• Video: Arduino-powered life size electronic snowball fight game (I can’t explain it)

    Okay, just humor me and watch the video, please. It’s not like I get paid to describe things with… those… um, you know, the things that make stuff readable. With individual letters, etc. And periods, commas — the things in between those. Read More

  • Rumor: HTC Hero update tomorrow to improve performance, improve camera

    It’s looking like the latest version HTC Hero firmware will be coming out tomorrow for user in the US. How do we know? Well, the company has released an update specific to the nordic countries today, and has warned users in other countries not to use that version, as it’s missing some bits that will be needed. Read More

  • Keychain speaker actually not a bad idea

    If you’re sick – SICK!!! – of not being able to play your music collection at a moment’s notice for a group of onlookers, and you have a set of keys that grant you access to various secure locations then you, my main man, might want to look into this $11 MP3 Earphone Speaker. Read More

  • First impressions of the Jabra Halo Bluetooth stereo headset

    Let me just say that the Jabra Halo is the most comfortable set of headphones I have ever used. They just rest on your head and pipe music directly into your brain without straining your ears or head at all. But yet they don’t feel like they would fall off under normal usage. I wouldn’t go running with them, but they would certainly stay on around the gym or on a bike which could… Read More

  • Affordable 7-inch touchscreen PMP is just aching for a web browser

    Oh Brando, you tickle the collective fancy of internet users everywhere with your $177 touchscreen portable media player. It plays back high-definition video files, it can be hooked up to a TV, it doubles as a digital photo frame, and it’s expandable via microSD cards. Read More

  • Yahoo Expands Quality Based Pricing. Translation: Publishers Get Less

    Earlier this week Yahoo sent out an email to Yahoo Publisher partners (third party sites that display Yahoo cost per click ads). The email says they should expect new pricing adjustments “based on our assessment of the quality of traffic coming” from their sites. Yahoo (and its competitors) make adjustments to CPC payments out to publishers based on the perceived “quality… Read More

  • 13 reasons why you should have a Windows Home Server

    I will continue to preach the benefits of Windows Home Server until everyone is using it. I promise. With that said, The Windows Home Server Blog has an excellent top 10 reasons why you should use WHS. The list is simple, to the point, but not totally complete. I would like to add a few of my own if that’s okay. Read More

  • CrunchDeals: Full Rock Band kit plus Rock Band 2 for $79

    Well how about that? Here’s a wheel of a deal on the Rock Band Special Edition Bundle, which includes the original Rock Band game, guitar, microphone, and drum kit, plus Rock Band 2 for $79 direct from the company. Free shipping, too. It’s available for Xbox 360 or PS3 only – sorry Wii and PS2 owners. RockBand Xbox 360 PS3 Game $79 [RockBand79.com via dealnews] Read More

  • With iTunes 9, Apple Brings Back A Classic: The Slow iPhone Sync

    People who bought the original iPhone will remember perhaps the most annoying original feature: The long sync. That is, when you plugged the iPhone into iTunes it took forever for it to complete its syncing process. The main holdup was the backup process, that would take a ridiculous amount of time to complete, each time. Luckily, Apple fixed the issue with subsequent updates to the iPhone… Read More

  • They now use solar technology to propel satellites

    Japan is getting more active in the solar energy field in recent months, and now, the Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency (JAXA) has revealed a plan under which solar photons will be used to propel satellites in outer space [JP, PDF]. The aim is to make satellites in general more energy-efficient. Read More

  • TechCrunch50 Sells Out: See You All On Monday

    The TechCrunch Office is buzzing! TechCrunch50, which starts Monday in San Francisco, will sell out sometime later today. There are approximately 50 tickets left, so we should be sold out and into a waiting list situation some time this afternoon. 1,750 people should be rolling through the event next week, matching last year’s sell-out crowd. All the press you could ever want will be… Read More

  • Mouse pad enthusiasts, this is your bag

    Hey guys. Hanging out on a pile of rocks with your laptop bags, huh? Can I join you? No? Why, because I don’t have my own laptop bag? Ah, I see. Laptop Bag Owners Club members only, eh? Tough but fair. If I buy one of those bags can I join you? No? Ah, I see. The Laptop Bag Owners Club is also known as the No Dougs Club, too. Gotcha. What if I change my first na—just no? No, in… Read More

  • Skype Axes Developer Program Extras

    Skype, which was recently sold by eBay to VC firms Silver Lake Partners, Andreessen Horowitz and Index Ventures, has announced that it is killing its Developer Program. The program, called “Extras,” allows third-party developers to build applications, both hardware and software, on top of Skype. The company, which was valued at $2.75 billion during the deal, says that the… Read More

  • And for their next trick, NASA will levitate a mouse

    Microgravity researchers at NASA have used a superconducting magnet that generated a field powerful enough to levitate the water inside a mouse, effectively simulating weightlessness for the rodents, right here on earth! The first floating mouse didn’t seem very happy about the ordeal, so subsequent tests involved sedating the test mice. As should be expected, the doped up mice had a… Read More

  • MacBook Air lookalike is more netbook-y but only costs $250

    Oh wow, take a look at that MacBook Ai—hey, that’s not a MacBook Air! It’s a $250 netbook from China! That’s actually not too bad of a deal, considering that the machine has a 12.1-inch 1366×768 display, weighs just under three pounds, and is less than an inch thick. Read More

  • Case-Mate's fully customizable and recyclable iPhone case

    Seriously, this case offers a lot for next to nothing. Not only can you bedazzle it anyway you want, but when you’re done with it, just throw it in with your recycling. Plus it’s only $0.99 or 10 for $8. But the fun doesn’t stop there. Read More

  • Time Inc. wants a Kindle-alike

    Is this what Peter Ha is working on? Owen Thomas wrote a piece about Time Inc. wanting a specialized e-reader a la the Kindle, thereby allowing them to eschew paper magazines entir Read More

  • iPod nano could get a Nike+ heart rate monitor

    It’s got a pedometer, of that we’re sure, but what about a heartrate monitor? Some documentation for a new Nike+ sports kit suggests that the iPod Nano will shortly receive a heart rate monitor. Read More

  • Video: Sporty robot Taizou wants the elderly to exercise

    Another week, another healthcare robot coming put of Japan (and this is generally a good thing). This new model, named Taizou [JP], is developed by the country’s National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology (AIST) and was unveiled today. Its purpose is to motivate the elderly to exercise more in order to prevent diseases and stay young mentally. Read More

  • Tokyo's Gundam statue is history, but you can now buy a 1/60 replica

    The giant Gundam statue that has been protecting Tokyo for a couple of months is gone, but now you have the chance to bring back memories in the form of a smaller version you can put in your living room. The original 1/1 statue stood 20m tall, while the replika [JP] is 1/60th of that size (30cm) and weighs 4kg. Read More

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