• Some new consumer-friendly products from Avid coming mid-September

    Avid, makers of a wide range of digital video/audio software and hardware have a couple of new product updates coming your way mid-September. The first to note is an updated version of their consumer-friendly family of products know as Pinnacle Studio. The new Pinnacle Studio meets the needs of a wide range of consumers, from novices to video enthusiasts and semi-professionals. The family… Read More

  • RankSpeed's Sentiment Search Engine Tracks Blogs And Twitter

    Detecting sentiment in content on the web, including Tweets and news articles is becoming an increasingly popular way of interpreting data. With that it mind, RankSpeed is launching a search tool that does a sentiment analysis of Tweets and blogs. RankSpeed lets you search for any keyword or tag on a website and attach a sentiment to the search. So you can use the emotional concepts of… Read More

  • Sprint changes the game, offers up unlimited everything for $69 per month

    Let’s just say it: Sprint is back. First the carrier nabs the hottest handhelds with the Palm Pre, BlackBerry Tour and soon the HTC Hero and Palm Pixi. But that’s just the start. Now, it’s offering up the $69 Any Mobile, Anytime plan which includes – get this – unlimited calls to any mobile phone, unlimited web surfing, Blackberry access, unlimited Direct… Read More

  • Western Digital refreshes external drives, adds auto backup and security

    Western Digital has announced 5 new external hard drives of various shapes and sizes. The refreshed lineup represents WD’s shift towards “smaller, smarter, and safer” storage solutions. As a result, all of these new drives come standard with built-in automatic backup software, password protection, and 256-bit hardware encryption. Read More

  • IMshopping Opens Twitter And Human Powered Shopping Search Engine To Retailers

    IMshopping, a human- powered shopping search site and Twitter shopping service, is rolling out a new feature, Merchant Answers, that lets consumers ask shopping questions directly on retailers’ sites via an embeddable chat widget. We reviewed IMshopping’s May launch here. IMshopping’s site is a shopping 411 service in which human guides on call respond to product questions… Read More

  • Data From Seedcamp Shows The Startup Trends In Europe

    Seedcamp – the rolling European startups programme which started out as an annual competition and which has morphed into a pan-European network of mentors, investors and startups – will today announce it’s list of startups that have made the cut for Seedcamp Week in a fortnight’s time in London. But at a press conference in London CEO Reshma Sohoni and Chairman Saul… Read More

  • Ondeego Launches AppCentral, A Mobile App Store For Enterprise Tools

    Mobile applications targeting enterprise customers most certainly have their place in platform-agnostic app stores like GetJar, device-agnostic stores like Android Market and vendor-specific ones such as the iPhone App Store and Palm’s App Catalog. But finding enterprise-grade apps on these stores in between the plethora of games, music apps and general-purpose software programs for… Read More

  • Daily Crunch: Playing Catch Edition

    Video: The iida Polaris is a cool mix between robot and phone
    Hands-on with the new iPod nano
    Happy 40th birthday, Nerf! Read More

  • Facebook And StudiVZ Dispute Ends With Settlement

    Facebook and StudiVZ have reached a settlement in the alleged plagiarism case, with the German social network operator paying Zuckerberg and co an undisclosed sum as part of the deal. Both companies will be withdrawing their respective claims both in the United States and Germany and continue to operate their business as before (statement in German). StudiVZ and Facebook have agreed not to… Read More

  • Nuance and BMW vs Ford and Microsoft

    Ford and Microsoft have found great success partnering together on Sync and the rest of the automotive industry have finally taken notice. We’ve taken Sync for a ride or two and know that it works as advertised. We even took a 2010 Mustang for a spin over the weekend and even without the full-fledged Nav system with touchscreen, Sync worked great. BTW- Ford kicked some ass on the new… Read More

  • Hands-on with the Lowepro Pro Roller x100

    Lowepro announced a handful of new camera bags at PMA in March and over the last couple months they’ve slowly trickled into the market. We were lucky enough to snag a Pro Roller x100 early and have spent quite a bit of time with it over the last few weeks including trips to Indianapolis for the Red Bull MotoGP. Read More

  • AMD specs its new ultrathins, but no pictures yet

    I know, you like posts with pictures in them. Well, too bad! AMD’s new ultrathin platform isn’t quite ready for its close-up yet. If you remember last year, they introduced the dv2 with HP as the first entry in their ultrathin platform, and I liked pretty much everything but the trackpad and the fact that it came with Vista. The new ultrathins are going to be better, faster… Read More

  • AMD simplifies its brand again with "Vision"

    AMD is sort of becoming the Mac of PC hardware. That is to say, they perform well, but in the end want it to be about a final user experience, not a piecemeal selection of parts and capabilities. In this spirit of simplicity, they’re shifting the bulk of their merchandising over from Turion and X4 and all that to three labels under the brand name “Vision.” It reminds me of… Read More

  • RSSCloud Vs. PubSubHubbub: Why The Fat Pings Win

    Editor’s note: With all of the debate lately between RSSCloud versus PubSubHubbub, we wanted to hear from a developer who could actually tell us which one might be better and why. The following guest post is written by Josh Fraser, the co-founder of EventVue, who is an active contributor to PubSubHubbub in his free time. He has contributed several client libraries for PubSubHubbub… Read More

  • SuccessFactors To Integrate Talent Management Software With Partners

    SuccessFactors, the provider of hosted enterprise software for “performance and talent management,” is rolling out a partner program for its SaaS offering, letting business’ data from other enterprise programs integrate seamlessly with SuccessFactors’ software. SuccessCloud is currently integrated with IBM Lotus Connections and IBM WebSphere Portal, Ping Identity… Read More

  • Microsoft's new keyboard is thin enough to shave with

    Microsoft Hardware’s new Bluetooth Mobile Keyboard is a sexy little number. And its companion is a sexy little numpad. Thin keyboards tend to have short key throws, which is less comfortable for some, but on the other hand, it’s thin enough to slip into… why not, a manila envelope. Read More

  • Apple announced many things today. Here's what you missed (if that's even possible).

    A small, California-based company by the name of Apple had an event today where it unveiled many new things. In case you were AFE (away from Earth) for the past few hours, here’s what you missed. Read More

  • Zero Punctuation takes down Wolfenstein with limericks

    http://static.themis-media.com/media/global/movies/player/flowplayer.commercial-3.1.1.swf I can see why he chose this here style
    to give voice to his critical bile
    it’s quick and distinct
    works embedded or linked
    but too bad Wolfenstein ain’t worthwhile. Read More

  • Bing Loves The Porn Hounds (Updated)

    Bing is an excellent search engine. For one thing the surprising early reviews probably forced Yahoo’s hand as they entered into one of the dumber corporate transactions I’ve ever seen. So, kudos to Bing. Golf clap. Etc. But one thing about Bing really stands out – it may be the best porn search engine ever created (see Badda-Bing Indeed). In private conversations… Read More

  • Sony's newest Blu-ray player: surprisingly feature-rich for the price

    When people ask me what Blu-ray player they should buy, I usually defer, since I don’t own one. But if pressed, I’ll say a PS3. Why not? But now, it’s clear that even real-brand players are both affordable and capable. Sony’s new BDP-N460, announced today at CEDIA, provides what were once luxuries at what is not quite a bargain price, but at least is very reasonable. Read More

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