• Woobius introduces the construction industry to 21st century collaboration

    You’d think that with the futuristic and gravity defying creations they spawn, architects would be leading the vanguard of efficient working practices. It turns out they’re still stuck in the 90s, where sharing files and collaborating with partners and clients is done via CD and bike messenger, or – shock! horror! – even printouts sent by post. Tech startup Woobius… Read More

  • IAB Reports 5 Percent Decline in U.S. Online Ad Revenues For First Quarter 2009

    More evidence just came in that the recession has come to online advertising (in case you were still wondering). The Interactive Advertising Bureau (IAB) and PricewaterhouseCooper today reported their numbers for online advertising revenues in the U.S., and they are not pretty. Internet advertising declined 5 percent in the first quarter of 2009 to $5.5 billion, compared to the first quarter… Read More

  • HDMI over Powerline by Averlogic

    Now this makes sense. Can’t you see the future when all you need to do is plug your new flat-screen into a wall outlet and the video will magically appear on the screen? Averlogic has a system that’s not that advance, but can still send 1080p24 video with 5.1 audio over standard power lines. Both ends of the transmission of course have a box, but hopefully someone, somewhere is… Read More

  • New iPhone christened iPhone Video?

    With rumors of the new iPhone’s video recording and editing capability abound, it seems clear that Apple is focusing their attention on one of their mobile juggernaut’s weakest points. So much so, in fact, that rumors also peg the new iPhone as having a front-facing camera for honest-to-goodness video chat (as opposed to AT&T’s one-way Video Share streaming service). Read More

  • Video: Hybrid HP Mini with pop-out tablet PC looks phenomenal

    Yes, yes, yes. Check out this prototype from VIA. It’s a hybrid tablet PC netbook. The screen pops out of the main body and functions as an Android tablet and when docked back into the body — in this case, an HP Mini 1000-series netbook — it runs XP. Read More

  • Sprint CEO: Not so fast, Verizon, the Pre is ours

    Sprint CEO Dan Hesse said that Palm Pre exclusivity will be longer than “six months” according to a CNET interview. “We are very different company than we were 12 months ago,” he said. “And the Pre is the coming-out party for the new Sprint that shows off our fantastic data network and rate plans.” Read More

  • Steve could come back to WWDC this Monday

    A guy who knows a guy at Apple says he saw a guy who drove a guy to work who knows the kids of a guy who works with the guy who works next to the office of the guy who brings fresh ground coffee to the girl who puts water into the coffee-maker for the guy who brings the coffee and single, perfect bearclaw to Steve Jobs’ sub-assistant’s assistant who works next to Steve Jobs’… Read More

  • Acer's Android netbooks to dual boot Windows

    Looks like those Android netbooks from Acer that are supposed to show up later this year will actually be dual-boot systems running Android and Windows. Read More

  • Robot Pickup Lines On Twitter Will Turn You Out

    Fridays on Twitter usually mean one thing: Being bombarded with “Follow Friday” messages. You know the ones, they contain usually no information other than a bunch of Twitter names followed by the #followfriday hashtag. But this Friday brings a new potential challenger: Robot Pickup Lines. Thousands of messages are coming across the network tagged with #robotpickuplines. As you… Read More

  • Help Key: We answer all of your DTV questions

    The analog shutoff date of June 12 is right around the corner. It will be here before you know it. The transition from analog to digital has been riddled with rumors and half-truths, but we’re here to help. Drop us a question after the jump and we’ll ensure that you and your family are prepared for the switch. Read More

  • Are you dumb enough to buy a Pre from eBay?

    You’ve waited so long, and your time has almost come. If you’re anything like me, you’re refining your early morning line strategy, making calls to every Best Buy Mobile, Radio Shack, and Sprint store within a ten mile radius, and psyching yourself up to elbow a guy in the face if need be. In short: the Pre drops tomorrow, and you’re getting one no matter what the… Read More

  • One Definite Advantage Of The Pre Over The iPhone: Push Gmail

    Google has a post today on its blog outlining how many of its applications are built right into the Palm Pre’s webOS. That’s hardly surprising given that it’s an OS built around the web technologies Google knows and loves: HTML, CSS and JavaScript. But buried in the post is a little nugget of information that is sure to enrage some iPhone owners: The Pre will support push… Read More

  • More iPhone "leaked" pics

    Is this the new iPhone? Maybe. Maybe not. We’ll find out on Monday. One thing is for sure though. These pics do show a different iPhone with a small button on the bottom right, and the headphone jack possibly relocated to the bottom of the phone. Thoughts? Read More

  • OpenSocial Apps Invade MyYahoo: Mint, kaChing, WordPress, And More

    Yahoo just opened its doors to a bunch of new OpenSocial apps. People who use MyYahoo as a startpage can now add apps from Mint, KaChing, WordPress, and more. The apps include a small view which appear on your MyYahoo page, but can also open up into a canvas view (which is essentially a dedicated page on Yahoo for that particular app). The Mint app, for instance, gives you a dashboard view… Read More

  • Yahoo Mail, Now With Extra Apps: PayPal, Picnik, Zumo Drive and Xoopit

    Yahoo is introducing a slew of new applications that aim to complement its free webmail service today. Since December last year, Yahoo features a number of third-party applications inside Yahoo Mail, such as Xoopit, Flickr and Flixster, all in a good effort to reduce the amount of websites you need to visit as well as time you need to spend to perform certain task related to communicating… Read More

  • Ozzie at the Bat

    Microsoft Chief Software Architect Ray Ozzie faced down two hardball questions in a Q & A wrap to a conversation with Wired editor Steven Levy at the Churchill Club. On one, a much anticipated question about Google’s new realtime collaboration tool Wave, Ozzie had put a lot of thought into the answer. He praised the small startup project as only he could, as a clone of the Groove… Read More

  • Google Finance Sheds Its Beta Label Three Years After Launch; Still Can't Touch Yahoo

    The cutesy culture at Google might be coming to an end. The company is finally getting serious by dropping the don’t-blame-us-it’s-only-a-beta label on products that have been around for years. We thought apps like Gmail and Google Docs would be the first to lose the beta label because those are sold to enterprise customers. But Google Finance beat them to it. If you go to… Read More

  • The myTouch 3G: T-Mobile USA's name for the HTC Magic

    This is a picture of the box of T-Mobile’s version of the HTC Magic, called the myTouch 3G. It should be available sometime this summer. Read More

  • IGT Poaches Microsoft's Interactive Entertainment Business CTO Chris Satchell

    Reno, Nevada-based maker of slot machines and other gaming products International Game Technology has hired Chris Satchell to fill the newly-added position of CTO at the publicly listed company. Satchell comes from Microsoft, where he filled the same role for Redmond’s Interactive Entertainment Business, responsible for technical strategy and execution across the video gaming… Read More

  • Totlol Developer Forced To Shut Down Video Service For Kids

    Great idea, good execution, reasonable traction, no future. That’s what it boils down to with the latest entry to the deadpool: Totlol, a video destination site that aggregates the best videos suitable for kids from YouTube with the help of a community of parents and toddlers, is closing down. When Erick reviewed the service back in November 2008, he deemed the service an impressive… Read More

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