• Facebook Launches A Live Stream Box, Partners With Ustream

    Today, Facebook is launching a new “Live Stream Box” feature which allows for Facebook Pages to offer their own live video and chat area. And Ustream will be the first to take advantage of it with Ustream on Facebook, a new service to provide live video support to select Facebook users. This functionality is an extension of what Ustream and Facebook did with some Jonas Brothers… Read More

  • Buffalo Thumbkey flash drives upped to 16GB

    Who doesn’t love the Buffalo Thumbkey Flash Drives? They are so small that they fit snuggly into a USB port with only a little stub sticking out. They’re great. Well, the flash drives just got better now that Buffalo is producing these in 16GB sizes. They should be the perfect companion for a netbook, UMPC, or even a standard notebook. We just wish they wouldn’t have a… Read More

  • Yup, id Software was just bought by Bethesda Softworks' parent company

    This was “breaking news” two hours ago, but now it’s just regular news. ZeniMax Media, which is the parent company of Bethesda Softworks, has bought id Software. Read More

  • Video Demo: Sugar on a Stick turns your old computer into an OLPC

    Got an old sack o’ crap laptop or desktop gathering dust? Sugar Labs has just made its OLPC-friendly “Sugar” operating system into a USB-bootable version called Sugar on a Stick. You’ll need a one-gigabyte thumb drive and about twenty minutes of spare time. Read More

  • iPhone 3GS JavaScript Performance Blows Away Rivals, Approaches MacBook Speed

    A few speed tests done on the new iPhone 3GS pitting it both against the old iPhone as well as its main rivals. So far, these have either been eyeball tests or page rendering/boot time tests that take a bunch of variables into account. Mobile analytics and advertising company Medialets has released numbers for a test that it considers to be the most direct line of comparison for the iPhone… Read More

  • Attack of the Hermès-branded Leica M8

    Oh, look, another limited edition Leica that none of you will ever be able to afford. (I’ll never afford one either, so don’t despair.) It’s the result of some sort of partnership between Leica and Hermès. (Fun fact: Hermès makes a cologne I use. I hope that gets picked up by Techmeme.) Read More

  • There's That Facebook "Everyone Button" We Told You About

    Phase 4 has launched. Last week we told you about Facebook’s new “everyone button” that lets users who have chosen to keep their profiles at least partially private send the occasional status message or other content out to the public. That feature, which goes hand-in-hand with the recent search engine for public status messages, launched today to a small number of… Read More

  • FriendFeed Adds File Sharing. No Movies, But MP3s Are Fine.

    The killer features of FriendFeed continue. Today, the service has just added a way to share files on the service. So now it’s just as easy to share a PDF or text file as it is to share a picture. “You can attach (almost) any file to your FriendFeed posts via the web interface or by emailing file attachments to share@friendfeed.com,” FriendFeed co-founder Bret Taylor… Read More

  • Belkin intros a trio of "comfort" mice

    It’s hard to believe that anything other than the Logitech MX Revolution could be comfortable in the hand. While I doubt that Belkin is going after that particular mouse they are touting a trio of mice that were designed to “place your hand in the optimum position for working in comfort.” Read More

  • SanDisk's 32GB Extreme III SDHC card is the world's fastest: 30MB/s

    HTC may have won the morning, but SanDisk also dropped a bit of news that may interest you. Its got a 32GB SDHC cards, which is due for release this August, that is said to be the world’s fastest, with speeds topping out at 30MB/s. Read More

  • Changing Of The Guard: Jeff Weiner Takes CEO Spot At LinkedIn

    LinkedIn had a management shakeup last December – CEO Dan Nye stepped down. Founding CEO Reid Hoffman stepped in again and former Yahoo exec Jeff Weiner joined the company as President. The hiring of Weiner as President was clearly an interim move, and we predicted he’d move into the CEO role sometime this year: “The addition of Weiner is also quirky, and may explain the changes. Read More

  • EU Task Force Says Social Networks Need More Privacy Regulations

    The influential Article 29 Working Party, an independent European advisory body on data protection and privacy to the EC, has argued that social networks like Facebook, Twitter and MySpace need more regulation to ensure that personal data of their respective users is not put at risk. Even though the majority of sites that the report mentions are based in the United States, the group states… Read More

  • PRTMobile.com: The Mobile Web comes to the folks next door

    I was out for my evening constitutional last night, enjoying the sight of “For Sale” signs on homes throughout my neighborhood, when I spied with my little eye something new and novel. I’ve seen URLs on For Sale signs a couple of times, and always thought that that was a fine way to attract eyeballs to your property. Let’s face it: trawling though MLS listings sucks… Read More

  • Leopard: Oki starts selling robotic chair in Japan

    I blogged Leopard, a robotic office chair, last November when it still was in prototype status. Now, more than half a year later, the chair finally went on sale in Japan. And it might find its way outside this country as well, as both Japanese companies involved in the development of the chair, office equipment maker Oki and furniture company Okamura, are active overseas. Read More

  • Google's Mobile AdSense For iPhone and Android Apps Now In Public Beta

    Google is moving into the mobile ad market with AdSense for mobile apps. Over the past few months, Google has been testing both text and graphical ads with ten mobile app developers, including Shazam and Urbanspoon. Today it is opening the private beta to more developers who meet certain criteria. These are contextual ads for iPhone and Android apps. To qualify for the public beta, the apps… Read More

  • Woot! Slingbox SOLO for $99 (refurb)

    Woot! is selling a refurbished Slingbox SOLO (why do companies insist on capitalizing words for no reason) for $99.99 plus $5 for shipping. This same unit, new, sells for well over $150 elsewhere. Read More

  • The HTC Hero gets a YouTube demo

    Got HTC Hero overload yet? Well, here’s the official demo video of HTC’s latest. Enjoy. Read More

  • The Europas: Voting opens in TechCrunch Europe tech awards

    We have now opened voting in The Europas, the tech innovation awards from TechCrunch Europe honouring the best tech companies and startups across the web and mobile scene from across Europe, the Middle East and Africa. We’ll hold the awards ceremony in London on July 9 for 300 people: you can get a ticket here. There is more information about the awards here. You can now vote for… Read More

  • Microstock Photography Is Getting Big. iStockphoto Projects $200 Million In Revenues

    The microstock photography business is growing out of nothing. The leader in the market, iStockphoto, is projecting $200 million in revenues this year. When iStockphoto was bought by Getty Images February, 2006 for $50 million, its revenues that for year were about $23 million, according to COO Kelly Thompson. In 2007, revenues were $72 million, and the company never disclosed 2008 revenues. Read More

  • Rumor: Nokia orders its first batch of netbooks

    Way back when 2009 was still somewhat fresh, Nokia’s CEO Olli-Pekka Kallasvuo dropped the news that the world’s favorite Finnish handset maker was getting into the laptop biz. With a bit of algebra, logic, and other voodoo, we figured that what he actually meant was netbooks. Some commenters called us crazy, citing a weak economy and low-margins. Turns out, we were right. Read More

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