• Video: Pwnage 2.0 in action!

    Here’s a video of the iPhone Dev Team’s Pwnage 2.0. The newest version of the application will support Firmware 2.0 when its released. Read More

  • OCZ launches Alchemy line with Elixir gaming keyboard

    OCZ continues their expansion into the peripheral market by introducing a budget minded gaming keyboard (unlike these). Highlighting the keyboard are features such as 10 tri-mode programmable macro keys, mode selection, and a pop-up menu shortcut. The ergonomically minded keyboard features rubber-coated keys for easy gripping, and the whole package is wrapped around a $30.00 price tag. Dubbed… Read More

  • Want an iPhone 3G from Craigslist or eBay? Get ready to pay more than $1,000

    While now may be the best time to buy an iPhone 2G on Craigslist or eBay, it sure as hell isn’t the time to buy an iPhone 3G on those same sites. Cruising Craigslist New York and San Francisco, one finds iPhone 3Gs for as much as $1,000. Prices on eBay are much the same, around the $1,000 mark. One even costs $1,600. What?! Maybe I’m hungover from all the iPhone news, but why would… Read More

  • Screen Shots Of Upcoming MySpace Data Availability Widget for iGoogle

    MySpace and Google demonstrated an interesting mashup of the MySpace Data Availability API, oAuth and the iGoogle gadget specification at the oAuth Summit a couple of weeks ago. The application, which pulls the core MySpace feature set into iGoogle, is not yet publicly available, although MySpace has said to expect in in August. It’s another example of data portability in action (as well… Read More

  • Yum: legume-shaped speakers for your pPod

    Get it, pPod? Pea pod? No? Okay. Well, you can still enjoy these little peanut/pea pod shaped speakers. Bird Electron, Japanese leatherworker in extraordinary and maker of the acclaimed leathernila envelope for your MacBook Air, have made these tiny soundblasters as cute as humanly possible. I have two doubts regarding these: first, whether they sound at all good, and second, whether you can… Read More

  • Not iPhone: ROCK! $30 off the Palm Centro from AT&T

    Didn’t get an iPhone today? Run back to the AT&T to store to get your sore legs a Palm Centro for $70. Why? So you have something to jam up Steve Jobs’ rear when you see him. Read More

  • Seattleites, go to Sub Pop's music festival for me and Zune it up

    I’m mainly posting this out of frustration, since I’m traveling to LA this weekend to visit friends and go to E3 and can’t go. If you’re in Seattle, you are likely aware of Sub Pop’s upcoming SP20 music festival, starting (kind of) tonight. I’m angry because I’m missing a bunch of sweet bands like Kinski, Low, Iron and Wine, and most of all Comets… Read More

  • AOL Implements Vidoop's OpenID-Based Authentication

    As of yesterday afternoon, AOL has implemented Vidoop’s visual authentication system as part of its OpenID initiative, which was formally launched in February 2007. Vidoop, a startup that replaces usernames and passwords with image grids, partnered with AOL to provide its OpenID users with an extra layer of security. This delivers Vidoop a potential user base of about 100 million… Read More

  • Hide your nasty popcorn habit from friends and family

    Oh man, here’s a thing that looks like a juke box but – BUT! – it’s actually a popcorn maker. Behold the future! Not only does it make popcorn, it makes movie theater style popcorn (yay!) using “healthy hot air” (awww). Why can’t they use hot, melty, buttery air mixed with gallons of oil? What about all the delicious trans-fat? If you’re into… Read More

  • Apple and AT&T in cahoots over fake iPhone shortage?

    Just got an interesting tip from a reader. I wasn’t there and I don’t know what happened, but apparently one of the AT&T stores in my neck of the woods has some iPhones in stock but can’t sell them until tomorrow because of some cryptic agreement with Apple. They’re taking orders for the phones today, but won’t sell them. Weird. Read More

  • Paint it black

    Researchers from MIT have been working on a way to use colored glass to increase the efficiency of solar collection. According to reports, the new technique involves painting dyes across the glass that redirect light to the solar cells placed along the edges, as opposed to covering the whole surface. This reduces the amount of expensive solar cell material required and possibly increases… Read More

  • Is Apple Manufacturing a First-Day iPhone Shortage?

    There’s nothing like scarcity to make you want something more. Apple understands this, which is why it tightly controls how many iPhones are available at any given time. Some anecdotal evidence is coming in that its partner AT&T is selling out of iPhones in some of its own stores before Apple stores. By noon ET today, for instance, at least ten AT&T stores in New York City… Read More

  • Zipcar gets people to go car-free for a month.

    Zipcar is running a promotion (unfortunately, they’re no longer accepting applications) called the Low-Car Diet that basically entails giving up your car for a month. In return, participants get free public transportation passes, a free Zipcar membership and driving credit, and other various perks. If you live in a populated area and you don’t own a car, I’d recommend the… Read More

  • Original flavor Eee PC for ¥100, no gaijin please

    If you’re in Japan and don’t have the scrilla to lay out for an Eee (really though, is it that much?), head over to a Kojima store and pick yourself up one for ¥100, and get a free 3G USB modem. That’s about 75 cents to us Americans. What’s the catch, apart from it only being available in Japan? Well, first of all it’s the original, 7-inch, 4GB Eee &mdash… Read More

  • TechCrunch Pitch! – Mini wrap-up

    A quick explanation: I’m working on a fuller write-up about the first TechCrunch Pitch! event in London last night, which will appear on TechCrunch.com. In the meantime, please go and check out the photos and videos kindly recorded by Moblog on our TechCrunch UK account, set up specially for the event. Also check out the Flickr photos from Benjamin Ellis, and Steve Bowbrick and video… Read More

  • Senators fight to end unfair wireless taxes

    Oregon Senator Ron Wyden has taken up the crusade of cutting the taxes we pay on wireless phones and services, according to a press release issued by the Senator, the average U.S. tax rate for most goods is about 7% but after combining state, local and federal taxes on cell phones and service the average rate more than doubles. That’s more than taxes on tobacco and alcohol, Senator… Read More

  • Not iPhone: First concept art of Half-Life 2: Episode 3 spotted

    In other news, the first piece of concept art from Half-Life 2: Episode Three is currently floating around The Internet. It shows one of the advisors that are currently running wild all over the planet. As a relative newcomer to the Half-Life world, I don’t feel I’ve yet paid my dues enough to comment on the art direction. It looks neat, sure, but I wonder what longtime fans of… Read More

  • Nielsen: iPhone In Fourth Place Among Smartphones, First In Customer Satisfaction (Not For Long)

    Nielsen Online is publishing stats about the mobile industry in general and the iPhone in particular today. They note that Apple still trails HTC, RIM and Palm in the smartphone market (that’s likely to change rather suddenly over the next few months), but leads the pack when it comes to user satisfaction (they clearly didn’t poll users today). 2/3 of the 2.3 million US iPhone… Read More

  • 8 iPhone Apps Demo Their Wares Live On Ustream

    Beginning at 1:15 PST (in about five minutes), Ustream will give eight iPhone app developers a chance to demo their apps in a live broadcast. Ustream is a live video broadcasting site that launched in March 2007 and has been compared to justin.tv. Here’s the planned schedule: 1:15 – Enigmo and Cro-Mag Rally
    1:30 – Modality
    1:45 – Twitterrific
    2:00 – Trism
    Read More

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