• YouTube Video Streams Top 1.2 Billion/Day

    We’ve been hearing for some time (starting with an ex-Youtube employee) that the number of video streams per day reported by Comscore, Nielsen and other metrics services way under-report on Youtube’s total video streams. It’s hard to compare apples to apples, though. Recent Comscore data says Google/YouTube streams just under 7 billion videos per month in the U.S., up from… Read More

  • Launch On TechCrunch, Get Bought By Google

    I still love the story of Writely, a product we wrote about way back in 2005 when TechCrunch was just a little tike. The company got a lot of attention as one of the first Ajax-powered “online Word” products. An acquisition by Google came just a few months later, and Writely formed the foundation for what is now Google Docs. Cofounder Sam Schillace is now an engineering director… Read More

  • Songkick Aims To Make A Database Of Every Concert Ever — And It's Well On Its Way

    When Songkick was born in 2007, it had an interesting goal: To perfect concert recommendation. Plenty of services do music recommendation, but the idea of recommending concerts you might like based on things like music you’re interested in and you location, was an interesting one. Now, with a few others in the space, including the similarly named Livekick, Songkick is embarking on a new… Read More

  • We've Got A Whole Lotta Bing Stickers. Want One?

    Microsoft was kind enough to send us a few boxes of Bing stickers (we requested them). We don’t have enough surface area on our laptops, walls, floors, dogs, etc. to use them all, so if you want a couple, they’re all yours. Just send us a self addressed stamped envelope and we’ll put a few in the mail back to you. Send those envelopes to TechCrunch, PO Box 638, Menlo Park… Read More

  • Sprint: the Pre broke all our sales records!

    Bonanza! I’m afraid it’s a bit like a little kid saying “I ate more hot dogs than ever before!” when they’re up against Takeru Kobayashi, but we’re still proud of little Sprint. Check out what their excited VP of Business Marketing had to say: We experienced our best one day of sales and single weekend sales for any phone we’ve launched in our history. Read More

  • Security boffins: Apple's blowing it

    Well, they don’t actually say “Apple is blowing it,” but only because that’s not the way boffins talk. I translated for you. Security experts question Apple’s approach to avoiding malware and browser hijacks, saying that the process isn’t formalized enough within Apple and not enough is being done to make sure that the OS touting itself as the secure… Read More

  • How The Different Mobile Data Syncing Services Stack Up

    As the phones in our pockets become our second computers, it will become increasingly important to sync data between the two. Not just emails, but contacts, calendars, photos, music, apps, browser bookmarks, files, and more. Nearly every Web phone out there comes with at least some sort of rudimentary syncing app. Apple has MobileMe, Nokia has Ovi, Palm has Synergy, Blackberry has… Read More

  • Things A Venture Capitalist Will Never Say

    It’s just so darn true. The “competence” slide with the guy scratching his head is my favorite. I’m pretty sure it’s a clown that’s presenting to them. Thanks for the tip Kelly. Slide show is below. Read More

  • CrunchDeals: $150 off a Drobo

    We love Drobo. We like all those other NASes as well, but we still think Drobo is the best looking and probably the most capable. The recently released DroboPro took it into crazy town with its spacious eight-drive capability, but the original flavor Drobo (or rather, Drobo V2) is still the one to get for your home storage and backup needs. Of course, the $500 price tag has always put off… Read More

  • Apple's WWDC keynote: now 100% more Quicktimey

    If you want to be aware of the huge avalanche of Apple news that hit today but don’t want to read through the dozen or so posts we had on it, just sit back, relax, and let it all unfold in real time. Listen closely when they announce the compass, you might be able to hear the cry of orgasmic pleasure emitted by a particularly excitable Apple fan. Kind of weird. I’m not judging… Read More

  • Why Apple wins. every. time.

    Today there was no reality distortion field. Just a reality field. You want video. Here it is. You want devs to have video. Here it is. You want to edit video in place without loading Quicktime Pro or even knowing what it is. Here it is. You want the video menu and nav tools to disapper. They’re gone. You want them back. Here they are. You want a way to find your iPhone if you put it… Read More

  • High-altitude floating wind harvesters may replace your local windmills

    There have been some rumblings, so to speak, of the so-called low-frequency noises that windmills are said to produce. I’m don’t buy into them, but a bunch of spinning machines in your backyard isn’t desirable whether they cause nightmares or not. Furthermore, the wind they can harvest at ground level is weaker and less reliable than air currents above a few hundred feet. Read More

  • Will we see Rock Band: Green Day later this year?

    Green Day is coming to Rock Band. Finally. I mean, it makes sense right? The band has a ton of fans and they fit under the umbrella of “rock” so it’s a pretty natural move. Read More

  • Averatec announces 25.5-inch all-in-one, prices it aggressively at $999

    Averatec has just announced a gigantic all-in-one PC for $999. This one’s a doozy, folks. A doozy in a good way. The D1200 series features a 25.5-inch LCD monitor with an Intel Core 2 Duo 2.5GHz CPU, 320GB hard drive, and 4GB of RAM nestled snugly behind it. Read More

  • Google Employee Countersues ShoeMoney For Defamation

    Over the last few months we’ve been following a lawsuit between well known Internet marketing guru Jeremy Schoemaker and a Google employee named Keyen Farrell. The story so far: Schoemaker is suing Farrell for using his trademark “Shoemoney” in the ad copy for one of Farrell’s sites, which is against Google rules. Farrell has denied any wrongdoing, citing the fact… Read More

  • WWDC 2009: Apple gets serious

    So we got the big reveal: a new iPhone, some hidden tricks in Snow Leopard and the iPhone OS, a lot of rumor run-up and, most importantly, a Jobs-less keynote. In the end we saw another incremental keynote, a session of chest-beating (Palm’s “18 Pre apps in its app store” slide got quite a chuckle and I heard a man audibly orgasm when he heard about the compass app) and… Read More

  • Apple's 3G S tour now live UPDATED

    Go over and watch it, if you are so inclined. No pressure. I know this has been a long day. Also, the new commercial appears after the jump. If you’re not doing anything else this evening give it a look. Otherwise it will be here when you wake. Read More

  • CrunchGear San Francisco Meet-Up tomorrow at 7pm

    We the people of CrunchGear would like to propose a quick, informal meet-up tomorrow at the View Lounge at the San Francisco Marriott. The meet-up will include drinking, talking about the iPhone 3G S, and the fondling of the Palm Pre, allowing you, the reading public, to try the cellphone of the moment before the next cellphone of the moment comes out. Companies: if you’d like to sponsor… Read More

  • Apple's Cool Matrix-Style App Wall

    Today at Apple’s WWDC event in San Francisco, Apple had a bunch of Cinema Display monitors mounted together on a wall showing what looked to be some sort of pulsating canvas. But a closer look revealed that it was actually a huge collection of icons for many of the apps available in the App Store, arranged by color. Apparently, when someone purchased one, that app’s icon would… Read More

  • Wiimbledon 2009 set for June 27 at Barcade in Brooklyn, help us raise money for sick kids

    Were visits to the doctor ever a pleasant experience as a kid? Of course not! Even regular checkups were a hassle and a nightmare, but those lollipops and model airplanes were totally worth it in the end. But my experiences differed greatly from the kids who were stuck in hospitals with life threatening illnesses and the like. It sucks being sick and stuck in a hospital with nothing to look… Read More

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