• Want To Get In On The Novafora-Transmeta Fire Sale?

    Novafora, which acquired low power chip company Transmeta in late 2008, is out of business. And all that Transmeta x86 code morphing source code, build servers, documentation and prototypes are for sale. There are some complications to the deal, but this is a potential opportunity for a large chip company to get their hands on some key emulation technology. All the details are at… Read More

  • Announcing The Realtime Board And Our Next CrunchUp on November 20

    A lot has happened since our first Realtime Stream CrunchUp in July: Facebook bought FriendFeed, Twitter raised $100 million, Google Wave launched in private beta. So TechCrunchIt editor Steve Gillmor and I thought it would be a good time for another Realtime CrunchUp. The next one will be an all-day event on November 20 in San Francisco. I don’t want to give away too many details… Read More

  • Cyberbike may be the largest Wii accessory to date

    If you’re a Wii owner and you’ve been thinking to yourself, “Boy, there aren’t nearly enough available accessories for my console,” then maybe you’d enjoy blowing off some steam on a full-size Wii-compatible exercise bike. Yes, a bike. Read More

  • Channel 4 signs long-form content deal with YouTube

    [UK] BREAKING: This is quite a big move from TV broadcaster Channel 4 in the UK. They appear to be admitting their 4oD video-on-demand ‘catch-up’ service is no match for putting the lot on YouTube. Here’s the release that just went out: YouTube, Channel 4 sign pioneering long-form content deal October 15 2009: YouTube and Channel 4 have signed a pioneering content deal which… Read More

  • InBox2: One inbox to rule them all… via Facebook?

    [Netherlands] InBox2 is a fledging product which attempts to bring together all your input streams (multiple mail accounts, Twitter, Facebook, etc.) into a single master inbox. The company has just launched a Facebook application which gives you access to that Inbox via Facebook. Recipients The release of Google Wave has prompted a lot of discussion on the future of email or the lack thereof. Read More

  • Subcription content platform SubHub secures more funding

    [UK/Wales] It feels like these guys have been on the fund-raising trail forever. But finally SubHub, the platform for subscription content websites, has closed a significant funding round. Led by commercial funder, Finance Wales, alongside Angels including Simon Murdoch and David Hulston, SubHub now plans to expand its website building and monetisation tools and service. The startup has done… Read More

  • The Google Book Store, Coming Soon To A Browser Near You

    Google offered some more details on its upcoming digital book store earlier today at the Frankfurt Book Fair. Google plans on selling downloadable electronic books called Google Editions to any device with a browser. Today, Google Books gives you the option to buy books you find there from other online retailers. But Google Editions will come directly from Google’s own… Read More

  • All-weather GPS device handles golf, skiing, running, and more

    Sport-specific GPS devices can often cost hundreds of dollars each and if you’re someone who’s into all different types of outdoor activities like skiing, golfing, and running, buying separate GPS gizmos can add up quickly. Sure, you could probably use your smartphone to run multiple sports GPS apps but then you’ve got to deal with sweat, the elements, and… um, cell… Read More

  • HTC submits trademark application for new catchphrase: Quietly Brilliant

    HTC, formerly known as High Tech Computer Corporation, has become quite a household name over the past couple years, what with all its high profile WinMo and Android-powered phones saturating the global mobilesphere. It comes as no surprise, then, that HTC has decided to update its company catchphrase from the old ‘ HTC Innovation’ to a new, better representation of its quick rise… Read More

  • Foursquare Nearly Doubles Its Playing Field

    Easily the biggest complaint about Foursquare is that it’s simply not available in enough cities. That’s absolutely true. As of this morning, the service was only operating in 23 cities. But the company has just now flipped the switch on 15 new ones, brining the new total to 38. Here are the cities that were added: Read More

  • Logitech outs the G110 gaming keyboard

    When I think of Logitech gaming keyboards, I picture large, oddly shaped creations because that’s what they traditionally look like. However, the new G110 throws out those styling cues for something a little more minimalistic and I like it. Read More

  • Post-Hype, Wolfram Alpha Turns On Its API And Preps An iPhone App

    While Wolfram Alpha, the website, has so far failed to capture the imagination of the public in a meaningful way, the core idea has always been about the data. And it does contain data that is interesting, and potentially quite useful if presented in the right way. And now others can try to figure that out, as that data takes center stage with the launch of Wolfram Alpha’s API… Read More

  • Sidekick Outages Could Have Cost Microsoft Over $700,000 Per Day

    Since the Great Sidekick Disaster of 2009, there’s been a nearly endless torrent of tips on the matter barraging our inbox. Some weren’t so much “tips” as they were “mindless rants”, while others were obviously just angry customers looking to make stuff up. Recently, however, a source which has proven itself reliable in the past has come forward with… Read More

  • Rumor: Nokia working on a keyboard-less N920?

    Don’t let today’s news of Nokia’s financial failures troubles fool you. Just because the mobile powerhouse isn’t raking in profits at the moment, doesn’t mean the Finnish giant has stopped working on future devices…at least according to Pocketables. Read More

  • Amber Alert GPS device keeps kids close

    What BrickHouse lacks in photoshop skills they more than make up for in caring for kids. BrickHouse sells the Child Locator, a little thinger that lights up when your kid moves up to 600 feet away from you, and now they have this. It’s basically a little tracking device that hangs off of your kid’s clothes and allows you to track them anywhere on Earth. Read More

  • AMD’s low-voltage ‘Congo’ platform due soon?

    Not content to sit back and let Intel have all the ultra low voltage fun, AMD’s low voltage Congo platform is apparently due in the coming weeks – late October or early November, according to DigiTimes. Read More

  • Cinch Makes It Super Simple To Share Audio To Twitter, Facebook, And The Web

    A number of services have taken off that make it easy to share pictures via Twitter. A number of iPhone apps also build in this functionality. There are so some that do the same for video now. But audio recording has yet to really take off on the platform, and Cinch, a new service from BlogTalkRadio, hopes to change that, and extend it to Facebook and the web too. True to its name, the core… Read More

  • Put.io is an innovative new cloud storage service

    [Turkey] Until now, there’s been a lot of chatter about Put.io in the Turkish tech scene – but no-one had seen it. Today they’ve let us in to have a look at the service. So imagine a service that downloads files from Rapidshare for you, then saves them on your 50GB Put.io account. Or forget about Rapidshare, maybe it collects files from Bittorrent automatically. Here’s… Read More

  • CEIVA outs 8-inch wireless photo frame

    As digital photo frames go, the 8-inch Pro 80 from CEIVA is an otherwise attractive device with built-in Wi-Fi connectivity that can pull pictures down from the company’s photo delivery service, PicturePlan, as well as from connected computers across your home network. Read More

  • Apple's iPhoto Makes It Way Too Easy To Delete Your Entire Flickr Library

    Apple has long been associated with the saying “it just works”. Well, sometimes it apparently works a little too well, to the point of allowing users to delete their entire Flickr libraries in one fell swoop without really meaning to. Oops. The problem stems from the way Apple’s popular iPhoto software is integrated with Flickr. Recent versions of iPhoto allow users to… Read More

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