• Ad Optimizer AdMeld Raises $8 Million, Opens UK Operations

    Just a little over a year ago Michael Barrett was shown the door at Fox Interactive/MySpace – he was, said insiders, the guy that took the fall when the company missed its $1 billion revenue target. Fast forward a year and things look pretty good for Barrett. His former boss is long gone from Fox Interactive and shuffled to a new job at News Corp. MySpace is on the ropes. Meanwhile… Read More

  • HP Mini 5101: Very pretty

    I’ve been rounding up a lot of ultralights(more about that next week) – I wouldn’t call this a netbook – and this looks to be one of the purdiest of the bunch. The 5101 will cost about $449 and runs an Atom processor. It has a 10-inch screen and full keyboard. Look for more of these “ultralights” to pop up this year. Notebook manufacturers have realized… Read More

  • Ouch! German Court Slams Rapidshare With $34 Million Fine (Updated)

    The Regional Court in Hamburg, Germany, has fined file-hosting service Rapidshare a hefty €24 million ($34 million) and has ruled that the company must start proactively filtering certain content. The case was brought on by copyright protection association GEMA, which claims it represent over 65,000 composers, authors and music publishers across the globe. Update: looks like we jumped the gun… Read More

  • Flash Hits Android – When Will Apple Play Catch-up?

    So we just got word that HTC will be the first manufacturer to bring Adobe Flash to the Android platform with the release of its new Hero / Sense device. If you needed more proof that Android is here to stay and will not sit on the sidelines in the mobile operating systems game, this is it. If you think about it, the iPhone is now the only platform with substantial weight on the market… Read More

  • Super Mario theme on stepper motors

    Eventually all music will be made this way: a 24-volt power supply, an Arduino board, and three stepper motors. In fact Akon is actually a simple stepper motor attached to a Vocoder and Pro Tools. Look it up! It’s true! One more video after the jump. Read More

  • Twitter Users Buy More Music Online Than Average Surfers, Study Says

    Market research firm The NDP Group has issued a report that says Web users who are active on social networking site Twitter are more engaged with music and, more importantly, tend to be more likely to purchase music online. The firm bases these conclusions on less than 4,000 completed surveys for its quarterly music-acquisition study. First, the engagement: according to the report, one-third… Read More

  • The great iPhone 3.0 problem of aught-nine: Sporadic Wi-Fi

    There’s a long thread at Apple’s discussion board about sporadic Wi-Fi failures under iPhone 3.0. It seems that the Wi-Fi eventually poops out, resulting in no Wi-Fi connectivity even inches from the router. The only fix seems to be turning off push email. Essentially, WiFi works fine after the phone has been freshly booted (i.e. right after a restart) – however, once it has… Read More

  • Daily Crunch: Ejection Edition

    Interview: Reuben Langdon, motion capture artist for Avatar
    F-4 ejection seat makes the coolest office chair ever
    CrunchDeals: VholdR Wearable Camcorder for $99 Read More

  • Microsoft, Outlook Is Broken, Says 6,000 Tweets (And Growing). Fix It.

    While it is pretty much the standard email client, Microsoft Outlook has long had problems rendering HTML correctly in emails. And the latest version, Outlook 2010, due sometime in the next several months, doesn’t look like it’s going to be any better — and it actually may be worse. And a lot of users aren’t happy about it at all. A group of people apparently felt… Read More

  • EU Advisory Group Proposes Tighter Privacy Regulation On Social Networks

    The influential Article 29 Working Party, an independent European advisory body on data protection and privacy to the EC, has argued that social networks like Facebook, Twitter and MySpace need more regulation to ensure that personal data of their respective users is not put at risk. Even though the majority of sites that the report mentions are based in the United States, the group states… Read More

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