• Distimo tracks trends in the UK's mobile app stores

    With every major handset manufacturer planning an app store launch, the fragmented mobile application market gets ever harder to track. Distimo is a young startup (the fresh-faced founders only started the company in May) which provides free analytical reports covering trends in the main mobile application stores; currently the holy trinity of Apple, Android and Blackberry. It also creates… Read More

  • Dell Bulks Up On IT Consulting With $3.9 Billion Acquisition Of Perot Systems

    Searching for growth and better margins, Dell is expanding its enterprise IT consulting business by acquiring Perot Systems for $3.9 billion in an all-cash deal. Perot Systems is the IT consulting and integration services company founded by Ross Perot in 1988 four years after selling Electronic Data Systems to General Motors. (EDS is now part of HP, which bought it last year for $13.9… Read More

  • Colorio Me E-800: Epson Japan to roll out postcard printer/photo frame hybrid

    Epson Japan has announced the Colorio E-800 [JP], a new device that serves as both a postcard printer and a digital photo frame. The E-800 makes it possible to print 89 x 127mm pictures without having to use a computer. Pictures or a calendar can be viewed on a 7-inch LCD screen with 800×480 resolution. Read More

  • iMinds Launches Audio Encyclopedia Tracks For Learning On The Go

    Australian-startup iMinds is hoping to re-create the experience of reading an encyclopedia, except on your iPod. The startup is launching audio-versions of encyclopedia entries, with topics such as “The Federal Reserve,” and “D-Day Invasion,” that can be downloaded fro, Audible.com or iTunes. Currently, there are 72 different “MindTracks” available that give… Read More

  • Kunai: New USB Ninja tool

    A kunai is a tool the ancient Ninja used to gouge holes in walls and to kill off people. Now, thanks to Tokyo-based gadget maker Solid Alliance, you can have one of these things [JP], too, if only as a USB memory stick. This is the same company that released the USB Ninja star shuriken back in May. Read More

  • CrunchGear Week in Review: Off the Green Edition

    I’m leading a double life: I primarily use a Mac, but I just bought a Zune HD. (WHAT THE HECK?!)
    Behind the scenes look at PGA Tour’s ‘ShotLink’ technology
    The GoGoStand fits in your wallet, transforms to hold your phone Read More

  • Hollywood, We Have Plenty Of Half-Services. It's Time For A Whole One.

    I was reading over a pitch tonight for a new streaming movie service called Epix HD, when I looked up from my computer to my TV stand. On it, I saw an Apple TV, an Xbox 360, and a cable box. Right there, that is 3 different ways to get streaming movies to my television. And that’s not even mentioning the Netflix service over Xbox Live, and the streaming service that can come right to my TV. Read More

  • TechCrunch50 Had Internet And Then Some. Mariette Systems FTW.

    Technology conferences are supposed to have Internet. Most don’t. In fact, audiences are trained to be grateful for even a trickle of bandwidth. Maybe enough to get off a Tweet or two. But uploading photos and videos is something that you do later, after the event is over. Because it can take days. It’s been a real problem for us over the years. We’ve thrown money at the problem. Read More

  • Adobe Gets Into Widget Distribution And Advertising With Help From Gigya

    Many of the widgets scattered across the Web are made in Flash, but Adobe doesn’t participate in the widget economy. Today, it is taking a first tentative step towards changing that with the release of a new Distribution Manager for widgets created on the Flash Platform. In addition to making it easier for people to share the widgets across 70 Web and mobile destinations, it will… Read More

  • New thermal maps show the Moon gets damn cold

    The LRO has already provided us with a lot of fascinating high-res photos of the Moon’s surface. But photos are just the start. The Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter also has more instruments aboard and one of them, the Diviner Lunar Radiometer developed and operated by the California Institute of Technology Jet Propulsion Laboratory, is sending back some wild info about the Moon’s… Read More

  • Behind the scenes look at PGA Tour’s ‘ShotLink’ technology

      Pretty interesting behind the scenes article and video over at Sandbox8 about how the seemingly endless stream of statistical data flows around the course at a PGA Tour event. Most of the data is gathered by on-course volunteers armed with various portable survey equipment and wireless devices. Read More

  • Nintendo confirms Wii price drop?

    There’s been some chatter about this over the last week, but I wanted to wait until something a little more solid came up. After all, how many times have price drops been reported for the other consoles that turned out to be bogus? But it appears that Nintendo itself is now confirming the price drop (not just retailers), so you can probably expect a $200 Wii starting September 27th. Read More

  • From Nothing To Something. How To Get There.

    This guest post was written by Meebo CEO Seth Sternberg. It is the first in a series of posts he’s writing about the decisions a young entrepreneur needs to make when she/he is first starting a business. The timing is perfect, there is more than a little overlap with Vivek Wadhwa’s guest post on venture capital earlier today. We’ll update this post with links to his… Read More

  • YourTour launches personal travel planning service in public beta (TC50)

    One European company that picked the TechCrunch50 conference to launch its web service was DemoPit participant deciZium, which launched its travel planning website YourTour in public beta and gave the audience a demo of its capabilities during the event’s breaks. Granted, there are a lot of travel-related websites and applications out there which makes it quite difficult to come up… Read More

  • RedesignGoogle: A Contest To Revamp The World's Most Popular Search Engine

    There’s no question about it: Google is great at search, and its huge lead over competitors is well deserved. But the site’s spartan design can sometimes leave something to be desired — sure, the company gradually makes tweaks to it, but we haven’t seen many radical changes in a very long time. Now WebMynd, a Y Combinator startup that launched back in early 2008… Read More

  • Greetings!

    It’s time for a quick primer on the proper way to interact at conferences and other business events. Since I just came back from one of those types of events, this is on top of mind for me. What’s surprising is how few people get it right and move a conversation towards their business goals. The rest let ego and sloppiness get in the way, usually leaving people on both sides of… Read More

  • Video: I never did think I'd see Kimbo Slice yelling at a caterpillar for Symantec, but here we are

    Even casual fight fans know that last night was UFC 103 and Mayweather vs. Marquez. No spoilers here, of course, but I do encourage you all to, I don’t know, buy the replays or find them wherever you find things these days. While on the topic of mixed martial arts, full credit to whatever marketing company put this ad together for Norton Anti-virus. Yes, that’s Kimbo Slice, and… Read More

  • What Have VCs Really Done for Innovation?

    This is a guest post by Vivek Wadhwa, an entrepreneur turned academic. He is a Visiting Scholar at UC-Berkeley, Senior Research Associate at Harvard Law School and Executive in Residence at Duke University. Follow him on Twitter at @vwadhwa. Back in 1986, when Bill Gates was still making sales calls, he pitched my group at First Boston on why we should bet the farm on Windows. Despite the… Read More

  • BAM Investor's Financial Model Tweets Out Predictions Of The Next Stock Market Crash

    The S&P 500 is up 58 percent from its lowest point last March, the worst of the economic recession seems to be behind us, and even perennial stock market bear Jim Grant is calling for a barn-burner of a recovery, yet predictions of the next stock-market crash are already here. And you can find them on Twitter. Individual traders love to talk stocks on Twitter so much that they have given… Read More

  • TC50 DemoPit Watch: YourTour Debuts Online Personal Travel Agent Service

    One European company that picked the TechCrunch50 conference to launch a service was DemoPit participant deciZium, which launched its travel planning website YourTour in public beta and gave the audience a demo of its capabilities during the event’s breaks. Granted, there are a lot of travel-related websites and applications out there which makes it quite difficult to come up with… Read More

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