• Consolidation in online gambling: bwin acquires Italy's Gioco Digitale

    Shares in Austrian provider of online gaming entertainment bwin Interactive Entertainment soared in early trading this morning after the company confirmed that it was in the final stages of acquiring Gioco Digitale, one of Italy’s oldest online gaming sites. According to the announcement, the boards of both companies and its shareholders have agreed on principle terms for the acquisition… Read More

  • Sony outs the beautiful LED-backlit ZX5 LCD TV

    These new 46- and 52-inch Sony sets are loaded: 240Hz, edge-mounted LED backlighting, wireless media receiver, and they are deliciously thin. Right now they are only announced in Japan, but I’ll bet good money that Sony will announce and price the US-spec’d models this week at CEDIA. But until then, spend 30 seconds of your boring Labor Day and watch the promo video after the break. Read More

  • Review: Gameloft's GTA-style Gangstar for the iPhone is "hella phat"

    phat [fat] adj. slang.
    1. <abrev.> Pretty Hot and Tempting.
    2. 1990’s slang largely used today by gangster wannabes and 13-year-olds.
    3. The best word to describe Gameloft‘s Gangstar: West Coast Hustle. If you liked the Grand Theft Auto series, and you have an iPhone, you absolutely have to buy Gangstar: West Coast Hustle (iTunes link). Even if you’ve never heard of the… Read More

  • That Spotify iPhone app review in full – and Daniel Ek's taste

    Ok, that headline was a lie. Sorry, but we’re not going to review the Spotify iPhone app that just launched, because as far as we can tell it’s identical to the leaked beta we reviewed over a month ago (while every other media outlet was having to make do with an official Spotify YouTube video). Apart from one or two crashes we’re hearing about via Twitter, and the fact that… Read More

  • The Leica M9 leaks out early which is probably for the best

    Leica has a big event scheduled for this Wednesday where the M9 was likely going to be announced. But it just so happens that Apple also has a presser booked for the same day, along with a bunch of companies at the audio video expo, CEDIA. So it’s probably best for Leica that a Photography Bay tipster sent the site an official-looking brochure that lists all the specs of unannounced M9. Read More

  • Woot! New 8.9-inch Eee for $150

    Woot.com is selling new 8.9-inch Eee netbooks for $150, today only. That’s a pretty good price on a non-refurbished portable computer, if you’re in the market. Read More

  • Android Market Now Over 10,000 Applications Strong

    In the mobile OS world, Google’s Android is still a challenger but with the amount of devices that will be running the system that are due to come out in the coming months alone in combination with its open approach it is definitely a contestant to watch closely. The success of Apple’s App Store for the iPhone / iPod Touch is often measured by how many apps have already been… Read More

  • LG's first Android handset spotted: Meet the Etna (Again)

    Earlier this year, LG began offering a strange little QWERTY slider called the “Etna”. We didn’t hear much about the handset before or after launch (primarily because it was only available in the UK), but we don’t often forget a name. As such, we were quite surprised to find out that there is another device going by the Etna name – but this ones got a little… Read More

  • EA Sports finally gets into the sports biz

    After years of training nerds to win on the electronic playing fields, EA Sports finally takes a step out of the virtual realm and produces a gaming platform that requires actual skill. This isn’t going to be pretty. [@ian_cummings via Kotaku] Read More

  • Workers Of The World, Meet Your Robot Replacements

    Industrial robots are nothing new, but they are getting more and more sophisticated. Watch the video above of the swarming robot warehouse pickers made by Kiva Systems. They are like orange industrial Roombas that go out and find inventory in a warehouse and bring it back to human workers to pack for shipping. Don’t fear them. Really, they are just here to help. Zappos and Staples… Read More

  • Nokia starts offering VERTU mobile phone services in Japan

    Japan is a tough market to crack for many non-Japanese cell phone makers, and even the world’s leading cell phone maker, Nokia, had to give up its Japan operations after having failed to gain a foothold in this country (in November last year). But they’re trying again, this time with their luxury brand Vertu. Read More

  • Europe Gets Another Fund As Ariadne Slaps Down $32m

    It looks at first glance like Michael Birch and Brent Hoberman’s PROfounders Capital has a new and unexpected bit of competition in the shape of “online Dragon” Julie Meyer from Ariadne Capital. The latter has just announced a brand-new $32 million (£20m) fund, the Ariadne Capital Entrepreneurs Fund, that aims to invest in early-stage companies. But that may be jumping the gun. Read More

  • London Twestival features The Hours in event for ChildLine

    Twestival, the global Twitter-driven charity event born out of this single event last year in London, stages another global event this week. TechCrunch is supporting Twestval as it’s all about using Twitter for good. Thursday 10th September will see 133 cities from Beijing to Beirut holding Twestivals for their own local causes. The London event will raise money for ChildLine, a… Read More

  • This isn't going to end well: NTT Docomo to enter the US cell phone market next year

    Japan’s NTT DoCoMo, the country’s biggest mobile phone subscriber with over 50 million subscribers, is considering fully entering the American cell phone market – as early as next year. Various Japanese media are reporting that the company plans to offer phones featuring DoCoMo’s proprietary mobile web service “i-mode” in the USA (the picture shows phones… Read More

  • When It Comes To Founding Successful Startups, Old Guys Rule

    Editor’s note: This guest post is written by Vivek Wadhwa, an entrepreneur turned academic. He is a Visiting Scholar at UC-Berkeley, Senior Research Associate at Harvard Law School and Executive in Residence at Duke University. Last week, he wrote about the need to lift restrictions on H1-B visas. Follow him on Twitter at @vwadhwa. I’ve got a message for all the Silicon Valley… Read More

  • Facebook Investor Bets On Two Horses As Vkontakte.ru Plans To Go Global

    Russian social network Vkontakte.ru, notoriously heavily ‘inspired’ by Facebook‘s design, business model and features, is plotting an international roll-out according to daily business newspaper Vedomosti (Google translation). The report mentions that the company has recently acquired the domain name vk.com for an undisclosed amount and plans to use it to brand and market… Read More

  • Toshiba develops advanced pedestrian detection system for cars

    Toshiba has reportedly developed a pedestrian detection technology for use in vehicles that helps to warn drivers of nearby people with an accuracy of more than 99% during the day. It’s about time tech companies become active in the car safety area: The National Safety Council recorded 39,800 motor vehicle-related deaths in 2008 in the USA alone. Read More

  • Bwin To Buy Italian Online Gambling Site Gioco Digitale For An Estimated €95 Million

    Shares in Austrian provider of online gaming entertainment bwin Interactive Entertainment soared in early trading this morning after the company confirmed that it was in the final stages of acquiring Gioco Digitale, one of Italy’s oldest online gaming sites. According to the announcement, the boards of both companies and its shareholders have agreed on principle terms for the acquisition… Read More

  • CrunchGear Week in Review: Under Observation Edition

    Here’s a conundrum: does an upside-down smile shutter become a frown shutter?
    Ping pong cannon blasts through drywall and particle board Read More

  • Breaking: Spotify App Goes Live on iPhone and Android

    Streaming music service Spotify has launched on the iPhone and Android devices for its premium subscribers only. You can download it from Apple’s App Store here and the Android Market. Though plans to launch there are in play, the service is not yet live in the US, and it has already taken several European markets by storm. This iPhone app is basically identical to the leaked beta we… Read More

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