• Cute and cuddly monkey webcam is a pedophiles wet dream

    Granted, this webcam isn’t loaded with the latest gizmos and widgets, but it’s so cute. And it holds your pens and pencils! The whole cute and cuddly monkey webcam only goes for $25 too. Look at it. So cute! Read More

  • Sony Ericsson C510 finally captured in focus

    The Sony Ericsson C510 is the friggin’ Big Foot of the mobile world. Put this thing in front of a camera, and said camera suddenly becomes incapable of taking proper photos. It’s like it magically generates blur. Fortunately, PhatTrance of DailyMobile got his hands on the C510, and was fortunate enough to have his anti-blur-generator charm on. Months after we first got wind of… Read More

  • Bored nerds + a Segway = Segway Skiing

    I wish I had this much time and money on my hands. Apparently I need to work for FatWallet.com where they seemingly spend their downtime fooling around on Segways and such. Read More

  • Vuzix to show off improved VR glasses at CES

    Vuzix will be showing off some updated VR glasses at CES: the Wrap 920AV. The glasses are actually starting to look more and more like semi-normal frames that you might actually be able to wear on a plane, train, or bus without drawing too much attention. Read More

  • iPhone 3G unlocking software updated; should work now (hopefully)

    Yellowsn0w, the illustrious iPhone 3G unlocking software, dropped with the Times Square Ball yesterday, but the first beta edition didn’t work for many. Hopefully the updated 0.9.4 beta from the iPhone Dev Team should resolve those issues and allow all those Jesusphone 3Gs to be released from their AT&T shackles. So if our step-by-step guide left you frustrated and furious, give… Read More

  • VIA pumping up the next-gen Nano CPU

    The Intel Atom CPU is the golden processor of the netbook crowd but the next-gen VIA Nano might turn heads. The chip is set to drop some time in the middle of 2009 to help power the next round of netbooks. Read More

  • Rumor: T-Mobile to go green with Moto Renew

    You’re looking at a supposed image of Motorola’s yet to be officially announced green candybar handset, the W233 Renew. The Moto Renew (as listed on the leaked T-Mobile release schedule) is rumored to be made out of sustainable materials and should come in environmentally-friendly packaging. That’s about all we know about this hypothetical, Earth-conscious mobile at the… Read More

  • Six Reasons Your Web Startup Will Fail (But Don't Let Them Stop You).

    Any entrepreneur will tell you it’s quite a thrill to start and grow companies, foster ideas and turn them into products people want to use, start a community and see it thrive, change the world (even if just a bit, for a tiny group of people). Many entrepreneurs consider it to be their destiny, and often they will tell you that they wouldn’t trade it for anything, regardless of… Read More

  • Time (get it?) for a Star Wars clock?

    Call me crazy, but $90 for a handsome-looking clock adorned with various pewter Star Wars vehicles seems like a pretty okay deal if you’re a Star Wars fanatic. Read More

  • T-Mobile Dash goes black, turns to the Dark Side

    It’s been over two years since HTC first launched the Excalibur, better known as the T-Mobile Dash here in the States. Originally released with a metal-like finish (perhaps paying homage to its Arthurian roots), this affordable smartphone (currently $99 after MIR) is finally receiving a makeover, albeit a minor one, just in time for the new year. The Dash is now available in Darth… Read More

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