• One Laptop Per Child heads to Australia, helps improve Aboriginal literacy

    Talk about perspective. On this day when Manchester United announced that it had accepted Real Madrid’s £80m bid for Cristiano Ronaldo (who will make something like €211,000 per week in Spain), we here at CG now turn our attention to the efforts being made to improve literacy. One Laptop Per Child—remember them?—has been handing out free laptops to children on Elcho Island… Read More

  • AOL Buys Local Startups Going And Patch (And CEO Tim Armstrong Brings an Investment In-House)

    When your main seed investor becomes the CEO of AOL, it does have its fringe benefits. Today, AOL announced its acquisition of two local startups: Patch and Going. AOL’s new CEO Tim Armstrong is a seed investor in Patch, which offers hyperlocal news for small towns and communities. In a note he sent out today to employees, which we’ve obtained from AOL, he notes that he… Read More

  • Epson to mass-produce world's first HTPS-TFT panel

    Epson today in Japan said it has begun mass-production of the world’s first HTPS-TFT panel (press release in English) boasting WUXGA resolution (1,920 x 1,200 pixels). HTPS stands for high-temperature polysilicon. The company is said to be investing heavily into this technology. Read More

  • Virgin Mobile launches the Samsung Mantra, wins "Most Average Phone of the Year" award

    Virgin Mobile’s service plans have their merits, so we’ll forgive’m for the fact that their pre-paid phone line-up is a bit.. underwhelming. Most people who pre-pay don’t give a damn about whether or not their phone triples as a fart machine and a laser level, so we promise: we won’t hate on the Mantra. The Mantra has just about everything you’d expect out of… Read More

  • Samsung goes official on the WB1000/TL320 digicam

    Remember that Samsung digital camera from a few months back with the analog battery and memory card gauges? Well, we finally have all the specs and it’s shipping out next week. Read More

  • Tesla Co-Founder Sues CEO Elon Musk For Slander And Breach Of Contract

    Tesla co-founder Martin Eberhard is suing CEO Elon Musk, citing allegations of slander, libel and breach of contract. Eberhard’s lawsuit, which is 22-pages long, was filed on May 26 in San Mateo County, Calif. Superior Court and seeks unspecified damages. The suit surrounds Musk’s treatment of Eberhard as well as the CEO’s handling of Tesla, alleging that Musk… Read More

  • bChamp: The iPhone App That Beatboxes For You

    At the TechFellow event on Friday, we had the opportunity to demo a musical mobile app that lets you beatbox on your iPhone. Developed by Dutch startup Monodomo, bChamp is $0.99 at the app store. The video gives you a clearer idea of how the app works. bChamp will translate sounds you make into the iPhone’s microphone into beatboxing sounds. bChamp will recognizes three beatbox… Read More

  • Lycos To Relaunch Search Services In Europe, For Whatever Reason

    Remember Lycos? Well, believe it or not, they’re not dead yet. In fact, the search engine / web portal has just announced that it has regained the rights to use the trademarked brand names “Lycos” and “Hotbot” within the European territory. In case that confuses you: Lycos Europe had an exclusive license to use those terms within Europe under an agreement dating… Read More

  • Jimmy Fallon tests out Project Natal

    Did ya catch Jimmy Fallon last night? Well, he demoed Project Natal with Microsoft’s Kudo Tsunado and Jim from The Office. Not only was last night’s demo a bit more exciting than the E3 announcement, but it also showed off how Natal can be ported to racing games like Burnout Paradise. (Spoiler: You basically air drive the car with an imaginary steering wheel and peddles.) You… Read More

  • Apple's Awesome App Wall Gets Photosynthed

    The web has been abuzz lately over Apple’s awesome Matrix-style app wall at WWDC, which displays 20,000 of the platform’s most popular applications in a dense, moving grid. It’s certainly a sight to behold, but while it’s been covered pretty extensively across the web, some iPhone app developers who missed WWDC are still left asking, “I wonder if I’m on… Read More

  • Video: iPhone BeatJam Beatboxing App

    We’re getting more info on this app as we speak but it was a cool project demoed last night by a Dutch company. The program is called BeatJam and it’s a beatboxing game that simulates a full drum kit. Read More

  • CrunchDeals: Sony PS3 for $349

    Here’s that PS3 price drop everyone’s been waiting for — sort of. Amazon’s got the 80GB PlayStation 3 for $349.99, down from $399. This is a one-day deal, so get it while it’s hot as they say. Read More

  • Casio announces EXILIM EX-H10 point-and-shoot camera with superior battery life

    Casio Japan announced a new point-and-shoot camera today [JP], the EXILIM Hi-ZOOM EX-H10. The 12.1MP camera is a follow up to the EX-V7 and EX-V8 the company released in 2007. It features an impressive 10xoptical zoom (wide-angle starting at 24mm) and can shoot 1,000 images on a single battery charge. According to Casio, this is three times more than other cameras in this class have to offer. Read More

  • Toodledo Is In Troubledo

    Toodledo, a basic but nifty free online to-do list management tool, is having a very bad day. According to a message posted on its website, a storm hit the city where their datacenter is located, prompting the engineers to switch to power generators. This caused Toodledo to wind up with a corrupted database, which it is currently frantically trying to restore. Read More

  • Skype Co-founders Invest In European Pet Community Network

    Estonia-based United Dogs and Cats, which operates two pet-specific community websites dubbed UnitedDogs.com and UnitedCats.com, has raised €480,000 in VC funding. The money comes from individual investor Raivo Hein, the state-owned Estonian Development Fund and Ambient Sound Investments, the investment group led by co-founders of Skype that had previously seeded the startup with €170,000… Read More

  • Daily Crunch: Guess Who's Back Edition

    Remote Control Titanic lets you be the king of the 1:150 scale world
    Sasquatch Lives!
    Read More

  • Online Advertising In Europe: 2008 Was Tough, 2009 Will Be Worse

    The Interactive Advertising Bureau Europe is currently holding its annual Interact Congress, an event that brings together the main protagonists of the European digital industry here in Brussels. For the occasion, IAB Europe in conjunction with PriceWaterhouseCoopers today released the findings of its annual advertising expenditure survey for the year ending December 2008. The gist: growth… Read More

  • Betaworks Email To Investors: Read It Here

    Famous angel investor Ron Conway’s investment focus on real time startups earned him the moniker “Real Time Ron” by his close friends. But he’s certainly not the only venture capitalist out there focusing on this space. New York based betaworks, an incubator/VC, is also right in the thick of things. They invested early in Summize and gained a sizable chunk of Twitter… Read More

  • Hurt, Trent Reznor Half-Quits Twitter

    He’s had enough. Trent Reznor, better known as the man behind the band Nine Inch Nails, is apparently fed up with Twitter. In a long, free-flowing rant post tonight in the NIN forums, Reznor let his haters have it. What starts out as a diatribe against the record labels (which Reznor has been one of the main opponents against in recent years), quickly turns directly to Twitter, which… Read More

  • Are you crazy enough to use this Monster remote?

    I’m not sure how to describe this thing. There’s no frame of reference in the picture, and it’s supposed to be “tabletop,” so I suppose it could be several feet long and you use a mallet to hit the buttons. I’d better let Monster explain this creature: In July, meanwhile, Monster will release the MCC AV50 Home Theater Controller, a tabletop universal… Read More

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