• 3G iPod touch torn apart, 802.11n and FM transmission components found

    When iFixit tore apart the new iPod nano, there was nothing surpising. But that’s not the case with the new iPod touch. It seems that the Broadcom BCM4329 chip found at the heart of the portable supports 802.11n WiFi and FM transmitting. But they also found something a bit more interesting related to the rumored camera. Read More

  • Investor writes Spinvox down by 90%, says it's for sale

    It’s ironic that on a day when voice-to-text transcription company SimulScribe signed a – potentially – $17 million exclusive deal with Ditech Networks to resell SimulScribe to its carrier customers, it’s now emerged that competitor Spinvox may in fact be up for sale. However, the difference between the two is marked. Simulscribe raised only $5.7 million and says it is… Read More

  • What Steve Jobs Actually Said About eBooks

    There’s been a big brouhaha over comments Steve Jobs made to NYT’s David Pogue in an interview following Apple’s event on Wednesday. Basically, most people are interpreting what Jobs said about eBook readers to mean that Apple plans to completely stay away from the market. But that’s not actually what Jobs said at all. How do we know? Because before Pogue re-wrote… Read More

  • Five Startups Present At Capital Factory's Demo Day In Austin

    The startup incubator model pioneered by Y Combinator is quickly spreading across the country, with programs popping up in places well outside the Silicon Valley bubble, including Colorado and South Carolina. Earlier this week Capital Factory, an incubator based out of Austin, held its first demo day where the program’s five startups presented themselves to a number of potential… Read More

  • Oyster Scores $4 Million For In-Depth Hotel Reviews Site

    Oyster Hotel Reviews, a site that launched a few months ago, has raised $4 million in an extended Series A round of funding from Bain Capital Ventures and Accelerator Ventures. To date, the startup has raised $10.4 million in funding. The site provides consumers with qualified professional reviews of hotels around the world, hoping to compete with the likes of Frommers, Fodors, Conde Nast… Read More

  • Glam Media Goes Mobile

    What do you do when you’re sitting on a nearly endless torrent of finely-focused content and a few million bucks in venture capital? You go mobile. That’s exactly what Glam Media, the distributed media network behind the womens lifestyle site Glam.com and its male-oriented counterpart Brash.com, is about to do. As one of the fastest growing sites on the web, its taken a bit longer… Read More

  • Wrong Way, Skype

    Skype is terminating its Extras developer program, they announced earlier today, because “not enough people were using [the tools] to justify” it. No new projects will be certified, and existing ones will expire over time. This is exactly the wrong thing for Skype to be doing. Om Malik goes on a justifiable rant, arguing that Skype doesn’t understand developers, never… Read More

  • Help Key: Install iTunes 9 on Windows Home Server

    It wasn’t the LP albums or redesigned look that got me excited when Apple announced iTunes 9. Nope, it was the function called Home Sharing that touted the ability to share and copy media over a LAN easily. Sure, you could always drop all your music files into a centralized network share and rock out that way, but while that method works, it’s not elegant or easy for others to… Read More

  • A Nice Big FriendFeed Bug: Impersonate Anyone!

    There’s quite a big vulnerability with FriendFeed right now. Using the FriendFeed By Email function, apparently anyone can post a message as anyone else on FriendFeed. For example, someone posted this pretending to be FriendFeed co-founder Bret Taylor. Obviously, this is a huge security problem. When it was spotted just about an hour ago, FriendFeed jumped on it quickly, and has shut… Read More

  • iTunes update creates problems for Mac users

    Uh oh, sounds like there’s some bugs being introduced into the gilded cage that Mac users seem to enjoy so much. People using older versions of Safari are discovering that they can’t connect to the store. Turns out that the new version of iTunes is deeply attached to Safari. This is causing problems for users of older versions, and also for users that have pre-release versions of… Read More

  • How-to: Expand the storage capacity of an Acer Aspire easyStore with eSATA

    Some people – especially those that have a 100Mbps connection – can actually fill up one an Acer Aspire easyStore WHS. But for some reason, the stock eSATA port doesn’t support port multiplication so that means you will not able able to use one of those multi-drive eSATA enclosures. Have no fear. There is a solution. Read More

  • Palm Pre gets a Google Voice App

    Sure, we’ll admit it: there might not be a whole lot of apps available right now for webOS on the Palm Pre, especially when compared to the iPhone App Store’s 70,000. That said, there’s at least one application that the Pre has that you won’t find on the iPhone – well, at least not anymore: Google Voice. It’s not Google-made, but homebrew-developer… Read More

  • PS3 Slim doing pretty well: Sales up 300 percent

    Well look at that: not only is the PS3 Slim a big success over in Japan but it’s also doing pretty damn well here in the U.S. Sales were up some 300 percent in at Sony’s “top retailers,” comparing the the week it launched to the previous week. Read More

  • Preview: Foursquare's New iPhone App Ups The Social Ante

    While Foursquare’s apps on other platforms (Android, BlackBerry, and WinMo) have been garnering most of the buzz recently, the company remains firmly committed to the only app it developed entirely in-house: It’s iPhone app. In fact, it recently submitted a new version, 1.4, to the App Store for approval. I’ve had a chance to play with an ad-hoc build for the past couple… Read More

  • Welcome To Silicon Valley, FairCompanies. Thanks For Not Breaking Into My House

    How polite! A husband and wife team, the founders of Barcelona-based FairCompanies, visits Silicon Valley. And unlike a certain group of Dutch entrepreneurs, they don’t decide to break into my house as a publicity stunt. Instead they visit our office in the wee hours of the morning and leave a very nice note on our window: Read More

  • Kijubi Launches Booking Engine For Local Outdoor Activities

    The online travel booking market is saturated with both large companies and startups which want a share of an $847 billion dollar industry. But in this type of competitive environment, niche sites that offer personalized services that the big guys like Kayak and Expedia can’t do because of scale, can be successful. One such service is Kijubi, a booking engine for local outdoor activities… Read More

  • Video: Arduino-powered life size electronic snowball fight game (I can’t explain it)

    Okay, just humor me and watch the video, please. It’s not like I get paid to describe things with… those… um, you know, the things that make stuff readable. With individual letters, etc. And periods, commas — the things in between those. Read More

  • Rumor: HTC Hero update tomorrow to improve performance, improve camera

    It’s looking like the latest version HTC Hero firmware will be coming out tomorrow for user in the US. How do we know? Well, the company has released an update specific to the nordic countries today, and has warned users in other countries not to use that version, as it’s missing some bits that will be needed. Read More

  • Keychain speaker actually not a bad idea

    If you’re sick – SICK!!! – of not being able to play your music collection at a moment’s notice for a group of onlookers, and you have a set of keys that grant you access to various secure locations then you, my main man, might want to look into this $11 MP3 Earphone Speaker. Read More

  • First impressions of the Jabra Halo Bluetooth stereo headset

    Let me just say that the Jabra Halo is the most comfortable set of headphones I have ever used. They just rest on your head and pipe music directly into your brain without straining your ears or head at all. But yet they don’t feel like they would fall off under normal usage. I wouldn’t go running with them, but they would certainly stay on around the gym or on a bike which could… Read More

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