• Sound & Vision lists the top 7 HD shows – Do you agree?

    Sound & Vision has a list of what they feel are the top high definition shows this fall. CSI: Miami Pushing Daisies The Mentalist Heros True Blood The Office Dexter While I don’t disagree with first two, Dexter (best show on TV, btw) and True Blood should be higher on the list. Plus SNL, Stargate: Atlantis, and ER all better looking than The Office. Great show, but there… Read More

  • Apple's loss of iPod chief points to interesting new direction

    As we well know, Tony Fadell, the former exec in charge of Apple’s iPod division, has stepped down for personal reasons and Apple has hired Mark Papermaster, the PowerPC chip guru in IBM’s hardware business. We’ve been discussing the move and there are a few reasons for choosing someone from IBM to lead what is, in reality, an entertainment division. First, iPods are now… Read More

  • Google's Election-Day Victory: FCC Approves Unlicensed Use Of "White Spaces" Spectrum

    Google and other tech companies won a big battle in Washington today. In an Election Day meeting, the FCC approved the unlicensed use of “white spaces” spectrum newly freed up as a result of TV broadcasters going from analog to digital broadcasts. Google has long been leading the lobbying effort to turn this spectrum into a sort of WiFi 2.0. Telecom companies and sports… Read More

  • Celebrating Ocarina of Time with on-sale ocarinas

    Who didn’t enjoy Ocarina of Time back in the day? Running around Hyrule on Epona, playing the ocarina… Oh, hey, speaking of ocarina! This company, the St. Louis Ocarina Store, is honoring the game’s 10th anniversary by reminding you that, you know, it sells ocarinas that look just like the Ocarina of Time. On sale, no less. The granddaddy ocarina, the 12 Hole Tenor and… Read More

  • OpenTech, Apple clone makers, now selling themselves on eBay

    Good news! You can now buy OpenTech’s website, good2beopen.com (!!!) and assets for $52,000. But if you’re sneaky, you can start bidding at about $35,000 and rock out when the bidding ends in seven days. Looks like no one decided to bite in August when they tried to sell themselves the first time. As you know Open Tech has been up for sale on the Open Tech Site. (good2beopen.com)… Read More

  • Teen Bloggerpreneur Jessica Mah's $500 Startup: InternshipIN

    Teen blogger/entrepreneur Jessica Mah has a new startup that cost her $500 to launch. It is an internship job board called InternshipIN aimed at college students who want a dedicated instead of having to trawl through the major job boards. Mah, who operated her own Web hosting startup in high school, is now 18 and a junior at Berkeley. She started InternshipIN with two other students. It… Read More

  • Causes Holds Largest Online Rally Ever To Get You To The Polls

    This morning you likely woke up to a flurry of nearly identical messages in your Facebook News Feed prompting you to get out and vote – the result of what may have been largest unified online statement ever as nearly 1 million Facebook members simultaneously changed their status messages. The effort was put together by Causes, the altruistic Facebook and MySpace application, which… Read More

  • Windows 7 on a MacBook Pro: It kinda works

    The kids at GearLog installed a beta copy of Windows 7 on their fresh new MacBook Pro and found that it wasn’t working quite as expected. Most of the functions were working but some of the little tweaks failed. Read More

  • FCC gives Verizon/Alltel buyout the greenlight

    It’s been nearly five months since Verizon announced their plans to buy out Alltel, but they’ve finally leaped the last hurdle. Just minutes ago, the FCC signed off on the $28.1 billion dollar deal (Verizon is paying $5.9 billion, and assuming $22.2 billion of Alltel’s debt.) The FCC’s stamp of approval doesn’t come without strings attached, however. Amongst… Read More

  • CrunchDeals: HP discounts the Voodoo Envy 133, Blackbird 002

    The integration of Voodoo into the HP fold is all done, so HP has gone ahead and discounted two of its more pricey offerings. The Voodoo Envy 133’s starting price has dropped $200 from $2,099 to $1,899 and ships with a free secondary battery if you order before November 30th. The Blackbird 002’s price has dropped to $1,799. Read More

  • Fujitsu freshens up the LifeBook N-, U- and P-series laptops

    The general consensus around the CG water cooler is that companies will be launching really craptacular products today, but Fujitsu is doing quite the opposite with three new laptops and we like it. The most notable of the bunch is the 16-inch (16:9 LCD) LifeBook N7010 and its tiny 4-inch touch-screen that’s embedded just above the keyboard. Its primary function is to act as an app… Read More

  • USB tethering now possible with the T-Mobile G1

    We should probably stress that that the keyword in the headline up above is “possible”. While some crafty gents over at the Tmo News Forums have cranked out a way to let you use the T-Mobile G1 as a USB modem, it’s not exactly the simplest tethering solution we’ve ever seen. Flip some options, install the SDK, install an application on the device, move stuff around… Read More

  • Panasonic H1: You know, for hospitals

    This isn’t amazingly exciting but it’s still pretty cool. The H1 is a tablet PC for medical use and has a touchscreen and protected ports along the side. It is completely cleanable and has no nooks or crannies where blood or sputum can collect in high pressure situations. In fact, there’s a cool little program that you can start up that shows where you’ve already cleaned. Read More

  • CrunchDeals: Shure I2C-MP headphones for $40

    Amazon has the Shure I2C-MP headphones for the low, low price of $39.69. That’s a savings of $80 off the retail price (which is $120). The headphones qualify for Super Saver Shipping—Amazon sends the headphones to you by Pony Express (or some other as-slow shipping method) for free. While I haven’t used this particular model, Shure usually produces a quality product. Plus… Read More

  • Review: VIA Artigo Pico-ITX Builder Kit A1000

    Say you needed a small PC with low power requirements to install inside a car or even inside a PCs drive bay. Well, friend, you should consider $300 VIA’s Artigo Pico-ITX. This tiny thing out-minis the Mac Mini and can run fast enough to put some of your older PCs to shame. Read More

  • Is That Steam In The Cloud?

    Valve Software, the company behind popular games like Half-Life, Counter-Strike, Day of Defeat, Team Fortress, and Portal, just made an interesting move by announcing the upcoming roll-out of Steam Cloud. In essence, it is a free extension that will allow any user of the wildly popular digital content platform to store game saves, mouse and keyboard configurations settings etc. server-side… Read More

  • Ray Ozzie angers Tablet PC-heads

    Ray Ozzie, Microsoft’s Chief Software Architect, called Tablet PCs “niche” last week and angered Tablet PC lovers the world over. Why? Mostly because even Microsoft isn’t backing Tablet PCs, let alone the world at large. Read More

  • Wal-Mart to give more shelf space to Blu-ray, takes it away from CDs

    Wal-Mart is shoving CDs out of the way of Blu-ray movie titles as CD sales drop 23% over the first weeks of the holiday shopping season. Blu-ray movies however, might just be a hot ticket item as HDTVs are the only TVs you can buy now and some folks wanna hang on to physical media in their treasured collections. Plus, everyone from tweens to Generation X 35-year olds download music, legally… Read More

  • Sharp unveils LCD panel with integrated memory function

    Sharp has developed LCD screens with a memory function that makes it possible to save the displayed content after the power supply is cut off. A number of prototypes (in 1.7-, 2.4-, 6.1- and 14.1-inch sizes) was showcased at the FPD International 2008 show in Tokyo, with just the two small versions being in color. Sharp sees its screens as a possible new alternative to e-paper, to be used… Read More

  • Hanvon N510 electronic book reader: Don't expect it in America

    China appears to have gotten into the electronic book business. Hanvon just announced the N510, an eBook reader that was used aboard that Chinese space flight in September. The N510, which may never even be released outside of China, has a 800×600 display (that’s 167 pixels per inch) and reads most of the relevant formats, including PDF and plain text. There’s also MP3… Read More

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