• Wired looks at junk that doesn't work

    Need to Ionize your water? Keep yourself safe from “raditations?” Find ghosts? Don’t buy the junk Wired looked at in order to test the validity of their claims. The most interesting product, the KYK Genesis Water Ionizer, a $2,000 lump of nothing, is features a picture of Ed Begley Jr. as well as a bunch of writing in Korean. The results of the ionization experiment? A bunch… Read More

  • Ignite NYC: Learn how a samurai katana is made in 5 minutes

    Ignite is a pretty cool show, it allows people share information with others. It’s not your normal long, boring slide presentation (who hasn’t experienced death by Powerpoint?) because there are a few rules. Read More

  • Daily Crunch: Lines of Communication Edition

    Contest: Win The Ultimate iPhone Application Package
    File transfers via soundwave
    LEGO! Flash Drives! Read More

  • Thanko sells flexible "lightoscope" (microscope and light combined)

    The Thanko madness goes on and on. The Japan-based gadget maker is now selling a “lightoscope” [JP], a term coined by the company itself. Apparently, a lightoscope is a combination of a microscope and a light. And yes, it has a USB interface, otherwise this wouldn’t be a Thanko product. Read More

  • Sanyo rolls out hybrid bike with 85km driving range

    Sanyo has released a new “eneloop”-branded and battery-assisted bicycle [JP] that’s aimed at people (in Japan only for the time being) wanting to replace motorbikes and mini vehicles with a “green” alternative. The so-called CY-SPG226’s battery is powerful enough to let the bike travel about 85km with a single charge (which takes 3.5 hours). Read More

  • It's official: Windows 7 Release candidate available for download May 5th

    We now have it straight from the horse’s mouth: the Windows 7 Release Candidate will be available for public download on May 5th. The Windows 7 beta team reports that they’ve had a feedback report sent to them at the rate of 1 every 15 seconds during the busiest periods. They also indicated that they have actually used this information, and it’s helped to improve some of the… Read More

  • iPod dock + HDD media player kit = Movie Cowboy Box

    Japan-based Digital Cowboy today announced the Movie CowBoy DC-MC35ULI [JP], a device serving as an iPod dock and an HDD media player that’s compatible with 3.5-inch SATA HDDs (sold separately). Users wanting to watch movies from their hard disc can directly connect the box-like Movie CowBoy with their TV via HDMI. Read More

  • Time Warner Cable: 44GB in a week qualifies as abuse

    Time Warner Cable might be backing away from its tiered pricing proposition, but that doesn’t mean they’re going to do it gracefully. An Austin TWC customer with a Road Runner unlimited data plan got his connection unceremoniously severed, and after investigating, found out it was because he’d used a shocking 44GB in one week. Read More

  • Tiny Asus USB TV tuner turns your laptop into a PVR

    This Express TV stick thing could be pretty handy. Of course, there are other TV tuner solutions out there, but are any this portable and sport 4GB of storage? Great for catching up on network TV, and you can record right to your hard drive as well. It’s a bit bulky for a thumbdrive (try this one if you want small), but if you only want to carry one of the things around, why not make it a… Read More

  • Video: Cat + printer = Robodance

    Oh, cats. Will you ever cease being entertaining? Your feline antics are irresistible. Here we have a common house cat that seems perplexed and/or horrified by the noises its owner’s printer is making. I’ve never liked that little eet-eet noise either, but at least it doesn’t make me convulse. That would have been embarrassing in middle school. Read More

  • Googler Defects To Twitter, He Tweets

    Last month, Douglas Bowman, the design lead at Google, left to become the creative director at Twitter. Today, a former co-worker joins him. Dustin Diaz, who was an engineer working on Gmail, resigned from Google and announced he was taking a job at Twitter, on Twitter. “It’s kind of shocking we couldn’t keep him,” another Googler tells us, calling Diaz “one of… Read More

  • Exclusive: Sit down with Rob Spence aka Eyeborg [Update]

    Remember Rob Spence? You know, the Canadian filmmaker dude with a camera prosthetic eye aka Eyeborg? We just sat down with him for a few minutes and talked to us about his Eyeborg project and what the heck he’s doing south of the border. Hit the jump for our exclusive pics and video. Also, Rob really wants to meet Apple SVP Bertrand Serlet, so check out the video he made as well and help… Read More

  • Dropbox: Now Effortlessly Syncing Files For 1 Million Members

    Dropbox, the Y Combinator and Sequoia-funded file synchronization startup that makes it easy to share files across multiple computers at once, just hit a major milestone: it now has over 1 million members. And as the graph below shows, much of that growth has come in the last few months, with over 900,000 signups since the product’s public debut at TechCrunch50 last September. We… Read More

  • Valve's Orange Box is $10 this weekend – best deal ever

    Why are you still here? Are you insane? You read the headline! Get over to Steam and buy, buy, buy! Half-Life 2 and its two episodes so far, the Lost Coast, Portal, and Team Fortress 2 for ten freaking dollars, are you kidding me? Come on! Read More

  • Creepy Alert: Isthisyourluggage.com

    If you’ve traveled enough, there’s a good chance you’ve lost your luggage before. Sure, it’s annoying as hell, but most people get it back within a few days. However, some people, for whatever reason, never claim their lost luggage, and the airlines then auction it off for charity. That’s where isthisyourluggage.com comes in. The site, run by some anonymous… Read More

  • Good idea, bad idea: Updating old games' textures for great justice?

    Here’s an interesting debate that’ll help kill the remaining Friday hours. When you take an old game, upgrade its textures, increase its resolution, and, generally speaking, make it look “better,” do you lose something in the process? Is the game that you played, (presumably) that you enjoyed, now worse for wear? Read More

  • Contest: Win The Ultimate iPhone Application Package

    digg_url = ‘http://digg.com/apple/Show_Your_Best_Talent_Win_a_Ton_of_iPhone_Apps’; Last week, we held an absolutely massive iPhone App Giveaway spree. Over a span of about 12 hours, we gave away hundreds and hundreds of promo codes across 50+ different iPhone applications. It was a blast, but all good things must come to an end – but it’s not over just… Read More

  • Following Their Massive Layoffs, Hi5 Gets A New Leader

    Last month, the social network hi5 cut a large percentage of its staff following a new round of funding that didn’t materialized. Now, the self-dubbed “world’s leading social entertainment web site” is getting a new leader at the top. Bill Gossman, formerly the CEO of the online advertising service Audience Science, is taking over as CEO of Hi5. Grossman was brought in… Read More

  • Glide: an operating system for the web

    I’ve been opining for awhile now that web-based applications and services are going to become more and more a part of our everyday computing experience. You can create documents, chat, even play Quake all from the comfort of your web browser. There’s a growing segment of web based operating systems, too, which strive to give you a consistent experience regardless of the… Read More

  • Review: Seagate FreeAgent Theater HD Media Player Solution + 250GB FreeAgent Go and Dock

    Quick Version: In short, the FreeAgent Theater HD Media Player Solution from Seagate was made for a caveman if cavemen been around in 1999 when people actually used the DivX codec and only used Windows machines. Not to be completely unfair, but if you’re an avid reader of CrunchGear or a savvy BitTorrenter then this definitely isn’t what you’re looking for. Read More

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