• NewerTech announces world's first quad interface SATA dock

    Meet the Voyager from NewerTech, nerds. It’s the first quad interface SATA docking station that supports USB 2.0, eSATA and FireWire 400 and 800. The hot-swappable station takes 2.5- and 3.5-inch drives and plays nice with both Mac and Windows machines. The push button drive eject makes the Voyager even more desirable because solme of you are prone to premature ejection on… Read More

  • New species of EeePC to cost $200, drop next year

    Asus has said they will be pushing their price point down in 2009, possibly to escape the overcrowded $300-$400 netbook arena and compete against the far less capable pocket PCs and smartphones that go for two Benjamins. They haven’t said much aside from that, but could it be that the changes they’re making to the Eee Box are going to spread to the EeePC? A Celeron 220… Read More

  • Rumor: Special edition Leicas on the way

    If the original M8.2 wasn’t expensive enough for you, maybe the special edition will make you pull that wallet out. There are two on the way, and one special D-Lux4, according to the rumor irresponsibly posted here. The M8.2 will come in special Safari edition and a Hammertone or gunmetal grey edition. Safari will likely look like an updated version of this M6 Safari. The D-Lux4 is… Read More

  • Check out these Singaporean Nikon S60 ads

    The following Nikon S60 ads for the Singapore market from Euro RSCG depict one of the camera’s distinctive features quite well, but why the heck are we posting them? Because you guys are pervs and we know it. Hit the jump, pervy perv. Read More

  • Korean remake of 5DmkII movie "Reverie" is waaay better

    http://vimeo.com/moogaloop.swf?clip_id=2314305&server=vimeo.com&show_title=0&show_byline=0&show_portrait=0&color=ffffff&fullscreen=1 I don’t know whether it’s the hottie Korean chicks, the decent lighting (for the most part) or the generally good focus control, but I like this movie way more than the one by Vincent Laforet, which it’s based… Read More

  • For image quality buffs, DSLR video is off the table

    The 5DmkII is, it should be said first, an excellent camera, and it takes amazing still photos. Many people seem to think, though, that along with their professional still camera they are getting a professional video camera. While the video it takes is leagues ahead of cheapo handheld HD cams like the MinoHD and Zi6, the video is fundamentally lower-quality than true, dedicated digital… Read More

  • Nintendo DSi gets its own flash cart, lets you run Twitter

    If you’re anything like me, you’ll understand that rather than being a bane to Nintendo and Sony they breathe new life into portable consoles. The DSi has its own hacking cart, the Acekard 2i that lets you run homebrew and backups and, when it’s available here, will even let you Tweet from your DSi. Read More

  • Psystar violated DMCA, says Apple

    The court proceedings between Apple and Psystar are still dragging on with the latest charges being filed by Apple the day before Thanksgiving. Allegedly, Psystar is violating the Digital Mellennium Copyright Act (DMCA) by circumventing the OS X copy-protection.  Through this motion, Apple seeks leave to file its Amended Complaint pursuant to Federal Rule of Civil Procedure 15(a) and this… Read More

  • Another Bogus Yahoo Takeover Story – The WSJ Gets It Wrong

    Today’s Wall Street Journal story talking about yet another takeover attempt of Yahoo is incorrect, say our own sources. And unlike The Times’ story over the weekend, which was equally fictitious (and, here’s an interesting fact – both publications are owned by News Corp.), this story had direct consequences in the market. Today’s story has former AOL CEO… Read More

  • Those purdy new Apple headphones don't control the volume of the iPhone

    Those new Apple in-ear headphones (“earbuds”) sure do look great, right? Please remember, though, that while they control the volume of an iPod just fine, they don’t control the volume of iPhone. Neither the original nor iPhone 3G, mind. So you might want to think twice about dropping $79 on these. via iLounge Read More

  • App Store Enables Developer Promo Codes, Still Has Work To Do (Updated)

    Apple’s App Store has finally given developers the ability to release up to 50 promotional codes for their applications, allowing them distribute their apps to press and friends free of charge directly through the App Store. While the feature may seem like a minor addition to most people, it will be a boon for developers looking to help spread the word about their new applications. … Read More

  • Elecom's SDHC card is waterproof, dontcha know

    Need an SDHC card? Need one in 4GB or 8GB? Need one that’s waterproof? Unless you work for Magnum, my guess is “no,” but the option’s there, thanks to Elecom, if you want it. She’s out later this month, but the Japanese firm hasn’t revealed an asking price. Considering you can buy an 8GB SDHC card on Amazon for a little more than $20, Elecom’s new… Read More

  • Google now owns Paper of Record archives: One step closer to hegemony

    Google’s plans for global empire, by way of digitizing a bunch of dusty old newspapers, received a strong boost today, now that Mountain View has secured the archives of paperofrecord.com. Paper of Record has been digitizing entire newspaper archives, including the Toronto Star as well as other international newspapers, for some time now. With those archives now under its control… Read More

  • Celeron-powered Eee Box coming soon from Asus

    Surprise, surprise. The underpowered nettops aren’t selling so well. Sales are lagging so much that Asus is benching the Intel Atom for the more powerful Celeron CPU in an upcoming Eee Box release. The hard drive is also getting bumped to 120GB from 80GB. Overall, Asus still sees a future over this mini-desktops with 100,000 – 200,000 selling this year and over a million next as… Read More

  • Time warp! 3dfx updates its Voodoo drivers

    I love this. Back in the day before it was AMD’s Radeon vs. NVIDIA’s GeForce, it was Riva’s TNT vs. 3DFX’s Voodoo. At that stage there were serious differences and advantages, and if I remember correctly, the Voodoo3 came out as Riva was ascendant, and was competitive. The Voodoo5, implementing hardware full-screen anti-aliasing, was an interesting card but was… Read More

  • Online Reputation Management Tool myON-ID Nabs Investment From T-Online Venture Fund

    Germany-based myON-ID Media has raised an undisclosed seven-figure sum in a second round of funding from T-Online Venture Fund to expand its online reputation management platform. MyON-ID is actually more of a combination between a people search engine and an alert service for keywords mentioned across the web. I quicky tried out searching my own name on the English version of the search… Read More

  • Reminder: Win an engraved TC or CG notebook

    Remember that we’re giving away a few TC and CG notebooks in a contest that ends tomorrow at noon eastern. Pop over to the post to enter. Read more… Read More

  • Fanatec releases another Porsche steering wheel; this time a 911 GT3 RS

    O.K. this is getting a little out of hand, Fanatec. I know you make fan paraphernalia but does the world really need a 911 Turbo, 911 Turbo S, 911 Carrera, and now a 911 GT3 RS steering wheels? Anyway, this Porsche steering wheel is like all the previously announced versions, just modeled after the high-performance 911 GT3 RS car. Fanatac is striving for realism here so both the brake… Read More

  • Core i7 overclocked to 5510.09 MHz; world record for those who care

    Core i7 chips are slowly becoming available so it was only a mater of time before a speed geek got a hold of one and set a world record. The same chap that overclocked a Pentium 4 631 to 8140.4 MHz last year did the tweaks this time around with help from an ASUS ROG Rampage II motherboard. Without taking anything away from him, ASUS claims that the new motherboard, which features small… Read More

  • Live in Russia? Love Windows Mobile 6.1? Friend, does RoverPC have a G7 for you.

    So, you’re real keen on that fancypants G1 thing, are you? Hah. RoverPC’s newest device already has, like, seven times more Gs than that. Fear not, early Android adopters – the similarities between the HTC G1 and the RoverPC G7 stop at the name. This one’s running Windows Mobile 6.1, and packs a 3 megapixel shooter, quad-band GSM, 3G, WiFi, a 624Mhz processor, 128MB of… Read More

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