• Cookstr Helps You Find Recipes From People Who Know Their Onions

    Here’s one thing that people all over the world will continue to need even in the worst of recessions: food. And while there are many places you can go to if you want to discover great recipes for home cooking, Cookstr is launching a website later tonight at a press event in New York City that takes a different route than all the cluttered and user-generated content sites out there… Read More

  • Pioneer DVR-X162J: The dustproof DVD burner

    Put your seatbelt on for this one. Check out the Pioneer DVR-X162J [JP], an external DVD burner that’s enclosed in a dustproof shell. That is to say the external enclosure is dustproof, handy if you’re an Okie in 1936. Aside from its incredible dustproofing, the burner is your standard issue USB 2.0 little guy. Pioneer has outfitted it with something called Pure Read Technology… Read More

  • Researcher Claims "Attention Spirals" Hold Key To Predicting Success Of YouTube Videos

    Why do certain videos on YouTube become mass phenomena while the vast majority of videos just get a handful of views, if any? Riley Crane, an American post doctoral fellow currently researching at the Chair of Entrepreneurial Risks at ETH university in Zurich/Switzerland, says he has the answer: According to him, the success of online videos can be explained with physics. Crane claims every time… Read More

  • What happens to the Chevy Volt, other electric cars if Detroit isn't bailed out?

    Let’s say that Congress refuses to give some of that bailout money to Detroit—does that effectively kill off electric cars like the Chevy Volt? That depends on who you’re talking to. Read More

  • Commodore meanders into the Core i7 party; everyone stares at the old dude

    Okay, here’s one more Core i7 ‘puter to announce. Commodore – yup that Commodore – has just announced the Core i7’s will be available in its rigs too. No new models, but rather just a new CPU options for the build to order computers. Prices start at $3,399 for the GX model line that includes dual 1GB ATI Radeon GPUs and a high-def paint finish but can shoot up… Read More

  • Motorola announces the 5-megapixel VE66 slider

    If you’ve ever wondered what would happen if you took the Motorola ZN5 and made it a slider rather than a candybar phone, you now have an answer: the Motorola VE66. Also, stop thinking about stuff like that, weirdo. It’s not quite that simple, but it’s pretty close. Like the ZN5, it’s got a QVGA screen (albeit .2″ smaller, at 2.2″), 5 megapixel camera… Read More

  • GPS receivers to be embedded into SIM cards

    So apparently GPS chips are getting really, really small. Small enough to fit onto tiny SIM cards, as telephony electronics company Sagem has teamed up with GPS experts BlueSky Positioning on technology that “incorporates a GPS receiver and a proprietary antenna into the SIM card, enabling mobile operators to deploy applications with no need for software or hardware changes,”… Read More

  • Bajca "emotional communicator"

    Is typing a colon and a parentheses too much for you? Need a dedicated emoticon keyboard? Well does Bajca have a product for you. This odd thing is a concept project consisting of a bunch of little balls with faces on them. When you’re feeling happy or bored, then press the button. Then you can wear them like jewelry. Confused? I know I am. Read More

  • Metacafe Bets Its Future On The Power Of Wikis

    Remember Metacafe? That’s right, the video entertainment site which got overshadowed by YouTube’s phenomenal rise? Well, it’s now making a huge gamble on a new product direction and doing so with zero guarantees. The gamble is WikiCafe, a collaborative editing approach for video metadata. To appreciate how important WikiCafe is to Metacafe just take a look at the… Read More

  • Pioneer CEO says flat-panel biz to be O.K. through tough times

    Pioneer has just opened its second retail location and the companies CEO doesn’t seemed worried even with the dismal fate of Circuit City and Tweeter. According to Masao Kawabata, Pioneer products are recession tough thanks to its mid to high-end niche market of premium products. So while mainstream Best Buy-specialdisplays might be having issues, Kuro displays and such should be fine. Read More

  • Bestcovery Lets You Shop Without Having To Think Too Much

    The web is filled with countless editorial and user reviews on nearly every consumer product you can find in retail stores. But sifting through this wealth of information is a chore, and it’s never clear which reviewers actually know what they’re talking about. Bestcovery, a new startup launching today, is looking to eliminate these hassles by offering an at-a-glance guide to… Read More

  • CrunchDeals: MSI Wind with XP or Acer notebook with Vista for $299 at Micro Center this Saturday

    Micro Center has apparently decided to beat the Black Friday rush by offering up some pretty enticing deals this coming weekend. There’s a small catch, of course: you’ll need to get your hands on a special coupon this Saturday. These coupons “will be distributed to customers in the line prior to store opening, or in the order of entering the store until gone” and must… Read More

  • The Big Bang Theory takes on Star Wars and Star Trek; apologizes

    The Big Bang Theory Season 2, Episode 8 Sheldon I’m sorry, but I’m not going to watch the Clone Wars TV series until I’ve seen the Clone Wars Movie. I prefer to let George Lucas disappoint me in the order he intend. Nice, and the Star Trek bit is refering to a couple of jabs at Star Trek Movies. But after the show, instead of showing the usual credits, the image above… Read More

  • Want to see Flash running on the G1? Here's the video

    After yesterdays announcement that Adobe was working on Flash for both Windows Mobile and Android, we mentioned that a brief demonstration of Flash running on the G1 was shown. Don’t believe it? The proof is in the pudding. The delicious streaming video pudding. While there are a few apparent framerate stutters, this is by all indications a work in progress for Adobe. The element was… Read More

  • Hori's Classic Controller for the Wii looks an awful lot like a GameCube controller

    Hori, the third-party video game accessory maker, will release its Wii Classic Controller on November 27. It resembles the old GameCube controller in size and shape, but the button layout mimics that of other Wii classic controllers, like that Nyko one. Those crazy switches in the middle control autofire, a relic of systems past. The $30 controller should work well with all those Virtual… Read More

  • AT&T launches the LG Incite

    While I try to avoid comparing every touchscreen phone to the iPhone, it’s a bit challenging when they throw them on the same carrier for the exact same price. Coming in at $199 on a two-year contract with AT&T (after $100 dollar rebate), it was all of about a half second before the first “ZOHNOES iPHONE CLONE!!!” remarks started pouring in. So, what does it bring to… Read More

  • Velocity Micro and CyberPower join the Intel Core i7 extravaganza

    With Dell, Alienware, and Gateway already party’n their cores out, Velocity Micro and CyberPower are joining the festivities too. Velocity Micro’s Edge, Raptor, ProMagix and Vector model lines are all gaining a Core i7 option starting with the Core-920 for $1,699, and continuing up to the stratosphere with the Core-940, and Core-965 Extreme. The CyberPower offering, dubbed… Read More

  • Limited-edition netbook is just like every other netbook except that there are only 30 of them

    Here’s a netbook. It’s called the Prime Note Cartina UM and only 30 of them will be available in all of Japan. What’s so special about this netbook? Well, it’s got some sort of Linux operating system, an 8.9-inch screen, an Intel Atom 270 chip, 120GB hard drive, 1GB of RAM, and it weighs 2.4 pounds. So basically, it’s the same as just about every other netbook… Read More

  • Hide a Gameboy inside a Ti-83 calculator

    Tired of playing Drug Wars or a Mario remake on your ‘ol Ti-83 calculator? Just transplant a Gameboy inside a Ti-83 carcass and no one will be the wiser. All it takes is a little cutting and soldering to mod the screen and map the keypad but after that, your Kirby game’n will be hidden from curious eyes. MarkBowers.org via MAKE Read More

  • Yang To His Critics: "I Will Always Bleed Purple"

    Jerry Yang just put up a blog post on his reasons for stepping down as CEO of Yahoo. In it, he highlights the successes of the past 18 months. Yahoo is now “rewired,” the new ad platform has been launched “that we think will transform how ads are bought and sold online,” and Yahoo remains “first or second in more than 20 product categories.” And he ends… Read More

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