• Nine (questionable) reasons why Blu-ray will succeed

    There’s a lengthy article over here written by a well-meaning but perhaps slightly self-deluding Sony apologist, detailing nine reasons why Blu-ray will succeed. It’s worth checking out, but it’s pretty clearly the view from one side. So take a look and then come back and see if you agree with our tempering of that laudable but unwarranted optimism. Read More

  • "Solve a problem with Windows 7 beta" actually works?

    As a long time Windows user, I normally consider their pop up messages offering to help me with my error to be less than useless. In fact, by the time I was running Vista, I didn’t even bother to read them after the first few times. I always found the messages to be somehow related to the problem, yet completely worthless in terms of fixing it. I’ve just encountered an… Read More

  • Test Drive: 2009 Lincoln MKS AWD

    This ain’t your daddy’s Lincoln Town Car. In fact, it’s completely different than anything you’ve ever seen before. With balls to the wall power and a teeth shattering sound system, the MKS from Lincoln is a whole other beast. And I like it. Like our other Test Drive features, I won’t get into the gearheadesque details of reviewing a car, but, rather, focus on… Read More

  • Plantronics laying off 18% of employees, now!

    Effective immediately, 900 jobs have been cut at Plantronics. That means 19% of employees don’t have to go home but they can’t stay at their cubes. Bluetooth headsets are to blame. It seems that the company fell way short of sales expectations in that category and then there is the whole worldwide money slump we seem to be in. Plus, the Plantronics’ bloggers lounge CES… Read More

  • Nederlanders execute plan to resurrect Polaroid film

    Although Polaroid is planning its comeback in the form of a camera with integrated printer, I think we all suspect how that will turn out, despite our best wishes. Besides, half of us already have Polaroid cameras boxed up in the basement or collecting dust on top of a bookshelf. The Impossible Project aims to reinvigorate the instant film world by purchasing a factory in the Netherlands… Read More

  • IBM Announces Lotus Notes ActiveSync Support For iPhone

    IBM just announced Lotus Notes ActiveSync support will be released later this year. The code is already live, and was demonstrated in a seminar earlier today at Lotusphere. This is native integration with the iPhone–within the native mail, calendar, and contacts. Previously, iPhone users were forced to use the mobile Safari browser to access the Notes Web Access interface. Lotus is… Read More

  • Apple selling refurbs cheaper in China

    How dare Apple sell refurbished products cheaper in China than in the US! Seriously. We want scratched and dinged up iPods at a 22% discount too. What, is Apple un-American or something. All we get is slight 13%-15% off the current generation on the refurb page. Hell, why isn’t the company giving away iPods yet? It could be a musical stimulation plan or something. Who cares about… Read More

  • A Closer Look At The Helio That Almost Was

    Last month, an eBay auction appeared for a Helio phone that wasn’t supposed to exist. Now, we’d heard whispers of this phone before, but we only really knew two things: 1) It was a Helio-branded and modified version of the Samsung F400, and 2) It was cancelled. Being the fairly obsessed Helio geek that I am, I just had to play with one – but somehow in the stir of craziness… Read More

  • People Paying Good Money To Cheat Pointless Twitter Competition

    We wrote about the Shorty Awards, a competition to note the best Twitter users in various categories, last December. The competition is now drawing to a close, the winners will be announced in New York in February. Twitter users were asked to nominate others and then vote on the finalists in each category. And apparently the competition for the award, absurdly, has driven some people to buy… Read More

  • Now for something completely DIFFA

    Design Industries Foundation Fighting AIDS (DIFFA), a major supporter of education and direct care for people diagnosed with HIV/AIDS, recently held a fundraiser. You can bet when people in the design industry get together to do something, it’s probably going to be pretty cool. Read More

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