• TC50 Backstage: Why Paul Graham Was So Mean and Which of his Companies Will IPO

    He calls me out on it in the video below so I might as well admit it: I’ve been a bit hard on Paul Graham and Y Combinator in the past. It’s not that I think he hasn’t been a great mentor to young entrepreneurs– he has. But that’s a lot of equity to give up and to date no Y Combinator company has really hit it huge. Graham says that’s going to… Read More

  • Using the right browser may improve your battery life

    There are so many factors in today’s newfangled computer-gadgets that it’s impossible to tie one down as key in something like battery life. But if you have reason to believe one program or component might be worth investigating as a major contributor to battery draw, why not check it out? We all think of our browsers as being relatively passive applications, but the truth is they… Read More

  • TC50: iTwin Remotely Connects Two Computers Via USB Drives

    Remotely connecting two computers is still a pretty big pain. It usually requires two parties jumping through a bunch of hoops to get things working. This includes each computer having the same software, using various passwords, and waiting on a connection. iTwin, a new startup launching today at TechCrunch50 aims to make the process entirely plug and play. Read More

  • TC50: YourVersion Wins People's Choice Award In The DemoPit

    The second company to emerge from the TechCrunch50 DemoPit as a peoples’ choice winner is YourVersion, a discovery engine that looks to help recommend new content based on your past searches and interests. The company was among the top two recipients of TechCrunch50 tokens, which are used by conference attendees to vote on their favorite companies in the DemoPit, and shares… Read More

  • TC50: DemoPit Winner oDesk Launches A Real-Time Work Stream For Your iPhone And Desktop

    Each year we see hundreds of impressive applications to TechCrunch50 — unfortunately, we always have a number of great companies that deserve attention but don’t quite make the cut as finalists. That’s why we have our TC50 DemoPit, where we invite a few dozen other strong startups to demonstrate their wares in the conference building’s main hall. Each conference… Read More

  • TC50: Mota Motors Takes The Pain Out Of The Used Car Marketplace

    It’s not often that you hear about innovation in the used car space, but Mota Motors, a new site that’s launching today at TechCrunch50, has managed to pull it off. Mota’s multi-faceted service effectively holds your hand through the entire used car buying (or selling) process, offering a level of trust and convenience that has been difficult to achieve on traditional… Read More

  • Why Cataclysm is the only direction left for World of Warcraft to grow

    In case you missed it, Blizzard made some big announcements the other day. Yep, an MMO is releasing another expansion set. However, this one is going to completely reshape the entire World (of Warcraft), and that’s really the best possible thing that they can do. Read More

  • TC50: Short On Cash? Startups Can Trade Goods And Services Instead Of Money On TheSwop

    For most startups just getting off the ground, cash on hand is extremely limited, to be reserved for only the most essential expenses. But that doesn’t mean these fledgling companies don’t have an abundance of talent. TheSwop, a new site making its debut today at TechCrunch50, is looking to help these startups and other growing companies trade ‘favors’ to each other… Read More

  • TC50 Backstage: We Pry Skype Info out of Marc Andreessen (or Try)

    Getting a meeting with Marc Andreessen isn’t easy so I made sure I cornered him and shoved a camera in his face backstage at TechCrunch50 to ask him about his new life as a VC. It’s been seven weeks and one day, and so far, he says he loves it and it’s fun. Of course, as he notes, seven weeks in there’s no expectation that companies will have exited and it’s… Read More

  • TC50: RefMob Launches Social Media Driven Marketplace For Referrals

    RefMob is launching at the TechCrunch50 event today a service that allows business owners to make more noise about their paid referral programs online while at the same time giving more people the opportunity to earn bonuses for referring people using social networking apps. RefMob enables people to share paid referrals that they know of for a variety of business categories, like bonuses… Read More

  • TC50: Job Seekers Pay LocalBacon To Apply For Jobs (And That Might Just Work)

    As an employer, chances are you use sites like Craigslist or Monster.com to try and get the best candidates for vacant spots. If that’s indeed your modus operandi for recruitment, than you’re probably also used to receiving bad or incomplete resumes, applications from totally unqualified persons or just utter spam. LocalBacon thinks it doesn’t have to be that way, and… Read More

  • Oddly, TwitterFon Changes Its Name to Echofon

    One of the first really great Twitter iPhone apps was TwitterFon, created by Naan Studio. The app saw success, as did its sister application, TwitterFox, a plug-in for Firefox. Both have been downloaded over a million times, and both apparently have over 200,000 daily active users. But today, both are changing their name, to Echofon. The reasoning behind the change is a little odd. Naan… Read More

  • TC50 Backstage: Marissa Mayer Talks Fast Flip

    We grabbed Google’s Marissa Mayer backstage just after her launch of Fast Flip. Michael asked her about that name change, Google’s on going innovation with news online, and whether any big players did not want Google using their content with this new product. Her product manager was also on camera. Mike’s question to him? Rate Mayer as a boss on a scale of one to ten. Read More

  • MIT students build $150 space camera

    If I had $150 dollars (I don’t), I would probably buy a new hard drive. But I’m not MIT quaility. You see, two MIT students decided to spend $150 “to see what the world looked like from the sky.” And apparently they didn’t want to use this thing called the Internet. So they assembled a contraption made up of a weather balloon, helium, Styrofoam cooler, hand warmers… Read More

  • TC50: Yext Offers Local Businesses A Smart Inbox For Phone Calls

    Yext, a popular local business search engine that for some reason managed to stay under the radar so far, is launching a new product dubbed Yext Calls at the TechCrunch50 event today that’s bound to raise some eyebrows. Local businesses can use the Yext Calls software to process incoming phone calls and organize them based on semantic analysis of what was said during the conversation… Read More

  • TC50: RedBeacon Lets You Hire Local Service Providers Online, Without Any Phone Calls

    The web is loaded with sites offering listings and reviews for local services, with mainstays like Yelp and Craigslist leading the pack. But when it comes to actually executing a transaction with one of these service providers — establishing details like establishing a price and timing — most people still turn to their phone books to call the service. RedBeacon is a new… Read More

  • TC50: Control Any PC Game With Your iPhone With iMo

    One of the cooler iPhone apps to launch last year was SGN’s iFun, which let you use your iPhone or iPod touch to control games on your computer screen. But iFun only works with SGN’s own games like iGolf, a new startup, iMo, launching today at TechCrunch50, expands the ability to all PC games. Most PC games are still played using the mouse+keyboard combination. A lot of hardcore… Read More

  • TC50 (Demopit): LIFEmee Keeps An Online Record Of Your Life "From The Cradle To The Crave"

    There are a number of promising web companies here at TechCrunch50 that didn’t make the cut as TechCrunch50 finalists, but were chosen as DemoPit participants instead. One of these companies, a 4-man startup based out of Tokyo called LIFEmee, has probably one of the grandest ideas of TechCrunch50 as a whole: The service intends to become a platform for recording, managing and sharing… Read More

  • It shouldn't be this difficult to upgrade a hard drive

    You know what’s a little more difficult than I first imagined? Upgrading the hard drive in my late 2006 iMac. I had initially wanted to upgrade the hard drive so I could finally dual boot between Mac OS X and Windows 7, since the old drive, a 250GB model, was pretty much filled to capacity. (Trying to run Mac OS X with only ~5GB of free space isn’t ideal.) And even though the iMac… Read More

  • A Visual Way To Search Google News. They Called It Flipper. Now It's Google Fast Flip.

    Back in June, we broke the news that Google was working on a new visual way to display Google News then called “Flipper.” Today, at the TechCrunch50 conference, Google’s Marissa Mayer formally launched the product now known as Google Fast Flip. As we wrote previously, the service puts a new face on Google News. Imagine going to a newsstand and looking at all the magazines… Read More

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