• Review: SanDisk Sansa Clip

    Quick Version: Starting at under $40, the Sansa Clip from SanDisk makes an excellent wearable MP3 player if you’re looking for something small that still has plenty of features. Read More

  • Tread: bags and cases made from recycled tires

    Tire rubber certainly is a “supermaterial.” Although I feel it’s more suited to resisting wear and providing grip to F1 cars, it’s also tough, waterproof, and flexible when correctly manipulated. Tread has a lot of faith in the stuff, and has been repurposing South American waste tires to make all sorts of laptop bags, camera cases, and cell phone pouches. The prices… Read More

  • Loopt Jumps Ahead Of Facebook And MySpace On iPhone. Told You.

    Facebook and MySpace have great mobile apps. At least, they’re great if you’re satisfied with a subset of the features you get on their normal websites. But they don’t yet take advantage of location/presence features on the iPhone and other platforms. We said this summer that they ignore location at their peril, and we still believe it. Loopt, one of a handful of… Read More

  • Circuit City liquidation fail party

    There have been reports that the Circuit City liquidation sales rely on false pretenses and incompetent liquidators. Example: this 5% off tag for what appears to be an HP 12.1 inch laptop. Nice, huh? Anyone else got some tasty pics for us? Read More

  • Details, we think, about AT&T's iPhone 3G tethering plans

    Flickr’d Are you ready for some iPhone 3G tethering, that is, being able to connect your laptop to the Internet by using the iPhone’s 3G network? Sure is useful when you’re at a café or whatever that, shockingly, doesn’t have Wi-Fi. Moving on. Some details have leaked to MacBlogz regarding AT&T’s plans for iPhone tethering. The big news, I’d say, is… Read More

  • This mirror makes you look like a painting

    Wow, it’s rare that anything gets me to say “oh, cool” but I came really close this time. This mirror-thing, instead of merely reflecting images, takes the image and makes it look like a painting. That’s about as simply as one could describe it. It’s not a mirror, it’s a painting. What happens here is that the “mirror” isn’t really a mirror… Read More

  • New battery technology lasts up to 7 times as longer than traditional batteries

    Once upon a time, I was at some press conference somewhere dealing with laptops and someone in the audience asked why battery technology hasn’t improved. The exec on stage replied something to the effect of, “Batteries aren’t our industry, they’re a chemistry problem.” So your laptop’s awful battery life can be blamed on chemistry. Until now! Read More

  • Affective Diary: Your computer knows you're blue

    I visited Stockholm University’s Mobile Life Centre in Kista, Sweden (pronounced Shista, strangely enough) and got a chance to see a few cool research projects that I’ll be posting today and tomorrow. First up we see the Affective Diary, a little project involving a PC-based application and a body sensor that tests galvanic skin response. Read More

  • Philips develop magic "iPill"

    Must everything begin with an “i” because it’s getting a bit dull and the sheep might think Apple invented it? Philips has announced the development of an “intelligent pill” that they plan to present at the American Association of Pharmaceutical Scientists this month in Atlanta. The magically delicious iPill includes a microprocessor, battery, wireless radio, pump… Read More

  • Nanologica to make see-through solar cells

    Now here’s an odd discovery I made today: Nanologica has created see-through solar cells that you can place on a building surface. The technology is pretty freaky. What you have is a “polarized” surface that lets in light allows some light to pass through. Some light, however, is captured and reflected back at a different wavelength so it can’t leave the glass until it… Read More

  • QuickerTek announces external battery/charger for MacBook

    Like the MacBook Pro external battery/charger that was announced last month, QuickerTek has rolled out the same kit for the MacBook. It still costs an egregious amount of money at $450 and you still have to get your power brick modified for $25 by sending it in or shelling out an extra $100 for a modified brick. I need the extra 6-10 hours of juice, but I think I’ll pass and get… Read More

  • Google Adds Voice And Video Chat to Gmail

    Watch out Skype (and Meebo and Tokbox), Google is adding voice and video chat to Gmail today, all in one fell swoop. When you are having an instant message conversation with someone over Gtalk, a video and voice option will appear (after you download this plugin). Bringing video chat into the Gmail page, just as it does with regular IM, is in step with Google’s efforts to connect… Read More

  • Samsung X460 is looking pretty good so far

    I’ve come to the sad realization that I find business laptops more appealing than consumer laptops now. But this is the life I’ve been dealt, and life is like a hot air balloon — you can move up and down, but not side to side or back in time. So it’s with great interest that I leer at the Samsung X460, a 14.1-inch notebook that just barely pops above the four-pound mark… Read More

  • Video: Rock Band developers aren't very good at playing Rock Band

    This is a silly, nigh inaudible video of some Harmonix developers playing Rock Band. They mostly stink, I think—I’m not a Rock Band or Guitar Hero connoisseur—but as Kotaku points out, it’s hard to fault Harmonix completely. First of all, this video was taken at the Nottingham GameCity3 event, whatever that was—it’s fair to assume that they all had a few… Read More

  • TroopTube Restores Streaming Video To Our Nation's Finest

    Since 2007, the Department of Defense has restricted overseas military personal from accessing a number of popular sites including YouTube and MySpace for reasons largely attributed to bandwidth usage and possible security issues. In honor of Veteran’s Day, Delve Networks has teamed with Military OneSource (a service of the Department of Defense) to launch TroopTube – a… Read More

  • CrunchGear chat room fun: Greg is pimp edition

     Just so everyone knows, Greg is pimp and needs a pimp cup. Read More

  • MS: China not important due to piracy

    Steve Ballmer said that Microsoft doesn’t find China “important” due to its government’s lack of support in fighting software piracy. Although China is a huge market, Microsoft products can be found across the country – and online – for pennies and/or free. “China’s not really very important to our business right now,” Mr Ballmer said. Read More

  • Hitachi also announces a 500GB 2.5-inch hard drive

    What happens when two companies announce almost the exact same product on the same day, each company making claims that it’s got the “first” of certain features? Nothing much, I guess. It’s sort of amusing if you’re into poking holes in techno-jargon. Today Fujitsu announced a 500GB notebook drive, as did Hitachi. Hitachi promises 1.4W read/write power… Read More

  • Five Free Tickets For NewTeeVee Live On Thursday

    Our friends at GigaOmnimedia’ NewTeeVee are putting on a conference tomorrow Thursday for the Web video industry called NewTeeVee Live. The lineup looks great: Netflix CEO Reed Hastings, Hulu CEO Jason Kilar, CSI creator Anthony Zuiker, Sling Media CEO Blake Kirkorian, YouTube platforms director Ben Ling, and many others. The conference is tomorrow at the Mission Bay Conference Center… Read More

  • iPhone firmware 2.2 coming on November 21st?

    After not one, but two rounds of distribution to developers, it looks like v2.2 of the iPhone firmware might be ready for release. According to information obtained by iPhoneHellas, we’ll have our hands on this oft-discussed and much leaked software update come November 21st – just 10 days from now. The leak didn’t indicate anything new in the firmware that we… Read More

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