• Kevin Rose: 10 Ways To Increase Your Twitter Followers

    This guest post is written by Kevin Rose, the founder of Digg and the cofounder of Revision3 and Pownce. Kevin, who has over 88,000 followers on Twitter (making him the second most followed after President Obama), also “bloggs” at kevinrose.com. Ten Ways To Increase Your Twitter Followers: 1. Explain to your followers what retweeting is and encourage them to retweet your links. Read More

  • Be that guy, get an Obama Coveroo for your gadget

    Really? This is getting out of hand, no? The onslaught of Obama clad doodads has begun. This stuff is going to sell like hotcakes! Read More

  • Record video with any Liveview enabled Canon EOS DSLR

    I’m not a Canon man, but this appears to be working from the videos that are available on Youtube. Anyone in the audience care to test it out and send us their videos? Instructions on how to hack your Canon after the jump. Read More

  • Upgrade your BlackBerry 8900 OS to

    As is the case when unofficial OS upgrades leak onto the Web, tread lightly. If you don’t know what you’re doing then we suggest you don’t do anything, but if you’re the adventurous type then by all means. We haven’t received our 8900 review unit yet so let us know what’s different from 4.6.1. Read More

  • Why Google Knol Is No Wikipedia

    This is only one data point. But at least the Wikipedia entry on TechCrunch doesn’t state that we sell corn and oat cereal, and it wasn’t written by someone whose bio simply reads “Troll“. Other than that, it’s pretty accurate.. So much for units of knowledge. Update: Googler Matt Cutts weighs in on the discussion of Knol’s quality, saying that the service… Read More

  • Twitter meetup spawns global charity event

    We’ve already seen that Twitter is turning into a source of breaking news. But it’s also clearly turning into a way of organising social movements extremely quickly. “Tweetup” (as in a meetup facilitated by Twitter) has passed into common parlance amongst regular users but now the concept has spawned a global event for charity which will involve nearly 50 U.S. cities… Read More

  • Nate Robinson confirms Xbox Live identity during real-life basketball game

    Wow, here’s a new one. Apparently Nate Robinson of the New York Knicks plays quite a bit on Xbox Live and constantly has trouble trying to prove to fellow gamers that he’s really Nate Robinson. So in last night’s game against the Philadelphia 76ers, Robinson apparently made a special salute before shooting free throws in order to prove to someone on Xbox Live that it was… Read More

  • Mad Magazine going quarterly

    This April will bring the 500th issue of Mad Magazine and, starting with that issue, the publication will be moving from monthly to quarterly circulation. Read More

  • Best Buy's 32-inch 1080p HDTV & 80GB PS3 combo for $1,1000 is better than nothing (but only just)

    It’s not quite a price cut, but it’s the next best thing. Walk into your local Best Buy and you should be able to pick up a 32-inch 1080o Sony Bravia and an 80GB PS3 for $1,100. That’s about $300 less than you’d pay for the two items separately. Read More

  • Did you see that crazy Pope video on YouTube?

    Any Papists in the house? Hooray for everything, then, as the Vatican has just launched its own dedicated YouTube channel. Now you can watch Pope Benedict XVI, in all his heavenly splendor, demand that y’all leave Steve Jobs alone. Something like that. Read More

  • Is the Zune doomed?

    An article by Mike Ferro over at Blorge cites Microsoft’s recent quarterly FCC filing of a 54 percent revenue drop in Zune sales and the Redmond giant’s planned layoffs to propose that “It is more than likely that the Zune business will receive a good helping of the layoffs and possibly the end of the Zune as well.” Read More

  • Bluetooth file transfer for iPhone coming?

    You’ll need a jailbroken iPhone for this but it appears that a developer called MeDevil is hot on the trail of facilitating Bluetooth file transfers between the iPhone and other compatible devices. Read More

  • You might be able to play the Halo Wars demo a few days early

    Yes, Microsoft will release Halo Wars here in North America on March 3. Great, right? Sure. But that demo that will be released on Xbox Live on February 5, well, if you’re lucky, you’ll be able to play it a few days early. You can thank the good folks at Major League Gaming. Read More

  • Affluence, The Social Network That Makes Your Life Better … If You're A Millionaire

    It’s not the first social network that caters to wealthy people only, and it won’t be the last: Affluence is the latest company to take a crack at building a community site exclusively for the rich and famous among us instead of the petty riff-raff that make up the bulk of internet users. Unlike its most famous competitor aSmallWorld (there’s also Diamond Lounge and Qube)… Read More

  • Twitter Has Done News. Now It's Doing Global Charity Events

    We’ve already seen that Twitter is turning into a source of breaking news. But it’s also clearly turning into a way of organizing social movements extremely quickly. “Tweetup” (as in a meetup facilitated by Twitter) has passed into common parlance amongst regular users but now the concept has spawned a global event for charity which will involve nearly 50 U.S. cities… Read More

  • FriendFeed Hits Nearly One Million Visitors; Grew Tenfold In The Past Six Months

    While 2008 was Twitter’s hockey-stick year, Twitter’s little brother FriendFeed is also beginning to show hockey-stick tendencies in its growth. According to comScore, FriendFeed attracted 950,000 unique visitors worldwide in December. That’s a tenfold increase since June, when comScore counted only 93,000 unique visitors worldwide (and nearly double since September, when… Read More

  • New Napera Beta Integrates Software Into Network Switches–Get A Free 24-port Gigabit Network Switch

    Napera, a recent Seattle-based startup, is looking for 100 IT and Network Managers for a closed beta test of their new 24-port gigabit network switch. Details below. Napera is testing a relatively new concept–targeted security software subscriptions installed onto the network hardware. These security subscriptions recognize that different industries face different threat… Read More

  • Twitter Raising New Cash At $250 Million Valuation

    Twitter, which just recently turned down a half billion dollar acquisition offer from Facebook (albeit to be paid mostly with Facebook stock), is dipping back into the venture capital market, we’ve heard from a source with knowledge of the deal. They’ve signed a term sheet with at least one venture fund to raise a new round at a $250 million valuation. We are still gathering… Read More

  • Rumor: Resident Evil 5 Red Xbox 360 Bundle

    According to Ars Technica’s MS mole, there is going to be a special Xbox 360 bundle coming: a Resident Evil Bundle with exclusive content. Click on to find out what might be included. Read More

  • Stories From The Tell-All MySpace Book

    Wall Street Journal editor Julia Angwin’s tell-all book about MySpace is set for official publication on March 17, 2009. We’ve got our hands on a draft of the 268 page book. Some of the more interesting stories are below (you can pre-order it here). The book, which is really being published a year too late, goes into excruciating detail about the history of MySpace, its founders… Read More

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