• Test Drive: Project PUMA [Update]

    Here’s a quick video I took on my BlackBerry of the PUMA in action. To recap – the PUMA is a two-wheeled Segway that can drive up to 35 miles on a single charge (35 cents per charge) and is capable of going up to 35MPH. Oh, I just overheard one of the higher ups say that PUMA will have a beefed up suspension to handle rough terrain like NYC’s pothole riddled streets. Check… Read More

  • Solid-State Drives in the Enterprise: Raising Standards

    Alvin Cox is a senior staff engineer at Seagate Technology where for 29 years he has engineered various magnetic storage technologies. He holds 11 patents and currently oversees industry standards representing Seagate in SATA I/O, T10, JEDEC, SFF and USB 3.0. Alvin is also the SATA IO CABCON vice chairman, the T10 SAS PHY working group chairman and the JEDEC 64.8 co-chairman. Over the… Read More

  • Kensington unveils netbook AC adapter with built-in USB charging

    If you’ve lost your netbook charger or you just want a second one for traveling, Kensington is taking preorders on a $50 universal adapter that’s compatible with most major brands. The adapter appears to be about the same size as ordinary netbook power bricks, although it adds a nice USB charging slot for your cell phone and any other USB-powered devices. Read More

  • Efficient Vehicle Startups Vie For $10m Automotive X-Prize

    Most people are familiar with the original X-Prize, won by Burt Rutan and Paul Allen’s SpaceShipOne. The foundation now supports a few other endeavors, including rapid genome sequencing, Lunar exploration, and creating super-efficient vehicles. This last contest is making news this week by announcing all of its 111 entrants at the New York Auto Show. Seems a strange place to show off a… Read More

  • The juiciest of rumors: PSP2 to debut at E3 with touchscreen, dual analog control sticks and no UMD slot

    Put on your Rumor Hats, boys and girls. An “insider source,” possibly W. Mark Felt, has revealed that, yes, the Sony PSP2 does exist, and that it will be a proper sequel and not merely an incremental update. Read More

  • Mobile Gmail Becomes More Like Its Desktop Father

    Google has launched a new Gmail mobile web app for the iPhone and Android-powered devices. The app has been revamped to have the same look and feel as your desktop Gmail. The app also has a new floaty bar (more on that below) and offers basic offline support. Google says that the app is faster in performing actions like opening an email, navigating, or searching, and let’s you access… Read More

  • Magnetic Pixels geek up your fridge

    Refrigerators are generally adorned with random nicknacks or crappy kids crafts. Not any more my fellow nerds. From here on out, our fridges will sport a pixel-made superhero thanks to Magnetic Pixels. Read More

  • Gmail for Mobile Gets a New Web Interface for iPhone and Android

    Until iPhone OS 3.0 hits our handsets this summer, the built-in Mail application is disappointingly inadequate for those that live within their Gmail inbox. There are just too many places where it fails to meet the functionality granted by the web version (search and batch management, to name a few). Even with a bit more functionality on its side, however, Web Apps tend to feel a bit… Read More

  • Yahoo Messenger Brings Free Text Messaging To The iPhone

    Yahoo Messenger now has an iPhone app (iTunes link). It lets you IM your friends, see their status, share photos, share links, choose emoticons, and see recent conversations. It also lets you send free text messages by choosing a contact’s mobile phone number if they are not online. Replies come back to the app, which could save you a dime each time. When you leave the app to answer… Read More

  • Microsoft kindly permits Windows 7 users to downgrade to XP

    Great news, everyone stuck in 2001! Microsoft will allow users to downgrade from Windows 7 to Windows XP! So if you’re super happy with the stability and performance of Windows XP, and don’t give a damn about any of the new features or enhancements included in Microsoft’s latest offering, you can safely bury your head back in the sand! Read More

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