• New super-battery to charge buses and street cars in 10 seconds

    Everybody is talking about battery-powered cars, but why shouldn’t we able to ride “green” buses or take eco-friendly trains one day, too? And Japan seems to think hard about that question. In cooperation with Nippon’s National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology, Kawasaki Heavy Industries has developed a battery suitable for those vehicles that… Read More

  • Scripps Networks Interactive Looking To Offload uSwitch

    Scripps Networks Interactive is actively shopping around uSwitch, a UK-focused online price comparison and switching service for home services and personal finance products, which it acquired back in 2006 for a lofty $366 million in net cash. Scripps Networks Interactive, itself spun out off E.W. Scripps back in October 2007, has engaged investment banking firm Allen & Company to assist in… Read More

  • GeeksOnAPlane Meet Tokyo 2.0, Learn About The Relation Between The Web & Language

    The GeeksOnAPlane Asia tour kicked off on Monday in Tokyo, with the group of mostly US-based geeks leaving today for Beijing. Former TechCrunch employee Mark Hendrickson already shared his views on the Japanese tech scene from an American perspective, giving me room to summarize (almost) all presentations the GoaP group witnessed in Tokyo (I myself am a Japan-based writer for the… Read More

  • Yahoo Releases Internal Hadoop Source Code

    Yahoo! is releasing their tested source code used to help power its sites and products, called Hadoop. Hadoop is free Java software framework born out of an open-source implementation of Google’s published computing infrastructure and fostered within the Apache Software Foundation. Yahoo made the announcement at the second annual Hadoop Summit today in Santa Clara, California, which… Read More

  • CrunchDeals: 1TB external drive for $75 after rebate

    Newegg’s got a pretty fair deal on an external 1TB hard drive at $74.99 with free shipping and after a $25 mail-in rebate. You’ll have to purchase the drive by this Saturday, the 13th, and send the rebate form back within a month. Read More

  • iPhone 3G S available through AT&T Premier?

    Word on the web is that Apple’s latest and greatest, the iPhone 3G S has been sporadically popping up on AT&T’s Premier business customer site. A few folks on the MacRumors forums have reported spotting it on the Premier customer site as early as yesterday afternoon, and a few users got very close to putting a preorder in, before being rejected right at the very end. Read More

  • Valve won't develop for PS3 because it's too hard

    Homer Simpson once said, “You tried your best and failed miserably. The lesson is: never try.” Valve must take that second part—“never try”—pretty seriously, since it told some dude at E3 that it has no interest in developing for the PS3. Reason being? It’s too hard. Fair enough. Read More

  • Reversible portable keyboard/trackpad combo

    Interesting. Here’s a small-footprint keyboard and trackpad combo with the obvious oddity being that the keys are on one side while the trackpad is on the other. The Econo-Keys EK-76-TP is designed “for medical and industrial environments” by being easy to clean and resistant to dust and dirt. Oh, and it costs $131, so it’s not exactly consumer-friendly. But the… Read More

  • The Husqvarna Panthera Leo Concept mower

    This, folks, is the lawn mower of the future according to Husqvarna. The Panthera Leo is made out of recycled materials and is equipped with five electric motors. Yes, electric. This mower doesn’t have a gas engine meaning you could cut your grass at 10:00 pm without bothering the neighbors. We’re starting to like the sound of this. Read More

  • Mimico's Star Wars Mimobot Series 4 reveals multiple Darth Vaders

    We’ve seen these flash drives from Mimico before, but the fourth run on the Star Wars series has been updated with “Unmasked” versions of Darth Vader and Clone Captain Rex. One in six Unmasked Mimobot Vaders will reveal Hayden Christensen’s Anakin face while the rest feature the Anakin we’re used to from Episode VI. Mimico will reveal a Luke Skywalker Unmasked… Read More

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