• YouTube Starts Experimenting With Real-Time Notifications

    The real-time web is all the rage, with FriendFeed widely deploying live feeds earlier this month and Facebook working hard on bringing real-time streams to its homepage. Now YouTube is looking to get in on the action, and is currently testing a new feature dubbed ‘YouTube RealTime’, which allow users to see which of their friends are currently online, the videos they’re… Read More

  • Economy Be Damned: Apple Posts Its Best Second Quarter Earnings Ever

    Apple has just released its second quarter financial results, and surprise, surprise: they’re very good. The company had revenues for the quarter of $8.16 billion and net profit of $1.21 billion — both easily beat Wall Street expectations. Both also beat the numbers the company posted a year ago, and actually represent the company’s best March quarter (which is… Read More

  • Digeo to offer payments plans on Moxi HD DVR

    Despite some initial issues with the Moxi HD DVR, I’m starting to dig the $799 DVR. Digeo has plans to soften the overall cost though with a monthly payment plan. The overall $799 price hasn’t changed though, but maybe this payment approach will help move some more of the units. The $799 price is still a touch high, even though there are not any monthly fees like TiVo. Read More

  • Go green: Turn off your computer with your iPhone/iPod Touch

    Why didn’t any of us think of this? The creator of a VLC controller app for the iPhone has just released a clever little app that turns off your Windows or Mac PC (see what I did there?) remotely. The application, which costs a lofty 99 cents is available now in the iTunes store. To use it you have to install a small helper app on your machine and then select it from the list presented… Read More

  • More from @Geeknrolla: Seedcamp's guide to finding the business model that fits best

    Live Blog: Think through the business model early on – startups often make the mistake that this means tinkering with a spreadsheet for months. There are lots of ways to sell valuable services – find the ‘best fit’ for your company and your customers. How and what are they willing to pay for the services? It’s all about the details – the devil is in the… Read More

  • HP Pavilion dv3t now available for $799

    It kind of looks like the dv2 that Devin has for review, but it’s slightly chunkier, if only a smidge. The dv3t (wth does the ‘t’ stand for?) is now available from HP with a starting price of $799. The 13.3-inch notebook measures in at 1.25 inches thick and weighs in at 4.93 lbs and is being marketed as an entertainment notebook with its 16:9 HD (1280×800) screen. Read More

  • CrunchDeals: A brand new Sega Dreamcast for $99

    You always wanted a Dreamcast right? But part of the fun of buying a gadget is breaking the seal for the first time. ThinkGeek has your back. Read More

  • Too Late watches: Oddly endearing

    Remember when the multi-colored iPod nano ads came out? How you were all like “Ohhh… I’d like the orange one maybe. And the black one is amazing!” Well, here is Too Late, a watch company that truly attacks that weird hunter-gatherer node in the brain that encourages us to like bright colors. We saw this watch on our travels through Roma and I had to share it with you. Read More

  • Feel Like Shaking A Baby To Death? There's An App For That.

    Okay, this is just beyond ridiculous and a bit horrifying. In Apple’s App Store right now is Baby Shaker, a new app which, displays a picture of a baby and plays crying sounds. To make it stop, you have to shake your iPhone really hard, after which the crying will stop and two X’s will be placed over the baby’s eyes — implying, of course, that the baby is dead. Read More

  • The $350 Kindle 2 costs only $185 to build

    The good folks at iSuppli took it upon themselves to rip apart the Amazon Kindle 2 Great, right? What’s not great is knowing how much of a premium you’re paying for the device; ignorance is bliss here. The Kindle 2, for which Amazon wants $359, costs approximately $185 to build. That is, when you take all the Kindle’s parts and add them together, you get a total of $185. So… Read More

  • AT&T trains its staff to be Pre assassins

    It seems that AT&T is getting ready to poison the Pre well by providing its staff with a damning comparison between the upstart Pre and that phone of phones, the iPhone. When was the last time you saw such a preemptive strike against a phone? I don’t think even the G1 got this kind of consideration. Let’s see what AT&T has to say about Sprint’s comeback kid. Read More

  • Speculation Time: Who's The Next CEO Of MySpace?

    The body isn’t cold yet (or even officially pronounced dead), but there is already broad speculation on who may be the next CEO of MySpace. Last night we were handed a list of names by a source close to MySpace parent company News Corp., cloak and dagger style, with a “guarantee” that one of them will be the next CEO. We don’t put much faith in the guarantee, but… Read More

  • The first in-car Blu-ray player: The Panasonic CY-BB1000D

    This is what the players will be pimp’n soon ’cause everyone needs a Blu-ray player in their car. People have been stuffing PS3s into their cars since the gaming system came out, but the Panasonic CY-BB1000D is the first in-dash unit to sport a Blu-ray drive. The fun doesn’t stop with just the Blu-ray drive. Nope, this unit is loaded, playa. Read More

  • Spotted IRL: Those crazy crystal mice

    So we were wandering around Rome this weekend – I yelled at one of those crazy guys who wear Roman armor around the Colosseum and ask you for money to take your picture with them – and spotted this mouse in the wild. That’s right: that crazy crystal-studded mouse we all made fun of a few months ago (I don’t even think we wrote it up it was so stupid) is available in… Read More

  • Really important Amazon sale: Save up to $40 on Lost on Blu-ray

    Heads up, fans of the hit TV series Lost. Amazon has a little sale going on through July 16 that may interest you. Buy two seasons on Blu-ray and you save $20; buy three seasons and you save $30; buy four seasons and you save $40. You’ll need to enter the promo code LOSTBLUS to see the discount. Read More

  • It's Earth Day, So Make Sure To Try Out Some Green Vanity Apps

    Earth Day is in full swing. Have you offset your carbon emissions yet? Well, there are plenty of apps and Websites out there ready to help you do just that and more. Green is the new black. Speaking of which, if you want to be green, you’d better avoid black cars and Websites with all-black backgrounds (like goth sites and sometimes even Google). But don’t avoid us. We… Read More

  • CTIA joins GSMA in support of a "Universal Charging Solution" for mobile phones

    Earlier today, CTIA-The Wireless Association announced its support for the “Universal Charging Solution” (UCS) for mobile phones (developed by the Open Mobile Terminal Platform industry standards group) “to celebrate Earth Day.” CTIA joins the GSMA, which announced its endorsement of the Micro-USB-based universal mobile charger solution back in February. Read More

  • Gadgets suck

    I’m curious. How do normal people – non geeks – survive in this gadget filled world? It’s a fair question as nearly every gadget or piece of technology I have used in the last few years required days of Google’n and trial/error usage before the damn thing would finally work. Maybe I’m different than most and actually expect gadgets to work… Read More

  • Move Networks acquires Inuk Networks and its cool Web TV platform

    Inuk Networks, the UK-based startup IP TV and triple-play service service, has been acquired by Move Networks, one of the leading IPTV providers in the US. Inuk’s platform has lots of potential for targeted advertising and converged, especially as it has a PC/Mac multi-room solution. Details of the deal were undisclosed. Move Networks allows broadcasters like ABC, FOX, The CW… Read More

  • Apple WWDC rumors: MacBook speed bumps, pro application upgrades (but where's the netbook?)

    As Apple’s WWDC gets ever closer the rumors begin to hot up. Today’s drivel: the MacBook and MacBook Pro may see slight upgrades there. Apple may throw in built-in 3G support, along with the usual speed bumps; it may also make the battery more difficult to remove, in the interest of aesthetics. Read More

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