• America runs on Dunkin’… will China?

    Visit any Dunkin’ Donuts store nowadays and you’ll see signs that say something about how, in a blind taste test, people preferred the company’s coffee to Starbucks’. Yes, fine, the coffee is good, but have you tried the donuts? My God, are they delicious. I know it’s not “cool” to gorge on fried dough anymore, but try a plain stick, a glazed stick, and… Read More

  • Navigon surveys drivers; no morning nookie for better drive time

    In a absolute apparent ploy to pimp its products, Navigon sponsored an independent survey of 1,021 drivers and found that *gasp* people don’t like morning gridlock. Here are the results: 94% of those surveyed get stressed when driving on the highway 86% find themselves in traffic congestion during the morning commute 67% would give something in the morning to reduce commute… Read More

  • The male blogger's ultimate desktop companion: USB rechargeable shaver

    If there is one thing that male tech bloggers will profess is that sitting in front of multiple computer screens 14+ hours a day doesn’t exactly breed metrosexual hygiene. Certain daily tasks like shaving takes a back seat if we’re to be on top of the daily tech news. I’m not saying that we’re a stinky or dirty crowd, but come on, we are the faceless army of the Internet. Read More

  • Boom Bench: A bench that booms

    This odd bench promises one thing: to rock your ass off. It’s a Bluetooth-enabled bench with lots of speakers in it. You’re supposed to sit down, connect to the bench, and blast some LCD Soundsystem for all the oldsters in the park. Read More

  • Samsung releases the 1080p 2494HS SyncMaster LCD monitor

    Samsung has something special today with the 23-inch 2494HS SyncMaster LCD full HD monitor. It comes packing with HDMI, 1,000:1 contrast ratio, 5ms response time, but most importantly, a 1920 x 1080 resolution. Not only does the monitor have DVI-D and VGA, but also a HDCP friendly HDMI input which will work nicely with computers, Blu-ray players, and yup, even Netflix via Xbox 360. The monitor… Read More

  • PR message of the week #2: Verbatim

    Reader at Glark.org points to another excellent example of an odd press release he got this week. Perhaps they fired all the older folks and kept the associates: Want to give your folks, grandparents, friends a special music memory disc this year they’ll play and enjoy? Man are you in luck!! Don’t think just a CD is something they can handle. There’s one that… Read More

  • Marantz turns the iPod wireless with the IS301 dock

    Marantz wants to turn your iPod into a wireless AV goldmind with the IS301 dock. A sleeve piggybacks on the iPod and transmits both the audio and the video to the base station where it will be pumped to the AV system. The wireless system operates on both Bluetooth 2.1 + EDR A2DP and AVRCP (Audio / Video Remote Control Profile) to ensure proper delivery of the iPod tracks, pics and videos to… Read More

  • CrunchDeals: Free shipping at Mr. Beer

    I love me some Mr.Beer and if you get a chance, pop over before November 26 for free shipping on all orders. I’ve made Mr. Beer beer yearly for the holidays and the kits are easy to use and the beer tastes great. If you order now you can literally have homemade beer in time for Christmas. Read More

  • Ukrainian calendar allows you to burn away your sad, sad life

    The Ukraine – party central, from what I hear from my friend Alex – is also privy to some of the worst melancholy the Slavic spirit has to offer. Witness this calendar with a matchstick per day. When you wake up – or go to bed with a comely young dzevotchka – simply rip out a match, light that first or last papierosa of the day, and stare glumly at the ceiling… Read More

  • Happy BlackBerry Storm day!

    The BlackBerry Storm is now available and this is the day that countless CrackBerry addicts have been waiting for. At least until they read all the lackluster reviews about their supposed Jesusphone slayer. (Speaking of reviews…anyone see a super positive one?) Many Verizon locations are opening early today for the important launch so if you’re BlackBerry thumbs are itch’n… Read More

  • Fools, money should look into the new Vertu Constellation: Now with diamonds

    In this economy, nothing says “I got bailed out” like a Vertu Constellation covered with diamonds. This beautiful cellphone is perfect for calling up old Lehman CEOs to plan a quick golf game and long hunting trips with AIG execs. Priced at who-the-frak-cares, this phone is the piece d’resistance of douchery. Read More

  • Quick look at the 2.2 iPhone firmware

    I took some shots of 2.2 in action. The walking directions would have been great for the past two weeks – I’ve had so much trouble using car-based GPS in walking/biking cities. Streetview is also great for cities like New York but it’s very limited right now – there was no information for Paris, for example. The podcast download is also really nice to have. An… Read More

  • Breaking: Yahoo Finally Sells Off Kelkoo

    Yahoo has been rumored to be selling Paris-based comparative shopping site Kelkoo for some time now, and it appears that they have found a buyer. Yahoo acquired Kelkoo in 2004 for €475 million. The company has been sold to a UK-based private equity firm called Jamplant Ltd for something less than €100 million, according to sources with knowledge of the deal. Ex-Kelkoo CEO Pierre… Read More

  • Evernote Passes 500,000 Registered Users, Most of Them On The iPhone

    Some apps wander around the wilderness for a while until they can find the perfect home. For Evernote, that home is the iPhone. The note-taking, picture-capturing, voice-recording, handwriting-recognizing universal memory service has been under development for years and launched last February in private beta on the PC. But it wasn’t until May 29 that it debuted on the iTunes store as… Read More

  • 360 Cities Brings Stunning Spherical Panoramas To Google Earth

    Color me impressed with this one: Prague-based 360 Cities, a network of ‘Virtual Reality’ photographers promoting high-resolution spherical imagery, has integrated its portfolio of stunning 360° panorama shots into the Featured Preview Layer for Google Earth. A collection of the panoramas just became visible automatically to every user of the free 3D earth visualization software… Read More

  • Onkyo/Sotec releases Hello Kitty netbook

    Onkyo Japan today announced the Sotec C1 Hello Kitty (C101K3W) [JP], a netbook designed for fans of the famous cartoon cat from Sanrio. Unlike other Hello Kitty PCs, this model has been modified not only design- but also hardware-wise (see the picture above). The Hello Kitty C1 features an Atom N270 CPU (1.60 GHZ), 1GB of RAM, a 120GB HDD, a 10.1″ TFT display (resolution: 1,024×600)… Read More

  • Orb for the iPhone: Stream your media everywhere

    Orb, a $9.99 iPhone application that should be familiar to home networking buffs, is available now and will stream music from your home computer, photos, and live television from a TV tuner card – all over the Internet. It can even stream input from a webcam to your phone. Read More

  • EH-TW4000: Epson adds high-end model to its Dreamio projector line-up

    Epson Japan today announced the EH-TW4000 [JP], a high-end projector in the company’s Dreamio series, which will hit stores in Nippon November 28. These are the main specs: Full HD resolution based on a new “D7/C2FINE” panel, a brightness of 1,600 lumens, a contrast ratio of 75,000 to 1 with “DEEPBLACK technology” for an improved black level and HDMI 1.3a support… Read More

  • Yamaha Japan sells portable rooms to be set up in bigger rooms

    It may sound bizarre at first but Yamaha’s portable rooms, dubbed myroomII [JP], do make sense. Yamaha says it’s the perfect product for all people wanting some alone time without having to move into apartments with more rooms. In the product catalogue [JP, PDF], the company suggests watching movies, working on your PC, reading, studying, Karaoke, listening to music and playing… Read More

  • iPhone 2.2 firmware released, iPod Touch version missing some features

    The calendar now reads November 21st and, just as expected, iPhone firmware 2.2 has been released to the masses. Seeing as a pretty good number of developers have had their hands on test versions of 2.2 for sometime now, and as NDAs generally turn to pudding after a few hundred people are in on the secret, we’ve had a pretty good idea of what this release would bring to the table for… Read More

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