• Toshiba upgrades its NB-100 netbook

    Toshiba in Japan plans to upgrade their 8.9-inch NB-100 netbook, which is also available in the US and Europe, starting this month. The company has developed two new (pricey) models, the NB-100HF and the NB-100H [JP]. Read More

  • Whitehouse.gov Has A New Face, And a Blog

    As President Barack Obama was giving his inauguration speech, another transfer of power was happening online. At exactly 12 PM ET, Whitehouse.gov, the official Website of the President switched over to a new design. There are links to Obama’s Agenda and a Briefing Room where citizens will be able to find Obama’s weekly Web video address, appointments and nominations… Read More

  • Annoying rumor: Sirius XM price increases this spring

    As if satellite radio fans, especially longtime XM ones, didn’t have enough to worry about, there’s a juicy rumor going around right now that suggests that Sirius XM prices are going to increase across the board. Ugh. Read More

  • Already bored with your sniper rifle? Howsabout an iPod mount?

    Here’s an iPod mount for your trusty sniper rifle — sure, why the hell not? I mean, the life of a sniper is mostly waiting, right? Might as well catch an episode of The Office or play a quick game of Sim City while you’re waiting for your target to emerge from his super secret meeting inside some fancy hotel. Read More

  • PSP gets a minor update

    Oh, the PSP. Got to love Sony’s little handheld. The latest update isn’t major but per Sony, it doesn’t improve the systems stability while using some of the PSP’s features. What features, you ask? We have no idea. Update your PSP and let us know if you see a anything. Read More

  • Watching The Inauguration With All My Facebook Friends

    There are plenty of places to watch the inauguration today online (see our guide). I’ve been clicking around, and many of the streams are jittery, as you would expect, but I find myself coming back to CNN’s live stream. The video keeps skipping on me, but at least the audio is consistent. Maybe that’s because CNN.com is serving a record number of live video streams… Read More

  • Logitech is in financial trouble, mass layoffs imminent

    Logitech is the latest company to bow under the global economic strain. The PC accessory maker had a rough last quarter and now has a tough road ahead. But who is to blame? Anyone? Everyone? There doesn’t seem to be a major CE company that has posted positive third quarter results and layoffs seem to be a common trend; Logitech is going to layoff 550-600 salaried positions. Read More

  • iPhone App Review: Snatch

    The floors in my house are incredibly cold this time of year. Being a resident of East Texas, I’m sure there are those who’d hem and haw about how I don’t know what cold is, but I made the unfortunate choice to take up residence in a sixty-year-old house with hardwood floors, and there are days when I consider opening my front door and selling tickets to what could with a… Read More

  • Fujitsu offers world's first waterproof cell phone with integrated fingerprint security system

    Fujitsu Japan has developed the F-01A [JP], the world’s first cell phone that’s waterproof and also features a security function utilizing fingerprint biometrics. In Nippon, it’s part of the line-up of NTT DoCoMo, the country’s biggest telecommunications company. Read More

  • Video demo: Eee PC Touch UI

    Asus has loaded its netbooks with a custom UI for a few generations now, but the latest feels a bit more evolved. This next-gen UI sits atop the native operating system and can be called into action with just a click of a button. Chances are that the this generation will come on the T91 convertible notebook/tablet where the advanced GUI can really shine. It seems that Asus’s early… Read More

  • Can You Spell "Barack Obama"?

    Many Americans and others are still unable to spell Barack Obama’s first name correctly. At least that is the conclusion of the folks at GooseGrade, a service that allows readers to post corrections for grammar, spelling and factual errors on blogs and other online media outlets using a free widget. GooseGrade did some quick and dirty research and found at least 60 million pages on… Read More

  • MySpace CEO and Paris Hilton Caught Canoodling At Sundance

    The New York Post buried the lead in today’s Page 6 column about Paris Hilton’s adventures at the Sundance Film Festival. The Post spends five paragraphs babbling about Hilton’s BFF status before mentioning this sighting: . . . while Paris hung out with MySpace CEO Chris DeWolfe at the MySpace Cafe. They were later seen sucking face at a party. Glad to hear the Hollywood… Read More

  • MusicShake Gets Jiggy With Revamped Website (And We Have Some Free Music For You)

    MusicShake, an LA-based startup that offers a music and sound effect mixing service for amateurs that goes by the same name, has completely redesigned its website and added a couple of features to make the service more social and fun to use on a regular basis. MusicShake offers a free desktop application (unfortunately, Windows only for now) that lets users create personalized… Read More

  • Track Money For Groups with Scred's MiniCorps – Invite codes

    Scred, a Finnish startup that lets friends track and manage their shared expenses and debts, has come up with a new twist to its app which may also help out young startups. With its MiniCorps app (as in ‘mini-corporation’) you can track the income and expenses for a whole group, work out if you are making a profit or loss, and know how much revenue you’ve made. Via a… Read More

  • Daily Crunch: Inauguration Edition

    Keyboard with Scrabble keys! Now I can die a happy man
    Yes We Can buy Obama’s watch
    DIY tripod for taking panoramic photos Read More

  • Scred's MiniCorps app tracks profit and loss for small groups – Invite codes for TC readers

    Scred, a Finnish startup that lets friends track and manage track their shared expenses and debts, has come up with a brand new twist. With MiniCorps (as in mini-corporation) you can track income and expenses for a whole group, work out if you are making profit or loss and know how much revenue you’ve made. The MiniCorps application will also receive money and sell items online, with all… Read More

  • Twitter unloved in Europe? Bad research from Forbes more like

    A Forbes magazine intern reports that “Twitter is Not Loved in Europe“: Despite Twitter’s success in the U.S., the three-year-old company’s service hasn’t caught on in Europe. According to Twitter’s search tool, Twitter Scan, there is one account under Tesco, the U.K.’s largest retailer, but it has only one outside comment so far. The same goes for… Read More

  • Flickr Solves Pesky Issue Of Users Leaving Site When They Click Ads

    Yahoo needs all the revenue help it can get these days, which is why it’s odd that subsidiary Flickr hasn’t been serving ads properly for a day or so and apparently no one at the company has noticed. A reader writes in to point out that if you click on any of the ads that appear on the site when you do a search (try this one for Apple), the user sees the linked page in an… Read More

  • Too Much of Nothing

    I’ve been reading an interesting quasi-history of the Basement Tapes, a series of recordings produced in a garage in Woodstock, New York in 1967 by Bob Dylan and the group that soon came to be known as The Band. It’s quasi-history because of the participants; Dylan won’t comment, Richard Manuel and Rick Danko are dead, and Levon Helm only showed up for the last few sessions… Read More

  • Mobile 2.0 startups selected for MobileMonday Mobile Peer Awards

    The MobileMonday Mobile Peer Awards Barcelona will be happening at this year’s Mobile World Congress and the event is one of the best things on the circuit. Why? Because where else do you get to find out what is really pushing the buttons of the Mobile 2.0 world? The stats are this: 163 startups participated and 42 nominees were selected by each chapter in the Mobile Mondays global network. Read More

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