• Burnout Paradise Cops and Robbers better be good

    Tell you what. Burnout Paradise is a killer game and the next add-on shows promise on improving the already stellar game. I don’t know much about the addition but that it’s going to feature cop cars that in an ordinary world would be subject only to parade and show duty. In Paradise City however, supercars are needed to catch the Burnout Elite. Video after the break. Oh, and watch… Read More

  • Kutcher/CNN Twitter Fight Day 3: EA Ups The Ante

    A couple days ago, actor Ashton Kutcher stated his goal to beat CNN to be the first Twitter user with a million followers. He promised to punk CNN founder Ted Turner if the Internet made it happen. Yesterday, CNN anchor Larry King fired back at Kutcher saying that one man couldn’t take down a whole network. Kutcher was still trailing CNN by tens of thousands of followers, so he upped… Read More

  • Smule Outdoes Itself Again: Leaf Trombone Is An Instant iPhone Classic

    When the iPhone App Store launched last year, a flood of ‘virtual’ music apps, ranging from pianos to drums hit the market. Most of these didn’t fare so well on the iPhone’s small screen, save for one fantastic standout: Smule’s Ocarina, which was perfectly suited for the iPhone and was fairly easy for beginners to pick up. The app became a massive success… Read More

  • MetroPCS gets the nearly vintage Motorola Hint QA30

    Whoa-ho-ho! Way to keep these releases on lock, MetroPCS! Striking while the iron is luke warm, they’ve released the Motorola QA30, a mere six months after it first became available. With Stereo Bluetooth and the QWERTY keyboard being the primary notable features, the specs weren’t exactly mind boggling when the handset first launched – so half a year later and priced at… Read More

  • AT&T desperately wants to hold onto iPhone exclusivity

    Of the 4.3 million iPhone subscribers that AT&T added to its books in 2008, about 40 percent of them were new customers. It’s that type of growth that has AT&T scrambling to retain its exclusivity arrangement with Apple, which is expected to expire next year. If that agreement were to expire, Apple would be free to take the iPhone to other wireless carriers, like T-Mobile or… Read More

  • Boom! Twitter More Than Doubles Unique U.S. Visitors To 9.3 Million In March

    If it seems like Twitter is growing faster and faster each day, that is because it is. ComScore has released its March numbers for the U.S., and it estimates that unique visitors to Twitter.com grew 131 percent between February and March to 9.3 million visitors. No wonder Twitter is more popular than Britney. Not only did Twitter more than double the number of people that go to its site in… Read More

  • Dale Jr. Spotter GPS helps with [insert left turn only NASCAR joke]

    The world really does not need this GPS, btw. There are tons of options out there that doesn’t include Dale Jr. spouting off directions to you. However, if you are a Milwaukee’s Best drinking, red F-250 driving, die hard NASCAR junkie, this one if for you, redneck. Read More

  • LG Viewty II gets a new name and temporary official acknowledgment

    For just a few hours early this morning, a post heralding the LG Viewty II could be seen at LG’s official German blog. Apparently it went up too early, because it was pulled down within hours – because that somehow fixes things. Except that this is the internet, and people are just too dang good at keeping an eye out for this stuff. PhoneArena caught the goods this… Read More

  • DIY Social Network GROU.PS Adds Ranking System To Assign Privileges To Contributors

    GROU.PS, a do-it-yourself social network focused on moderated online collaboration is launching a new tool, ActivityRank Pipelines. The feature is a point and reward system that lets moderators of a social network measure and rank members’ content contributions and then extend moderation privileges to members based on these rankings. The moderators are able to activate the… Read More

  • Another Zune render pops up with fanboy-ish specs

    There has been a quite mumbling on the ol’ Intertubes that Microsoft has another Zune in development. We kind of already knew that from an Microsoft suit interview. The latest ‘leaked’ pics sport the same design that was in the first photoset however, are clearly renderings. The source claims these pics are real, along with a long list of specs and capabilities. Some which… Read More

  • MOG Gets An Overhaul, Looks To Become Definitive Music News Portal

    Mog, a music-centric blogging network that launched back in 2006, is evolving once again. The site has relaunched its homepage at Mog.com to serve as an authoritative destination site for music news. It has lofty goals, aspiring to become something akin to a ‘Huffington Post for music’ with a constant stream of content that lures visitors to come back multiple times a day. Coming… Read More

  • Attack of The Frames: VideoEgg Introduces The Twig Ad Bar

    Frames are definitely back. More and more Web apps like the Diggbar are using frames to overlay a thin toolbar on top of other Websites, and the practice is causing some controversy because frames are generally frowned upon as messy Web design. Today, VideoEgg is introducing a new ad unit called the Twig, which looks like a toolbar either at the top or bottom of a Web page. The Twig ad… Read More

  • TwitPic Hits 1 Million Users, Brick Wall

    Sharing photographs and other images on Twitter is a fairly natural and thus wildly popular extension of the micro-sharing service’s main reason for being. We’ve earlier noticed how TwitPic seems to have emerged as the leader of the pack. Its growth rate is practically up to par with the increase in visitors and users Twitter itself is seeing the past couple of months. Traffic… Read More

  • Sharp follows Sony's Vaio P with a Mebius UMPC, copies Sony's promotion campaign

    Remember Sony’s Vaio P ultra-mobile PC? Remember their American and Japanese PR campaign for it, with Sony being all vague and secretive about the device for weeks? It seems that Sharp remembers it very well, as they obviously try to “adopt” this strategy for their up and coming Mebius netbook [JP]. Read More

  • AT&T launches FamilyMap, let the spying begin

    Sorry school-skipping teenagers and spouse-cheating losers, AT&T has launched FamilyMap, which will track a phone’s location either by GPS or cell-phone tower triangulation on a Microsoft Live Map. Other providers have offered similar services for a while, but now AT&T has gotten into the big brother spy game. Read More

  • SocialYell Lets Users Raise Their Voices About The Good Companies Out There

    SocialYell is a new community website for people who are interested in discussing, promoting and discovering ‘good’ organizations, meaning companies that are “socially responsible, environmentally progressive and globally aware”, business or non-profits alike. The website is launching sometime today, but you can already access it using the passcode… Read More

  • Daily Crunch: Get Gadget Edition

    Rubik’s Cube salt and pepper shakers for some nice dinnertime frustration
    Own your own Steve Jobs plushie
    We at CrunchGear salute Newsoap! Read More

  • When Google Latitude Stalking Isn't Such A Bad Thing

    Yesterday, Silicon Valley’s local CBS affiliate ran a story (video here) about a woman getting her purse snatched. But what’s interesting is the way she got it back: With an assist from Google Latitude. You see, in her purse, her phone had Google’s location-based social networking service installed, and it was updating the location of her phone in real-time. So even though… Read More

  • iSkoot Notifier Goes International

    iSkoot’s Notifier product takes some of the most popular social services on the web, and puts in a format that’s easy to read on average phones. By “average” I don’t mean smartphones, because remember, most of the world still does not have those. Today, iSkoot is taking the Notifier product international thanks to a deal with German carrier E-Plus. While… Read More

  • Socializr 'Event Connect' Looks To Be Your Comprehensive Social Calendar

    Socializr, an Evite competitor that allows users to coordinate party planning and invitations, is launching a new product today called ‘Event Connect’ that allows users to aggregate and respond to all of their events from sites like Facebook, Meetup, MySpace, and Evite in one place. The site has integrated with each of these social networks/event sites using services like… Read More

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