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Croatian presidential candidate rips-off Obama branding and website

<img src="" alt="nada" title="nada" width="398" height="241" class="shot" />[Croatia] Lots of politicians have been “inspired” by Obama’s

Rumor: Palm Pixi to go Pink?

As any long time MobileCrunch reader (hey, they exist!) ought to know, we’ve got a bit of a soft spot for pink phones. I’m not really too interested in carrying one (nothing against’

Samsung sold 2.6 million LED LCD TVs in 2009, expects 10 million in 2010

<img src="">If you read the headline, then you already know that <a href="">Samsung</a> pushed o

Unnamed Sony Ericsson QWERTY phone spotted in the wild [Updated]

I’ll go ahead and say it: the fact that this unnamed, mostly undetailed Sony Ericsson touchscreen/QWERTY handset is running Symbian S60 5th Edition rather than Android is a travesty.

RCA's 2010 HDTV lineup

<img src="">The RCA brand is still around thanks to TTE Corportation and is ready for 2010 with a full-scale HDTV assault. Most

News Corp. Unloads Rotten Tomatoes Onto Flixster

<img src="" width="215" height="161" /> News Corp is unloading more of its digital assets. This time it's the movie review s

Video: iPhone hacked to support the Magic Mouse

Those gifted gents over at the BTStack might just be too clever for their own good. First they blow our minds by sneaking Wiimote support onto the iPhone, and then tickle our productivity-loving souls

EA planning massacre of online services for games that aren’t all that old

<img src="">Let’s say you’re a company that makes video games – sports games in particular – and you generate a nice recurring stream

NSFW: Hey! Look behind you! It's the tablet of the future!

There are several reasons why I would never describe myself as a “futurologist”. The first reason – obviously – is that “futurologist” isn’t a real job, any m

EMC To Acquire IT Risk And Compliance Software Developer Archer Technologies

<img src="" width="188" height="72" /> Software giant <a href="">EMC</

Syabas' $130 Popbox video streamer, everyone

<img src="">Hello, beautiful. We knew <a href="

Woot! Refurbished Gateway LT3103 netbook with six-cell battery for $270

<img src="">Oh Gateway LT3103, you bucked the netbook trend all the way into our hearts with the inclusion of the AMD Athlon 64

Worlds Collide: Twitter Has More Uptime Than Facebook

<img src="" width="215" height="122" /> If one of Twitter's New Year's resolutions is to reduce sightings of the fail whale,

Freescale ARM Cortex-A8 tablets! Some less than $200! The future! Now!

<img src="">You know what’s so hot for Y2K10? Tablets. If you want to get just about anybody in the technology jou

Buffalo Japan sells very pretty external HDD

<img src="" /> If you ever wanted to watch movies stored on your computer (you know, the ones you legally downloaded from t

Parkour flip book-style There is no way I can make fun of thi

Beam me up, Scotty: Some weird wristband lets to you talk to the hand

Helium Digital just announce what is essentially a wristband communicator for Bluetooth enabled phones. You pair it, wear it, and, umm… talk into it. This $85 device has voice caller ID, vibration f

FutureTap Reflects On "Where To?" iPhone App Acquisition, Talks Numbers

<img src="" width="215" height="123" />While there are well over 100,000 iPhone / iPod Touch applications available in the App

Pinging In The New Year: Seesmic Acquires

<img src="" width="215" height="147" />Well that didn't take long. Just four days in 2010 and we already have an acquisition

Thomson Reuters Acquires Discovery Logic To Boost Analytics

<img src="" width="215" height="56" /> Thomson Reuters is ringing in the New Year with an acquisition under its belt. The busines
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