• Mainstream Media Still Has Eyes Wide Shut

    Michael Jackson’s unfortunate passing is a sad event on many levels, and a moment to reflect upon the man’s rich life and career as well as a time to pass support – silent or loud – onto his family, friends and everyone who needs it now that the King of Pop has ceased to be. For us here at TechCrunch, it’s also an opportunity to take a look at how media, old and… Read More

  • Internet-connected scale shares your shame with the world

    I’m not a svelte man anymore, I’ll admit. Two kids – I ate them both – and lots of beer have forced my metabolism to run, cowering, resulting in size changes that would swallow the average man. This product is what I need. The BodyTrace is a wireless scale that sends your shame to the Internet, allowing you to follow your slow decline – or incline – into our… Read More

  • Daily Crunch: Parlor Edition

    The answer to the second question is “Yes:” The iPhone 3Gs unboxing
    Giveaway: The Domino A.L.C from CoolIT
    Blast from the Past: Robotic tattoo machine running Palm OS Read More

  • Facebook Click Fraud 101

    Our posts earlier this week about the alarming amount of click fraud at Facebook left more than a few unanswered questions. The problem is real and was confirmed by Facebook. But what wasn’t clear is exactly how or why it was happening. Now, after we’ve interviewed a number of advertisers and fraudsters, we know exactly how and why they are doing it. First the why. Click fraud… Read More

  • Apple Nearly Triples Stake In UK Chip Maker Imagination Technologies

    Apple is nearly tripling its stake in UK-based Imagination Technologies, boosting its interest to 9.5 percent with the purchase of 2.2 million new shares at £1.4275 ($2.35) each – the mid market close price on 25 June – and another 11.52 million shares. In total, Apple is spending £3.14 million (approx. $5.17 million) for the new shares, exactly the same amount it paid last… Read More

  • Who Exactly Is In Charge Of The App Store? Anyone?

    Okay, the situation surrounding the App Store and its approval process continues to get weirder and weirder. As you may have heard, an application featuring nudity first appeared in the App Store yesterday. Today, that app was removed, which everyone presumed was a move by Apple. But the developers said that the removal was its own doing because its servers were getting slammed with… Read More

  • It's Kill Feature Time Again At Twitter To Stay Afloat

    Twitter has a history of killing off features in order to stay up. And it looks like it had to do that again today, in the wake the avalanche of tweets that are flowing in following Michael Jackson’s death. Gone are Search and Trending Topics from logged-in Twitter account main pages. It’s probably not that tweets that are so bad for Twitter right now, it’s the searching… Read More

  • Qik Brings Live Video To The iPhone 3GS. But You Still Won't Find It In The App Store.

    Today, we got the latest version of the live-streaming app Qik, a version that will work on the iPhone 3GS. No, we didn’t get it through the App Store, because Apple or AT&T or both still won’t allow for applications that stream live video from the device to be accepted into the store. So instead, just like before, we have to settle for the ad-hoc version, which is fine… Read More

  • Xbox 360: 1 vs 100 available to Silver Xbox Live members this weekend

    Attention Xbox 360 owners- For one weekend and one weekend only, Silver Live members will be able to participate in the live beta of 1 vs 100. That is all. From Friday, June 26 through Sunday, June 28, Silver Xbox LIVE members can enjoy the “1 vs 100” premium entertainment experience reserved exclusively for Gold members. This offer is only available for one weekend, so rally… Read More

  • The answer to the second question is "Yes:" The iPhone 3Gs unboxing

    I was not aware they allowed dementia patients unbox iPhones on camera. However, it is very funny. Read More

  • Foursquare Push Notifications, For The Ultimate In Friend Stalking

    Foursquare, the location-based social networking service, is about to activate Push Notifications in the new version of its iPhone app, due shortly. I’ve been beta testing it out for the past week, and I’m happy to report that it works brilliantly. But be warned: Some of you will not like this idea. Applications using Push have been rolling out over the past week. None so far have… Read More

  • Review: Acer easyStore H340

    Windows Home Servers are dropping in price and the Acer easyStore H340 is leading the charge; I like that. This server doesn’t offer a lot of extras like the HP MediaSmart line, but it’s amazingly low price outweighs everything else. Read More

  • Study Suggests People Prefer Bing's Design To Google's, But Still Won't Switch

    Brand loyalty is a powerful thing, especially when it comes to technology. Consider the battle brewing now between Google and Microsoft’s new search engine, Bing. Even if Bing proves to be just as good as Google, it might not matter because of the strength of Google’s brand. An independent usability and consumer preference study, which we’ve obtained and embedded below… Read More

  • Giveaway: The Domino A.L.C from CoolIT

    Oh man, it’s hot outside. Maybe Al Gore is onto something. Just think that if you’re this hot, your computer must be roasting. We’ve got the solution: the Domino A.L.C. This compact liquid cooling system installs easily into even cramped cases. It’s self-contained, has an external LCD display, audible alerts, and works with both Intel and AMD CPUs. The best part? It… Read More

  • Shocker: We Still Suck When It Comes to High-Tech Education

    Ever since I’ve been in Silicon Valley, I’ve heard mass anxiety about the state of higher education, particularly when it comes to training the next generation of tech thinkers, innovators and worker bees. But for all those speeches and pledges to change things, the situation only seems to be getting worse. According to a new study released today by the Bay Area Council, the… Read More

  • The Web Collapses Under The Weight Of Michael Jackson's Death

    In terms of well-known celebrities, few are bigger than Michael Jackson. Love him or hate him, pretty much everyone on the planet knows him. And that caused big problems for a lot of huge websites today with the news of his passing. It was probably to be expected that Twitter would struggle as reportedly hundreds of thousands of tweets came in about Jackson in a very short amount of time. While… Read More

  • The PhotoFast CR-7200 MicroSDHC RAID-0 CF adapter

    Now this is a good idea: RAID together four 16GB MicroSDHC cards for a fast, 64GB Compact Flash card. I guess in theory this is an efficient flash memory solution. You get the speed of MicroSDHC spread over four cards that’s compatible with high-end, or older, digital cameras. Or it you can finally put all those small MicroSDHC cards to good use. Read More

  • Don't expect to see World of Warcraft on consoles any time soon

    A bit of World of Warcraftnews for you this Thursday afternoon. If given the chance, how many of you would play the game on your Xbox 360 or PS3? It doesn’t even matter, as Blizzard’s executive vice-president of game design, Rob Pardo, said that producing a console version of the game would run into a whole host of challenges that would need to be overcome. Chief among them: an… Read More

  • Blast from the Past: Robotic tattoo machine running Palm OS [Update]

    This is probably the oldest bit of news you’ll ever see get posted on CrunchGear, but I came across this today and just had to share. See, it’s a robotic tattoo machine that’s being powered by a Palm IIIxe (maybe?) that’s simply running Palm OS. Update: We now have video of the tattoo machine in action. Read More

  • Vyoom: A Social Network Built From The Ground Up Around Real-Time

    In the last six months or so, the real-time web has really started to take hold. Services like Facebook, FriendFeed, and YouTube are finding ways to update their services on the fly with impressive results. But aside from Twitter, there haven’t been many sites built from the ground up with real-time in mind. Until now. Today sees the launch of Vyoom, which may well be the first… Read More

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