues with… Read More

  • Are you outraged by those TSA 3D body scan machines, America?

    Gather ’round for the time-honored American tradition of pretending to be outraged by something. (If we’re to believe that outlet of populist outrage monger, the Drudge Report.) It’s one of those airport security body scanning devices, this time going on trial at the Salt Lake City airport. The left two images show a woman, while the right two are a man. Read More

  • Portable game emulator looks like a Game Boy Micro, plays all sorts of ROMs

    Now here’s a portable emulator system that actually looks nice and has an old-school four way gamepad. Chinavasion’s Multi Platform Portable Gaming Entertainment Station “is often lovingly called the Delightfully Small (DS) gaming entertainment system,” according to the product page. While it doesn’t look quite like a traditional DS, it borrows a lot of the… Read More

  • Olympus announces the E-450 DSLR

    Having manhandled Olympus’ DSLRs at last year’s US Open, I can say with certainty that their tiny line of SLRs have come a long way in the last few years. Further strengthening the line is the E-450. The 10-megapixel shooter features a 2.7-inch LCD, Live View, Four Thirds lens mount and three Art Filters. It’s just as small as the E-420 measuring in at… Read More

  • Guitar Hero cufflinks leave no doubt that you're really into not playing real instruments

    If you refuse to take up real instruments but insist on showing your love for Guitar Hero or Rock Band AND you have to wear a nice suit or a tuxedo more than two or three times each year, might I suggest these $50 Guitar Video Game Cufflinks? Read More

  • Samsung officially acknowledges Instinct Mini's existence

    Presumably your Korean is as rusty as mine, so apologies in advance for not taking too much away from Samsung’s official reveal of the Instinct Mini, more accurately known as the S30. There’s a good chance that Samsung will show off the phone sometime this week at CTIA, where Greg is currently running about. Read More

  • CTIA09: Samsung to preview the Instinct "Mini" S30

    Tucked away in a Korean press release alongside the likes of the long ago announced Samsung Behold, Memoir, and Omnia HD was one little gem we’d yet to have seen in any official light: the Instinct S30. Of course, it’s not the first time we’ve ever seen it – but it’s nice to know it wasn’t some incredibly elaborate hoax put on by some crafty gent just looking… Read More

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