• Opera Browser Chosen For "Mobile Office" Computer In Ford Pickup Trucks

    Can the Web save the Big 3 automobile companies? Probably not, but making Web-friendly vehicles could help to sell a few more cars. Tech companies have increasingly been showcasing web applications for automobiles. Microsoft was working with Hyundai on making an in-car computing system and OnStar may be incorporating Twitter into its vehicle systems. Now Ford will be allowing owners of the… Read More

  • T-Mobile G1 tethering not looking good, my friends

    Bad news, you guys. Looks like after Google pulled all tethering apps from the Android Market, it had a change of heart and re-published them all. Problem is, the new terms of the tethering apps stipulate that they’ll only work for “all Android Market users outside the T-Mobile US network.” Read More

  • Behold the Google Server, ye nations, and weep

    What you see before you is the Google Server, the commodity hardware Google uses to run all its operations. The machine is a standard Intel/AMD 2U server but each one has its own 12-volt battery, ensuring that the servers will maintain power in emergency situations, thereby alleviating the need for a large, nasty UPS. Read More

  • Just in time for summer: Super-cute Hello Kitty ventilator

    There is a big number of gadgets available that feature Hello Kitty, the super-cute cartoon cat and love of millions of teenagers worldwide. There are Hello Kitty-branded digital cameras, alarm clocks, cell phones and even notebooks. Until today, only a ventilator was missing. Not anymore. Sanrio, the company behind Hello Kitty, has started selling a mini ventilator that’s shaped like… Read More

  • Virgance Looks To Turn Green Options Media Network Into A Blogging Empire

    Virgance, the unique ‘Activism 2.0’ startup that is looking to improve the world while making money in the process, has announced the latest addition to its portfolio of campaigns. The company has revealed that beginning six months ago it began quietly acquiring a number of blogs, namely the Green Options Media Network – a collection of 15 blogs, each of which is focused on… Read More

  • Stanford Course On How To Build iPhone Apps Will Soon Be Available On The iPhone

    Want to learn how to create an iPhone app? Later this week, aspiring app creators will be able to start watching a popular Stanford computer science course on developing iPhone apps right on their iPhones. Stanford will start distributing the course for free as a video podcast throughiTunes U. (The podcasts can also be watched on iPods and computers, obviously). With more than 25,000 apps… Read More

  • People sure are buying the new iPod shuffle

    Well, those new iPod shuffles sure are selling well! Sales of the little digital player went up a whole 50 percent compared to the previous week (when the old model was still kicking about). But the rest of the iPod line? Not as great, no. Read More

  • SellaBand takes audience participation in independent music to the US

    SellaBand, the social music startup which encourages music fans to invest in up-and-coming artists, is expanding its offering to the US in a deal with Amazon.com company CreateSpace. The deal relies on CreateSpace’s Disc on Demand service, an inventory-free solution in which discs are manufactured only after a customer places an order. It’s an elegant and affordable solution to… Read More

  • Sierra Wireless presents the USB 598 for VZW, but available elsewhere

    Sierra Wireless just broke the mold with the USB 598. The wireless broadband access USB modem is meant for Verizon Wireless, but thanks to the carrier’s open network policies, the modem can be purchased from retailers other than VZW. This means, our contract hating or poor credit friends, you can buy this modem for a decient price of $199 directly from Sierra Wireless instead of dealing… Read More

  • How to turn your Apple logo into an LCD screen

    Eddie Zarick, the guy who stuffed an LCD into the little cut out Apple logo on his Macbook. While you’re not going to get much overall usability value out of the mod, it’s still quite cool. Ed has published a full tutorial on how we worked his magic and it doesn’t look hard as long as you don’t mind cracking open your MacBook. Read More

  • Toshiba to turn one of the world's biggest LCD companies into wholly owned unit

    Toshiba Corp. (6502) announced yesterday it plans to convert Toshiba Matsushita Display Technology (TMD) into a wholly owned subsidiary. TMD is an LCD manufacturing joint venture formed by Toshiba and Matsushita (now Panasonic). The joint venture produces around 10% of small LCD panels. It’s second only to Sharp in this market segment. Read More

  • Sony and Microsoft update respective game console firmware

    Late last night, Sony and Microsoft pushed out releases for their respective game consoles. Firmware v2.70 for the PlayStation 3 adds text chat support for up to 16 players while in and out of gameplay and you can be in up to three chat rooms at once! A few other additions are included. Read More

  • With Hadoop, Amazon Adds A Web-Scale Data Processing Engine To Its Cloud Computer

    Slowly but surely, Amazon keeps adding capabilities to its cloud computing services. What started out as pay-by-the-drink storage (S3) and computational processing (EC2), now includes a simple database (SimpleDB), a content delivery network (CloudFront), and computer-to-computer messaging (SQS). And today Amazon added a web-scale file system with Amazon Elastic MapReduce This is actually a… Read More

  • Tabletize your laptop via USB for $99

    If you’ve always dreamed of a tablet PC but you don’t want to pay those outrageous department store prices, Brando has a $99 USB kit that’s sure to tickle your giggle bone. Read More

  • Nokia's Ovi to be launched globally in a month

    Vice president for Nokia media Marco Argenti outlined the plans for the Ovi Store they are preparing to launch next month. According to him the store will be an entertainment channel with applications and other content such as video, audio and games. Read More

  • How did the world get a workprint of X-Men Origins yesterday? Blame terrorists

    I was perusing the Internet yesterday and found something unusual: a movie that was to be released on May 1 instead appeared, in very high quality yet with glaring problems. The movie was X-Men Origins: Wolverine and it featured a certain very hirsute Australian actor playing a guy with claws. That’s all I’ll say. Not to be hyperbolic, we are witnessing the rise of media terrorism. Read More

  • Video: NVIDIA nettop-computing platform ION "hotting up"

    According to Thomas Ricker, things are hotting up at NVIDIA thanks to their ION platform, a netbook and nettop motherboard that will serve 1080p video in a package that fits on the palm of your hand. The first new model should be the Acer Hornet, a Wii-like gaming machine with an odd 3D remote. Read More

  • DevTeam has an iPhone 3.0 jailbreak but you can't have it – yet

    There are two sets of combatants in the long war of attrition called the iPhone Unlock Conflict. The newest battle is over the latest firmware, 3.0, and it’s starting to show how these two parties, the Dev Team and the Unofficial QuickPwn Hackers, are entering a new stage of conflict. Jailbreaking, for those not in the know, is the process of unlocking the iPhone’s filesystem in… Read More

  • Gruber on iPhone and multi-tasking

    John Gruber has written an excellent essay on the iPhone and its discontents – and triumphs. Taking it as a fact that the iPhone 1.0 was essentially a Motorola RAZR in a prettier package, Gruber then goes to point out that the potential for growth was and is built into the iPhone and that when you look at the device you’re looking at a continuum, a la the aliens in… Read More

  • MindTouch Enhances Wiki-like Enterprise Collaboration Platform

    Opensource wiki developer MindTouch has released a new version of its opensource, wiki-like collaboration platform for enterprises, MindTouch 2009. The platform has been beefed up so that developers can build rich applications off of MindTouch and has also added a bi-directional message switchboard. MindTouch’s platform connects teams, enterprise systems, web services and Web 2.0… Read More

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