• Amazon lists DJ Hero for $119 (including turntable)

    I’m not sure how much faith we should put in these numbers, but here we go. Amazon has DJ Hero, of which I’m still deeply skeptical of, listed for $119.99. That includes the game and turntable. Read More

  • BioShock and The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion Xbox 360 game bundle out next month

    The headline might be misleading or confusing, but the BioShock and Elder Scrolls bundle does not include a console. It’s just a games bundle that includes the 2006 and 2007 Game of the Year Winners. Starting on July 7, you can get BioShock and Elder Scrolls IV for $40. The Windows PC bundle will be $30. Read More

  • iPhone app review: Appy Newz

    Here’s a fun way to waste time: make fake tabloid covers using photos from your iPhone camera! Appy Newz is a cute little faux desktop iPhone publishing application that makes it super easy to create slick looking magazine covers. It comes filled with stock backgrounds and faces, but you can easily select backgrounds and faces from your camera roll. Read More

  • Video: The Xbox 360 Logitech Wireless Guitar Controller

    Xbox 360’s owners can soon stop being jelous of the PS3 Logitech Wireless Guitar Controller. Yup, soon they will be able to get their own premium wireless controller with a maple neck, rosewood fingerboard, a virtually silent strum bar and metal frets. The controller is an official liscenced product so it should work seemlessly for Guitar Hero when it launches this August for $199. Read More

  • Google Books Adds New Features And Tools

    Google has launched a bunch of new features to Google Books in an effort to promote interactivity between readers and the online books. 1. Embeddable previews of books: This new feature allows you to embed a preview of a full view or partner book in your websites or blogs, just like you would with a YouTube video. You can also copy and paste a url link in an email to share the book with… Read More

  • Expect two new DSLRs from Nikon this summer

    It seems that Nikon has scheduled press conferences for both July 30 and August 4. We hear that a new DSLR will be a announced at each presser. The D300s is a given, with its SD card slot and 720p24 recording, but what’s the other DSLR? Read More

  • Trick for enabling MMS on the iPhone – UPDATE

    A reader, one Mr. Dude dropped this into comments last night and we’re about to try it. Presumably you have to enable tethering and MMS before you begin. UPDATE – Just go here with your iPhone browser. This enables tethering but we’re still trying to figure out MMS. Read More

  • CrunchDeals: $170 Ectaco eBook Reader to smash in the faces of smug Kindle owners

    Dealnews has a great deal on the Ectaco Jetbook eBook Reader, an e-ink device with 5-inch display, built-in Fodor’s Travel Guide and CIA World Factbook (!!) and an SD card slot for expansion. It supports .txt, .pdf, .fb2, Mobi, PRC, EPUB, RTF files and doesn’t seem to have any built-in storage. It’s available at NewEgg for $169.99 and free shipping, down from $299.99. Read More

  • Collecta Enters The Real Time Search Wars

    As we become inundated with more and more streams of data from Twitter, Facebook, blog, Flickr, and everywhere else, we need better ways to search what is happening right now. Twitter, Facebook, and Google are working on their own real-time search efforts, along with a slew of startups including OneRiot, Scoopler, and CrowdEye (which launched last night). The latest entrant in the real… Read More

  • Micropet-i: New robo-animals from Japan to melt your heart

    These must be the cutest robots since the thumb-sized Robo-Qs: Takara Tomy (Tomy in the US) today announced the Micropet-i series [JP, PDF], which consists of nine different (very small and adorable) robotic animals. This is the same company responsible for said Robo-Qs. Read More

  • SpinVox rolls out across Latin America

    SpinVox, the voice to text messaging provider, is rolling out across 12 more countries in Telefónica’s network across Latin America. The move follows the October 2008 launch with Telefónica’s Movistar Chile. The countries include Argentina, Colombia, Ecuador, El Salvador, Guatemala, Mexico, Nicaragua, Panama, Peru, Uruguay and Venezuela, as well as Vivo, Telefónica’s… Read More

  • Demdex Comes Out Of Stealth, Offers Advertisers Their Own Behavioral Data Bank

    Advertisers and websites all too often rely on other companies for data about their own potential customers. A new advertising analytics startup called Demdex came out of stealth mode today to give companies a way to store and make sense of all the behavioral data which they collect or which is collected on their behalf. Read More

  • Sirius XM iPhone app released: No Howard Stern, MLB or NFL; Opie and Anthony make the cut

    Big news today, Sirius XM fans. The Sirius XM iPhone app has been released, and is available to download right now. The app itself is free, but you’ll need to be a Sirius XM subscriber to use it. Obviously. Read More

  • Samsung Highlight coming to T-Mobile next month

    Poor Samsung. They can never keep any of their secrets. This time, images of the “Highlight” have been leaked to TmoNews. The 3G touch-screen devices looks similar to the Instinct s30 and features a 3.1-megapixel camera and GPS. Look for it to drop on July 15th. [PSGallery=2lsbxj8w9u] Read More

  • Panasonic develops 85-inch full HD plasma TV

    Even though LCD is clearly the dominant technology in the TV market, Panasonic still believes in the merits of plasma displays. The company currently showcases a new 85-inch monster plasma TV [JP] at the InfoComm in Orlando, Florida (the screen size is equal to that of four 42-inchers combined). Read More

  • Here Comes The iPhone 3G S

    AT&T has just released official word about the upcoming wave of iPhone 3G S device deliveries to its retail locations and directly to customers who have pre-ordered the widely anticipated phone. TechCrunch is here to make it easier for you to skim the information by breaking the press release down to the core items (no thank you required): (after the jump) Read More

  • Lacy, Birch, Krim And Glaenzer To Attend TechCrunch Europe Awards

    Preparations for The Europas – The TechCrunch Europe Awards 2009 – are coming together. Held on July 9 in London, these will be the first Europe-wide awards ceremony for technology innovation, honoring the best tech companies and startups across the web and mobile scene from the continent of Europe. The first tranche of tickets are now on sale. Put July 9 in your diary, get a… Read More

  • Daily Crunch: Outside Looking In Edition

    Alice and Kev, the homeless Sims
    The blue collar Father’s Day gift guide
    RAWR (it means I LOVE YOU! in Dinosaur), Verizon FiOS Read More

  • Mozilla Shows Microsoft Where $10,000 Is Buried

    Yesterday, we poked fun at Microsoft’s tacky $10,000 online treasure hunt to get people to use IE8, at the domain TenGrandIsBuriedHere.com. We were hardly the only ones. Today, a developer at Mozilla, makers of IE rival Firefox, weighed in with his own way of mocking Microsoft: TenGrandIsBuriedThere.com. The site is simply a Google Map zoomed out to a certain point. If you zoom in… Read More

  • TinyPetition Aims To Become The Default Petition Engine For Twitter

    Dan Blake from Harkness Labs – who is working on far more projects at the same time than he could possibly tell me about in just one conversation – recently filled me in on his latest Twitter-related venture, TinyPetition. Basically, Blake is looking to address the apparent need for a tool that allows the many opinionated people that inhabit Twitterland to voice their concerns… Read More

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