• The intersection of social media and the cloud

    The competition for the next wave of enterprise computing has heated up since Microsoft announced its Windows Azure strategy a month ago. While the jury is out in some quarters about Microsoft’s ability to actually deliver the reliability, security, and even the interoperability that is promised, the timetable has accelerated the plans of competitors and forced some to define themselves… Read More

  • Comment of the Day: Ask a Query!

    From the briny deep comes this mad-eyed comment on a post about game companies: Hi. I regularly scan this forum. This is the head together unequivocal to ask a query.
    How multitudinous in this forum are references Nautical port behind, disingenuous users?
    Can I depute all the facts that there is? Can you, sir? Can you? Read More

  • Terrorists used BlackBerrys to cause horror

    From the Courier Mail: Among their arsenal of weapons are bags of almonds and BlackBerry mobile phones – almonds to keep their energy up, and the mobile internet connections to stay one step ahead of police and the military. These fuckers turned our tools against us and it’s an embarrassment – and a reminder – that the tools that make our lives easier and, dare I say… Read More

  • Papervision parlor trick puts 3D Flash character into web video

    Papervision – Augmented Reality (extended) from Boffswana on Vimeo. A digital design shop in Australia, Boffswana, shows off a neat parlor trick in the video above. It places a 3D Flash character made with Papervision into a… Read More

  • Doug on Dr. Fitness

    Our own sassy Doug Aamoth appeared on the Dr. Fitness and the Fat Guy Show last week, turning said show into Dr. Fitness and the Fat Guy and One Really Tall Norwegian. Pop over to their site to listen to Doug’s interview. Read More

  • Get your own DNA portrait for $169

    If you’ve been trying to find the ultimate in personalization, look no further – how does an 8×10 portrait of your DNA sound? For $169, you can send a swab of the inside of your mouth to dna11.com and 4-6 weeks later, you’ll get a visual image of your one-of-a-kind DNA sequence. You can customize the image in one of 25 colors, too, and it comes with a certificate of… Read More

  • CrunchDeals: 32GB SSD for $29.99 after rebate

    Hey, look at this deal! You can see what all the SSD fuss is about for just thirty bucks after a $60 mail-in rebate. Tiger Direct has the 32GB OCZ SATA II 2.5-inch solid state drive for $89.99 with a $60 mail-in rebate. The rebate deal is good until 11/30 – that’s tomorrow — so you’ll have to be relatively nimble if you want to see that $60 ever again. The rebate… Read More

  • The Cost of Prudence

    Bureaucracy kills innovation. We all know that. But why? Partly, it’s because bureaucracy grows out of prudence, a desire not to repeat the mistakes of the past. With the current economic crisis, for example, you can be sure that a lot more checks will be put into place—both in Washington and in corporate boardrooms—to prevent the excesses that got us into this situation… Read More

  • 10,000 iPhone Apps

    148Apps, which tracks and reviews iPhone Apps, says 10,000 applications have now been released on the iPhone App store (the site is named after the fact that you can add up to 148 applications to an iPhone or iPod touch). A tribute page shows a mini icon for every application. And it also gives some interesting data. About 24% of apps are free; 35% cost $.99. The average cost is $3.12… Read More

  • Every time you buy an HDTV an angel gets its wings (or the economy is saved, one of those)

    How were the crowds at your local Best Buy, Circuit City and PC Richards yesterday? Good? Great? Grim? (My local Best Buy was pretty crowded yesterday, to say nothing of the mall itself; parking space was at a premium.) To be sure, if there’s one item these retailers hope to sell this holiday season it’s HDTVs. Lots of them, preferably. Like it or not, but HDTVs have become the… Read More

  • Facebook Loses Members' Notification Settings. What Will They Lose Next?

    In case you’ve noticed more notifications from Facebook in the past 24 hours, it’s probably not because you’ve suddenly become more popular. It looks like Facebook’s email notification problem is getting worse. Facebook lets members turn email notifications on or off for more than 30 different actions on the site. These include anything from when someone sends you… Read More

  • This is why I don't shop on Black Friday

     http://www.liveleak.com/e/f59_1227894726 Here is a prime example of America’s incessant spending habits. They were fighting over Wal-Mart’s Xbox 360 Arcade Guitar Hero 3 bundle for $199, BTW. Insane. No wonder there was fatalities yesterday. Read More

  • MSI Windbox is a VESA-mount's best friend

    MSI deserves a round of high-fives for the Windbox. Generally, all-in-one computers tend to be pricey and stick owners with limited LCD screen options so the Windbox’s mounting solution just makes so much sense. The nettop is a slim-line PC that affixes to the standard LCD VESA mounting holes allowing owners to choose their monitor. Read More

  • Yay: Grand Theft Auto IV uses SecuROM DRM (but gently)

    You know how in trailers of terrible “family” movies there’s always a part where the announcers says, “Here we go again!” in that dumb “enthusiastic announcer guy voice”? Think of that right now, only juxtaposed with the sights and sounds of Liberty City, for it has been revealed that Grand Theft Auto IV uses SecurROM DRM. That’s the same DRM… Read More

  • Seiko develops world's most solar-efficient clock

    Seiko yesterday announced it has developed the world’s most solar-efficient clock [JP]. The HS533W will go on sale in Japan at the beginning of next month (price: $310). Seiko hasn’t said yet if the device will ever find its way outside Nippon. The clock, which is just 8.5mm thick, comes equipped with a CR2032 battery as a backup power supply. Seiko says in dark places, the clock… Read More

  • Epson Japan rolls out Hello Kitty notebook

    First NEC’s model, then Onkyo’s and now it’s time for Epson to release a Hello Kitty laptop [JP]. The devices are only available in Japan, where they will be exclusively sold online starting December 10. The Hello Kitty notebook is based on Epson’s Endeavor NJ2150. Buyers can choose between a combo model ($1,200) and a so-called super-multi version ($1,500). Both… Read More

  • Survey Suggests Nearly 30 Percent Of Online Holiday Shoppers Plan On Spending Less This Year

    The theme this holiday shopping season is frugality. J.P. Morgan analyst Imran Khan expects online sales to be flat this year. In a survey of U.S. consumers conducted by J.P. Morgan, nearly 30 percent of online shoppers say they plan on spending less this year during the holidays than last year. Nevertheless, online retailers should do better than offline ones. In total, including… Read More

  • Three Reasons Why Netbooks Just Aren't Good Enough

    The debate about Netbooks, which are very small and very cheap laptop devices, is beginning to heat up. The category is only about a year old but sales are expected to top 5 million this year. Lots of people think Netbooks are the next big volume market because they allow people who previously couldn’t afford computers to own one. People got so bullish on the devices that sales… Read More

  • Papervision Parlor Trick Puts 3D Flash Character Into Web Video

    A digital design shop in Australia, Boffswana, shows off a neat parlor trick in the video above. It places a 3D Flash character made with Papervision into a regular Webcam video using nothing more than a paper printout. (Update: Oh, and you can print it out yourself and add the character to your own video). Eat your heart out, George Lucas. (Hat tip to Cory O’Brien). Read More

  • Linux on iPhone: Whoa!

    iPhone Linux Demonstration Video from planetbeing on Vimeo. After reverse engineering the original kernel, some hackers have gotten their own version of Linux to run on the iPhone, proving that the first gen iPhone will live on as a hacker… Read More

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