• You too can buy 1,000 zombie PCs for pennies on the dollar!

    You know those “have-a-penny/need-a-penny” jars you find at 7-Eleven and whatnot? Here’s a cool way to kill a few hours: go around your town collecting pennies. Then, with said pennies, buy a whole bunch of zombie PCs, then start your own botnet. You’ll be the coolest kid in the neighborhood. Read More

  • As Blogger Nears Its Tenth Birthday, It Still Dominates. But For How Long?

    Never underestimate the power of first-mover advantage, especially when being one of the first movers gets you bought by Google. Back in August, 1999, Pyra Labs launched Blogger. LiveJournal had launched six months before and Open Diary in October of the previous year. But it was Pyra Labs which was acquired by Google in February, 2003, and the rest was history. Now, nearly ten years… Read More

  • 25 years of Lomography means its time to party!

    The Lomo LC-A camera, the ur-point-and-shoot that introduced Lomography to the world, is celebrating its 25th anniversary this year. If Lomography is your thing, look for a Lomo party near your. If you don’t see one, why not set one up? And don’t worry if you don’t actually have an LC-A camera! Just buy CameraBag for your trusty iPhone and pretend you have a Lomo with the… Read More

  • Geek designs iPhone-powered digital signage bag

    Japanese super geek Akio has single-handedly designed what he calls a digital signage bag specifically made for iPhones. It’s essentially a bag with three pockets that fit an iPhone or iPod touch each and can serve as a promotion tool. At least in theory. Read More

  • Justin.tv Gains DVR Functionality

    The thing that saved television watching for me was the advent of the digital video recorder (DVR). I love the idea that you can be watching something, but have to stop to do something else, so you just pause it, and it will record it so you can come back later and pick up where you left off. Now you can have the same functionality on the live-streaming video site, Justin.tv. While most… Read More

  • Facebook Makes It Easier To Search Your Inbox

    Facebook has had a big week. The social network finally caught up to MySpace in the U.S., according to ComScore. News leaked of its upcoming Everyone button. And Facebook made some significant improvements to its search capabilities. Now the social network is improving its inbox’s interface, which previously was a little clunky and difficult to organize. The new design gives you… Read More

  • The Europas Awards – Clarifying the categories

    A few people are asking me about the categories for The Europas and although most people have it right, a few need clarification. In all cases we are looking for companies from Europe primarily, but also the Middle East and Africa (effectively “EMEA”). The word “Startup” in this instance is defined as a company that has been in existence for less than three years and… Read More

  • Follow the Apollo 11 landing on Twitter!

    This is borderline neat, but my hatred for Twitter is so powerful these days that I can’t be sure. Nature—you know, Nature—is tweeting the Apollo 11 landing. “But Carlos,” you say, “that was 40 years ago, lol!” True, but Nature is tweeting the landing as if it were happening today. The first tweet: “#Apollo 11 passes 9-hr flight readiness review… Read More

  • FriendFeed One-Ups Twitter Again With Its Subscription Emails

    A few months ago, Twitter significantly updated its new follower email alerts to show you information such as how many followers that person has, how many tweets they’ve sent, and how many users they were following. It’s a decent indication of if the person is someone you actually would want to follow back, rather than making you click through to the site to get that information. Read More

  • Trek the globe with the Verizon USB1000 Global Modem

    Globe trotters- Starting tomorrow you’ll be able to purchase the Verizon Wireless USB1000 Global Modem (Novatel) for $150 after a $50 MIR with a two-year contract. Read More

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