• CrunchDeals: Refurbed Slingbox AV on Woot

    If you’ve been pondering the purchase of a Slingbox then this may be your chance to get on the wagon. Woot has some refurbs for only $75 shipped. It’s a refurb and that may deter a few of you, but Woot is covering you for 90 days in case it kicks the bucket. Why not try it out? Woot Read More

  • The Penryns are coming!

    With CES two weeks away things are leaking left and right. This time around we’re finding out who has Intel’s 45nm Penryn processors lurking within shiny new notebooks. Ok, so we pretty much knew who was doing what, but now it’s official according to Notbook Italia. Acer will launch at least eight notebooks ranging from 12.1- to 20.1-inch screen notebooks. Fujitsu has two… Read More

  • How To: Hack your Western Digital MyBook World Edition

    Owners of a WD MBWE with intermediate Linux experience looking for a good time should hop on over to Martin Hinner’s site. I don’t own one so I have no interest in improving the performance of said external nor do I want to add new features to it, but I’m sure one of you do. Hacking Western Digital MyBook World Edition [via Make] Read More

  • CrunchDeals: Free PS3 with purchase of Sony HDTV

    Sign up for CC.
    Purchase HDTV.
    Get a free PS3. Any questions? Sony Offer Read More

  • Microsoft Using YouTube To Promote Vista & Live, Leaves Comments Open

    Microsoft has taken its marketing push for Windows Vista and Windows Live into enemy territory by offering demonstration videos on YouTube (example above). The new channel (link) was launched December 21. The content itself isn’t all that exciting, but they do demonstrate various positive aspects of Vista and Live that viewers may not be aware of. The more interesting aspect is that… Read More

  • Zivity Founder Bares All To Promote Her Startup

    Zivity is definitely one of the most controversial startups of 2007. It’s the first (as far as we know) adult site to have received Silicon Valley backing, including an announced $1 million angel round. And they certainly livened things up at the TechCrunch40 conference a few months ago. They went last, and their demo contained enough nudity to make much of the crowd shift uneasily in… Read More

  • 1.1.3 is real and it's fabulous

    http://blip.tv/scripts/flash/showplayer.swf?file=http%3A%2F%2Fcreationsnet%2Eblip%2Etv%2Ffile%2F567816%2F%3Fskin%3Drss%26sort%3Ddate&fullscreenpage=http%3A%2F%2Fblip%2Etv%2Ffullscreen%2Ehtml&fsreturnpage=http%3A%2F%2Fblip%2Etv%2Fexitfullscreen%2Ehtml&showfsbutton=true&brandlink=http%3A%2F%2Fcreationsnet%2Eblip%2Etv%2F&brandname=cre%2Eations%2Enet&showguidebutton=false&showplayerpath=http%3A%2F%2Fblip%2Etv%2Fscripts%2Fflash%2Fshowplayer%2Eswf Whoa. 1.1.3 icon moving in the flesh. Pretty cool stuff. It looks like this is the real deal and folks like Nate and the inventors of iBrickr got this in order to help the unlock process prior to the launch. Could this be a renegade Apple employee, tired of having to explain to his friends why their Solitaire app stops working every upgrade? Nah. What I suspect is happening is that someone got their hands on some development firmware prior to MacWorld’s SDK announcement and this basically shows us what to expect in a few weeks. They keep talking about signed code over on Gizmodo so that meets a Mac developer doesn’t want to lose his license. Oh, and it breaks all third-party apps and activations.
    via Nate Tru&hellip… Read More

  • Gmail To Offer Friend Updates?

    Google Operating System has found code that would suggest that GTalk within Gmail may soon offer friend updates, similar to what is offered by services such as Plaxo. Some more details pulled from the code: …these updates will help you learn more about them. Gmail’s code suggests that you’ll be able to delete the updates you don’t like, reply by email or post a comment. Read More

  • Subvert And Profit Unapologetically Targets YouTube

    Subvert And Profit is a service that lets users pay to get their sites on Digg (and more recently StumbleUpon). Unlike Pay Per Post, the company doesn’t waste a lot of time trying to spin their business into something socially acceptable. People pay them to pollute big social sites and get traffic, and they’re ok with being slammed for that. As long as they make money. The… Read More

  • Photos of Pentax K200D surface?

    PMA is about a month away so the rumor mill is slowly building steam. The K100D has been cleared from Pentax’s site and I can see why the K200D would replace it, but the Super hasn’t been around a year so I don’t see it disappearing. It’s safe to say that the K100D’s replacement is coming, but the photos of the K200D look pretty fake. They look sloppy. The grip… Read More

  • Kindle screen woes: Anyone else? [updated w/ pic]

    A reader writes: I got my girlfriend an Amazon Kindle for xmas and over the past few days it has progressively gotten worse and worse screen damage, despite barely being used (and never abused). Amazon acted like they had heard of the issue before and are trying to advance us a replacement but the backorder list is apparently huge so we don’t have very high hopes to see a… Read More

  • 1.1.3 iPhone firmware pix

    Dru at Gearlive saw him some 1.1.3 firmware and discovered: The ability to send an SMS message to multiple people is now there
    * Google Maps application can now pinpoint your location using cell tower triangulation
    * Google Maps can now display the Hybrid map view
    * You can now drag and drop application icons on your home screen
    * The home screen supports pagination
    * You can now add web… Read More

  • Glogster – Like Geocities (in a bad way), And In Flash

    Glogster is a new service that lets users create web pages (they call them posters) using Flash elements. Upload photos, songs, text and other stuff, drag it around, and call it a day. You can embed the poster on another website, but its too big for most blogs or social networking sites at 960 pixels wide. You can also add friends, so technically its a social network. It reminds me a lot… Read More

  • Jim Choma's Career Joins The Deadpool, Maybe

    If there was one defining breakthrough in 2007 as opposed to the year before, it was live video. From Justin.tv through to the gauntlet of clones live video made its presence felt, even if it’s not dominate today. Ustream.tv remains one of my favorite services. It doesn’t have the cool tech Kyte has, or perhaps the wider presence of Justin.tv, but it’s reliable, and it… Read More

  • Daily Crunch: Do Not Take Your Eyes Off the Monitors Edition

    Stop with the ‘Tattoo Designs’ already
    Optimus announces another dope keyboard that doesn’t really exist
    Boston gets cellphone reception on T, thinks Yankees suck
    Women can’t fly ships!
    Wiimote Gamer Glove: Nerd Alert level delta Read More

  • Digg May Land Digg Girl Record Contract

    Kina Grannis, the girl behind the now internet famous “Digg Song” (video above) has been approached by a record company interested in discussing a record deal. Artists signing deals as a result of viral videos aren’t new, but this would be a first for one that combines viral video with Digg, and about Digg. Grannis appeared live on the Drill Team Ustream show tonight (still… Read More

  • Blizzard raps back

    Blizzard, pull your head out of your ass. Just because some snot-nosed foreigner makes a video for YouTube rapping about a patch for Warcraft III does not give you the right to pull this shit. Well, at least the chick was hot. Pretty sure I’m gonna barf now. Karune Debuts as YouTube Rapper — Phear’em Eminem! [Blizz Planet] Read More

  • Say it ain't so, Ubisoft

    You can’t seriously be working on a sequel to one of the worst Wii games ever, right? I assumed the previous rumors were, that, just rumors. You better have better controls and a better UI among other things for Red Steel, Ubi. I think I’m about to barf, but it could just be the Absinthe I took a shot of. Ubisoft Reveals Red Steel 2 Coming in 2008 [Shack News] Read More

  • 20 Free Blogfuse Accounts For TechCrunch Readers

    Kansas based Blogfuse is a Facebook application creator for bloggers that allows content from blogs to be turned into a native Facebook application. The service is as simple to use as signing up and adding a RSS feed. Blogfuse hosts the application and it links in to Facebook functions such as share this, allowing blog posts to be easily shared within Facebook. Applications are coded in… Read More

  • Wiimote Gamer Glove: Nerd Alert level delta

    Do you often find your Wiimote airborne? Is the included strap too wussy for your bulging Bowling muscles? Are you tired of beaning your roommate in the melon each time you serve in Tennis? Have we got the thing for you! Sure, it’s another strap. But this one’s attached to a high-impact extreeeeeme sports glove! Never lose your Wiimote again, playa! Game on, man, game on! OK… Read More

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