• Next major Android handset revealed: the Agora

    The next gPhone has arrived, and surprisingly, it looks pretty nice. Although we were all very excited about China’s Sciphone (not really), the Kogan Agora and its upgraded twin, the Agora Pro, are probably a much better bet. It looks rather like a Blackjack, but it fits all the capabilities of a G1 or iPhone into that thinner form factor. I’m a bit jealous, although I think… Read More

  • Ben Heck updates the Xbox 360 laptop with the Xbox 360 Portable

    Ben Heckendorn has done it again with another Xbox 360 Portable. Unlike his last Xbox 360 Laptop though, this isn’t just an upgraded Elite version. Calling it the Xbox 360 Portable, Ben has nixed the keyboard, but has added the ability to swap hard drives, more accessible memory cards, better layout of ports and buttons and internal Wi-Fi. I personally think that the best thing is that… Read More

  • Rumors of 32GB iPhone greatly exaggerated

    MacRumors is reporting that the organizers of the MacWorld San Fransisco 2009 have extended early registration until December 8th. Read More

  • Google Was Three Hours Away From Being Charged As A Monopolist

    When Google pulled out of its proposed search advertising deal with Yahoo last month, it was chief legal counsel David Drummond who made the announcement. He cited concerns of a “protracted legal battle,” but only now do we learn that the Justice Department was only three hours away from filing an antitrust lawsuit to block the deal. Sandy Litvack, the prosecutor hired by the… Read More

  • Remote control tankbot! The Robocalypse marches on

    http://foxnews1.a.mms.mavenapps.net/mms/rt/1/site/foxnews1-foxnews-pub01-live/current/videolandingpage/fncLargePlayer/client/embedded/embedded.swf It won’t be long before the cursed machines turn on us. Already they vacuum our rooms and play our games, can there be any doubt that machines like this automated all-terrain Ripsaw tank will soon grow desirous for the blood of their… Read More

  • RIM stock dropping in these trying times

    I was thinking about buying a few shares of RIM a few months ago when the stock seemed like it was at a bargain at $95. Considering it’s trading at $37 at the moment, I’m glad I didn’t. The maker of the popular BlackBerry mobile devices late on Tuesday reduced its outlook for its fiscal third quarter, which ended on Saturday. RIM isn’t the only one expecting… Read More

  • In The Face Of Weakening Demand, Adobe Sheds 600 Workers

    Today, Adobe announced it would lay off 600 workers, or 8 percent of its total headcount. The recession is forcing it to reduce its sales forecasts for the next two quarters. No wonder it canceled its booth at Macworld. When the big guys are hurting, everybody hurts. That brings our Layoff Tracker up to 76,000 tech jobs lost since late August. Adobe joins Leapfrog, which announced on… Read More

  • How-to: Enable transitional effects on the T-Mobile G1

    Feeling as if your G1 is a little bland in the animation department? Want those fancy screen-to-screen sliding animations generally reserved for Google’s demonstrations? Worry no longer – afbcamaro from XDA Developers noticed that you can use a development package from the Android SDK that allows for you to access some fun features (such as sliding transitions) that didn’t… Read More

  • A cyber success! Cyber Monday 2008 was 15 percent bigger than last year's

    Good news, everyone! Cyber Monday 2008: Great Depression Edition was a tremendous success for online retailers, which saw a 15 percent volume increase over 2007. That’s what Comscore says, at least. Consumers were tricked into spending $846 million on Monday, compared with $733 million last year. Year-by-year growth isn’t exactly breaking news, but considering the sorry state of… Read More

  • Asus HD-ifies its Eee Boxes with Radeons

    Asus announced on Tuesday that they are releasing two new versions of their Eee Box, with some new features. The new versions have a high definition hardware decoder (a Radeon 3400), HDMI out and a remote. The hardware decoder should improve performance, possibly making this a decent choice for a HTPC solutions. While the hardware and software seem better, I’d like to see it come in… Read More

  • Scared of the dark? Own an iPhone? Help has arrived

    Keep the Windows Mobile, Android, and Symbian goblins that live in your closet (waiting to destroy your iPhone) at bay with the Scosche “reviveLITE” – a nightlight and iPhone charger in one. It’ll also charge any dockable iPod players. It’s available in black or white and can be had for $39.99 at Scosche’s website. Might make a nice gift for that special… Read More

  • A chat about Nokia Research with Henry Tirri

    The kind folks at Nokia arranged for a quiet chat with a few of the folks behind the Nokia Research Center. In addition to specific product development issues, a lot of interesting information was shared about Nokia’s research efforts in general.  For example, Nokia is one of the few big players left with a pure research department, not a combined research and development arm. The… Read More

  • Always losing your keys, remote, wallet, glasses, etc.?

    The Find One, Find All key finder is straight cheese like a bad infomercial, which it actually is now that I’ve perused the site long enough. But I haven’t been able to find my keys for days and I could really use this. The FOFA-XD key fob and credit card-sized doohickeys have been around for a while, but the Glasses FOFA-XD is completely radical and new. Actually, it’s not… Read More

  • The Dark Knight on iTunes 2008 top download list before it's actually available

    The Dark Knight home release will not be available until next Tuesday, December 9th, but that hasn’t stopped the cash cow flick from hitting iTunes Top Downloads of 2008. No telling if the film actually earned that spot with the amount of pre-orders or if Apple placed the film there knowing that it eventually will be a top download. Either way, chances are the film is going to be… Read More

  • GPS tracking device found on Simon Cowell’s car

    Poor Simon Cowell. Apparently someone on a motorcycle had been constantly following closely behind the notoriously cranky American Idol judge’s Bentley and he couldn’t figure out why. Turns out, there was a magnetic GPS tracking device stuck to the undercarriage of his car, which helped explain why the aforementioned motorcyclist kept showing up at Cowell’s private meetings. Read More

  • Hey, Apple's Lawyers. Here Is Some Free Advice On How To Fight That iPhone Browser Lawsuit

    When a company called EMG Technology filed a patent lawsuit against Apple last week over “the way the iPhone navigates the Internet,” it had the stench of a patent troll. The suit was filed, a month after the patent was issued, in the Eastern District of Texas, known as troll country among patent attorneys because the courts there tend to rule favorably for patent owners. EMG… Read More

  • .Tel Is Just A Featureless Social Network That Costs $10/year

    .TEL, one of a stream of new top level domain dames approved by the quasi-governmental Los Angeles-based ICANN, will go on sale shortly. Like other domain name types, you’ll be able to buy your .TEL at your favorite domain name registrar (eNom, Godaddy, Network Solutions, Register.com, etc.). You can start buying the domains in March, for something above the wholesale price of $10. Read More

  • Thought-operated controller delayed because it still doesn't work

    Emotiv Systems announced today that the Epoc “neuroheadset” will be delayed until after the holiday season, due to the headset not working as intended. The Epoc was initially announced during the Intel Developers Forum, where Emotiv stated that it would detect a user’s brainwaves at the skull’s surface, allowing you to move and manipulate items. They expected to release… Read More

  • Live TV on the iPhone – Livestation previews its app

    Over the years I’ve gradually become somewhat impressed at Skinkers‘ sheer doggedness. Matteo Berlucchi has been CEO since its inception in 2001 and has kept on plugging away at their vision for delivering rich media to the desktop, even as the world has gradually moved to the web for the delivery of streaming video. Coming up with Livestation – broadcasting live TV to… Read More

  • Software unlock for BlackBerry 8000/9000 series released

    Got just about any GSM BlackBerry laying around that you want to take to another carrier, but just can’t seem to find anyone who can get the job done? You’re in luck. From the darkest pits of who-knows-where, someone has gone and released the MFI Multiloader required to free BlackBerry 8000 and 9000 devices from their reins. Want to take a BlackBerry Bold off of AT&T? Sure… Read More

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