• CrunchDeals: Dynex 42-inch 1080p LCD TV for $598

    Whoa, whoa, whoa, here’s a big 42-inch 1080p TV for under $600 at Best Buy. Dynex? Sure, why the hell not? Brightness is pegged at 300 cd/m2, the contrast ratio is 2000:1, and the two speakers push out 12 watts. Inputs include: 2 HDMI, 1 S-video, 2 component, 1 composite, and 1 VGA. Oh, and there’s a headphone jack. If you have a Best Buy credit card you can get 18 months no… Read More

  • AT&T laying off 12,000 more employees

    Following the announcement of 4,600 “job reductions” back in April, AT&T has announced 12,000 more layoffs this morning. The first notes should start hitting desks sometime this month (“Merry Christmas! Oh, and also, you’re fired.”) and continue trickling out through 2009. As for who’s at risk: While AT&T is reducing jobs in some areas, it continues… Read More

  • Blockbuster OnDemand might not be out of beta yet

    Dave Zatz quickly ordered-up the Blockbuster OnDemand streamer when it launched and now states that the device isn’t ready for primetime. (his words, not mine) While I won’t steal all of his thunder, the above image is popped up when he tried to play his first rental. I’ve only rented one flick, the latest Indiana Jones installment. The initial download automatically restarted… Read More

  • Samsung Instinct gets Exchange/Lotus Notes calendar sync

    Are you an Instinct owner on Sprint, constantly living in fear that Friends re-run schedule on your handset may not be perfectly up-to-date with the one lingering on your Exchange server? I understand. Ross and Rachel are serious business. Fortunately, Sprint’s got a little something to help you with your anxiety. This morning, they pushed an update to their Mobile Email Work… Read More

  • Ridemakerz Builds a Virtual World For Boys Filled With Its Toy Cars

    Larry Andreini thinks he can take on Pixar. The founder and CEO of Ridemakerz, a rapidly growing chain of stores where boys can custom-build their own toy cars, is building a virtual world for his 6-to-12-year-old customers and their cars. This virtual world is in closed beta right now, and will launch early next year. So will Pixar’s World of Cars and startup Webcarzz. The… Read More

  • A knife and a storm/a bottle and a cork: The Storm gets jabbed

    If you heard PHa complaining a few days ago about the Storm, you’d want to stab the thing too. But, as we see here, all of your thrusting would be for naught because the device is impervious to earth weaponry. Should you do this to your own Storm? If Peter and the rest of the world, you’ll be stabbing this thing in no time. via Giz via AOL Read More

  • CrunchDeals: Star Wars: The Force Unleashed for Wii only $25.98

    Amazon’s Deal of the Day is starting out with Lucas Arts’ SW:TFU at a deep discount, so hurry before it sells out. Amazon We’re into Day 3 of Amazon’s 15 Days, 15 Deals on Video Games, too. Read More

  • Tip of the Day: Astroturfing is fun!

    I’m not quite sure what this has to do with the price of tea in China but it seems that someone has taken the whole social media marketing playbook and added their own dash of courriel vérité. This email, which purports to be from a certain John Doe, is actually a veiled pitch for H T C phones. Who sent it? Perhaps we’ll never know, but this has been popping up more and more… Read More

  • Vodafone lets loose OS for BlackBerry Storm

    The 103MB OS update is available now for BlackBerry Storm users in Germany. The update likely fixes the Storm’s horrendous battery life and touch-screen woes among other tweaks. Anyone in Germany on Vodafone care to share their story? Thanks! Vodafone Germany Read More

  • Wal-Mart to sell $99 4GB iPhone?

    The Wal-Mart/iP3G rumor has been swirling for months now and the latest tid-bit states that Wal-Mart will indeed sell an iPhone3G, but it’s going to be a 4GB version for $99 with a two-year agreement. Plausible? Sure. Read More

  • Netflix's Watch Instantly for Macs out of beta

    Just a friendly reminder to all Netflix subscribers who own a Mac that the Silverlight-based streaming service is out of beta. That is all. Read More

  • Coby to sell under $100 PoqetMate netbooks at Rite Aid & Kroger

    Netbooks are here. The Coby PoqetMate prove it as the sub-$100 netbooks are headed to Rite Aid Pharmacies and Kroger grocery stores. Once a product breaks free of its niche market and invades the general populous, you might as well get use to them ’cause they aren’t going anywhere. As for this Coby Netbook, the 7-inch flavor is going to ring up under $100. Specs are a… Read More

  • Sharp to roll out solar cells with a conversion efficiency of 20%

    Sharp has developed a crystalline Si solar cell prototype with a cell conversion efficiency of 20%, aiming for mass production in 2010. The company claims its product will be the most efficient residential crystalline silicon solar cell available. An unnamed American manufacturer has been contacted in order to procure enough polycrystalline Si when commercialization starts. Sharp has chosen… Read More

  • How To Use The Web To Change The World

    If you are interested in how to use the Web to create a grassroots political movement, tune in today and tomorrow to the Alliance of Youth Movements Summit, which is being sponsored and livestreamed by Howcast. Right now, James K. Glassman, Under Secretary for Public Diplomacy and Public Affairs, is talking about How To Build a Movement Against Terrorism and will soon be introducing Oscar… Read More

  • Google's Apps SLA Allows It To Minimize Downtime Of Gmail, Calendar And More

    Any Google App could be unavailable for more than 21 hours on a given day, and the company could still claim they had 100% uptime. That’s the gist of an analysis penned by Pingdom, who took a closer look at the Service Level Agreement for Google Apps. The most interesting tidbit in the SLA, which applies for Gmail, Google Docs, Google Calendar and more (emphasis… Read More

  • Panasonic throwing more yen at Sanyo

    Panasonic is trying to sweeten the deal on the Sanyo buyout offer it proposed back in November 7th by offering ¥140 per share instead of ¥130. They must really want to settle this. In order to completely take over, Panasonic must buyout the 3 largest shareholders. Goldman Sachs, owner of a 29 percent stake, exited merger talks after seeking at least ¥250 per share. Both other firms… Read More

  • Mint Joins The World Economic Forum, Knows That You've Cut Back On Starbucks

    Mint, the personal financial site that won TechCrunch40, continues to thrive even as our economy sinks deeper into an economic decline. The company has just been selected as a TechPioneer by the World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland – an honor only given to 34 companies worldwide (other winners in the tech space this year include Brightcove, Etsy, Mojix, and Slide, with past… Read More

  • Mitsubishi fortifies car doors with bamboo

    As the world’s first auto maker, Mitsubishi has announced it developed a technique that lets the company use bamboo fibers in automotive interiors for reinforcement. What may sound weird at first, has a serious background. Mitsubishi wants to reduce CO2 emissions by using plant-based materials in its cars. The company is cutting bamboos into strips, removing the joints and finally… Read More

  • Finally, A Google Earth Browser Plugin For Mac OS X

    The long-anticipated release of the Google Earth browser plugin for Mac OS X (Intel and PowerPC) has arrived, about half a year after the plugin for Windows was announced and about 5 weeks after the introduction of the GE iPhone application. Linux users will still have to wait a bit for a compatible version. You can download by visiting any Google Earth Plugin app or visiting the GE API web site. Read More

  • The New York Times Clutters Up Its Homepage With Links From Elsewhere (In Beta)

    It used to be that when a newspaper put out an “Extra” edition, it was filled with stories written by its reporters who had toiled away the night to cover some breaking news or collection of stories. Today, the New York Times is redefining “Extra” as stories written by others. It is turning on a new feature on its homepage called Times Extra that will start adding… Read More

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