• MySpace Employees In Europe Await A Bloodbath Of Firings

    Four days ago MySpace announced they were laying off 30% of their staff in the U.S. and promptly sent 400 employees packing. The announcement stated that the layoffs only applied to U.S. employees. That strongly indicated that the next up for termination were over 100 of its international employees, as it has almost 30 offices around the world MySpace in Europe covers 19 territories via 6… Read More

  • Poll: Are you buying an iPhone 3G S?

    You did know that Apple announced a new iPhone right? Yeah, it’s called the iPhone 3G S, where the S stands for Speed. So are you going to get it? There have been pics filtering in from tipsters all morning showing fanboys lined-up, waiting for their chance to get the latest and greatest from Apple. But are you one of them? Or are you avoiding Apple, and AT&T, as you would a… Read More

  • Are you going to the Apple or AT&T store today?

    Take a picture and send it to tips@crunchgear.com. We want to see how your part of the country is holding up under the strain. Read More

  • AT&T tethering to cost $55?

    Gruber found some information that the AT&T tethering plan would cost $55 a month and suggests – but cannot confirm – that this will be in addition to the unlimited data plan already in place, potentially hitting the $85 per month for data. I, like him, find this outrageous and can only pray that this number will be more like $55 total. On the aggregate, traffic on… Read More

  • Video of coffee-serving mini humanoid is awesome, gets 100,000 views in 24 hours

    A video of Hina [JP], a small female humanoid, is currently causing a sensation in the Japanese blogosphere. It shows Hina first grinding coffee beans, then brewing coffee before finally serving it to her master. And the little robot does it all by herself. I have no idea how they did this, but the video (essentially a silent mini movie) is the best thing you’ll see all day. Read More

  • The iPhone 3G S splayed out on the operating table

    Happy iPhone 3G S Day! We’ve got the tear down of the latest iPhone here so you don’t have to spend all day sitting and staring at your new phone, wondering how it ticks. Oh, and there is a small, and geeky, surprise hidden within the iPhone 3G S that might reveal upcoming features. Read More

  • Occipital Brings Seamless Barcode Scanning To The iPhone With RedLaser

    Now that the new iPhone 3G S has a video camera, TechStars startup Occipital has released an update to its RedLaser app (iTunes link, $1.99) which speeds up barcode scanning by not requiring you to first take a picture. Occipital claims that its “realtime barcode scanner” is the only one which works on phones with both autofocus (the new 3G S) and without (the older iPhone and… Read More

  • Tremors tells you the Twitter vibrations about a place

    It’s pretty obvious that wherever you are in the world, you’re usually looking for the best bar, hotel, venue you can get for your money. And all the information is out there now, especially on live streams like Twitter. The problem is searching it and finding it. So if you could somehow match tweets to actual venues you could also use that data to rate the venue itself. The… Read More

  • Tremors Gives You Twitter Vibrations About A Place

    It’s pretty obvious that wherever you are in the world, you’re usually looking for the best bar, hotel or venue you can get for your money. And all the information is out there now, especially on live streams like Twitter. The problem is searching it and finding it. So if you could somehow match tweets to actual venues you could also use that data to rate the venue itself. The… Read More

  • @TCEurope is looking for office space in London

    Our apologies for this brief intermission in our coverage, but perhaps you can help. TechCrunch Europe is looking for office space in London. Above is a picture of an ideal-sized space we saw recently. It was in the “Silicon Roundabout” area, in the same building as a bunch of tech startups, but someone else took it. As you can see it’s a large space, and the reason… Read More

  • A100: Now iRiver makes Bluetooth headsets

    You might want to know that iRiver is making Bluetooth headsets now. Granted, the don’t look anything special; does any headset? Also, the first model, the A100, is currently only set for release in China. Read More

  • New pen scans invisible codes in texts and pics, then plays back related audio

    A company called Apollo Japan has developed the so-called Speakun [JP], a pen-shaped device that’s able to read invisible codes printed on paper and then plays back pre-recorded sounds. Users first have to scan special, dot-shaped codes (0.04mm in diameter) that are associated with pictures or texts on a piece of paper. Read More

  • Coming To Android This Summer: Kyte, Rummble and Google Books

    Always nice for a reporter to bump into a developer who builds mobile applications for startups and gives you a live preview and details of yet-to-be-announced stuff. No worries, he has permission to talk about the apps (he thinks). The man I’m talking about is Julián Moreno from development house Droiders, and he and his team have been hacking away at some fine apps for the Android… Read More

  • Daily Crunch: Tiny Town Edition

    My Father’s Day Gift Picks for 2009
    The Story of the Littlest Drill
    Put your rodent on rails with the Hamtrack Read More

  • That Was Quick: Veodia Acquires Screen Capturing Startup ScreenToaster

    ScreenToaster, easily one of the best web-based screen recording tools out there, is now in the hands of enterprise video platform provider Veodia. The San Mateo, CA based company – backed by $8.3 million in venture capital – has acquired the former for an undisclosed sum and intends to integrate its offering in its enterprise video SaaS suite later this year. For Paris-based… Read More

  • Mobile 2.0 Europe: Video Interview With GetJar CEO Ilja Laurs

    I’m here at the Mobile 2.0 Europe conference in sunny Barcelona and today had a great conversation with GetJar founder and CEO Ilja Laurs which I recorded and uploaded to our YouTube channel. GetJar, in case you don’t know, is a platform and device-agnostic central marketplace for mobile applications which Laurs bills as the world’s largest independent, open application store. Read More

  • Node power outlet: how come nobody thought of this before?

    Probably because there are a few design issues with it. Although it’s very stylish-looking and certainly an elegant solution to the too-many-plugs problem, a moment’s reflection brings up a few serious issues. In fact, they got nailed by the commenters at BBG almost instantaneously. Can you spot what’s wrong? Read More

  • Fulfill your dreams of becoming a catalog model

    If you’ve always dreamed of being a catalog model, this is your chance to really show off your stuff. Tech-friendly clothing company Scottevest is running a contest where you can appear in their catalog wearing their products. All you have to do is take a picture of yourself (in focus, and in high resolution) and email it to them, and you may get your big chance to be in a catalog. Read More

  • As Events Unfold In Iran, Facebook And Google Translate Quickly Add Persian Versions

    In response to the events surrounding the Iranian election last week, Google and Facebook have both added the Persian language Farsi to their capabilities. The Persian version of Facebook will be available starting tonight. The Facebook blog post announcing the new version is here. Facebook says the Persian version was already being developed but it decided to unveil it because of the… Read More

  • My Father's Day Gift Picks for 2009

    Every day should be Father’s Day, right? We should celebrate every single day all the wonderful things our dads did for us, like fixing our bikes, helping us buy our first car, and not kicking us out of the house when we got our girlfriend pregnant. But since we don’t say “Thanks, Dad!” every single day, we’ll use this Sunday to get him some gifts that… Read More

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